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Organized crime in The Netherlands is flourishing in tandem with the cocaine trade. A key witness is shot dead, along with his lawyer. A journalist is murdered in downtown Amsterdam. The drugs mafia earns billions and deploys increasingly brutal tactics.
For years the Dutch authorities thought they had this so-called Mocro mafia under control. But at the latest with the murder of journalist Peter R. de Vries, it has become clear that organized crime is shaking The Netherlands to its very core. "It’s a battle for power and billions. It’s about killing, to avoid being killed,” says the well-known Dutch lawyer Vito Shukrula.
Recent years have seen a dramatic rise in the amount of cocaine being smuggled through the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg. With profits running into the billions, mafia gangs mainly operating from The Netherlands find it easy to bribe individuals at key points in the chain. For example, a crane driver at a port can earn 100,000 Euros for moving just one container to a particular position. For years now, investigators have used all the means at their disposal to expose and cut the supply lines. Several raids found weapons and huge hauls of drugs; many suspects were taken into custody.
The biggest trial in the history of The Netherlands has been going on since March 2021. In the dock at the Marengo trial: several leading members of the Mocro Mafia accused of murder. The cases highlight the extreme brutality of a criminal network that’s pushing the state to its limits. The reportage accompanies investigators going about their work at the port of Rotterdam, talks to defendants’ lawyers, meets former drugs couriers as well as the journalist Peter R. de Vries, who was later murdered. The story is one of corruption and violence.
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@stoked9004 Yıl önce
Here is a controversial take: maybe people actually use those drugs, hence the neverending supply? The whole war on drugs does more harm to people than anything else. Major waste of resources. Legalize, tax and certify safety for recreational drugs (cocaine included!), and reinvest tax and money saved from drug enforcement into public drug education, research and social support for addicts.
As a former abuser of cocaine and a pro drug supporter I have to say that I agree with the legalize, tax and make it as safe and provide treatment. Not that I am pro drug any longer but I realize that a huge draw of it was because it was illegal and the potential for profit. I am wise enough to understand that people are going to do it anyway. But take the things out of it that are a huge part of the allure and the resources to fight it just may be the answer. IDK.
@ronzerker390 Yıl önce
This was some really good insight into other parts of the world. I always saw Mexico and the U.S. having real serious issues with drug cartels but it's not just them. Theres drugs all over the world, cartels all over, but there are certain areas, such as the Netherlands, are getting hit hard by this problem.
@grizcuz Yıl önce
I find all of this both very sad and very shocking. I'm not Dutch (I'm English), but a close relative emigrated to NL in the 80's. So I've visited frequently, often a few times a year because (as ridiculous as it sounds) I can fly to Amsterdam and back for a lot less than I can go to London and back on the train from the north of England.
@corporategreed Yıl önce
That police chief was incredibly down to earth and really understood how the world works. Hats off to her
@lim8581 21 saatler önce
The stark reality of organized crime's grip on The Netherlands is both chilling and eye-opening. This documentary sheds crucial light on the challenges faced by authorities in the battle against criminal networks. Thank you for highlighting this pressing issue.
Thank you DW teams, as always, for preparing a neutral and high-quality documentary. So informative~
@dadikkedude Yıl önce
As a Dutch person born in Amsterdam, I guess you don't really realize how fucked up something is if it's not presented from a foreign channel.
@earthsecho4770 Yıl önce
The process ingenuity of these criminals is astounding. They find loopholes Everywhere. Had no idea The Netherlands was the drug dealer den of Europe.
@ladypeterpan1811 Yıl önce
Thank you for this honest documentary. I've seen many documentaries and heard countless stories of women. In the red light district alone... it's absurd. Since drugs are involved, it's no wonder why human trafficking is a massive problem there.
As a Moroccan that lives in Europe, I am deeply ashamed of this so-called Mocro Maffia. Some of the drug traffickers come from the city I live in. The worst thing that happened in the Netherlands was a chopped head found in a busy street facing its head to a shisha lounge where other criminals used to go. His body was found burnt in a minivan
@honeybozo Yıl önce
Excellent documentary; well-produced, told and executed. Well done WDR!!
@pluijm2 Yıl önce
R.I.P. Peter de Vries, one of the best reporters. This is a big loss for our country. something like this happening in the Netherlands is unbelievable. We are officially a narco-state now.
@jt3761 Yıl önce
Wow this is really is crazy, I’m not from the Netherlands but it is my favourite place the people are so welcoming it’s just such a vibe. I knew there was crime but I didn’t know just how bad it is, really enjoyed this documentary great work!
@gerryhouska2859 Yıl önce
This is insane. As long as people want something, somebody will supply it. If it is made illegal the result is crime and corruption. Prohibition cannot work. Legalise, legalise, legalise and tax like alcohol or tobacco.
@MrAllstar Yıl önce
The problem in the Nederland’s is really hectic due to it being one of the main ports of entry for drugs into Europe. Essentially they are having to deal with a large portion of the total European drug trade and hence the stakes and profits are much higher and the gangs far more ruthless than if it was just their own domestic drug trade/consumption that was the issue.
@intothedarknessYT Yıl önce
The scariest part is that I actually live like 10 minutes away from these torture chambers, and its so calm around here. Never in my wildest fantasy I would have thought to find something like this around here. It scares me.
@ageoflove1980 Yıl önce
The problem is that it can only be solved with the entire EU. Since there are no borders criminals can just as easily move to the port of Antwerp or Hamburg when Rotterdam decides to enforce stricter security. When this security would be implemented, it would mean that all shipping will take longer thus making it much more expensive to move goods through Rotterdam. It would basically mean suicide for the port when companies can move goods a lot cheaper through other EU ports nearby because there is less paperwork and bureaucracy involved.
@BulsEdijs Yıl önce
It’s hard to judge , but it definitely opened my eyes. There is no possible way to stop it , because there is always one rat sitting by big table, with others who think they do nothing wrong.
@justmark7449 Yıl önce
I love this channel, so many well produced documentaries, as a DUTCH born person I can relate to this documentary. Keep on going DW!
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