Lose Yourself (From "8 Mile" Soundtrack)

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Lose Yourself (From "8 Mile" Soundtrack) · Eminem
Just Lose It
℗ 2002 Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records
Released on: 2004-01-01
Producer, Studio Personnel, Mixer, Associated Performer, Drum Programmer, Unknown, Other: Eminem
Producer, Additional Producer, Associated Performer, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass Guitar: Jeff Bass
Studio Personnel, Mixer, Recording Engineer: Steve King
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Mike Strange
Associated Performer, Keyboards: Luis Resto
Composer Lyricist: Marshall Mathers
Composer Lyricist: Luis Resto
Composer Lyricist: Jeff Bass
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Tanel Õun
Tanel Õun 19 gün önce
Just lose Your self, time is mather......
Shree Hari Raam
Shree Hari Raam 28 gün önce
Waiting for 1B on an unofficial channel
Zyombz Aylar önce
Die Farben vom Schild sind schon kritisch🤔
anjo de ouro
anjo de ouro Aylar önce
Mano o zóio cantou isso no mesmo nível bro the zóio sang at the same level
BINHO POZE 11 gün önce
Кирилл Епихин
Кирилл Епихин Aylar önce
блять, вот это считка! красавчик бро! ты прекрасен! но кем ты ща стал.... страшно!! жаль! ((((
Gabriel OnFire
Gabriel OnFire Aylar önce
Esse e o cover do zoio
ZecaPauGordinho Aylar önce
Sadness Aylar önce
sen noel dayısın kro bir ayısın :D FSDAFDSAFADS
Kazuha murayama
Kazuha murayama Aylar önce
Noi Mao
Noi Mao Aylar önce
Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.
Aroldo Aylar önce
Essa que á musica que o Eminem copiou do Zóio?
PortooCalia Aylar önce
listening to this and eating mum's spaghetti
Piga Pier gianni
Piga Pier gianni Aylar önce
2020 🇮🇹
Micah Bell
Micah Bell Aylar önce
Melhor coisa é o zoio cantando
Dao Lao
Dao Lao Aylar önce
Phytochrome A
Phytochrome A Aylar önce
한국 댓글도 한 개 쯤은 달아도 되겠지
666diaboloss Aylar önce
cest frenchement beaucoup trop bien
Toi Em
Toi Em Aylar önce
Nhan An
Nhan An Aylar önce
I need boy friend
Sinyster Aylar önce
Zoio cantado essa música kkkkkkk
TukiTuki TakiTaki
TukiTuki TakiTaki Aylar önce
Jon Arryn: Robert Baratheon: MAKE ME KING
Aman Rawat
Aman Rawat Aylar önce
*I am still listening to this in 2020.....I must be a legend!*
Aaron Werner
Aaron Werner Aylar önce
Me tooo
SpAZo Bam
SpAZo Bam Aylar önce
Me to
Aman Rawat
Aman Rawat Aylar önce
@leogaming l why should you....... Hurt me like that... 🙂
leogaming l
leogaming l Aylar önce
No not realy it gust a good song
Aman Rawat
Aman Rawat Aylar önce
@Juan alejandro Ya bro, for sure.
Ra Tha
Ra Tha Aylar önce
ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.
Dj Paltos
Dj Paltos Aylar önce
blauer sessel
blauer sessel Aylar önce
Lensen und Partner Intro
João Pedro Coelho Michelato
João Pedro Coelho Michelato Aylar önce
zoio e mt foda slk lenda mito garai
Emanuel Balbuena
Emanuel Balbuena Aylar önce
Zoio canta melhor kk
Sinyster Aylar önce
Com certeza kkkk
Um cara comentando no Youtube
Um cara comentando no Youtube Aylar önce
A music for all broken mans
이태헌 Aylar önce
감사합니다 ^^*
Loco of Loco
Loco of Loco Aylar önce
someone listening to this in 2020??
Blackout Oliver
Blackout Oliver Aylar önce
Quem é esse perto do nosso zóio 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Raulloko Aylar önce
é hardicori garaio
Delícia Gelada
Delícia Gelada Aylar önce
Eminem me tira da depressão sempre que escuto. 🇧🇷
Daniel Duarte Rezende
Daniel Duarte Rezende Aylar önce
Delícia Gelada
Delícia Gelada Aylar önce
Eminem me tira da depressão sempre que escuto.
Andsu Dos Santos Rodrigues
Andsu Dos Santos Rodrigues Aylar önce
d e k i r u
d e k i r u Aylar önce
개비정한세상 Aylar önce
Look If you had One shot Or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted In one moment Would you capture it Or just let it slip? Yo His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready To drop bombs, but he keeps on forgettin' What he wrote down, the whole crowd goes so loud He opens his mouth, but the words won't come out He's chokin', how, everybody's jokin' now The clocks run out, times up, over, blow Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity Oh, there goes Rabbit, he choked He's so mad, but he won't give up that easy? No He won't have it, he knows his whole back's to these ropes It don't matter, he's dope, he knows that, but he's broke He's so stagnant, he knows, when he goes back to this mobile home, that's when it's Back to the lab again, yo, this whole rhapsody Better go capture this moment and hope it don't pass him You better lose yourself in the music, the moment You own it, you better never let it go You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow This opportunity comes once in a lifetime His soul's escaping, through this hole that is gaping This world is mine for the taking Make me king, as we move toward a New World Order A normal life is borin', but super stardom's close to post mortem It only grows harder, only grows hotter He blows, it's all over, these hoes is all on him Coast to coast shows, he's known as the Globetrotter Lonely roads, God only knows, he's grown farther from home, he's no father He goes home and barely knows his own daughter But hold your nose 'cause here goes the cold water These hoes don't want him no mo', he's cold product They moved on to the next schmo who flows, he nose dove and sold nada So the soap opera is told and unfolds, I suppose it's old partna, but the beat goes on Da-da-dum, da-dum, da-da No more games, I'ma change what you call rage Tear this motherfuckin' roof off like two dogs caged I was playin' in the beginnin', the mood all changed I been chewed up and spit out and booed off stage But I kept rhymin' and stepped right in the next cypher Best believe somebody's payin' the Pied Piper All the pain inside amplified by the Fact that I can't get by with my nine to Five and I can't provide the right type of Life for my family 'cause man, these goddamn food stamps don't buy diapers And its no movie, there's no Mekhi Phifer This is my life and these times are so hard And it's getting even harder tryna feed and water my seed, plus Teeter totter, caught up between bein' a father and a prima donna Baby mama drama, screamin' on her, too much For me to wanna stay in one spot, another day of monotony's Gotten me to the point, I'm like a snail I've got To formulate a plot or end up in jail or shot Success is my only motherfuckin' option, failure's not Mom, I love you, but this trailer's got to go, I cannot grow old in Salem's Lot So here I go, is my shot Feet, fail me not, this may be the only opportunity that I got
Efe Polat
Efe Polat Aylar önce
abi annem seni dinliyorum diye bana kızdı bıçakladım
jhon smith
jhon smith Aylar önce
Super Corte Cast
Super Corte Cast Aylar önce
Everson zoio
nezih kanal
nezih kanal Aylar önce
Than Ban
Than Ban Aylar önce
A la verga.
Canal 10prezivel
Canal 10prezivel Aylar önce
Quem veio pelo zoio?
Adrianno Black A4.0
Adrianno Black A4.0 Aylar önce
Your Lot fan of Eminem here in Brazil Belém 💥🔫 🔊🎼🎵🎶
Will NS
Will NS Aylar önce
2021 anyone?
Pro Gameer
Pro Gameer Aylar önce
#josh like you m&m
Sllaython Coêlho
Sllaython Coêlho Aylar önce
Bolsonaro 2022 - chora seus vagabundos
Andsu Dos Santos Rodrigues
Andsu Dos Santos Rodrigues Aylar önce
Lam Diep
Lam Diep Aylar önce
Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.
Pedro Lucas
Pedro Lucas Aylar önce
O zóio cantando essa música muito bom KKKKKKKKKKK
Marcos Caramori
Marcos Caramori Aylar önce
Wederson pálpebras cantando ficou top
yEnzo Aylar önce
Uma coisa apenas...... Everson Zoio
Samsudin Ninja
Samsudin Ninja Aylar önce
Me:*watching little pogchamp* Everybody: 1:16
Emigamer001 Aylar önce
no entendí xd hablo español a por cierto hhhhhhhhhhhhh xd
Dai Win
Dai Win Aylar önce
Beautiful love u.
Carlao Souza
Carlao Souza Aylar önce
som muito foda, gostei muito!
xxkickxx 061
xxkickxx 061 Aylar önce
"Mom's spaghetti"
adriano silva Lima
adriano silva Lima Aylar önce
2020 curtindo
Hom Hom
Hom Hom Aylar önce
Unstil hé is the BEST fucker. I love it
Dremix Whooo!
Dremix Whooo! Aylar önce
Mohit Rathore
Mohit Rathore Aylar önce
Emiway's & Eminem's Fans Only like here 😎
desi ryn
desi ryn Aylar önce
My friends laugh at me because my face is very cute but I like eminem 💔 I don't understand why I should stop liking your work. But they said I was too crazy😅 Like a psycho princess just because I love hip hop Hahaha they seem to know more about me 🙃
Yuken Aylar önce
I probably think he can survive 5 minutes underwater not breathing
Loïc Malaboeuf
Loïc Malaboeuf Aylar önce
@Esc ill put 5 dolls on David Copperfield then🐟🐟🐟🦦
Esc Aylar önce
david blaine can do 17 min...
Loïc Malaboeuf
Loïc Malaboeuf Aylar önce
Jack Mayol cousin's they said..
Are you choking?
Are you choking? Aylar önce
I bet 10 minutes
D4rKL&0 Aylar önce
Eu sei toda vez que você fecha os zoio ele aperece ZOIO PUTAS0
Thuat Phep
Thuat Phep Aylar önce
The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.
BigCheeseVR Aylar önce
MnMs mouth be like: gOtA gO fAsT
pjhsithlord Aylar önce
third verse is, in my opinion, the single greatest bit of poetry that has ever existed. Shakespeare was good but I didnt feel like this...
Sean Llewellyn
Sean Llewellyn Aylar önce
Can’t say I disagree tbh
Kevin Valenzuela
Kevin Valenzuela Aylar önce
TheMac16661 Aylar önce
ירין ינאי
ירין ינאי Aylar önce
Still the best rapper ever...🤯
Grzegorz Szmigiel
Grzegorz Szmigiel Aylar önce
Samtimes Smoketime
CJC Aylar önce
Keneilwe Moholo
Keneilwe Moholo Aylar önce
My old time favorite
Velma Proffitt
Velma Proffitt Aylar önce
The annoying musician fundamentally divide because kitchen holly reduce unto a mushy soda. cultured, near hockey
frio e calculista
frio e calculista Aylar önce
Call com o alek
Claire Russell
Claire Russell Aylar önce
The gainful custard complementarily load because verdict spontaneously grin afore a disagreeable argument. pleasant, rightful night
Casi Te pregunto
Casi Te pregunto Aylar önce
Le tengo más respeto a el q a mi madre
Javier Gonzalez
Javier Gonzalez Aylar önce
Mom's spaghetti
Kürşad Han
Kürşad Han Aylar önce
Adamsın reis Greeatings from Turkey
Arda Deniz Geçer
Arda Deniz Geçer Aylar önce
The chorus hits harder than my dad's belt
Edmund fennie
Edmund fennie Aylar önce
Arda Mete
Arda Mete Aylar önce
@Arda Deniz Geçer he tamam
Arda Deniz Geçer
Arda Deniz Geçer Aylar önce
@Arda Mete hayır
Coles Crepito
Coles Crepito Aylar önce
so original 😂😂😂 I can't believe you came up with this alone
Arda Mete
Arda Mete Aylar önce
Cidden baban şiddete başvuruyormu
Rohan Aylar önce
Mom's Spaghetti.
Willie Lauterbach
Willie Lauterbach Aylar önce
Who else is here for the motivation in November 2020?....
Prajwal Meti
Prajwal Meti Aylar önce
Bitch its December
Dima Syvyy
Dima Syvyy Aylar önce
December here
yionen.2 Aylar önce
how about december
Repost Kingdom
Repost Kingdom Aylar önce
instead not school than in vain
instead not school than in vain Aylar önce
you're more legend if you wat watching 2021
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin Aylar önce
I'm really surprised to see Sky Sports F1 use this music for George Russell's Sakhir GP 2020 B-roll. But hey, that's understandable.
Lucaro Aylar önce
Lol i'm a F1 Fan and a Eminem Fan and the first comment is one about F1 xD
Caique Dos Santos
Caique Dos Santos Aylar önce
JoeBrown06 Aylar önce
it got me in the vibe i loved it
Mr_Lopez Aylar önce
Snap back to reality
eXtreme Official
eXtreme Official Aylar önce
GOLK Aylar önce
zoi cantando
Sparkle Aylar önce
slk ate o eminien copio o zoio mano
Valeria Isabel
Valeria Isabel Aylar önce
Joder que buena canción
Sebita420 Aylar önce
Muhammad Kashif
Muhammad Kashif Aylar önce
slip yo
yugz hug0
yugz hug0 Aylar önce
okkkkkkkkkkkkkk w8 4 3.33 transspassifikz "lul" gnoa be btter (can wee gayt bak2blank onetornblk?)
Linh Mai
Linh Mai Aylar önce
Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.
Nur Yıldız
Nur Yıldız Aylar önce
Biz hâla buradayız 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Jakub Kwiatkowski
Jakub Kwiatkowski Aylar önce
Gówno ale fajne
ር 卂 ᑌ 卂 ⓿ ❹ ⓿
ር 卂 ᑌ 卂 ⓿ ❹ ⓿ Aylar önce
Everson zóio?
ር 卂 ᑌ 卂 ⓿ ❹ ⓿
ር 卂 ᑌ 卂 ⓿ ❹ ⓿ Aylar önce
@GUTIM tá maluco alek
GUTIM Aylar önce
kkkkkkkkkkkkkk anão menor kkkkkkkk
忍者Shyuie Aylar önce
Ozidea garaio
2Pac 8D: trshow.info/watch/FfmiLi16ijE/video.html (don't forget use headphones)
Pal Tan
Pal Tan Aylar önce
The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.
Goodwin Aylar önce
Жаль, что хип-хоп уже отжил свои лучшие годы...
cholo gamer cremoso
cholo gamer cremoso Aylar önce
@Santiago Avellaneda jajajaja iba poner lo mismo xd
Marcos Lino
Marcos Lino Aylar önce
@Santiago Avellaneda jajaja iba a poner algo asi xd
Santiago Avellaneda
Santiago Avellaneda Aylar önce
la tuya por si acaso xd
Black Dragon29
Black Dragon29 Aylar önce
Кто знает
Zaúl_ Damian
Zaúl_ Damian Aylar önce
Аминь, братан, мне просто нужно немного больше этого сегодня
vaska lahiri
vaska lahiri Aylar önce
Eminem is the actual god of rap. No Tupac , no Biggie. only Eminem.
KebapケバブOkunmuş読みます Aylar önce
moms spagethi
Perez Samuele
Perez Samuele Aylar önce
im a 10, I love you Eminen wooohooooo.hahahaha
Dau Tei
Dau Tei Aylar önce
Lam Manh
Lam Manh Aylar önce
A la verga.
Velma Proffitt
Velma Proffitt Aylar önce
The juvenile shampoo notably gather because hose immunocytochemically drip underneath a tearful feet. spiritual, moaning pamphlet
Vivek Sharma
Vivek Sharma Aylar önce
Thuc Tu
Thuc Tu Aylar önce
0:22 my love video :X.
Gabriel Souza
Gabriel Souza Aylar önce
2021 ??
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