I Built An ENTIRE City For My Dog

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I built an ENTIRE City for my Pet DOG on this Minecraft SMP, and rigged it with a Deadly Trap. This city was MASSIVE, and this TRAP was Insane!
Like ParrotX2 videos and the LifeSteal SMP, a Minecraft Server Not like Dream SMP or Tommyinnit or Technoblade or any other Dream SMP members. This SMP is like LifeStealSMP and OneTrySMP, this is the hardest Minecraft Sever ever! and it is also a lore-based server in the MCYT community. I hope you enjoy this video, a true Minecraft hardcore server. Not only that, this server has the elements of school SMP and lifesteal SMP, but everything is Hardcore. This is a Hardcore SMP server.
This series is inspired by Wadzee, sandiction and Luke TheNoteable Series, as well as Mumbo Jumbo and Grian on the Hermitcraft server. However, instead of it being Wadzee, Luke, Mumbo Jumbo, Grian, sandiction, it's actually just Wenzo. I like to make Giant Mega Builds, and this is similar to a Custom Minecraft Challenge video, except the Custom Minecraft Challenge is to survive.
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#minecraft #minecraftsmp #hardcore

Wenzo Yıl önce
THIS WAS ALL STREAMED LIVE: www.twitch.tv/wenzomc oh yeah, and I'm finally back guys :)
Olij2610 Yıl önce
Look who remembered his TRshow password
Lemonade Yıl önce
yay ur back
a Umali
a Umali Yıl önce
Yayyyyyyyy your back!
hanan mishref
hanan mishref Yıl önce
@Olij2610 hahahaha ur not funny
Olij2610 Yıl önce
@hanan mishref man liked his own comment 💀
Yrrah Yıl önce
Dude that opening was strong...
Wenzo Yıl önce
That's what I intended lol!
Srihan Pola
Srihan Pola Yıl önce
@Wenzo 89
Yhume Tare
Yhume Tare 28 gün önce
​@Srihan PolaWAT?
トスート Yıl önce
i love how he built a giant city on the surface to hide his dog, can’t possibly go wrong, jokes aside nice work
MnMGaming 9 aylar önce
Mona Ahmed i think you are a scammer bot
Koi Kein Chong
Koi Kein Chong 8 aylar önce
swesub 4 aylar önce
69k likes hahhaha😂😂
Samantha Bapty
Samantha Bapty 5 aylar önce
I love watching TRshowrs create massive things in survival mode that I probably couldn't even make in creative!
🌹Rosey 🌹
🌹Rosey 🌹 3 aylar önce
BadArtist 3 aylar önce
@🌹Rosey 🌹 I use commands to sometimes build
cringe_lol74 3 aylar önce
So true
ahh 3 aylar önce
​@🌹Rosey 🌹same
Jaxon Thiel
Jaxon Thiel 2 aylar önce
SandStoneCraft 9 aylar önce
“So now if I pay 9 bones to the McDonald’s god, *relief* yes ok I get 9 chicken in return” - casualty gets 8 chicken
The Ultimate Robloxian
The Ultimate Robloxian 8 aylar önce
i was looking for this comment 😭
MidnightSkies 8 aylar önce
so that explains why he had no chicken when he paid bones (the second time bc people keep replying to this)
Naomi Lawson
Naomi Lawson 8 aylar önce
Omg to true
Random stuff
Random stuff 7 aylar önce
McDonald’s be like here’s one chicken nugget that’ll be $1 million dollars
Sophies_YT 4 aylar önce
Can we take a moment to appreciate how hard he worked on this?
Ducky 2 aylar önce
yea we can
Sophies_YT 2 aylar önce
@Ducky :D
Uyển uyển Dương Ngọc
Uyển uyển Dương Ngọc 2 aylar önce
Uyển uyển Dương Ngọc
Uyển uyển Dương Ngọc 2 aylar önce
Uyển uyển Dương Ngọc
Uyển uyển Dương Ngọc 2 aylar önce
Sloth_ 6 aylar önce
Thank you for putting so much thought and time into your videos love your content man
Whatever Tube
Whatever Tube Yıl önce
I like how he is trying to make it so his dog can be hidden and safe but proceeds to leave coords on the entire video
me4 :: ever :D
me4 :: ever :D 2 aylar önce
Me: puts my dog in a 1 by 1 under the grass. Him: build an entire City for it to be instantly found…
Hepp96 Yıl önce
I know you didn't have a lot of time making this video but I have 1 tip for building! Try and use some texture like using granite and polished granite with bricks, it makes the build look even better but apart from that great video and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Keep up the great work!
Red Yıl önce
Too long but I red it all
Cole Windemuth
Cole Windemuth Yıl önce
can you give me some building tips? i'm literally the worst builder.
mehh messi
mehh messi Yıl önce
Hepp96 Yıl önce
@Cole Windemuth just use a large gradient of blocks e.g granite and polished andesite with bricks or stone, stone bricks, cobblestone, andesite, and mossy cobblestone
Yuna Henry
Yuna Henry Yıl önce
​@Red read-
magisrb 11 aylar önce
Lets just appreciate how much work he put into this he was going the the nether and normal world he builded so many buildings and aparmetets
CODman4372wx 9 aylar önce
Just thought of something, you could have placed the concrete powder in the buildings, obviously the ones that won't be affected by gravity and then use the water to save from mining some
Revan the Meme Lord
Revan the Meme Lord 9 aylar önce
15:07 i loved it when Wenzo mined a crimson log and said "its crimson time" and started to crimson everywhere
DjaroGames 8 aylar önce
I loved it when Wenzo walked up to a creeper and said "it's wenzin time" and started to wenze all over the creeper.
Sungurov Studios
Sungurov Studios 3 aylar önce
0:35 You have unlocked Secret Cave (Ultra) 4:18 You have unlocked Semi-secret Cave (Legendary) 12:45 You have unlocked Secret Mini Cave (Mythic) 17:36 The Secret wall dog survived (Super)
Crimer Syndicate Sapien
Crimer Syndicate Sapien Aylar önce
POV : you do this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
100K Subs With No Vids?
100K Subs With No Vids? Yıl önce
never fails to make the best content. He is always so consistent. One of the best youtubers out there
Some random dude
Some random dude Yıl önce
Pokémon4Ever Yıl önce
Good luck with your goal getting 100k subs with no vids
chip Yıl önce
@Pokémon4Ever if it's been 6 hours how are you not hungry
Pokémon4Ever Yıl önce
@chip because I eat players
chip Yıl önce
Makes sense
Ashira Robinson
Ashira Robinson 9 aylar önce
i love how everyone att the end said that the war was over nobody cares about that anymore and the two of u guys worked so hard and finished after a month but i think this built was worth the time and effort so keep up the good work
Cally the Calico Cat
Cally the Calico Cat 7 aylar önce
I think you're at the wrong video. There was another video where they reconstructed an ancient city and that happened but it wasn't on this one
Tracy Wright
Tracy Wright 2 aylar önce
I loved this video so I built it on my hardcore world I was getting bored but building this cheered me and my friends up 🎉
Thermonuclear missile
Thermonuclear missile 2 aylar önce
I love how he spent hours of his time for his pets
Kiara EBK
Kiara EBK 3 aylar önce
U should open the dog city to everyone else’s dogs so it’s like an area where every dog on the server can live. Just remember to put actual rooms in the apartments! 😂 Edit: OMG I NEVER GOT THIS MANY LIKES BEFIRE ON A COMMENT! 😮😮😮😮🤩🤩🤩🤩
RandomKnowledge93 3 aylar önce
Sara :D
Sara :D 3 aylar önce
ls_ultimate 2 aylar önce
cleobella 2 aylar önce
But what about raz
Riggo Aylar önce
I have a dog in Minecraft named snip, so that’s a great idea
Maxi's video Productions
Maxi's video Productions 3 aylar önce
i like how if anyone has a pet in this specific SMP they have to protect it 24/7 or else they die and not think of leaving the smp
RageQuit Yıl önce
Rachel Goodman
Rachel Goodman Aylar önce
I only just saw wenzo and I've subscribed and fell in love with his videos 😊❤
eltzy_6969 9 aylar önce
How do you build so good and have that determination?
Russian Quiet Kid
Russian Quiet Kid 9 aylar önce
Let us appreciate this man who built a city for the dogs.
Randomvids 6 aylar önce
i love how he actually goes to collect the materials
Woody Krska
Woody Krska 4 aylar önce
How else would he get them?
BlackRoses Aylar önce
@Woody Krska creative mode
DJ_Muniah Yıl önce
Wow! You're at #40 on trending! I love your videos. Keep up the good work!
Loaf_cat🍞 Yıl önce
I really am happy that he would do anything for his dog
raptor ranger
raptor ranger Yıl önce
Dogs are rubbish
Neew] Yıl önce
No dogs are the best cats suck
voided k
voided k Yıl önce
Cats sucks
sirolu (i hate ⚽.)
sirolu (i hate ⚽.) Yıl önce
@raptor ranger 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓
sirolu (i hate ⚽.)
sirolu (i hate ⚽.) Yıl önce
ViralFails who asked
915 SnowyDays
915 SnowyDays 9 aylar önce
I didn't except the ending there, glad it wasn't hardcore😂
Viral Vlog Squad
Viral Vlog Squad 8 aylar önce
Please don’t Kill me with snowballs
JLNrules 8 aylar önce
I like the part where he said "It's Crimson Time" and started Crimsoning everywhere, it was really memorable.
Mursun Marsuilut
Mursun Marsuilut Yıl önce
People in the stream was not so lucky bc we needed to watch the building getting builded but it was still fun
Nico Vespruzzi
Nico Vespruzzi 8 aylar önce
More building! More dogs! The fact that he said that a thousand times killed me
LazyFox Yıl önce
Wow building an entire city for your dog is so RESPECTABLE!! it must be hard
Dezired Yıl önce
Another Banger on one of my Favorite TRshow Channels! Keep up the Great work Wenzo!
piece_123 Yıl önce
Hs Furniture Design
Hs Furniture Design Yıl önce
One of the best thing about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something.he always respect us, the audience, and his team and he is always nolite in all of his videos.we congratulate ourselves on this achievement.more to come everything to come"''''l❤️❤️❤️
Scarlett Garcia
Scarlett Garcia 3 aylar önce
Haha I was skeptical with you leaving those dogs around defenseless but it turned out ok
Novee wade ♡
Novee wade ♡ Yıl önce
You make really good buildings I think ruffles and the other stray dogs will be really happy to live in the city!💜✨🌸
Jordyn Spencer
Jordyn Spencer 9 aylar önce
This is very wholesome for the dogs and who doesn’t like dogs!
CursedAngel Yıl önce
Where do u start, the editing is great, the jokes are pretty funny and the pacing is amazing, the builds look beautiful and more! this is one really good video, so well done Wenzo!
BlueEmu Yıl önce
And all this for his dogs, massive respect to him.
Mayo Yıl önce
Hi CursedAngel!
CursedAngel Yıl önce
@Mayo yo hi there mayo, hope your doing good
Nightglide Yıl önce
BlueEmu Yıl önce
@Nightglide yes it is totally a bot totally not a real person who has posted videos
That guy with a mask
That guy with a mask Yıl önce
Nice to see what people would do for their pets❤
Pan Szpieg
Pan Szpieg Yıl önce
you mean pixels?
Roshenna Jordan
Roshenna Jordan Yıl önce
Yeah it's so nice helping my pixel *sarcasm
Tyeler Yıl önce
@Pan Szpieg I was about to say that
Lycanroc Rocktype
Lycanroc Rocktype Yıl önce
@Roshenna Jordan sucker people get attached to things in games and irl if they had it for to long
M a g i c
M a g i c Yıl önce
42:38 Wow I never thought he would do that!! It’s truly heartbreaking that he sacrificed himself so those two citizens could live. God bless that man. God bless.
Black Yıl önce
clone riggy channel
clone riggy channel Yıl önce
clone riggy channel
clone riggy channel Yıl önce
clone riggy channel
clone riggy channel Yıl önce
clone riggy channel
clone riggy channel Yıl önce
Robert Lackey
Robert Lackey 8 aylar önce
I love that he does hardcore every video 😀😀😀
EvilJimmy96 Yıl önce
Did he realise that he could have just placed the concrete powder in the shape of the buildings and then let water run down it and make it concrete?
Penny Firshman
Penny Firshman 3 aylar önce
With cornflower you can make suspicious stew you need to craft mushroom stew with a flower of your choice just place the flower at the middle bottom of the crafting table.
G_Geno_-_ Yıl önce
A whole city. Just for a dog. Cool.
jeff Yıl önce
Cr3atur3 Yıl önce
Found your channel on accident. I can’t stop watching:)
s0m3Th1ng Yıl önce
No hate but isn't that how you find every youtuber?
Danekyle Juztiene Octaviano
Danekyle Juztiene Octaviano 9 aylar önce
Me too :)!
Karthikeyan santhosh
Karthikeyan santhosh 7 aylar önce
me too
Ollie Yıl önce
your builds inspire me-- to bad im too lazy and uncreative to do anything like this.
The Quasar
The Quasar Yıl önce
i have a 5 year old macbook air. at least your computer can handle your builds
Ollie Yıl önce
@The Quasar i rarely atually make anything other than a literal hole in the ground every playthrough.
RedCans 9 aylar önce
It’s not a Wenzo vid without him being blown up by a creeper 😂😂❤
Hat Cat :3
Hat Cat :3 Yıl önce
Great video Wenzo! You really inspire me keep up the good work!
Wenzo Yıl önce
Thank you so much :)
Hat Cat :3
Hat Cat :3 Yıl önce
@Wenzo ✨
Hat Cat :3
Hat Cat :3 Yıl önce
ViralFails what
Salwa Creation Time❕
Salwa Creation Time❕ 6 aylar önce
3:03 The fact that the hitting was on beat is so satisfying !!
CtRlAlTtAb Yıl önce
When the wall-living dog survived, I instantly knew this is fake. But nice job, it took forever for me to realize! Good editing and entertainment, too.
Clumsy Yıl önce
Bro it’s not fake
Clumsy Yıl önce
Roshenna Jordan
Roshenna Jordan Yıl önce
Wenzo I remember when I first found you you where a good fun smart TRshowr with all of your great startigies in awaken I hope too see more uploads and amazing content from you in the future ^_^
Jim Inverness
Jim Inverness Yıl önce
the timestamp 12:06 shows the church befalling a fate eerily similar to a king getting married in a church (what being in the middle of construction) and it snowed!
Felix508 9 aylar önce
Congratulations, Raz!
castiel_the_smol_nugget boop
castiel_the_smol_nugget boop Yıl önce
This is actually so cool, I'm 100% "borrowing" some of your apartment ideas lol
moxi 2 gei [unit uptate]
moxi 2 gei [unit uptate] 3 aylar önce
"Wenzo never gets betrayed"
Lachlan Rose
Lachlan Rose Yıl önce
Anyone else slightly concerned when Wenzo suddenly takes out his sword around his dogs?
reeee 9 aylar önce
CableSlayz Yıl önce
you never fail to amuse me wenzo
CactusKing Yıl önce
You’re builds are awesome!!! Don’t Say their made by a two year old!😅
Little Appletton's Video-shop
Little Appletton's Video-shop 2 aylar önce
for the mcdonalds part: You can craft blue dye using lapis too and if you want light blue dye use bonemeal to make white dye and combine the 2
Oluwapeyisimi Omisakin
Oluwapeyisimi Omisakin Yıl önce
for the blue dye you could have just multiplied one of them with bonemeal 😂
Dawnetta Viars
Dawnetta Viars Yıl önce
lol I just made a similar comment
Glitch_1n_The_Syst3m 7 aylar önce
Wenzo: It's gonna be cool! It's gonna be epic! It's gonna be- Mother nature: Raining.
Cubetube Yıl önce
18:02 “He’s so cute” *pulls out sword*
Zing Lau
Zing Lau Yıl önce
I really like what you did for the city and it's really nice of you making a city for your dog! But can you make a mall? I mean if you can? Also ◡̈⋆🅷🅸(●’◡’●)ノ!!
Phoenix Yıl önce
The most useful wall design is one that doesn’t stop enemies from entering
TheAlmightyKenadianBeaver 2 aylar önce
Wenzo: *tries to figure out what the blue flower is called* *looks it up meanwhile he could of just clicked left click once to see*
LG Williamson
LG Williamson Yıl önce
wenzo you are soo good at building i want to be a great builder like you someday
Shramit Sarupya Swain
Shramit Sarupya Swain 6 aylar önce
fun fact: this city no longer belongs to him , tazoh stole it.
Sara :D
Sara :D 3 aylar önce
It belongs to the dogs
Soulful Destroyer
Soulful Destroyer 19 gün önce
@Sara :DI agree
thisgreatamigo Yıl önce
Kind of wierd that its a secret base, in the middle of a man made mountain range. I'm not a fan of toxic comments tho, and still think this is and amazing build. props
OmegaYeetMaster Barron
OmegaYeetMaster Barron Yıl önce
Pro tip: use a torch key instead of a lever, so raz won’t find your hidden dog bunkers
Jaiden Yıl önce
@☆Ghosti☆ yeah
Thanks for your great apartment idea I just got motivated from it to build a apartment like that and start my city
BarryGamer987 9 aylar önce
I really love your vids wenzo (:
Monke Yıl önce
"With this redstone machine I build I can duplicate sand, gravel..." 2 seconds later - mining sand.
ThatOneCalledDoge 9 aylar önce
When you were hunting for cornflowers, you could've just collected one and then used bonemeal on it.
Kedo Yıl önce
The effort in these videos is insane 🔥🔥
Dawnetta Viars
Dawnetta Viars Yıl önce
I see TRshowrs always gathering lots of flowers. Why do y’all not just bonemeal them? Or does that not work on Java? (Assuming you’re on Java)
TenebresSellingMilk Yıl önce
Wenzo please upload more often cuz your videos are amazing and funny at the same time :D
alexis cox
alexis cox 3 aylar önce
The ending was brutal.
CrimsonLovesSnow Yıl önce
Nice and fun video. now this is a long one, i can't wait for more of these!
ShipperOfAphmauCouplesJymix 9 aylar önce
Wenzo: as old people say, the time is of the essence also wenzo: time is of the essence
Lukes Yıl önce
This is a certified Wenzo Banger
Wenzo Yıl önce
Yes sir!
nijaevlog2265 Yıl önce
jeff Yıl önce
@Wenzo 2023: I opened a wenzo burger shop in minecraft and tricked my enemies into eating my poison food
Stingz Yıl önce
Wenzo! You are finally back with the best content around these parts!
Thetoastcat 7 aylar önce
I just saw you channel today and I feel like every word you say is great
Khrystynne Fei Salcedo
Khrystynne Fei Salcedo Yıl önce
i love your videos wenzo!, keep up the great work i know you will reach your goals, i also like your building and i have a lot of dogs and cats in real life!, they are so cute i also do minecraft buildings with my friends and they are the best so yeah thats it i love every single content from you wenzo!
ThatDuck 9 aylar önce
I was so bored and another because I had absolutely nothing to do and I watched this video and it entertained me so much and made my day better 😊
wolfies channel
wolfies channel Yıl önce
finally us wolves gets some respect thanks man
Genshin user
Genshin user Yıl önce
Wenzo : Gotta protect ruffles Also Wenzo : leave ruffles unprotected and goes to find a flower
Blackjack Yıl önce
I knew the breeding part would happen 😊
BlackRoses Aylar önce
Are we not gonna talk about how bro did this all in survival mode
cloudmastqr Yıl önce
Wenzo fantastic video! you're prob the best builder on smp!
Ivy 10 aylar önce
“Aww he’s so cute!” *proceeds to pull out a netherite sword*
koSTEKlet Yıl önce
I saw your channel and i decided to watch one video, but you are so good i watched like 15 today instead of studying
Wenzo Yıl önce
Haha glad you are enjoying them :)
koSTEKlet Yıl önce
12 Lemming 👁👄👁
Glacier Wolf Gamer
Glacier Wolf Gamer Yıl önce
@koSTEKlet Studying kinda helps in life and in game ( ofcourse if you understand how to use brewing stand , you may see it eazy to learn chemistry or how to ... to , find the rest by yourself )
koSTEKlet Yıl önce
@Glacier Wolf Gamer I study a lot and it was just one time
SummyNotSumm3RR Yıl önce
Raz is definitely a cat person that is against dogs.
PineappleMan929 Yıl önce
Wow the MacDonald's was broken. Nice job making it realistic.
I Regularly Commit Arson
I Regularly Commit Arson 7 aylar önce
Cant you bonemeal plants to dupe them?
Patricia Hagler
Patricia Hagler 2 aylar önce
Why do we NEED a part 2 of this
This made me happy that you did this for your Minceraft dog😃
mr.noobly Yıl önce
At 22:13 I liked how raz gave defeat or what ever he did
STAR • Jaani
STAR • Jaani Yıl önce
One of the best thing about this dude is that he never takes creadat for him self when he achieve something he allows respect us.
Never dying child
Never dying child Yıl önce
You failed your challenge lol
May Family
May Family Yıl önce
I love your videos Winslow ❤❤
Xliqss 8 aylar önce
Just saying that you should of built the entire thing with concrete powder and then add the water... you could of saved a lot of time
MSM maw
MSM maw Yıl önce
Let's just take a moment to honor him that he did all of this for 2 days and something hours for dogs you are a plesent man hope 1 year you hit 1M subs (●’◡’●)ノ
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