What’s your English level? Take this test!

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What is your English level? Let's find out by taking the mmmEnglish online test!
In this video, I talk about my English Speaking community for women: mmm.heylady.io/join
I often get asked by my students, “How do I find out my English level? How do I know if I’m intermediate or advanced?”
Of course, if you have taken English exams or studied at a language school, you would have some idea about what your English level is! But, perhaps that was a while ago… Perhaps it’s been years since you last sat an English exam and you don’t really know where your skills are at today.
Well.. That’s why I created this test to help you get an understanding of your English level. There are 45 questions, starting at a basic English level, moving through to intermediate and finishing with questions that test advanced English skills.
Do not take it too seriously - it’s meant to be a bit of fun! I’ll explain how it works in the video, but make sure you take note of the questions you get right in each section!
--------- TIMESTAMPS ---------
0:00 What's my English level? (intro)
0:48 How this English test works
2:03 Hey Lady! English Speaking Community
2:56 Basic (A1-A2)
6:23 Intermediate (B1-B2)
10:30 Advanced (C1-C2)
16:15 What I think about English levels
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mmmEnglish Yıl önce
Working as an English Conversation Coach, I’ve worked with students who have achieved fantastic English exam results, but hardly speak in social situations out of fear or anxiety. I have many students and friends whose English results don’t look impressive on paper, but they are powerful communicators who connect with others through their huge smiles, interesting stories and courage to speak up. Your English “level” doesn’t define you - your attitude and your courage definies the English speaker that you are today, and the English speaker you will become. What do you think?
Muxyadiin Baladka
Muxyadiin Baladka Yıl önce
Thank you Emma l am one of your students who take your grammar lessons and l am saying thank you for your advice that you gave us but l have one question do you have a category vocabulary about different aspects. For example health, policy ,and etc that you Prapared on your TRshow or do you have as a book or PDF ?
mmmEnglish Yıl önce
@Muxyadiin Baladka Nice to meet you! I do have some vocabulary lessons relating to specific topics (often idiomatic and slang expressions) Like money: trshow.info/watch/9vukOY6RKr8/video.html Like health: trshow.info/watch/gYCS9QAoBQY/video.html What other topics are you interested in?
Marcelo Duhá
Marcelo Duhá Yıl önce
The end of the video should be at the beginning 😉. Love your work!
Sunny sharma
Sunny sharma Yıl önce
What is special for me? You replied my previous comment.
Manish Sharma
Manish Sharma Yıl önce
Appreciate your efforts 👏👏👏👏
Suzanne Turley
Suzanne Turley 11 aylar önce
As a 69 year old these are my results. English Grammar and English Literature was my favourite subjects at school. However, I haven’t taken a test since I left school in 1969. The tests were a pleasant way to check my brain score during my elder years. Thank you so much. A1-A2 15/15 B1-B2 15/15 C1-C2 15/15
Cxoo 11 aylar önce
Saida Yamgirova
Saida Yamgirova 10 aylar önce
Ooo well done
Danish Khan
Danish Khan 7 aylar önce
1 quick question, how many times did you fart? Lol
Naeem Ahmed Mᴀɴsᴏᴏʀ
Naeem Ahmed Mᴀɴsᴏᴏʀ 4 aylar önce
@Danish Khan Ye kya tha🤣🤣🤣
Lei B.
Lei B. Yıl önce
As a Filipina, these are my test results: A1-A2: 13/15 B1-B2: 14/15 C1-C2: 14/15 Thanks a lot Emma! You’re helping us to improve and assess our English grammar skills. 👍🏻
Covid writes
Covid writes Yıl önce
so cool well done Btw 🥰
BetaMovies Yıl önce
Welcome to the u.k
Relaxing Mind
Relaxing Mind Yıl önce
same here
Umida Abduazimova
Umida Abduazimova Yıl önce
Wow I impressed by your results well done!!!! :)
-Est3lle- Yıl önce
AbdallahMN 9 aylar önce
My test went as follows:- Basic or As = 14/15 B1-B2 = 13/15 C1-C2= 8/15 I totally mixed up the advanced section. For that part, the sentences were long, and I think it is not only about what you know, but it is how faster you can read the text. Otherwise, thanks for preparing this exciting test.
Infernal Crimson
Infernal Crimson 5 aylar önce
Well, there's nothing better than being honest
Chem Aylar önce
A1-A2 15/15 B1-B2 15/15 C1-C2 15/15 Good to see the stint I did in Advanced English back in college is still jumbling around up there. I found myself at times not reading the answers to the question but rather reading the full sentence and apply what made most sense to me, relying on sentence structure and semantic association to make them into what sounded like coherent English to me in that particular situation. Funnily enough tho, I found myself not reasoning my answer in my own language but rather in English as well. Honestly, I found reading the sentence with a timer harder than the semantics. ^_^;
Ruhshona Yusupova
Ruhshona Yusupova 11 aylar önce
Thank you for a lovely 🥰presentation, Emma. I thoroughly enjoyed this session. I've been studying English language for more than 3 years, of which the last two months in this year (August to September) of my career riched with IELTS B2 level😉. So, thanks one more for different dictionary for fun and looking up synonyms and antonyms to embellish mu vocabulary. I especially like the ease with which you do your presentation as well as your consant smile of confidence. Wonderful👍
Herzschreiber Yıl önce
Thanks a bunch, Emma! 61 year old German native here. My results: A1-A2: 14/15 B1-B2: 14/15 C1-C2: 10/15 I think I could have done better at the C section, but old heads need more time! :) Anyway, it was fun!
Eli10_A Yıl önce
Hi, I'm also a German native and got exactly the same reults as you on every section! My respect for still learning a new language at your age. A lot of people say it's impossible to learn something completely new (like a language for example) if you get older and I really admire people who proof the opposite! 👍
Herzschreiber Yıl önce
@Eli10_A Thank you Eli, but we've got a misunderstanding here. I am not a "new English student", I started to learn the language when I was 9 years old, at school, like most of my German fellows despite the ones who grew up in the former GDR. I just wanted to find out something about my skills, therefore joined the test :)
Laila Ghazali
Laila Ghazali Yıl önce
That's true, i'm about d same age as u. Certain questions require more time, esp as i'm doing it in between serving my customers.. With age, u easily get distracted nd need longer time to get back on board..
Herzschreiber Yıl önce
@Laila Ghazali ... during serving customers? Wow, respect!
C R 7 aylar önce
I had done this test months ago and I remember feeling sad and disappointed at myself because I didn't do good in the advanced section, therefore, I started polishing my English and striving harder to be more fluent. I just did this test again and here are the results: A1-A2: 14/15 B1-B2: 14/15 C1-C2: 9/15 I hope I'll improve in the future :P
Pasquale Morsilli
Pasquale Morsilli 7 aylar önce
"I started polishing my English and striving harded": advice? Suggestions? Tips?
Infernal Crimson
Infernal Crimson 5 aylar önce
@Pasquale Morsilli I started striving hard in order to polish my english.
FunkyJ Bass
FunkyJ Bass 11 aylar önce
As a New Zealander, these are my test results: A1-A2: 15/15 B1-B2: 15/15 C1-C2: 15/15 Thanks a lot Emma! I love self validation. :-) To be fair, there were a few questions where there were multiple possibly correct answers, depending on context. Also, sometimes I nearly ran out of time reading the question to find the answer.
Quazi Sir
Quazi Sir 11 aylar önce
Exactly, depending on context too, all airliners use, the term "an economy class" no economical class, and many natives like you say in the movies, hard language instead of strong language and so on...
Tory Crosgrove
Tory Crosgrove 10 aylar önce
@Quazi Sir The question wasn't talking about an economy class though. To say an "economy way" is incorrect. As a native, I've also never heard someone say "hard language" as a synonym for strong language.
Quazi Sir
Quazi Sir 10 aylar önce
@Tory Crosgrove So? The USA people say climate but the British say weather, Canady but chocolate, Gas station but patrol pump ---lists unlimited. Are not they natives? If you like to increase your subscribers by this comment, carry on!
Uhorky Zavárané
Uhorky Zavárané 7 aylar önce
@Tory Crosgrove theyre speaking antipodean english
Tory Crosgrove
Tory Crosgrove 7 aylar önce
@Uhorky Zavárané I'm literally Australian. The person who I was responding to is clearly not a native speaker based on their syntax (nothing wrong with that obviously), and I was simply correcting them bc they were wrong, at least in terms of Australian English (and I suspect most other varieties too).
♔ 𝙰 𝚖 𝚊 𝚗 𝚎 ♔
♔ 𝙰 𝚖 𝚊 𝚗 𝚎 ♔ 2 aylar önce
I used to take this since last year so here's my retaking test results ^^ A1-A2: 10/15 B1-B2: 13/15 C1-C2: 14/15 I'm not native English because I was born in Southeast Asia, but I'm actually aiming to be a author in the future along my singer career! :33
Benz Yıl önce
Thanks a lot for the test, Emma. This is my score results: Basic A1-A2: 10/15 Intermediate B1-B2: 8/15 Advanced C1-C2: 5/15
Covid writes
Covid writes Yıl önce
well not bad keep trying ull reach a good score in it one day
Althaf Rahman
Althaf Rahman 11 aylar önce
wtf same as mine
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer 7 aylar önce
keep it up
Galaxy Galaxy
Galaxy Galaxy 5 aylar önce
Wow, that's a horrible score😐
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer 5 aylar önce
@Galaxy Galaxy you do know not everyone's first language is English right? Please do a Mandarin Test and see if you get 10/10 for all. cant well darn who could of seen that coming.
Samuel GustavoJ
Samuel GustavoJ 10 aylar önce
As a Brazilian, these are my test results. Thanks a lot teacher Emma. A1-A2: 15/15 B1-B2: 14/15 C1-C2: 11/15 Have to improve better my advanced english level but I am confident that I will get better.
mandu Yıl önce
Thank you, Emma! English is my second language and here are my results: A1-A2- 15/15 B1-B2- 15/15 C1-C2- 14/15
Armen Yıl önce
What a coincidence, I got the same results as yours!
HesTer Yıl önce
@Armen samee
Same here, can't believe it
Khalid Nazir
Khalid Nazir Yıl önce
Same just in A section I got one question accidentally wrong
Miquel Amer
Miquel Amer Yıl önce
Same, I failed on the 34th question, thought it was economic instead of economical. But pretty happy overall knowing that English is my 3rd language
R. H.
R. H. 10 aylar önce
Thank you Emma! My results were: A1-A2: 15/15 B1-B2: 15/15 C1-C2: 14/15 Not too shabby but I had no idea what jargon meant lol :)
Mehri Hamidova
Mehri Hamidova Yıl önce
Thanks for providing us such a great content. Glad to be one of your subscribers.🥰 Here are my results A1-A2 ;15/15 B1-B2;13/15 C1-C2;11/15
nooo Yıl önce
Such a refresher. Thank you for making this video. As a Southeast Asian, I learnt 3 languages simultaneously (including English)...here's my score! A1-A2: 14/15 B1-B2: 15/15 C1-C2: 13/15
LivyIsFromLAD 11 aylar önce
My results- thanks Emma! A1-A2: 15 out of 15 B1-B2: 15 out of 15 C1-C2: 11 out of 15. I have to improve on my advanced use of english, but I really liked the test and I'm happy seeing my results :)
Magdy Younes
Magdy Younes 9 aylar önce
Hi, I scored 14/15 , 13/15, 10/15 respectively , so What do you think my level should be? Unfortunately ,I am one of those who successfully passes exams but still afraid of speaking with others. Therefore, I was lucky to watch your teaching video in which you gave learners many tips about how to improve their language skills . I am going to literally follow up all the steps you have explained to improve my english. Thanks for both your efforts and amazing approach of teaching .
Tarun Kumar
Tarun Kumar Yıl önce
This test was really good! It was quite helpful. I'm an Indian native. Here's my result - A1-A2 15/15 B1-B2 15/15 C1-C2 13/15 I agree with your point about being well versed in English and yet lacking the skills to communicate properly. I'm in the same boat. I often find it a bit difficult when it comes to communicating in English with other people. That's something I'm hoping to improve upon.
Tytan 777
Tytan 777 Yıl önce
I'm impressed 🥰
Covid writes
Covid writes Yıl önce
well done great job👏👏👏👏
Why Baby
Why Baby Yıl önce
You literally said what I was trying to explain to one of my friends. I’m not feeling super comfortable talking in English with people but I really want to. It makes me so frustrated knowing that I’m far from ready to speak English like a native. Anyway, good job for your amazing grades 🎉
Atheist Yıl önce
क्या बात है सर ! क्या बात है सर ! ये बात है !!
Archisman Dutta
Archisman Dutta 11 aylar önce
That's more due to social causes and familiarity than actual grammatical issues, I recommend some speech therapy! It worked wonders for me
Shiza Fahim
Shiza Fahim 9 aylar önce
My results are as follows: A1-A2: 13/15 B1-B2: 14/15 C1-C2: 11/15 Thanks alot Emma! for your contribution in my English improvement journey:)
Clotilde Simões
Clotilde Simões 11 aylar önce
I've scored 15/15, 15/15 and 14/15. Just had a hard time reading the longer sentences and the possible answers in 10 seconds. Anyway, it was really fun to do it. Thank you so much 🥰!
Desiree Gulpane
Desiree Gulpane 11 aylar önce
Thank you so much, Emma! I’m a Filipina Junior High School Student, and here are my scores. Basic | A1-A2: 12/15 Intermediate | B1-B2: 13/15 Advanced | C1-C2: 11/15 Additionally, I’m an aspiring writer, so this really help a lot!❤
As Sa
As Sa 11 aylar önce
👍but i 😔😔
Ankita Ganguly
Ankita Ganguly Yıl önce
Basic - 14/15 Intermediate - 14/15 Advanced - 12/15 (as on September 8th, 2022) Thank you so much, Emma! Now I know where i'm at and how much improvement I need. I'm really grateful for you assistance. ❤️
ada gang
ada gang 9 aylar önce
Hi Emma, thanks for coaching and sharing your English knowledge .. my score basic: 15/15, Intermediate: 14/15 and Advance: 11/15
Romero Romero
Romero Romero Yıl önce
Thanks for this test! I was actually feeling insecure about my English recently since I haven't read that much these past few months. But I scored 14, 13 and 14 respectively. Way to boost my confidence and encourage me. ❤️
Anne Lim
Anne Lim Yıl önce
Too simple for words we used to have more difficult level hahaha
Adrián Fresh
Adrián Fresh Yıl önce
Hi Emma, I'm Adrian from Venezuela and here are my results: A1-A2: 15/15 B1-B2: 15/15 C1-C2: 12/15 Keep on making more tests like this one. Wish you all the best!
Sudi - Teach Travel Create
Sudi - Teach Travel Create Yıl önce
Hey Emma! I love your voice 🥰 Just came across this lovely video so thought of taking the test ☺️ Glad to share that I got all correct except one wrong answer in C1-C2 ☺️ Thanks for the great presentation! ❤️
loisaf01 10 aylar önce
Hi, my results as a german student: A1-A2: 15/15 B1-B2: 14/15 C1-C2: 13/15 This has been great to follow through! Thank you for helping me pin down my English level!
Kristina Yıl önce
Thank you so much for such a useful and excellent work! I've got 14 correct answers out of 15 for A1-A2 levels, 10/15 for B1-B2 and 11/15 for C1-C2 section! Thank you a lot again for helping all of us to get more knowledges and get more confident!
Thanks Emma. Really good video. Truly, marks, scores and level are only relative in nature. For improvement and skill development sky is the limit... My score: A1-A2: 15/15 B1-B2: 13/15 C1-C2: 13/15
Sensei Yıl önce
Thanks Emma for the test! My scores were: A1-A2: 15/15 B1-B2: 15/15 C1-C2: 14/15 Pretty happy with the results! :)
hussein had
hussein had Yıl önce
the same to me
sneha Singhal
sneha Singhal Yıl önce
I have the same scores ❤️
Katt Yıl önce
As a native English speaker I am embarrassed at the fact I got 14/15 on A1-A2.
Introverse Yıl önce
@Katt bro it's harder for you because there are a hundred different types of English so you will have a harder time to identify what you use and what the instructor is using
zuber ansari study
zuber ansari study Yıl önce
Sharah Jean Dianne Gaa
Sharah Jean Dianne Gaa 11 aylar önce
A1-A2: 14/15 B1-B2: 13/15 C1-C2: 15/15 Thank you so much for this Emma!
BENDA VLOGS ITALY 8 aylar önce
I’ve learned a lot from this video. Am I the only one who love her pronunciation? I’ve subscribed her immediately ❤❤❤
Dave Green
Dave Green 11 aylar önce
While English is my first language, it's still fun to take these tests and make sure I haven't slipped any. So far, so good. I also agree with you that exams can be counterproductive. Especially if you're learning the language for practical reasons and not simply to pass a class.
Do‘stmuxammmad Bozorov
Do‘stmuxammmad Bozorov Yıl önce
Thank you Emma for these tests. I'm Uzbek and my results A1-A2 14-15 B1-B2 12-15 C1-C2 8-15
🌸Lyssa🐰 4 aylar önce
Hello from Malaysia, being able to learn and understand English is definitely fun and interesting. I am still trying to improve my vocabulary especially grammar. I hope everyone have a great time no matter where they are and wish all the best in living a good and positive life. Here is my result, the advanced part took me some time 😅 Basic (13/15) Intermediate (12/15) Advanced (11/15) "It does not matter on how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop" - Confucious Learning is a life long journey. It's a process of how we want to move ahead at just one step at a time. Everything is going to be alright. Stay true to ourselves and appreciate knowledge.⭐
Tinfoil Homer
Tinfoil Homer 3 aylar önce
I'm so glad you learned from somebody who also lives in the Western Pacific! Regional bonds can be so important!
🌸Lyssa🐰 3 aylar önce
@Tinfoil Homer thank you, hopefully I could improve my English just so that I can talk comfortably with other people when I'm going abroad. Have a nice day, friend
new loggers
new loggers Yıl önce
Hi Emma :) How is your holiday going? Well, I got 44 out of 45. I got a little hesitation between on the whole and in the whole. Normally I'm not a big fan of level tests, but with you, my favourite teacher, I could enjoy it this time :) Thanks a lot. As for English level, I think having good conversation skills is way more important than exam results. My friends, don't forget that all that matters is to be able to speak fluently. Nobody cares your little grammar mistakes. So, take a deep breath and enjoy your learning journey :) Greetings from Turkey :)
TheMisterLazyBoi 795
TheMisterLazyBoi 795 Yıl önce
I have met native people who don't really care about small mistakes, but instead of feeling embarrassed they help you to literally keep trying.
Dark Theme
Dark Theme Yıl önce
I agree with you about conversation skills but as a non native speaker, understanding and knowing my level through one of those official English tests has helped me in my application for university studies and remote work. In the past, I would write in my application letter, “I speak English fluently.” What does that mean to a recruiter? For jobs that require high English proficiency, I now only mention my level, the name of the test I took (TOEFL) and link the explanation of the level from a test prep site. 😁
MAG Yıl önce
Birader Turkey diye bir şey yok artık. Turkiye diyeceksin. And as for your comment, I totally disagree with the part where you thought speaking fluently was all that mattered. No! correct usage of vocabulary in the appropriate context is much more important than fluency. Şaka maka gramerin gayet düzgün, bizim milletten pek çıkmaz böyle işler biliyorsun. I wish a başarılı and prosperous bir hayat to you.
Jawad Afridi
Jawad Afridi Yıl önce
In the end that motivation u gave to pplz like me that nobody cares for little grammar mistakes and what matter is speaking fluently ...Thank a million dear
AbdulAfeez Ayinla
AbdulAfeez Ayinla Yıl önce
@MAG I am afraid with your comment 😀
miryl 11 aylar önce
Thank you for making this test really helps me to see where I struggle in english especially in making sentences:-) 10/23/22 Basic- 15/15 Intermediate- 12/15 Advanced- 11/15
Mercy Ikenna Mbaekwe
Mercy Ikenna Mbaekwe Yıl önce
Very insightful and interesting presentation.Thank you, Emma. I am Nigerian and my first language is English. Please find below my test results. A1-A2: 15/15 B1-B2: 15/15 C1-C2: 15/15
Yael Caillaud
Yael Caillaud 9 aylar önce
For the record, i am French. Which means i do not get a head start at learning english but i managed to get 1 wrong in the intermediate section and 3 in the advanced part. Feeling pretty proud of myslef on that one :D. Nice test, even though i found it hard to be able to read the whole sentences in the last section. Mainly due to the complex grammar and length. That was really challenging for some of them haha. Glad i could try it out anyway :p
Lavínia 10 aylar önce
Hey Emma, I never knew about your channel before, but I really liked it. As a Brazilian, here are my results: A1-A2: 15/15 B1-B2: 15/15 C1-C2: 9/15 Although I had to think a little harder on the advanced level, the similarities between English and Portuguese kinda helped me.
English Quiz Factory
English Quiz Factory 10 aylar önce
Wow superstar! I have tests every day on my channel to help learners ❤️
bar hany
bar hany 6 aylar önce
I am new to your channel . I am impressed , you are great in communicating with your acting , your change of tone and your body language . I must admit that I gained some new and useful information through you .Your team that helps in producing the videos deserve appreciation . I just would like to draw your attention to the ( how to introduce yourself video ) which wasn't at the same level as it lacked concentration .. in other words and in my opinion it wasn't straight to the point and it could have been made in two videos . I truly wish you all the best and I agree with you that personal attitude is quite important and not just scores .. one way to address this point is probably through reading a lot .
Gregory James Snayer
Gregory James Snayer Yıl önce
Thank you for a lovely presentation, Emma. I thoroughly enjoyed this session. I've been teaching for more than thirty years, of which the last eleven years of my career (2009 to 2020) I have spent teaching English, (predominantly) to second language learners. I especially like the ease with which you do your presentation, as well as your constant smile of confidence. Wonderful.
Doofus Yıl önce
You're right, she's very pleasant to listen to and look at. She's encouraging and not a bit condescending or arrogant. I must point out, however, that some of the C level questions are rather poorly constructed: they have 'incorrect' answers which are perhaps awkward and uncommon but are grammatically correct nonetheless.
R Becca
R Becca Yıl önce
Thank you Emma! My result: A1-A2:11/15 B1-B2:9/15 C1-C2:6/15 After watching your video, I learned a lot and I have to learn more...
Karamo Ceesay
Karamo Ceesay 6 aylar önce
As a young German person, these are my results: A1 - A2: 15/15 B1 - B2: 15/15 C1 - C2: 13/15 I´m actually quite content with that, which is pleasantly surprising, because i tend to be quite hard on myself. Also, i really liked the test, it seemed to grasp different understanding levels of English quite well.
Irmak Temel
Irmak Temel 10 aylar önce
Hi! I am a 15 year-old Turkish learner and here are my results! A1/A2 15/15 B1/B2 15/15 C1/C2 14/15 I speak fluent English for a while now so this wasn’t quite the shocker but still, it’s quite pleasant getting satisfying results :)
jade suri
jade suri Yıl önce
Hi, I'm Vietnamese. I'm 10 years old. And here's my result: A1-A2: 15/15 B1-B2: 13/15 C1-C2: 14/15 Thank you for an amazing presentation, Emma. Your lessons are very interesting!😊
Helene Laxdal
Helene Laxdal 10 aylar önce
My results from Norway: A1-A2= 14/15. B1-B2= 15/15. C1-C2= 12/15 😊
Menekşe Yıl önce
I've learned English mainly by speaking to my foreign friends and reading so it was very interesting to see how many of them I could get right! Thank you for preparing this quiz :) A1-A2: 15/15 B1-B2: 13/15 C1-C2: 12/15
Sol Acuario
Sol Acuario Yıl önce
Wow that's amazing!! It has being hard for me to win foreign friends 😔 how did you do it? I've learned mostly reading on webtoon 😅😂 It would really nice to speak with someone who know the language, too or even better than me
Kiran Sarwar
Kiran Sarwar Yıl önce
how to know which level we r at?
Menekşe Yıl önce
@Sol Acuario I just joined communities of things i like such as tv shows or anime on apps like amino or discord. That way you can meet people who speak english and have the same interests as you so you always have something to talk about together!
Menekşe Yıl önce
@Kiran Sarwar I think she explains at the beginning of the video. You can comment your correct answers in each section and ask others too
I'm Max and I'll teach you English
I'm Max and I'll teach you English Yıl önce
Great work!!
Bordersbreaker Yıl önce
As an English teacher that I am as well I'd like to say that I totally agree with what you say at the end of the video. I hate exams, nonetheless I was known in my university for being a good English speaker and didn't have to take many English exams but just a few to "prove my worth". I will even confess that although I hit the right answers in most of the questions I had to pause the video cuz I'm not good when I'm under pressure. Also, there were like 3 questions in the last test that I consider might be answered in more than one way depending on the context. Important to notice that I'm not a native English speaker so I might be mistaken. Thanks for the test, tho. It was really fun and helpful and I will certainly share it with my students.
Mark Gerber
Mark Gerber 11 aylar önce
With most tests, like these, it is not unusual to have more than one answer which could possibly be applied. However, there is always an answer which is more correct than any of the others, and that is the answer that they are looking for.
Gabriel Bonfim
Gabriel Bonfim Yıl önce
Thank you very much for sharing this, Mrs. It has helped me a lot gauging level test with my students :)
Joseline Largaespada Sandino
Joseline Largaespada Sandino Yıl önce
Thank You for giving us this wonderfull video. I hope be better than before! Basic: 12/15 Intermediate: 9/15 Advanced: 7/15 I don't know if my results are progressive but I did what I could🙈☺️
Debbie Creekkiller
Debbie Creekkiller Yıl önce
I want to add that I took this test to see if it would help my teenaged daughter. She has some problems with her written English. She does quite well when speaking English, which happens to be both of our native language! I'm also not sure I got the last sentence correct 😅 However, I do believe it will help her tremendously. You're very engaging so I believe you can get and keep her attention. That seems to be her main problem. She doesn't focus on most people for very long. She is ADHD , BTW. She is also on medication for this. It doesn't seem to work very well when she's trying to learn by listening but that's better than her trying to learn by reading alone. I'm in a quandary, for sure and for certain!!! Thank you, and anyway else, for giving this long response your attention. Have a wonderful and blessed day
enrico capriglione
enrico capriglione 8 aylar önce
Hi there Emma! I'm Italian and it shows, sometimes I kind of "feel" my accent is terrible... strangely enough, my results were: A=15/15 B=10/15 C= 15/15 I can usually understand written English (articles, books etc), write well (or maybe, well enough to make myself understood), speak decently (a person from Nigeria once told me my pronunciation was "Crystal clear"... 😏). But when it comes to understanding the news, or a movie, or a song ehm... no way! I miss 2 out of 3 words....🤷‍♂️ ciao for now from Roma
Susie inthecountry
Susie inthecountry Yıl önce
A lot to think about, Emma. Missed 1 from A1/A2 and 1 from C1/C2. In the age of so many screens, it's always helpful to review our skills. Thanks for the test♥
Sam Yıl önce
BASICS- 13/15 intermediate- 12/15 advanced- 13/15 I think I made some foolish mistakes but did not cheat on my results. will surely look over what needs to be improved. Thanks a lot, Emma!!!
Arza Fatima
Arza Fatima 10 aylar önce
Thanks Emma, language is something quite hard to learn. Especially where I live, not most people can speak that much English. Thanks for helping people.
nikipalett Yıl önce
Thank you, Emma !!. these are my results: A1-A2: 13/15 B1-B2: 9/15 C1-C2: 7/15
Keertae⁷ 11 aylar önce
Hey thank you so much for this amazing session. A1-A2: 13/15 B1-B2: 12/15 C1-C2: 11/15 I'll work harder on my English and I'll try to get better.
XPlayerNo01 Yıl önce
English is my second language, and I felt like the second set of questions was harder than the third one. I had a result of 15-14-15. Maybe that was because the final set was quite focused on sayings and less on actual grammar, and you tend to catch these easier while watching videos and such.
Naomi3970 Yıl önce
Thank you so much Emma. A1-A2 : 15/15 B1-B2 : 12/15 C1-C2 : 12/15 Again, you having helped many of your viewers with there understanding of English and how they would think of themselves as they speak this language and these videos have inspired and helped me so much so, thank you so much.
hansaja Jayaweera
hansaja Jayaweera Yıl önce
Basics- 14/15 Intermediate- 7/15 Advanced- 2/15 Total- 23/45 (on 5th September 2022) Thanks. Now I have a brief idea about the sections I should keep my attention on and learn more.
Kiran Sarwar
Kiran Sarwar Yıl önce
how to know on which level we r ?
hansaja Jayaweera
hansaja Jayaweera Yıl önce
@Kiran Sarwar Not mentioned a method for it . We can self estimate it depending on our score. It seems this test doesn't cover the whole English grammar. So having a simple idea about our weak areas according to given questions and get them right is the best thing
Keerthi Narayan
Keerthi Narayan Yıl önce
@Kiran Sarwar stop at the level where you get 5 or more wrong. The preceding level would be your level of competence. Hope that answers your doubt!
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer 7 aylar önce
where are you now :)
Lily Yıl önce
English isn't my first language, born and raised in Nigeria, a country in Africa. however I am quite fluent in English, I will keep following up your videos to learn and improve more. here's my score. A1-A2: 15/15 B1_B2: 15/15 C1-C2: 15/15. I did second-guess at least two of my answers at the advanced level but I pulled through in the end. Thanks Emma
zahra noor
zahra noor Yıl önce
Can u talk to me so that i can improve my eng i need a native speaker as a friend 😑🌚
Elina 10 aylar önce
My test results were 15,15, 12 and I have C1 certificate. I have never heard some of the phraes used in your video. More of a reason to watch more from you ;)
Mim Akter
Mim Akter Yıl önce
Thank you Emma.This test really helps me. I am from Bangladesh. I want to developed my English vocabulary so that i can communicate with people. My test results A1-A2= 14/15 B1-B2=12/15 C1-C2=7/15
Mayrae Flor Tecson
Mayrae Flor Tecson 10 aylar önce
I owe you one Emma! These are my results- A1-A2: 13/15 B1-B2: 15/15 C1-C2: 13/15 As an 11 year old Filipina (using my Mother's account huhu), I still have plenty to learn! I will continue to watch your videos and, hopefully, i will be able to communicate and speak fluently in english!
Patrícia 10 aylar önce
Nice, girl ❤️ I advise you to watch movies or series with subtitles and listen to subtitled songs. It's better to study more by practice than by grammar.
Raelyn Defnall
Raelyn Defnall Yıl önce
I appreciate the time you spent making this test. Since you asked so kindly, my test scores were: A1-A2: 15/15 B1-B2: 15/15 C1-C2: 12/15
Wilbyy Larrensburg
Wilbyy Larrensburg Yıl önce
Got the same exact results brrooooo
kleesespieces Yıl önce
me too! :D
Meher Kochhar
Meher Kochhar Yıl önce
Me too😲😀
Paige Yıl önce
A1-A2: 12/15 B1-B2: 11/15 C1-C2: 12/15 I'm a Filipina, and I'm proud of my results. Thanks, cher Emma!
Nilam Larashati
Nilam Larashati Yıl önce
Here's my results: A1-A2 = 14/15 B1-B2 = 13/15 C1-C2 = 11/15 Terima kasih, Emma! 💐
Judith HM
Judith HM 5 aylar önce
After finishing this test, I have to say that the advanced questions have been very challenging to me and I have got 6 correct answers because I didn´t know very well some expressions but I have learnt a lot about my English level because I have obtained very good results in A1 - A2 level with 14 correct answers and B1-B2 level with 13 correct answers. I need to improve my English level, I want to have a very good English level because I am English teacher and these kinds of tests are a challengue to me because English is a very vast language. In other words, you feel that there a lot of thing that you have to learn yet and my goal is helping my students to do their best and push themselves to reach their goals and the most important thing I want them to consider English as an entertaining subject or language that they will need to communicate in a near future. Thank you for this test!!
Mark Gerber
Mark Gerber 11 aylar önce
I am a natual born citizen of the U.S.A. At 71 years of age, there were a few questions where I almost ran out of time before I could read the sentences and review the answers. However, I was ultimately able to select an answer before the clock ran out. It is nice to know that my grammar hasn't suffered any throughout the years. Now, if I can just remember how to spell again, I'll be all set.
Ani Traba Andrieu
Ani Traba Andrieu 7 aylar önce
My results as an argentinian teen: A1-A2: 15/15 B1-B2: 15/15 C1-C2: 11/15 I think I did quite good considering that I'm only 14, and that the last international exam I sat for was the PET (B1) where I got that I was a B2. Taking on count my results I'd said that I'm actually a C1!
Rosyda Budiani
Rosyda Budiani Yıl önce
Hi, Emma! Thank you so much for the test. I love it 💞 These are my result : A1-A2 : 12/15 B1-B2 : 10/15 C1-C2 : 10/15 Actually, I am not English learner, but when I watch your video, I'm curious to know where I am. After got the result, I think I have to improve my English skill become better 😅 Thank you for enlighten me ❤️
Sofía Toulet
Sofía Toulet Yıl önce
Here are my results as an Argentinian: A1-A2: 15/15 B1-B2: 15/15 C1/C2: 12/15 It's been a long time since I last evaluated my english level. Thank you so much!
Jia choi
Jia choi Yıl önce
English is my 4 language (I’m Korean) and here are my results: 15/15 15/15 15/15 Practice makes perfect ❤
Blythe Yıl önce
I'm Italian and these are my results: A1 - A2 : 15/15 B1 - B2 : 14/15 C1 - C2 : 13/15 Thanks for your help Emma!
JustDreamii Yıl önce
as a arab here is my test results A1-A2 15/15 B1-B2 14/15 C1-C2 15/15 Thanks a lot Emma! You're help us to get better and improve our English, I still need to go to Cambridge University to get a good degree.
Barkha Rani
Barkha Rani Yıl önce
As an Indian teenager, here are my results: A1-A2: 15/15 B1-B2: 15/15 C1-C2: 14/15 Thanks a lot, Emma! :)
Bungky Pannarai
Bungky Pannarai Yıl önce
Thank you Emma for this test 😊 Here are my results : A1-A2 = 13/15 B1-B2 = 10/15 C1-C2 = 7/15 Am I beginner level? Anyway, I love learning English so I will keep practicing and improving my English more. 😁👍
angie angie
angie angie Yıl önce
No, your level is intermediate. :)
More Than Less
More Than Less Yıl önce
Same to me :D
Reena Sri
Reena Sri Yıl önce
Bro ,what a coincidence 👁️👁️ We got the same results but in B1 -b2 my score was 13/15. But well done 😊🔥bro I hope , next time we won't be doing these mistakes.
Gsoty Yıl önce
B1 i’d say
Motoo Yıl önce
Like me between A2-B1
Andres Echavarria
Andres Echavarria 11 aylar önce
Hey! Just wanna tell you that I loved your video! I'm going to send it to my ESL students because, I consider, this is awesome material for 'em! You just got a new follower ;)
Ivy kristel Pang-an
Ivy kristel Pang-an Yıl önce
Hello! I'm from the Philippines, and these are my results. A1-A2: 13/15 B1-B2: 12/15 C1-C2: 11/15 ...not satisfied with the results, but it's fine😄 Btw, thank you so much for the help.❤️
Марина Малик
Марина Малик 7 aylar önce
Thank you for challenging test 😅 I’ve got 14/15 scores according to A1-A2, the same thing for B1-B2 and 8/15 for intuitive guess… not too bad for Ukraine never been abroad girlie 😅
ristuksenvittu Yıl önce
Questions 34 and 41 got me, i thought the answer would be A on both of the questions. I never really focused on learning english in school but video games have taught me alot :D Speaking english is very different because you have to improvise while having a conversation, while making a comment ables me to think as long as i want and those who read the comment wouldn't know if i had spend an hour of just 30 seconds typing this text. I know my english is not too great but atleast i am trying to improve and i think that is what matters.
gixo Yıl önce
Thanks for this Emma! English is my second language. Here are my results: A1-A2: 15/15 B1-B2: 15/15 C1-C2: 14/15!
Lazzy Yıl önce
Thank you very much for the test Emma! A1-A2: 15/15 B1-B2: 15/15 C1-C2: 14/15 This is definitely not the end of my English learning journey! TIL: Acronyms are subsets of Jargons.
Zofia Panfiłow
Zofia Panfiłow Yıl önce
As a Polish grade 10 student (its only september), I got only one question wrong (in the C1-C2 section). I’m quite proud of myself!!!
vashti aleegrae
vashti aleegrae Yıl önce
These are my test results: A1-12 : 14/15 B1-B2 : 11/15 C1-C2: 10/15 THANK YOU EMMA! ILY
Olya Anisimova
Olya Anisimova 5 aylar önce
I tried myself in taking English test {C1} from Cambridge and it was much more difficult than this one! I'd say this test is like a warm up session before you start digging deeper. Anyway, that was good training for my brain, thank you!
인생은 힘들다
인생은 힘들다 Yıl önce
22 year old Korean here, English is my third language so I never expected results this good :- A1 to A2 - 15/15 B1 to B2 - 14/15 C1 to C2 - 14/15 Thankyou for this video, although I had to think twice about my answer in C1 - C2, I really got motivated for this video, now I need to work on my accent and speaking skills
Harshit Chaudhary
Harshit Chaudhary Yıl önce
Actually the advanced level mentioned in the video is quite far from it. There could be atleast 3-4 more levels over and above the ones in the video. After a certain point it's about how deep your vocabulary is and your knowledge about the phrases, idioms, etc. The time constraint can surely make an easy question challanging.
인생은 힘들다
인생은 힘들다 Yıl önce
@Harshit Chaudhary yes! I surely agree with the fact that I had to pause the video to think a while, and I am surely working on my vocabulary..
ReviewsAndMore9 11 aylar önce
To do that well on a third language is amazing! Good job.
PateuDeOras Yıl önce
Thanks a lot for the test, Emma. This is my score results: Basic A1-A2: 15/15 Intermediate B1-B2: 15/15 Advanced C1-C2: 15/15 As a 15yo Romanian student i can say that school didn't help me at all , most of what i learned comes from games,movies etc. And i am very happy with my perfect score
Slimy_SPIROs Yıl önce
Basic A1-A2 : 15/15 Intermediate B1-B2 : 15/15 Advanced C1-C2 : 12/15 By the way, I'm 12 years old and I really am grateful for this test. It helped me to finally realise my English level which I've been dying to know. Greets from Greece
Elina J
Elina J Yıl önce
Mahamoud Traoré
Mahamoud Traoré Yıl önce
Good for you
Mirzo Gulomov
Mirzo Gulomov Yıl önce
No lies, plz.... Or somebody from your family is a native speaker? 🤔🤨
Mirzo Gulomov
Mirzo Gulomov Yıl önce
No lies, plz.... Or somebody from your family is a native speaker? 🤔🤨
Karambolage Yıl önce
@Mirzo Gulomov literally what was the reason for your comment? Are you really that desperate that you need to bring others down, just because their achievements don't allign with your limited world view? Get ahold of yourself and stop being like this, thanks ;).
Komilokomi !!
Komilokomi !! Yıl önce
Here are my scores as a 7th grader! A1-A2 14/15 B1-B2 13/15 C1-C1 15/15 Thanks a lot for your wonderful videos that taught me so much! I hope my English level would improve more in the future!
vidhur ganapanei
vidhur ganapanei 11 aylar önce
7th grader here to
MANOJ KOLOTHODY 9 aylar önce
I am only 13 years and I've been watching her videos for quite a long time now Basic level-15/15 intermediate -15/15 Advanced-14/15 Thanku Emma for making me an advanced English speaker ...I've been learning with her classes from the start of my journey.I really like her teaching style 💕
Lionel Durant
Lionel Durant 2 aylar önce
As a French native,I'm so happy to get every single questions correct :)
a.k.a_squidward himself  🐙
a.k.a_squidward himself 🐙 10 aylar önce
I'm an Indian, my results - A1-A2 = 15/15 B1-B2 = 13/15 C1-C2 = 13/15 I was quite disappointed with my results since I'm majoring in eng hons. right now and it's only been a month, but still, but then I did realize that I should just think of this as a way to improve myself even more. Thank you for the test, I'll do even better next time.
Shadw Meme
Shadw Meme 11 aylar önce
Thanks I've been learning english since 4 years and I was quite suprised as of how good I was😂 I made 6 mistakes in the C section but I think I'm happy with the results😂
Ambreen Jahandad
Ambreen Jahandad Yıl önce
Thank you so much Emma! I have been your student since quite a long by now and I have learnt a lot from you on grammar section. Your videos have helped me to get into spotlight at work as well as in general. I am truly thankful to you. You are doing a great job particularly for non-native English speakers. As for this test I scored less than five wrong in the third level, in first two levels I scored full! Thank you for your great effort!
RK Yıl önce
Basic - 13 Intermediate - 13 Advanced - 8 I have to learn advanced English. I'm sure I will. Thank you Emma❤
Tanisha Sahu
Tanisha Sahu Yıl önce
Made it to b1-b2 complete and still working on c1-c2 thank you very much emma🥰
Christina Kong
Christina Kong Yıl önce
My results are: A1-A2: 14/15 B1-B2: 14/15 C1-C2: 10/15 (as expected) I'm running low on my vocabulary bank. Time to refill I guess. 🙂 Still, thank you so much for the video. Very much appreciated. 💜
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