The Battle Over 'Pebble Mine' in Alaska's Bristol Bay Region (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

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Following the EPA’s January 2023 determination, revisit FRONTLINE’s look at a battle between those in Alaska who depend on Bristol Bay’s salmon fishery for a living and supporters of a proposed mine at the bay’s headwaters to extract mineral wealth. (Aired 2012)
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The Bristol Bay region of southwest Alaska is home to the largest sockeye salmon fishery in the world. It’s also home to enormous deposits of copper, gold and molybdenum that have been estimated to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars. “Alaska Gold” delved into the complex fight over “Pebble mine,” including what happened when a group of Alaska Native tribes and commercial fishermen in Alaska petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency to intervene.
“This - I believe this will be the biggest environmental fight of this century for Alaska,” former Alaska State Senator Rick Halford, a Pebble mine opponent, told FRONTLINE in the 2012 documentary.
“Alaska Gold” is a FRONTLINE production with Kenneth Levis Productions, LLC. The writer and producer is Kenneth Levis. The co-producer is Aaron Ernst. The reporter is Blaine Harden.
Explore additional reporting on "Alaska Gold" on our website, including a look at the EPA’s January 2023 “final determination” on Pebble mine:
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Prologue - 00:00
The Divide Over Alaska’s Proposed ‘Pebble Mine’ - 00:50
What Are the Risks of Mining at Bristol Bay’s Headwaters? - 18:42
Permitting ‘Pebble Mine’ - 35:42
The EPA Steps in to the ‘Pebble Mine’ Battle - 45:10
Credits - 52:02

@frontline 10 aylar önce
Read the latest on where the proposed 'Pebble mine' stands:
@cherylrleigh1912 10 aylar önce
Thank you, Frontline. God bless, America!!!!! God save Bristol Bay Salmon!!!!!
@ADAMJWAITE 10 aylar önce
@@measl In our current age of biased reporting being the standard, Frontline seems to do a better job of balanced journalism then most other sources from what I've seen. Is there something specifically you can point to? In this case, I've worked in Dillingham, spoke to the locals about the subject and am neither a proponent or opponent of the mine. It's definitely a complicated issue and I think Frontline did a fair job of showing both sides without pushing one or the other. Ultimately, a report should encourage the viewer to make up their own mind.
@paintedwings74 10 aylar önce
So glad you did this report back then; thank you for re-running it now. I hope the judgment of the Biden Administration stands forever.
@vickimeyers2672 10 aylar önce
Five years years ago, I researched the Canadian based company wanting to open the Pebble Mine. This company has operated numerous mines in the Lower 48. While researching that company, I learned every tailing pond at every mine they operated FAILED, causing long-term pollution to the waters and ecology of the areas around the ponds. This is the primary reason I am against the mining project.
@atatterson6992 10 aylar önce
Can you please provide the source(s) of that info (every tailing pond failed)? That would be very useful information. Thanks!
@swmplvr 10 aylar önce
gasp! say it it isn't so! (sarcasm)
@matthewhoopes7757 9 aylar önce
I'm not exactly doubting your findings but you should share where you got that information
@vickimeyers2672 9 aylar önce
@@matthewhoopes7757 my multiple hours of research was done at least 5 years ago. I looked up, online, the name of the Canadian mining company who wants to establish the Pebble Mine, then researched the mines they operate in the Lower 48. The fact their tailing ponds failed is a fact I won't forget. It's also a fact that made it difficult for those adversely affected by the pond failures (water pollution for one) to file suit because they'd have to file suit against a company headquartered in a foreign country.
@edouardgluck9588 9 aylar önce
The greatest thing about watching this story, after being moved early on by the plight of the fishermen, and the salmon- was to put it on pause, and google “what it the status of the Pebble Mine?” and can’t even begin to express how apropos and happy it made me to see this scar on the earth was finally stopped just 2 weeks ago. The power of the internet in its purest form. ❤
@petermgruhn 9 aylar önce
This post says it all.
@edouardgluck9588 9 aylar önce
@@petermgruhn it made watching the rest so much more enjoyable Peter- knowing that all the pontification and protestation from Dynasty was going nowhere. Fast. ❤️
@smirky101 9 aylar önce
Now that i read your comment, I'm happy too.
@repentuklondonwatchman1373 9 aylar önce
@dsm.lovesoutside4496 10 aylar önce
This is really well done. Very educational. 👍 It's a terrible idea to mine this location.
@macrosellbrandmarketingsta9712 9 aylar önce
@fido3561 9 aylar önce
As the one fellow said, no matter what the intentions are, humans have always managed to mess it up. No truer words have ever been spoken.
@jackmitton2534 2 aylar önce
More concern for the fish and wildlife than the people - no offense - but you can't support human life without unpoisoned food and water resources.
@homebuddha 8 aylar önce
I’m from Australia. Fascinating nail biting documentary showcasing the Alaskan natural heritage & fisheries channels for salmon. No matter what Pebble said the potential and highly probable catastrophic damage open mining would do to the vein safe water havens of salmon hatchlings was indisputable. No mining model in a wet environment has ever been made available to draw design and education from. That closed it immediately for me. I’m relieved the EPA vetoed the mine. While Pebble talked the talk you could feel they weren’t able to guarantee zero impact to the environment. Had it gone to permit they would have designed on paper everything possible to fulfil obligations. They would have been approved. We all know what’s on paper is one thing and the reality is something entirely different. Nature would have tested Pebbles 7.5 magnitude safety gap easily. The filings ponds would fail eventually. Mining corporations need to understand The richness of the area is not in the minerals beneath the soil, it’s the blood veins of life threading through it and it’s people who depend entirely on it. Enormous relief the treasures of Alaska will now be protected forever from ever becoming a mining district. To witness such a close call of that natural beauty coming so close to being threatened by corporate greed was difficult to stomach. I’m elated Pebble got sent packing!
@gmstone66ify 9 aylar önce
Happy to see the EPA vetoed the Pebble Mine project! The salmon are here to stay, preserving tribal communities, commercial fishing, and the beauty of the land.
@AmericanTraitors-GOP Aylar önce
@gmstone66ify It's a tough choice. Alaskans are all about unfettered capitalism and giving big oil carte blanche to destroy the environment as they see fit. So this seems like communism to me.🤣🤣🤣
@rickford2697 9 aylar önce
This is not an Alaskan issue it's a world issue. But we entrust you the citizens and residents there to guard such gift of nature.
@mohdfahmi8841 3 aylar önce
@jackmitton2534 2 aylar önce
More concern for the fish and wildlife than the people - no offense - but you can't support human life without unpoisoned food and water resources.
@AmericanTraitors-GOP Aylar önce
LOL. Have you seen what they allow the oil companies to do in Alaska? 🤣🤣🤣
@gnb3472 10 aylar önce
I live 3600 miles away in New Hampshire and I would be shouting from the rooftops if there was a proposed mine near one of my rivers. I've followed this issue for years and am 100% opposed to this - Thank you PBS for making this documentary.
@JamesMena-ym9vf 10 aylar önce
Please don't poison The Big Green! Proud dad visited many times but never again would fly into Manchester; was a nightmare reaching Dartmouth from there.
@pl-mn2ro 10 aylar önce
Fish is food…..copper is poison
@pl-mn2ro 10 aylar önce
@@adolfolerito6744 I see your point. However basically you can live by eating fish and you will die eating copper because it is not comestibles. The human can live without copper but not without food.
@angelbankslopez577 9 aylar önce
Thank you EPA for stepping in. Those are beautiful Alaskan Waters must leave untouched. All the way from the city of Boston.
@mikeking1948 9 aylar önce
👍👍 from Quincy too
@rickford2697 9 aylar önce
All the way from Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹 🙌
@brendahubbard799 8 aylar önce
The EPA got this one right!..too even consider to destroy north americas last wild salmon habitat just to line that mining companys pockets is a disgrace to all humanity !…Thank you EPA!
@Mrbfgray 8 aylar önce
Indeed. We used to have similar bounty almost yr round in the Columbia watershed, dams devastated that and the multi-millennia native's way of life along with a significant branch of orcas that depended on the huge salmon. Those dams are losing their use case and may eventually, foreseeably be removed. Salmon runs can quickly rebound when dams removed.
@djack915 7 aylar önce
@kbkatherineb3944 10 aylar önce
This is arguably the last clean protein source in the world and the last pristine wilderness. It is sacred to the local people and should be to the entire world. Shivery came to Alaska many decades ago as a Vista volunteer, and it seems has figured out how to make it pay
@LIZZIE-lizzie 10 aylar önce
Great comment! Explains something about Shivery, huh?!
@terllcompton3116 9 aylar önce
That land needs to be protected by the people
@oxycotin 9 aylar önce
Yea but when north america was hitting south america from behind with no lube , no one was saying anything about “sacred”
@billdavis6978 9 aylar önce
Poor Bears. It’s like we want to make it harder on wildlife and people to live off the land for something in the ground.
@Yobabywhatscrackin 8 aylar önce
I pray that this area gets protected!!!🙏 Money is not worth the amount of environmental damage this could all cause.
@mohdfahmi8841 3 aylar önce
@TheodoreLevia-bg4wq 2 aylar önce
@kubragul3291 9 aylar önce
I was 26 years old and first ever tasted salmon in Japan,it was very expensive at there.When I move to USA ,it was heaven because I was able to buy whole salmon with same money I used to buy small piece in Japan.If you want to see value of what you have(had) ,you should observe other people who did not have what you had.The water wars already started,the drinking water resources .Natural resources will be much more valued .The soil structure will be damaged maybe soon the bay will disappear because of mine.There is like huge hole staying ,it is ugly look in the nature,noise pollution and many more pollution will be caused by mine.We can live without copper but we can not live without water or food.Did you know you can not adopt a parrot if you use t-fal (made of polytetrafluorethylene) nonstick pans at your house?The polymer causes toxic gas exit while you cook.Copper is also heavy metal which is very toxic for any species.Anyway Alaska is earthquake zone,you should keep the soil structure stable .Do not worry ,you will sell drinking water to world not copper in future.
@jenetealvesdossantos6125 3 aylar önce
Sou da América do Sul meu sonho é viver em um lugar desse amo a natureza se existisse vida após a morte gostaria de voltar como um lobo outro animal e viver no Alasca tenho sonho com esse lugar desde pequena sem saber que lugar existia eu conheci em sonhos desde meus 5 anos de vida ❤🥰
@filbertpax3300 10 aylar önce
The perfect beauty of that land is " it's self a buried treasury for our childrens' childrens, a gold mine that is beyond amount of dollars could ever replace "....our unborn generation deserves to have such beauty in their lifetime...
@Drunken_Master 9 aylar önce
They will have VR.
@rustyshakleford1445 9 aylar önce
@@randyspencersr.4927 that is awful but so true 😢
@daveyd0071 9 aylar önce
@@Drunken_Master 😂
@mohdfahmi8841 3 aylar önce
@stevecarlisle3323 9 aylar önce
We had a HUGE copper mine here in Northern Vancouver Island, ISLAND COPPER, BHP. it ran for 25 years, and produced enough Gold to pay all operating expenses daily. It destroyed a huge area of Rupert Inlet, from dumping tailing back into the ocean. Dont let it Happen in ALASKA.
@Brandon.Nichols 2 aylar önce
Probably the same scoundrels or their spawn
@knightrider693 9 aylar önce
This was incredibly well put together. PBS is the standard
@murraydyck2127 9 aylar önce
I live in a area where mining has impacted the land . The area was mined for 35 years. Two gold mines were in the city limits. A byproduct of the mining process is arsenic. At one mine there is 237 tones stored in a underground stope . It is permanently frozen to keep it from leaking into the water table. The mine is right on the north shore of Great Slave Lake one of the biggest freshwater lakes in the world. It is said that the arsenic will have to be monitored for life . The arsenic has the capacity to kill the world population three times over.
@zooski1516 8 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing.
@nekahill359 3 aylar önce
Wow and that near a lake ...
@russellking9762 7 aylar önce
from down here in New Zealand…we wish you people well in your fight..our hearts go out to you all God Bless
@880cutter 14 gün önce
I admire the Kiwis , you have saved rivers and now given them rights ! THANK YOU for making sure Mother Earth has Humans to protect her
@jamesschneider2091 10 aylar önce
"On January 30, 2023, EPA issued a Final Determination under its Clean Water Act Section 404(c) authority ... After extensive review of scientific and technical research spanning two decades, and robust stakeholder engagement, EPA has determined that certain discharges associated with developing the Pebble deposit will have unacceptable adverse effects on certain salmon fishery areas in the Bristol Bay watershed." The overwhelming probability based cost of the potentially catastrophic environmental impact exceeds all projected economic benefits beyond any reasonable doubt. 😊
@anthonymorales842 10 aylar önce
EPA are using data that spans decades and nations . It is a extraordinarily rare for EPA to make the statement "beyond any reasonable doubt.
@dreamcatcher5502 10 aylar önce
Is this true ???
@MsStephers 10 aylar önce
We should claim it anyway. And we shall reign victorious. Praise God!!!
@ChristopherPulp 10 aylar önce
I feel so relieved that Pebble Co. has been stopped. I hope they'll stop appealing the numerous rejections they've received over the years. If they do, I will continue to write letters of protest exposing their junk science and hubris.
@tombragalone7250 10 aylar önce
It is safe for now😊 but this water shed needs to be protected by some sort of law or act so that it can never be harmed in the future!!
@ambition112 4 aylar önce
2:19: 🐟 Bristol Bay in Alaska is home to the largest sockeye salmon fishery in the world, but it is also a potential site for a massive gold and copper mine .7:08: 🔍 The Pebble Deposit is a large copper and gold resource in North America, with estimated values exceeding $200 billion. 10:57: ❌ The proposed Pebble mine in Alaska is a massive open pit mine that could have significant environmental impacts on the salmon habitat in Bristol Bay. 5:54: 🌊 The proposed Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska, threatens the traditional way of life for Alaskan natives who rely on salmon and the environment for subsistence. 22:06: 🔍 The debate over the Pebble Mine in Alaska centers around the global demand for copper and the potential environmental impact of mining. 27:39: ⚠ The Pebble Mine project in Alaska could create up to ten billion tons of waste, posing a significant threat to the environment. 32:38: ⚠ The seismic activity and potential failure of tailings dams are major concerns surrounding the Pebble mine project in Bristol Bay, Alaska. 37:34: 🔬 Opponents argue that the data collected by Pebble is not reproducible and difficult to analyze, and there are no plans to release it in a usable form. 3:40: 🔍 The Pebble Mine project in Alaska has faced opposition from native tribes and commercial fishermen who fear the loss of fish habitat and a way of life that has sustained them for thousands of years. 48:05: ⚠ The EPA's involvement in assessing the watershed of Bristol Bay, Alaska, has sparked controversy and divided opinions. Recap by Tammy AI
@tedwhiting6192 9 aylar önce
I am from Wisconsin and I hope and pray for The people in Alaska to make the right decisions. It’s not worth the mine.
@tracyeeten8759 9 aylar önce
The lose of the wetlands alone is unthinkable. Alaska is one of the world's last frontiers of wilderness that is truly wild and untouched still that's what I love about it there is a place were we as humans have not destroyed or ruined from bar greed having a shame.
@tracyeeten8759 9 aylar önce
What gets big business the right to destroy a habitat a way of life and the ecosystem
@mohdfahmi8841 3 aylar önce
@BRANDONLJONES5150 10 aylar önce
Thank you Epa for saving the land and water it means so much to the people of the earth and it is so important to preserve our land and fish and water
@staywoke2198 9 aylar önce
You are thanking the EPA? Lol. Palestine Ohio??
@PaulBrown-uj5le 9 aylar önce
@@staywoke2198 blame trump for that.
@staywoke2198 9 aylar önce
@@PaulBrown-uj5le 😂 you’re crazy, lady
@mohdfahmi8841 3 aylar önce
@yvettebrimhall5256 9 aylar önce
I live right below the copper mine in Utah and know first hand the run off from mining the copper is deadly. As the Great Salt Lake is drying up the big local concern is the arsenic and other deadly tailings that are blowing in the wind now.
@MartyGrace 9 aylar önce
Omg I loved watching this doc. I enjoy expanding my mind to things going on outside of my world. Now I’m all for the people of this place to save them from the big corporations that just want to go in and make money. I’m in full support of the EPA to block them. You can’t eat copper or gold so why take the risk because you want to be greedy and line your pockets.
@fabianocunha4117 8 aylar önce
Muito bom esse documentário 😊
@JovanValentin711 9 aylar önce
I don't live in Alaska, but after seeing this it would be a bad idea to mine there. We as humans need to learn to leave certain things as is and stop destroying our lands and this EARTH we live on. I understand the need for certain resources, but we need to find out better ways to propel our future without continuing to destroy our lands.
@twillison8824 8 aylar önce
From a miner and an outdoorsman, the proposed pebble mine should never be allowed to go forward. The mine I work for is an open pit limestone quarry. Our reclamation program is amazing, to start with are monocrop agriculture fields. When we're done, there is a mix of grasslands, wetlands, and eventually wooded areas. This is fantastic for wildlife with the mixture of open grass and wooded habitat. We have a wide variety of wild animals on the property and get a massive influx of migratory birds annually. We don't have the potential to cause a massive disaster like what would likely happen with this proposed mine though, there's simply too much at stake to risk it.
@mikepoole7043 10 aylar önce
Lake illiamna should be a world heritage site because of the Salmon, the numbers of fish are absolutely phenomenal.
@garthwalker3488 10 aylar önce
Dr Sylvia Earl has an Organization called Mission Blue, they take sensitive areas and make them "Hope Spots" and create a boundary and sacred space for the sea life to procreate untouched and spill over into the Oceans. This would be a prime spot, and I hope to make it a Hope Spot.
@JerryGarciaPOBox 10 aylar önce
Absolutely! It'd be the end of the giant, majestic Sockeye runs. With current prices for reds the fishery is already hurting. Bristol Bay is a national treasure!
@TheWestlandgirl 9 aylar önce
Let's make it so!!
@petermgruhn 9 aylar önce
"world heritage site" means "somebody should steal this for me"
@alexiajennifer9979 9 aylar önce
This is the type of environment I was told about as a little kid. In my neck of the woods, the Chesapeake Bay, there were these massive piles of oysters - they were big pyramids of oysters, all cuddled together, you could sink your ship on them. That was 400 years ago. Now, tiny little piles of oysters are all that's left - there are so few, tbe oysters can't protect themselves, because they can't pile up for group protection, and they get killed. This is an ecosystem that is still alive, so fertile, like many places used to be. Losing this environment, one of the remaining living ecosystems outside of a national park in US territory, would be tragic, and have reverberating consequences regionally (and globally) on both humanity and the greater environment. We have to preserve what we have left - we can't let these last few systems get destroyed by human greed.
@zulymaritzacalixflores3906 10 aylar önce
Thank you much for the effort you put on making these documentaries!!! I might haven't gone up to that north and what I know of it is because of brave people who dare against of all odds determine to save the beautiful planet The Almighty One has allowed us to live in.... and for just another short period of time!!! Let's take heed of it!!!! Shalom!!!!!
@phantomghost263 9 aylar önce
Keep Alaska pristine
@Gertieness 4 aylar önce
This story is 11 years old and it appears the EPA stopped it for now, but there needs to be laws enacted that will stop this destruction from happening period. This Bristol Bay thing should have never been up for debate in the first place!
@nileist6666 10 aylar önce
Im so glad I watched this. I really had no idea how bad it was for the enviro. , but could guess that no permit has ever been denied before and that Alaska was easy to destroy.
@atatterson6992 10 aylar önce
Your statement is further proof of PBS's agenda... they ALWAYS have an agenda and it ALWAYS supports the liberal side. Not saying it is bad or wrong in THIS case, but to think they are presenting a non-biased view is fallacy.
@Hideyoshi1991 9 aylar önce
@@atatterson6992 most people here in Alaska don't like pebble mine either, has nothing to do with politics.
@smirky101 9 aylar önce
​@@atatterson6992 if environmentalism is the liberal side, what is the conservative side? Poisin, destruction and belzebub prince of darkness?
@thesybarite1 4 aylar önce
The EPA is a very unpopular agency but in this case their decision was incredibly wise. All those people who put profit ahead of all else need to look at our mining history and the damage mankind has already caused. The track record of mankind is incredibly abysmal. In time, technology will improve to the point where we can truly mine in a safe manner. But we are not there yet.
@wizardmack3551 10 aylar önce
Thank you Frontline, your research and filming of this project were enlightening to the scope of power and influence that our modern society puts on the health of Planet Earth and the future of Humanity.
@josephbeattie5525 9 aylar önce
I'm appalled that this mine would even be considered. Greed is a destroyer.
@clintonsmith9931 9 aylar önce
This mine has been in contention for many many years My brother worked for several years at the airport that is the nearest “Road” to the mine. They have to carry by air , or did, everything that goes to the mine.Probably the mining will win contest between the environment and the gold and copper . Many years there is a small fish run and a limited fishing season. As a old man that loves money and not salmon , and have seen the devastation through States in the US by mining I am sad to say .
@wyldflwr 9 aylar önce
The EPA vetoed the mine on January 29th 2023
@johnmckinley8447 9 aylar önce
In Australia where I live we do not have any wild salmon. We farm salmon and describe them as ‘responsibly harvested’. we also import Norwegian farmed Salmon “the most toxic fish in the world”. Please protect your salmon rivers you are fighting a war for the whole planet. Thank you!
@michaeloconnor1479 9 aylar önce
Another great documentary from Frontline (PBS). Don't forget to help support such a noble cause.
@fabianocunha4117 8 aylar önce
Ficou muito fascinado com as belezas do Alaska sempre
@petej.8676 10 aylar önce
I lived in AK for 6 years....mat- su friends house had a little offshoot of the river running thru his property as did others in this little sub division in Wasilla..and when the salmon ran this little nothing ofva creek was stuffed with the reddest salmon you ever saw..just amazing ✌️
@primesspct2 9 aylar önce
I dream of seeing them some day.
@lewisc9959 9 aylar önce
What Native American tribe(s) is your friend part of?
@roxieearly9484 9 aylar önce
You were blessed to see such bounty provided by The Source , The One Creator, The Heavenly Father.
@lewisc9959 9 aylar önce
@M J Faulkner he lives in Native American land! North America is our Native American land! The white peoples land is in Europe.
@Magical_Thinking 9 aylar önce
@@lewisc9959 : What’s the purpose of asking what tribe they’re from? There are many more white & non-native people living in Alaska than there are natives. I grew up in Alaska and I’m black. People from all over the world have immigrated there. Filipino’s, Mexicans, Vietnamese, you name it! Plus “natives” in Alaska aren’t just Indians. The Inuit’s (Eskimo’s) are plenty and they live lives of subsistence as well. Inuit’s are in the Northern part of Alaska, whereas Indians are in the Southeast Coastal regions of Alaska & Pacific Northwest of the lower 48.
@stupiddems9422 9 aylar önce
Our family and many others in our neck of the wood in Alaska, homesteaded 70- 100 years ago! My father and mother my wife's parents and allot of others immigrated from other countries and settled in this harsh but quiet place! WE were here well before it became a state! I am 74 years old I am the youngest of 8 boys (no sisters) I am now the last of those boys, and have held residency ALL that time other than my 24 years in the navy. My wife has lived in Alaska all her life she stayed while I served! All our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren were ALL born here and live here still! My entire family lives within yellin distance! We hated it when the oil companies came and TOOK what nature provided and GAVE NOTHING BACK TO the land! Now they want to do the same with this raping of the land? For what? Riches? For who? This is FAR more destructive than the drilling of the oil! NOT ONLY NO BUT HELL NO! We were born to this land just as our brothers and sisters in the tribes near and far from our great state!
@mpc4340 9 aylar önce
Thank you for your story and your SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY GOD BLESS!!
@michaelwang6125 9 aylar önce
thank PBS for making this. There have been several documentaries at other location that has approved natural resource to be harvested (mostly in Africa) with the promise it'll bring tourist/capital etc but instead, it ruined the community's livelihood with many forced to move to another city/town since they lost their old fishery-related jobs due to pollution. Unless the cooperation is prepared to relocate the entire village... it might be better to look for mining elsewhere.
@TedApelt 9 aylar önce
Even if the entire village got relocated, the salmon could be gone forever.
@michaelwang6125 9 aylar önce
@@TedApelt which is why I am glad the project has been rejected (clean water act) :) Maybe posting a documentary of it on the news helped.
@l.a.8309 9 aylar önce
No matter what they say or promise, all the downstream collection pools they can build, you know full well that some of it will eventually get into the water. And then when you point it out, they'll act offended- "Well, yeah, I mean, obviously a LITTLE will get in there..." they'll just move the goalpost. Because it's money for them, and the danger is to someone else. How very nice!
@880cutter 14 gün önce
We need to do the same thing that the people of New Zealand did. They got the get to realize that life is water and water is life … I commend them for such values and hope the rest of the world wakes up to that concept !
@jameshw9751 9 aylar önce
Another great episode of Frontline. Everyone should be watching these.
@jake3040 7 aylar önce
its sad that this was even a thought for somebody, some real supervillain stuff, turn a beautiful one of a kind ecosystem that's lasted for thousands of years into a 100 year mine. hopefully the EPA continues to protect it... but now that they know what's there its only a matter of time.
@cherylrleigh1912 10 aylar önce
We need a Bristol Bay Protection Act that ensures the salmon (a keystone species) is forever protected from current and future mining activity.
@MananiImapilJuWewe 10 aylar önce
YES! absolutely.
@kevintewey1157 10 aylar önce
De growth
@gamerguy696 10 aylar önce
Exactly 💯 Some places need to stay off limit forever.
@Wutzmename 10 aylar önce
There is. As of January, the US EPA made it known that Bristol Bay protections are in effect for as long as it's an act. Pebble Partnership has effectively been put out of this area. Also, this video is being re-aired from 2012 in light of the 10 year fight over this.
@fungidungie 9 aylar önce
Lake Iliamna is so massive and the Kvichak River some years has a salmon return so big you wonder if it will ever end. How could this be a good thing in such a unique location.
@billywymarra682 9 aylar önce
What an awesome God given landscape.Praying it stays that way for good!
@lewislinzy3437 9 aylar önce
Commercial fishermen will destroy it just like other places. It's just a matter of time. GREED and netters have that result.
@jeremyncrm2012 8 aylar önce
@@lewislinzy3437you may be right, but there are people who fight for good as well.
@larrylaird-so5oy 9 aylar önce
Wonderful documentary and I hope the EPA will step in and stop this disaster from happening.....
@michigancarols.6385 9 aylar önce
Thank you for this, incredibly important work. I am only sad I didn't see it sooner. Now, I go to research developments in the last ten years, since its making.
@abdoolkiyoon7866 7 aylar önce
It would be more appropriate to do the mining and removing the ore to another location for processing, in that way minimal pollutants from the mine would enter the streams, thus this mine will create jobs and resources that the world needs. it also has the potential of generating billions of dollars which will enhance futuristic endeavors.
@LadieKatie 10 aylar önce
I can get behind preserving this fantastic land. Keep it as pristine as possible.
@Benmeglei1 10 aylar önce
Can you also get behind getting rid of your mobile phone?
@LadieKatie 10 aylar önce
@@Benmeglei1 Actually, that’s a hell yes.
@ZMAN_420 10 aylar önce
@@Benmeglei1 there's plenty of gold and copper elsewhere?
@nathannomad984 9 aylar önce
Thank Dennis and the EPA for being honest and doing their job!
@Above-Ground 9 aylar önce
On September 9, 2021, it was reported that the United States Environmental Protection Agency had "asked a federal court to allow for Clean Water Act protections for parts of the bay." On January 31, 2023, the EPA effectively vetoed the project, using a rarely invoked power to restrict development to protect watersheds.
@pic376 9 aylar önce
Great documentary, as usual, Frontline! With that said, I don't trust Big Corps on anything environmental. With them it is only about one thing, the dollar and nothing else.
@id10t98 8 aylar önce
Preserve it. I spent most of my life in Alaska and there is no reason to destroy this fish habitat and trust me, the mining companies will indeed destroy it.
@douglasboone3790 9 aylar önce
I was a commercial fisherman in Bristol Bay, and I fished the river with the Inuit Tribe. "Salmon if Life". If you only understand economics, just know that Salmon are a much more valuable resource, than any temporary mining operation. Stop this Pebble Madness, and Save the Salmon.
@markcampbell7577 4 aylar önce
The salmon and coral speak to us and if they didn't we would sll be dead . The treatment of the water and the handling of the amount of water is the crucial to co-existence if co-existence is unavoidable. It is thoughtless to mine something as common as copper or iron in sn environment as wet as Alaska or the tropics
@johndewey6358 10 aylar önce
Please fight for healthy fisheries and our healthy environment as these are our true wealth.
@keathie101 10 aylar önce
Even if they gave everyone in Alaska twenty million dollars it won't worth it this is sad SMH
@garybulwinkle82 10 aylar önce
These tributaries produce protein that sustains a vital portion of Alaska's population of not only wildlife but humans too. If left, it will produce for many many years; it's an infinite resource for Alaska long into the future. The mining is a finite resource; once it's gone, and the money is spent, there is nothing left but the waste! So many areas of the world have been robbed of their resources and what has been left? Can they remove the mining resources without disturbing the fishery? What risk are they willing to take? The questions need to be answered, truthfully!
@robertkreitz589 3 aylar önce
Love this documentary. Can anyone suggest similar films?
@Magical_Thinking 9 aylar önce
I’m happy to report that the EPA has blocked the permitting process of the mine due to the environmental impact it would have on the watershed, salmon, environment, etc.
@rickford2697 9 aylar önce
Only greed would destroy our home for money 💰 🤑. I'm in Trinidad 🇹🇹 and it's disgusting to hear that such greedy mining is even being pursued at the expense of nature and the environment.
@fkporsche1 9 aylar önce
Very very brave young man. God bless one and for all
@HighBanker 2 aylar önce
Absulootly love fishing and just the real fact your showing teaching what positive gear there is to fish with. ANYONE can floss for fish but the Real Rewards to catch a salmon species the correct way is so much more Rewarding to catch and consume that salmon. I am probably the last living past members of the Nicomekl Enhancement Society When drew was president back before they built the new building thats the hatchery we had the older green barn were we would meet or cut out wooden blanks of salmon fish that went to Elementary schools around langley. At the time the love my life and me volunteered our time to help hatch new fish clean up the nickel mackel river we both realy enjoyed being members looking back i had been taught by the best of the best when it comes to Stewart ship looking after rivers streams all across the fraser valley. Sadly drew who was the president of NES and prity much all of the other members passed away well i was away in alberta learning oil gas industry work to learn better safer ways to extract oil gas not cause damage to ground waters and rivers lakes streams. I never got over that all the members who taught me so so much had passed away. I just want to say i was looking on youtube videos on fishing and stumbled on your video, I just want to thank you for teaching others better ways to id fish and ways to catch them so you dont harm them and have a Successful release of the fish so others can have a fish to catch. Again thank you its nice to see you care enough to make films to help others fish in a Proper respectful way. Sean Brown 😊
@garmd4953 10 aylar önce
I love Alaska. Wished I spent my youth there.
@bmwbmw3553 9 aylar önce
I think alaska were rusian property .
@user-cm4uy9bu4s 3 aylar önce
No, you don’t. Our schools are atrocious and a significant number of Alaskans place little to no value on education. Which is why so many of us move up from the lower 48 and have such an easy time taking all of the highest paying jobs.
@880cutter 14 gün önce
I recently went to Alaska and met some of the Natives .You can feel their connection to the EARTH, THEY LISTEN to Mother Earth ,they feel her in their souls .what an amazing place and people. We need to help them protect the land
@dickielarue1451 9 aylar önce
Greetings from Portugal...The Ole mining companies are busy everywhere...In the North of the country...Lithium...and folks are totally against it...I have hiked through the area many times...Absolutley beautiful...and pristine...At the end of the the time's we are living, one must look at the track record of both the companies and long term environmental impacts it places on this planet! Boa Sorte! 🇵🇹😉
@TheCiaMKultra 9 aylar önce
Good for that senator for not bending over at the site of the "gold" . He is more then right about the area of the mine not being an experimental site to just engineer and monitor . Too much is at steak to just dig a hole bigger then any in the world to see if one company and 1k people benifits from this hole in the environmental region that is so important to the World .
@petermarsh4993 9 aylar önce
Dear presenters, acid leachate mines are an environmental disaster FOREVER. For those of you with a memory for past events just remember what happened in a moist tropical area of Papua New Guinea’s Ok Tedi mine. A similar type of ore body was mined with containment dams that got full of tailings, yes, but over-topped with heavy rain and washed the toxic waste hundreds of km downstream, completely destroying the downstream environment. Don’t allow it!
@SocietyNeedsImprovement 9 aylar önce
I think that it is wise to assume that if the mining project is built that the fish habitat will be destroyed. It's best to pick which one you want. If the mine is built it must be maintained forever. It only takes one person, one employee, one supervisor, one ceo, to decide to skirt the policies of environmental protection, or even just to make a mistake, and the fish habitat could be lost forever. Pick which one you want, the fish or the mine. Don't try to do both. As long as there is a profit incentive, there is incentive to build the mine and cut costs. I think that it's likely that the mine will eventually be permitted and built, and the habitat will, eventually, be damaged or even destroyed. That's the long term likelihood. This is yet another reason why I advocate for a Resource-Based Economy.
@aaronvu6292 5 aylar önce
"We smart enough to know that we're not smart enough." That's such a wise statement that I wish most leaders in the world would accept the term, and look for inputs from others.
@robertlavrakas7442 10 aylar önce
I lived fairly close to this area for many years.I was a commercial fisherman and everyday was amazed at what I saw.Just leave the the land alone!
@ronpflugrath2712 9 aylar önce
@sergiosandiego2888 9 aylar önce
Development is not bad IF it doesn't destroy our nature! Mabuhay EPA! Greetings from the Philippines!
@cliffcampbell8827 9 aylar önce
Just because you haven't found the solution yet doesn't mean that there is no solution. It is very important that nobody jumps at the first thing that looks like a solution (something environmentalists are notorious for doing) because sometimes leaping before you look only makes the problem worse (i.e. low flow toilets, that whole spotted owl thing and other examples I can't remember at the moment). Big mining corporations wouldn't have such difficult time getting permits if they didn't have such horrible "scoop-n-scoot" reputations. Big Mining Corp.: "Okay, we got what we came for, you can have the rest." Alaska: "You left us with several million gallons of toxic waste. What are we supposed to do with toxic waste?" Big Mining Corp.: "Don't know, don't care. We'll come back and do this all over again when another large deposit of valuable stuff is found in this state. Buh-bye now."
@onikuman 7 aylar önce
Great work Frontline PBS!
@gary3270 9 aylar önce
We have the very same problem here on the border of Michigan and Wisconsin! The mining industry knows that there is a deposit of sulfite that contains gold, copper and silver, the powers that be don't care about the quality of water or the air! Or the fact that future generations need a clean environment! Too bad for the earth, our need for food, and the future of wildlife! There isn't a safe way to mine it people! Too bad for the world,
@loridave1962 9 aylar önce
Perfect example of not in my back yard syndrome. I would say the copper can surely be mined and the fishery can be protected. I understand that streams in the mine area will disappear. And yes I love the wild of the area. But, I still question the way the no mine decision was made.
@rabbit251 9 aylar önce
So exactly how was that decision made that you oppose it? I love when people like you make generalizations but don't provide specifics to prove your point. Are people getting stupider or.....ok, yes, definitely that is a trend with the internet. In defense of the other side, many tailing dams have failed. This is in a high earthquake region and it is better to rule on the side of caution if the Tohoku Earthquake has taught us anything. This would be the largest tailings dam in history. Alaska itself has never disapproved a mine in its whole history. The EPA rightfully does have jurisdiction to protect, hey, the people describe here exactly living in the area but a huge conglomerate could easily overwhelm them. (OMG, is that a mirror!) I could go on and on, but hopefully I am backing up my claim with facts and evidence and not making bold statements without proof.
@gregparrott 9 aylar önce
Leach ponds (here, perhaps the world's largest leach lake) being placed in a pristine environment, one with a wet, harsh coastal climate, is a REALLY BAD idea. Yet the utility and even strategic importance of that much copper, gold and molybdenum is huge. If we ever NEED to extract the minerals, a pipeline to transfer the liquid to a separate, distant site away from the rivers tributaries and rivers would be a requisite. Of course those living near the candidate designation for a toxic cleanup site would say 'No way! Not here!'. But clearly, attempting to PERMANENTLY STORE giant volumes of toxins in Bristol Bay is not a viable option.
@Corkfish1 9 aylar önce
I fish Alaska every summer I hope this never happens. It would be a complete disaster.
@williecrillz7005 3 aylar önce
Everything Still Plays A Part Even if it’s Small..
@justinthomas2805 9 aylar önce
I work on the pipeline and even I see the EPA as one of the most important organizations for our earth some of the regulations are frustrating but I agree with all of them and I absolutely agree that we should not got a whole natural untouched part of this earth for greed that’s all it is leave Alaska alone
@drewmurph2018 8 aylar önce
They are still fighting against this.... got a chance to fish last summer in bristol bay... great experience
@fellspoint9364 10 aylar önce
That mining executive was a skilled, professional liar to be hustling those people with a straight face.
@johnjaco5544 10 aylar önce
That's why he was hired
@eversway7540 9 aylar önce
Lol..I just starded reading the comments but i said similar.
@fellspoint9364 9 aylar önce
@eversway7540 - I think it was the unblinking sociopathic stare that caught my attention. He was hell bent on driving home his agenda.
@eversway7540 9 aylar önce
@@fellspoint9364 Lol...I forgot to mention as well, you're absolutely right. I was speaking about both of them.
@macrosellbrandmarketingsta9712 9 aylar önce
Great documentary. I learned a lot and I love 🐟
@smileydeassman5573 2 aylar önce
Is there another way to construct the mine other than an open pit?
@cheryljefferson2502 9 aylar önce
August 4, 2019 the tailings dam collapsed at the Mount Polley mine in British Columbia. It released 24 million cubic meters of waste into the pristine waters of Quesnel Lake. The lake is the 3rd deepest lake in North America with a max depth of 511 meters and covers 266 square kilometers.
@TheWestlandgirl 9 aylar önce
Horrific!! 🤬
@npxmnpxm 8 aylar önce
JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) (Jan. 31, 2023) - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency took an unusually strong step Tuesday and blocked a proposed mine heralded by backers as the most significant undeveloped copper and gold resource in the world because of concerns about its environmental impact on a rich Alaska aquatic ecosystem that supports the world’s largest sockeye salmon fishery.
@parkerxgps8101 10 aylar önce
Its impossible to mine without effecting the local environment. Land is only pristine once. Of course there are ways to invest enough to ensure that but, seems to not be a goal. An open pit among the melting perma frost is madness.
@PeteyTruth 9 aylar önce
I was 14 when 9/11 happened. I had no knowledge or teaching of physics; when the buildings “collapsed” I watched live in school and I instantly said out loud, “buildings do not fall like that”. I also said “this is the beginning of ww3”. After being labeled as a ‘conspiracy theorist and unpatriotic’ at 14, I now am 35 and now identify as a Realist and understand YHWH separated me at a young age with my calling and use of discernment.
@gretchenjessy5782 9 aylar önce
Thank you for this wonderful video! I have incurred so much losses trading on my own....I trade well on demo but I think the real market is manipulated.... Can anyone help me out or at least tell me what I'm doing wrong?
@sliviasam7379 9 aylar önce
Same here, My portfolio has been going down the drain while I try trading,l just don't know what I do wrong
@clintonilayira6380 9 aylar önce
Trading with an expert is the best strategy for newbies and busy investors who have little or no time to monitor trade
@giovannijason9717 9 aylar önce
I strongly advise you against self trading, it's really dangerous and had brought so many investors down, you need someone with the knowledge and strategies, someone dedicated to the crypto currency market business, and I will strongly recommend expert, Mrs Janet
@DaniellaCarla7 9 aylar önce
Wow I'm just shock you mentioned and recommended Expert Mrs Janet,I thought I'm the only trading with her
@LucasLiam118 9 aylar önce
@rightthewrong6050 2 aylar önce
I don’t live in Alaska… But, I can say that I don’t want them to dig there. Some things in Life are just meant to be left alone. ♥️
@cybergod77 9 aylar önce
What little pristine untouched natural environments we have today should be protected
@courage101 5 aylar önce
Life is priceless. Period. Learn from our mistakes.
@cannoobin 10 aylar önce
Frontline always brings NEWS to people more than NEWS channels. keep on keeping on PBS
@muzaaaaak 9 aylar önce
If you’ve never been to AK, you should go and visit. It’s truly one of the most beautiful and pristine places I’ve personally ever seen. I cannot see how “progress “ can serve any good here. Let the natural environment be. The cost of the current treasure outweighs mining and future treasure from the earth.
@iupelisiulai4964 3 aylar önce
I hope they don't give the green light on that mine.😢 The land is beautiful as it is, this fish is there every year, people been blessed for over hundreds of years.
@GoldChump 9 aylar önce
Well in Oregon I have watched the Wildlife department screw up about every river and salmon run. Using eggs/sperm from river systems other than original river systems has ruined most runs. You used to be able to walk across the backs of salmon during fall runs in over a dozen river systems until local hatcheries got shut down and wildlife department took over. Give them time and they will screw up those systems as well mine or no mine.
@aragos32727 9 aylar önce
Anything with Anglo in the name should instantly put fear into someone's heart. This is a project that will not benefit Native Alaskans or Alaskans. We have too many examples in other countries as well as our own of what these timelines do. Not to mention the eyesore that they are. Here in Florida I could make a 3-hour video of just my county of all the places where natural land and farmland were turned into subdivisions full cookie-cutter mcmansions and all the trees that help keep the air temperature cool gone.
@ralphcantrell3214 7 aylar önce
It has all been done before. Just study the Copperhill mine and the Ocoee River in Tennessee to find out what happens to fish in the vicinity of a copper mine.
@djack915 7 aylar önce
I looked at Cooper Tennessee , water and whole environment- very sad 😢
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