3rd Life: Episode 6 - A NEW BASE

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6 aylar önce

3rd Life: Episode 6 - A NEW BASE Grian is back on 3rdlife and the server has SPLIT in two. It's time to build something more secure. Big B's video: trshow.info/watch/5UZldS2Bh4M/video.html

Grian 6 aylar önce
Friendly reminder not to gatekeep what we can and can't do in this series! Sure, the "rules" changed/evolved through the weeks - This series is organic and things are bound to take weird and wonderful turns. I did NOT Expect this series to turn out the way it has. Please just try and enjoy it for what it is! It's demotivating to hear "You broke your own rules!" When no one on the server feels the same way. If it's been uploaded, everyone on the server is 100% ok with how the events unfolded. I shot etho off the ladder because he was stealing our stuff, I could have also killed him at that moment, but I didn't. I let scar go for him and lead the charge and he got the actual kill. Please be considerate when commenting. We're just trying to have fun and give you something fun to watch! To those who are enjoying the series thank you very much! It's been a weird project but a really nice new experience, everyone on the server is loving making 3rdlife. - Grian
Roman Gardner
Roman Gardner 6 gün önce
@javier rodrigo no, he didn't kill him, he just helped scar get the kill.
Abraham Im
Abraham Im 21 gün önce
Honestly, I thought it, but it's just so much more entertaining to watch things just go south and people having fun. I'm commenting 5 months later, but if you do more haha
Charlie Nicholas
Charlie Nicholas Aylar önce
@Grian grian my man! Way to handle conflict in the comments. Doing a great job.
Populous 20
Populous 20 Aylar önce
Rest In Peace Pizza
LeoLovesPie 2 aylar önce
I love this series and don’t need to apologise
Echolyss 3 gün önce
just got home from work, made myself a nice meal and I am so excited to find out what happens next on this series! love your content grian!
bednap 14 gün önce
Etho's machine was fine, it was a minecraft glitch that he died. So tragic :( edit: looks like your trap didn't work because of a glitch too rip
monkae 16 gün önce
This was realeased on my birthday
BillyBook Boy
BillyBook Boy 18 gün önce
At 3:19, I felt that Scar was going to walk in just when Grian was saying that they must NEVER stand on that.
justanormalyoutuber 20 gün önce
Grian:*lures creeper over to scar* The creeper:I won't kill scar SIKE YOU THOUGHT! Scar was blown up by a creeper
Mr. Fox
Mr. Fox 20 gün önce
for the clay trick you have to turn on chunk borders and there something you have to do with that
Mr. Fox
Mr. Fox 20 gün önce
that's why sometimes it isn't successful
Brodie Morris
Brodie Morris 22 gün önce
Every time scar goes near the house this entire episode my whole body tenses up involuntarily
Anahi Zepeda
Anahi Zepeda 22 gün önce
22:07 gave me a heart attack That pufferfish could've been dead
Jan-Willem Grimbeek
Jan-Willem Grimbeek 24 gün önce
5:00 "It is rigged to *instantly explode" "OH do you want me to test it?" This series is gold
Ojus Kalia
Ojus Kalia 25 gün önce
Wtf happened to grians sword
Jet is the Swampert
Jet is the Swampert 26 gün önce
Is there an explanation on why Clay is linked to Diamonds? Is it because how they are programmed to generate?
LFDYT_ 29 gün önce
19:44 Grian: !, oh I thought it was blown up 20:43 Grian: ...
Infinite Donuts
Infinite Donuts Aylar önce
In Pizza we trust.
Talia/tetriQuinn Aylar önce
Should have left a fake note for an ally saying that you moved everything to the new base as a way to get enemies to go there.
CyberGamez Aylar önce
me telling my buds from primary about my new friends in secondary them: 9:14
Matthepug 2 aylar önce
RIP pizza and bubbles you will live on in our hearts
zek eggy
zek eggy 2 aylar önce
17:58 Cleo no
Fireball F 123
Fireball F 123 2 aylar önce
why is this getting me excited like an anime boss fight about to happen
Evan Gardiner
Evan Gardiner 2 aylar önce
Remember how the last time u said instantly blow up went
Mac Edward Briones
Mac Edward Briones 2 aylar önce
At 5:40 what do you mean getting diamonds eiththe clay trick?
Mac Edward Briones
Mac Edward Briones 2 aylar önce
With the*
Bananabutter 2 aylar önce
"A good bumker" Grian
John James del Valle
John James del Valle 2 aylar önce
grain: "You've actually made friends?!!" too... damn... relateble
Unigirl Crafts
Unigirl Crafts 2 aylar önce
Who is just watching this because of last life
Alex Parish
Alex Parish 2 aylar önce
I think everyone forgot only red can attack
Alex Parish
Alex Parish 24 gün önce
@Sillimant yeah but grian started an attack before a red did
Sillimant Aylar önce
no, anyone can attack anyone*. reds can attack anyone, if you're yellow or green, you can only attack yellow and green unless a red attacks first
Night Walker Gaming
Night Walker Gaming 2 aylar önce
If mumbo was here the server is gull of trap
Blacky 2 aylar önce
honestly dont know if anyone cares but i think grian burnt down smajor castle when he burnt down the forest while running from etho's base
justrexx 2 aylar önce
Grian: forgets to tell scar about the trap Me, who worries about everyone and everything in existance: allow me to introduce myself
LEA HUNTER 3 aylar önce
the epicness when tango and cleo and that showed up 16:48
CRIMSON WOLF 3 aylar önce
It works in rivers to
Letho _
Letho _ 3 aylar önce
If this was animated i would pay for this, like bruh
Letho _
Letho _ 3 aylar önce
This is better than dream SMP even though I don’t really watch it, this is better
.I'm having fun watching this series this made my day ty 😀
Dave 3 aylar önce
You guys have gone to war with each other in this server.
Ahmed Akram
Ahmed Akram 2 aylar önce
Oh really you think
Scrole Typer
Scrole Typer 3 aylar önce
U need trip wires
P 3 aylar önce
Nikki Mac
Nikki Mac 3 aylar önce
I love this series. Especially compared to how they act in hermitcraft being polite and respectful then you compare that to scar walking away and saying he’s going to go burn down ethos base. It’s a very interesting and funny change of pace
DonAxolotl 3 aylar önce
I love when scar and grian are partners
Lucas McCall
Lucas McCall 3 aylar önce
Brian is not a war guy he is amazing
Milo 3 aylar önce
You should’ve asked someone in yellow to come to your base for the trap
FUNDA TEZOL 3 aylar önce
Mumbo's Not in this series....how would he be proud??
A W Aylar önce
because mumbo likes making bunkers.
Valerie 3 aylar önce
Everyone cheering for Scar when he killed Etho made me smile so much
Cha Cha Papa
Cha Cha Papa 3 aylar önce
If youre worried about mining straight down then mine in a 1x2 area in the middle half the danger double the resources
Minnie G and mummy Rachel’s cute channel
Minnie G and mummy Rachel’s cute channel 3 aylar önce
Scar: “a series of unfortunate events” Me: LoOk AwAy
Garage Gamer
Garage Gamer 3 aylar önce
Brooklyn Movie Master&More
Brooklyn Movie Master&More 3 aylar önce
Mumbo jumbo would be proud with all your traps and your new house
Chexmix6 3 aylar önce
Why watch sports when you got Third Life? I'm always rooting for Scar and Grian!
fanny s
fanny s 4 aylar önce
LimitLess 4 aylar önce
Let's be honest, this series is basically a reminiscent of the Dream SMP
i cant process how dumb you are
i cant process how dumb you are 4 aylar önce
11:08 it looks like scar is doing this " '-' " face
Cindero Gaming
Cindero Gaming 4 aylar önce
just make sure dimonds and clay is in the same chunck
Pink Majonez
Pink Majonez 4 aylar önce
imagine if scar wouldnt have died to that creeper...
Romulus Numa
Romulus Numa 4 aylar önce
I like how Grian is very acceptable of risk because he knows he gets out of Scars service if he does die
Judd Hanna
Judd Hanna 4 aylar önce
grain fight zombie
「•ʙᴀʟʟᴏᴏɴ•」 4 aylar önce
Its like the dream smp like if anyone die to a person 3 times they die gor real but grians is like change objectives but dream smp dont
Mr. E-Man
Mr. E-Man 4 aylar önce
Speaking of mumbo, why is he not on this server?
그림럴 4 aylar önce
Man the Minecart TNT really brings me back to Bodil
TCHS Music
TCHS Music 4 aylar önce
M Isa
M Isa 4 aylar önce
25:27 *Amazing Transition*
Salamander Sam
Salamander Sam 4 aylar önce
Ffs Martyn’s plot armour is too strong for tnt
Angelo Gabriel
Angelo Gabriel 4 aylar önce
Remember pizza's death is caused by scar stealing a banner...
Craeonkie 4 aylar önce
One that Mumbo be proud of? That's actually really precious
Tohbee 4 aylar önce
the dynamic of scar being the front of the operation but completely clueless and grian being the one whose taking it seriously and doing all the work while trying to keep scar alive makes me so happy
Tepan 76
Tepan 76 4 aylar önce
*litteral war going on* Grian: it's building time
KataQvQ 4 aylar önce
Not me getting a pizza ad on the video
GoodGuy 4 aylar önce
8:24 You’re welcome:)
MrZombie 4 aylar önce
Episode should have been named Comedy of Errors :D
That bot eco
That bot eco 5 aylar önce
Did you guys forget about pizza the lamma
oli. 5 aylar önce
scar is... a meme
cat in a hole
cat in a hole 5 aylar önce
Zep 5 aylar önce
This series gives demise level of suspense
The roblox crazy builder
The roblox crazy builder 5 aylar önce
Hey mom can get dream smp mom: no we have a dream smp at home Dream smp at home:
iSomeDood 5 aylar önce
Amethyst the RainWing
Amethyst the RainWing 5 aylar önce
This series has gone from calm and collected Minecraft, to W A R . A N D . D E A T H
Alejandro DinodelaRosa
Alejandro DinodelaRosa 5 aylar önce
just wanna take a moment to appreciate the transition @ 25:29
LifelessWaffle 5 aylar önce
Everybody: WAR WAR DEATH DEATH TRAPS Big B: Let’s make a cookie on our house
Switch and Click
Switch and Click 5 aylar önce
Things are getting spicy now
Jaka Cafuta
Jaka Cafuta 5 aylar önce
look at dislikes
IBFS 5 aylar önce
666 dislikes
SomePersonWhoMakesYoutubeVideos 5 aylar önce
Reptirex Rader
Reptirex Rader 5 aylar önce
Why is it that scar and Grian are the second most powerful nation. Grian is actively sabotaging scar, and scar is a sociopath
Marvin Yean
Marvin Yean 5 aylar önce
I want to see more things like this
Dartiniz 5 aylar önce
What if mumbo and grian be duo in this series
Matt_Bradley066 5 aylar önce
Grain at the time 22:15 throws one of the two pufferfish on the ground
cheese god
cheese god 5 aylar önce
Eggburth Oakley
Eggburth Oakley 5 aylar önce
This is Chris
This is Chris 5 aylar önce
"signs dont melt!" -Grian 2021
Time for stuff
Time for stuff 5 aylar önce
There is no way he is not the same person as half asleep Chris
phamvantuan nguỵenfanga
phamvantuan nguỵenfanga 5 aylar önce
The accidental stopsign controversly dream because produce formally shop up a oval venezuelan. thick, glossy interactive
The Monkey Gamer Sweden
The Monkey Gamer Sweden 5 aylar önce
cookie_X flame_X
cookie_X flame_X 5 aylar önce
swaggy 5 aylar önce
Content is amazing
Sebastian Samuel Rodriguez Casanova
Sebastian Samuel Rodriguez Casanova 5 aylar önce
this is better than the dream smp
MustacheB🎄X 5 aylar önce
Elaisen 5 aylar önce
That diamond trick is just luck
Drayson Bowling
Drayson Bowling 5 aylar önce
Try it. It works
SuperSteelyGlint 5 aylar önce
revenge for pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EXport Gaming
EXport Gaming 5 aylar önce
I really want this to be an smp where life doesent matter
Natalie Mudra
Natalie Mudra 5 aylar önce
Aren’t the signs gonna set on fire once the lava goes in
Autistic game And watch
Autistic game And watch 5 aylar önce
The reason it doesnt explode without a gap is because it never gets freed from a block so it still has no hitbox
Mooduck101 5 aylar önce
Y’all should do a limited series like this at the end of every hermitcraft season so you can use your extensive resources to kill people
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