Schubert: Piano Music

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2 yıl önce

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Composer: Franz Schubert
Artists: Alberto Miodini (piano)

When we look past the extended meditations of the sonatas into the rest of Schubert’s piano music, we tend hardly to see beyond the Wanderer Fantasy and the Impromptus. This undervalues the composer’s contribution to the work for his instrument, as the Italian pianist Alberto Miodini reveals on an extensive exploration of the sometimes slighter and lighter but often just shorter works he composed through his all-too-short career. Perhaps the late Klavierstücke D946 are best known, and justly so, for their profound and ruminative contemplation, and Miodini’s fellow-countryman Paolo Bordoni did sterling work for the Waltzes in 1970s recordings that stand the test of time, but there are still tantalising fragments that are no less worth hearing for their frustratingly unfinished status - the ‘Unfinished’ Symphony was by no means the only musical project that Schubert filed in his creative bottom drawer, so fecund was his compositional imagination that he could hardly get the ideas out fast enough. As noted by Alfred Brendel, Schubert chose to interrupt a composition ‘when it was unsatisfying or no longer interesting’ - evidence of the composer’s vigorous pursuit of his own individual Sonata style. Among the complete works here are equally little-known variation sets on melodies by Hüttenbrenner and Diabelli - works full of characteristically Schubertian energy and motive power.

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Piano Classics
Piano Classics 2 yıl önce
Tracklist: Drei Klavierstücke, D. 946: 0:00:00 Klavierstück No. 1 in E-Flat Minor (Allegro assai - Andante - Tempo I) 0:09:11 Klavierstück No. 2 in E-Flat Major (Allegretto) 0:21:32 Klavierstück No. 3 in C Major (Allegro) 0:26:35 Klavierstück in C Major, D. 916b (Allegro) 0:30:45 Klavierstück in C Minor, D. 916c Drei Klavierstücke, D. 459: 0:39:57 Klavierstück No. 1 in C Major (Adagio) 0:45:18 Klavierstück No. 2 in A Major. Scherzo (Allegro) 0:48:52 Klavierstück No. 3 in E Major (Allegro patetico) 0:56:03 Klavierstück in A Major, D. 604 (Andante) 1:00:43 10 Variations, D. 156 1:17:40 13 Variations on a Theme by Anselm Hüttenbrenner, D. 576 1:31:12 Variation on a Waltz by Anton Diabelli, D. 718 1:33:01 Fantasy in C Major D. 605a “Grazer Fantasie” 1:45:58 Fantasy in C Major, D. 605 (Fragment) 1:53:14 Fantasy in C minor, D. 2e 1:58:39 Hungarian Melody in B Minor, D. 817 2:02:05 Allegretto in C Minor, D. 915 2:07:41 Allegretto in C Major, D. 346 (Fragment) 2:12:46 Allegro moderato in C Major, D. 347 (Fragment) 2:15:01 Andantino in C Major, D. 348: (Fragment) 2:17:44 C Major D. 349 (Fragment) 2:21:40 C Minor D. 900 (Fragment) 2:23:44 Rondo in E Major, D. 506 (Allegretto) 2:30:27 E. Major D. 612 2:34:48 Allegro and Scherzo, D. 570: I. Allegro (Fragment) 2:39:58 Allegro and Scherzo, D. 570: II. Scherzo. Allegro vivace - Trio 2:43:01 G Major D. 178 (First Version) 2:49:17 Adagio in G Major, D. 178 (Second Version, Fragment) 2:54:05 Andante in C Major, D. 29 2:57:35 12 Waltzes, D. 145 3:09:15 Grazer Galopp in C Major, D. 925 3:11:26 Minuet in C-Sharp Minor, D. 600 3:13:01 Minuet in A Major, D. 334: Allegretto - Trio 3:15:57 277: Allegro - Trio 3:19:19 Two Scherzos, D. 593: I. Scherzo in B-Flat Major (Allegretto - Trio) 3:23:33 Two Scherzos, D. 593: II. Scherzo in D-Flat Major (Allegro moderato - Trio) 3:28:26 March in B Minor, D. Deest (Allegro assai - Trio) 3:31:57 March in E Major, D. 606 (Allegro con brio - Trio) 3:36:17 Fugue in D Minor, D. 13 3:38:48 Fugue in C Major, D. 24a 3:42:47 Fugue in G Major, D. 24b 3:45:10 Fugue in D Minor, D. 24c 3:48:46 Alfonso und Estrella, D. 759a: Overture (Transcr. Schubert) 3:54:55 Waltz in G Major, D. 844 “Albumblatt”
Olimpia Schmitz
Olimpia Schmitz 4 gün önce
Gregory Castillo
Gregory Castillo Aylar önce
This was the 9
Нелли -
Нелли - 2 aylar önce
Amirhassan Nekoufar
Amirhassan Nekoufar 3 aylar önce
@Linyan Huang jhap
Brigitte Benic
Brigitte Benic 3 aylar önce
RelojesCorporativos 11 gün önce
Escuchar a Schubert es transportarse a lo mágico, al amor infinito!!! Músico incomparable en su género. Podría escucharlo todo un día !! Genial !!! Graciaaasss !!!
Ricardo Gallardo
Ricardo Gallardo 2 yıl önce
Música extraordinariamente bella, que yo no conocía del genio de Schubert , y tan admirable es que haya compuesto tantas maravillas en una vida tan breve !Gracias por compartirla ! Ricardo , Buenos Aires , Argentina
Ivete Simpson
Ivete Simpson 2 yıl önce
Piano muito bem tocado. Dá gosto de ouvir.
Alba Salazar
Alba Salazar 2 aylar önce
Bellísima música que además de ser caricia para mis oidos, y mi espíritu, me ayuda a concentrarme para estudiar...
Alok Mishra
Alok Mishra Yıl önce
I can distinctly feel the interpretations here are full of deeper feelings than so many other performers...just heavenly to listen to this...
Chris H
Chris H Yıl önce
Alex Sand
Alex Sand Yıl önce
because of the audio quality,i think ,and other performence are good but the quality audio is low
Dominique Anglès d'Auriac
Dominique Anglès d'Auriac Yıl önce
Précis, clair, tendu, une intériorité dramatique parfaitement rendue qui tient en haleine du début à la fin. Miodini aime et comprend Schubert c'est sûr. Un Italien qui interprète Schubert à la russe. Finesse et délicatesse alliées à puissance et passion. Chapeau l"artiste ! Merci. On en veut encore et encore...
Dominique Larue Enchantez-vous
Dominique Larue Enchantez-vous Yıl önce
@Dominique Anglès d'Auriac Merci pour votre message! C'était une surprise...Je connaissais Serguei Kuznetsov par celle que j'appelle ma maman, France Musique, (étant musicienne sans être d'une famille de musicien ) et je suis allée voir sur youtube, pour entendre de nouveau ses talents de grande envergure. Merci pour le rappel, c'était un moment de pur bonheur!...
Dominique Anglès d'Auriac
Dominique Anglès d'Auriac Yıl önce
​@Dominique Larue Enchantez-vous . Touché ! Rares en effet mais nous sommes désormais deux Français au moins à aimer cette interprétation et à le dire. Mélomane, je ne suis pas musicien, ne joue d'aucun instrument et ne distingue pas un fa d'un do. Ce n'est, semble-t-il, pas du tout votre cas. Je croyais connaître Schubert. Le "soft". Le "hard" existe aussi et pas qu'un peu ! Miodini l'exprime avec justesse. Le prodige en la manière reste Serguei Kuznetsov - accessible uniquement sur youtube ou VK -. D'une "lisibilité" puissante et sans lenteur qui envoute et enchante. Ecoutez-le, vous l'adopterez.....
Dominique Larue Enchantez-vous
Dominique Larue Enchantez-vous Yıl önce
Contente de voir que je ne suis pas la seule française à apprécier une si belle interprétation...Les commentaires français sont souvent rares, merci pour le votre, vous avez tout dit! Cdt.
Maria Ines Vallejo
Maria Ines Vallejo 2 yıl önce
Hermosas Melodías que dan paz y tranquilidad.
Tim Willemsen
Tim Willemsen 7 aylar önce
15:03 I love this part! It speaks to me and gives me the shivers in a good way!
cjh68 7 aylar önce
Nice to get my head out of my Beethoven obsession. I had never heard any of Schubert's piano music. This is a revelation; an absolute delight. Even though they were contemporaries, you can hear the differences in style, how the romantic period was beginning through both of them. There's little of Mozart or Haydn in this music. Things had clearly changed.
zara mayne
zara mayne 4 aylar önce
cjh68 I know the feeling that Beethoven obsession I have had it too. then through restlessness I just landed here. and this first and second part of Shubert is very refreshing but still with Beethoven connotations yet transitioning away from with the added difference of Shubert's own individual touch and style quite restful and refreshing in part to ones mind and ear Thank you Shubert for this and for this channel producing the masterpiece here for our enjoyment Thank you 😊❤️
Thomas Mun
Thomas Mun 11 aylar önce
His compositions are just masterful. Plain and simple
Pablo Kalincausky
Pablo Kalincausky 2 yıl önce
Fantastic !!! It suits me very well to spend this cold weekend in the tranquility of my home. Thank you so much for this musical gift...
Brilliant Classics
Brilliant Classics 2 yıl önce
You're welcome!
raul illapel
raul illapel 5 aylar önce
Las notas del teclado se escuchan llenas de gloria que invaden el alma.
Elinore Koenigsfeld
Elinore Koenigsfeld Yıl önce
How lovely! I'm unfamiliar with many of these, and it's a joy to hear them. Thank you!
Dominique Larue Enchantez-vous
Dominique Larue Enchantez-vous Yıl önce
I add my thanks to Brilliant Classic. It's always a pleasure to discover music. Cheers from France.
michaeldavidrubin 2 yıl önce
Something so "personal" about these pieces, & Miodini's interpretation, at once energetic & thoughtful, that gives an impression of knowing this Franz Schubert fellow, as if he's a personal friend, here telling us something wonderful & interesting about his current life. Through the piano, of course; not to sound heretical, but I've never been a "piano buff," not my favorite instrument (if one needs to have a favorite anything) Yet, in presentations like this, my old preferences are overruled. The world of BC - an alternate universe? No, a truly enhanced, augmented reality, a real gift. Thanks to all.
Lurtz Saruman
Lurtz Saruman 3 aylar önce
Волшебная музыка! Потрясающее исполнение!
Frans Meersman
Frans Meersman 2 yıl önce
The real Schubert feeling, very fine performance. Thank you !
Elliott Humrich
Elliott Humrich 3 aylar önce
@gout from fried okra Yes, you will need MUCH further research! Including on Mars!
gout from fried okra
gout from fried okra 3 aylar önce
@Elliott Humrich Beethoven. and proberly sHerbert....I will need further research but Beethoven is a full brother
Elliott Humrich
Elliott Humrich 3 aylar önce
@gout from fried okra Who? Schubert?
gout from fried okra
gout from fried okra Yıl önce
Did u know he was black
Alioth Veda
Alioth Veda 2 yıl önce
Schubert con estas piezas nos empuja a esa melancolía mágica en donde se cumple con creces ese caro fenómeno que es el ser soberano de tu propia soledad.
TBNS Piano
TBNS Piano Yıl önce
Amei. Lindo demais
Manuela Barradas
Manuela Barradas 2 yıl önce
Maravilhoso! Grata.
Josè Santiago Morales
Josè Santiago Morales Yıl önce
Great sounds and composition by Schubert
Mj Fryer
Mj Fryer 4 aylar önce
What a brilliant surprise. When I decided to make March Schubert month I had no idea how marvelous and exuberant his music is. After a month of the wonderful and reserved Chopin I was delighted to discover this music...thank you
UpAndOut Yıl önce
A wonderful collection of miscellaneous pieces. I'll come back to this often.
Blank Blank
Blank Blank 6 aylar önce
Günther Nebel
Günther Nebel 5 aylar önce
It was tragic that Schubert died with only 31 years. He was able to compose with such an easiness like Mozart, very little corrections. His Lied composition "Gretchen am Spinnrad" with 17 years old is miraculous. Schumann discovered the manuscript of the great 9th Symphony many years later under a stack of notes during his visit in Vienna. His string quartet "the death and the maiden" is one of the finest compositions as well as his string quintet in C major. Schumann and Brahms were great admirer.
Mr. Sophistication
Mr. Sophistication Yıl önce
15:55, as well as 16:46, is absolutely beautiful.
Pascal gigi
Pascal gigi Yıl önce
i share your taste
Rene Peritz
Rene Peritz Yıl önce
Pure magic in the music..conjures up a world of repose, calm , control and introspection
Barry Malkin
Barry Malkin 2 yıl önce
I'm stuck on every stuck (wish I could add an umlaut) here. All of Schubert's music is a kind of Winterreise, a journey through life's joys and sorrows, and the bittersweet wisdom they bring. Especially so in this beautifully heartfelt and elegant rendition. Thank you for posting this.
Dominique Larue Enchantez-vous
Dominique Larue Enchantez-vous Yıl önce
Very well said. Completly agree, Cheers from France.
Kurt Rosenfeld
Kurt Rosenfeld Yıl önce
You can add an e behind the u. That will make it the Umlaut.
Barry Malkin
Barry Malkin 2 yıl önce
@Larry Gott Thank you. I'll try that.
Barry Malkin
Barry Malkin 2 yıl önce
@Larry Gott Thank you. I'll try that.
Larry Gott
Larry Gott 2 yıl önce
You CAN add an umlaut. Go to "edit," then "special characters," then "accented Latin." Then you can be stuck on every stück.
BejanR 7 aylar önce
I got tired from listening to lo-fi and said that I should try something new and I can gladly say that I don't regret my decision. Undying masterpieces!
Tertia Cloete
Tertia Cloete 2 aylar önce
Listening at this with the rain pounding on my roof. Harmony for the soul.
Catherine Jones
Catherine Jones Yıl önce
When I was still a child in the early '50's there was a brilliant accompanist called John Slee here in Adelaide, South Australia. We were rehearsing in primary school for a huge public choral concert involving choirs from most of Adelaide's primary schools. Near to the concert Mr Slee visited each of the schools to accompany the final classroom rehearsal. When he played, the music really hit us and we sang joyously to his playing. We sang a couple of Schubert songs (Die Forelle, and the wanderer) and there was the delightful Schubert accompaniment that literally blew me away. Some of the music here took me right back to those delightful moments. Thank you.
TheBestBeastGhiro 8 aylar önce
@Bob Ridge thank you bobby, you are very useful to the humanity
Bob Ridge
Bob Ridge 9 aylar önce
@Renzo Actually a couple of mistakes. This is tautological: "When I was still a child in the early '50's ... ". It can be a little resolved with a comma: "When I was still a child, in the early '50's ... ". Better would be: "When I was a child in the early '50's ... ". Using the word "still" makes no sense when a time is added to the construct. This is also a mistake: "Near to the concert Mr Slee visited ...". "Near to the time of the concert ... " makes more sense because then it is definitely temporal rather than spatial. There are more errors but, well, another time. As for your English, "well constructed" should be hyphenated ... "as well-constructed".
강현수 Yıl önce
Forelle = trout , wanderer = wanderer or vagabond
Renzo Yıl önce
Yes, indeed ! And, it's nice to see that there are still people who can write a well constructed sentence in English !
jaimelos100 2 yıl önce
Gracias por compartir hermosa selección y de gran calidad
채식하는 회색늑대
채식하는 회색늑대 15 gün önce
Franz Schubert music made my soul is walking through Donau river in Vienna.
Viggo 111
Viggo 111 9 aylar önce
Thank you for wonderful music of brilliant Schubert!👍👏💐
Jack Kagan
Jack Kagan Yıl önce
Schubert!!! A well played vocalist whose temptation lures you into the beauty of what classical music is really all about!!!!
José Lopes
José Lopes 9 aylar önce
Franz Shubert was a composer of fabulous talent and a prodigious musical imagination. The variety of his compositions is remarkable, including Fantasies, Fugues, concertos, Symphonies, etc. His musical masterpieces are of unbelievable richness and virtuosity. An example of this is the fabulous set of works presented in this remarkable recording, where the romantic spirit of the period is expressed in an astonishing way. The most musically alive moments are followed by moments of enchanting lyricism. The pianist’s interpretation is magnificent, not only for the excellent technique he employs but also for the sensitivity he expresses in his interpretations. Thanks for the superb and unforgettable recording that provided us with incredible moments of pleasure. Viva the wonderful music of Franz Schubert.
José Lopes
José Lopes 8 aylar önce
@Andrew Remillard Dear Sir thanks for your comment but Schubert composed a concerto for piano in A minor.
Andrew Remillard
Andrew Remillard 8 aylar önce
While I agree with your statement, I can't think of any concertos from Herr Schubert. Am I forgetting one?
Michael Fabian
Michael Fabian 8 aylar önce
I CONCUR 1,000%, "J.L."!!!!
Damian Ciortan
Damian Ciortan 3 aylar önce
The Klavierstucke is wonderful!
ladyme 3 aylar önce
Please could you mention the name of the artist who painted this lovely composition. Thanks for posting this remarkable recording.
belhaoui belaid
belhaoui belaid 3 aylar önce
Magnifique .merci pour le choix
Joshua Beadles
Joshua Beadles 10 aylar önce
Absolutely wonderful. Thank you for sharing!
Sidney Lanna
Sidney Lanna 2 yıl önce
Estou no Brasil numa cidade chamada Juiz de Fora e estou me deliciando ouvindo está maravilhosa composição de Schubert.
augusto ribas
augusto ribas 2 yıl önce
Eu também só escuto os clássicos Sou de Curitiba
Sérgio Perales
Sérgio Perales 2 yıl önce
Só nóis!
Gabriel Wallace
Gabriel Wallace 2 yıl önce
opa, verdade!
Dawiny Bastos
Dawiny Bastos 2 yıl önce
É clichê mas vou dizer. É raro encontrar um Brasileiro ouvindo música clássica.
piedad gil
piedad gil 4 aylar önce
Nina Bercan
Nina Bercan Yıl önce
merveilleuse musique, merveilleux interprete!
Hans Yıl önce
I heard the Allegretto in C Minor, D. 915 before, but couldn't remember who wrote it. Of course it was Schubert, as always.
Renzo Yıl önce
2:02:05 Allegretto in C Minor, D. 915
Teresa da Silva
Teresa da Silva Aylar önce
How lucky I am to know of your existence, I love your choices of Classical Music and their Descriptions, like this precious one on Schubert , I am fascinated also by your work and expertise. I would also like you to upload for me some 'light' Opera nothing too heavy - I am not sure if I still like Opera and I do not want to disappoint you in my Comment(s). Thank you so much. Teresa.
Rose da Sagrada Face
Rose da Sagrada Face Yıl önce
simplesmente lindo
קובי פוקסמן
קובי פוקסמן Yıl önce
Just so overwhelming with beauty. Thank you for this !!
Flávio Andrade Araújo
Flávio Andrade Araújo Yıl önce
Joe Owens
Joe Owens 4 aylar önce
Schubert: endless delight!
Philippe Cirse
Philippe Cirse 8 aylar önce
Like the first light of dawn, this music opens your eyes to new promises and to all the wonders of nature. Evocative of powers beyond observation, these pieces pull the strings of the heart, attract nostalgia and awaken the loves, the skinned lives and torpor of the sleeping watchmen💐💐
Erica (Raven) Branch-Butler
Erica (Raven) Branch-Butler Yıl önce
This is JUST what I was looking for. Thank you for posting this!
Katy Walters
Katy Walters 2 aylar önce
I always write to music. It's a must, otherwise, I cannot give the words the flame of emotion needed. At present, I am writing a Regency novel and am inspired by Schubert's piano music.
Giora Goldberg
Giora Goldberg Yıl önce
Poor Schubert. What a great genius, but living in the shadow of Beethoven must be frustrating. Yet he left us wonderful pieces to enjoy. Thanks,.
Centro Studi Carrara
Centro Studi Carrara Yıl önce
Perhaps, if he was been less "poor", we haven't had these masterworks...I think we have everything at our fingertips, now, but we don't feel the urge to create anything at all, and we turn to beauty and beautiful things, because they always call us. We are not poor enough ... About Beethoven's shadow: cumbersome, of course, but you think you had a stimulus of this kind nearby ... from which Schubert remained independent, in his only way, until the end.
Haz Honer
Haz Honer 10 aylar önce
AWESOME and so amazingly played
rosaura1945 2 aylar önce
Alguien sabe quien fue el pintor del delicado cuadro que acompaña la presentación ?
류순열 2 yıl önce
아름다운 피아노 연주곡 잘 들었읍니다~감사합니다~🎵🎹🌿🍀☘🌹🌹☘🍀🌿❤❤
Y. Martel
Y. Martel Yıl önce
whoa i didnt know that Schubert was such a good piano composer
özlem yıldırım
özlem yıldırım 6 aylar önce
Lukki Luftdruck
Lukki Luftdruck Yıl önce
Oh my god , what a beauty. Wie schön kann Musik sein, danke Schubert für diese wundervolle Musik.
Antonino MILANO
Antonino MILANO 10 aylar önce
風呂幸 2 yıl önce
I am a composer from Fukushima, Japan. Indeed, I am a victim of the earthquake. But the nuclear accident, anxiety, fear, sadness… Has been saved by the power of music.
František Mohykán
František Mohykán 2 aylar önce
Csucsu Csucsuka
Csucsu Csucsuka 2 aylar önce
I dont belive the nuclear accident and radiation part,but the rest possible and ,vibration realy help a lot !
carrillo ballesteros jesus m
carrillo ballesteros jesus m 3 aylar önce
Cada nota es una gota de agua de una lluvia fresca y melodiosa que nos conduce al éxtasis del alma.
Mary L
Mary L 6 aylar önce
I am so grateful that you have survived the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. I send you much love and healing thoughts! ❤️🌈💐
piengiess 7 aylar önce
Mrs Betty Kennard said in 1985, "The only Harmony is in Music". Her words, not mine. True words.
강현수 Yıl önce
Franz Peter Schubert...! I think he is the very treasure of music in the humakind history. The Muse must have borrowed his hands when some inspirations occured to her mind.
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