Restaurant Ad vs. Yelp Review Taste Test

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Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning

Aylar önce

Today, we're testing the differences between corporate food ads and customer reviews! GMM # 2195

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Foopus Aylar önce
rhett and link criticizing yelp reviews could be an episode on its own lmao
Kait White
Kait White Gün önce
They could do a game where they match the bad yelp review to the restaurant
WeakWill 24 gün önce
Ok i had fun
WeakWill 24 gün önce
I was like "ugggh this is gonna be so much reading" but lets be honest i had fun
Katie noneofyourbusiness
Katie noneofyourbusiness Aylar önce
It literally is.
neotenken Aylar önce
Yes! I think they need to dive head first into yelp reviews, this has so much promise!
WTF KYLE Aylar önce
I like this format - should turn it into a game and have them guess what the Yelp rating on the review was!
aromlaa Aylar önce
it’s in gmmore
WTF KYLE Aylar önce
it's in gmmore
Edward McLaughlin
Edward McLaughlin Aylar önce
no, another bad idea from wannabe writers
Jenny Browning
Jenny Browning Aylar önce
Love that idea!!
the darkshow
the darkshow Aylar önce
it in gmmore
Meh Meh
Meh Meh Aylar önce
If you read enough 1 star reviews you start to learn that nearly every single person was just having a bad day and is complaining about nothing. The 2 star reviews are where you get some realistic expectations.
Evan Noyes
Evan Noyes 11 saatler önce
@Joe idk, I’ve only ever written a review of a couple places and it was because it was exceptionally good
nafeeza s
nafeeza s 4 gün önce
I tend to look at both the good and bad reviews and try to find some middle area to determine if it's worth it or not.
Katie Sarfaty
Katie Sarfaty Aylar önce
I love this comment
Nilanjasa Aylar önce
I think it depends on the sample size. If 4000-5000 give it a total of
Joe Aylar önce
Also, people are more inclined to write negative reviews than positive ones. Main reason why I only read yelp reviews to laugh.
n9nedone Aylar önce
Will it college dorm food! See if your mythical chefs can take expensive meals and college dormify them.
Chanel Louise Bayard-Alvarado
Chanel Louise Bayard-Alvarado Aylar önce
I need this yesss
246kisses Aylar önce
Great idea!
Gillian Stickles
Gillian Stickles Aylar önce
so the knife dissapearing at 16:00 was link's first time travel "fix" I guess! excited to see more of this bit :)
ctpricemusic Aylar önce
Link saying “weak AF” is so dad. I felt I was looking in a mirror when I try to keep up with lingo.
Noelle V
Noelle V Aylar önce
The whole “weak af *pushes up glasses*” scene is so great 😂
Yusuf Gazi
Yusuf Gazi Aylar önce
He said it because it was in the review lol
Kelly Sue Grimm
Kelly Sue Grimm Aylar önce
As the kids say, "woot, woot".
Amanda Beraho
Amanda Beraho Aylar önce
And the way he pushed up his glasses after 😂 extremely dad-like
Manders Aylar önce
I agree with Link! If someone says "Pecan Chicken Salad," I think of a green salad with pecans, grilled chicken, and some kind of sweet balsamic dressing.
Saltydog Aylar önce
I might think that if it was "Chicken Pecan Salad" like "Chicken Caesar Salad" but everybody know what chicken salad is, it is like tuna salad. Though walnuts are used more often than pecans.
Brandon Aylar önce
I feel like Link really just wants people to trust him with dangerous objects and his waving them around haphazardly is an ironic manifestation of that.
Aubrey lynn
Aubrey lynn Aylar önce
I swear, Link, I have understood what you’re trying to say so many times now it’s hilarious. I’m always like “yep, that makes complete sense.” hahahaha. And, I get it about the chicken salad, it’s like tuna salad. Hahahahaha
Lord Mysticlaw
Lord Mysticlaw Aylar önce
I get it because I don't even call it chicken salad. I call it chicken mayo. Just like tuna mayo and egg mayo.
alyssa Aylar önce
yeah it makes perfect sense lol
th3R0b0t Aylar önce
100% A well made Chicken Salad, can be eaten with a spoon, and compliments the bread as a sandwich. So I totally got what he was saying cause it looked like someone made a Salad that contains chicken, as a sandwich.
Sophie Katharina
Sophie Katharina Aylar önce
I was searching for someone also understanding what link has said.
Hannah Mummey
Hannah Mummey Aylar önce
I found my people!! I also agree with him on the cinnamon bun argument 😂😂
Vampress Aylar önce
It's kinda adorable how excited Link was to announce he's a very spicy lover.
Sarah Sunshine
Sarah Sunshine Aylar önce
I 100% get what Link was saying about the chicken salad 😂 and I agree
justdrop Aylar önce
Word of advice: if you can't spell it, you probably shouldn't try to act smart about it.
Spoon Love From Up Above
Spoon Love From Up Above Aylar önce
I'm guessing antipasto is a salad too
justdrop Aylar önce
@Cnnr You tried
Tim Hutton
Tim Hutton Aylar önce
@Sarah Sunshine To me chicken salad is what they ate. What you are describing I call a salad with grilled chicken and pecans.
Cnnr Aylar önce
@justdrop a tiny example in a vast sea of mayonnaise
Jihad Toom
Jihad Toom Aylar önce
When they said Arbys i hoped it would be their new Wagyu burger.
SilverHybrid Aylar önce
It’s alright not really good tbh but trying new things is never bad unless you’re Rhett and link on a will it episode 😂😂
Clay3613 Aylar önce
@Shane Wilson no it tastes good, just a little too chewy.
Shane Wilson
Shane Wilson Aylar önce
@SirDiego capalot they say its souvee'd but it tastes like its deep fried and its nasty. And I am someone who uses my sous vide a lot at home.
SirDiego capalot
SirDiego capalot Aylar önce
@Blake Basic they souvee it ? fire
Blake Basic
Blake Basic Aylar önce
@Teleios DaWyz it's not microwaved they actually cook it in a bag of boiling water
ZombieGOdown56 Aylar önce
“A chicken salad is not a chicken salad, it is its own thing”. Link Neal
ッAzubi_Meatball4349ッ Aylar önce
Link saved Rhett and that’s why the knife disappeared.. damn
Khristian Bayless
Khristian Bayless Aylar önce
i love how much the crew has to get involved for the creative props they use for new episodes
Brian Baker
Brian Baker Aylar önce
Rhett: "Are you a spicy lover?" Link: "Is peanut butter a spice?"
adam fink
adam fink Aylar önce
As someone who works in a kitchen and had to take Serve Safe certification and learn how to handle equipment, also having seen some accidents Due to improper handling... Link's handling of that knife is giving me PTSD
Kasi Davis
Kasi Davis Aylar önce
I’ve been through the same training, and I understand. It also blows my mind, how some restaurants allow their staff to mishandle food
TheMcKing Aylar önce
I've also took ServSafe only to be a Wendys manager though
McKenna DeVore
McKenna DeVore Aylar önce
no it isnt
Dbyspae Aylar önce
Link makes me nervous lmao
strawberries Aylar önce
Havent watched them since 2017 and I noticed the change in their personality. Not a bad thing but I think I’m going to start watching them every day.. really missed them.
Dan B.
Dan B. Aylar önce
Arbys has had the same chicken salad sandwich for like 15 years. They should have done the new Arbys burgers, Arby's first ever burger was like 2 weeks ago.
Shifter22 Aylar önce
Tbf, I didn't know they had a chicken salad sandwich tho until this video. Ha
Joe Aylar önce
@EnhancedAim they mentioned it in early 2020 when they started filming episodes from home. Also on earbiscuits.
jrmh76 Aylar önce
@Simon Riley I don't think it's months, but it's definitely weeks in many cases.
SirDiego capalot
SirDiego capalot Aylar önce
@EnhancedAim one of their ear biscuits episode pretty sure it was links daughter going to college
EnhancedAim Aylar önce
@Simon Riley where does it say they record videos in advance?
Nick J
Nick J Aylar önce
I get that Arbys Chicken Salad Sandwich every summer and had it for the first time this year a few days ago and I loooooove it! It’s so refreshing and it actually fills me up. Those curly fries go so well with it
Voice-TUH-Voice! Aylar önce
You get the Arby’s chicken salad sandwich every summer, but had it for the first time this year??? Lol
deprofundis Aylar önce
@internetonsetadd oh heck yeah, great idea!
internetonsetadd Aylar önce
@Jenn How dare you.
Nick J
Nick J Aylar önce
@internetonsetadd oh yeah I remember that! Idk I might like the new bread better
OrbitX2 Aylar önce
that review was from 2018 too.. lol
Alex Gagnon
Alex Gagnon Aylar önce
Don’t ever give Link a knife again at this point it’s you guys enabling him
NotoriousTori Aylar önce
Arby's has a whole burger for the first time I'm aware of. I wasn't expecting the pecan chicken salad (sandwich).
Riverius Kenadia
Riverius Kenadia Aylar önce
@P0TAT0_CANN0N great burgers
P0TAT0_CANN0N Aylar önce
They have burgers now!?
21sled Aylar önce
coolcupcake 145
coolcupcake 145 Aylar önce
What Link said about that chicken salad I totally understand what he meant and agree with him. Arby's isn't advertising it correctly.
LATW Ghonjo
LATW Ghonjo Aylar önce
The only chicken at Popeyes that's "spicy" is the bone-in and tenders. The chicken on the sandwich is just normal chicken with spicy sauce. Which is mayo with seasoning added
Saltydog Aylar önce
yeah the only difference is that is is a buffalo ranch sauce and not their normal spicy sauce
Jocelyn H
Jocelyn H Aylar önce
I used to work at Popeyes and so many people used to come through the drive thru and ask for the spicy sandwich with no sauce. It was so frustrating lol
Amanda Thomas
Amanda Thomas Aylar önce
Thank you I was gonna comment the same thing! 🍗🍗🍗👍
Mile High Scratcher
Mile High Scratcher Aylar önce
Yes I came here to say exactly this!!! The chicken isn’t spicy on the spicy chicken sandwich
Nachikethass Bharat
Nachikethass Bharat Aylar önce
Seeing that "piquant" is an adjective, Rhett used it correctly - "piquant masterpiece". Pizza Hut's content writer's made the word a noun - bad form!
Éric Sabourin
Éric Sabourin 15 gün önce
Piquant is literally the french word for spicy 😂
deprofundis Aylar önce
Aimee Parrott
Aimee Parrott Aylar önce
Exactly! It should have been "masterpiece of piquancy," which is overwrought but at least it's grammatically correct.
The Black Nostalgia Nerd
The Black Nostalgia Nerd Aylar önce
Thought for sure they was gonna try the new Arby's Wagu burger
jrmh76 Aylar önce
They film weeks in advance.
Neal Wilkinson
Neal Wilkinson Aylar önce
As a pizza hut employee, the red jalapenos are where the spicy lovers pizza screwed up. When we'd make one for ourselves, we'd use the regular jalapenos and it's way better
deprofundis Aylar önce
@Neal Wilkinson ok thanks!
Shay Cat13
Shay Cat13 Aylar önce
Oh! If they made a habenaro sauce!! I'd would probably love it
Neal Wilkinson
Neal Wilkinson Aylar önce
@deprofundis the red jalapenos, like in the review are pickled, so they have a bit of a sour smell and taste to them. I don't know about your area, but the spicy lovers was a limited time deal, and in my area we stopped caring all the specialty ingredients for it(sauce, seasoning and jalapenos) months ago. It might come back in a few months, so maybe give it a go then, and try getting the spicy sauce on your favorite pizza
deprofundis Aylar önce
Why? Just curious. I kinda want to order it now but am wondering if I should get it as is or with regular jalapeños.
Evan Pilkington
Evan Pilkington Aylar önce
The Spicy lovers pizza was great. Pizza Hut has always had an issue with their sauce being too sweet and the spicy marinara fixed that for me. They should've replace the regular marinara with the spicy one for all their pizzas.
Neal Wilkinson
Neal Wilkinson Aylar önce
@Stripedkitty funny. We'd all put the spicy sauce on regular pizza. But my favorite sauce is the Detroit sauce
Evan Pilkington
Evan Pilkington Aylar önce
@Stripedkitty Their loss. Seems moronic to me.
Stripedkitty Aylar önce
I work at pizza hut and at least in my area, the spicy sauce flopped hard. People ordered the spicy lovers, but changed it to normal sauce almost every time
Evan Pilkington
Evan Pilkington Aylar önce
@Emily McLeod They don't offer it anymore and never had it as an option online.
Emily McLeod
Emily McLeod Aylar önce
I bet you could ask for it on any pizza you’d like!
J. P.
J. P. Aylar önce
Nicole confidently mispronouncing "piquant" is a mood.
WeakWill 24 gün önce
Wait so how to you say it Peek want? Peek wan't? Pick want? Pee cont?
WeakWill 24 gün önce
Is it confident mispronunciation, or is it trend setting 🧐
deprofundis Aylar önce
(compared to the anglicized version, that is, ie "PEE - can't")
deprofundis Aylar önce
To be fair, the word is originally French, and her pronunciation was comparatively closer to the original French pronunciation.
halloweenie29 Aylar önce
I worked at my local Arby's and it has an even amount of everything. I loved helping making these during summer. We batch make them fresh twice a day. it was so popular
Polly W
Polly W Aylar önce
Link with a knife. Thank you Nicole for taking it and giving it to Rhett. LOL!! The chicken salad looks yummy in the picture, but with something like that I'd make it at home before I'd buy it at Arby's.
Jordin Ebright
Jordin Ebright Aylar önce
Let’s play a new game! How many times will Rhett and Link change the thumbnail in 1 day?🤣
Friction Falcon
Friction Falcon Aylar önce
While everybody’s talking about food I’m still wondering where that knife went…
Friction Falcon
Friction Falcon Aylar önce
@Lazer Blazer you’re probably right
Lazer Blazer
Lazer Blazer Aylar önce
Crewmember probably took it
J M&O Aylar önce
I like how Link almost finished the sandwich and didn’t like it that much haha
Matthew Reed
Matthew Reed Aylar önce
I love how this just became Rhett and link rate new fast food items
Majestic nugget3
Majestic nugget3 Aylar önce
You both have come so far this amazing. When i first heard of you both you guys where on the news for that song : are you going to eat that. And then you guys started good mythical morning. 😊 this really completes my childhood knowing your still going its also like nothing has ever changed good vibes all day every video.
iWatchTooMuchYoutube Aylar önce
Whoever took the knife... props to you, Link was wildin
iWatchTooMuchYoutube 7 gün önce
@seeingyouaround I meant whoever took the knife AWAY FROM LINK lol. As soon as he put it down, someone sneakily swiped it from the table 😂
seeingyouaround 7 gün önce
it was Link who took the knife! 😉😀
Caitlin Parkes
Caitlin Parkes Aylar önce
I love this episode idea lol we Rhett and link criticizing reviews and trying new food items we all wonder about!! 😂 please do this again!!
Lauren Scott
Lauren Scott Aylar önce
Link, you couldn't have sounded more Canadian when you said "sorry for being sorrier" lmao 😆 🤣
Adam Lee
Adam Lee Aylar önce
I was told by a Popeyes employee there is no spice on the chicken it's only the sauce!
Blue J
Blue J Aylar önce
But it's supposed to be buffalo, not spicy. It never once said spicy. And buffalo isn't spicy by itself.
Tyla Dahl-Monroe
Tyla Dahl-Monroe Aylar önce
Came here to say this - only difference is the sauce.
Oneofdazzz Aylar önce
chicken salad looked like it probably needed a dash of pepper and little mustard to balance the flavors...maybe even a thin slice of onion. it almost looked homemade.
NeverBeBored08 Aylar önce
Not gonna lie, the Chicken Salad sandwich that I've had from Arby's has been pretty good the times I've gotten it
WeakWill 24 gün önce
How much did they pay you to say this
shit lista
shit lista Aylar önce
Idea for the episode - match the review with the food item!
MagiaErebea-gaming Aylar önce
I loved the Arby’s chicken salad I had a complete opposite of the yelp review I had so much chicken salad that wouldn’t stay on the bread I had to finish the sandwich and clean up with a spoon to finish
Ra'Chelle Banks
Ra'Chelle Banks Aylar önce
"Either get *original* or get *spicy* " Advice to live by from Lincoln Neal
kirokyo Aylar önce
"I kinda like this." I love hearing Rhett say this 😂
Definitely Not Rosie
Definitely Not Rosie Aylar önce
Liiiiink, we know you are knifley responsible, I would be worried of anyone waving around a sharp object like that 😭 Rhett, thank you for that 'real talk' moment. Love you both
CuhhZayyUhh Aylar önce
Everyone who bought a ticket to Mythicon, I truly hope you have a great time.
Molly Vandever
Molly Vandever Aylar önce
Does Link know what AF means? He said it so many times. 🤣💀
tarynmfnodoms Aylar önce
i recently started watching y’all about a month ago but i’m totally in love with this family show😭 it honestly makes me feel like home
Stephanie Pierce
Stephanie Pierce Aylar önce
I hope to see more of this in the future for sure! I legit use the guys suggestions a lot, so this is pretty cool beans
Lakeisha Howard
Lakeisha Howard Aylar önce
Please keep the knives away from Link… An accident waiting to happen…
Joe Aylar önce
They should let him use a mandolin, just to see what happens. He might stop messing with sharp objects for good after that
lauren elise
lauren elise Aylar önce
i can’t get over the fact that these guys have been best friends for 38 years.
💖Aslery- Go to My Channel🍑
💖Aslery- Go to My Channel🍑 Aylar önce
Thought for sure they was gonna try the new Arby's Wagu burger
Angel Aylar önce
Enjoying my dinner with y’all. It’s a good mythical morning ✨💗
Alberto Mendoza
Alberto Mendoza Aylar önce
Timezones be craazay, you were there having dinner and some of us were barely waking up Hope you enjoyed the Dinner!
Tommy Patton
Tommy Patton Aylar önce
@J Not everyone is in the US
More Amoxl
More Amoxl Aylar önce
@J Not everyone has a 9-5 lol
J Aylar önce
- Says she's eating dinner but then says it's morning
Daphne :D
Daphne :D Aylar önce
This was a great episode lol 😂
trentblender Aylar önce
truly amazing how you guys do this every 24 hrs
Andrew FlashChannel Gibbs
Andrew FlashChannel Gibbs Aylar önce
The salad sandwich reviewer also called it a “sandwhich”. 🤭
Shifter22 Aylar önce
This episode got me feeling piquant! 😁
OtsutsukiKing Aylar önce
Wow i finally experienced what its like to watch an episode right after its uploaded. Magical. Raw. Unfiltered.
Landon Atterberry
Landon Atterberry Aylar önce
This episode showed it's age of which it was filmed this time lol. Should've been the Arbys wagyu burger.
Alex Z
Alex Z Aylar önce
This format needs more gamification. It feels like watching a marketing research panel--needs more mayo, very dry
Kent Lindstrom
Kent Lindstrom Aylar önce
Can we just have an entire episode of them just reading reviews?
Montana Sadler
Montana Sadler Aylar önce
This was great! More please :)
SQUID Aylar önce
Loved this concept sad when it ended, do this again!!!!!
Evan Fischer
Evan Fischer Aylar önce
The uneasiness of Rhett’s face when link handles that knife gets me every time lol
Seth Bowers
Seth Bowers Aylar önce
I’d like to see some travel! Let’s see Rhett and Link review some national parks / iconic restaurants around the USA
Noelle V
Noelle V Aylar önce
When the game intro says “part 1” 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼there will be more!
Mendy Peters
Mendy Peters Aylar önce
*I dont know but these guys just make me feel really happy*
Cornberry Aylar önce
For fast food, Reviewbrah’s reviews are all I need
Jason Smalley
Jason Smalley Aylar önce
Love this episode. I hope they do more like this.
Makenna Nevaeh
Makenna Nevaeh Aylar önce
rhett and link criticizing yelp reviews could be an episode on its own lmao
Makenna Nevaeh
Makenna Nevaeh Aylar önce
rhett and link criticizing yelp reviews could be an episode on its own lmao
💖Aslery- Go to My Channel🍑
💖Aslery- Go to My Channel🍑 Aylar önce
The Spicy lovers pizza was great. Pizza Hut has always had an issue with their sauce being too sweet and the spicy marinara fixed that for me. They should've replace the regular marinara with the spicy one for all their pizzas.
pistontube Aylar önce
I know it's funny to have Rhett take the knife away but this whole "knife thing" is just getting awkward. Makes me nervous every, single time. Love ya Link but you gotta take knife safety seriously dude!
Sekkusu T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me33
Sekkusu T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me33 Aylar önce
Arby's now has a 🍔, thought that's what they were gonna test.
Mrs. Chanandler Bong
Mrs. Chanandler Bong Aylar önce
I love the chicken salad sandwich from Arby's getting some recognition, it's bomb af
Kiwi99 Aylar önce
I tried the spicy lovers pizza months ago and me and my boyfriend LOVED it.
Chris Heikes
Chris Heikes Aylar önce
Arby's now has a 🍔, thought that's what they were gonna test.
WeakWill 24 gün önce
Lets be honest its arbys
jrmh76 Aylar önce
They film vids weeks in advance. The burger is new.
Michael Reilley
Michael Reilley Aylar önce
The burger was very average when I tried it. It wasn’t “bad”, but the extreme hype from the advertising is kinda what did it in. It was about on par with a whopper to me
Linaomine Aylar önce
They should have. The chicken salad used to be on the menu all year. Now its just a summer thing. The burger was 👎 when I tried it.
Eve Lemay
Eve Lemay Aylar önce
Piquant being spicy in French had me laughing 😂
Josselin Salgado
Josselin Salgado Aylar önce
Picante being spicy in Spanish had me the same 😂
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