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The people of Moldova have been living in fear since the Russian attack on the Ukraine. Their nation could be next on Moscow’s list. Russian politicians and propagandists issue outright threats, even including the prospect of an invasion.
It’s a danger also recognized by Maia Sandu, the country’s pro-European President: "We’re seeing military activities close to the borders of the Republic of Moldova. This is a dramatic situation for our neighbors. For us, it’s extremely threatening."
The concern is justified. Since 1992, Moscow has controlled the breakaway region of Transnistria in eastern Moldova and stationed troops there. The situation in Moldova was recently exacerbated when Vladimir Putin revoked a decree guaranteeing the nation’s sovereignty. The Moldovan government stepped down on 10 February; three days later, Maia Sandu announced the emergence of specific Russian plans to destabilize Moldova, including acts of sabotage and violence including attacks on government offices and hostage-taking.
Moldova is also living in the shadow of the war. More than a year ago, shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many Moldovans prepared to leave their country: "We were afraid, we had our cases packed and ready," says Elena Cernei, who lives close the Ukrainian border. More than 600,000 Ukrainian refugees arrived in the Republic of Moldova last year, gas and electricity prices exploded, inflation rose to more than 30 per cent - immense challenges for the poorest nation in Europe with a population of just 2.6 million. Entrepreneur Anatolie Dicusar is struggling to keep his business going; he’s turned his factory into a clothing warehouse for refugees. The blogger and musician Vova Karmanov stopped making music; instead, he films reports about the conflicts in post-Soviet regions. President Maia Sandu fights tirelessly for democracy and freedom. Moldova attained official EU candidate status on 24 June 2022.
But society is increasingly split over the war in Ukraine thanks to Russian propaganda. This film by Irene Langemann charts the personal fates of protagonists as well as the societal and political developments in the Republic of Moldova since the start of the all-out Russian war on Ukraine - and seeks answers to the question: Will the country survive this ordeal?
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@hiss9989 2 aylar önce
I've had coworkers from Moldova in the past. They were really well-spoken people, and very kind. I hope their homes are safe. 😢
@user-qp8uj1lc3j 2 aylar önce
And crooks 🤣
@johnishikawa2200 8 gün önce
@hiss9989 : Moldova and Ukraine will be warmly welcomed back into Europe , as members of the EU as soon as Russia is driven out of Ukraine , and Ukraine's 1991 borders are restored . Ukraine will inevitably become a member of NATO , whereupon the whole region will be safe again . SLAVA UKRAINI🇺🇦🇺🇸.
@lim8581 5 gün önce
The resilience of the people of Moldova in the face of uncertainty and external threats is truly inspiring. This documentary offers a poignant glimpse into their lives and the challenges they confront. Thank you for shedding light on their struggles and their unwavering spirit.
@parvezsohel6ahmed383 3 aylar önce
Love and Respect for Peoples of Moldova from Bangladesh for their kindness to the Ukranian Refugees despite their poor economy . Hard time will leave soon and will bring enormous joy in your life for your kind and brave heart.
@ChickenVeggi 3 aylar önce
🇧🇩 🤝 🇺🇦 ❤
@BrainWavesVillain 2 aylar önce
Maia Sandu is truly a formidable leader, a beacon of hope, and a blessing to her nation.
@user-je6bh8sb4k Aylar önce
Lei la iena Americana
@jhgd59 3 aylar önce
breaks my heart to see Moldavians suffer , if we could we would have helped Moldova more, but sadly the country is between Russia and Europe stuck for who knows how long :( thank you DW for bringing some information out about the dire situation of Moldova. my thoughts of support and respect from Romania to Moldavians and Maia Sandu
@andrewcolleen1698 3 aylar önce
Why don’t they join nato?
@sebastianconstantin5176 3 aylar önce
maia sandu is a puppet, just like zelly
@DacianRider 3 aylar önce
@@sebastianconstantin5176 toxic ruzz bot
@Maria-EU 3 aylar önce
​@@sebastianconstantin5176it's not that simple for countries that border Russia and have important economic ties to it
@jareczek7822 3 aylar önce
Stay strong Moldova! Greetings from 🇵🇱
@serbianwarrior385 3 aylar önce
😂😂😂this guy Moldova sadly doesnt have much choice,if they try to join NATO and go fully against Russia they will finish like Ukraine, only Moldova has only 2,5 mil people i think so USA and EU really need to stop encouraging this poor countries going against Russia
@-T-O-S-A- 3 aylar önce
You also Poland! XXX from 🇳🇱
@alexeyb6129 3 aylar önce
They speak in Russian their )
@williewonka2104 3 aylar önce
I visited in April and fell in love with the country and people. I think of this lovely place often and hope and pray that they sort themselves out. I am anxious to go back as soon as possible.
@Bulletguy07 3 aylar önce
Another excellent documentary from DW and informative as always. Europe needs to take very special care of Moldova and its people - their humanity toward those fleeing Putins war in Ukraine is boundless.
@waynegore5291 3 aylar önce
Take care Ukraine people first. What's the reality now?
@user-ud8fh7nh4p 3 aylar önce
А вы думаете им нужна ваша демократия, смужиками -бабами
@firstnejm 3 aylar önce
During ww2: - Croats forced Jewish and Serbian children to eat bread mixed with glass, in Croatian children concentration camps......
@davidvelasquez1489 3 aylar önce
You mean another great propaganda? 🤡
@VoicuDragomir 3 aylar önce
Warm wishes from România! Moldovans are Europeans 👋🇪🇺 Keep up the fight for freedom!
@user-bi6rx8do7j 3 aylar önce
Так они и так европейцы, они же в Европе живут. Вы дурак?
@tonkasergej65 3 aylar önce
I wish Moldova and it’s residents nothing But peace and prosperity. God forbid you guys experience What we did… sincearly Bosnian citizen 🇧🇦❤️🇲🇩
@digitalronin7787 3 aylar önce
You should have support the people of donbass Their situation is same as bosnia as well, they wanted to be Independent and leave Ukraine who are killing their people for 8 years prior to Russians helping them bombed Ukraine because Ukraine won't respect the Minsk Accord and does not want peace and hand them their independence Your Nato bombed Serbia for the same reason as well
@jtothed8575 3 aylar önce
@@digitalronin7787Sergej can’t support the donbass, as that would put Bosnian territorial integrity in question, hell.. 75 of the land area has Serbs and Croats on it in Bosnia.. that is a huge chunk ready to join Serbia and Croatia respectively :)
@tonkasergej65 3 aylar önce
@@digitalronin7787you want me to have simpathy with Russians and Serbians While they are the nations that started all their wars… Belgrade should have been turn into dust by NATO for all the crimes against humanity Serbia did
@user-xt8sm9xc1e 3 aylar önce
From a Canadian viewer/It's very fascinating how life is here. Excellent production detailing a 'crisis identity ' as Moldavia strives to forge its own roots in identifying where it all began.
@DWDocumentary 3 aylar önce
Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment.
@buniculflorin 3 aylar önce
My disappointment is that with only one minute history at the end of World War II, this documentary would have had a lot more meaning while introducing theviewer into the intricate ethnicity of the former USSR republics. I’m a bit disappointed now.
@user-xt8sm9xc1e 3 aylar önce
@buniculflorin0 it's a world wide web of information out there so it it isn't exactly too difficult to trace back the history. As for books, Edvard Radzinzksky's book "The Last Tsar" is an excellent book for racial descriptions as it dates back the history of Russia all the way back to the 'Time of Troubles ' that saw the conclusion to the Rurik Dynasty. There were even Russian Jews in Russia and Blacks who served under the Tzars.
@user-xt8sm9xc1e 3 aylar önce
@DWDocumentary you should also know Aaron Spelling Productions also brought it (Moldovo) into pop culture status with the infamous "Moldavian Massacre " that featured Princess Catherine Oxenberg.
@richardtempleton8840 3 aylar önce
Extremely Interesting Film from Moldova......a melting pot of more potential problems to come. Well done DW for making this documentary and highlighting the current tensions for the people living there. 😉
@constanzza777 3 aylar önce
Read my comment please ...
@AudieChason 3 aylar önce
It breaks my heart to watch this documentary. There is so much wealth in the world. Why can't it be more equally distributed? If we don't support Moldova and Ukraine, eventually Russia will destabilize and control them, creating an even bigger problem. Moldova is another reason we need a Ukrainian victory. Victory in Ukraine will benefit Moldova and help its economy improve.
@markusmaximus629 3 aylar önce
Capitalism has NO PROVISION for wealth distribution, in fact, quit the opposite. Amass all the wealth in a few owners. So forget it.
@decaesaris5093 3 aylar önce
@@markusmaximus629 OK Aliosha. The capitalism is struggling to get rich while the communism is sharing the poverty while emaciating its prople. How many years did you live under communism and where ? I did for decades in Romania. Shoe me a communist country that succeded.
@afonsopedro7636 2 aylar önce
That's not happening, Ukraine doesn't have what it takes to fight Russia, plus their situation is not the same because Russia will not invade Moldova
@shanelondon1907 2 aylar önce
This is eye opening events in Moldova. Note the countries that either chose or were forced into Russian influence never were able to improve their economies thus remaining poor to this day. Now, their situation is even more dire. Excellent reporting. SL
@afonsopedro7636 2 aylar önce
Have any country that the US forced into it's influence improve their economy or anything? I don't see any. They're all the same 😢
@miaujsc1904 2 aylar önce
@@afonsopedro7636They are still not under the influence of the free nations! Look Lituania 🤷🏻‍♀️
@michaeldalapo9730 2 aylar önce
@@miaujsc1904 Look Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iran, etc.
@marmeladoffable 3 aylar önce
As a Moldovan I can add a few things, just to be clear for the international public, the so called Moldovan language is a made up story by the Soviet propaganda, there's no difference between "Moldovan" and romanian language. Another thing that's weird, the whole documentary is presented in a way much dramatic and sad than the general spirit in the country, yes it's hard times, but we are optimistic, and changes are finally happening towards our goal, which is being part of the Europeans civilized world.
@marcusslotiuk2769 3 aylar önce
If Moldavian’s speak rom@nian, why are they not in Romania? Need a history lesson here that’s not soviet.
@olegt.6021 3 aylar önce
@@marcusslotiuk2769why aren’t Belgians in France? Stop asking these stupid questions!!
@teodora7219 3 aylar önce
It shows what a BS this documentary is. They could not find Moldavians who speak the national language of Moldova - Romanian! They only found Russian-speaking Moldavians!
@ionpopescu5415 3 aylar önce
question: why do R.Moldova citizens speak to the journalists in Russian and not in Romanian? ;)
@marmeladoffable 3 aylar önce
@@teodora7219 I thought the same, it showed a distorted image of Moldova, in reality there's very few russian speakers, majority of the young generation don't even understand russian anymore.
@serendipity1999 3 aylar önce
It is so similar to the conflict here, in the Caucasus, in Azerbaijan. I was a little kid in the 90s. And everywhere was full of traumatized refugees from Karabakh. And they told horror stories from the war that I could not come to my senses for days as a child.
@constanzza777 3 aylar önce
All this because of the ambitions of Imperial Russia ...
@nataliasalmanova6020 2 aylar önce
@@constanzza777 oops, wrong here! Russia supports Armenia (and the citizen of the Karabakh) in that conflict. While USA via Israel supply Azerbaijan with guns.
@casper8464 2 aylar önce
@@nataliasalmanova6020 Without Russia and the ottoman empire, there would be no conflict. It stems from there, its roots even before the Tzars. I'd say they are connected.
@ScarFo92 3 aylar önce
As a romanian,i hope our brothers,with our help,will manage to take the european path. It will be a hard battlr between generations,but Moldova's place was always beside Romania and Europe! Fiti tari fratilor!
@spirohysa8548 3 aylar önce
Good 8 person sis sorry s6 😅
@mrlover4310 3 aylar önce
All Moldova has to do is stay neutral there will be no war Putin is not interested in war. Romania Moldova Will be incorporated into Russia if you don't stay neutral look at Ukraine they most of Europe behind it the US the Canadians the Australians against one country Russia and they haven't even put a dent into Russia's military stay neutral stay safe.
@ScarFo92 3 aylar önce
@@mrlover4310 You are clearly delusional if you think Romania will ever be in Ukraine`s situation lol. Romania is a NATO country. If Romania falls in the hands of russians , the NATO is finished. Try to think before you write, it would be good for you. Than again, you are probably talking about countries, which you don`t even know were they are located on the world map.
@ovidiumarianbudulean1851 3 aylar önce
@JudyFayLondon 3 aylar önce
Sending blessings to those kind people. Hope the world will be peaceful soon.
@roznovanvladgeorge 3 aylar önce
Multă iubire din Romania către R. Moldova!!! ❤❤❤ Aici oamenii de rând se gândesc la voi și speră sa ne fie mai bine tuturor! Am trecut prin momente și mai grele decat cele de azi (1812, 1848, 1917, 1940)
@TheEvgen1981 3 aylar önce
Этож сколько тебе лет, что аж 1812 помнишь?
@AGC2021 3 aylar önce
@@TheEvgen1981 the humans invented some things called books, trolsky 😁
@BansheeBlueRose 2 aylar önce
1940? when you invaded Odessa?
@HaggisMuncher-69-420 2 aylar önce
@@TheEvgen1981 Ew. Communist language.
@asadktk4511 3 aylar önce
Love from pakistan🇵🇰!! To Moldova.. I like Moldovan people ❤❤❤❤ May the peace prevails!!!!
@ovidiumoldovan6510 3 aylar önce
We have to take care of our sister, Moldova. We also have to fully support Ukraine.
@luciuscornelius4037 3 aylar önce
u go first. start with it. go
@anamelikeothers 3 aylar önce
Fully agree 100% Ovidiu. 👍
@babyboo7741 3 aylar önce
We? Wake up then go to the frontlines 😏
@td9250 3 aylar önce
@@babyboo7741 I agree; people without upper education should be drafted. :)
@doodsrem 3 aylar önce
Go Ovidiu.. go !! There’s mobilization in Ukraine right now go sign up
@hiss9989 2 aylar önce
It's so sad that people in europe live in such conditions to this day 😢
@dkwlin4351 3 aylar önce
As a Taiwanese, every scene of polarization and the narrative from Anti-Sandu movement in Moldova are deja vu.
@ov7419 3 aylar önce
History in itself is a deja vue thing. It seems that Taiwanese didn't learn their history lesson yet
@cantwellmikey 3 aylar önce
Stay strong in your faith and freedom people of Moldova.
@crastinaterpro 3 aylar önce
More power and support to the wonderful President Maia Sandu of Moldova in her tireless fight for democracy and freedom for her people. She is an inspiration!
@mrlover4310 3 aylar önce
Democracy 😂😂😂 I bet she couldn't even spell it.
@dragoscepraga9103 3 aylar önce
@@mrlover4310 Oh yes she can!
@mrlover4310 3 aylar önce
@@dragoscepraga9103 No she can't
@karlferguson 3 aylar önce
Thanks DW for producing such amazing journalism
@burmy1774 3 aylar önce
The russians calling the moldovans of alcoholics is the biggest irony I've ever heard.
@johnnyblue4799 3 aylar önce
True that... they're very similar in the drinking behavior. Drinking vodka from coffee mugs.
@paulgibbon5991 3 aylar önce
Every Russian accusation is a confession.
@TolstiyParen 3 aylar önce
you must understand that this is a made-up story to add drama to the report
@interpretolog 3 aylar önce
🙄 🤦🏻‍♀️ Никогда русские так не считали, что за бред?
@forfun3394 3 aylar önce
Я тоже не знаю кто им такое придумал)))
@toomuchcaffeine3806 3 aylar önce
The president speaks at least three languages: romanian, russian and english. That's impressive.
@leonniceday6807 3 aylar önce
I don't want to take it from Moldova's good president. But it's rather common in Moldova, as most people know Ro and Ru, and besides that they learn a 3rd foreign language in school: English or French.
@gfan83 3 aylar önce
And she denied Moldovian language.
@burnercolt6647 3 aylar önce
​@@gfan83that is not a thing
@gfan83 3 aylar önce
@@burnercolt6647 ?? Sandu is a citizen of Romania and her policy is to put Moldova under control of Romania aslso USA is trying to drag Moldova in war with Russia. And Sandu is preparing Moldova for that. While that war not in interests neither of Russia nor Moldova.
@AZ-gs7xb 3 aylar önce
The president who has her own president (in Romania) How funny is that?
@thisismetoday 3 aylar önce
15:53 Love her! We need more people like her that speak up and use their voice!!
@mary86095 3 aylar önce
Great documentary Thank you DW.well done.Stay strong Moldova❤
@DWDocumentary 3 aylar önce
Thanks for watching and for the feedback!
@antoniocarlosoliveira3369 3 aylar önce
A Moldava lembra muito bem o nosso Brazil nos finais dos anos cinquenta e início dos anos sessenta.Slava Moldava!!!
@rmf9567 3 aylar önce
I feel bad for what’s going on in Brazil right now
@grazynakobus9890 3 aylar önce
​@@rmf9567To opowiedz o tym, co złego dzieje się w Brazylii? Polska propaganda milczy o Brazylii?
@alexandrub8786 3 aylar önce
I think "glorie" would be better in the case of Moldova considering the Russians there and the anti-romanian tactics there and the other anti-latin/russification policy of the old times.
@jamesplanckaert9046 3 aylar önce
My wife is Moldovan, I’m American. We travel back and forth quite often, I consider Moldova my 2nd home and family. First, it is a beautiful country filled with hard-working people, and they may not have much money but they love to dance and share their delicious food at get together’s. We noticed, at the beginning of the war, The country seemed pretty divided, I would say now most of the countries is definitely pro European Union. There is fear of repercussions from the extreme Russian types who are definitely in the country but when you speak to people at restaurants and in general conversation, the reality is, the DW should have shown that huge pro European walked in Chisinau… that was pro European and had over 100,000 people show up their opposition only had a few hundred that show up from Russia and they are paid… We came across many people who had had been paid them selves and simply said I’m still European, but they paid me money so I went out there, and I took their money. It’s a bit crazy. It’s a wonderful place and I hope I can be a part of helping a beautiful, free and wonderful prosperous Moldova! Moldova matters!
@justthesun 3 aylar önce
such a lie
@dyawr 2 aylar önce
Exactly, the doc didn't show any of the upsides & wanted to paint a pretty grim picture. It's what media (in general) often does, unfortunately. I've heard Africans complain about this too.
@dyawr 2 aylar önce
I hope so too, greetings from Romania! ❤
@liambelfast6001 Aylar önce
Thankyou so much DW , love and respect to all Moldova . and to Maia Sandu , an absolute strong , determined and loyal lady . stay loyal and strong . all my love and respect from Northern Ireland .
@justinfowler5761 Aylar önce
Stay strong Moldova!
@redskyrivian 3 aylar önce
By way of an update, protests have stopped for a few months now, and the political party run by Ilan Shor has been outlawed. This doesn’t mean pro-Russian forces won’t continue to try to destabilize the country, but at the moment it feels eerily silent and everyone seems to mind their own business. I just returned from Moldova in mid-August. It’s still a beautiful place and I wish the future would bring peace and prosperity to this region.
@cehaem2 2 aylar önce
People want to express their point of view.
@RussianVideoPodcast 3 aylar önce
Dear Moldovans, brothers, please protect your independence, your languge, your culture.
@Vlad-yi6oo 3 aylar önce
Say russians that destroy all of it😂😂
@alexharrison9340 2 aylar önce
By drinking Coca-Cola and opening more KFC and McDonalds.
@cydr0ne 3 aylar önce
Mistrust and agitation…that’s what I felt when visiting Moldavia this year 😢
@timeofchallenges 3 aylar önce
Why did you felt agitation?
@RKishmar 3 aylar önce
Your spelling is wrong it's Moldova
@cristibrad6742 3 aylar önce
@@RKishmar there are some very old records portraying it as Moldavia, the same as my hair goes up when they still use Rumania yet never the Romanian Principalities :)
@J20666 3 aylar önce
DW has made a lot of high quality programs. Keep going!
@leonniceday6807 3 aylar önce
Thank you for the fine documentary. Traiasca Moldova in Pace.
@user-vu5wx6nq7l 2 aylar önce
Stay strong Moldova! Greetings from . Stay strong Moldova! Greetings from .
@raresremetan2001 3 aylar önce
A strong message from Romania: dear Moldovan brothers, do not end the fight for democracy. We’re with you in everything. Blood is thicker than water, and one day, sooner or later, if the people of Moldova decide so, we in Romania will be delighted to be reunited with you forever! 🇲🇩🤍🇷🇴🇪🇺
@caiolima5016 3 aylar önce
@bleaubleau7927 3 aylar önce
Yes don’t end make more widows and orphans cause that’s the only way
@diliosspartanetz7588 3 aylar önce
Yea like at the end of WWII, so brave.
@zvonkobogdan9634 3 aylar önce
When l hear "fight for democracy" we immediateIy know what it's about. It's ironic at this point
@RealAlbo4life 3 aylar önce
The situation in Moldova between Romanians and Russians sounds exactly the same like in Dardania (Kosova) between Albanians and Serbs. On both of these countries hybrid war is being waged, which according to many political circles, is considered to be the initial stage of the actual war. I send my deepest greetings to the Romanians in Moldova and wish nothing but the best for your people and hopefully the entirety of Moldova unites with Romania soon as well as Dardania (Kosova) unites with Albania 🇦🇱🇽🇰🇲🇩🇷🇴
@ov7419 3 aylar önce
We Moldovans also send warm greetings to Serbs in Kosovo and hope for a quick reunification with our Christian brothers in Serbia ❤
@KK-eu6ym 3 aylar önce
@@ov7419😂😂😂😂😂 very funny yes yes tomorrow before midday
@iuliafitchevici 3 aylar önce
Don't tell lies! We are Moldovans not Romanians!
@RealAlbo4life 3 aylar önce
I smell Russian propaganda about Romanians in Moldova@@iuliafitchevici
@alexlevitchi8120 3 aylar önce
Stay strong moldova God bless you
@aliancemd 3 aylar önce
I appreciate that DW does the occasional interview or documentary on Moldova but every time they speak with regular people(not politicians), they somehow manage to disproportionately interview Russians, even in areas where the Ukrainian minorities are bigger in numbers than Russians, what to say about the rest of the population which are Romanians… Disproportionately concentrating on the Russian minority in Moldova…
@nikki7065 3 aylar önce
For real, that's what I've observed as well. I hope they'll talk more to people that actually do speak Romanian next time they make something related to Moldova
@erynn9968 3 aylar önce
How do you know they are Russians? Do you determine people’s nationality by the language they speak?!
@aliancemd 3 aylar önce
​@@erynn9968 Because after living there for more than 20 years, I can differentiate a Russian from the accent and pronunciation/accentuation of words. If you've lived there even for 1 week, you would know, it's Very obvious. Even the appearance of Ukrainians, Romanians and Russians is different, you can instantly tell after a few years.
@patrickmunneke8348 3 aylar önce
​@aliancemd Ukrainians and Russians are ethnically the same so how do you tell?🤣😂
@olgaprokopieva2692 3 aylar önce
I hope Moldova will continue with its transition towards European democracy. The path is hard. Threatened continuously by Russia. But it is worth the struggle, to achieve freedom and prosperity for your future generations. Without freedom, human rights, the rule of law and equality, and tolerance there is no prosperity. Liberty starts with an individual's life, impacts society, and transforms into prosperity. There is no need for foreign "peacekeepers" if the country is based on principles of equality and tolerance. Russia has been fuelling the crisis, fanning the flames and adding oil to the fire of ethnic conflicts. If Pridnestrovye is hell-bent on its separate status, let them go. You do not need this headache. Maintain your independence and your liberty.
@johnnyblue4799 3 aylar önce
"I hope Moldova will continue with its transition towards European democracy." - Show me one, only one, real democratic European state. I thought it was made perfectly clear, at least since 2019, who are the true rulers of EU. Not the people.
@AKMCars 3 aylar önce
​@@johnnyblue4799Moron, Europe will one day become one state/nation...this is glovalization.
@nmcniven5145 2 aylar önce
love your reports. Russia is a paper tiger I think. China is the real concern in my mind. If I were Japan, I would give notice to Russia we ate reclaiming our islands.
@garethbrown9191 3 aylar önce
Great report. Very informative.
@KevinTewksbury 3 aylar önce
I was recently there. It’s a great country. 🇲🇩 🇺🇸 ❤
@theroldan8013 3 aylar önce
It is a small country TBH
@laika3916 3 aylar önce
The people featured in this report, who live there full-time, beg to differ.
@itsMe_TheHerpes 3 aylar önce
god i hate bots
@KevinTewksbury 3 aylar önce
@@itsMe_TheHerpeswant to buy some bitcoin brah ????
@KevinTewksbury 3 aylar önce
@@laika3916all my friends there wouldn’t leave if you forced them. They love it. Working for technology companies.
@karloyu3484 2 aylar önce
Thank you, Moldovans!!!. 💙💛👍❤️❤️
@angloedu5499 2 aylar önce
Well done documentary! So much information that’s fact.
@calebcruz9979 2 aylar önce
As someone from the west seeing a politician not only visit one of its poorer areas but also debating with them on actual issues is very refreshing even if nothing was really accomplished by it.
@dyawr 2 aylar önce
​@@FeverRub Lol
@r0n1sadr76 3 aylar önce
As a Maldovan i thick this video is not enouth to describe how much we are suffering from the aftermath of the war in Pridnistrova aka Transnistria and all 400.000 refugees from ukraine😢😢
@grundgesetzart.1463 2 aylar önce
kick them out then. 400.000 is an insane number. Do they also drive luxury cars and collect their welfare in these cars, as our "refugees" here in Austria? :D
@cehaem2 2 aylar önce
You shouldn't have attacked Pridnestrovye in the first place.
@LearningSpanishwithDrL 17 gün önce
Peace to Moldova!
@adrianv.1636 3 aylar önce
Go Moldova! Hope you can join EU soon. Much love from America. Mulțumesc 😃
@HELESPONTify 3 aylar önce
In Yugoslavia bee payed on hour,now,when entering in Eu,i work on norma,How?
@yogithashetty2587 3 aylar önce
Moldovan government n the president stay strong. May you triumph over any difficulties n hardship. The people need economic prosperity the most 🙏the world is with you 👏🏻
@interpretolog 3 aylar önce
Вы настолько не понимаете реалий, что аж жалко вас с вашими пожеланиями 😏
@ov7419 3 aylar önce
We give Maia Sandu for free. Tell me where you from so we can post her to you
@yogithashetty2587 3 aylar önce
Your country needs her more than we do 🙏
@gdurant 3 aylar önce
Have not been back to Moldova since 2007 but my heart is with them along with our Ukrainian friends. The evils that are manifested through Putin and his supporters have got to be stopped. I'm a decorated United States Army tank commander and I would bring my Abrams tank to their defense at any juncture.
@alexandrulupu725 3 aylar önce
ma man !
@chucksnightmare7674 2 aylar önce
@gdurant--- As my dad an mother always taught us, that there is always two, three or more sides to every story. It's even in the BIBLE that there are always more than one side to every story.This video seems to be anti-Russian. May GOD bring Peace and end this conflict in Ukrane. Jim in the USA.
@Hoosier_Daddy69 2 aylar önce
I really like maia sandu you can see she really want what's best for her country, you can see in her eyes she's feeling the pain her country is being put through. Sending prayers/love from britain 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
@dyawr 2 aylar önce
​@FeverRub Yep
@miaujsc1904 2 aylar önce
I'm so happy to be part of the free world ❤
@LAPinot 3 aylar önce
🇺🇸, Nice and very informative documentary. God bless you all 🇲🇩 , I'm sure we will help you too if anythingcomesup. But we hope war don't gets in you land. Thank you for being so kind to ukranians!
@biglebowski3961 3 aylar önce
Looks like a lot of instability. Tough economic conditions are not helping matters. Hopefully, the country figures it out without losing its freedom and sovereignty.
@interpretolog 3 aylar önce
Там нет никакой свободы и тем более суверенитета. Как можно не понимать этого? 😂
@netmendo 3 aylar önce
Tiny Moldova has people with strong characters and courage such as Elena Cernei, Anatolie Dicusar , Vova Karmanov, and extraordinary President Maia Sandu. Multumesc, Moldovans for your contribution to the free world European Union has a duty to help you to get economic independence from Russian gas and Putin's gangsters. An excellent DW documentary by Irene Langemann and her team.. DW is one of the best TV operators in Europe alongside BBC 1. Greetings from Portugal 🇵🇹 🇺🇦 🇪🇺 🇲🇩
@ov7419 3 aylar önce
@cehaem2 2 aylar önce
Yes, all we need in the EU is another beggar statelet.
@elenabistiu7984 3 aylar önce
timely information in order to bring to light this country' s struggle, qualities and hopes.🇹🇩🇹🇩
@HyperRide79 2 aylar önce
Love it, What an awesome speech in parliament.
@romantroshkin3142 3 aylar önce
Moldova to the EU. Best wishes
@TrinityGlobalUK 3 aylar önce
I Love Moldova. This is where I am from.
@oliverrojas3185 3 aylar önce
DW Documentary reporting continues to exceed my expectations for performance excellence. They manage to succeed in difficult situations. I cannot believe how hard it must be to set up camp in the middle of protestors petitioing the resignation of a head of state and manage to gain the confidence of protestors as a neutral media outliet capable of objectively reporting their griveances.
@ionpopescu5415 3 aylar önce
... wow ... is your text from KGB Propaganda book ? :)) Sound more communist then an article in "Pravda" Paper News or Romanian "Scanteia" Paper in the 1950's :))
@crackers0413 2 aylar önce
It's heartbreaking to see people start stove fires with plastic. It happens a lot
@GHAWBBA 8 gün önce
@ufa621 3 aylar önce
Hopefully the people of Moldova get what they want whether it be independence or rus.
@purpleldv966 3 aylar önce
The international community should know that Moldova was romanian! It's greatest leader, Stefan The Great, was a medieval voevod which ruled over the greater Moldova, which comprised territories in Romania and Ucrain besides the current day Republic of Moldova. In fact, the moldovan region in Romania is larger than Rep. Moldova it's self, being 35.800 square kilometers compared to 33.800 square kilometers. The territory that is now in Ucraine is called north Bucovina and is 21.000 square kilometres. Besides this, people in the Republic of Moldova are speaking romanian! I am romanian and I understood everything that the people that named the language "Moldovan" were speaking! Of course, a lot of people are speaking also Russian, but that's because of the soviet efforts of washing out other ethnicities that weren't russian! A woman even refers to the phenomena when she told the story of them being stigmatized by their russian colleagues in the soviet era! (ah, you might be wondering: how come they had russian colleagues? Well, the russian leadership of the USSR did a lot of moving around of people for evening out the ethnic makeup of the union, by placing non-native russian speakers in situations that left them with no choice but to speak russian, and in their place, the russian administration brought in ethnic russians that did not speak the local language, thus creating the situation in which locals also had to speak russian if they wanted to communicate efficiently with the new-comers!)
@nina19581 3 aylar önce
This time the film about Moldova was better, you even interviewed some people that speak romanian, not only russian... progress for DW. But if I were from France or Germany, and would have seen this movie, and it will be the first thing to know about Moldova - the chance to visit it would be around 0 - 3%. It's not THAT worse as you show it here, somehow your films about Moldova are only showing this country as "the poorest of the all poorest countries", like we are all dying from hunger and thirst here..
@napillnik 3 aylar önce
Well, food is the thing that is not the problem, for the vast majority of people. Poverty manifests itself in debts, lack of amenities, etc. But the wealth disparity is very big among regular people. There's the capital, where income is high, rent is high (comparable to towns like Dessau), and business is booming. Then there's everything else - villages have very little infrastructure, almost no jobs, the youth are fleeing either to the capital, or outside of Moldova if they can get a job. Software engineers in Moldova get paid almost the same net amount as in Germany. Trained professionals (in crafts) also net 4 digits in Euros. However non-skilled employees like cashiers, clerks and others, have a very low income. It's true that as a tourist there isn't much to do there, unless you're into wine. There's places in Moldova unlike anywhere else in the world. It's gonna get better, since Russian authorities are gonna get F*cked, and there will be less foreign influence.
@TheTanvir39 3 aylar önce
@Frivals 2 aylar önce
@dyawr 2 aylar önce
Yeah, the doc dramatized everything *so* much. 😅 The didn't show the pro-EU rally, which was much bigger in attendace than these anti-gov protests & the general feeling of optimism in Moldova, with most ppl trusting the current leadership and European path forward. Also, that the energy problem has been solved & things are moving forward.
@shakostarsun 3 aylar önce
I spent two months in Chisinau last summer it was 10/10 nice. The IA Mania festival was awesome, Old Orhei, the food, the wine everything top notch.
@icysparks2007 3 aylar önce
I traveled to Moldova two months ago and really enjoyed visiting all the monasteries and parks there. I became friends with an attractive half Russian/half Transnistrian friend. One day, she took me across the border into Transnistria to show me the place where she grew up as a young girl. The hotel lady, who was Moldovan, really looked down on Transnistria and the Moldovan President for being pro-Russian. But when I went to Transnistria, it was quite a good experience. Politics has a way of showing the bad side of certain countries, but at the end of the day people are just going about their daily lives and trying to get along well with each other.
@GaryGraham-sx4pm 3 aylar önce
politics has a way of showing how bad politicians are for certain countries
@jaymesnin 3 aylar önce
That sounds dope an one hell of an experience. I'm glad many countries are uniting. Inviting. An sharing experiences. That is really cool. We have the power in numbers. An need to work together. These few lunatics who are making are world a dangerous hell must go
@kaptenhiu5623 3 aylar önce
People generally want to get along with each other. Problems start when people in power wants something more than they should. NATO shouldn't expand beyond Germany and antagonizes Russia, and Russia has no right to invade others nor support separatists anywhere.
@shymkiv_art 3 aylar önce
My fellow Moldavian people take your land back from Russia, they can’t do anything. With love from Romania ❤
@yaakovavitan8180 3 aylar önce
It’s so nice to have such a good people in the world. Thank you so much. How are you doing? God bless you.
@andrewwebb2866 3 aylar önce
I can't wrap my head around why anyone would be 'pro-russian' in this day and age.
@iordachenicolaev 3 aylar önce
In a country with 80% people speaking Moldavian (a form of Romanian) you only found Russian speaking civilians. Even the ones with Romanian names are speaking Russian. Cernei is a Romanian name. What do you fine people of DW think the Russian authorities will say about the civilians speaking Russian? That they are Russians that need to be saved. Russia forcefully russified Moldova by taking entire populations and sending them to Siberia. They then brought in Russians and FORCED THE RAMAINING POPULATION TO LEARN AND SPEAK RUSSIAN. And then they came in with tanks and stopped them from gaining independence thus forming that cancer that is Transnistria. And now you, a voice of the free world have the brilliant inspiration to interview Russian speaking Moldavians.
@EurovisionESC 3 aylar önce
There's no "moldovian" language. It's romanian
@johnnyblue4799 3 aylar önce
@@EurovisionESC Exactly.
@dianaveres9354 3 aylar önce
True. At Soroca they speack romanian and at Bălți they speack russian, almost everybody. It's a little strange situation, i hope they understand each others.
@marchlopez9934 3 aylar önce
The alarm was great, but so was the willingness to help, with many Moldovans taking in Ukrainian refugees. However, life has changed radically for Moldovans since the war began, with inflation running at around 30%, and many businesses suffering from the effects of the war. Expert and video blogger Vovar Kamanov, who previously made travelogues and music videos, is now more interested in the political situation in Moldova and how it compares to other hot spots in the former Soviet Union and South Oceania.
@ionpopescu5415 3 aylar önce
I am quite sure that DW could send a DW journalist to speak in Romanian to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. DW can choose a journalist from the German community in Transylvania (I assure DW that they know German, Romanian and English very well, possibly even Hungarian, French)... or they can hire a Romanian journalist settled in Germany who knows German...
@victoriarichardson1471 3 aylar önce
It’s politically divided in the US as well. That argument is sad between the two women. I hope everyone no matter if Russian, Ukrainian, Moldovan, Romanian can live in peace and respect each others cultural differences.
@stefanbotezatorul 3 aylar önce
There are no cultural differences between Moldovans and Romanians, we're the same ethnic group, Moldovan is used to describe all citizens of Moldova
@onix554 2 aylar önce
Moldovians are Romanians. Signed: a Moldovian from Romania.
@michaellgorlinski8874 16 gün önce
Glory to Moldova and freedom from 🇩🇰
@terintiaflavius3349 3 aylar önce
Some of those people at the protests are completely delusional. The woman who said no civilians are killed and the guy who said there is no war except for on Facebook are complete nutters
@jarnol2264 3 aylar önce
Stay strong Moldova💪
@nintendokings 3 aylar önce
If some Moldovans want to join with Russia, give them a one-way ticket to Russia; plenty of room there! 🤷‍♂️ The only reason it’s disputed territory is because Putin likes poking his nose in Europe and stationed 1500 occupying troops there
@jevgenijs39 3 aylar önce
Troops in Moldova was way before a Putin
@cdineaglecollapsecenter4672 3 aylar önce
thank you for doing this documentary!
@DWDocumentary 3 aylar önce
Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment.
Very insightful and this situation.
@MrStickySticky_Animations 3 aylar önce
May peace return to Europe! ❤️
@Altysha8 3 aylar önce
May be peace in the World!
@nandotorres4461 3 aylar önce
ask it to Biden
@coolbreeze9713 3 aylar önce
@timothymathias9353 2 aylar önce
Language is only important to the person speaking their language, simple communication; between borders and progress of all of us...
@alex.p.b. 3 aylar önce
Moldova needs urgently aid from the free world, before being too late. Things like in Niger it can happen in any second, and it's no joke.
@dyawr 2 aylar önce
Moldova received a lot of aid and support since the war began & will continue to do so. *God forbid* something happens to the current govt, which is the best the country has had since independence. ❤
@teaburg 3 aylar önce
Best to stand with a government leader who has never poisoned an opponent.
@patrickmunneke8348 3 aylar önce
Prove it. Stop with the spurious accusations
@teaburg 3 aylar önce
@@patrickmunneke8348 Prove it to yourself, I'm not going to do your homework.
@patrickmunneke8348 3 aylar önce
@teaburg Like I said spurious accusations🤣😂
@ciprianpopa1503 3 aylar önce
@@patrickmunneke8348 prove what Ivan?
@brianspohn5982 3 aylar önce
met a truck driver from maldova here in chicago . nice guy . i thought he was polish when i asked if he was he said no maldova in a sad gloomy depressed way . why so sad i wondered . that guy backed a 53 foot semi into the loading dock pitch dark out . very impressive . we got maldovas beat truck drivers over here . all i can say is putin gets stupid on maldovian sovernty , 101st airborne is in romania to smoke check russian troops . we got your back !
@mitchyoung93 3 aylar önce
Dude, we (I'm an American vet) couldn't even beat guys in sandals. By my count over 30 Americans have already learned the hard way what it is to come up against the Russian army. Do not believe the hype.
@johnnyblue4799 3 aylar önce
@@mitchyoung93Thanks for sharing the truth.
@dragoscepraga9103 3 aylar önce
@@mitchyoung93 They'll be backed by Romanian forces Mitchy, you forget...
@dongkoys6439 3 aylar önce
Moldova would be like Philippines..the tensions between Taiwan and china and the disputed territories over south china sea could be the biggest threat that leads to a confrontation..
@vamptowngirl6922 3 aylar önce
Another good video DW! 😄
@noble_one101 2 aylar önce
beautiful life they have. miss those times
@zmeu_md3831 3 aylar önce
I'm from Moldova, studied and working now in Romania , got the citizenship BACK , because my grand grandparents got their romanian citizenship stolen from russians when USSR occupied Basarabia (today Moldova) . It's really weird how DW went mainly to south and eastern side of Moldova villages and asked only russian speakers for interview, i was in many villages and cities in Moldova when i was living there and 99% were speaking romanian , only in some factory made cities (made in USSR) and 2 or 3 big cities like 20-30% of population speaks russian as first language but this video create a impression that most of the people are speaking russian ... Anyway, nice documentary, and next time show some positive sides of Moldova, there is no crisis poverty tho, people are not dying from hunger or some kind of that. You still can make good money in Moldova , well ,not less than Ukraine or even Russia . The situation in villages is harsh tho....
@al8522 3 aylar önce
So true but for DW it’s very usual to portray every single thing about Romania or Romanians in a bad light. Look up all the videos they have about Romania, I haven’t seen anything positive. So I think there’s some kind of twisted interest here that I can’t comprehend.
@alexandrub8786 3 aylar önce
​@@al8522pretty sure the german have a word for "anti-eastern-europan sentiment" qnd by "eastern european" i mean people(with maybe the exception of the east germans,only maybe) that were living on the soviet side of the iron courtaine.
@Splicing_Darwinist 3 aylar önce
​@@alexandrub8786actually we don't have a word for that in Germany.. only some older people may think badly and they are propably a minority in their generation too. As a whole we view the eastern part of germany way worse then the countries east of us :D (exept russia)
@dyawr 2 aylar önce
I agree 🇷🇴🇲🇩
@dyawr 2 aylar önce
​@@al8522 It's just a thing that the media does when they clasify a country or group to be in a bad condition, they perpetuate that stereotype forever. I've heard many Africans complain about this. That's why the topic about corruption in Romania is *always* so exaggerated. (although, many Romanians are guilty of reinforcing this trope too)
@tanyoivanov-personal 3 aylar önce
Same here in Bulgaria and the other post-soviet countries (except Poland, they are rich). But interestingly this happens in Africa too, so it's kind of the same strategy around the world.
@jamiehobson6336 3 aylar önce
For every leader that has opened a war on two fronts it has never ended well for them.
@harryhole5786 3 aylar önce
My father was born in Bessarabia (at that time it was Romania also), and I feel with them.
@Yahoo1- 3 aylar önce
Small countries have no choice but stay neutral is the best way avoid involved in war
@adamky7578 3 aylar önce
I think every America should watch this because we forget how good we have it!!
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