(Full Focused) Stray Kids '神메뉴(God's Menu)' 4K | [BE ORIGINAL]

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[BE ORIGINAL] Stray Kids 'God's Menu' (Full Focused)
[비 오리지널] 스트레이 키즈 '神메뉴' (Full Focused)
☎웰컴투 신메뉴 군무 맛집🍽
지금 바로 눈에 마라맛 불을 켜고
스춤 원테이크 버전 볼 스테이😎
[#BEORIGINAL] #StrayKids 'God's Menu'
#스트레이키즈 @Stray Kids
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naruto Og
naruto Og 16 saatler önce
Sofia Brylunova
Sofia Brylunova Gün önce
They snapped
Ecila Gnit
Ecila Gnit Gün önce
This is not nominated for best dance performance or soty? Wbk 🐍Mnet
Stay as Once
Stay as Once Gün önce
Skz have the cleanest movement on their choreography yet mama doing shit on them
whipped for stray kids
whipped for stray kids 2 gün önce
sofiaa Sty:3
sofiaa Sty:3 2 gün önce
Ne sunim
sofiaa Sty:3
sofiaa Sty:3 2 gün önce
Palo a quien no haga str34m a esto tmb
idkwhattodowithmylife 2 gün önce
han and felix are killing me every time jsfhsjkadh
seungmin outside the building
seungmin outside the building 3 gün önce
this is a whole ass meal
Hey Hidalgo
Hey Hidalgo 5 gün önce
So perfect 😍
Jessijane Chawnghlut
Jessijane Chawnghlut 6 gün önce
Bangchan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️i love youuu🥰🥰🥰🥰i wish u'r my hubby
Nathalie S
Nathalie S 7 gün önce
Wow wooow WOWW
Yumi Tanaka
Yumi Tanaka 7 gün önce
Straykids: DU DU DU DU DU DU meanwhile.... me: Hit you with that DUDU DU DU 😂😂😑
Света Наумченко
Света Наумченко 7 gün önce
Классно получилось их синхронность просто супер
Bang Chan
Bang Chan 8 gün önce
this is gold omg
Akizuki Himura
Akizuki Himura 10 gün önce
POtato poTAto potaTO
POtato poTAto potaTO 12 gün önce
Tbh, I used to find Changbin really weird. And tbh, I was 100% correct in my assessment 😂 But this song actually made me appreciate him so much more as an artist. I've always liked his raps (his duo rap with Han in Voices will forever be my fave), but this intro is I★C★O★N★I★C and watching him do the dance for that part is really satisfying? Idk but stan this strange baby photo
varisha khan
varisha khan 13 gün önce
peiwen 13 gün önce
hi im new to stray kids can someone tell me who is who :)
Emilce Diaz
Emilce Diaz 15 gün önce
Their outfits are like a Chef? Nice touch.
Tiny hand skz
Tiny hand skz 15 gün önce
Aaaa i miss gods menu
Baby Mochi
Baby Mochi 16 gün önce
Did they just change the thumbnail?
Ghada Chen
Ghada Chen 16 gün önce
Sandrine 17 gün önce
Where have u been all my life!? Ghad this song is so cool! Because of this I'm going to stan them. 🙌
Yuki Mizori
Yuki Mizori 17 gün önce
They are 8 five 🌟 michlen
月乃藍り 17 gün önce
hebfdhhg dhgdrh
hebfdhhg dhgdrh 18 gün önce
Omg Jisung is wearing those shoes again smh
ꪖᛕꪖꪑꫀ 19 gün önce
Dancing in Jadon’s??? Those are sooo heavy
Lujain Abdulaziz
Lujain Abdulaziz 21 gün önce
I love them
nada méziane
nada méziane 21 gün önce
I like Han's rap and felix's deep voice 😭🔥🔥 I'm not a fan
Give a support for Stray kids
Give a support for Stray kids 20 gün önce
@nada méziane thanks for listening 😬
nada méziane
nada méziane 20 gün önce
@Give a support for Stray kids I'm not a fan but I do stream to back door everyday when I do for dynamite #army , I like them , I like the music video too ❤️
Give a support for Stray kids
Give a support for Stray kids 20 gün önce
Please check back door mv
nada méziane
nada méziane 21 gün önce
I'm not a fan , I'm an army but I like hyunjin's powerful performance and charisma , he's so attractive !
hanisa othman
hanisa othman 21 gün önce
All lee know du du du du Me:du du du du like blackpink song of ddu-du-ddu
Jeoη ͎ιяєηє៹.
Jeoη ͎ιяєηє៹. 21 gün önce
جاري الموت......تمت العملية بنجاح،.
POMPOMPURIT N1 22 gün önce
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Nendy Tlukte
Nendy Tlukte 22 gün önce
Hyunjin look so cute with his hair
Mixu ac
Mixu ac 22 gün önce
I really like the quality of this video is chef kiss
If you think Jk is the leader, don't talk to me
If you think Jk is the leader, don't talk to me 23 gün önce
When my mum told me she LOVED this song and asked me to put it on the TV, I was proud 😌
Eri Stay
Eri Stay 23 gün önce
Minho best boy✊💛
HR K 24 gün önce
뭐야 병맛같은데 계속듣고있는 나
Rachel Day
Rachel Day 24 gün önce
How does his ponytail stay in? I hope bouncy ponytails become a style for kpop, they add something special to the dance
Keesha Benjamin
Keesha Benjamin 24 gün önce
Can someone pls tell me what are their outfits called please🥺
Give a support for Stray kids
Give a support for Stray kids 20 gün önce
Chef outfits
리아나 24 gün önce
Honestly KILLED IT
Ola B
Ola B 27 gün önce
Im new to stray kidz and when heard Felix deep voice I was like 🤰🏽🤱🏽
Jacc Motivation
Jacc Motivation 27 gün önce
Who’s choreography ?
박현경 28 gün önce
이거 우연히 처음 들었을 때 내 귀를 위심함 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 입맛에다 때려박아까지는 괜찮았는데 뒤에 바로 뚝뚝뚝.. ㅇㅈㄹㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅌ
Prince Padrinao
Prince Padrinao 28 gün önce
This made me remember bruno mars "That's what I like"
Aydul Garage
Aydul Garage 28 gün önce
Aydul Garage
Aydul Garage 28 gün önce
harry braxoles
harry braxoles 28 gün önce
whys no one talking about chan? he got this different vibe idk what
Project Empat_dua
Project Empat_dua 29 gün önce
The lighting is very wonderful
ғᴀɪᴛʜ ʟᴀᴡ
ғᴀɪᴛʜ ʟᴀᴡ 29 gün önce
The comments:aww I like the guy with long silver hair The replies:it's hyunjin Me:is that yellow or silver?
Lunax 29 gün önce
*why i get goosebumps every seconds?*
Kim Namjoon ARMY
Kim Namjoon ARMY 29 gün önce
Felix voice like Kim Namjoon BTS XD
Channie Kookie Taetae
Channie Kookie Taetae Aylar önce
Please ReQ BACK DOOR in here 🙏🤭♥️🤗
Anisha Hyde
Anisha Hyde Aylar önce
I haven’t been on my STKZ stuff in a while and I can’t believe I missed THIS
Give a support for Stray kids
Give a support for Stray kids 20 gün önce
Please check back door mv
kiko 124
kiko 124 Aylar önce
my yt routine: from God's menu to double knot repeat the cycle
Me' Lyric
Me' Lyric Aylar önce
Go to fanplus app and vote changbin as the best rapper . Guys vote him everyday ..go to fanplus app ....you can vote only once with 1 vote only in a day ...9 days left..
Karina Gordillo
Karina Gordillo Aylar önce
Changbin y Han
Lei Fabian Hidajat
Lei Fabian Hidajat Aylar önce
How many fucking cameras did you use in this shoot? i swear, i saw like 5 different types of camera angles lmao
Puteri Shine
Puteri Shine Aylar önce
Penikmat Kopi sachet
Penikmat Kopi sachet Aylar önce
Love the choreo.
Rachana pai
Rachana pai Aylar önce
I love the way Hyunjin's hair moves while Du Du Du.
Minyoongiisacutelilmeowmeow !
Minyoongiisacutelilmeowmeow ! Aylar önce
Felix's visuals are insane
nom roo
nom roo Aylar önce
Hyunjin 🎈
Sandra Wijaya
Sandra Wijaya Aylar önce
nagih 😭😭
Jonquille Clifford
Jonquille Clifford Aylar önce
Rien tu un🎶🎵🎶🎵👩🏼‍🎤🕺🏽
Adrielly Barreto
Adrielly Barreto Aylar önce
Why Felix sitting in the floor is so atrativo?
Softinyy Aylar önce
Because it's Felix
Fatal Aylar önce
Hello STAYs. I'm pretty sure that's the name of your fandom right? I'm an ARMY and my friend suggested me Stray Kids and my favourite song is God's Menu. My first MV from them was Back Door and since watching that MV. Han caught my eyes. I'm from Malaysia and when I found out that he also used to study in Malaysia. It made me like him even more. Now I'm questioning my sexuality.
Eekin Miles
Eekin Miles Aylar önce
I actually like the song and their MV.. but in this video, it seems that they are not in a mood to dance.. or maybe their dance does not match with the beating of the sounds. Or maybe it’s just me.. 😂 하지만 스트레이 키즈가 좋아해.. 😉 오빠들 사랑.. 🥰
Dini Anggraeni
Dini Anggraeni Aylar önce
Felix your damage is true. .
Janine Palomares
Janine Palomares Aylar önce
This song and choreography is giving a whole anime vibe i love eeeettttt
Kurapika's Wife
Kurapika's Wife Aylar önce
All of their songs are such a bop but they're underrated
Phoebe Joyce Alipao
Phoebe Joyce Alipao Aylar önce
*So i have a story about woojin, I was a Stay when the My Pace mv came, When i looked at the members I saw woojin, I really said Aight I’mma leave this group because of this guy’s ugliness-*
Umme Hani
Umme Hani Aylar önce
Every step is soo clear my favourite performance
Itsy Bitsy Blondie
Itsy Bitsy Blondie Aylar önce
*chef kiss*
If you become A multi-Stan, I’ll pay you
If you become A multi-Stan, I’ll pay you Aylar önce
took me 8 times to rewatch this vid to see each member how they dance to the choreography. But the only dance I know how to do is the dududu and Han part in the beginning and the bridge part of Felix
taehyung's taesook
taehyung's taesook Aylar önce
i think i have an unhealthy obsession with god's menu era hyunjin i mean it's already past 6am and i have a class later but lmao what is sleep
LUNA CRUZ Aylar önce
Felix's deep voice gosh!
Arunika Aylar önce
0:19 who is the guy in the middle is he the main dancer
Arunika Aylar önce
@Forever STAY dude his charsima might be the reason i become a fan
Forever STAY
Forever STAY Aylar önce
He is main rapper .But all of skz are good at everthing
Amy Hoang
Amy Hoang Aylar önce
It is interesting how everyone in stray kids can rap, sing and dance
Minhalta Kim Tuan
Minhalta Kim Tuan Aylar önce
그들은 아름답습니다 ❤️ I love I love them
N. K
N. K Aylar önce
Why am I imagining STKZ on Hell's Kitchen. omg just thinking of felix and chan responding is their aussie accent makes me cackle.
no No
no No Aylar önce
무슨노랜지 모르겠는데 왜 멋있냐
Isabella Stokes
Isabella Stokes Aylar önce
"이게 우리 탕 탕탕, 뚜뚜뚜뚜뚜뚜" 내가 잊지 않는 부분입니다!
Erlita Dwiyanti
Erlita Dwiyanti Aylar önce
Lagu yang buat aku oleng
Devil Long Legs
Devil Long Legs Aylar önce
I am obsessed with this song
Ishita Jkbts
Ishita Jkbts Aylar önce
This Song made me join this Fandom! after 3 years of being an army im now in multifandom hehe !! i listen to it everyday and i cant stop!
stream stas
stream stas Aylar önce
Melati Zulfazleen
Melati Zulfazleen Aylar önce
They're parents must be very proud of them🥺❤
Tri Siyamti
Tri Siyamti Aylar önce
Virgin Lee
Virgin Lee Aylar önce
I know it's not important but i have to say this... i have no bias in stray kids. Because stray kids is my bias itself
touch me tease me feel me up
touch me tease me feel me up Aylar önce
This is so addictive, especially the du du du du part and of course,felix' part
sonia jayanthi
sonia jayanthi Aylar önce
The movements is getting faster at 1:26. So satisfying to watch.
Lee Jisung
Lee Jisung Aylar önce
Tell me about this we have a test 45/45 while I was taking this test I was listening to this and guess what I got 44/45😂💜💜
wolffaccet Aylar önce
why is minho not getting any lines? lmao
iLLa Crow
iLLa Crow Aylar önce
Whose waiting for studio choom back door? Me🙋‍♀️
奏奏 Aylar önce
サムネがスキズ本人じゃないかと思いました😳 じっくり見ると何人か光の具合で写りやばくないですか?😂ww
Ela Jeresano
Ela Jeresano Aylar önce
Wow I love the choreography and the song
Ori Choi
Ori Choi Aylar önce
남자인데다 여돌팬인지라.. 남돌은 사실 BTS말고는 관심이 없었는데 우연히 신메뉴 mv를 보고 찾아왔네요. 요리에 비유한 가사랑 거기에 맞는 의상,안무가 진짜 참신하고 맘에 드네요. 진짜 한국 남돌들 춤은.. 장난 아닌듯.. 못추는 그룹이 없을정도..