Sleep is your superpower | Matt Walker

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Sleep is your life-support system and Mother Nature's best effort yet at immortality, says sleep scientist Matt Walker. In this deep dive into the science of slumber, Walker shares the wonderfully good things that happen when you get sleep -- and the alarmingly bad things that happen when you don't, for both your brain and body. Learn more about sleep's impact on your learning, memory, immune system and even your genetic code -- as well as some helpful tips for getting some shut-eye.

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Chirag Gupta
Chirag Gupta 5 saatler önce
Thanks to This Ted talk I Begin To Sleep 10 hours a day
Candy Marnie
Candy Marnie Gün önce
okay youtube, I realized that sleep 6-4 hours is very bad, I don't think that I will fix it because of procrastination and anxiety disorder, but okay
suman dey
suman dey Gün önce
Niko Chatzinakis
Niko Chatzinakis 2 gün önce
wow, eye opening
ë 3 gün önce
Well time to go to sleep enough tech for the night. I don't want small balls.
Uncle Sammy
Uncle Sammy 3 gün önce
I've never been more thankful for my melatonin
eljay jab
eljay jab 3 gün önce
Thank you 😍
Thomas Marcoux
Thomas Marcoux 3 gün önce
Vin Maho
Vin Maho 3 gün önce
Not if you have crystal meth, from what I hear coming from next door grilling some poor chap
Chantelle Caday
Chantelle Caday 5 gün önce
In comparison of two groups (1 group of all nighters and 1 group of full sleepers), The group that gets a full sleep was able to have clear memory of what they've learned before by a test, and they are competely energized as well. But the all nighters didn't go as well as the others as their accuracy dropped down to 40%. - Lack of sleep is one of the causes of aging and lack of memory strength by the source of the hippocampus. - Deep sleep is the best sleep for it makes the magnetic waves in your brain way stronger and makes a more clear and powerful file that transfers the information you learned to a more secure and safe file that you can permanently remember forever. - "The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life."
Aske Hansen
Aske Hansen 6 gün önce
Caffeine is the killer
Train With Kia
Train With Kia 6 gün önce
5 mins into the video I realized it's 2am and I should sleep. Let me know if I missed any important detail...
Noor Hassan
Noor Hassan 6 gün önce
TheAnianite 7 gün önce
At 18:00 he states: “for no apparent reason”. Has he forgotten about all the millions if low income single mothers who cant afford childcare & housekeeping, and need to work multiple low-skill jobs?! These women ate doing THE most important job in society: raise another human being! Yet, they DO HAVE MULTIPLE REASONS TO NOT BE ABLE TO SLEEP! I can appreciate that this genius of a scientist lives in another reality..
Andrew Wang
Andrew Wang 8 gün önce
Such an important message. 好「醒」世 😆
Cavarik M.
Cavarik M. 8 gün önce
Nah bro it's 3:17am.
Mohak Londhe
Mohak Londhe 11 gün önce
I want this guy debate with sadguru, on sleep.
Miss Talulah
Miss Talulah 12 gün önce
You need different types of sleep aids if you are ND to if you are not.
Charbel Tannios
Charbel Tannios 12 gün önce
Informed , that's great 👍👍
Ahmed Alaa
Ahmed Alaa 13 gün önce
Just an amazing talk with scary information!
Valentin Li
Valentin Li 13 gün önce
I'm going to die.
Homem de Cultura
Homem de Cultura 15 gün önce
Me after watching this TED: Let's go into a 10-hour sleep streak
Habib Ur-Rahman AbiR
Habib Ur-Rahman AbiR 16 gün önce
Abhishek Verma
Abhishek Verma 16 gün önce
Do this happens to people who are in their 20s and 30s
Aden Shures
Aden Shures 16 gün önce
Aden Shures
Aden Shures 16 gün önce
Too much or too little sleep, I never had problems remembering everything.
LaswellB 17 gün önce
This message is so important these days, when we have a hyper focus on 'being healthy' and are hearing what we need to do to keep from getting sick. We have commercials about wearing masks, washing hands, getting vaccines, but so little about the most important aspect, our own immune system health. Clearly, sleep is at the forefront to maintaining our health and well being.
Green Puppet Rahad
Green Puppet Rahad 18 gün önce
im watching this t 3:35am😐😐
Valerii Onyshchuk
Valerii Onyshchuk 18 gün önce
Matt is fantastic! Besides the most obvious things, like night shifts, which should be totally eliminated and daylight savings nonsense there is one more problem related to teenagers, whose circadian rhythm shifts later than 11 p.m. in most cases. And they need 9 hours of sleep. So, starting school for them at 8 a.m. means to deprive them from sleep with all the consequences described by Matt.
Naturally Nature
Naturally Nature 19 gün önce
What he didn't say was what time should we go to sleep?
Wayne Smith
Wayne Smith 19 gün önce
Well based off the size of my balls I don't think I want to get any more sleep that would just be a nuisance 🤣
Hapana Taka
Hapana Taka 19 gün önce
What about taking nap in the afternoon?
SABINA SABINA 19 gün önce
Can you make up for lack of sleep on weekend
UncompressedWAVmusic 20 gün önce
I like this talk. Sleep has always been one of my superpowers because I sleep well and can sleep for a long time and because I still weigh almost the same healthy weight all of my adult life and in good health my whole life so I sleep well except the odd night.
Jeffxm003 20 gün önce
Helping to fight dementia? Here’s looking at you sleepy Joe!
Angel Vargas
Angel Vargas 20 gün önce
Cuesta un poco descansar pero es necesario, debemos hacer el esfuerzo de dormir, eso mejora nuestra salud y así mejoramos nuestro aprendizaje
2017 22 gün önce
m da
m da 23 gün önce
When you have ptsd and you know all this but there's nothing you can do because you just can't sleep
Tamara Moxham
Tamara Moxham 23 gün önce
Then why do doctors do 24 hour shifts during their residencies? Does going through med school change this? I have a really hard time believing hypocrisy
CaptainAT 24 gün önce
Temp 65 degree to sleep…..environmentalist are not going to like you sir!
AbİsHlİ OrKhAn
AbİsHlİ OrKhAn 26 gün önce
Perfect 👌
Red Royce
Red Royce 26 gün önce
Damn and here i'm past 5 years while in school only been getting 3-5 hours of sleep :/ On another note i did some of my best exams when i had around 3-4 hours of sleep.
Red Royce
Red Royce 26 gün önce
15:44 Well school & homework or work & money would like to have a talk with you.
snubbedpeer 27 gün önce
Very well presented, especially with the deliberate pause after each important point to let it sink in. Besides he had his tempo spot on, not speaking so quickly that the audience had problems following him.
AWT2012 27 gün önce
I'm watching this at 8.30 pm
Hadi Shams
Hadi Shams 28 gün önce
An utterly important, eye opening video.
Arrow Spawn
Arrow Spawn 28 gün önce
There should be more discussion around this: If its true, it solves Cancer, Dementia, and stuff Im not a scientist, I have pretty dumb research skills and i dont want to get led to believe something made for views, that impacts the way I see the world Do you guys happen to know other people arguing the other sides to this point? If you know any, please comment them
Edna Jay
Edna Jay 28 gün önce
"You'd never sit at the dining table waiting to get hungry. So why would you lie in bed waiting to get sleepy?" That was a POWERFUL ANALOGY
Evin Drews
Evin Drews 29 gün önce
quit coffee and you'll black out as soon as your head hits the pillow
Nelson . M . Rozario
Nelson . M . Rozario Aylar önce
I sleep by night 8 PM and wake up at 4 AM in the morning, but two or three hours I used to wake becoz I was consuming caffeine after quitting caffeine I'm sleeping well
Aygüzer Aylar önce
Why didn't he immediately answer the question at the end of the conversation?
Kunal Kumar
Kunal Kumar Aylar önce
0:32 no laugh this time..... This is bloody serious thing man... I wanna be healthy.
Crikey Aylar önce
Good start.
Clark Wilson
Clark Wilson Aylar önce
mans probably just woke up
Indie Gamer
Indie Gamer Aylar önce
i don't need sleep i need answers
Prabhu Sarangi
Prabhu Sarangi Aylar önce
Antismiley Aylar önce
Where do I buy that affordable portable piece of technology, I wanna shock myself in my sleep
continental Music
continental Music Aylar önce
Humans are most amazingly intelligent beings in universe
Static Elect.
Static Elect. Aylar önce
Don't shock your 🧠 s, people!
Static Elect.
Static Elect. Aylar önce
All you have to do is watch people working hard at their jobs... Does the trick everytime!jj No really though, prayer🙏 will work miracles if you truly believe...🙏😇
A Aylar önce
Im scared now
Maximus ESP
Maximus ESP Aylar önce
And smoking weed... 🤤
Танец Камней
Танец Камней Aylar önce
Это очень важная информация, спасибо за Вашу работу!
Molly O'Flynn
Molly O'Flynn Aylar önce
Cries in student living in halls (one room) and bar shift work😭
Punnarooth Srimongkolsilp
Punnarooth Srimongkolsilp Aylar önce
Thank you for teaching me lll
Caio Felipe
Caio Felipe Aylar önce
funny to see when you need to wake up at 6 am, and reaches home at 11pm... 8h of sleep all of it at same time hardly is a usual thing and he said no plan B to that so... useless?
chantel rhine
chantel rhine Aylar önce
This is stupid and obvious we all know we are worthless without sleep
Olli1 K
Olli1 K Aylar önce
Cheesepotato ._
Cheesepotato ._ Aylar önce
i would sleep early.. if i didnt procrastinate
Hodgepodge31 Aylar önce
That is just so depressing for those of us who have trouble sleeping. Who else keeps waking up between 2-3am and then can't go back to sleep?
San Antonio Steve
San Antonio Steve Aylar önce
We keep it at what I thought is a cool 70, he recommends 65? Brrrrr
Marco Barde
Marco Barde Aylar önce
Dr Walker's got big balls
Y O Aylar önce
Is he a MD though?
Lenzq Cake
Lenzq Cake Aylar önce
Sleep is better than Think.
Toan Nguyen
Toan Nguyen Aylar önce
Excellent topic !!! Sleep regularly at the same time is king !
Mike Thomas
Mike Thomas Aylar önce
I am doomed
rarl wil
rarl wil Aylar önce
V R Aylar önce
I like that Chuck Norris is branching out into science as well.
R J Aylar önce
A lot of people are asleep apparently even in the audience. They take his advice very seriously. I see people sleeping everywhere, at work, at the grocery store, on the freeway, in the cinema, on TikTok. Everywhere. This guy looks like Danny D.
Zhen Shan
Zhen Shan Aylar önce
a wake up call to sleep
Chet Smith
Chet Smith Aylar önce
Shift work totally sucks especially when your relief calls in sick and you end up with a long 16 hour day and the usual annoying commute and only having time for a quick nap, snack, and shower before the pain cycle starts over again. Great pay and benefits but at a high health cost.
BANANA Aylar önce
thank you sir
Bespoken Vocal Coaching Oxford
Bespoken Vocal Coaching Oxford Aylar önce
A fantastic set of ideas and data, well presented. Thank you, Matt Walker!
GABA GABA Aylar önce
Fact check everything, always.
Eashan Rijhwani 41
Eashan Rijhwani 41 Aylar önce
Watching this at 3 am
Garie Morales
Garie Morales Aylar önce
A big sorry to people who using drugs at night."
Ali Aylar önce
Plot twist: He’s 500 years old
King 5202
King 5202 Aylar önce
What about over sleeping? Does that have any health benefits or health defects?
Edvaldo Souza
Edvaldo Souza Aylar önce
Agora estou em Pânico 4 horas manhã assistindo, essa palestra Preciso dormir mas não consigo, preocupações de todos os lados
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson Aylar önce
Well, It is getting late, I'am going to sleep
skh770 Aylar önce
😳 wow! Frightening
Kross Aylar önce
Me at 4am : good superpowers. 💨
WAN Shah
WAN Shah Aylar önce
Errr... most of intelligent people hv less sleep. 🤔
Anne Bagenda
Anne Bagenda Aylar önce
Am actually watching this at 2am time here.
Ortzi Olasolo
Ortzi Olasolo Aylar önce
Does he carry an oura ring?
Just Me
Just Me Aylar önce
Sleep is determined by the individials biological make up. Not everyone requires the same amount of sleep. I am retired and when i tell people that i sleep 10 hours or more, i am met with.. disbelief. My testicles should be huge then. 🤣🤣 I had to get up early for 50 years of my working life. I never for ones felt it being the natural thing to do. But we are Slaves of capitalism.
alistair watt
alistair watt Aylar önce
I had bad insomnia when I was younger, and I once went 3 days without sleep. It really messed with my short term memory, and it made me feel delirious. It almost felt like I was beginning to dream while I was awake.
alistair watt
alistair watt Aylar önce
@StraightFlush When I went to bed on the 3rd night, I felt like I just collapsed from exhaustion, and I finally fell asleep. Had this continued any longer though, I probably would've gone to a doctor and got some sort of sleeping pills.
StraightFlush Aylar önce
How did you get rid of it?
kumaresh KCB
kumaresh KCB Aylar önce
Horrible news
MasterChef of Building supplies
MasterChef of Building supplies Aylar önce
Time 10:56 pm, Time needed to get up 6:00 am, If i sleep now i get max 7 hours
Carlos Zarate
Carlos Zarate Aylar önce
I almost always sleep 4 hours, I'm doomed.
Dodgeavoidevade Aylar önce
If sleep was a superpower, I would be able to grab Darkseid by his feet and beat the crap out of Thanos with him
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