Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon's Stylish Road Trip | Project Istanbulls

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Scuderia AlphaTauri

2 aylar önce

Formula 1 drivers Pierre Gasly of Scuderia AlphaTauri and Alex Albon of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing took to the streets of the transcontinental city Istanbul, Turkey with a driving display through the town and on the 15 July Martyrs Bridge. The occasion celebrated the long-awaited return of F1 to the country with Turkish Grand Prix, as well as the debut of premium fashion brand AlphaTauri.
Straddling the Bosphorus Strait that separates Europe and Asia, Istanbul is one of few cities to be located on two continents and has played a prominent role on the route between east and west for centuries. Albon and Gasly took two F1 cars onto the 1,560m-long suspension bridge that crosses the strait as part of their road trip, becoming the first drivers in history to perform a pit stop and doughnuts in one city across two continents at the same moment... Project Istanbulls is here!
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Michael Ciardo
Michael Ciardo Gün önce
It's too much but too good to see the AT01 without halo and I had noticed that the AlphaTauri had the steering wheel similar to the Red Bull of 2010 but still nice experience to live I hope you put a like to the comment thank you hello
ONUR SARICA 2 gün önce
Burcu nedir allah aşkına başka kadın mı yok
Sean Hogenauer
Sean Hogenauer 3 gün önce
New livery old car sick
blah blah
blah blah 10 gün önce
Kaan Yildirim
Kaan Yildirim 12 gün önce
Am I the only one realizes that these formula 1 cars are 2011 model
Nailed it.
Nailed it. 16 gün önce
2:25 alex,it's Marko.
GamerX Ivan
GamerX Ivan 16 gün önce
2:26 hello I am under the water pls help me😂
user 17 gün önce
old cars huh?
Giacomo De Berardinis
Giacomo De Berardinis 18 gün önce
why thwy have the 2010 nose ?
周周军 24 gün önce
周周军 24 gün önce
Damjan Bozovic
Damjan Bozovic 26 gün önce
What hotel is that in the beginning? Does anybody knows?
george 26 gün önce
They should have been teammates this year
Coco Poupou
Coco Poupou 28 gün önce
The 2013 f1 with the alphatauri livery is beautiful
Haktan Demir
Haktan Demir Aylar önce
Tkm K
Tkm K Aylar önce
Mister SilentBoi
Mister SilentBoi Aylar önce
Good ol' V8s ❤
Fuksz Dominik
Fuksz Dominik Aylar önce
forehead Aylar önce
WOW is that Red Bull reserve driver Alex Albon ???
ŞEFİK FİDAN Aylar önce
Banana Man
Banana Man Aylar önce
Ah, yes. I STAN BULLS too.
raven reyes
raven reyes Aylar önce
harika bi iş olmuş ilk defa karşılayoruz bu tarz bi tanıtim ile
şule Aylar önce
Yes true its name is the "avrasya tüneli" passes under the sea
Jasonz W
Jasonz W Aylar önce
Woww cool😍😍😍
Kadir St
Kadir St Aylar önce
Great video!
Tejas Sharma
Tejas Sharma Aylar önce
I like how they have painted a old Toro Rossi in alpha tauri colour
Mushi Aylar önce
So this was just one big creative ad for alphatauri clothing? I love it
Jared Recio
Jared Recio Aylar önce
Not gonna lie that AT01 Livery looks so good on an older F1 car
Rupam Biswas
Rupam Biswas Aylar önce
I think they will make great driver pairing
Batbayar Tumenjargal
Batbayar Tumenjargal Aylar önce
These drivers are not really Albon and Pierre
Rusan Guvenc
Rusan Guvenc Aylar önce
Phreak tt
Phreak tt Aylar önce
i like istanbul alphatauri
Negative Influence
Negative Influence Aylar önce
Foreshadowing 😅😅😅
Kenan Deniz
Kenan Deniz Aylar önce
Very good !!!
The Thanos Killing Kind
The Thanos Killing Kind Aylar önce
Gasly called it Constantinople on his Insta live😂
Luca Terra
Luca Terra Aylar önce
Those cars are from what season? Or just are the cars from 2020 season with an old front wing?
Luca Terra
Luca Terra Aylar önce
@Fuksz Dominik why they use those?
Fuksz Dominik
Fuksz Dominik Aylar önce
Mel1s S
Mel1s S Aylar önce
Pearl of the world 🌏 I S T A N B U L ♥️
cem9967 Aylar önce
What a great panorama of the city Istanbul, love it !
S Aylar önce
öznur balkan
öznur balkan Aylar önce
Amazing ❤
Yoga The Iceman
Yoga The Iceman Aylar önce
2021 Gasly: Alex where are you? Alex: plane, thai airways
Роман Модебадзе
Роман Модебадзе Aylar önce
2:18-2:25 what a music???
DimasRahardjooo Aylar önce
2:37 dat low rev noise is smooth yet menacing 👀
Ben Kimim
Ben Kimim Aylar önce
Hello from turkey merhaba 🇹🇷💐💐
Ömer furkan Morgül
Ömer furkan Morgül Aylar önce
That's great... Fantastic
muhammed yiğit
muhammed yiğit Aylar önce
yeğenim bunlar çok yakiyi mi
J Tipi
J Tipi Aylar önce
what a beauty city road
Micro Mercedes
Micro Mercedes Aylar önce
lol, it's kinda weird but I like it so much lol!
Micro Mercedes
Micro Mercedes Aylar önce
That's so good I, ll watch this like every day lol!
aLtIn KeDi
aLtIn KeDi Aylar önce
Emre Yurtseven
Emre Yurtseven Aylar önce
Ne Mutlu Türküm Diyene
XRushaX Aylar önce
I live in Istanbul and I imagine thousands of people went mad because the bridge was closed for a commercial XD It is one f***ing busy bridge irl.
Adamantium Aylar önce
I thought it was cool they put modern paint schemes on older cars
Gerie13 Aylar önce
can someone tell me is wich cars they are driving because these cars are the 2020 cars?
TJ Aylar önce
Old cars, RB7 and STR7 i believe but it's not Honda engine in the back it's still Renault V8
Gerie13 Aylar önce
or did they take of the halow?
Hatice Taşdemir
Hatice Taşdemir Aylar önce
Very beatiful 👏👏👏🇹🇷 I like to Istanbul
King of Baja
King of Baja Aylar önce
hayret, şaşkınlık içerisindeyim doğrusu. çoğunluğu oluşturan çarşaflı bacılarımızı, şalvarlı-sarıklı erkeklerimizi, pazar yerlerinde ve ulaşımda sıklıkla kullandığımız develerimizi, istanbul'un farklı yerlerindeki kum tepelerini çekmemişler. vay anasını. böyle istanbul böyle türkiye'mi olur yaavvv. puuu. nerde kaldı laiklik nerde kaldı medeniyet nerde kaldı avrupailik.
Buildustası Aylar önce
olm gerçek sanacaklar böyle yorumlar yapmayın
Ümit Kamil Sirkeci
Ümit Kamil Sirkeci Aylar önce
Perfectttttttt and mükemmellllllll
Halil İbrahim Gülmez
Halil İbrahim Gülmez Aylar önce
1:41 he practicing for Istanbul GP
Syl31tls Aylar önce
Constantinople looks amazing ❤️
fish Aylar önce
They lowkey confirmed Albon's move to alphatauri and noones talking about it?
Fuksz Dominik
Fuksz Dominik Aylar önce
@TJ This didnt age well
TJ Aylar önce
AlphaTauri is Red Bulls clothing brand, they renamed Toro Rosso to promote this. Besides Albon is keeping his Red Bull Racing seat anyway.
Omar Abbas
Omar Abbas Aylar önce
Yessss the v8 engine sounds so cool
Yakup Şahin
Yakup Şahin Aylar önce
Gene bekleriz 🇹🇷
Johann Sebastian Bach
Johann Sebastian Bach Aylar önce
I actually saw the cars on tow trucks in sultanahmet, my thought was: "jeez, they probably parked at a no park zone, they don't carry license or insurance on them cause the suits have no pockets, and on top of that the cars are not street legal... that's gonna be one hell of a fine and possibly some jail time. how the hell are they gonna make it to the racetrack?" Then I realized the cops were there to escort them and not to give the a fine... :D :D Also, they probably got a fine in the tunnel too, cause that's a 70kmh zone and there are two radar stations on asian and european side of the tunnel and it takes your average speed and I don't think they went 70 there. I guess they had to debate between having cold tires and crashing because of that vs the money they would spend on the speeding ticket. I'd go with the ticket...
Efe Çil
Efe Çil Aylar önce
Ömer Öztürk
Ömer Öztürk Aylar önce
4k ?
I am from turkey
Fast Ford326
Fast Ford326 Aylar önce
Love the look of the alpha tauri as a older F1 car. SWEETTTTT
Nabil Rabbani
Nabil Rabbani Aylar önce
Everyone be like : owww FUCK MY EAR
Akin Kurt
Akin Kurt Aylar önce
MTA7 Aylar önce
EMİR Onatça
EMİR Onatça Aylar önce
Bunu izledikten sonra Hondanın F1 den ayrıldığını duymak üzücü
ano gedar
ano gedar Aylar önce
After watching this clip, millions will rush to Istanbul to see all those beauties!
Burak Yerli
Burak Yerli Aylar önce
Mehmet Oktem
Mehmet Oktem Aylar önce
Makinacı Alper
Makinacı Alper Aylar önce
Trafiksiz İstanbul :)
Go ALLEN Go Aylar önce
Muhteşem 👏👏👏👏👏
Mr. Boogie SİNİSTER.
Mr. Boogie SİNİSTER. Aylar önce
AJ11KK 1
AJ11KK 1 Aylar önce
I mean alex is not under the water but, How come theres a tunnel mate
Next Revolution
Next Revolution Aylar önce
こういうの日本でもしたい。 I want to do this in Japan!!
II R35PECT II Aylar önce
Lewis Hamilton: “who’s Franz Tost”
keee. vn
keee. vn Aylar önce
when you playing gta v too much
Celyn Arnado
Celyn Arnado Aylar önce
pierre gasly is in the aarava team in 3:43 with the aarava f1 team color
Celyn Arnado
Celyn Arnado Aylar önce
i see the behind the since from a person that see it in person
Bad Boy
Bad Boy Aylar önce
Is this the old engine and old chassis with 2020 custome colors
Veli Gumus
Veli Gumus Aylar önce
gercek hayatta böyle deyil :)
Art Mind
Art Mind Aylar önce
Turkiyede neden kadin f1 pilotu yok ki 🤔 firsat bulup degerlendirebilsek keske
cesar ferreira santana
cesar ferreira santana Aylar önce
Interessante para exibição utiliza o motor V-8 que tem um som maravilhoso .só que na hora da corrida temos a decepção de ouvir o som do motor V-6. (Interesting for display uses the V-8 engine that has a wonderful sound. Only at the time of the race we are disappointed to hear the sound of the V-6 engine.)
Le Pilote De F1
Le Pilote De F1 Aylar önce
Alpha tauri 2015 ?
Mister W
Mister W Aylar önce
SICK ! 🤩
seBastian vettel
seBastian vettel Aylar önce
Who's that guy at 0:39
Ian Meeks
Ian Meeks Aylar önce
@seBastian vettel yikes, haha, my bad
seBastian vettel
seBastian vettel Aylar önce
@Ian Meeks yeah ik it was a link to Hamilton
Ian Meeks
Ian Meeks Aylar önce
Franz Tost, the AT team principal
ADC for Win
ADC for Win Aylar önce
İstanbul çok güzel tanıtılmış bravo 🤙
Eren 34
Eren 34 Aylar önce
0:22 ????
Bilgi Kurdu
Bilgi Kurdu Aylar önce
Such a fantastic city
Oscar _bru
Oscar _bru Aylar önce
rb7 painted in redbull 2020 and alpha tauri colors redbull really likes to use the rb7 as a stunt car
Oscar _bru
Oscar _bru Aylar önce
why not use the rb16
Ertuğrul Yazarel
Ertuğrul Yazarel Aylar önce
Burcu Esmersoy sahnesine rağmen harika bir video 👏 congratulations..
TOP 1O Aylar önce
Ah maybe Gasly and Albon teaming up for 2021
qwerty q
qwerty q Aylar önce
burak buyukada
burak buyukada Aylar önce
Burcu Esmersoy: vtec kicked in yo! 😂💪🏻
Ben Aylar önce
Ben Aylar önce
Good comment
Vijay Anirudh P
Vijay Anirudh P Aylar önce
Wow alpha tauri not even a sponsor for that specific livery Pierre drove...😂....a dedicated livery design for a video
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