WEF has been ‘upfront’ about ‘Great Reset’ agenda

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Sky News Australia

Sky News Australia

Yıl önce

Sky News host Cory Bernardi says the WEF has been “upfront” about its “agenda” for the public.
“WEF founder Klaus Schwab even wrote about it in a book entitled the Great Reset - that's where you'll own nothing and be happy,” Mr Bernardi said.
“These same leaders celebrate movements that rely on deceit, destruction and chaos to divide society while a largely compliant media mostly report only the official interpretation of events.
He said “agents of political change” are now so emboldened they will “happily lie and seem to have no fear of being exposed”.
“They will misrepresent everything, from war to science, from economics to biology, in order to condition you to endorse what is unacceptable," Mr Bernardi said.
“These things are being done before our very eyes, and yet, most people refuse to see.”

@loubieloujones5698 Yıl önce
It amazes me that anyone who's studied history could ever believe that governments act in the interests of people. Incredible!
@YaakovEzraAmiChi Yıl önce
Well technically it does. Government acts in the interest of people... Just who is meant by "people" depends
@carlislenightingale8853 Yıl önce
this time everything is different xD
@stevescuba1978 Yıl önce
I have quoted the WEF many times, provided links to where they wrote their agenda, and I get called a conspiracy theorist, while also being called a liar or accused of exaggerating. The sheep don't want to know what their overlords have in store for them.
@TheViridiangreen Yıl önce
In around 2000 I told a co-worker that America will become like Venezuela or Argentina. He didn't call me a conspiracy theorist but rather seem perplexed, or maybe he was mildly stunned. And after 20 years here we are at the cusp of becoming one if not already.
@zo1dberg Yıl önce
Don't just call them sheep; call them cattle. Call all of us cattle - because that's what we are. We are farmed for our productive capacity whether we like it or not. Mooooooooo!
@Prophecynut Yıl önce
@@zo1dberg i prefer to call them goats, as in sheep/goat judgment
@spuddy4845 Yıl önce
Trump is a WEF member according to wiki
@fallofshadows2209 Yıl önce
The weird part is that I kept saying that Covid was just the test run for greater govt control, and people thought I was crazy. Then the WEF basically comes out and says it.
@laurahurlbert2129 Yıl önce
Couldn’t agree more. I never complied with any of it.. The while scamdemic was awfully convenient for this mob of monsters.
@Dakota-Rose Yıl önce
Exactly, stupid thing is most people still don't see it or want to hear it. Wef ain't hiding it. It is in plain sight but taking excerpts from the book or site and people call people a conspiracy theorist if they say something about it.
@14jam50 Yıl önce
You were right Absolutely
@yt_censorship_sucks 4 aylar önce
I know this is 9 months old but it's nice to see news like this actually being reported on. We wold never see this type of coverage on the news stations in the US.
@SaliasGaga Aylar önce
The new mark is the mark of the beast
@jalenstimes7452 Yıl önce
Anytime I hear "social responsibility", my mind converts that to mass government compliance.
@acmeproduct3516 Yıl önce
Like Michael De Santas says: F*ckin' A'right!!!
@jessbarnes8521 11 aylar önce
Definition of community’s changed now.
@TrevoltIV Yıl önce
Thank god at least one media outlet is covering the real news
@justiceadams6623 4 aylar önce
Try epoch times and the people voice
@grabeless1656 3 aylar önce
Do u really have these kind of media in your country... Its amazing. Here in Greece its all like they belong to the government "line"....
@TrevoltIV 3 aylar önce
@@grabeless1656 Yeah most are like that here too but luckily we have some that are independent
@rainydayfeeling Yıl önce
Absolutely disgusting from the WEF. We will never surrender to this. We will stand strong together and defeat this terrible ideology. We will never reset!
@B33F22 Yıl önce
The WEF, IMF and UN etc created a situation that will require a greater reset, once they're dealt with.
@Aaronwhatnow Yıl önce
You could just turn it off and on again
@raclark2730 Yıl önce
@@Aaronwhatnow And here is one of there little minion drones.
@Mister_Holdsworth Yıl önce
We might not but all your neighbours will sign up for it, probably even supply all your information too.
@wesbaumguardner8829 Yıl önce
I can imagine no more horrific dystopia than a one world government.
@ShadKhan Yıl önce
I am coming to get your money. I am a WEF member.
@theonlineanimal6009 Yıl önce
@@ShadKhan you can take my money. But it comes with a hot lead investment first
@mariahewitt9787 Yıl önce
@@theonlineanimal6009 The banks are already starting to limit the amount of money you take out of, your own bank account.
@stevegoulding6328 Yıl önce
@@mariahewitt9787 They've also reduced staff, reduced branches, sold off ATM's etc. Almost as if they knew cash was coming to an end with a huge financial crisis. Almost like they're subtley minimising the future damage without attracting too much attention.
@big_evil1986 Yıl önce
Good to see this stuff getting the light of day on the main stream media..Well said
@BrianPolito 11 aylar önce
Imagine Google has to put up an advisory telling us that reading exactly what they say they are doing is a conspiracy theory.
@grabeless1656 3 aylar önce
Haha .. nice.. its crazy
@user-cv1ul7od4f Aylar önce
Don't be evil was gogl tag phrase when they started, satan and his minons always lie, be evil is what they meant and still do mean, hell will be their final stop
@rebeccahowie7234 Yıl önce
This is why I LOVE watching Sky News from Australia, we would NEVER EVER EVER see anything like this on media sources in the US!!! I’m so thankful for this channel!!
@djeq721 Yıl önce
Or in the UK.
@wisewordsforlife2866 Yıl önce
Try watch ‘Redacted’ channel and Russel Brand.
@hihihihihello Yıl önce
Yeah watch redacted channel and Russell brands videos, and Jimmy dore show. Redacted is a more traditional news like how it's presented, Jimmy dore and Russell brand are both comedians so there's lots of humor on their shows but they all three talk about the same thing, which is truth.
@goofiduck5414 Yıl önce
Or in Germany.
@MrAfflikted Yıl önce
Hats off to You Cory. You are the only member of mainstream talking about this.
@diamonddust576 11 aylar önce
Don't forget Rowan Dean.
@jezebellpecoraro 8 aylar önce
Redacted, Russell Brand, Stephen Crowder, Neil Oliver, Stephen Gardner, Katie Hopkins, Paul Joseph Watson...I feel like there's more but I cannot recall them all. Maybe Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro from Daily Wire (I think). Redacted is a GREAT News Show.
@aussieicone9359 8 aylar önce
​@@jezebellpecoraro those are great sources but they are not mainstream news that you see on television. Cory and tucker Carlson are rareities on television.
@zzzwy777 3 aylar önce
Billy T.K' , Vinny Eastwood, Alex Jones
@AliRadicali Yıl önce
When they say "social responsibility", what they mean is "compliance".
@katielain6519 Yıl önce
The big question is, why are they being so open? They must be hiding something somewhere else.
@kimsedgwick8119 Yıl önce
@nansal55 Yıl önce
Nailed it
@lowspace4810 Yıl önce
Compliance thru Social Credit Scores like China they are coming worldwide and for you!
@lowspace4810 Yıl önce
@@katielain6519 because they truly believe that they are Gods and you are just children who can't be trusted to be allowed free will and freedom. This isn't a exaggeration they truly believe this. They are open about it cause they are arrogant.
@johnjones393 Yıl önce
How do you know when a video is pure 100% truth? When the YT algo is so threatened that it puts up a context flag in an attempt to debunk it. Keep up the good work Sky News Australia!
@questioneverythingalways820 Yıl önce
There is no context flag here - if it was of concern to them it wouldn’t be on here. Only way it is - is if they’ve completely lost control, or they want it here.
@christinekulper7824 Yıl önce
No context flag on mine either. Watching from Italy. 🇮🇹
@americafirst9144 11 aylar önce
Heads up - Sky News Singapore is a member of the W-E-F
@aussieicone9359 8 aylar önce
Look out. Q is in the mix.
@easemailboxes Yıl önce
Finally the truth hiting the mainstream. One of the best skynews articles ever.
@gisele.1488 Yıl önce
well said.
@rduff1999 Yıl önce
@@gisele.1488 agreed, but as the world's greatest skeptic I'm wondering what we're not noticing elsewhere. Pax
@gisele.1488 Yıl önce
@@rduff1999 , Try not to lose any sleep over it
@chrismay2298 Yıl önce
Yes, they're definitely on your side...😂🤣
@pribandara9865 7 aylar önce
Thank you Cory B. and Sky News for talking about this issue. We must open our eyes to the technocratic dystopia that we're being pushed to.
@joeblogs9426 Yıl önce
I never thought I would see a news article this blatantly honest and directed at WEF. Brilliant, thankyou Sky News! Good job 👍
@TIOLIOfficial 8 aylar önce
I am amazed that a mainstream media outlet covered the WEF in such a way.
@nonononono749 5 aylar önce
I'm sure it's all part of this insanity.
@spikeprotein5924 Yıl önce
‘Conspiracy theorists’ don’t predict the future, they report the present and remind people of the past.
@Brains_Into_Monuments Yıl önce
Keep living in the past. 👋
@onepom63 Yıl önce
@christian1834 Yıl önce
@@Brains_Into_Monuments history repeats itself and you know what we do to people like you in the past lol
@KrystelWarriorThroughJesus Yıl önce
@killianpotworoska3096 Yıl önce
It has nothing to do with being a conspiracy theorists when you live in a conspiracy!
@hayleyferguson5284 Yıl önce
Brilliantly put Cory, well done 🎉. I read about the agenda about 17/18 years ago. As it unfolds, it feels so surreal, as a Christian I try not to fear and trust God ☝️
@infinitewisdom8594 Yıl önce
Maybe this is God's plan💯
@Enrico_Palazzo_opera_singer Yıl önce
god helps those who help themselves.
@sfarrell71138 Yıl önce
@@Enrico_Palazzo_opera_singer what verse is that?
@Enrico_Palazzo_opera_singer Yıl önce
@@sfarrell71138 not a verse...more of a proverb.
@cryptoskippy7905 Yıl önce
Finally a news station that tells the truth that so many are unaware and or just do not want to believe. Beautiful
@duncansteedman9986 4 aylar önce
So good to hear someone so eruditely voicing the thoughts in my head. The WEF collectively is suffering from NPD.
@not2longnow 3 aylar önce
We are therefore in for one hell of a ride....
@brandonboand699 Yıl önce
Well said!!! It’s nice to hear the truth regardless of how terrifying these people are
@donaldyanson8144 Aylar önce
Finally, somebody realizes what's really going on. Thanks You hit the nail right on the head. With the hammer on this report.
@tonyclark2020 Yıl önce
I have been trying to warn people about this for over a year now.. I have lost friends and family due to them thinking I'm insane, even when I'm pointing to the overwhelming abundance of evidence. It is nice to see some mainstream news outlets finally talk about this. Keep up the amazing work!!
@tedcity5861 Yıl önce
Is it worth it? I think it would be better to keep your mouth zipped and find some other like minded people for support. No adult likes to be lectured to . imo.
@tonyclark2020 Yıl önce
I can't in good conscience let people keep walking into the prison blindly. Not to mention for the most part we all were like-minded, and therefore I assumed everyone else had the same hunger for answers to the same questions we both had. The main narrative did not quench my thirst, and left me with more questions than answers. I have been making progress lately only because the seeds that I have sown are now making sense as things unfold.
@helenajennings4912 Yıl önce
I don't bother talking to people with a closed mind and who watch CNN. 💯
@tjmfarming9584 Yıl önce
Good on ya Cory! We need more people talking about this and rising up to take a stand against it!
@veronikalynn5084 Yıl önce
Thank you I’ve heard all these things said before, but still, this was a very well spoken message. To see it said on larger and larger networks is encouraging. Especially liked that you didn’t shy away from or avoid the mention of war. It’s an absolute fact that people have died and will continue to die in conflicts that they never would have seen if our governments and their unelected handlers weren’t sociopathic.
@barriem5318 Yıl önce
I can always count on Sky to cheer me up with their pleasant reporting
@shona4534 9 aylar önce
Ur a bot
@barriem5318 9 aylar önce
@@shona4534 no sense of humor?
@skinscapetattoo Yıl önce
The strangest thing is that when you speak about the WEF agendas and policies to people they respond as if you’re a mentally unstable conspiracy theorist, yet there’s nothing hidden about this… it’s all laid out clearly and explicitly on their website
@C3lloman Yıl önce
The website is pretty vague. There is nothing concrete that can be pinned down to anything practical.
@alanwann9318 Yıl önce
I agree ,none of my neighbour's know of this, guess they believe the T.V.?
@398paul Yıl önce
To paraphrase the film: 'The Greatest trick Klaus Schwab ever pulled was convincing the world the WEF doesn't exist.
@alanwann9318 Yıl önce
@@398paul can you imagine Klaus Shwab island ?
@frankcloutier5495 Yıl önce
When I first read about the 4th Industrial Revolution (years ago), I was incredibly excited for the prospects of all those possibilities (prospect of a legitimate sharing economy, technology in service of autonomy, decentralized banking, universal basic income to create more personal time, etc.). It honestly could be the best thing ever for all of us, but of course greedy people in positions of power are going to ruin it for us and use those same precepts in order to try to enslave people
@jessbarnes8521 11 aylar önce
Smart health monitoring for depopulation?
@normcruizycampers4629 Yıl önce
How absolutely true Cory, the major obstacle is to get the Blind and the brain washed to see.
@olfpharmacy65 Yıl önce
Thank you SkyNews for being I think the only mainstream media that covers this and tells it as it is!
@rhight Yıl önce
The gentleman is correct. Hitler wrote a book explaining his personal/political program, and most people couldn't bring themselves to face the fact that he really meant it. Cheers, Mr. Bernardi! Keep up the good work!👍
@ianmcconnell5973 11 aylar önce
Trying to remember just when I voted for them to dictate the UK's policies? 🤔
@marigold6920 Yıl önce
As Jordan Peterson said, "It is not that they care about the environment, they hate humanity".
@trehugr4life Yıl önce
@C3lloman Yıl önce
Which is complete nonsense. Why would you hate humanity as a human?
@silvioapires Yıl önce
I never thought I would EVER agree with this guy, but here I am, standing completely and utterly corrected!
@donvito8786 Yıl önce
Wow! It takes a lot of courage to say things like these, big respect for You and your station for posting this. People need to wake up!
@jerc5298 3 aylar önce
They will reap exactly what they have sown.
@stlouisix3 Yıl önce
This was brilliant. I was surprised to see this on a main-stream media and on TRshow. Excellent work, Cori Bernardi🤝🏻👏🏻👍🏻
@christinekarras4212 10 aylar önce
Exactly. Thank you. God bless everyone at your channel for bringing out the truth
@jacksimper5725 Yıl önce
Every country should prosecute every member of the WEF .If some countries have the death penalty let them enforce it for any death caused by their policies if found guilty
@draupnir9748 Yıl önce
Send whole WEF to those countries please.. 😏
@TheMattj88 Yıl önce
They own the legal system
@jimena.v3782 Yıl önce
"Whatever the party holds to be truth, is truth. It is impossible to see reality except by looking through the eyes of the party." George Orwell.
@seanc.mcnally2118 Yıl önce
Uh-Uh....That was Jacinda Ardern...
@sonminorimitsuu2838 10 aylar önce
This reporter deserves a gold medal 🥇
@grizzlymcgill4117 Yıl önce
impressed that this channel is still up, calling it all for what it is
@ccheg3949 Yıl önce
Time for people to start fighting back!!
@prognosis__ Yıl önce
Every western politician has a whiff of the WEF
@johncorlett3699 Yıl önce
and cayman islands bank accounts most likely
@Mister_Holdsworth Yıl önce
Because Klaus sent them all his book free of charge. Every one of them. This is why when you mention the WEF to them they have heard of it. Some even read it apparently.
@johnhanson5943 Yıl önce
The Whiffy WEFFY clique.
@guitarandmore69 Yıl önce
They reek of it.
@terrylandess6072 Yıl önce
As a carbon based lifeform, the words "De-Carbonizing the planet" sounds sketchy as hell.
@zzzwy777 3 aylar önce
heo ye
@calvinjohnstone2664 Yıl önce
Both the new king and prime minister of England are both WEF coordinators.
@jashuarojas5189 Yıl önce
As a New Yorker I can say this is the best new I ever herd about what is happening in the US and globalization
@peterlustig8778 Yıl önce
I knew it early on. It felt all like a test for something else. It is a big relieve in one way. Now we need to put Klaus Schwab and his allies in front of a judge and the give them the death penalty for the high crimes they commited. No mercy. Never forget.
@richardf9471 11 aylar önce
They own the judges in the courts that's the problem.
@balleraap007 10 aylar önce
Judge jury execution 1776
@jimtwelves1636 7 aylar önce
Cory, this is brilliant! Please keep it coming as its great summary. Thank you.
@JamesSmith-qy3eu Yıl önce
The more people that become aware of the evil WEF and their agenda the better.
@amaryllislady8795 Yıl önce
People are not interested in this. I distributed about 18 leaflets with the link to videos about the WEF to neighbors. Not one responded. Only one man said, he is not interested in politics. I think we are all doomed. Too many ignorant people.
@JamesSmith-qy3eu Yıl önce
@@amaryllislady8795 Sadly, I agree.
@Eddie33154 Yıl önce
@@amaryllislady8795 There is a Saviour. He saves one person at a time. Those who put their trust in Him will never be DOOMED. Our bodies will fail one way or the other, eventually, but our immortal souls - the real us, are safe with the only Saviour of the world - Jesus Christ. Seek Him with all your heart and He will be found of you. I recommend Him to you.
@daemon1143 Yıl önce
Yes, yes; we keep hearing about what's being done to us and what's wrong, but there's never a suggestion regarding what to do about it.
@forestpark12 Yıl önce
Buy foods you can store for s long time and gas supplies for heat and such things for to look after yourself for a few months. Start growing your own vegetables if you have a garden. They are going to have us in our knees begging them for help to feed ourselves or heat our homes
@shawngraham4902 11 aylar önce
The only thing that I can think of is stand up shoulder to shoulder and be willing to defend against tyranny. Don't ever give up our firearms as unarmed people are vulnerable There is millions of firearms that have been handed down and traded that they don't even know exist If we don't have firearms first and foremost we are doomed I'm not an expert or trained by the military but I can say that armed people don't get robbed picked on The main thing is stick together at all costs because they have already started the division of us If they succeed in that they will conquer us Doesn't matter who we vote for what color we are what religion we are or where we came from Its time to unite and lay all that aside and not allow anyone to take our freedom It may not be pretty but it will pay off if we all stand firm
@lindamarsh3335 Yıl önce
Thank you again Australian press for addressing these very important (but often hidden) topics, which we all need to know about. Please continue to keep us updated.
@e_8074 Yıl önce
Educated populations do not equal wise populations, especially when they discard traditional morality. The learned and prosperous believe themselves wise enough to maintain their freedoms, but they are not-their pride blinds them until it's too late.
@laurenlauren9865 Yıl önce
I love that Sky News Australia has the guts to tell all sides of the story and not push a narrative like the rest of the mainstream media. Well done and thank you for giving the space for people to question. This is true freedom 👍😊
@user-di6ly1np9t 2 aylar önce
Thank God someone is talking about this!!
@kilgortrout3432 Yıl önce
We taught them they could treat us like crap and get away with it. We have done it to ourselves. “The fact that so many successful politicians are such shameless liars is not only a reflection on them, it is also a reflection on us. When the people want the impossible, only liars can satisfy.” ― Thomas Sowell
@ccprophets Yıl önce
Do not say us. You speak for yourself only.
@kromchozen3119 Yıl önce
I sure as hell didn’t comply with any of this shit
@johncherokee9006 6 aylar önce
We who worked in federal law enforcement in the eighties and nineties tried to warn everybody about this back then in the eighties and nineties we didn't have Facebook or TRshow but we used every media we could to warn people and nobody would listen just like they won't listen about the chemtrails or about 9/11
@michaelcarney6280 Yıl önce
I remember people have been saying this for years and they where called Conspiracy theorists and tin foil hat morons and so on! what we have seen the more outlandish the rumour the more true it is.
@haroldnokumar Yıl önce
My friend…that was awesome. As someone who comprehends some of the more intricate machinations of certain governments such as democracies and constitutional republics, I find that was worded in a way in which most can grasp the levity and the message conveyed. Municipalities have no jurisdiction over live beings.
@depop21 11 aylar önce
Yet when you tell most people this stuff they look at you like you're a conspiracy theorist? 😁 👍
@BOB-wx6sb Yıl önce
@appsuccess Yıl önce
The UN is not the `elephant` in the room, it's a herd of them
@adamrea2530 Yıl önce
Cory, We are the carbon they want to reduce.
@4570george Yıl önce
The Georgia Guidestones no longer exists as proof of this. How could it be true? ;)
@peterlyall2848 Yıl önce
How are they going stop me from farting? What am to do try and hold it in for rest of my life not possible
@perry92964 Yıl önce
5 billion as long as they arent one
@nuggetella Yıl önce
@@4570george 💪🤫🤙 👁 U->🏗 💸 No need to build back better, unless you represent 🌊 house of false idols, false prophecy, false measure corporation book of the dead maritime law salvage rights..! 💪❤🤙 👉😷💉 🌳🍏🐍
@nuggetella Yıl önce
@@peterlyall2848 I think you answered your own question already, what will they do..? They'll do whatever it is they can get away with... 😇 💪❤🤙 👉😷💉 🌳🍏🐍
@anialiandr Yıl önce
We need to stop these predators by refusing to participate in their policies
@juiceman7649 Yıl önce
Shout out to all you good people that actually tried to vote Cory in ✊
@susanxa8158 Yıl önce
Hats off to Sky Australia for speaking the truth 👏. Shame Sky UK doesn't follow suit.
@iimJacKaL Yıl önce
Genuinely surprised to see Sky News publish this. Better late than never I suppose
@Sean-gj3ef Yıl önce
Keep shining the light! People need to know what these people are up to!
@Ultronmclovin Yıl önce
Except during the pandemic when it was considered a conspiracy theory even though it had its own self titled book , manifesto’s and web site
@elwood6548 Yıl önce
Wow, Im surprised this station was allowed to talk about this. So proud of Sky News, and ashamed of our media here in Canada that this is the only news source who will discuss it. We will never accept and look forward to defeating this plague on the world.
@johnr797 Yıl önce
I'm assuming it's being allowed in order to monitor public opinion in a relatively isolated place. That way they can gauge what public opinion will be when it's rolled out as law
@shanelarriu907 Yıl önce
@@johnr797 true
@chrissalley9468 Yıl önce
They know that 99% of society is clueless. I've told people about this and the blow it off. People are so unprepared and its frightening because the few that are will have so much more than those who don't. Anger, fear, envy and jealousy will run rampant
@arthurkatsogiannis5112 Yıl önce
‘None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free’. Jonathan Wolfgang von Goethe
@dorinbalaban128 Yıl önce
I love the information about The Great RESET and who is behind it given in the book "The Great Controversy" especially the last chapters.
@CowboyRobot2000 Yıl önce
I love the Wikipedia intrusion at the top off the video forced onto content creators by YT like an MK Ultra interrogator. And the great bit is that it's trying to shill and defend an unelected organization setting policy for the world. This should terrify everyone.
@CraigStephens777 Yıl önce
"They" are fermenting chaos. Stay in the Light Friends. 🙌
@markandmellwhiteley7995 Yıl önce
remember how Pauline Hanson was laughed out of Parliament when she tried to get a bill up to stop Australia from having anything to do with the great reset LOL and the next day the WEF put out their advert "you will own nothing, but you will be happy" thanks for the report Cory, you are one of the good ones
@kathyr1516 Yıl önce
Yes, I remember that. It was shocking how Senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts were mocked and ridiculed. George Christensen also speaks up a lot about The Great Reset, Klaus Schwab, Noah Yuval Harari and their depopulation transhumanism agenda. Diabolical.💔🙏🏼
@loveudon6972 Yıl önce
I voted for Pauline...what about you?
@rayvaul3539 Yıl önce
@Kathy R Yes. It is *utterly diabolical and evil*
@pauliegualtieri1282 Yıl önce
Yeah you will own nothing but you will be happy, with a smiling happy merchant lol
@annawilma5871 Yıl önce
thank god there are still journalists speaking the truth
@jharper8840 Yıl önce
Love how the Australian sky news is trying to address the main problems that have arisen from COVID, I wish the rest of the news outlets were like this
@user-lr1gl3bm3k 2 aylar önce
We will NOT comply!!! We are not puppets.
@mariannejerczynski5991 Yıl önce
Spot on. Uncomfortable truth well spoken.
@merrilynstanger7241 Yıl önce
I never believed in anything like this but I am watching it unfold !
@edwincortes8423 Yıl önce
The "crazy conspiracy theorists" were right yet again.
@johnr797 Yıl önce
We often are
@GG-jw8pt Yıl önce
You mean ‘spoiler alerters’!? 😂
@C3lloman Yıl önce
They make a big fuss about when they are right once every ten years, but ignore the 500 times they have been wrong. Confirmation bias.
@daebak7370 Yıl önce
Not theorists. Reality
@dfragltd Yıl önce
Very good to see some honest reporting....
@marlenapiwonska9468 Yıl önce
The way how the world turned upside down in the last two years it feels like the conspiracy theorists were not that crazy.... It turns out we are the crazy ones for thinking otherwise 😞😞😞🤔
@chiefl.e.sofficial3623 Yıl önce
They want to fix the poverty that they themselves caused! Unbelievable
@danielsmith8773 Yıl önce
I've been saying this for 20 years and I'm the crazy one. Never give in,never be silenced. It's almost time Patriots. 🇺🇸🙏
@mattbarnard1 Yıl önce
That WEF quote chilled me to my core.
@Anna-yi7vu Yıl önce
Millions of people around the World need to say "NO" to WEF and we will not be Controlled. We have a voice and we need to use it..
@rduff1999 Yıl önce
Yes, we have a voice that no one listens to; but they have the politicians, the police, the court system and a heavily armed force of goons. Pax
@inquiringmind9595 Yıl önce
WEF can pound sand!!!
@shawnkelly695 Yıl önce
How do you remove people that have never been elected?
@lukerichard7705 Yıl önce
Keep doing what you’re doing Cory, you’re a good man.
@rastkopetrovic7896 Yıl önce
We need to resist WEF manipulation and propaganda for the future of our kids. Peace and freedom to the whole world.There are still rich people in the world that haven’t sold their souls for the money. Let’s work together to stop this rubbish that WEF is serving us every day.
@kingofkingsinternationalme7950 Yıl önce
Wisely and sensibly explained. 'But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound...' Romans 5:20
@matthewcb1970 Yıl önce
*You'll* own nothing, so *they* can own everything.
@dianafarmer5445 Yıl önce
But we won't be happy and we'll make sure they're not happy either.
@ElCharvo Yıl önce
@@dianafarmer5445 we will be dead.................
@susanauger3758 Yıl önce
Who's going to be happy??? Not us!!
@susangarbutt7189 Yıl önce
And rent it back to you.
@tishwilson517 Yıl önce
Dr Mike yeadon has studied this and the plan was put in place 25 years ago. He said he’s not religious but believes this is satanic. He said he cannot reach everyone so we need to tell at least 20 people each what is happening. He said if schwab has said its going to happen then it is going to happen. Only if we ALL stand up soon can we have a hope of stopping it 😢
@stevegoulding6328 11 aylar önce
He is a very brave bloke and knows his stuff! Watch a short video of his from a site called how bad is my batch! Lots of good information!
@mariamichael1807 Yıl önce
Something many of us have known for years. Sadly we are all to blame because most people have become too accepting, too complacent and now we are seeing the start of what’s to come. However there is more of us then there is of them, therefore if they tell you to turn l3ft turn right!! Start to think for yourself, ask questions and if it doesn’t feel right that’s because it isn’t right…… Happy Days 🙏🙏🙏
@thety8fie Yıl önce
Im literally shocked this is on a NEWS CHANNEL although it’s Australia still it gives me hope this shows they don’t control these people 🙏🏽 we CAN fight and beat them
@dianaw4827 Yıl önce
Correct me if I am wrong, but weren't the Federal reserve banks of the world introduced to provide financial stability; it almost seems as though, ever since their inception, we have had nothing but financial instability... crazy, I know. I wonder what would happen if we went back to having a currency that was backed by something tangible... like gold? I've started hoarding and only using cash like the good old days, they'll never track my carbon haha
@MrManny075 10 aylar önce
They created so much debt now they are trying to find an excuse to reset and start from 0 but they want to find a way to stay ahead of the rest
@seandelap8587 Yıl önce
Thanks for speaking openly about this Cory you're one of the few that does.
@l.c.8798 Yıl önce
Whenever I write a comment here on YT about this topic it gets deleted....
@katielain6519 Yıl önce
The Sheep Farm Studios channel does some very interesting deep dives on Klaus Schwab and many others, now mainly through their website rather than utube now. That says a lot.
@colleen2671 Yıl önce
Sky News Aust is owned by wef Rupert! Rupert just had dinner with WEF's mastermind - jimmy Saville's bestie, tampon King Charlie!
@joeybidster Yıl önce
Sky news Australia speaking the truth and reporting the news! What freaking happened to the rest of sky globally and the mainstream? How is it that Australia skipped the global rhetoric? Thanks sky news Australia x Yup Thanks for reporting the truth x
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