I Was Unlocking Aulus In A Classic Match But This Happened | Aulus MLBB

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ShinmenTakezo YT

ShinmenTakezo YT

10 aylar önce

This Clickbait Title Happened That's What Happened.

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Orochimaru 10 aylar önce
*"Any hero with a tail is a annoying hero!"* -_Shinmen Takezo 2020_
ApplePie 9 aylar önce
Isn't all heroes annoying though
ShadowKage 🅥
ShadowKage 🅥 10 aylar önce
Joaquin Inigo Cruz
Joaquin Inigo Cruz 10 aylar önce
AHHAHAHA i remember the time when he invented a name for wanwan`s ult, "whoever-think-of-this-ult-should-fired-and-get-punched-in-the-face-immediately" XD
Rynz Christian Sacares
Rynz Christian Sacares 10 aylar önce
2021 late klng cguro hahahah
aerot. 10 aylar önce
Hope You Guys Like My Gameplay ❤️ Stay Safe Everyone😷❤️🔥
Jhonrey Deluta
Jhonrey Deluta 10 aylar önce
Make an ultra fast speed guide about Him everyone will love it
Zephyr Haru(Amri)
Zephyr Haru(Amri) 9 aylar önce
Now we wait
SBJ 10 aylar önce
I agree
popol e kupa support
popol e kupa support 10 aylar önce
Just like terizla he has a hammer to beat all the meat.
Farouqisaac 10 aylar önce
I hope all the hero in mobile legend get that
Dark Gaming X3
Dark Gaming X3 10 aylar önce
I miss that
Seigfred Ajero
Seigfred Ajero 10 aylar önce
Remember that time when you were practicing a hero in classic, only to find the same hero as an enemy? Yeah, they absolutely crushed you didn't they
TheLeoninAulus 4 aylar önce
Yeah.... That's why I always crush any enemy I come across cause I main Aulus (Jungler Role) once I'm fed enough. Like seriously, I always get MVP because he's OP yet so underrated XD
James Car
James Car 4 aylar önce
I once tried khufra but I got a enemy supreme khufra in classic needless to say we got ended before minute 12.
Meryl Lew
Meryl Lew 10 aylar önce
the invincible natalia and ricky make me laugh everytime
aerot. 10 aylar önce
Hope You Guys Like My Gameplay ❤️ Stay Safe Everyone😷❤️
Vladie 10 aylar önce
the way ricky screams its hilarious lol
Human ?
Human ? 10 aylar önce
@Rkane Gaming Natalia the new argus
Free 10 aylar önce
Your forgetting evelyn
Rkane Gaming
Rkane Gaming 10 aylar önce
A cool bird
A cool bird 10 aylar önce
Overall I think aulus is a pretty balanced addition by moontons standards. Sure he can start hitting for ridiculous damage when he gets his passive and war stacks up but unlike some other meta fighters (xborg, paquito, ruby, etc) he's not unkillable and can't poke very well meaning you have to be careful about how you engage in the late game. I also think the way he upgrades his weapon as you upgrade his ultimate is really neat and I hope we see more ideas like that in the future.
Sangeeta Joshi
Sangeeta Joshi 10 aylar önce
Ah yes we always need shin's tutorial before buying any hero
Gosu Unknown
Gosu Unknown 10 aylar önce
@AL DUSTY he found da way
Gosu Unknown
Gosu Unknown 10 aylar önce
@Sumit Rangle ....
AL DUSTY 10 aylar önce
This is the way
Kevin 10 aylar önce
5:36 Ah yes, shinmen casually turning a threat into something sexual lmfao
Dan Vincent Obico
Dan Vincent Obico 5 aylar önce
@stxressxd0ut she even got a petname for him
stxressxd0ut 10 aylar önce
Angela Vespid
Angela Vespid 10 aylar önce
6:00 Guinevere: *cute balmond* Looks like that Guinevere user is overly appreciates That Balmond User! 😂
Dan Vincent Obico
Dan Vincent Obico 5 aylar önce
Balmond made guin come too 😳
Jimboyo 7 aylar önce
Balmond + Lancelot = ballot
Gosu Unknown
Gosu Unknown 10 aylar önce
Well he does have his secret *harem*
theo 10 aylar önce
@Bald Skeppy = Lunox
Bald Skeppy
Bald Skeppy 10 aylar önce
@Chifuyu Balmond + Lancelot = Balance
Wrym 10 aylar önce
If you didn't know yet, Awloose first skill make him take less damage at the direction he's facing
A sad SpongeBob
A sad SpongeBob 10 aylar önce
I like how nobody is talking about how good aulus is at pushing
RaAhYaMa 10 aylar önce
Fun Fact : Based on his accent, Aulus is scottish
CASEIN NITRATE 10 aylar önce
Shinmen: "can i join?" Me: OMG, me too!
suranjita Chakma
suranjita Chakma 10 aylar önce
Alus can be difficult to handle at the early game but the second skill and and the ult can be good combo to secure our kweel
Joshua Lasig
Joshua Lasig 10 aylar önce
I'm getting addicted over Ricky's scream
Nganingmi Khamrang
Nganingmi Khamrang 10 aylar önce
Can't wait to see shin playing aulus in rank game..😂
Harry Toeface
Harry Toeface 10 aylar önce
Aulus with the 1st skin, combat boots, and dominance ice...no one will escape...with corrosion scythe they will not be able to move with his ult...he seems like he'll be insane for team fights
Carlo Faustino
Carlo Faustino 10 aylar önce
Funny how Shin describes the first skill as Sonic when in reality Aulus runs like an Ugandan Knuckles 😅
CUSTOM 10 aylar önce
Tip: don't play classic if you care about winning xd.
Unpredictable Boy
Unpredictable Boy 10 aylar önce
Kalisto 10 aylar önce
@Burnt Steak playn't*
Burnt Steak
Burnt Steak 10 aylar önce
@Ishaan Davids Don't play*
Ishaan Davids
Ishaan Davids 10 aylar önce
Dont play*
NinjaDoggo 10 aylar önce
Very true statement.
ImSuuU 10 aylar önce
Shin always makes my day 😂♥️
Drakie 10 aylar önce
5:35 I couldn't stop laughing 😂
Snow White [also know as shiny Kurumi]
Snow White [also know as shiny Kurumi] 10 aylar önce
They should give Aulus more consistent dps, lower CD or more stacks in the 2 skill Id like they make that his splash damage do not lowers when max ult It really takes away the point of having such attack area
Paul Andrei G. Sahagun
Paul Andrei G. Sahagun 10 aylar önce
Aulus 2nd skill: -ATK. Speed, becomes faster when dealing DMG. -Works like War Axe. -Has Movement speed. -HP regen when dealing DMG. -Has decent fast CD. -Range, becomes larger when Upgrading his ULT. -Potential Minion wave clear DMG dealer. Terizla's 2nd: -Boinks...Just Boinks...And Slam Boink, it resets. Has PLDT speed while skill casting it. And It gives Spellvamp. Cancellable, Escapeable and Only good at Minions. Now that's Balance. Moonton, that's Balance.
Yoroikage 10 aylar önce
Shin : Too bad we lost, buttdatisfayn, content is content
Gwen SleepyHead
Gwen SleepyHead 10 aylar önce
Lmao that affair between Guinevere and Balmond...
stxressxd0ut 10 aylar önce
Balmond is guinevere's sugar daddy lmao
Peter Arnaldo
Peter Arnaldo 10 aylar önce
"Become one with the sword" Me who's been observing Lancelot: X Doubt
Tahagi 10 aylar önce
"But that is FINE" Wisdom for life
D B 9 aylar önce
Shinmen's Commentary is why I always watch his videos. Just too entertaining.
Sujal Magar
Sujal Magar 10 aylar önce
Just wanna say More ultra fast speed guide plz
BellaRosa 10 aylar önce
aulus should do solo exp lane for sure ... and then be the killing machine for the rest of the match ... damn moonton doesn't stop making more and more unbalanced heroes... u either ban them or pick them ... but the bad thing is that moonton just allows 6 ban ... and u cant even ban in classic ... pretty good i guess @^@
Ꮪ Ꮋ Ꭺ Ꮤ N 10 aylar önce
I played two games and won with aulus in classic, and then the next game I went glowing and ice Queen wand and lost, but this still 30 percent dmg lol
JollyBaeYT 10 aylar önce
imagine being on a team of hilda,lolita,aulus,mino and balmond🤣
Astral Guard
Astral Guard 10 aylar önce
"Any hero that has a tail is an annoying hero" *Balmond:*
mj carlos02
mj carlos02 10 aylar önce
I always liked how calm you play.
Mack Kevin Roa
Mack Kevin Roa 10 aylar önce
Me hearing Dio's wrrryyyy This is an Jojo reference Love the translations at the last part
TheHeavieKiwie 10 aylar önce
It's cool seeing you try the new hero Aulus Shinmen Takezo but it would be cooler if you tried that mage Faramis waiting in the corner Shin. Hmmm this is the 5th time asking but how about it?
Aung Hpone Shann
Aung Hpone Shann 10 aylar önce
9:10 Shinmen Takezo:"This hero got potential" Some crazy physics professors:*throws Aulus off the roof*
Real Sun Gaming
Real Sun Gaming 10 aylar önce
ShinmenTakezo: Ow New Hero... *What should we call him?*
Jeffersonlol 10 aylar önce
5:41 he's speaking the language of the gods
Gosu Unknown
Gosu Unknown 10 aylar önce
Nothing could beat shin and his use of words🤣👌
Kalvin Bautista
Kalvin Bautista 10 aylar önce
that "can i join?" in 5:42 is so satisfying
Special Days Recorded
Special Days Recorded 10 aylar önce
Still wishing shinmens gonna make an UFSG on new heroes again
chan Anhy
chan Anhy 10 aylar önce
Shin is the best mobile player to call every heros with their own name
uvuvuevuevue ossas
uvuvuevuevue ossas 10 aylar önce
Fun fact: aulus looks like Franco blazing axe
DRted 10 aylar önce
I’m gonna be a pro at Filipino from all these helpful translations in Shin’s videos. 💪✌️
Cheok Tze Xin
Cheok Tze Xin 10 aylar önce
7:33 oh no shin's teammate Natalia got hooked! 😥
Jess & Tory
Jess & Tory 10 aylar önce
shinemn : talking about alaus skill meanwhile: balmond and guin talking about there relaitinship
Subaru Natsuki
Subaru Natsuki 10 aylar önce
Too bad I quit ml but I'll still support shin on his journey in mlbb
HUNT ML 10 aylar önce
Pdot Ahmad
Pdot Ahmad 10 aylar önce
I don't know Filipino can say so little yet mean so much, amazing.
Mahmoud Shalabi - محمود شلبي
Mahmoud Shalabi - محمود شلبي 10 aylar önce
There is Beto, there is General, and there is Zane. But none are as fun as Shinmen. Great job bro, I enjoy the humorous style of your videos a lot
smile 10 aylar önce
Idk how many times I've ask but the world needs shin to stream
Myhr Official
Myhr Official 10 aylar önce
Fun Fact: Aulus' weapon is the War axe! :)
damian kaiserclaw
damian kaiserclaw 10 aylar önce
Me as tank jungle aulus: you have no idea the power he holds shin
PEACHAI 10 aylar önce
everyone is waiting for your ultra fast speed guide now shin
Monstar Undaloc
Monstar Undaloc 10 aylar önce
According to my research that i never did, Aulos is a Leonin just like raccoon loli- i mean Nana
Dark King
Dark King 10 aylar önce
Come on shin make ultra fast speed guide again I need to feel happiness again
Renato Reil Limbago
Renato Reil Limbago 10 aylar önce
Can I request another UFSG? Hehehe btw, I love these contents, keep doing this. This is a stress reliever for us! ❤️❤️❤️
Justine Diwa
Justine Diwa 10 aylar önce
His skill 1 gives him dmg reduction wherever he is facing.
Infamous Yash Show
Infamous Yash Show 2 aylar önce
It's crazy how fast time flies.. I remember when vexana was the new hero 😔
Agnese Jansone
Agnese Jansone 10 aylar önce
New video, yayy 😜 Omg I haven't played ML so long I didn't know there's a new hero already 🤣🤣
Is Jungle Freya A Good Freya? No, It's The Best Freya
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