Colorado Avalanche And Tampa Bay Lightning Exchange Handshakes Following Their Six-Game Series

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Yıl önce

Watch as the Avalanche and Lightning exchange handshakes following a six-game series that saw Colorado win the Stanley Cup over Tampa Bay.

D D Yıl önce
As an Avs fan, thanks to the Bolts fans for staying around and cheeering on the winner even though it wasn’t their team. Can’t be easy and we in Denver thank and respect you for that.
CrossFit Mania
CrossFit Mania Yıl önce
This is truly amazing. Guys speaking to each other, hugging and shaking hands like brothers. This is true sportsmanship, this is honor
Tre16 Yıl önce
lmao, it's not that deep
dubious distinction
dubious distinction Yıl önce
absolutely right..this is how its done
negtype13 11 aylar önce
The "SOUL" reason why Hockey IS the GREATEST sport!! 🤘🤩 🤘
Aaron Thibert
Aaron Thibert Yıl önce
Coming from an Avs fan, I was really happy to see how many Bolts fans stuck around. Tampa will be back next year. Vasi has some more fuel now, and he'll be better than ever. Go Avs Go!
patton303 Yıl önce
This is the third cup I’ve seen raised by the Avalanche! First thanks should go to Super Joe Sakic for putting together a beauty of a team. He was a beast as a player and is now a beast of a GM. What a series. Congrats to the Bolts too on a great season. Go Avalanche!
Justin Last 2: Last Harder
Justin Last 2: Last Harder Yıl önce
He had a pretty rough start as a GM...but it's finally been paying off the last few years, but the first few years of GM Joe were brutal.
Justin Last 2: Last Harder
Justin Last 2: Last Harder Yıl önce
He had a pretty rough start as a GM...It's finally been paying off the last few years, but the first few years of GM Joe were brutal.
patton303 Yıl önce
@Justin Last 2: Last Harder He was taught by the best. Pierre LaCroix. And old Papa is definitely looking down and smiling.
jeso317 Yıl önce
Don't forget ol' P.Roy
Firefly84 Yıl önce
I feel bad for corey perry, was that his wife crying. 3 straight cup loses but he did win it once with ducks.
B Yıl önce
Tampa crowd was a class act!! no boos just cheers. love to see it.
Cal Allen
Cal Allen Yıl önce
It because we KNOWS we will get the cup back.
Chris Smitty
Chris Smitty Yıl önce
@Cal Allen Ok so they aren't ALL class acts...
Cal Allen
Cal Allen Yıl önce
@Chris Smitty they are. We respect AVS even. Yesterday I stood up and clapped my hand since they proved it that they want to win too. Btw this Stanley cup was the most intense one I seen that the Lightning gone against.
332wildcat Yıl önce
@Cal Allen haha, well you guys have one hell of a team there too! Much respect to the Lightning, that was a fierce fight! Av's just had a "Cale Makar"! :D
Firefly84 Yıl önce
@Chris Smitty 😆
Justin Barton
Justin Barton Yıl önce
Congrats Colorado you played with heart in this one, you earned it that was a crazy series you did what the Canucks couldn’t do in 2011 facing an all star team with a comfortable lead in the series and holding them off for the championship.. is was starting to get a little worried for Colorado if this went to game 7 but regardless this is a great team and they played like champions in this one, congrats. GG that’s all folks
JC CARDS Yıl önce
Bro I’m a Nucks fan don’t remind me of 2011….
杰茜卡ジェシカ Yıl önce
Congrats to both Teams for an amazing series.
Алексей Самарский
Алексей Самарский Yıl önce
Лучшая игра на планете! Этот момент рукопожатия просто Мега 👍Уважение ❤️🏒👊🏻👍
GruntzWolfe0311 Yıl önce
The best and classiest moment in all of sports...all animosity is gone and there is nothing but mutual and abiding respect
Ghostbean Gaming
Ghostbean Gaming Yıl önce
Love to see my Avs win but love to see this respect and sportsmanship more. ❤️
Арно Дориан
Арно Дориан Yıl önce
Колорадо с ПОБЕДОЙ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! вырвали такой матч. Валеру особенно хочется поздравить отдал все силы. Кадри, Макар и все остальные вы подарили праздник!!!!!!!!!!!!!🙌🙌🙌
Angus Mac
Angus Mac Yıl önce
It’s crazy to see how aggressive and physical they can be when they’re playing each other, like they almost hate one another, but then they shake hands at the end of a series and you can see the love and respect they actually have for each other. It’s quite something…one of my favourite moments of the finals is definitely the handshakes. Mad respect 🫡
Alex Brangan
Alex Brangan Yıl önce
I'll never forget the magical run the Lightning have had these past few years, giving me immense joy and hope as a fan during the height of the pandini. But the Avalanche were without question the better team this year. A goal-scoring buzzsaw that refused to be stopped. And major respect for Darcy Kuemper too. We went into this SCF thinking the Bolts' goaltending was our greatest advantage, and while Vasy was still good, Kuemper matched him blow for blow. Take good care of Lord Stanley in the Rockies, won't ya?
Benjamin Valdez
Benjamin Valdez Yıl önce
We will absolutely take care of Lord Stanley. And I just wanna say thank you to all the classy Bolts fans. What a series. What a season. Y'all have an incredible team. Respect to each and every one of you. AVALANCHE HAVE DONE IT. WE ARE NOW THE DEFENDING STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS AGAIN.
JWF Yıl önce
No game 7 right now but plenty of lightning and thunder in Tampa! Thank you for the great memories and an Eastern Conference Championship in 2022. Go Bolts 4 ever ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Jonas Gorea
Jonas Gorea Yıl önce
GG avs fans. That was an incredible series to watch, great action, pace and skill on display. The Wait is over and have a hell of a time you will never know if its the last time.
Lifeline Yıl önce
Великий Джо Сакик!!! Воплощение обаяния, интеллигентности - олицетворение Хоккея! Брависсимо!
p3t3ymac96 Yıl önce
I love vasi’s response to this. Total class act on the ice congratulating the Avs but showing just such disdain with his self and his teams failure. That’s how I want my players to be.
Peter Corley
Peter Corley Yıl önce
Blues fan here. Congrats to the Avs on the win. Well deserved. Respect to the Ning as well. Both clubs played their hearts out. Happy for former Blue, EJ finally winning a Cup. Shame it wasn’t with the Note, but he deserves all his success and I’m still happy for him. Looking forward to next season already. See you in the Central, Colorado. One of the toughest divisions in the league, now home to two recent SC winners.
Serg Chickadeen
Serg Chickadeen Yıl önce
Супер игра и серия, спасибо ребята Вам всем за такое шоу 👍
hotgrease Yıl önce
Great series by Tampa! They’ll definitely be back next year with Vassy in net. Avs have a lot of tough decisions in the off-season but now is the time to celebrate!
irish adam
irish adam Yıl önce
Congrats to the Avs!!! Well deserved Cup!! Even though they won in 6 this was one of the more entertaining finals in a long time!! In my opinion this entire post season has been some really great hockey!! From a Flyers fan who lost a chance to watch his team in the playoffs like 2 months before the season ended!! LOL... But they will be better next year!!
bagdat zhakupov
bagdat zhakupov Yıl önce
С победой..., заслужили!!!
Wayne S
Wayne S Yıl önce
Just a wonderful sport where after the wars of the playoffs are over, they come together in mutual respect for each other and for the sport. No other sport can match it!!!!
The Bike Watcher
The Bike Watcher Yıl önce
Congratulations Colorado. Go Bolts! Great crowd, great fans! I ⚡⚡
сын анархии
сын анархии Yıl önce
Тампе спасибо за сезон 💪🤜🤛😎🙌
Dipstick 2177
Dipstick 2177 Yıl önce
Absolute class from Tampa fans cheering nonstop during handshakes
Br11zz Yıl önce
Incredible job Joe Sakic putting this team together. Now just keep it together we can back to back. Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Roby Schwendi
Roby Schwendi Yıl önce
No money left for back to back after paying off the refs enough in these Finals!!!
Marie2 10 aylar önce
@Roby Schwendi Leafs can't even get out of the 1st round with all the high paid players Toronto has.
Ryan Blanche
Ryan Blanche 10 aylar önce
Getting back is not a given by any means.
schumdav Yıl önce
Congratulations to the Avs. Bummed Tampa was unable to complete the "3-peat" but super proud of the Lightning. GO BOLTS!
serg ko
serg ko Yıl önce
Проведена колоссальная работа в Колорадо,они это заслужили!Респект!!!
Gary Collins
Gary Collins Yıl önce
This is one of my favorite parts. Thank you for sportsmanship.
Monster Yıl önce
Congrats AVS, well deserved!
John McCarthy
John McCarthy Yıl önce
Great sportsmanship on display here. Nice work lads.
Aces Yıl önce
Was rooting for Tampa but pleased to see the best team this season win it all. The avs were unstoppable and fully deserve this.
tpd139 6 aylar önce
Our last two cups are my favorite any of my teams have won. Beating defending champs Devils in 01 and back to back champs in Tampa. Avs earned it vs true champions defending their title to the bitter end 💪🏽
Melissa Werth
Melissa Werth Yıl önce
Congrats to Colorado from a Vancouver Canucks fan!
Mickelräven Yıl önce
Same! Go Avs and Nucks!
Ryan Blanche
Ryan Blanche 5 aylar önce
I hope we get to see them win a championship in this lifetime .
steven quayle
steven quayle Yıl önce
Truly a class act.
сын анархии
сын анархии Yıl önce
Оба клуба 🔥🔥🔥💪🤝✌🏻😎
Robusphere Yıl önce
Congrats to the Avs. Yall got better as the series went along. Let’s meet again next year.
Brody King
Brody King Yıl önce
Well done Colorado!
GIBBEH! Yıl önce
Congrats to the Avs on winning the Stanley Cup. Was really rooting for you. For the Lightning, so glad you lost but I already knew that would happen because since 2013, every time a team beats the Leafs in the first round, that team do not win the cup.
C Pegg
C Pegg Yıl önce
People clown in Toronto for not winning a Cup since 1967, but the fact remains that even though it was a different era of hockey, the Leafs still have 11 Cups whilst several teams still have 0.
GIBBEH! Yıl önce
@C Pegg That’s true though. I know it’s been a long time since we won a cup but at least we can say we have cups compared to other teams and have the second most.
Carl Bonroy
Carl Bonroy Yıl önce
WELL. I'm a Detroit fan since the 80's - - so - yeah - I admit - I haven't gotten over it with Colorado:). I see Tampa still as Stevie's team so all that - I really wanted Tampa to win. But I will say, tons of respect for Joe Sakic as a player and now as a GM and I"m very glad for him. Well played Colorado. Tampa fans - loved the classy salute to your team. That's how it should be always at the end. Now on to next season. Let's go RedWings :)
Daniel Sohn
Daniel Sohn Yıl önce
Gotta admire this tradition. In other sports, it's a story when certain guys don't shake hands after a game. You don't have to worry about that in hockey. Even when the other team just won the championship. The definition of winning and losing like a man.
Thomas Kauser
Thomas Kauser Yıl önce
Two really top shelve coaching staffs. A dream rivalry.
hoverboarD Yıl önce
Congrats Colorado!!
Henry Henry
Henry Henry Yıl önce
Coming this close to winning three straight cups is truly amazing. The lightning will forever be Champs in my book. To think that the Tampa Bay Lightning, who used to be lovable losers, almost won three in a row is nuts. Thank you Bolts.
Alex Brangan
Alex Brangan Yıl önce
It's fun watching teams who used to be walking memes and perennial basement dwellers find success and shock the big-market franchises. The Lightning were in this position not long ago, and the Blues and Capitals before them. Now it's Colorado's turn.
US-Bahn Yıl önce
Lightning were no joke in 2015. That was a tightly fought Cup.
Du Ma
Du Ma Yıl önce
All hale Cale Makar He a true winner: He won - Hobby college player of the year He won - Calder rookie of the year He won - Norris defensive player of the year He won - the Conn Symthe And now he won - The Stanley Cup What an amazing season for him and the Colorado Avalanche
Derek James Brunet
Derek James Brunet Yıl önce
Also the conn smythe !
Scott Green
Scott Green Yıl önce
Also won our hearts
Rory Bevis
Rory Bevis Yıl önce
Ben MacKay
Ben MacKay Yıl önce
And the Conn Smythe lol
DeBr Yıl önce
Colorado deserved it but man what a difficult road it was for tampa to get to their third cup final beating three of the best teams in the league and facing avalanche in a final
Robusphere Yıl önce
All four opponents won 50+ games. I’m not sad the Boltz came up short cause they gave their all.
Mikgwerd Yıl önce
it was definitely a '++New Game' challenge for them.
Johnny Yıl önce
And without brayden point too. Unreal.
US-Bahn Yıl önce
@Johnny yea his Cup series absence Brayden Point and Cooper will carry for a lot of years unfortunately.
Leo Lopez
Leo Lopez Yıl önce
Wow my best to the AVs! It must specially be hard for Perry who now has lost three finals with 3 different teams: Dallas, Montreal and TB! But that Vasilevskiy is young and will still be tough to beat next year but again my best to Colorado/Quebec City Champions!! So now Nate McKinnon WILL be bringing the cup to his home right here in Halifax/Cole Harbour!!!
валерий мастюк
валерий мастюк Yıl önce
Congratulations Colorado Avalanche! Вітаю Нэйтана, Габриэля, Дарси, Микко, Валерия и всю Команду с заслуженной победой!
patton303 Yıl önce
Yeah buddy!
always banned
always banned Yıl önce
Glad to see you support the current thing.
Justin Last 2: Last Harder
Justin Last 2: Last Harder Yıl önce
Vasy kept it contained until he got in the tunnel, like every good Athlete should.
Christopher Sonea
Christopher Sonea Yıl önce
And the mask that he threw was the back-up mask that he temporarily wore during the avs' first goal. I feel for him, he was the best bolt this playoffs
Mark Rybeck Properties LLC
Mark Rybeck Properties LLC Yıl önce
He's a better CRYBABY than goalie
Austin Reed
Austin Reed Yıl önce
@Mark Rybeck Properties LLC bro just lost the cup and you gon say that
John L
John L Yıl önce
@Mark Rybeck Properties LLC He did all he could. TB wouldve been out in 4 if he wasn't the goalie.
T Northrup
T Northrup Yıl önce
NHL has a “No call” problem. Athletes get burned by the refs being taught to not make a call that will change the outcome of the game. Coaches take advantage of that, basically pushing the line for the win. As a former athlete, it really sucked when this consistently happened in playoffs! There was nothing you could do. Teams get fined if they speak up.
Ryan Yıl önce
Both of these teams will be back. Could very well see it again next year.
Baychimo Yıl önce
Not true. Tampa Bay is moving to the KHL.
Mark Rybeck Properties LLC
Mark Rybeck Properties LLC Yıl önce
Hope NOT, HATE Tampons
Caelan Munz
Caelan Munz Yıl önce
Colorado has some salary cap to work through for sure...hopefully the same group wants to make it work and stick together.. Amazing dream team. So so happy GO AVS
Robusphere Yıl önce
Nearly four years will pass before one of 15 other Eastern conference teams may go to the Finals thanks to the Lightning. How many coaches lost their job because of the Lightning? Just think, they have a decent chance of making it back next year.
blaze Yıl önce
@Mark Rybeck Properties LLC no kidding...depends if they sit half there team on injury again... people don't see it..but when you got guys who sit half a season then play the's just wrong.. hockey gods got there's tonight ..and looks good on em..from a sens fan..🤣🤣🤣
Eugenedosentcare Yıl önce
Congrats to avs. This was hearthbroke to watch as a Tampa fan but the better team deserves it
About36GREEKS Yıl önce
Wonder how much closer this series would’ve been with tampas previous teams . Coleman and Johnson were definitely missed
Josh Fokken
Josh Fokken Yıl önce
either way it was a great series. but my avs doing it after that 48 point season is just something else
Johnny Yıl önce
Better team when they faced no competition and are well rested. Also without facing tampas best goal scorer point. Survived on flukey goals.
US-Bahn Yıl önce
Tampa seems to suffer injuries hard in the playoffs. A gifted group of players for sure but wear-and-tear issues continue to plague their Cup ambitions. The covid shortened seasons helped them solve this problem.
We all know seeing the look of Perry's son, wearing his jersey, broke your heart for a second there...
Scizz Ayo
Scizz Ayo Yıl önce
I'd like to give his son another sibling. Perry's wife is hot
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson Yıl önce
Every cup team learns from the best at the time.......Oilers from the Islanders, Wings from the Devils and Avs, Pitt and Chicago from Detroit, LA from Chicago, and so on and so on..SO difficult.
rtcharge Yıl önce
Two good teams congrats avs. Go Leafs
nhlpa17 Yıl önce
Was anyone doubting Colorado was going to win it all?
Kitkat91 Yıl önce
I know Sakic is there, I wonder if Roy and Forsberg are in the crowd as well!
Dipstick 2177
Dipstick 2177 Yıl önce
This series was bizarrely frictionless between two really evenly matched teams at the top of their game
Gabi Krakrakra
Gabi Krakrakra Yıl önce
Congratulation boys♥️🍀
Кирилл Перваков
Кирилл Перваков Yıl önce
в этом сезоне все справедливо получилось, правда Васю разозлили
сын анархии
сын анархии Yıl önce
Лавин с победой 🤌🏆💪💪💪🤝😎
Aleek Run
Aleek Run Yıl önce
Avalanches, congratulations!
The Conspiratorist
The Conspiratorist Yıl önce
Seeing Jon Cooper getting his come-uppance is oh-so sweet.
Joon Yıl önce
Can’t blame the altitude when you lose at home HAHA
Robusphere Yıl önce
Haha. TB like the knight from Monty Python.
Johnny Yıl önce
@Joon back to back cups keep hating on that man
US-Bahn Yıl önce
So much chatter before game 6 about Avs & MacKinnon being choke artists.
manny_ freah514
manny_ freah514 Yıl önce
Habs fan here. I did not comment anything until now since I didn't want to jinx anything but I'm so happy the avs/nordiques won and that you knocked off Tampa. Probably everyone from quebec was rooting for you. We avenged you last year by knocking off vegas and you avenged us by knocking Tampa. Happy for lehkonen also. Great victory on your part. Enjoy 👍
cRunchy Yıl önce
meh. happy they won, but not how they won. possibly the worst reffing i've seen in my near decade of watching hockey.
manny_ freah514
manny_ freah514 Yıl önce
@cRunchy on what part ? Closing their eyes on Tampa or Colorado?
cRunchy Yıl önce
@manny_ freah514 both. i've seen refs swallow the whistle for one team or another, but i've never seen it done for both. this game was just awful because the refs were too. ig somehow they decided that "equal reffing" means no calls for either team
manny_ freah514
manny_ freah514 Yıl önce
@cRunchy sooo ? What does it change then. It was dealt equally but in all seriousness I thought the reffing closed their eyes more on Tampa than the avs. 2 clear penalties could have been given to Tampa. Maroons slashing after the avs second goal and that cross checking in the boards by McDonough
cRunchy Yıl önce
@manny_ freah514 what it changes is that we'll never know if the avs could genuinely beat the bolts. reffing was so awful that this was barely NHL-regulated hockey. also, look at my pfp. i don't like the bolts. i didn't want them to win. but i did want the rules to be followed. istead, people like you with the "who cares?" mentality will continue to drive this league into borderline anarchy. also, McDonough did get a penalty for that boarding.
Freddy Crespin
Freddy Crespin Yıl önce
That parade was awesome can't believe my AVs won this thing 👏 let's gooooo 🏆
JWF Yıl önce
Let’s go lightning!!!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Matthew Kim
Matthew Kim Yıl önce
No part of my feels bad for Tampa. Finally a different team won. Congrats Colorado u knocked off the best team of the cap era
T Northrup
T Northrup Yıl önce
NHL has a “No call” problem. Until they address that issue, it will frustrate fans. Coaches and teams get fined if they discuss it. We live in a technology world where a coach should get 2 challenges a game for video replay, solely used in playoffs. Clearly 2 goals in this final would have been questionable. Tired of seeing coaches use that to their advantage, cheat the system and the fans.
Roby Schwendi
Roby Schwendi Yıl önce
@T Northrup finally somebody who speaks out the truth!!! I made a comment in a different TRshow video. It disgusts me how Vegas and the Sportbooks influence the results!!!
Mark Pk
Mark Pk Yıl önce
one of the coolest things too see the hand shake after the game sportman ship.
Independent mind
Independent mind Yıl önce
Thank you Colorado
alex x
alex x Yıl önce
best part is when the head coaches shook hands and hugged it out
Chloe 🫧
Chloe 🫧 Yıl önce
So proud 🙏❤️
zhimanooka Yıl önce
Колорадо был сильнее в этом матче. Поздравляю! Валеру с Чашкой!
Черный дембель
Черный дембель Yıl önce
С Ничашкой.))
Руслан Хирай
Руслан Хирай Yıl önce
Samuel Attias
Samuel Attias Yıl önce
Colorado Defeat Tampa Bay The Tampa Bay Lightning Say: Impossible!
Luke H
Luke H Yıl önce
Vassy was mad walking down the hall.. I wanted to see more of it lol
Kayla Gomez
Kayla Gomez Yıl önce
Same they are such cry babies
Simply The Best
Simply The Best Yıl önce
Poor Perry, I felt bad seeing his wife crying in the crowd. I felt bad for the lightning losing such a close game/series who already won 2. Then saw Perry.. gotta feel bad for him.
Captain Chaos 91
Captain Chaos 91 Yıl önce
Can’t wait to see the Avs pick him up next year lol
Political bandwagon
Political bandwagon Yıl önce
At least he won’t retire ringless though. He has 07.
Simply The Best
Simply The Best Yıl önce
@Captain Chaos 91 The perry curse lol
Rusty420 Yıl önce
@Simply The Best 3 missed cups in a row is it? Edit: wrote that before they explained it.
King of trolls
King of trolls Yıl önce
@Captain Chaos 91 naw he will prolly retire after three straight losses
Griffin Yıl önce
My heart sinks for Vassy
Larry Gardiner
Larry Gardiner Yıl önce
Love seeing Cooper with his head down in defeat.
Carter B.
Carter B. Yıl önce
Ryan Collins
Ryan Collins Yıl önce
Cooper was probably complaining that the avs shook their hands too hard
US-Bahn Yıl önce
And challenged Toronto to de-certify the victory to Stop the Steal.
bob kuboske
bob kuboske Yıl önce
Thanks to Matt Duchene, the avs wouldn't have been here without you.
Francis Voyer
Francis Voyer Yıl önce
As a Habs fan I'm happy for Lehky but I'm also sad for Corey 😢
Derek Pisz
Derek Pisz Yıl önce
Both awesome teams tampa gave 100% but it looks like colorado gave 110% I wanted Colorado to win but ggs tampa
Karen Bath
Karen Bath Yıl önce
My Champ’s, my Champ’s 🏆🏆
Travis Streeter
Travis Streeter Yıl önce
The better team with the "galloping" legs won. The better man won.
Stocky Cabagges
Stocky Cabagges Yıl önce
Dreams come true
Haimo Yıl önce
Vasi waited to let the rage out until no one could see him, only to have a camera right up his face when he did it lol
Nathan Starszak
Nathan Starszak Yıl önce
Can we just take a moment to appreciate what Tampa Bay did???? Three straight Finals appearances and winning back to back championship. There’s a lot of teams who’d take that opportunity.
US-Bahn Yıl önce
It is remarkable. Though the covid shortened seasons did contribute to this streak. Not saying other teams were better than Tampa, but the wear-and-tear of a full Cup winning season nearly drains a team of their stamina to win a second Cup.
Rc barrel racing and jumping
Rc barrel racing and jumping Yıl önce
Good sports we do this every game
atsouviner 2
atsouviner 2 Yıl önce
Congrats Avs. Goodnight from Tampa.
Александр Борисов
Александр Борисов Yıl önce
Справедливо все закончилось
Justin Last 2: Last Harder
Justin Last 2: Last Harder Yıl önce
Football was my first love, but the Sportsmanship is why I respect the average Hockey Player more than the average Football Player.
Montgomery family
Montgomery family Yıl önce
So very true! In football, 1/2 the players on the team get MILLIONS a year to play 17 games (and 21 if they're lucky) for 60 minutes. Hockey players play 50+ (with covid) to 84, sprinting 80% of the time and only a few make millions, most playing through injuries. I may love football as well, but NO player in sports (on any level) deserves more respect than a hockey player!
John Brogan
John Brogan Yıl önce
Now it’s Steve Yzerman turn to win it all with the Red Wings
Cody #Warhawk
Cody #Warhawk Yıl önce
"So then, I started throwing helmets." - Vasileski
luca filippelli
luca filippelli Yıl önce
from a leaf fan congrats nazem kadri🔥❤️
Logan Van Dyk
Logan Van Dyk Yıl önce
Kale Makar makes Quinn Hughes look like a pylon. Funny how the Calder was a debate, now he’s a Norris winner and Stanley Cup champs… mean while in Vancouver, “at least we aren’t Toronto!” Mean while in Toronto, *crickets*
Phil S
Phil S Yıl önce
Unfortunately they didn’t win it at home…but what a run Colorado had, just a solid team, Tampa fortunate to not having to play a good team 2 out of the 3 Stanley cup finals.
Robusphere Yıl önce
I feel Tampa wins if it went 7. Congrats to the Avs, you got a pretty darn good team there.
Yet Dallas and Montreal STILL made it to the finals over the "good" teams.
Phil S
Phil S Yıl önce
@TFHBxPALADIN I’m not saying miracles don’t happen but interesting how both of those teams failed to qualify for the playoffs the following season. Normally decent teams would be in the playoffs the following year atleast…no?
Naydra Yıl önce
Why are you saying that like Tampa is an amazing team, they had it a lot harder to even get to the final than the Avs.
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