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Honest Money

Honest Money

2 yıl önce

Get CHEAPER car insurance with these car insurance TIPS and HACKS! Are you looking to SAVE MONEY on car insurance? Find out how to get cheap car insurance in the UK with these cheap car insurance tricks.

Everyone wants to save money on car insurance and if you are a new driver or a younger driver then you could potentially save hundreds (if not thousands) by using these car insurance tricks.

SAVE MONEY on your car insurance quotes with these tips:

1) Car Insurance Comparison Websites - As there are many car insurance companies in the UK to choose from, I like to start my car insurance quote process by getting a quote on a comparison website. This allows me to shortlist the car insurance companies that are most likely to offer me a cheap car insurance quote. I then go to these insurance companies directly to try and negotiate a lower price - sometimes it is cheaper to buy online and sometimes you get the best price by calling the car insurance provider.

2) Car Insurance Companies Not On Comparison Websites - There are a number of UK car insurance companies that don't provide quotes via comparison websites, make sure you get quotes from them as well e.g. Direct Line and Aviva.

3) Add Named Drivers - After you have named yourself as the main driver on the policy, try adding experienced drivers with clean driving licences as this can sometimes save money on car insurance. In the past, I have added my Dad (retired, clean licence and driving for 40+ years) and more recently I include my wife - both have reduced the car insurance cost. Do not be tempted to put the policy in your parent's name and then add yourself as a named driver, if you are the main driver this is illegal and classed as "fronting".

4) Experiment with the voluntary excess - Increase and decrease the voluntary excess until you find the level that is right for you. If you increase it by £500 and it saves you £20 it probably isn't work it, however, if you increase it by £250 and it saves £50 then you might be more tempted. Also, remember that you only pay car insurance excess if you claim on your own vehicle. If the other party claims but you do not then there will be no excess to pay. This is super useful to remember if you have a low-value car that you never intend to claim on - you can push the excess right up knowing you will never pay it.

5) Get creative with your job description - Your car insurance job title or job description will impact the cost to insure your car. Is there another way you can categorise your job e.g. it may be cheaper to be a "Teacher" than it is a "Lecturer".

6) Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance Is Cheaper - Nowadays, Dully Comprehensive car insurance is often cheaper than Third Party or Third Party Fire and Theft car insurance. Don't assume that those policies will be cheaper, always get quotes for fully comprehensive as well.

7) Remove Car Insurance Optional Extras - Car insurance companies often try to upsell and bolt on a load of optional extras, check the quote fully for items such as key cover, misfuelling insurance, legal cover, personal belongings insurance etc. I usually remove all of them with the exception of legal cover.

8) Car Insurance Cashback and Discount Codes - Check cashback websites such as Quidco or Topcashback to see if the car insurance provider you have received a quote from offers cashback. Be careful that your quote doesn't increase when you click through from the cashback website! Also, go to enthusiast websites / forums / Facebook groups as often these have negotiated discounts available for members with specific vehicles.

9) Annual Mileage - Try increasing and decreasing your annual mileage, a lower annual mileage doesn't always mean the car insurance quote will be cheaper.

10) Never Accept Renewals - Almost all car insurance companies will try to increase your car insurance premium at renewal, make sure you contact your insurance company to see whether a discount is available if you renew.

11) BONUS: Pick up the telephone! - This is my favourite tip for saving money on car insurance, whether it is a renewal or a new policy it is always worth calling the insurer direct to see if additional discounts are available.

Here are some of the links I mentioned in the video that will help you save money on your car insurance quotes:

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Car Insurance Annual Mileage Average Quotes -

How did you save money on your car insurance this year? Let me know in the comments!

K Brickell
K Brickell Yıl önce
Thanks for the info on not claiming damage to your own car. I have a low-value car and cannot afford to have the car written off . I would get it repaired or repair myself. I used 3rd party Fire Theft because of that scenario, fully comp insurance was cheaper.
Josh 2 yıl önce
Thanks mahn these tips helped a lot , brought it from 5k to 3k .🔥
J E 2 aylar önce
What car would’ve cost you £5k?!
bilal Muhammad
bilal Muhammad Yıl önce
Nice tips I will definitely try 👍
Ora Labora
Ora Labora Yıl önce
BONUS no.2: surprised you haven't mentioned it when talking about MSE site - Lewis said that cheapest quotes are returned 3 WEEKS PRIOR to RENEWAL DATE
J E 2 aylar önce
Do they ask you about this when setting up insurance for the first time?
Y k
Y k Yıl önce
Thanks for the video. So you give wrong information and get the quote? We have to change the personalised details before the insurer send the papers. When we request to change offcourse they rerun the quote. End of day mate i see insurers do ripoff and UK insurance are not so honest and transparent to the customers. Its a complete RIPOFF end of day.
Elvis Putns
Elvis Putns Yıl önce
Seriously? You make a new quote once you found the right things that made it cheaper..
K Brickell
K Brickell Yıl önce
Yes agree there is a new business discount i always change my car insurance company.every year
Clive Benjamin
Clive Benjamin 2 yıl önce
Say your married, home owner, company director, and start it two weeks ahead. If your young aswell add your mum or dad as second driver. Best tips.
Luke Savory
Luke Savory Yıl önce
Wouldn't lying about marriage/homeownership/job title could be considered insurance fraud?
Honest Money
Honest Money 2 yıl önce
That's why my insurance is so cheap 😃👍
Relax Nchill
Relax Nchill Yıl önce
great info !
Jatinder pal Singh
Jatinder pal Singh Yıl önce
I have black box insurance from last 4 months I notice all new quote I am getting is 200-300 higher than my current policy. should I cancel the current black box policy and go with non-black box one?
Triumphant Yıl önce
I bought my first car 2 days ago. I haven’t driven it as I don’t have insurance yet. Insurance is so high. The cheapest is about £1.5k
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RK Aylar önce
@LJ 😬 what city is that cause mine is high too
LJ Yıl önce
Wouldnt be complaining I’m looking at 3k with a blackbox for next year 😂
DaddyNabs 420
DaddyNabs 420 Yıl önce
Fight that temptation to just drive it, been there, got the fine and the points :(
low ag
low ag Yıl önce
is getting a car insurance with full licence cheaper than getting it while on provisional licence? had to decide to get a car or just wait until i pass my exam.
App Support
App Support Yıl önce
get a cheap car and start driving with someone iwth full licence sitting on the passenger seat, save money on driving lessons as well .
Nazim Ali
Nazim Ali Yıl önce
What would i put down for a warehouse job i had warehouse man down im try to change it to picker and see the difference
Nishank Tyagi
Nishank Tyagi Yıl önce
Very nicely explained, thanks
📲+④④⑦④②④⓪⑥②⑤⑧⑧WhatsApp 6 gün önce
👆👆🚀Thanks for commenting/
Kannan Sasidharan
Kannan Sasidharan Yıl önce
Do third party insurance secure the release of impounded vehicle in UK?
MY VIDEOS Yıl önce
aloria19 Yıl önce
I would also add that the sweet spot for getting your quote (according to Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis) is 3 weeks before renewal.
📲+④④⑦④②④⓪⑥②⑤⑧⑧WhatsApp 6 gün önce
👆👆🚀Thanks for commenting/
L A Yıl önce
Thank you.
Nazim Ali
Nazim Ali Yıl önce
Is privilege good insurance company im getting like 3.1k no black box
Itz. Lucky
Itz. Lucky 9 aylar önce
What about your license ? They will find your details from the license how can u form a temporary one ?
📲+④④⑦④②④⓪⑥②⑤⑧⑧WhatsApp 6 gün önce
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R A 3 aylar önce
You dont have to provide you license details on comparison websites
iLLvZN Yıl önce
how would they know that my dad is not the main driver when i put him as main driver and my self as additional driver?
aloria19 Yıl önce
(Ex Motor Engineer for an ins co...) The most obvious way we used to pick up on this was when the images of your crash damaged vehicle came in and due to the appearance of the vehicle it was obvious that it wasn't the main vehicle of a 50+ year old person. Also if you have multiple claims and it was a 17 year old driving in every claim then it builds a picture. There are also cleverly phrased questions asked at inception on a motor claim which will trip you up unless you have a very good memory or are a pathological B'S'er. The upshot of fronting is that the policy is cancelled, your claim is repudiated (thrown out!) and you will struggle to get insurance in the future at ANY cost. In short - don't do it!!!!
TS Yıl önce
They don't but if you do crash they may go digging around and if they find out you're the main driver you're screwed
George Robson
George Robson 20 gün önce
Direct line will not give you car insurance if you live in a carehome I have been refused!
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Bledi Cana
Bledi Cana Yıl önce
What is the best job to put on ??? For car insurance??
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A Moon
A Moon 11 aylar önce
Trisha Rundle
Trisha Rundle Yıl önce
ive moved house and because i have no drive way my insurance went up £110
Honey Elsa
Honey Elsa Yıl önce
Which company?
MARK DAWIDA 20 gün önce
📲+④④⑦④②④⓪⑥②⑤⑧⑧WhatsApp 6 gün önce
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Leon Palmer
Leon Palmer Yıl önce
Looking for insurance goes on u credit file
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There is Nothing TV
There is Nothing TV 4 gün önce
Girlfriend n wife 🤔
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