Consciousness, Chaos and Order | Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris | EP 314

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Jordan B Peterson

Jordan B Peterson

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Dr Jordan B Peterson and Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris delve into the world of psychedelic research, their utility in therapy, and the impact they can have on neuroticism. They also explore broader aspects of psychopathology, brain imaging, optimized play, and the way trauma can warp our perspectives of the world.
Robin is the Ralph Metzner Distinguished Professor in Neurology and Psychiatry and Director of Neuroscape’s Psychedelics Division at the University of California, San Francisco. He moved to Imperial College London in 2008 after obtaining a PhD in Psychopharmacology from the University of Bristol. Robin has designed human brain imaging studies with LSD, psilocybin, MDMA and DMT, and several clinical trials of psilocybin therapy for severe mental illnesses. Robin founded the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London in April 2019, was ranked among the top 31 medical scientists in 2020, and in 2021, was named in TIME magazine’s ‘100 Next’ - a list of 100 rising stars shaping the future. His research is creating system-level change in mental health care.
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(0:00) Coming Up
(1:00) Intro
(2:50) Implicit learning
(7:52) Tuned perceptions, warped vantage points
(12:00) Rebirth, rapid new learning
(16:00) Alcoholism, unlearning pain
(20:22) Neuroticism, Freud, and the disconnect
(24:00) Cascading depression
(30:10) Functional depression
(35:30) The source of psychopathology
(46:48) The psychedelic experience
(49:47) Genetic mutation, error correction
(53:30) Micro and macro environments
(56:33) The multitude within
(58:39) Piaget, optimized play
(1:04:00) When play is absent from the system
(1:07:25) Depth of play, levels of engagement
(1:09:55) Local minima
(1:13:29) Psychedelics and antidepressants
(1:17:40) Creative surging under influence
(1:21:30) Every benefit has a cost
(1:23:32) Terrance and Dennis McKenna, false positives
(1:26:15) Paranoid Schizophrenia
(1:29:26) The feeling of confidence vs. uncertainty
(1:33:33) Exposure therapy, building up bravery
(1:35:00) Brain imaging, mapping experience
(1:38:40) Entropic brain principle
(1:40:00) Between order and chaos, Marduk
(1:44:16) Signatures of criticality, the Alpha Rhythm
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Story Arch
Story Arch 5 aylar önce
We are flooded with "knowledge" these days, yet we are starving for "wisdom". Very few role people have the prudence to pick out the TRUTH from the vast amount of information out there. You, Jordan, are one of these few. And for that, we are immensely grateful. On behalf of everyone Jordan, thank you.
Josh Runner
Josh Runner 5 aylar önce
Well said brother
Mohamm3d 5 aylar önce
Rajesh patel
Rajesh patel 5 aylar önce
Honestly, so much crap out there on the internet... so hard to keep track of it all!
Story Arch
Story Arch 5 aylar önce
I agree, thank you Jordan!
a break from scrolling
a break from scrolling 5 aylar önce
Knowledge is basically useless, it's all about taking action!
Rishi V
Rishi V 5 aylar önce
I'd just like to say you have been my shining light in a room full of darkness. I was a 30 year old failing graduate with 0 career prospects (working a deadend job, barely making ends meet). My friends/ family had lost all faith in me, disregarding my presence in every dimension; this then compounded upon itself for over a decade and my soul felt like it was imploding (close family members even tried putting me on medication on multiple occasions to tackle my 'psychological inadequancies') inadvertently as a biproduct of this I felt intrinsically useless/ broken. I suffered from multiple physical injuries that never healed for many years only catalysing my anxiety and lack of fulfilment. After stumbling on your videos you reawakened my belief and hope. You don't truly understand your impact on my life (and as an extension my family and friends lives). Your voice of concern has fundamentally changed me, I am (and the people around me) truly in your debt. Quite frankly, words cannot describe how I feel about you. You are far more than a father figure to me and someone I will forever cherish. Thanks to your guidance and watching hours upon hours of your lectures I finally found the courage to reset and take control of my own existence. I upskilled myself and soon after a good company took me in on a very low level positon (I was still very grateful). I've been there for 18 months and I've just been informed I'll now be leading the department I was originally hired into. I doubt you'll ever get the chance to read this but it would be dishonourable for me not to share this message with you and show my infinite gratitude to you (amongst millions of others). The world needs you JP. Don't go anywhere ❤
Philosophical Gospel Podcast
Philosophical Gospel Podcast 5 aylar önce
Sinead King
Sinead King 5 aylar önce
Wow. You are incredible. So glad you found Jordan’s advice helpful. Don’t forget to thank yourself for being self aware enough to analyse the situation in the way you have and to congratulate yourself on actively taking on his advice and putting the work in that you needed to do in order to improve your situation. Great work!
Pinuu Turner
Pinuu Turner 5 aylar önce
Elektrotehnik 5 aylar önce
Many of us here, lurking among the viewers, with very similar experiences of the value of Jordan’s work. 🏆❤ I’m pretty much infinitely grateful. ❤
Albert Junior
Albert Junior 5 aylar önce
You know you could have just sent him a percentage of your salary to show appreciation if you really mean it.
solaveritas2 5 aylar önce
I'm not in a position to get back to university, but I get free education from these videos which are a valuable and time-saving alternative to studying. Thank you Dr.Peterson.
Ruth Anne Amsden
Ruth Anne Amsden 5 aylar önce
I’m at University and I learn more from Dr. Peterson than I do my courses. Although I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to earn my degree.
Cynthia Gonzalez
Cynthia Gonzalez 5 aylar önce
@Ruth Anne Amsden My daughter knows that she's getting brainwashed with various pronouns & trans ideology.
Chickenmonger 5 aylar önce
@Ruth Anne Amsdenf you can get through that wear the honor for what is. Suffering through a track that is not what it used to be. One that speaks of wealth, or ability to fulfill the metrics over several years. What you learn is convenient and can be quite enlightening. But it’s largely trappings so others know you are part of the club. And that’s critical. Just now poor all around for measuring much else. I guess grad school is for more, but really people waste massive sums of money for not much there. Consuming and applying knowledge like this is where you can find your true meat. Over 10 years how will that have compounded? Hopefully we’ll if done right.
Aaron Yonny
Aaron Yonny 5 aylar önce
I have been diagnosed with depression since I was a child. October first 2022 I did a ton of mushrooms to get high. Ended up spirit traveling and when I woke I was different. My depression was completely gone. Still gone to date and I'm living my life
Ash 5 aylar önce
Nice! I always love to hear when shrooms help. May I share? As well? I did a cap and stem together. Nothing big, just wanted to test the material. The maxim of the high was like a dream state, it was that spot just before falling asleep. In my imagination, I watched this deeper part of me taking the wall covers off to reveal hundreds of nervous system paths, they were all tangled together and when an emotion would erupt it would fire through those other ideals as collateral too. Where it was like yours is that when I became sober, I didn't have to contemplate the truth.l, I just felt it within and the depression was non-resonant. Only side effects was, that I felt like I was in the matrix again. I saw everybody's programming. I reintegrated after a few days. Minus that crippling pain. Thanks for reading.
nuqwestr 5 aylar önce
Makes me want to invest in Big Pharma all in on mushrooms, thanks for the stock tip.
alvareo92 5 aylar önce
Remember to make important, long-lasting key changes in your life so that when the post-trip bliss wears off you have a lot to fall back on instead of just going back to your usual life
A.S 5 aylar önce
I have a lot to thank Joe Rogan for. Got into his podcast as a 22 year old MMA fan with no interest in academia (or so I thought). I'm now 31 and can't believe cage fighting led me through a ripple effect from Rogan, to people like Peterson and ultimately Nietzsche. Crazy.
Phillip Richards
Phillip Richards 5 aylar önce
Mine was judo, Joe, prison, nietzsche, Peterson etc...
Tom Winter Fishing
Tom Winter Fishing 5 aylar önce
I took the road less travelled, dropping out of uni, but privately studying intellectual topics (I assume to make up for my academic failures), then fairly recently discovering Joe Rogan, who has opened up a whole new slew of people to listen to and things to study! Joe is an extremely valuable individual, not least through the Covid debacle. His influence is incalculable.
A.S 5 aylar önce
@Tom Winter Fishing I came from a working class family in the north of England, and education post 16 years old stopped when I became a young father. As I got older, I found myself craving intelligent conversation and knowledge and Joe's podcast was where I found it. I now rarely listen to his podcast, as there's so much more media now for me to consume but I'll forever be grateful. Without Joe, I would be a completely different person now as an adult and father.
ChaoticChaos! 5 aylar önce
I loved sports and played football my whole life. But I was always also into science and philosophy very much. Kind of a a weird mixture of nerd and jock. But Rogan was everything I hoped for. The most brilliant minds conversing in depth. It's a free education and more
Adem Özdaş
Adem Özdaş 5 aylar önce
I'm a 24 years old male who had been strugling with trichotollimania for the probably last 14 years, just 11 days ago, I went to Amsterdam to use magic truffles to cure it. After using it i felt like i was reborn and the stress that was making me pull out my hair is almost totally gone.
psychs_alpha on Instagram sells
psychs_alpha on Instagram sells 5 aylar önce
☝️☝️look up that handle above,he ships directly,and he got shrooms, LSD, dmt, chocolate bars and microdosing pills 💊🍄🍫
J M 5 aylar önce
@adem I have trichotollimania too. Any tips?!
Adem Özdaş
Adem Özdaş 5 aylar önce
@J M Tips usually don't work :/ and i have none.
Jessica Butts
Jessica Butts 5 aylar önce
This man is so needed in the world right now ! I’m always super interested and sometimes reduced to a blubbering mess but always thankful I listened ! Thank you so much Jordan ! ❤
Jessica Butts
Jessica Butts 5 aylar önce
Bryson Martinez ?
Jessica Butts
Jessica Butts 5 aylar önce
@stephen paccone ? Confused ?
YourLogicalNightmare 5 aylar önce
That's hilarious because J.P. is a blubbering mess. He has no idea what consciousness or God are, but assumes/prays that God is a vengeful character 🤣
M I K E S W 3 L L
M I K E S W 3 L L 5 aylar önce
I'm here to say that I will be watching this many and many times over . There are some gold nuggets of knowledge packed in this episode 😉
Jay Gerlach
Jay Gerlach 9 gün önce
Thank you JBP. I've watched this doctor's lectures for a number of years now. I have ZERO education in his field of study, but he knows his material so well, that he can explain it clearly enough that I can follow.
hellfawn 5 aylar önce
I’ve been interested in JP for about 3 years now, and what keeps me fascinated is he seems to have a calling to explore the potential of what could be. I think he’s comfortable with not knowing , which makes him a great information explorer.
Michael G
Michael G 5 aylar önce
Not knowing is the first step to the infinite because the infinite can’t be comprehended.
istvan csendes
istvan csendes 5 aylar önce
English is my second language and sometimes i have hard time follow JP highly articulate description of the subject, but he is pretty good to make it comprehendible at the end of the thought process .. One of the biggest benefit of me learning english is i can listen him for few years now . He is a walking "library"..
Charles C.
Charles C. 5 aylar önce
Better than that, people used to have to personally visit wise men or go to the prestigious universities they worked at. Today, you can always find him online even at 2 AM, from wherever you are.
Ryan Blacksmith
Ryan Blacksmith 2 gün önce
Don't forget to respect the mushrooms, Golden Teacher basically, they have some very powerful potential. I just did about 7g on 4/3/2023 and it went well actually but barely escaped a bad trip.
Juan Madeline
Juan Madeline 2 gün önce
0:07 I would love to try them, does anyone know where I can source them?
Jordan Rodgers
Jordan Rodgers 2 gün önce
​@Juan Madeline0:01 Yes he's dr.johnsonshroom
Fernando Lucas
Fernando Lucas 2 gün önce
Is he on insta?
Obinna Harris
Obinna Harris 2 gün önce
​@Fernando Lucas0:05 Of course, dr.johnsonshroom
Thomas Daniel
Thomas Daniel 2 gün önce
0:06 Psychedelics definitely have potential to deal with mental health, they really helped me.
ColleenPage 5 aylar önce
The secret in my marriage about who should change was this. I prayed about it. I asked God to help me change how I responded to the problem. As I changed me, God worked on him. Oh praise the Lord for that wisdom. Our marriage turned around and we loved each other again.
Ronda 5 aylar önce
That is so beautiful. God bless you and your husband. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🥰
APenNameAndThatA 5 aylar önce
Well done. You have to change because you are the only person who you can change directly. The only way to change them is to change yourself.
Ben Ji
Ben Ji 5 aylar önce
1:32:00 Alien possession, I can absolutely relate to this in a large dose I had recently. It felt as though the mushroom had spread itself across my sensory array because it was seeking to experience the existence of what had consumed it. I had very sad traumatic thoughts coming up, which the mushroom 'entity' was trying to communicate that I should just laugh them off and be happy. I could not, and thought that this 'entity' doesn't understand the implications of my thoughts, and the associated pain. It was really cool actually. It then populated my lungs and reprimanded me for smoking not in words but making them burn to a worrying amount; quitting was one of my intentions for the trip, which I did do successfully the next day (although it wasn't just out of the blue, I had been preparing and weaning for months).
Jamo 5 aylar önce
Dr. Peterson thank you for all the messages, advice and help you are giving to us men especially of the younger generation....God bless you
G. Ozare
G. Ozare 5 aylar önce
I hope someone that reads my comment finds this useful in some way. For context, I am an adult male that has experienced childhood trauma added with the the increasingly common absent father. These things had left me with emotional "impairments" from childhood that became more obvious and hindering as I got older. I was going through the darkest time in my life a few months ago. I was a dead man walking, literally. I was at the point of ending it all, the cowardly easy way out. I was desperate to find anything but having experienced drug use in my 20's I knew that was not the path of truth and enlightenment. Long story short, I ended up trying psilocybin a few months ago. I don't know how to explain it properly but all I can say is I woke up the next morning like a new person. I felt a calmness, I got up from bed and looked around me and felt peace, gratitude, and love. Love for myself and things around me. The things that might have aggravated me before now make me smile and shrug off. It was like a switch was flipped in my mind while I slept after my experience with psylocibin. I didn't even take enough to have a deep trip! But I was changed somehow, all the anxiety, depression, anger and resentment vanished completely. Even now when I explain it, it doesn't sound real. But all I can say is it literally saved my life. So if you're reading this, don't give up, no matter how hard it may seem. There is hope! I've been listening to Jordan for 4 years but sometimes we need something that makes a change internally. Words aren't enough for some of us when our mind is broken.
Alan Carson
Alan Carson 5 aylar önce
Thanks for sharing. Good to hear you’re doing better.
G. Ozare
G. Ozare 5 aylar önce
@Alan Carson I appreciate that Alan, hope you're also well.
Wondergirl 60s
Wondergirl 60s 5 aylar önce
Another psyconaut amongst us!🫶✌️❤️🍄🙏💪 Good journey, brothers and sisters!🥰
Patricia Silva
Patricia Silva 5 aylar önce
Thanks for sharing, I'm glad you're feeling better!
Kimmo Nurmi
Kimmo Nurmi 5 aylar önce
Hey, and thank you for sharing this. - I know exactly, what you are writing here. I wish your life will be well from now on to the future. - Greetings from Finland -
Nicole Beckwith
Nicole Beckwith 5 aylar önce
Such a thought-provoking and fascinating conversation!!!
Shadow 5 aylar önce
As a student studying psychotherapy and trying to get into the field of psychadelic-assisted psychotherapy, these lectures are so amazing. Obsessing over psychedelics as a profound pharmacological aspect of therapy I can say for sure within the coming years the future of mental health depends on it. Imagine combining therapeutic approaches like CBT and client-centered therapy with the use of psychedelics. It would be so amazing not only for the client but for the therapist to learn new methods of practice !!! Thank you for the informative content Dr. Peterson. P.S I use a lot of your thoughts and philosophical explanations of the world in my work as a student and will continue to use them in my work as a therapist in the future. Also, i would love to hear anyone's experience of using psychedelics and how it helped or did not help them in their mental health process, this would help me a lot as a student learning about what types of experiences create transformations in individuals. Thank you !!!
暗香晚风 5 aylar önce
Thx for your sharing. Without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, do you just rely on doctors for spiritual treatment such as hallucinations? There may be some effect, but the patient may not be completely cured
Roy Hewes
Roy Hewes 5 aylar önce
I had the opportunity of being able to experience the world through the LSD lens. I learned much more through this experience than from any other conscious experience. Experiences and lessons that are unobtainable through natural means.
Buggs 5 aylar önce
I've used mushrooms (liberty caps) on and off for years. I'm rather prone to depression, holding onto inconsequential issues and wallowing in a certain amount of gloom. I also suffer from needing/seeing(?) too much structure in all aspects of life, possibly due to autism, dunno really. Mushrooms give me a way to step out from my own narrow reality, let go of all the accumulated shite and treat myself as someone I'm willingly helping which has helped immensely with getting my priorities straight.
Maxine Corrington
Maxine Corrington 5 aylar önce
Two great minds elucidating profound, meaningful topics.
donnyboy 5 aylar önce
Stunning in fine detail .! Well said and well done on all counts with much thanks and thumbs up to you both.! Loving your show Jordan.!
Kyle C
Kyle C 2 aylar önce
this was brilliant. jordan i have to thank you good sir. your work has helped so many people. myself included. i hope you and your family well. you are a very inspiring person
David Jairala
David Jairala 5 aylar önce
I've been watching Peterson for years now, and listening to him converse with another psychologist is still such a gauntlet
Lutra23 5 aylar önce
One major problem is personal efficacy. Psychology often only focuses on internal thoughts and beliefs and not the efficacy of the individual. A lot of stress can be generated by the external world if one is incompetent or struggling to manage the external world. This can be both an individual and societal problem. The extremes on both sides blame either the individual or the society but psychology often focuses solely on the individuals perspective and self beliefs which can be a waste of time or ignoring the serious external problems the individual needs solved. I think this happens because a lot of times the external problems are difficult if not impossible to solve and it's easy to analyze a person's thoughts and provide interpretations of their beliefs and perspectives that can give them a re-frame but will not hold in an onslaught of external problems if they aren't given new abilities or knowledge that can help them solve the external problems and become more efficacious.
John Smithers
John Smithers 5 aylar önce
The stress is, in part, due to our schizophrenic society. To be able to face and survive in this world, one must be, to some degree, aggressive, or at least fight for a place in it. This means, you will often need to beat and compete with others. But society, frowns on competition, frowns on men competing and becoming dominant. Simultaneous they frown on incels, products of a society putting males in a social straightjacket. In a world where you are damned if you do and damned if you don't, the stress (and hopelessness) prevails.
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B 5 aylar önce
I'm only concerned with my personal efficacy. It's that failure that drove me into the abyss of suicidal ideas for several years. Economic stability allowed me to finally get an effective mix of medicine and therapy. It took about a decade to actually feel that I have settled into a healthy mental space.
Lutra23 5 aylar önce
@GaslitWorld f. Melissa B Glad to hear it! I was in the same boat for quite a while and still am though as my economic situation improved so did my mental health. And as my financial situation gets worse it becomes harder and harder to not fall back into addictions and self destructive behaviors/attitudes despite all the psychological tricks I have learned and progress I've made.
Tanya Arons
Tanya Arons 5 aylar önce
I agree. I was raised by psychopaths, narcissists, paedophiles and their enablers. School was a nightmare, up to and including university level (I dropped out due to sexual threats!) I married young, had children young all the time striving for safety and sanity. All the time under constant attack from my family of origin. Decades later (2 decades of therapy later) I still struggle with issues of poverty, complex ptsd, marginalisation, societal abuse etc etc. especially at this time of the year(Christmas period which is a huge trigger!) I healed immensely after the majority of my enemies died by natural attrition. But I still have a long way to go. I am currently 57. Sometimes it seems hopeless but I have created a life for myself even under worse circumstances. Miracles do happen. I am still a work in progress. I have never partaken of psychedelics ie dmt, psylocybin, lsd) which are purported to heal cptsd. So I watch these debates with speculative interest.
Lutra23 5 aylar önce
@Tanya Arons I'm sorry you had to go through that and it seems like you have done well for yourself despite the unfair and traumatizing life you have survived. It is clear from people like you that not all people have the same difficulty level in this 'game' called life. I am interested in psylocybin and lsd for healing as well though I have done mushrooms before and had some awful trips. I think it was because I didn't have the right 'set and setting' and also hadn't done enough inner work. I'm still skeptical of doing it again unless I had someone to help guide me through it I trusted due to my psychology being somewhat paranoid. I think it's a great tool though and could be useful for many in the right circumstances. But it's always good to remain skeptical especially when the claim is a one time cure.
Mich 5 aylar önce
it's like one's watch a "breaking news" reel of existential topics (from a constructed pov, of course). i admire the speech capabilities in these talks. thank you.
briankayaker1 5 aylar önce
Sometimes it seems that Dr Peterson invites people on the podcast as an veiled excuse to talk about the subject the guest specialize and I love it😁
Hans Yates
Hans Yates 5 aylar önce
Duh.... of course he talks about what the guest specializes in
Ruth Anne Amsden
Ruth Anne Amsden 5 aylar önce
Isn’t it wonderful to see him so enthusiastic about the topics? When he was so ill, we would have given anything to see him excited about a topic again. The most enthusiasm we saw was constant weary patience and endurance. Now he’s excited again.
Harlzberg 5 aylar önce
I thought that was the point lol, or what we're you thinking, Jeopardy style topics?
Psicología y Neurociencia
Psicología y Neurociencia 4 aylar önce
Awesome!! I love Jordan's work and I studied neuroscience thanks to Robin C.H.
Anchor, Fast Anchor
Anchor, Fast Anchor 5 aylar önce
Thank you Dr. Peterson... This video has hit close to home on so many levels... I will certainly will be re-playing it over and over,, until my A.D.D. brain can absorb most of it,,,, thank you again, sincerely...
Anchor, Fast Anchor
Anchor, Fast Anchor 5 aylar önce
I believe an interview with Dr. Gabor Mate,, would be beneficial to providing an even deeper understanding yet,,,, when it comes to the use of 'ayahuasca', in relation to the treatment of psycho trauma... I believe depression and addictions are symptomatic results of this....
Shanaz Bukhari | Yoga, Emotion, Body
Shanaz Bukhari | Yoga, Emotion, Body 5 aylar önce
Epic! Creatrix! Thank you Dr. Peterson, for everything, go out into the wild, over and over again. Psychodelics are such a golden nugget zu human experience, they tell you that everything IS a story, god telling the angels. ❤
Tanisha Butala
Tanisha Butala 5 aylar önce
Hey, Mr. Peterson - I admire your mind and your wisdom. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and understanding with everyone. I am amazed by your wisdom and words. I appreciate your openness to hear others, but your strong stand on facts, logic, and emotions and what is right. You are definitely an asset to our world. I love your passion for humanity
Douglas Ulumefoh
Douglas Ulumefoh 5 aylar önce
I just started reading 12 rules for life. It's a very fascinating book, and even more so, because of your idea and interpretation of order and chaos. I am a forex trader. I do not know if you are familiar with the term but it is space of unlimited possibilities, and consequently, more importantly, a space of little or no certainty-chaos. My question is; how does one operate successfully in such a chaotic environment where order is, and truly limited to, my technical edge-analysis ?
⬆️👆🏻look up that handle to PurchaSe best shrooms ,Isd, dmt and other psychedelics
Corona Cherotea
Corona Cherotea 5 aylar önce
I've traded before and stopped because i couldnt handle the processing need to be consistent and patient. and my upbringing with emotional trauma make it even harder for me to control impulses and follows my analytics, which turn to be right most of the time. Technical analysis is not consistent to be used as a main tool for trading, because it doesnt tell the intention of the whales and sharks, often filled with noises, and also doesnt tell the target of how much the market will grow/decay. Fundamentals often tells where the market wants to go in the long run because the whales and sharks often manipulate the market to achieve their targeted goal, Which is always the long marathon. And then you need to analyze the interactions between the countries which always plays politics on each other. all in all, its a predatory system because if you hit SL, you instantly lose; that is different from stocks when it loses its values, you still holds the shares which can go back up and recover. You can still reaffirm yourself when stock loses value but you cant when you hit SL, which seals the deal as your loss. And that would put you in an emotional downward spiral and vengence, causes mental unstability and self-punishment.
Olivia Adelaide
Olivia Adelaide 2 gün önce
Psilocybin saved my life . I was addicted to heroin for 15 years and after Psilocybin treatment I will be 3 years clean in September . I have zero cravings . This is something that truly needs to be more broadly used in addiction treatment .
Kim Camilia Mingang
Kim Camilia Mingang 2 gün önce
Psychedelic is the answer to most severe anxiety and depression ... The use of magic mushrooms completely helps one get over depression and makes you feel like yourself ... I used antidepressants for some years but it only made me feel like a zombie but with immediate use of mushroom in few months I feel like I'm living a whole new Life .
Gladys Peter
Gladys Peter 2 gün önce
I have researched and found out that shrooms are very helpful , it has really helps to reduce anxiety and depression . I would love to try magic mushrooms but I can't easily get some , Is there any realiable source I can purchase one
John Carter
John Carter 2 gün önce
I was having this constant , unbearable anxiety because of stress. Not until I also came across Dr.Mile a very intelligent mycologist. He came through for me with his knowledge on psychs.
Juliet Fabian
Juliet Fabian 2 gün önce
I’m feeling the same way too. I put too much on my plate and it definitely affects my stress and anxiety level. I am so glad to be part of this community.
Keyla Maria
Keyla Maria 2 gün önce
I do microdose on shrooms and other psychedelics and I can say it has improved my daily attitude. I'm more focused and feeling less trauma. I don't do it just for the trips, take a mini dose to ease my brain receptors. I can confirm that I have had some of the most profound mind bending experiences a human can have in their lives.
James Border
James Border 5 aylar önce
Maybe ask DailyWire+ to insert advertisements between conversation segments, rather than between question and answer? I understand that the advertising is part of the deal, but it's difficult to hold complex multi-part questions in my head while the conversation is suspended for an advertising insert. Great conversation, and thanks for continuing to make your content freely available to the world. I feared it would all disappear behind a paywall, but you seem to have worked out a deal that benefits everyone.
Matthew Laing
Matthew Laing 5 aylar önce
Agreed. Ads in between makes it feels like valuable “extra content” rather than an annoying obstruction.
nuqwestr 5 aylar önce
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Etienne Sellar
Etienne Sellar 5 aylar önce
I found Carhart-Harris and Peterson at nearly the exact same time, back in my second year of university! Did a presentation of psychedelics and heavily cited Carhart-Harris, and he gave me first contact to material about the Default Mode Network, which I quickly became obsessed with. Crazy. Feels like synchronicity.
a cw
a cw 5 aylar önce
Only the Jung Ones notice.
Noexes the masked philosphorus
Noexes the masked philosphorus 5 aylar önce
Research oliver sacks and Freud, and havelock ellis, read Havelock Ellis' essay on Mescaline called 'mescal, a new artificial paradise'
Debra 5 aylar önce
I’ve had multiple trauma my entire life absolutely true! And it is actually so much fir so long that it truly is unbelievable! I sometimes think myself it is not normal or believable and recently still going on if I try to reach out for help from a anyone friends family etc they don’t believe me!
Fiona Farley
Fiona Farley 5 aylar önce
Always good to hear from you each week.
🌼Paulina Pi🌸
🌼Paulina Pi🌸 5 aylar önce
I cannot believe it! My two favorite Dr's in one video! And discussing the area of my interests! I mean... How blessed am I !!! 🤗 Thaaaanks super much :)
psychs_alpha on Instagram sells
psychs_alpha on Instagram sells 5 aylar önce
☝️☝️look up that handle above,he ships directly,and he got shrooms, LSD, dmt, chocolate bars and microdosing pills 💊🍄
Wondergirl 60s
Wondergirl 60s 5 aylar önce
I’m all into this new psychedelic renaissance!🙏✌️❤️ 🍄 I don’t need pharmaceutical pain killers any longer.💪
El Niño
El Niño 5 aylar önce
Peterson!! I’d love to hear more about your personal experiences with psychedelics, I know you tend to focus on more ‘scholarly’ topics; but the insight you gained from that experience you briefly mentioned in an interview with Dawkins is revolutionary and needed.
B Radical 777
B Radical 777 5 aylar önce
I just finished listening to this and immediately thought “this conversation could be summed up by PINK FLOYD’s Saucer Full of Secrets.” Psychedelic, chaos becoming order, artists playing with their craft creating consciousness and beauty. Not to mention the fractals 😉. Check out the “Live in Pompeii “ version and see what I’m talking about. Stellar!
👆🏻⬆️look up that handle to PurchaSe best shrooms ,Isd, dmt and other psychedelics
Stephny George
Stephny George 5 aylar önce
I am forever grateful to have discovered you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and also making me think deeply…
Andrew Kerr
Andrew Kerr 5 aylar önce
I use Dr. Peterson for a litany of audio/visual information in my men's specific wilderness based wellness and recovery program here in the united states Pacific Northwest, the astronomical improvement I've seen in my guys livelihood and demeanor who take part in "Silliboi" assisted therapy and micro dosing is absolutely astonishing. The amount of trauma in this world that men hold is extremely daunting and unfathomable in it's extent. The exponential growth that the therapy and mding ushers in is more than anything I have ever seen in any other formal intent, it's really too bad that the war on consciousness has become an offensive anti-wellness front for the US government and it's lackeys. I applaud all who continue research and are pioneering plant medicine alternatives, given to us by our creator, to further our wellness as a whole. GOOD ON YOU. 🙌🙏🙌
Jordan M
Jordan M 5 aylar önce
Interesting... When they were talking about rebirth, I immediately thought about Frank Herbert's Dune saga. In many of those books, characters are fundamentally transformed or reborn through traumatic experience. For example, Duncan Idaho is reborn thousands of times. His clones 're-awaken' to his past memories, always through intense pain. Intense experience triggers a "hard reset" in many of the characters.
Scott Walker
Scott Walker 5 aylar önce
Finally. Robin's work needs more exposure. This man is a hero.
David Lakhter
David Lakhter 4 aylar önce
5:30 ; 11:00 unconscious - implicit category system to perceive the world through; in the structures that goern perceptual categories 13:15 rebirth 16:54 neuropharmacologically inducing effects post-stress. it's interesting bc meditation is like a baseline psychedelics experience and all these ppl. like Wim Hoff basically say they can in duce physiological responses via breathing exercises that make you "high on your own supply." 20:40 hyper-stress response and re-inducing awe in perception 28:10 very interesting, so there's no inhibiton 48:30 and maybe this refers to "letting go" 1:10:44 play 1:12:30 meditators 1:13:55 psychedelics put play in the system 1:22:00 serotonin 1:33:00 risk of psychedlics 1:46:30 self-entropic theory
bob wesley
bob wesley 5 aylar önce
It's interesting that research that is being conducted more recently, which was virtually impossible in times past because of the legal status of psychedelic substances, is revealing to a wider audience and to scientific and academic interests hypotheses that I've contemplated generated from my own psychedelic experiences in my youth 2-3 decades ago. I believe psychedelics did reveal and allow me to recognize and augment some of the subconscious programming from my childhood and some of the programmed pre suppositions and intentionally applied indoctrinating influences. It also coincides with my idea that one never actually " comes down" from a psychedelic trip, you just become adjusted to your new augmented perception of the world. And that's why an lsd trip seems to last so long, that's how long it takes to adjust. And you retain a certain amount of novelty in your perception.
Winston Smith
Winston Smith 2 aylar önce
I'd like to thank Dr. Carhart-Harris for being one of a handful of researchers who are conducting this extremely important work. Thank you to Dr. Peterson for providing a platform to inform people of this work, and for helping to destigmatize what will likely be the "breakthrough" in how we approach mental health.
Lila Silk
Lila Silk 5 aylar önce
Thank you gentlemen, that seems to be a highly interesting topic you are exploring and discussing about. I have found myself automating speach whilst typing something else. In other cases, have I found myself making errors, if I was watching the keyboard, rather than concentrating on the heard text and typing without putting attention to the keyboard. I strongly believe in the memory of the body, or motor output (?). At about 1:50:00 It appears to me that a lot of human activities is striving to be energy efficient.
Art Titor
Art Titor 5 aylar önce
These are the types of conversations I have sought throughout my life - across every subject, not simply psychedelics. I have met only a very few, two maybe three others who are either interested or capable of this level of investigation. Why do people choose to watch banal television when there is so much to learn. How can anyone ever so 'I'm bored'? I have never ever been bored - I don't know what it feels like. Anyone else out there feel this way? Namaste x
Michael G
Michael G 5 aylar önce
Beware of rabbit holes.
Art Titor
Art Titor 5 aylar önce
@Michael G that's what I told my Jack Russell
Purple MonkeyDishwasher
Purple MonkeyDishwasher 5 aylar önce
6:58 I've thought for a while that many of the things that are conceptualized as psychopathologies are actually the effect of an error in learning analogous to the pianist building the habitual system of playing the wrong note. To tie this to how we treat psychopathologies with drugs, we treat these things like they are static when they really might be a form of "bad learning" at a deep level that we just can't yet "touch" because of their subjectively experienced nature. Things like Cognitive Behavioral Training I think are the start to this, and I've wondered if things like Neuralink might be the next step by being able to track neural activity of an individual throughout the day since this is really where these maladaptive strategies play out.
suprafreak2100 5 aylar önce
You are right, but there are new studies that involve microbiome that adds even more complexity. Microbes have been shown to effect behavior, one study involved healthy mice and mice with depression cause by antibiotics. End of the study concluded that lactobacillus changes the mice behavior and sent signals to the brain that prevented depression. Your microbiome changes the way you perceive the world, if your perception is different then what you learn is different.
geralldus 5 aylar önce
@suprafreak2100 Imaging a television screen showing the shakespearean tragedy, behind the screen is a technician who is monitoring the electronics using sophisticated measuring devices. The technician is able to tell you if the colour values, sound quality and picture resolution are correct and exactly how they can be tracked and adjusted. The viewer, in front of the screen, is watching the tragedy unfold on the screen exposing the complexities of the human condition. Neither individuals are aware of each other and thus their perceptions of what is significant are totally different....... is this where we are going?
Elma Motley
Elma Motley 5 aylar önce
"It is no show of health to be well adapted to a sick environment" .
Justlee Construction Ltd.
Justlee Construction Ltd. 5 aylar önce
This is a fantastic and informative discussion. As someone who really believes in the transformative abilities of psychedelics It brings me to the question..... Have you taken psychedelics Dr. Peterson?
Edward Castleberry
Edward Castleberry 5 aylar önce
Jordan, I appreciate your work so much, I watched this episode a few weeks after the Andrew Huberman episode. Just an observation it took me 4x longer to absorb this episode. And if I’m being honest it’s because I had to stop it and reference so many words and ideas so I could intellectually keep up. Where as you and Dr. Huberman kept it so much clearer. Thanks again for the content.
Waylon Flinn
Waylon Flinn 5 aylar önce
Good conversation. Negotiating the difference in viewpoint makes for an interesting journey.
Tristan Hull
Tristan Hull 5 aylar önce
I really liked the discussion around play vs. domination, and how a mutual benefit is maintained in play necessarily, or it ceases to be play. I have been thinking recently on cooperation vs. competition on a larger social scale. For example, let's look at the need to quell cancer. Supposing in the current socioeconomical climate (let's call it capitalism), a cure for cancer was found and could be converted to pill application. What would be the likely outcome? It would be patented and sold for as much as could be economically justified compared to other forms of treatment. May well result in a $10,000 pill. Suppose a different socioeconomical system (apart from capitalism) in which cooperation was esteemed, instead of domination, what could the outcome yield? The formula could be shared, scrutinized, improved, perfected, and scaled in a exponentially higher level of efficiency and effectiveness, with a network of skills and knowledge that cannot be duplicated by any size of organization or resources in a domination (competition) format. I have not explored a large breadth of scenarios, but I feel fundamentally, this logic seems to hold weight. I would love to hear others' thoughts on this train of thinking. What is cooperation doing for growth, that a large scale cooperation, motivated in a similar direction could not provide and/or improve upon?
Adam James
Adam James 5 aylar önce
I'm not sure what & when the ideal ratio is found. I'm reasonably certain that there is a yin yang type of relationship & they're both neccessary & somehow two sides of the same coin.
Paul Hornbogen
Paul Hornbogen 5 aylar önce
Dr. P. Masterclass for all mental health pract. Excellent views on perception Dr. P. It is my hope as this topic develops in the mental health field, we take a slow approach with topics like prior addiction, the marketing of this topic, family studies-origin, other applications such as dementia or brain injuries. Basic ethical considerations Dr. P. Once good studies are done, how will this be used with AI to rewire the brain in a positive direction. Yes, unlearning negative behaviors of addiction through positive ritual replacement. A larger question sir is how larger organizations will adopt this topic into their mission statement to help people A great deal of gray areas Dr. P. Good work sir. Keep it up.
chyfields 5 aylar önce
It’s not always easy for people to acknowledge that we are invisible, forgettable, micro dots of energy within the fabric of a vast Universe.
Michael G
Michael G 5 aylar önce
We are reflections of the infinite.
vlogg jamm
vlogg jamm 5 aylar önce
My favorite interviews are the ones like this where we witness Dr P's highest expertise and language, No filters on the brilliance...
Dantastic 2 aylar önce
In contrast to every other point in history, the fact that the layman now has access to these kind of conversations, brings a quantum leap in our ability for self development and understanding.
Lady Faye
Lady Faye 5 aylar önce
I seem to see how it is possible to consciously cause an alteration in our state of being and mind, without the use of extraneous substances, which is useful because such substances are expensive, hard to obtain and probably not legal I guess. I had an understanding of this from personal experience, and now, the detailed insights given here seem to confirm my own findings. I am most grateful that you have shared these wisdoms.
Claudia Snyder
Claudia Snyder 5 aylar önce
I had a good friend who used to grow mushrooms. We did a decent dose of it and I got visions of him being in a hedge maze hiding from himself. The second time (approximately 1 month later it resulted in a deja-vu sensation. Everything said by either of us felt like we said it before. This was ongoing until I decided to just lay down and go to sleep. It is intriguing to say the least. I still want to try it again but in a setting with someone with more experience in this matter.
Michael G
Michael G 5 aylar önce
Sometimes it’s better alone.
Andrea Condeza-Viran
Andrea Condeza-Viran 18 gün önce
Half the conversation I don’t understand but the more I listen the better I get at understanding the conversation.. in awe of the intelligence and I hope to aspire to that one day
jsjsj 5 aylar önce
Jordan, you've interviewed some of the most popular figures in the field of psychedelic research, but I strongly recommend to talk with lesser-known figures, whom have been working on psychedelics for much more time and produced more professional and rigorous work, such as the Swiss ones (Vollenweider, Liechti, Preller). They will provide an insight from the best science that could be done.
⬆️👆🏻look up that handle to PurchaSe best shrooms ,Isd, dmt and other psychedelics
D Armour
D Armour 3 aylar önce
In college I minored in cognitive science philosophy. I was forever changed by what I learned. I have great interest in Paul Thagard's notion of "coherence" and how the belief system can be built around a coherence philosophy. Please reach out to Dr. Thagard and do an episode on his theories on coherence.
Jose Sayless
Jose Sayless 2 aylar önce
I do microdose on shrooms and other psychedelics and I can say it has improved my daily attitude. I'm more focused and feeling less trauma. You take mini dose to ease your brain. I can confirm have had some of the most profound mind bending experiences off megamicrodose
Sam Lee
Sam Lee 5 aylar önce
I choose not to reset. I choose to carry forward courageously while negotiating with all the baggage so that I can be above all the pain and misery. I believe that is what we are called for, and the thought of resetting back to the last starting line is horrifying to learn the lessons again. Got the T shirt and not going back.
elliotcrane 5 aylar önce
Love the attitude, certainly admirable. I just think of it more like a hard drive cleanup than an actual reset or loss of some crucial data. Actually, 15 years ago I even wrote my master thesis on the great and promising work of Stanislav Grof in the 1950s and 60s, which was then promtly cut with the onset of the „war on drugs” (Grof's, not mine)... ... Then I became a low-tier career musician and all of that went to hell, my mental health included 😀 At least we got brilliant people like that still chasing the subject and making it public in such a competent and captivating way.
Michael G
Michael G 5 aylar önce
Welcome to reincarnation.
Daniel Allen
Daniel Allen 5 aylar önce
I think you’re misinterpreting what a “reset” means in reference to psychedelics. It’s not like your brain becomes a blank piece of paper. You are just able to view your thoughts and experiences for what they truly are and not what others impose on you. It’s just like cleaning up a dirty room. Keeping the room dirty doesn’t make you “courageous” or more driven. It bogs down your ability to be productive in that room. When your room is clean you feel refreshed. You feel more like yourself.
Tyson 5 aylar önce
The way this doctor does things like sinister looking squinting and randomly closing and opening a single eye for no apparent reason, makes me think he should be the prime candidate for the next instance of Resident Evil. And that smile is final boss material
JohnOosterMusic 3 aylar önce
So under Robin's idea, psychedelic experience is physiologically and psychologically similar to natural high-stress dissociation and near-death experience. I wonder if our ancestors that did a majority of the evolution of the human organism had more regular/frequent high-stress experiences (lion attacks, etc.), and if this led to more functional/adaptive "mental health" (or less frequency of chronic depression/pathology). And then if psychedelic use became more regular in safer societies of people as a way of getting the same "fix." I am curious about how/if PTSD manifested in earlier people as well. It seems to me like PTSD is only recognizable in people that are now in a non-traumatic environment.
InstantZander-Official 5 aylar önce
Great content i love the way Jordan always uses his hands while talking
Vincent Chang
Vincent Chang 5 aylar önce
I truly hope Dr. Peterson can talk more about the beauty of art. How could ordinary people appreciate the artwork and not tie up to all those political ideology debates so much?
Debra 5 aylar önce
Even harder is staying sober for long enough to realize you don’t need substance to have a good life!
Evening Placebo
Evening Placebo 4 aylar önce
I can relate to that episode. It actually feels like they're straight up talking about me.
D powers
D powers 26 gün önce
Just a glance at this world, shows people how little we really understand. I honestly feel bad for anyone that hasn't tried LSD. To see your own hands but as you see them they appear and feel like they are made of a ancient and noble oak, and to feel that what inside you is ancient, and noble at it's very roots, can really change how someone feels day to day. That is just one moment I felt out of many. After my first experience my eyes were replaced with a child, and 20 years later I haven't lost that completely.
Courtney 5 aylar önce
At 1:11:00 I am loving where JBP is going…I just started reading Anthony Esolen’s “ten ways to destroy the imagination of your child”. So far highly recommend but now I’m left in despair with no where to turn. I want to be at home with my 6yo and 3yo, or find an environment that will nurture their creativity (rooted in truth).
Elijah Logozar
Elijah Logozar 5 aylar önce
I was filled with enthusiasm as soon as I saw the title of this lecture. :) Perhaps startled the person next to me in the coffee-shop with my excited jump!
Debra 5 aylar önce
I wish with all my heart and soul that we do something to stop bad parenting from continuing to destroy and torture and suffering our innocent children !
Kazem Kohnechi
Kazem Kohnechi 5 aylar önce
Thank you Jordan, great program.
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B 5 aylar önce
You described my psyche as it was a few years ago. Death seemed the only reasonable solution. Then I'd not be a burden to anyone, in anyway.
tim baumberg
tim baumberg 5 aylar önce
When I listen to these discussions about identity and experience and our understanding of what they are and how psychedelics operate within that entire paradigm I can't help but conclude that in a hundred years we will look back and say..."We didn't know shit!" There is SOOOOOOO much knowledge floating around...and the subjects are so vast and complex ... and yet I recall a noted neuroscientist saying recently that, when it comes to human identity and experience, we are essentially in the dark ages.
Billy Meadows
Billy Meadows 5 aylar önce
I wondered all the time my whole life about why God loves us so much. And I've never been able to come up with anything in 39 years until right now. I think it's because we put our eternal souls on the front lines in the battle between good and evil, here on Earth in bodies of extremely sensitive flesh completely exposed to good and evil with faith alone guiding us forward
Ruth Anne Amsden
Ruth Anne Amsden 5 aylar önce
Beautifully said!
Michael G
Michael G 5 aylar önce
We ARE God!
Billy Meadows
Billy Meadows 5 aylar önce
@Michael G we are part of God's creation
Michael G
Michael G 5 aylar önce
@Billy Meadows realizing that we are God is liberating.
Melissa Ok
Melissa Ok 5 aylar önce
" There's a point of agreement." These words just changed my ability to communicate for the better. Thanku Dr Peterson
Real Talker 101
Real Talker 101 5 aylar önce
@Melissa OK Hello, I'm am intrigued to vibe together over etymology, would you or would you not enjoy the same opportunity?
Melissa Ok
Melissa Ok 5 aylar önce
@Joobin McGroobin 😎 I dig yer sn
Jay Gordon
Jay Gordon 5 aylar önce
I always followed JP as a hardened atheist, and I never in my life thought this would happen to me, but just a few months ago I literally entered the spirit world and came into contact with many entities, all on my own. All I can say is that my perspective on these things has radically changed even though I am seeing the same content. Now I'm atonished and bemused that these guys can say a lot of stuff about the other side based purely on hearsay from religionists. I know it's wrong because most people are just completely cut off from direct contact with the spirit world by design, but I'm like "damn guys, at least get some first hand experience before you talk about thus stuff like you know something..."
Vive Viveka
Vive Viveka 4 aylar önce
At every turning point in a dialogue, and at every moment for that matter, there are multiple roads, multiple rabbit holes, dead ends, and open fields. It's possible to switch over immediately to contemplation on or union with the Infinite, the Eternal, the Sacred, or Divine love. Which may be the best choice.
Roya Ebrahim
Roya Ebrahim 5 aylar önce
one of my favorite episodes EVER.❤❤❤❤
Fernanda Palacios
Fernanda Palacios 5 aylar önce
10:50 ok so this situation hits really close to me. My dad honestly is the worst man I have ever met, and it's true it calibrated my brain so that It wasn't tuned to genetic people, which may I add are totally dull, some parts of me are greatful for my trauma as it didn't accustomed me to hate man, but rather to see the world in such a different lense and that sometimes is a blessing and a curse. It is such an automatic incorrect assumption, but it did lead me to over analyze everyone's personality to the way where I can profile it correctly, but my situation growing up opened a relationship with me and my mind where I perhaps spend a lot of time overthinking and analyzing myself and others, to the point of dissecting myself in a way where I don't recognize. I specialize in finding the flaws of broken people or people who have actually lived a traumatic live and the trauma that created those flaws. Not justifying them just knowing why they are the way they are, but things turn so much darker when I do it to myself. I wonder what specifically made him go to the man hating scenario though, considering its a father he dismissed the affection that an offspring might have for their parents regardless of their monstrosities, kind of surprises me that he so willingly overlooked that. It makes me question on wether he was trying to appease his Main audience which Is dominantly male.
👆🏻⬆️look up that handle to PurchaSe best shrooms ,Isd, dmt and other psychedelics
Sandra G
Sandra G Aylar önce
Thanks for inviting Dr. Carhart Harris, I appreciate his important work, and his respectful and soft way of communicating, very much.
cythian Willison
cythian Willison Aylar önce
Through Instagram or telegram they ship world 🌎 wide
cythian Willison
cythian Willison Aylar önce
Ruth Anne Amsden
Ruth Anne Amsden 5 aylar önce
Hanukkah is beginning over the weekend, and I had a thought. The first candle on the menorah is called the shamash. It is the candle that is lit first, and is the candle that lights the other seven candles on the menorah. Dr. Peterson is like our shamash. He is the candle who has lit so many of our candles. He isn’t the light in himself but he is passing on down the light that he has been given. I’m one of those lighted candles. Sending so much love for the Advent season.
I am the one
I am the one 5 aylar önce
@Master General love you too
Jericho Powell
Jericho Powell 5 aylar önce
So you’re saying he’s Lucifer? Light bearer? 🤪 jk
chuglyc 5 aylar önce
Wonderful analogy. I hope you don’t mind but I’m gonna start using it. Perfect description of his significance in the world.
Marlene Soifer
Marlene Soifer 5 aylar önce
This is the best conversation I have ever heard helps alot plus I joined daily wire last week. Paid $144.00
THE PAGE BURNER 1979 5 aylar önce
If you're not learning you're dying learn something new everyday J.W. Thanks 🙏 J.P.
Sandra G
Sandra G Aylar önce
Totally understand Mr. Petersons enthusiasm, but would've liked to hear more from his guest, because he also has A LOT of insight, knowledge and wisdom.
eric beslar
eric beslar 5 aylar önce
Hope that Bos Peterson could go to Bali and make a little bit research about psychedelic on Balinese Magic Mushroom. Thank you for spread the knowledge, Mentor🙌
Pete Maguire
Pete Maguire 5 aylar önce
I'm extremely skeptical about psychedelics. It maps far too well onto the story of the fall in Genesis where Adam and Eve grab for knowledge and power that they are not ready for. I don't know how JP hasn't seen this connection
Thogin Ali
Thogin Ali 5 aylar önce
So you are saying Adam and Eve should be the only humans period (storyline wise not reality)
Captain Billy Cutshaw
Captain Billy Cutshaw 5 aylar önce
He’s strongly cautioned about seeking unearned wisdom before even if he didn’t mention the genesis story.
Captain Billy Cutshaw
Captain Billy Cutshaw 5 aylar önce
Some are ready for the beatific visions psychedelics have the potential to induce. Emphasis on SOME and POTENTIAL. Mystical experiences also come on naturally and spontaneously (as it did in my case in March 2013) so it’s clearly not a forbidden experience.
Z D 5 aylar önce
There's a lot of assumptions baked in there. The attainment of knowledge could also be seen as the awakening of consciousness in the Human experience, imbuing that which the knowledge is bestowed *responsibility*. Perhaps psychedelic's have played a role. But this is part of the human story. We might otherwise revert back to animals
Pete Maguire
Pete Maguire 5 aylar önce
@Thogin Ali that you Kathy Newman? No that's not at all what I'm saying. But psychedelic use was heavily regulated in the past by long standing societal traditions that grew over a great period of time. This ain't it
Helvetia Research
Helvetia Research 2 aylar önce
This discussion was very helpful!!!!
Nicholus Adams
Nicholus Adams 5 aylar önce
I am very thankful for this Great work and knowledge you are putting out and have been dedicating your life too. OF Course the Un woke will constantly fight and argue the with the knowledge you obtain. I Just want to say Thank You soo Very much for everything you have provided. You are definitely a God and of course never give in to the UN WOKE Thank you soo much again Jordan .
CanadianBear47 5 aylar önce
freedom does not = chaos. it just allows for room for your own freedom and other peoples freedom. and definitely u are open to strong emotions. its like having awareness
David TBK
David TBK 5 aylar önce
knowledge is potential information, and wisdom is the skill with which we apply the information we retain. Some people retain more than others, some people retain only what is needed, some people retain a lot. In any case, a lot of people lack the skills required to engage the world with their retained information.
Dana Furumori
Dana Furumori 5 aylar önce
so good, i always feel smarter after listen to Jordan
🕊 Veritas et Amor
🕊 Veritas et Amor 5 aylar önce
Interesting conversation. Mushrooms can be beneficial for medicinal purposes. Thank you ✝️❤️Nice blazer Jordan 👍🏻
Your Least Favorite YouTube Channel
Your Least Favorite YouTube Channel 5 aylar önce
00:12:02 The issue is ignorance 00:13:22 Lets face the void 00:12:30 There's a time and place 00:08:40 Pathogen availability date 01:40:00 Exposure therapy
Matthew lee
Matthew lee 5 aylar önce
My name is Matthew iam 35 and I would like to say thank you iv been listening to you for the past year your Bible lectures and so on iam I was an addict up to about ten years ago and iv changed my life I never wanted a family or anything like that but after listening to you iv have changed my life so much more this past year iv gotten with someone and am really thinking about starting a family we have been together for a year now and are looking to the future with hope witch I never had in my life since childhood won't get into the details but not good so thank for the hope and responsibility
Rowan 4 aylar önce
When playing pretend with my little cousins, they do act out very serious and even frightening narratives, I ofc do play along and try to introduce some "morals/sense" into the script; whilst also letting them act upon there fantasies to an extent. This is more of a thing with boys than girls it feels to me, the worst my little cousins who are girls do is "eat a cupboard full of sweets" or "run away from home" whereas my little cousins who are boys "kill me" and "go to prison" . Playing "police" is also so interesting. I find the exaggerated drama they play out to be vry interesting too, the way they exaggerate and imitate things they have seen irl. I do find a lot can be said for children in their "pretend" games, they do use them as a template in which to understand the world and themselves it feels to me. I feel as adults we do also play in this game of pretend too in the real life.
Frankly Layer
Frankly Layer 3 aylar önce
HALfred CAPTCHAcrusher 9000
HALfred CAPTCHAcrusher 9000 5 aylar önce
The political content is important, but this is the true gold of the channel. Great episode.
steven cotterell
steven cotterell 5 aylar önce
today i was woken and told to worry about travel scheduling going wrong so much i just gave up and went to sleep. i woke up, missing work and watched this video. at first i felt too stressed to do anything judging myself that it would not excuse me, but after watching half this video its obvious i need to let loose and play to get into a habit of letting myself experience actual-changes beyond my perceptions that were defining me
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Tyranny Through Weaponized Bureaucracy | Dr. Scott Jensen | EP 349
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Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer and You | Dr. Peter Attia | EP 360
iGen: Narcissism and Neuroticism | Dr. Jean Twenge | EP 303
Viral: The Origin of Covid 19 | Matt Ridley | EP 310
Jordan B Peterson
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MARGO FLURY | Маргарита Дьяченкова
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