Self Worth Theory: The Key to Understanding & Overcoming Procrastination | Nic Voge | TEDxPrincetonU

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5 yıl önce

Nearly 80% of college students report that procrastination is a significant issue for them. Procrastination is not a matter of mere “laziness” and the solution is not simply “better time management”. Could it be that procrastination is actually a highly effective strategy for self-protection and that’s why we continue to do it? In this talk, Nic unravels the surprising and perplexing motivational dynamics underlying our procrastination that lead so often to disengagement and burnout. Illustrated with examples drawn from two decades of coaching students, he introduces self-worth theory of motivation, a powerful research-based conceptual framework for understanding and overcoming procrastination, avoidance, and over-commitment. Dominic (Nic) Voge is Senior Associate Director of Princeton University’s McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, and author of “Life Beyond Grades” (Cambridge University Press). His work focuses on helping students truly thrive and achieve a sense of well-being not only academically, but in all realms of their lives. Nic is a founding member of The Resilience Consortium, the Princeton Perspective Project, and Principedia, initiatives designed to deepen engagement and learning among students. He maintains private consulting and coaching practices. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Nayeefa Chowdhury
Nayeefa Chowdhury 3 aylar önce
I always get the feeling of being stuck when I procrastinate. It took me years to comprehend that the root of my procrastination was not laziness. Each time, I felt overwhelmed by anxiety.
Anderson Ferreira
Anderson Ferreira 21 gün önce
I don't feel lazy, but because I'm not delivering as much I would I think it will look like I'm lazy. And also this feeling people will like me because I'm good worker and if I'm not doing this well because I'm stuck, how will I be worth.
GULAB Jahan 2 aylar önce
I wasted my 2 yrs in result i failed my class 12. Eat that frog, journaling save me from again wasting my yrs.
Nayeefa Chowdhury
Nayeefa Chowdhury 2 aylar önce
@Yeowl Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am trying to do the same, training my mind to get going no matter what and maintaining balance.
Yeowl 2 aylar önce
Same, I struggled with procrastination for years. What I did whas I took the advice with my friend which is escape comfort zone. Even when I feel worried, lazy, nervous, I still do what I havd to do and I find it working. The only problem now is balance. I have to put in the right amount of effort to not get burnout.
Annie Shaw
Annie Shaw Yıl önce
Somewhere near the halfway point of this video, I genuinely found myself getting teary because I felt so seen and it felt so freeing to hear that there’s a deeper explanation here and it isn’t because we’re lazy, useless people…wow. It was SO helpful to have procrastination finally explained so clearly.
Gonzalo Urteaga Jimenez
Gonzalo Urteaga Jimenez 5 aylar önce
Well I completely relate... felt as well at some point so exposed and vulnerable for having heard so concretely explained the problem I'm still struglin with at my 27s. This is now my morning meditation video, need to internalize all these points harder than those fears that won't let me do what I'd love to. 10/10 this video. Best of luck to yall
Matt Humphrey
Matt Humphrey 6 aylar önce
Having that exact experience myself right now. In that “stuck point” he describes, I always feel so alone on top of being trapped against a wall. Hearing him so perfectly describe the experience, I finally feel understood and not alone.
Venus Martinez-Barrett
Venus Martinez-Barrett 6 aylar önce
@Menestra One you're not alone, I'm a 39 year old wife and mother of two teens and I still struggle with this too! No one is exempt from having feelings of self worth or fear of failing. It all begins with an origin story of some trauma or hurtful event that perhaps happened to us when we were young that fed into the lie that we're not good enough or that our worth comes from performing or achieving. We then feed into this toxic narrative and these thoughts are the basis of our perceptions, emotions and behaviors. It takes spiritual guidance, self reflection and talking it out with someone, prayer or even to ourselves to help bring more awareness on reasons/feelings behind our actions. In situations like these, it almost always is fear. That Nelson Mandela quote he ended with is such a great quote to meditate on to help you stay focused. " May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears". Honesty with yourself about the reason behind your struggle is the first step, then being honest with your parents will be freeing because maybe they can support you along the way to help you remember your "why's" behind wanting to complete this. And this will also help you to realize absolutely nothing is wrong with you and you are not lazy--quite opposite, you're actually an overachiever who is just afraid of failure. Just know you are not alone and your worth is not based off this achievement, but on the wonderfully made person you were innately created to be.
Venus Martinez-Barrett
Venus Martinez-Barrett 6 aylar önce
I agree! I shed some tears too!!
Menestra One
Menestra One 6 aylar önce
I am crying right now tbh. I just feel frustrated about my course these past few weeks pressuring myself to study. But the more I plan my way of doing it, the more I procrastinate. I feel so anxious without knowing but now I feel kinda free that I literally cried. Do you guys have discord or can you update ur progress here in the comment section? I don't know how to open up this kind of topic to my parents or friends so hearing some things from someone who experiencing what I'm experiencing is kinda helpful.
bunga renaning
bunga renaning Yıl önce
Just love the statement : “Can we be motivated by the things we aspire to, not by pretending we don’t have the fears, but despite them?”
Lane Hymas
Lane Hymas 8 aylar önce
eh, more complex than fear
Sabina Joji Sebastian
Sabina Joji Sebastian 2 yıl önce
Nobody has put the idea of procrastination with so much clarity ever! The point wherein he says that it is a middle point between the need to succeed and the fear of failure is extremely true. Whenever I am procrastinating, I honestly want to do the task really well and I’m waiting for myself to get motivated to do that job perfectly. I don’t want to do something half heartedly because I don’t want to ruin the task. But through procrastinating, I end up overworking my brain and doing the task somehow, but still not feel fulfilled by it. He just laid it all out on how it all works.
Rachel Campbell
Rachel Campbell 7 aylar önce
My life in a nutshell! 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️
Bill Lewis
Bill Lewis Yıl önce
Indeed Sabina - he explained it all so well, such a helpful talk!
Phenomenal fireman 🔥
Phenomenal fireman 🔥 Yıl önce
Queen Irodel
Queen Irodel Yıl önce
So true 🥺💗💗💗
talredgc Yıl önce
Lucky Omaar
Lucky Omaar 7 aylar önce
I can’t remember being this impacted by a Ted talk, ever! I learned so much and actually shed tears as I connected what I was struggling with for so many years. I genuinely would not have thought self worth and procrastination were related, but now it makes so much sense. I knew that anxiety was a factor, but looking beyond the anxiety into the deeper meaning behind why we build things up into mountains in our heads is startling and satisfying at the same time. I really apologized to myself once I connected the self worth with the achievement. I never would have thought that I was struggling with self worth! Now I know I need compassion and not shaming myself or guilting myself into completing a task that I am procrastinating on. The shaming and guilting have been the only way I finally was able to start on so many occasions. Self compassion and introspection is much needed in my life. I am writing this at 2 am having spent the last week catastrophizing about what my proposal would look like to others and wasn’t even able to write until hours before I sent it in so of course it came back with edits and that just made me more stuck until this moment. Thank you for sharing this, you certainly reduced my suffering and I am deeply grateful.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 7 aylar önce
So glad this was helpful. You say it so well! Compassion directed toward ourselves allows us to truly introspect and not merely judge ourselves. When we introspect with the aim of understanding we can gain insight and, often, even further compassion. Harsh judgements leading to feelings of guilt and shame may activate or energize us (through anger or fear) but they are not sustainable motivations that propel our best work and definitely do not contribute to feelings of accomplishment and worth. The antidote to powerful counter-motivations (like when you feel fear about writing and submitting your proposal) is to look inward and to identify the powerful approach motives that you feel (curiosity, interest about the topic, the desire to make an impact on the world, our desire to explore and grow and other positive reasons) and bring them to mind, keep them in mind so they influence your feelings and intention in the moment of writing. Another helpful strategy is to imagine not your ultimate reader of your proposal, but instead a supportive, welcoming reader that you can imagine would want to read your proposal. For instance, maybe you have a friend who is also interested in the topic or a family member. They are not experts and won't be overly critical judges of the text. Start with them in mind and write to them as your sole audience. Once you have a draft, then go back through it adapting for your purposes and for the ultimate expert audience with particular terminology, adding citations, etc. Much easier to write it in these "layers". Pay it forward. All the best to you. Nic
andromedasmoons 2 yıl önce
I've learned that my "all or nothing" thinking also contributes greatly to procrastination. My entire time k-12 I never, not once, broke up my papers or even projects into different days of work. I would do it all at once at the end and I actually had a shocking number of zeros from not turning in work at all. My dad and teachers would beg to me to at least turn in partial work, but that made me feel even worse than getting zeros. I would have rather turned in nothing than turned in something that wasn't "good enough". I didn't know what "all or nothing thinking" was until I was in treatment for anorexia two years after barely graduating high school, and one year after dropping out of community college after the first week because I had a meltdown. DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy) was quite the awakening. I believe "all or nothing" thinking is also tied to our sense of self worth.
هدنة فيما بيننا
هدنة فيما بيننا 29 gün önce
How are you doing now?
Farhan Mohammed
Farhan Mohammed Aylar önce
darkgreen 3 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing this, it made me realise myself a bit more
renew therapy
renew therapy 4 aylar önce
Are we twins? Lol.
Michael Devito
Michael Devito 6 aylar önce
I remember one semester I took 2 trips to Home Depot to make sure that all of my door hinges in my apartment were made of nickel and matched. I couldn’t start working until everything else was perfect.
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Fred Williams
Fred Williams 10 gün önce
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Jane Patrick
Jane Patrick 10 gün önce
Wow! love this. please, I'm interested, how can i reach her ?
Quinn Liu
Quinn Liu 2 yıl önce
I struggle to find the answer "why straight-A student fail in college" for over 4 years, and this is the reason. Mind-blowing presentation. Thank you so much.
Sunfire p
Sunfire p Yıl önce
Komal Bohra
Komal Bohra 5 aylar önce
I come back to this often after I get into a loop where I am harsh on myself after a unproductive day which leads to me derailing for days. The empathetic approach and reminders by him are so re assuring and I feel more inclined to atleast get started and moving again on my tasks. Thank you for this.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 5 aylar önce
Thank you, Komal, for this useful--to me and others--note! You say this well and suggest a concrete strategy--returning to resources that put you in a more non-judgmental, accepting mindset on a regular basis. Just this morning I was writing up some materials exploring how our judgements about ourselves lead to strong emotions like shame or guilt which then become another obstacle we must overcome to start and complete our task.
Dilâ Duman
Dilâ Duman 11 aylar önce
Best ted talk I have ever seen. I've been struggling with procrastination for 4 years now and my fears turned my life upside down. I needed this. You can see from his face how sincere he is and I am really grateful for this speech. Thank you
APOSTR 7 aylar önce
Gelişme var mı?
Clara 8 aylar önce
same. I lost many opportunities bcs of this. And it's not getting away as you grow older. We do need to change our mindset, and keep our hopes not fears. Gudluck.
Lol 9 aylar önce
Me too
Zutto 18 gün önce
This was the most accurate video I've seen on procrastination. I've watched and read several other things, but none were able to put things into perspective as this one. I am in college and struggling with procrastination, this helps a lot.
Andy 3 aylar önce
Bona fide ADHDer here, certified 25+ years ago but only in the last five years really trying to own it. I procrastinate in almost all things, often to the point of very serious detriment, and so forever looking for different angles to understand my challenges and ways to try to overcome them. I've come to realize that one of my issues is, in the moment, it is often impossible (or feels like it) for me to figure out what to do next. It's like dyslexia, but in perception of time and planning of action rather than processing written language. Then I reach a threshold where I am so overloaded and overwhelmed that I throw up my hands and retreat. This talk, although not super applicable to ADHD, gave me some valuable new-to-me ideas to examine. Thank you for that Nic Voge!
marishkaaable 3 yıl önce
Main takeaways (imo): 1. Break the equation: performance does not equal ability, ability does not equal worth. 2. Often, procrastinators do not lack ambition. On the contrary, they overstrive. 3. Instead of focusing on fear, focus on why you chose to do this work. Ex., think of your work as an experiment or service to others. The goal is to reduce pressure and anxiety. 4. Ask yourself, how does this task align with my mission? HOw do I make it small?
Apoorva Raman
Apoorva Raman 12 gün önce
Thank u for the summary. Was searching for this in hte comments section
Maddie Bundey
Maddie Bundey 7 aylar önce
Take the 20 minutes and watch the video if you can. These points are not so different from what you’d see in any usual piece about procrastination, yet I got something entirely fresh from his presentation.
Iche 9 aylar önce
TED Talks can be so frustrating. You watched the whole talk and then you find out the whole thing just served the ego's speaker.
HIBAQ ABDI 10 aylar önce
My reason for reading the comments was to find this. I knew someone would do it thank you soo much🥰🥰
Mehruba Asif
Mehruba Asif 10 aylar önce
I am worthy due to contribution ... All kind of participation
Luis Alvarez
Luis Alvarez Aylar önce
You are accomplishing all those purposes you written down. Thank you so much for your hard work, it really help me.
Bruja De Lana
Bruja De Lana Yıl önce
This is hands down the most beneficial talk on procrastination I have seen. I was deep in the throes of an academic existential crisis as I prepare to present a research paper at a conference, write midterm papers, & await grad school decisions. I am breathing easier having watched this, & composing a list to shift my perspective. Thank you.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge Yıl önce
Glad it was helpful. Good luck with the presentations and grad school admissions!
Stella Muamba Ngufulu
Stella Muamba Ngufulu Yıl önce
Have you ever considered that there is a limited amount of sources from which we build our self-worth? Namely, close social environment - friends, distant social environment - colleagues, hobbies, sports, self-care, success at work, success in networking, success in hobbies and so on. Now, imagine 95% of the mentioned sources no longer exist in your life. That’s the main issue. The moment you rely on one single source for your self-worth. The problem is that each source is responsible of giving us a puzzle piece of meaning in life - so only the completeness, the entire image, is capable of reflecting who we are. I believe procrastination results from an unbalanced life style and insufficient resources for building a stable self-worth.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge Aylar önce
@Zlata We are in agreement, I did not say it was "unlimited". You are making absolute statements about human capacities. How do you know this and how you do you know it with such certainty? Such statements are not supported by the psychological (and other) literature that I have read. I, too, have observed that there is little correlation between accomplishments and self-worth in important ways. This stands to reason, social esteem is only loosely related to one's self-appraisal. Pursuing external accomplishments for the purposes of bolstering SELF-concept is quite common, but fundamentally different than developing or having self-worth. "Connected" is a very general term and in its current use, so is "trauma" so I can't say much beyond "yes, it could be" and it probably is in some cases. But, there are many other conditions and sources of procrastination that a 20 minute video can't get into. This is actually a talk on Self-Worth Theory of Acheivement Motivation that uses procrastination to exemplify key parts of it. It is not intended as a comprehensive analysis or solution to procrastination for the full variety of expressions--though I am in the final stages of working on a course that does that.
Zlata Aylar önce
@Nic Voge "...the virtually unlimited capacity of human beings to adapt and actualize themselves". The capacity varies very widely from human to human. It's not unlimited and often depends on many other factors beyond the capacity alone. In ideal world everyone should feel self-worthy regardless of their capacity and place in hierarchy. I observed that often self-worth has no correlation with accomplishments. Highly accomplished people can have a very volatile self-worth. Could procrastination be connected to trauma (meaning trying to avoid being re-traumatized after epic "failure")?
Sarah Misconi
Sarah Misconi Yıl önce
this is so insightful
Dancestar1981 Yıl önce
@Stella Muamba Ngufulu it’s not that I don’t let my right to have a happy life take away my responsibility it’s that I don’t control the outcome of what happens to make the necessary changes. I was supported for the last 4 years by the NDIS now due to the pandemic they’ve cancelled my supports which I need to function and won’t allow me to advocate an appeal because they are not communicating with me. My whole life rides on having my full supports returned just to participate in society and they’ve taken away my advocates who could help me with this appeal and are dickking me around just like all the people who have sabotaged me in the past.
entertainment 2 yıl önce
1)"Reduce suffering" 2)"Our performance is not equal to either our ability or self-worth." These two sentences are really stunning... I now have more a positive attitude towards my procrastination, thank you Professor, I hope to have professors like you when being a uni student!!!
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 2 yıl önce
Thanks. Internalizing 2) will definitely lead to 1). Whether your professors think this way or not, you can continue to approach your learning and your life in this way.
Man face
Man face Yıl önce
"Think of procrastination as a protective strategy for coping with conflicting motivation," I observed it too! At the start of online class, I was really motivated. I have many things in my schedule, including helping my siblings study, doing household chores, organizing things, learning about this and that. And of course, I was not able to follow these plans. So I started to feel bad, then started blaming myself but still I can not get things done, I got a hard time completing the requirements on time and the bad feelings just kept in piling up. Then I started get addicted to reading web novels which is a source of my happiness. Because of this, there is less school work I can get done, and until I struggle to finish one in one day, worse is that my little brother is failing his studies and I don't even know if he is learning something. I was very depressed at that time, for the whole day I only lay down in a dark room reading web novels. Until today things is still not oka, it is really hard.
Shravan 9 aylar önce
@a4a_kash Good luck to ya too comrade
a4a_kash 9 aylar önce
@Shravan I think you and I have been Procrastinating for too long and we have now become what is "Chronic Procrastinators". Its become a habit along with our Perfectionist trait. I think its gonna take a bit of time to get productive again. Don't push too hard or you'll be back to ground zero. Good luck to you, comrade.
Shravan 9 aylar önce
@Brad Pitt I agree with ya. I'm not really gonna care about what happens with the grades anymore (I mean I'll still study but not with a burden but take it as my own intrest). And yeah I'll keep an eye on myself when I procrastinate. There is alot to learn from procrastination itself. Even if I procrastinate I'll work on it again and keep my mind fresh and I think it'll always give me a reason to work hard learn something from it again so that I don't forget what I've been through (I tend to forget somethings when I'm in a flow)
Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt 9 aylar önce
@Shravan we’re all in the same boat man. Just be aware of what is happening when you procrastinate, and use the community/people as your motivation to succeed. Do what you want to do because it will make their lives better.
a4a_kash 9 aylar önce
That's literally what happened to me this year.
Sarah Crane
Sarah Crane 2 yıl önce
Proscination is not always about being lazy. It can be feelings of being overwhelmed and not knowing which way to go in life. Fear of making a mistake etc 💖
Squirrel 2020
Squirrel 2020 4 aylar önce
Yo that's me
Martha Pyrgopoulou
Martha Pyrgopoulou 5 aylar önce
Aadhi Nana Murali
Aadhi Nana Murali 5 aylar önce
Wow. Wtf. You're right
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 6 aylar önce
@Leonardo Wynn Widodo Good for you, Leondardo!
Leonardo Wynn Widodo
Leonardo Wynn Widodo 6 aylar önce
I realise that now and I’m going to change for the better. Thanks
S DSouza
S DSouza Yıl önce
12:40 when he says "we are protecting our self or the sense of our self as able and capable and worthy human beings" hit so true at every level.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge Yıl önce
@Sylvester True for you and so many of us. To protect or defend our sense of self is a very basic need--we all have it. Yet, to take on challenging tasks, to do things we've never done before, to reach and stretch these will necessarily invoke the possibility--and threat--of failing. It's risky to our self-concept and self-worth. On the other hand, if we don't take those risks, we often feel unfilled, that our potential hasn't been met and unworthy. We need to demonstrate our capability to ourselves and others--that is part of being human, and so procrastination (avoidance, hesitation) is also part of the human condition.
cagedmaiden Yıl önce
I watch this video every couple months as part of my self therapy to return to writing. I've shared it a number of times. I learned so much about myself. I wasn't a natural procrastinator, it developed after I took a year hiatus from writing to study story structure. I guess somewhere along the way I got really stuck in that perfectionism-procrastination cycle that leads to impediment.
Maqsood Ahmad
Maqsood Ahmad Yıl önce
Then how did you get rid from this?
Ure2 Grit
Ure2 Grit 4 aylar önce
9:20 people procrastinate about things they love 10:50 over motivated procrastination 20:50 "May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears"
TheMrmoc7 4 aylar önce
I can definitely understand what he was talking about with being overly motivated and being extremely fearful as well. This hit home like a well aimed arrow. Thank you.
Cat-atonic 23 gün önce
My two barriers are (fear of failure) confidence and (project-itus)feeling a need to complete the task in one go instead of taking a step at a time. I found this lecture helpful.
Nourhan LK
Nourhan LK 3 yıl önce
Best line from the talk: "Your ability is not equivalent to your worth." ❤🌻
Iche 9 aylar önce
Exactly we are more than our abilities. And we should also condemn the ableist people in our society who are reducing others to their mental/physical abilities.
Inventive Owl
Inventive Owl 9 aylar önce
I agree. I'm worth much less than my abilities.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 10 aylar önce
@A Tricht Yes, we can know something to be true, but not 'believe' it. Philosophers call such a belief and "alief". It arises from socialization and enculturation probably where we learn things without being aware that we are internalizing them.
Eman Al-Maktari
Eman Al-Maktari 10 aylar önce
Yes, this was the conclusion of the whole talk, I actually had tears because it hit a nerve.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 11 aylar önce
@A Tricht Yes, it is an interesting fact that we can hold, that is have internalized beliefs that we are not aware of, or even that we disagree with. Conversely, we can know something to be true but not "believe" it. Many people say they know P=A=W to be untrue, yet have been conditioned to believe it. Changing a specific thought is much easier than changing the ways we think and changing our beliefs which are more like embodied thought-emotions. But, we CAN change our actions without changing our beliefs, and by doing so, we might change our beliefs. Keep at it.
AdAbsurdum Yıl önce
I love seeing a teacher who really enjoys teaching and is good at it
priya dubey
priya dubey 7 aylar önce
Thank you.. I was very scared and anxious and crying.. Trying to find some answer without even understanding my problem. This really helped to ease my nerves. Thank you once again. I am definitely gonna apply this in my life.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 7 aylar önce
I'm glad to know this was helpful and brought you some relief. Pay it forward, Priya. All the best to you. Nic
positive295 Yıl önce
This video describes me now but also as a student and it describes my daughter who is currently at University. I will send this to her and although she will deny that her procrastination is linked to self worth I hope she will reflect on the key messages. This is a great video. Thank you.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge Yıl önce
Thanks and I hope your daughter can use this video on her process of gaining greater self-awareness that all of us can--and maybe must--take. I'm taking a guess here, but one important idea that might help someone not immediately reject examining their own beliefs about achievement and self-worth is to point out that we can hold beliefs that we do not actually agree with explicitly. We can have internalized messages from society, school, peers, etc. that do not reflect our true values and thoughts and which we did not choose or reason ourselves into. Philosophers have coined a term for this, an "alief" a belief we may not be aware of, may not agree with, but influences our actions. Examining our "aliefs" with curiosity and compassion can bring us greater alignment between our actions, choices and values (important, positive beliefs).
Iker Martinez Ruiz
Iker Martinez Ruiz 5 aylar önce
Really happening to me in the degree in maths and this really helped me. I felt everything he said and my desire of succes combined with my fear of not being enough is really slowing me down and not letting me enjoy the degree🙏🏼
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 5 aylar önce
Iker, that is an important insight you have made. You have both kinds of motivations and so can intentionally tip the balance by focusing on what is fascinating, useful and relevant about your work. In so doing, the effects of the (understandable) fears you experience will decrease correspondingly. At the same time, you can learn attention-directing and emotional self-regulation techniques to address those emotions which make doing our intellectual work more difficult.
T R 5 aylar önce
Beautiful, eye-opening, well-rounded talk. You helped (me) reducing (my) suffering. So IMHO you could add an other check on your vision's to-do list :) Mission accomplished! Thanks a lot:)
Syed Ashiqur Rahman
Syed Ashiqur Rahman 3 yıl önce
Probably the most undersold and underrated speech in the history of TED talks. Thank you, Nic Voge!
allkinofjennifer 11 aylar önce
I agreee , this was so accurate
Fabio Pellim
Fabio Pellim 2 yıl önce
Totally agree, needs to be shared, will help a lot of people, like myself.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 2 yıl önce
​@Catherine Campion Thank you, Catherine. I'm glad the talk and these ideas articulated by my mentor, Marty Covington, are useful to you. What a powerful example you offer. With this framework we can reflect and actually SEE the beliefs and values operating in our environments, in our language, and in our thoughts which underlie our understandably protective actions. I hadn't thought about how this applies to theatre in particular, but of course, there are few if any more public performances which reflect on our ability. As you say, many educators, coaches, parents etc. are communicating these beliefs unwittingly and we learn not unconditional worth from these important figures in our lives, but conditional worth based upon performance and achievements. Thanks again, and best of luck to you.
Catherine Campion
Catherine Campion 2 yıl önce
@Nic Voge Thank you Nic for this wonderful talk. Listening to you speak about the self-worth motivation theory lead to a 'lightbulb' moment that stemmed back to my theatre training as a child. The 'ethos' that I would constantly hear was, "you're only as good as your last performance". This was something heavily engrained which I feel perfectly represents the p=a=w equation. If your performance was good, your ability was adequate and therefore, you were worthy. If you performed badly, your ability was not good enough, and so come the feelings of unworthiness. I'm sure many, if not all students believed this to be true. The constant cycle of pursuing perfection, a 'seamless' performance (whatever that means to the individual) to 'win' the reward or praise, and validation of the tutor/audience. It is sad that many wouldn't be aware of the kind of pathways and subconscious beliefs they are creating. As you say, having that awareness of those patterns, and focusing on the hope and not the fear is key. 😊
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 2 yıl önce
​@Irena Mohini Thank YOU, Irena for taking the time to share your response with me. I'm very gratified to hear that the talk helped you gain some understanding and help you take the direction that's beneficial to you. You raise an important point about how feeling depressed can both lead to and follow from procrastination. Negative feelings, critical self-talk and low energy can follow from our disappointment and even despair from not attaining what we set out to do can then contribute to subsequent procrastination. It's important to note that often depression is not the ultimate, but rather intermediate cause of procrastination. Tilting the balance toward productive engagement can help us both deal with depressive feelings and move forward on projects and activities that will bolster our self-concept. Best of luck to you, Irena.
Vener349 Yıl önce
Has actually alleviated my suffering with these insights. Absolutely hit the nail on the head.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge Yıl önce
So glad to know that--thanks for telling me! You've helped me achieve my mission. I hope you achieve yours.
psychack-ING 2 yıl önce
I knew it!!! I knew that my perfectionism and procrastination are tightly interlaced. And you put into words, and there is actually a theory that explains it. It's amazing, thank you!
Anonymous Anon
Anonymous Anon 8 aylar önce
Ditto. If I’m doing something for you it might well take a while if I’m trying to perfect every detail, which is usually the case. Daily life stuff coming and doing its thing doesn’t help, either, and it’s like that most of the time. Superficially all these variables just look like excuses but there’s a lot more heavy-lifting-and-grunting going on than I’d ever let on. I’ve never been fantastic at the art of time management per se but I have more than enough spontaneous ability to push through. I feel bad for keeping the other person waiting for so long if I’m helping them out but sometimes the longer things marinate the better the final result.
Lane Hymas
Lane Hymas 8 aylar önce
add a dash of high IQ
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 2 yıl önce
You are welcome! From this perspective, indeed they are. If we hold beliefs that our performance is equivalent to our worth as a person and that our performance is primarily due to innate ability, we can see that the stakes of not being 'perfect' (brilliant, excellent, a genius) are much higher than simply the task itself. What's at stake is our self-concept, which motivates us to seek "perfection" in order to protect that sense of self. If you've not heard the phrase "effortless perfection" (ie low effort, high ability explanation of performance) you might want to look it up as it may give you additional insight. Keep striving to understand--and accept--yourself as I believe, that is the path to a meaningful life.
Kiran Yıl önce
Takeaway : May your choices reflect your HOPES; not your FEARS
dennis winters
dennis winters 2 yıl önce
People can have an unfairly low estimation of their own ability, particularly if they avoid putting their ability to the test. The more you do something, you better you get at it. Everyone knows that. So if you're scared of testing your ability, it becomes a vicious circle, because you've put it off so many times, when you finally muster the courage, the results might not be very good. But that's not because you have poor ability, it's because you haven't been practicing !
Sandra Wilson
Sandra Wilson Yıl önce
Wow just wow. FINALLY a clear perspective/plan on how to approach my procrastination. And how to mentally and emotionally understand it. I heard a lot of Ted talks this is one of the best ones!!!
Nic Voge
Nic Voge Yıl önce
So glad this talk was helpful, Sandra. You've said it so well. I had a similar reaction when I learned about Self-worth theory and the research of Professor Marty Covington.
Behnam Rostami
Behnam Rostami 4 yıl önce
this is the best procrastination i have ever done
Kikoeca1 8 aylar önce
It came just in hand for a bit more of rolls on my bed while listening to this
Lane Hymas
Lane Hymas 8 aylar önce
I still haven't finished
The Nerdlet
The Nerdlet 9 aylar önce
meta procrastination
Y Ouchi
Y Ouchi 10 aylar önce
@John Toye just finished mine after watching this
Y Ouchi
Y Ouchi 10 aylar önce
I was procrastinating when I saw this
Willow7411 3 aylar önce
Wow, that was amazing, as a student doing my GCSE's I've been prey to procrastination whilst thinking these tests aren't that important but also them being my first big exams and feeling stretched so thin studying 14 subjects. I've watched procrastination videos but none of them had good ways to overcome it like this did
asdfghjkl 2 aylar önce
This was amazing. Absolutely on point and what I needed to hear.
Ana Paula
Ana Paula 8 aylar önce
"Your ability is not equivalent to your self worth". "Our worth derives from our human qualities of kindness, thoughtfulness, and our vulnerabilities".
vijayinvimarsanam 3 aylar önce
This was definitely helpful in understanding the aspects to procrastination.I would even say this was probably the best one i have heard about this tipic and help me understood why i procrastinate
homoruge Yıl önce
You were beyond serving Princeton. Thank you! Wish you all the best teacher!
corrhall1 3 yıl önce
I am a 50 year old who has struggled with procrastination and self worth my entire life, and still do, but I am getting better. I am grateful for your talk and it will be a tool I use moving forward! At the same time, I have two children who are currently college students, both of whom struggle with procrastination and self worth. I will encourage them to watch this because you present the concepts so well and with great hope. Thank you!
Iche 9 aylar önce
We all are living on a prayer
mustafe abdi
mustafe abdi 10 aylar önce
Try to read Qur'an; there's one and only universal God in this world. May Allah guide you
Phenomenal fireman 🔥
Phenomenal fireman 🔥 Yıl önce
We all Struggling with procrastination and our self worth
francesca francesca
francesca francesca 2 yıl önce
@Eka Puspitasari Hi! I understand that telling your parents how you feel can be dreadful, but my experience they won't love you any less that they did before. If they are startled, it's not because of you being a complete disappointment, but because they care. They come from a generation where emotional intelligence and communication wasn't something commonly taught or accesible, and they are often trying to do the best with the bad they have been given. You got this! If anything, you're struggles have helped you to be more thoughful and strive to live a more fulfilled live. That's amazing! Let's celebrate it by being more kind with ourselves. Just keep in mind that you're worth it, simply because you exist, and that's enough.
Eka Puspitasari
Eka Puspitasari 2 yıl önce
I wish i would have support from my parents.. But im too afraid to tell them that a lot of things going on, the fear of letting them down could also be the reason i procastinate.. I was an over achiever and finally that much pride exhaust me.. Here i am trying to reset my mindset and be more forgiving to myself and define my own happiness.. And that excitement is starting to come back.. I guess we need to forgive ourselves and not to project our fear to other people, lets move forward with positive attitude.. Celebrate your relationship with your children as much as you can, and appreciate the most little effort they made, and just grow together with them.. You guys going to have different pace but im sure it will head to somewhere beautiful..
Circuit E Makes
Circuit E Makes Yıl önce
I cannot even begin to find the words to appropriately address how important this was to me. I sensed something missing from my cycle of set a goal -> work hard -> payoff Now I found how the cycle isn't what motivates me. It's what holds me in a loop of fear and relief
Nic Voge
Nic Voge Yıl önce
So glad to know this talk provided useful insight. Sounds like tapping into your interests, passions, and the benefits of your tasks might be more productively motivating for you. The key is gaining self-knowledge and then turning that knowledge into actionable strategies. Figuring out what does NOT motivate us is crucial!
essennagerry 11 aylar önce
I can attest I have done all of these for literal years without anyone telling me to - I just wanted to be productive for the sake of these things that I wanted to do with intrinsic motivation in which I found meaning and very often not only meaning but also pleasure and joy. Yet I was doing nothing all day for years. Turns out "executive dysfunction" exists and can have several causes. One of them is ADHD. So for anyone who hasn't done the things on this list - do them. For anyone who has genuinely tried to and failed, especially for a longer period of time - take heart. There is always a next step. Your brain is fantastic and you can figure it out - especially of you don't take what other people tell you as pure gospel. And maybe your next step is researching ADHD. Researching what can cause executive dysfunction. Getting evaluated for ADHD by a psychiatrist (not a psychologist or your GP!) with either a specialization or experience with ADHD. Think about it, look it up. Reach out. I know the shame and the pain. You're not a defect human. You're not a bad or despicable person for this. You're not crazy. And I wish you all the best.
Iman Omari
Iman Omari Yıl önce
Waw ! That is one of the most insightful tedx talk I watched so far ! Remembering what motivates you to do something is indeed more powerful than thinking of what scares you and for me the fact that what motivates me means it’s my choice not what is someone forcing on me is enough drive to keep me passionate and going !! I loved this , it is an AHA idea 💡
Nic Voge
Nic Voge Yıl önce
You've said it very well! So glad this talk was valuable to you and has stoked your passion. Yes, do keep going toward what you are passionate about achieving!
Aadhi Nana Murali
Aadhi Nana Murali 5 aylar önce
Why is the video not having many more views. This is GOLD. I teared up halfway through the video. Thank you for this.
Jobba 4 yıl önce
This is a very good talk, way better than the Ted Talk that currently has 1000 times this one's views. It rests on well-thought concepts, it explains in details with relatable examples and it offers ways to counter it. The good will of the speaker, the shyness of the audience the low amount of views : it's all too little appreciation for his performance here.
very confused
very confused Yıl önce
Evans Family
Evans Family Yıl önce
I totally agree. Most often it is just, "You are amazing! Go get it!" I love that he broke it down and gave specific tools and language. WINNER!
private Yıl önce
@Nic Voge Is there a self-worth theory book you would recommend that would be understandable/interesting for someone who is not in the field? Thank you for this enlightening speech.
Meena A
Meena A Yıl önce
Very true
Cass Fonnesbeck
Cass Fonnesbeck Yıl önce
@Jr Golub 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
silviaaa Yıl önce
Best ted talk. Clear, straight to the point and very useful right away. It's helping me already.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge Yıl önce
So glad to hear that! Good for you for implementing the ideas right away. Keep up your positive momentum!
Saraswathi Bavadharini S
Saraswathi Bavadharini S Yıl önce
I've seen tons of videos about procrastination ( all that time ,yes I was procrastinating ) . But this video is really nice. He does not view Procrastination as entirely negative , but instead we learn a possible cause. It's the most relatable I've felt and kinda opened up a new way of thinking why I procrastinate so much. I would really recommend everyone to watch the whole video.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge Yıl önce
Nivetha, I'm glad you found the talk relatable and helpful in understanding why you procrastinate. And, thanks for sharing the recommendation!
Lucas FC
Lucas FC Yıl önce
Watched more than a dozen procrastination videos on TED, all with statistics and guru techniques, but this is the only one I can surely view as analytical and to the point. Thank you, I know recognize my problem (finally, after 19 years) and will strive to get it alleviated :)
Nic Voge
Nic Voge Yıl önce
So glad this was helpful Lucas FC. Yes, this talk is based upon decades of research by my mentor and UC Berkeley professor, Martin Covington, so it's definitely analytical. Understanding the root motivational reasons why we procrastinate is at least as important as understanding how attention (monkey mind) negative self-talk and distortions, emotional reactivity, habits and environmental cues contribute to procrastination. Without that understanding we are likely to repeat the patterns of procrastination because we've not really understood why we are doing it. Best of luck in striving to understand your motivations more clearly and in alleviating the problem.
AK 11 aylar önce
This truly connects to me each word of it❤
shaggyluvr 3000
shaggyluvr 3000 Yıl önce
This is the best thing I've seen in my life. Last night I completely gave up on these two assigments (cause I had procrastinated them to the point of no return) and decided to use that moment as motivation to search onto Why tf did I keep doing that knowing that I was dissapointing myself. Today I'm doing the research I said I would do and this talk really changed the game for me, I cried watching it because it simply resonated So Much. We are so much more than just a reward on a set date, we have infinite potential and I really do believe we can change when the time comes. This talk was absolutely amazing, I loved it so much, thank you so much Nic Voge this really changed the perspective for me.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge Yıl önce
What an inspiring and profound comment--we are far more than our achievements and rewards! You are very welcome. To make changes in our actions often requires that we change our thinking, and not only our self-talk but in the ways we understand our own motivations and our procrastination. With the lens of self-worth theory we can look inward with greater clarity in better understand our actions as understandable. With this understanding and without judgement, we can often tip the motivational balance and get moving toward our aims. I'm gratified to know that this talk helped you do that. All the best going forward.
Emily 2 yıl önce
I've watched and read dozens of procrastination videos and articles over the years and I have to say this man is the only one who truly understands the roots of my problems 😭 Thank you! You've successfully reduced this student's suffering caused by procrastination.
Anonymous Anon
Anonymous Anon 8 aylar önce
I need this to make a final move on something I’m helping someone out with but half of me just wants to take a long nap and dust it off in the morning. I’ll see how I feel after another coffee.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 2 yıl önce
So, glad it was helpful, Emily. My mentor spent decades doing research to unravel the motivational puzzle of procrastination and explain it--and other motivational dynamics. I'm just translating his work.
Rinnie Antony
Rinnie Antony 8 aylar önce
You are so honest in your approach are brilliant. I found this talk very useful
Neha Sahrawt
Neha Sahrawt 2 yıl önce
This was the best talk on procrastination Didn't realise that I was doing the P A W approach and how accurately he described the fear-success based motivational I have some clarity as to what has been happening with me for the last one year.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 2 yıl önce
Glad these ideas, from my mentor's research, are useful Neha. I hope you are able to build on that clarity.
E Groover
E Groover Yıl önce
Came across this wonderful talk while studying, ironically enough. This is helping me to let go of the guilt and center myself on those core motivations. I’m chasing my dream to be a therapist, to know what I’m talking about when I see clients, and make a difference in the world. I am grateful to have clear desires and a direction to move in, even if it does get overwhelming. But I’m grateful for the chance to try.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge Yıl önce
​@E Groover Thanks so much Ellie for taking the time to comment and to return to these comments. High highlight an essential aspect of overcoming procrastination. Once we have a clearer understanding of the underlying motivational dynamics an our own patterns of avoidance, then we need to bring our positive approach motives and intrinsic motives back into our minds on a regular basis (e.g. 'replay' them). Motivations, to effect us, must be experienced, we must think and feel them, and this may require that we consciously direct our attention to them--as you have done. Doing so won't eliminate obstacles or totally prevent feelings of overwhelm, but it will prepare you better for dealing with them when they arise. I wish you well in pursuing your direction and path toward your desires.
E Groover
E Groover Yıl önce
I had to revisit this because it’s been a day sine watching this and it is still replaying in my head! Literally the most helpful, healing, and encouraging ted talks I’ve seen, right up there with Brene Brown’s talk on vulnerability. Thank you Mr Voge, you have helped give me the tools to lessen my suffering in life 👌
Ngan Pham
Ngan Pham Yıl önce
I'm interested in this topic. I'm curious about the person who likes procrastinating. And now I know the reason why. Thank professor ❤
Bhargavi Bhat
Bhargavi Bhat 10 aylar önce
Wow.. Thankyou so much for bringing a positive light to procrastination. I feel so validated and thoughtful after listening to this. His choice of words, body language, the constant smile while talking just made everything so easy to listen to. I don't wanna judge too quickly but I'm a little disappointed with how the students were. If I were there I'd probably be nodding my head through the entire talk hahaha xD This video is definitely going to my saved playlist!
Tommy Coyle
Tommy Coyle 4 yıl önce
One of the best videos I’ve seen on procrastination!! Self protection not self sabotage that’s genius
Katie Kamala Haley
Katie Kamala Haley 3 yıl önce
It's a more useful way to frame it
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 4 yıl önce
Thank you, Tommy. Every human being needs and wants to protect oneself. Perhaps some want to sabotage their sense of self, but that does not ring true to me. If we can all find ways to both protect our self-concept while taking the risks necessary to achieve our goals and avoid self-sabotage, then we will have adhered to the message from Nelson Mandela at the end of the talk.
Sandhiya Beharee
Sandhiya Beharee 7 aylar önce
This is such a great approach to understanding procrastination, I feel a whole lot better after watching this, talk. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Murilo Perrone
Murilo Perrone 10 aylar önce
Some things get procrastinated for years. This is not about performance. But it is about self worth. Avoidance of the task that makes us feel bad, and we don't really understand why. It comes from our subconscious mind, and we avoid the task to protect our feeling of self worth.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 10 aylar önce
@Murilo Perrone This is a useful description of what self-worth theory of achievement reveals about the underlying dynamics of procrastination which, as you suggest, many of us are not fully aware of. Gaining awareness of WHY we are avoiding, what's motivating us TO avoid (it's not merely that we are not motivated to engage in the activity or task), and seeing that this is understandable from a certain of view, is crucial to making long-term changes. I would point out that our avoidance can be about BOTH the performance and our sense of self-worth. They are not mutually exclusive. In fact, for many the recognition that they are fearful of how their performance will be evaluated can obstruct or conceal a deeper dynamic--namely, that we are ALSO protecting our sense of worth. For those who love the field they work in, they are often confused by their avoidance. They may love physics or playing guitar, yet put off preparing for a performance (e.g. an exam or recital) and even 'feel' at those times that they don't like these things. They are often feeling fear in the moment, associated with the implications or meanings to their sense of who they are, their capabilities and their worth. These considerations, the desire to protect these established meanings, can motivate us even more powerfully than our enjoyment or music or physics and even more than our desire to achieve goals, be successful, etc. Without looking deeper our actions appear nonsensical, perplexing and we often judge them and ourselves harshly leading to guilt and shame, which further obscure our ability to clearly see the dynamics operating. Looking beneath the surface with a stance of gentle curiosity can help us see new things and see ourselves in new ways which allow us to see new possibilities. Best of luck to you
Heather McNee
Heather McNee 2 yıl önce
I appreciate learning about the dual forces that create a "stuck" mentality between success and failure. I will be working on practicing the strategies for overcoming these competing motivations/forces that Nic Voge offers.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 2 yıl önce
Thanks, Heather. I've felt this stuckness many times myself and know that overcoming is aided by tapping into our deepest motivations and values while also using concrete techniques. Best of luck.
Devansh Arora
Devansh Arora 3 yıl önce
Is it just me or is this the most useful Ted talk ever!!
Nic Voge
Nic Voge Yıl önce
@𝔸ℙℝ𝟙𝕃★𝔽𝟘𝟘𝕃𝕊 So glad the talk is helpful to you. There is a lot of wisdom in what you right. Stepping outside of our situation and reflecting upon it is often difficult yet so valuable in understanding what is going on. Sometimes, too, we need a way of looking at our own actions and motivations which we get from others to bring clarity to what we see. I'm glad the talk helped in this way and I hope your comment helps others recognize that it is OK--and understandable--that our motivation changes and that we can learn to direct it anew. Taking the time and making the effort to understand ourselves in this way is, to me, an essential part of becoming wise. Best of luck in your business!
𝔸ℙℝ𝟙𝕃★𝔽𝟘𝟘𝕃𝕊 Yıl önce
@Nic Voge hi, i was getting depressed about this and couldnt really identify or do something about it. I just lost motivation.. i used to be always on fire and suddenly i forgot how it felt to be motivated.. i knew all the words that describe how to do it from motivational books i read when i was starting out my bsnesses and now i just lost it. Your talk gave me a great insight, it hits deep and you are very much correct. We are not all wise enough to identify things when its happening to us, sometimes an idea needs to be planted on our minds to grow into something. Thnk u very much for this.. this is really helping me a lot sir.
Jo Bunny
Jo Bunny 2 yıl önce
It's just you only.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 2 yıl önce
@Char Talks Hang in there and keep working on yourself. Self-understanding leads to self-acceptance which will reduce your suffering.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 2 yıl önce
@Elena Gorovenko Thanks, Elena.
jose luis iturbide lopez
jose luis iturbide lopez 28 gün önce
Awesome!, This talk helped me to know myself better. You're helping not only the Princeton community also all remote watchers.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 28 gün önce
Thanks so much, Jose Luis! That's exactly the aim--to provide a lens that each of us can apply to looking inwards to see if we can understand ourselves and our actions better and in ways that help us take the actions that will bring fulfillment in our lives.
Huong Nguyen
Huong Nguyen Yıl önce
This really helped me a lot. I have struggled with and still struggle with procrastination because I was an overachiever and feared failure. Living in fear is a pathway to mental illness, so thank you for your life saving insight.
Huong Nguyen
Huong Nguyen Yıl önce
@J T. Procrastination happens a lot to people struggling with depression and anxiety. There's always this feeling of being damned if you do and damned if you don't. But, I often attribute the intense fear of failure with the cognitive dissonance of blowing things out of proportion or catastrophizing.
J T.
J T. Yıl önce
interesting you mention mental illness. I was procrastinating on an assignment really badly. I felt horrible about it and yet I didn't stop. I started thinking...procrastination must be some sort of a mental illness.
J T.
J T. Yıl önce
aw man this is so true! I feel sad I put my self worth on something ridiculous like performance on a task. What's a few steps worst is some of us put self worth on how people view us..that's even more ridiculous. Self worth can't be reliant on something so changeable. It has to be something more stable, ideally it should be just innate and unconditional.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge Yıl önce
Agreed. Self-worth, when we look closely, is grounded in qualities other than mere performance on a test or in a class or even on the job. Those are not unimportant, but they are not who we are: We are not our grades, our worth is not our work. But, it can feel that way and so we act as if it were true. We get this message in our society, perhaps especially in school and work contexts. So, we have to actively work against the messages that condition us, but which we recognize are inaccurate. That's one step in overcoming procrastination--working to disconnect that association or equation of our work with our worth as human beings. Your friends value regardless of these things. Can we come to value ourselves the way our friends and loved ones value us?
Ifeoluwa Ojo
Ifeoluwa Ojo Yıl önce
Not only did he explain procrastination, he gave practical steps to overcome it. I've internalized this speech and I'll make sure I change for the better 😊. See you at the top 🚀.
Ifeoluwa Ojo
Ifeoluwa Ojo Yıl önce
@Nic Voge WOW It's really you 🤯 It was a great speech! Thanks a lot
Nic Voge
Nic Voge Yıl önce
So, glad it was helpful and that you are acting on it. All the best--Nic
Anonymous Anon
Anonymous Anon 8 aylar önce
Even if I do 95% of something quite correctly I never make it public until that final wave of inspiration comes and that can be a last-minute thing. It’s a difficult one when other people are waiting and waiting on you but the final wave of energy just comes when it comes. I have to battle that every day to just about move forward as quickly as I need to.
Bran CroiDubh
Bran CroiDubh 2 yıl önce
I laughed at myself when I originally saw this and clicked on watch later.
Jdraws Aylar önce
Kamaljeet Aylar önce
I just Clicked it now 😂😂😂😂
Natália Taveira
Natália Taveira Aylar önce
Robin Huizing
Robin Huizing 2 aylar önce
Me too. Lol, a few times
Randi Jones
Randi Jones 2 aylar önce
Jui A.
Jui A. Yıl önce
I didn't even know there was such a thing called self worth theory until I watched this video. Procrastination only scratches the surface of how I've been feeling for years - not good enough. This Ted talk has been eye opening for me, thank you!
Nic Voge
Nic Voge Yıl önce
Jui, I'm glad the talk was helpful and that self-worth theory has helped you understand your experience better and, I hope, reduce feelings of not being good enough. Understanding the underlying beliefs (that are communicated to us often through school, society, and family) that lead to those feelings and then directly challenging them can be an important step. Good for you for taking it!
Karen Diggs
Karen Diggs 5 aylar önce
I was standing up screaming Yes Yes. So validating. May we all be inspired by our hopes.
Beth Jackson
Beth Jackson 8 aylar önce
This was incredible, and definitely something I'll be keeping in mind!
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 8 aylar önce
Glad to be of help, Beth.
Jimena Jiménez
Jimena Jiménez 4 aylar önce
Thank you very much, I think that was something I really really needed to hear cuz I had already thought it may have been the reason and I was right. :/ I think it’s time to start doing better. It moved me and for that I’m very grateful, now I think I can try doing anything.
Millennial Knowledge
Millennial Knowledge 2 yıl önce
I used to procrastinate on the important task of the day and do the smaller tasks first and realised that didn't have enough time to do the important stuff. For me personally, when I started using the Pareto Principle it literally changed my life. Once you realise that 20% of your actions will provide 80% of the results you start to look at things from a different perspective.
Annie Blogger
Annie Blogger 3 yıl önce
Very inspirational stuff - thanks Nic. I'll make sure to tell all my friends to watch this video. I've been telling everyone to also read The Procrastination Elimination Method by John Isaac... its the single best thing that helped me overcome procrastination in 2019.
cartasun 2 yıl önce
Powerfully brilliant and life-changing teaching... Thank you
Robbin Mcquain
Robbin Mcquain 2 yıl önce
I went to youtube to procrastinate... And the ultimate irony occurred... Touche!
John S
John S 2 yıl önce
Hi Annie. Your overcoming procrastination is lasting? if so, I guess your life has changed a lot during all these months.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 3 yıl önce
@Anthony Gomez Thanks, Anthony! I learned almost all of this from my mentor, Marty Covington. He's the brilliant thinker (and wonderful person) who figured this stuff out through research. Glad to pay it forward.
Anthony Gomez
Anthony Gomez 3 yıl önce
@Nic Voge You're my hero Nic Voge!
K. Amit Arun
K. Amit Arun Yıl önce
I found this video very helpful in understanding that doubting one's self worth leads to procrastination and that your self worth is not determined by the various accolades you receive in university and at places of work etc. Prof. Voge made his point clear in simple to understand language without a lot of academic mumbo jumbo and his arguments are so simple and elegant. Thanks professor Voge for your scholarship and your decision to take this line of work. It is truly meaningful and it benefitted me very much. Kind Regards. Amit
Angela Victoria Gutierrez
Angela Victoria Gutierrez Yıl önce
Thank you sir for this very informative video. I appreciate your effort and the courage to show your vulnerable side. I think of procrastination as more of an “emotional” state clouding our rational side. Heck, logically we do not want to procrastinate. But here are our fears and our experinces from the past. May we all process it and work on it fully. Much thanks.
Nic Voge
Nic Voge Yıl önce
Thanks, Angela. I'm glad you found it useful. I agree that Procrastination has a significant affective dimension for most people. What I've learned from working with lots of people is that it has cognitive and attention dimensions as well and there are also dimensions of motivation and beliefs. I think that this multi-layered nature of procrastination is why it is so hard to overcome. We can address it at one "level" say cognitive self-talk, but not at the emotional or motivational level--not to mention addressing our physical and social environments. For some, tackling procrastination with, say, emotional self-regulation techniques and tools, is sufficient, but for some they need some else, or some tools in addition to these. All my best to you.
Oli Oli
Oli Oli Yıl önce
As a college student who often suffers from procrastination , I am really inspired by this talk. Now I have better ideas to fix my procrastination. Thank you a lot!!
theyetti90 Yıl önce
I'm on the verge of tears,and in pain watching this. I'm experiencing it now.
Christian Quintino
Christian Quintino 11 aylar önce
He nailed it at the end, GREAT GREAT PRESENTATION ........ enlightening for all ages
HKashaf 3 yıl önce
This is quite literally the best talk on procrastination. I struggle with it even outside of school with work and in every facet of my life. I never thought that I maybe tying selfworth to ability. I might have to rewatch this a few times so the message can sync and effect my actions.
Ingrid Branyan
Ingrid Branyan Yıl önce
I'm a Perfectionist and a Procrastinator. I don't start tasks/do tasks because I'm scared of failure and not being perfect at them. As a result I don't feel like i achieve anything and that is linked to my self worth. My feelings of self worth are directly linked to what I achieve and because I'm a Procrastinator, I feel like it's nothing. It's a horrific cycle to be caught in
Bean Bottler
Bean Bottler 2 aylar önce
You ever fix this?
yasmin choudhury
yasmin choudhury 5 aylar önce
I really needed this today. I feel seen. My self worth is always attached to my performance. One bad day and I derail.
vimar 5 aylar önce
Hi Nic, when could we expect your course on overcoming procrastination? I am an academic myself and recently have started appreciating how much procrastination has emotional and psychological origins. Your talks have been very useful. Many thanks
RJ Malabat
RJ Malabat Yıl önce
The only TEDTalk I had goosebumps with all throughout his presentation. Thank you, Sir Nic! ♥️🙏🏻
Sei Sophea Panya
Sei Sophea Panya 7 aylar önce
Saying thank you so much might still not be enough for your sharing, sir. I am now really thinking about how to reduce my lengthy presentation. And also the alike experience you shared.
Wael Hussein
Wael Hussein 2 yıl önce
Loved it. So to break procrastination: discard the subconscious erroneous relation between self-worth and the work, and emphasize instead the really good reasons for it. + break it into manageable pieces.
feewaybilz Yıl önce
I have never been a procrastinator but as a teenager I read a book on programming your mind through visualization. Whatever it is I want to accomplish I visualize it in my mind and allow myself to feel the emotions surrounding that accomplishment in a positive way. It motivates me to subconsciously figure out all the essential things I need to do to make that happen. The procrastinators I have known including one I've been married to for 26 years, tend to focus on their fears and anxieties. Their Fear of it being judged and not being perfect, or rebelling against anyone telling them what to do, what I call Defiance disorder because it's self-sabotage. or they become overwhelmed with all the steps rather than simply visualizing the final product or accomplishment.
Lane Hymas
Lane Hymas 8 aylar önce
s s
s s 2 yıl önce
This was so useful! I came upon this after failing my finals due to procrastination and feeling bad... He really did reduce my sufferings
Anthony Hargiss
Anthony Hargiss Yıl önce
For the last few days I have been struggling to continue pursuing my designs. They say the closer you get to the finish line the more difficult the trials of procrastination become. This video is what I’ve been subconsciously searching for, an answer face to face on how to deal with the feelings of procrastination. Great speech!!
Clara 8 aylar önce
omg, I'm struggling with design too. I think I know why, at the beginning we have not invest so much time and efforts. But when we are closer to the finish line, we have invested so much, that's when the fear kicking in and we start doubting ourselves.
Meghna Murthy
Meghna Murthy Yıl önce
"Self-worth is the paramount human need". Goosebumps.
Alden Hui
Alden Hui 8 aylar önce
What a beautiful talk. I always had the concept in my head that procrastination was an intrinsic self defense mechanism. But this talk really clears things up for me. It makes total sense that procrastination is over motivation on both angles. motivated to succeed but motivated to also avoid failure. Loved the last bit of advice: stack up the motivations to succeed so that it outweighs your avoidance motivation.
the rita's gambit
the rita's gambit 3 yıl önce
First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You seem to be an amazing human being! And thank god you didn't let yourself be beaten by your anxiety before the presentation... you did just fine, honestly, you looked like u're doing it for years! Secondly, actually after a LOT of years of constant procrastination, i had already come to this conclusion. It was in my 2nd year of college when talking to a friend that was exactly like me. We realized that the reason we would always procrastinate was our gigantous fear of failure (that seemed to be be bigger and always overcome our desire to succeed) and like u said, it's a win-win situation because 1) if u fail, u have the excuse, that allows u to deal with the failure, so ur sense of self-worth don't change. 2) if u pass but w/ a low grade, u can always think "well, what what u studied, i'm amazed you even passed! So don't be sad you didn't get a higher grade." But in 1) and 2) I would still always feel like "damn, why are u like this, u could do so much better, if u continue down this road God only knows what kind of future you will have... and then you are going to look back and feel SO much regret that u didn't work harder" (i'm in the last year of college and i already feel it), so yeah there is this part that is negative. I never understood how people in my class that worked hard and studied every day dealt when they didn't pass or they passed w/ low grades. My sense of self-worth was always very fragil so i would always think that if that happened to me i would never be able to recover and bounce back. 3) if u pass w/ a high grade, u think "omg, i'm so smart! Smarter than i ever thought i was." But even in these cases, i would always question if i really earned that grade, or i was just lucky it was an easy test, or lucky that the things i studied were questioned in the test and the things i didn't weren't. So it provided a little boost to my sense of self-worth but unfortunately it was only temporary. So, yeah imo it allows me to continue to live with myself but on the other hand still blame me for being like this, not able to control myself like everyone else seems to manage to do just fine, and blame me because i know i'm prejudicing/risking me and my future more and more every day. (I was recently diagnosed w/ ADD so yeah that can make it harder to focus for long periods of time, but i know that's only part of the issue, there's a lot more to it). So, if you could share some other strategies that you know of i would be forever grateful!! Because as i was already aware of this i already had tried techniques 1) and 3) and they didn't seem to work for me. The strategie 2) i will definitely try but i know that i'm going to have a really hard time coming up w/ approach motives, so i think your example will help me although i would need more. THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!! (p.s. english is not my first language so sorry for that and for the lenght of the text, i didn't expect it when i started writing)
Maqsood Ahmad
Maqsood Ahmad Yıl önce
I have been facing all these above mentioned issues since 2014.....I have reading alot of articles and applying many strategies but end up to be a failure for not being consistent
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 3 yıl önce
Thank you, Rita. Your enthusiasm is palpable! I am, in fact, an ordinary human being. But, I am focused on being a human being in a world where it seems harder and harder to do that. In any case, I've been teaching and giving talks long enough that I have developed skills that I can rely upon even if I'm nervous. My nerves show through in my grinning and not always being able to find the word I want. Fortunately, the work of my mentor, Marty Covington, is so unique and powerful that it can impact people whether the delivery is great or not. You raise a number of important issues and questions--in fantastic English. Not least the dissatisfaction we feel even when we "succeed" when we know we have not given our best effort or met our own expectations. One sure way to determine whether we are fear motivated is to gain awareness of our feelings when, for instance, we receive our grade. If we get a good grade and feel triumphant, proud, then we were probably motivated predominately by approach motives. If we get a good grade and mainly feel relief then this is an indication that we were motivated by avoidance or fear of a bad result. Relief is simply the feeling of an absence of a negative force or feeling, not a positive feeling. When we are motivated to avoid failure and we do then we understandably feel relief. A problem with that is, relief is not motivating for the next task or challenge in the way that success is and we don't build confidence or efficacy. The result is that we often feel burnt out because we are not being re-energized after lots of effort even when we succeed. If we are only expending energy and not replenishing it, ultimately we will get exhausted, finding it that much harder to motivate ourselves. I can share some more strategies--I do workshops on this topic that addresses many other dimensions of procrastination besides beliefs about self-worth and ability, including cognitive, affective, behavioral, and social dimensions and strategies that correspond to each area. But, i would need to know more about your particular patterns of procrastination to be able to recommend efficacious strategies. In the meantime, let me see if i can help you maximize the benefit of strategy #2, identifying and listing out and referring to all of your approach motives. Here are some questions that I used to help students do what I call "motivational stacking" that is stacking up all the reasons and motives on top of one another to create a ladder to get over the wall of procrastination. Start with these questions, but the idea is to write out and then frequently remind yourself of any positive reason for undertaking the task you are having difficulty tackling, so if you think of motives beyond these categories write them down, too. 1) How can undertaking this task help you be successful in your role (e.g. student, job, parent) now and in the future? 2) How is it important or valuable to you? How is it relevant or useful to you? 3) How can it contribute to your growth or self-improvement? 4) How is it meaningful, fulfilling, or satisfying? 5) How is it fun, interesting, exciting or otherwise enjoyable? 6) What other benefits would accrue to you and others you care about if you completed this task? Once you have this list. Identify which items make you FEEL most motivated. Type them into your phone as reminders. Print them out on a card or piece of paper and review them regularly. Read them into a voice memo and listen to it. Visualize yourself experiencing these benefits. Talk with other people about these positive reasons and ask them to help remind you of your authentic motives. Focus on those reasons that will be beneficial to you regardless of the grad/evaluation. Let us know how it goes.
ARYA Yıl önce
The way this video made me realize why am I procrastinating so much and then how to find a way out of it to achieve my goals is on another level. Thank you, professor!!
Beverly Romero
Beverly Romero Yıl önce
This is a very thoughtful presentation. I'm grateful to the presenter for putting this together. It certainly validated my own fears as related to procrastination and gave me some helpful insight to carry on and move forward in those areas I have put on the back burner for far too long. Thank you, Doctor.
JustA Dad
JustA Dad Yıl önce
This, is the kind of education we should have in school.
Kim Lea Wel
Kim Lea Wel 10 aylar önce
I guess overcoming procrastination is all about getting aware of your own emotions, when it comes to failing. It's like a therapeutic process you need to go through, in witch you slowly and steadily open up to the idea, that it's not laziness that is causing your habit of procrastination, but your deep rooted human fears that are mechanism that have been built in our blueprint over thousands of years. THISVIDEO HIT ME SO HARD TODAY. I've watched tones of videos about procrastination the last three years, because I have a huge problem with it in my studies but also in private life. I remember watching this video a year ago, but it didn't reached me nearly half as much, as I watched it again today. So it's all about trusting the process, loving yourself so much that you keep working on it and exploring your inner self. I deeply believe that anyone of you is capable of overcoming procrastination, no matter how much you feel stuck. For one day you wake up and finally have the courage to do all the things you love the most. Best wishes and love for you :* (Sorry for my grammatic I'm german :P)
Nic Voge
Nic Voge 10 aylar önce
You say it well, Kim. Our need for self-preservation, our need for acceptance and belonging are often the root causes for the difficult emotions and worrisome thoughts that lead to agitation, loss of focus and a tendency toward avoidance which we can see if we introspect on our thoughts and feelings. Accepting ourselves, being compassionate to ourselves as we are to those we care about is, indeed, a crucial step. But, even if that is not currently possible for someone, there are steps to take to get unstuck, take actions, move toward valued ends and complete tasks. The experience of this process can actually help us be more accepting and feel more empowered. Thinking in terms of doing that ONE thing (not ALL) we value today can help us get started (make it small). And do the same tomorrow. And the day after. Best of luck to you, Kim, Be well.
al bu
al bu Yıl önce
This is just spot on. Nice to see there are so many other that have the same problems, that there is a logic behind it. Have tried to make a list but that is like making the tasks bigger, not helping and the oppesite to making it smaller.
Beren Kader Fidan
Beren Kader Fidan 3 yıl önce
So helpful! I was thinking that why I was avoiding practicing since I’m in love with my work like this. I now understand that I’m over motivated and it brings the fear. Thank you!
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