Why Anthropic's Founder Left Sam Altman’s OpenAI

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Amazon recently announced that it will invest up to $4 billion in Anthropic, one of the buzzy startups building a generative AI chatbot. With the deal, Anthropic secures a major investment from a second Big Tech company, after already receiving $300 million from Google at the end of last year. Google’s investment, which wasn’t reported at the time, gave Google an estimated 10% stake in the company.
In its latest fundraising round in May, Anthropic was valued at nearly $5 billion, according to TechCrunch. An updated valuation was not disclosed for Amazon’s most recent investment nor details about the size of its minority stake.
Amazon becomes the latest major player to invest in up-and-comers in the generative AI world, after ChatGPT maker OpenAI received $13 billion from Microsoft.
Amazon will invest $1.25 billion up front with the possibility for another $2.75 billion later, for a potential total of $4 billion. Amazon declined to provide further details about the deal’s structure.
In our interview with cofounder and CEO Dario Amodei, he lays out his three-tiered fear model in response to a question by Jeremy Kahn about the existential risks posed by A.I. that has safety concerns that even Sam Altman is worried about.
00:00 - Leaving OpenAI To Form Anthropic
00:57 - Creating Claude
03:26 - Setting Constitutional AI
06:18 - Data Privacy And Storage Concerns
07:10 - Government Regulations
08:26 - AI In Robots
09:48 - Existential Risk
11:27 - Open-Source Models
12:29 - Climate Impact
13:24 - AI Risks
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@ThierryQuerette 2 aylar önce
🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation: 00:28 🧠 The founders of Anthropic left OpenAI with a strong belief in two things: the potential of scaling up AI models with more compute and the necessity of alignment or safety. 01:28 🛡️ Anthropic's chatbot Claude is designed with safety and controllability in mind, using a concept called "Constitutional AI" for more transparent and controlled behavior. 03:38 🤖 Constitutional AI is different from meta prompting; it trains the model to follow an explicit set of principles, allowing for self-critique and alignment with those principles. 07:42 ⚖️ When discussing AI regulation with policymakers, the advice is to anticipate where the technology will be in 2 years, not just where it is now, and to focus on measuring the harms of these models. 12:37 🌍 Concerns about the climate impact of large-scale AI models are acknowledged, but the overall energy equation-whether these models ultimately save or consume more energy-is still uncertain. Made with HARPA AI
@1anre 2 aylar önce
This was brilliant. What other capabilities does HARPA have?
@posthocprior 2 aylar önce
This interview didn't address why Amazon invested billions. Here's my guess: based on the strong emphasis on safety and training and developing the model, this chatbot is most likely going to replace some customer service representatives. Given the example of reading and interpreting a balance sheet, it could be used to clarify billing questions from customers. That is, the chatbot could see a bill from an Amazon customer, hear what the problem is, and try and either explain the billing problem or resolve it. My guess: a significant percentage of Amazon's customer service deals only with billing problems. Also -- just a guess -- Amazon tried either to build their own chatbot or license it from OpenAI and the combination of time needed to develop it and the cost was greater than $4 billion.
@avidlearner8117 Aylar önce
@Goohuman Aylar önce
I'm sure that is one of many revenue streams Amazon can capitalize upon. I'd add that Amazon is also a source of massive data, needed to create the AIs in the first place. Of course they want it to benefit their company.
@bobdagostino5472 10 gün önce
What a shock, he wants regulations on open-source models that can compete with his company's proprietary offerings.
@JustinHalford 2 aylar önce
Watching Dario speak so openly about the risk of AI, especially of open source models, is sobering. He is clearly concerned about the future impacts of the technology.
@quakers200 2 aylar önce
Do we even know to what extent these companies can be held liable for answers it provides? Oops we just figued out how to eliminate a third of our workforce.
@abagatelle 2 aylar önce
Claude's large context window is excellent.
@johnny6756 2 aylar önce
Wow, this guy is impressive. Seems to be highly intelligent, but also highly mature with a very "close to reality" view of things i seems to me. Makes me less scared about the AI future
@The12thSeahorse 2 aylar önce
I would like to know, if AI is so wonderful and exciting, why can’t AI give out answers to the climate change problems?
@roberthuff3122 2 aylar önce
Turning to AI to give ‘answers’ to large complex problems is the short, direct path to tyranny. Think for yourself.
@jessieadore Aylar önce
Be a AI, particularly the way they intend to scale it, contributes to climate change
@ChristianKleineidam Aylar önce
"Climate change problems" is a series of a lot of different problems and AI is actually giving out answers that help with some of them. It for example helped Google reduce the energy they need to use to cool their data centers by 40% back in 2016.
@kavinho 10 gün önce
It’s highly unlikely that the knowledge they’ve been training on can be extrapolated to give an answer. To be able to answer such fundemental unknown questions an AI models of today need to operate as agents in the physical world to be able to make scientific discoveries and make conclusions from them.
@yoursubconscious 2 aylar önce
if they were confident, why didn't they give a live demo?
@kelvincudjoe8468 Aylar önce
This is an interview not a lunch
@onlyagreeingsometimes7640 Aylar önce
💳🤔The risk is those who stop you from not doing things if you don't want to use it... it should be an on-and-off switch.. its the same thing with cash vs plastic or phone swipe 💳 🤔
@MrSchweppes 2 aylar önce
Love listening to Dario Amodei
@NewCalculus Aylar önce
Anthropic's Claude is by far the best Chatbot. Nothing else even comes close. ChatGPT who?
@PankajDoharey 8 gün önce
There was an oppurtunity to make money why wouldnt he go ahead any start a new company ? Though Anthropic is far Behind currently compared to OpenAI, but i think eventually everyone will catchup.
@kawalier1 2 aylar önce
100.000 tokens more to fine tune this model with single prompt 😂 CEO of the stable diffusion has proper approach to set up a private domain in the area of private customization model customizations ,,😎
@VJ-lt9uk 3 gün önce
Anthropoic is like the Altavista to OpenAIs Google.
@kevinr8431 2 aylar önce
Would you be so much more helpful if you would show examples and let the product demo itself
@billhanna8838 2 aylar önce
My thoughts exactly
@simokokko7550 2 aylar önce
He says there might be a risk, 10-20 % chance that things go wrong. I wonder what he means about something going wrong. "Mildly" wrong or catastrophe? If it is a catastrophe, 10-20 % is a terribly high chance.
@flipp081 2 aylar önce
probably catastrophe
@drjux2114 2 aylar önce
Lmao I was looking for this comment, I'm pro AI, and I couldn't pass that 10-20% chance, coming from him lmaoo
@7mikeraj 2 aylar önce
Good discussion!
@mrcookies409 8 saatler önce
This guy is cooler than Altman.
@edwardj3070 6 gün önce
recent gen GPT looks to be truly disruptive of the workplace. that's a good thing. hope it puts 75 million people out of their somewhat worthless repetitious data processing jobs ASAP. force real questions about the economy. in the US, anyway, we had "enough" for everyone decades ago
@senju- Aylar önce
The so-called 100,000 token context window is now old school. MemGPT uses Virtual context via function calls which allows unlimited memory. I would not brag about the already limited token context window that he is boasting. But I will give some credit as this video is already a month old and that is old tech regarding AI progress.
@Longtermalwayswins 26 gün önce
Why he left: for money. Done
@ehza 10 gün önce
Precisely lol
@fortune 2 aylar önce
To read more about Amazon's investment in Anthropic, click on our story here: fortune.com/2023/09/25/anthropic-ai-startup-4-billion-funding-amazon-investment-big-tech/
@Jefemcownage 2 aylar önce
imho the constitutional model is very annoying to chat with as it claims to be all knowing, bound by whatever constitution it confined by which is inherently impossible.
@dawncc1 11 gün önce
Why does everyone have a belief that only the US is creating AI? How does safety align with that?
@dawncc1 11 gün önce
So it a WOKE AI?…
@AjaySharma-me1sy Gün önce
Dario looks Dan Melcher from Silicon Valley (the guy whose wives (yes wives) Erlich Bachman sleeps with)
@brasidas33 2 aylar önce
Short Amazon
@billhanna8838 2 aylar önce
Met Kamala , I bet that was' Mind blowing full on conversation ?"
@avidlearner8117 Aylar önce
Yeah but…. Claude is wrong a LOT…. And often. Makes up stuff. And I mean Claude 2 100k version.
@Goohuman Aylar önce
My concern is regarding these guidelines or AI-rules as created by humans. You are simulating wisdom. I believe a person's core values, if they come from within or from other humans, will eventually fail in some critical way. My bias comes from Christianity and I believe wisdom comes from God, so wise people behave good towards others and defend good in word and deed, as I perceive my faith requires. The real problems will manifest as the AI must decide to lie or do something that could be perceived as bad in order to support good things. Such as lie to a person bent on doing bad and misdirecting them or violently taking down a person who is very likely to harm or kill other good people, or even doing nothing while bad people are being harmed, allowing some less intelligent human to own the consequences of their actions. I'm sure the smart people at Anthopic have considered these matters, but I know from experience that there won't be a rule or law that governs such a being as a super-intelligent, massively capable thing that this AI can become. Human wisdom applies to the single human with all the limitations of a human in place. I look forward to seeing what the coders at Anthropic do on that level.
@BigDataLogin Aylar önce
@-adrian. 2 aylar önce
Ready ?
@-adrian. 2 aylar önce
Im still waiting
@-adrian. 2 aylar önce
Can’t wait
@shanecarroll7523 2 aylar önce
@user-os5wd1ms6o Aylar önce
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