Tampa Bay Lightning And New York Rangers Exchange Handshakes Following Their Six-Game Series

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Yıl önce

Watch as the Tampa Bay Lightning and the New York Rangers exchange handshakes after their six-game series and also Nick Paul joins David Amber to discuss what challenge ahead in the Stanley Cup Final going up against the Colorado Avalanche.

@rangersfanfromjersey2436 Yıl önce
Congrats to the Tampa Bay Lightning on their third straight Stanley Cup Final appearance. While I am disappointed that the season is over for us, I am still proud of the Rangers as they exceeded my expectations, and they have a bright future.
@frantisekvtelensky820 Yıl önce
The handshake between Jon Cooper and Gerard Gallant is so classy. True gentlemen of the game. :)
@antonchigurh3226 Yıl önce
Shesty - Vasy matchup was one for the ages. Brilliant play from both; who just happen to be the two greatest goalies in the world.
@MrDMF567 Yıl önce
Man…TBL should’ve scored 8 this game. Igor is incredible. What a goalie & what a performance. Congrats TB
@michaelrada725 Yıl önce
Still Proud of my Rangers! No Quit! We'll be back! Good Luck Lightning! Should be a awesome finals!
@JoelElRican Yıl önce
Best tradition in all of sports. These men battle, tooth and nail. When it's all said and done, they line up to show sportsmanship and respect to each other. This is part of why I love playoff hockey.
@INFINIEON1 Yıl önce
Gotta say,this was one of the more light hearted handshake lines we saw this playoffs.didn’t see any anger or any hatred in any of the players.if anything there were more smiles from both sides because of how enjoyful the competition was between both sides. You gotta love hockey!
@localnomad7498 Yıl önce
So happy for my Bolts but I gotta say K’Andre Miller is going to be a superstar defenseman in this league if he’s not already. His ability to keep pucks in on clearing attempts, his physicality the sky is the limit for him and he’s only 22 years old! A blue line of Miller and Fox can dominate this league for years
@Andyanddiana467 Yıl önce
I’m sad that my Rangers lost, but I’m not angry; this series is perhaps the exact sort of clinic that Miller, Chytil, Lafreniere, and the other young guys need in order to be successful long term. Tampa wouldn't have gone to three straight finals had they not first been humbled by Columbus in 2019, and I think that's the sort of lesson the Rangers need to take from this.
@tinyrick1853 Yıl önce
God damn Shesterkin was amazing he played in the same Vasy in almost ever game if not every game, they have a good young goaltender to continue forward. Hope he wins the Vezina he deserves it for sure
@Viper631 Yıl önce
Doesn't matter who you cheer for. This moment in the playoffs is always amazing. Love seeing everything left on the ice. I hate to see it end for the Rangers but they seriously did so much better than any of us fans expected this year. Good luck Tampa and congrats on yet another Cup final to the team and the fans. Seriously an unbelievable team you guys have there.
@chase1053 Yıl önce
Gotta love the respect between rivals. Congratulations to Tampa Bay, and The Rangers for having a great season. Can't wait for next season.
@juanmercedirizarry4915 Yıl önce
This is the best part of the GAMES ...
@tuvshintugsbattulga5687 Yıl önce
Nothing gets better than hockey handshake. Best wishes for both teams!
@sunshine_360 Yıl önce
As a lightning fan the rangers put up a good fight for the bolts and made them work definitely sad to see this series come to end as we had to great goalies going head to head,but honestly It was so sad yet happy watching Goodrow see his old teammates as he helped us get those first two cups but won't be their for a ponetal third.
@joeipp98 Yıl önce
Awesome series. Kudos to Jon Cooper this impressive Lightning team. Great goaltender battle with Igor and Vasilevskiy. Proud of these young Rangers for their fight. Looking forward to next season!
@Clownconspirator Yıl önce
congrats to the rangers for a great season, they should be proud
@dennismaxwell165 Yıl önce
This is what makes hockey stand alone. Sportsmanship win or lose
@TheRealJohnJ10 Yıl önce
Sad Rangers fan this morning…The handshake is amazing. Men give it all out there. when it’s over the handle themselves with class and Respect. The world could learn a lot from the game of hockey.
@GenF91 Yıl önce
Incredibly proud of this Rangers team. The future is very bright hopefully.
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