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7 yıl önce

Siberia. Endless vastness - arctic temperatures. Even farther East than Japan and 5 000 kilometres north of Vladivostok lies Yakutia, the coldest republic of Russia. Yakutsk is the capital of the Yakutia republic and is located about 5100 kilometres east of Moscow. In the midst of it: Oimjakon. With its 500 residents the coldest inhabited place on earth. This village lies in a mountain valley on the upper reaches of the banks of the Indgirka River. One of the major reasons for the freezing temperatures is the great distance from the Atlantic Ocean and the humidity that the Ocean provides to a major part of the Northern Hemisphere. Masses of mountains shield Siberia against the warm air from the west and south, while in the opposite direction, the door to the Artic stands wide open. Thus in the winter, cold masses of air expand into the Siberian landscape completely unrestricted.

The average temperature in winter: Minus 40° Celsius. The children of the Siberian Oimjakon have the world`s coldest way to school. The extreme living conditions are completely normal for the residents of Oymyakon. This is also true for the Tariks family and their son Aljosha. He is 8 years old. The children of his age group are only excused from attending school on account of the cold at temperatures below minus 54° degrees.

Even before his departure for school Aljosha feels the grim cold. Lacking running water the house also has no bathroom. So Aljosha alredy has to go outside - to the unheated outside earth closet in the garden. Sascha’s mother cooks tea. In order to do so, she must go to outside to the front of the house, which is made of wood- as all houses in Oymyakon. Due to the great temperature differences here, concrete walls would soon crack and be destroyed. In the short summers, it can get quite warm in Oymyakon. In front of the wooden house the ice blocks are stored. The next-door farmer had cut out of the frozen river for them. There is no running water in the Pole of Cold, with temperatures dropping to -65 degrees Celsius; no pipe work has a chance. Aljoshas mother puts the ice in the pot and cooks some tea for her son.

Like every day, Aljosha must get ready to go to school. Like the majority of the other students, Sascha wears for the most part his traditional dress. The clothing prescribes to the onion-peel principle in order to protect the students from the Artic temperatures. His mother Irina has heated up the living room to 20° degrees. So when Aljosha opens the front door it is 70° degrees colder - every day life in Oimjakon. As soon as the children open the dormitory’s double doors, the icy cold brutally grabs hold of them. Within less than one second their nostrils become frozen.

Unlike the students in other parts of the world, the children from Oymyakon are seldom playful but instead very concentrated on their way to school. With quick steps, they travel in groups, attempting to put the 2 kilometer route behind them as quickly as possible. There are no signs of snow ball fights. The don’t spend a second of time watching the cows, which are kept up to nine months of the year in their stalls, and are now coincidentally being lead out of the barn for a drink. Even though the cows are wearing some sort of special “bras” which protect their udders from freezing.

Once in school building, Aljosha and the other students remove many of their layers of clothing, and get going with the school lessons. For the majority of them, a welcome diversion from the coldest inhabited town on the earth.

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Free Documentary
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Sayana Vinokurova
Sayana Vinokurova
Hi, I am Sayana from Yakutia (Siberia) Oymyakon 10 years have passed since the creation of this documentary. And also how I study at this school. I'm finishing school this year. There are no big changes in the school. Our bus is old and needs new. We study together with Alyosha. In high school, we still study even at -54-60 ° C. If you are interested, the bus driver Grigory is retired. I have read almost all of your comments. I don’t know English very well, so I use a translator to read your comments, but I don’t have time to read everything to the end. Because in the village, the Internet often disappears and works very slowly. Glad you liked the documentary)
Bubba Ho-Tep
Bubba Ho-Tep
I swear, once you start watching these, you can't stop. I'm on my 3rd one, and they'be been both enjoyable and kind of heart breaking to watch. God bless these kids and their families.
Mimi Yıl önce
As beautiful as this place looks, I could not survive all that cold. Mad respect to those people who do make a life there.
sidharth cs
sidharth cs
Rick Ryan
Rick Ryan
Is nobody ever gonna mention Grigori's dog who literally led the way running in the ice? That's the best dog ever!
Natasha Tuli
Natasha Tuli
Huge respect for parents and kids not only are they just surviving but also in spite of such difficult temperatures seem to enjoy every bit of it 🙏
Tami Weber
Tami Weber 3 yıl önce
“Whatever it takes to get to school” Hats off to the families and the children. Education 🍀
Dina Sikorska
Dina Sikorska Yıl önce
I live in England, UK but my roots are from Siberia. My grandmother still lives there. This documentary is fantastic and made me realise how much I want to visit Siberia again. I think my roots are calling! So looking forward to watching this with my daughter tomorrow! Huge thanks to all who made this documentary possible 🙏❤
Kaylee Anastasi
Kaylee Anastasi Yıl önce
It’s been so long since this documentary was made. I hope all of the children and families are doing well :)
Great documentary, very interesting to get a look at life in these extreme places. I've always felt like -20 to -30 C is damn cold and after a few hours outside you can't feel your toes anymore. I can't even imagine what it's like going outside in -50 to -60 C.
Chy Watts
Chy Watts Yıl önce
Sayana is too adorable, I hope these kids grow up to become whatever they want.
Bhawana Bhattarai
Bhawana Bhattarai
Hats off to the children,the bus driver and the parents and the residents of Yakutia.The video is very inspiring.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kiun B
Kiun B Yıl önce
I grew up in Yakutia and now I live in China. I miss my hometown so much. It definitely makes me stronger. I like to return to my hometown during the wintertime, It’s frighteningly cold in Yakutia when winter temperatures plummet to -50°C, but I’m just grateful that I grew up in this unique place with an amazing nature that’s all around us. I love winter and I always missing breathing cold and fresh air. After all, something about winter just sends off that vibe, the vibe of closeness, love and true meaning of life.
Slay With Anais
Slay With Anais Yıl önce
Love how the dog went along running by the bus. He needs to just make him a seat on the bus. Be the friendly dog on the bus that greets all the students for school & drop offs ☺️ that will def keep a smile on the kids faces
Ipad Air
Ipad Air Yıl önce
Shoutout to the guys who documented this master piece. It’s very inspiring. If you think you life is difficult just imagine yourself there for a while.
Оймякон Якутия
Оймякон Якутия
It's been 22yrs since I last was in my hometown, I left to continue my education abroad in America, my grandfather was born in Oymyakon on 02/06/33, he lived their a majority of his life before relocating to Yakutsk. After watching the video with family and friends, they understood what our daily life was during winter, it's a game of survival. I hope to one day return back home to show my wife in person how beautiful Oymyakon is during spring. Congratulations on passing the ЕГЭ exam.
I love how close kind and caring each family helps everyone out. Six layers of clothing. Wow! That just goes to show you how cold it really gets. They're use to the weather. I bet with the sunlight it's really really beautiful! I would love to go there during Christmas and see the snow on the trees, and houses.
Glenn Daan Real
Glenn Daan Real
I enjoy watching this though this was filmed maybe 7 years ago. The courage of these children to attend their school Is quite inspiring to me the way I want to share this with my students online that always have an excuse to study because some of them are just feeling bored and silly, I also consider it because they are very young at the age 4 yrs old they must have a massive way to play.God bless FREE DOCUMENTARY!
Gabby Macedo
Gabby Macedo 2 yıl önce
according to my parents, this is how they got to school every day.
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