Do you have potatoes and onions? cabbage and zucchini? Top 5 quick and easy recipes❗❗ 🔝 5 ASMR

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Homemade Recipes

Homemade Recipes

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Do you have potatoes and onions? cabbage and zucchini? Top 5 quick and easy recipes❗❗ 🔝 5 ASMR recipes.
Today we have prepared the 5 best quick and easy recipes for the whole family. Each of these recipes is incredibly delicious and very simple. 3 of the best quick and easy recipes that you will make again and again because they are simple and incredibly delicious. Do you have potatoes and onions? Then prepare the top 3 quick and easy recipes. Cook with joy! Cook with love!
0:00 - Recipe №1.
9:26 - Recipe №2.
19:10 - Recipe №3.
29:36 - Recipe №4.
38:41 - Recipe №5.
0:00 - Recipe №1.
If you have potatoes with onions at home. Easy and cheap potato recipe! ASMR
5 potatoes.
2 onions.
1 carrot.
1 pepper.
bacon (optional).
Several small tomatoes.
2 garlic.
200 grams of cheese (7 oz).
1 tablespoon Italian herb.
salt, black pepper.
sunflower oil (for frying).
9:26 - Recipe №2.
Simply grate 1 zucchini and 1 potato! I have never cooked such a delicious. ASMR
1 zucchini.
1 potato.
3 eggs.
1.5 cups of milk.
1 glass of flour.
1 teaspoon baking powder.
spring onion.
100 grams bacon / 3.5 oz (optional).
sunflower oil (for frying).
19:10 - Recipe №3.
If you have cabbage and 1 can of tuna, you will make the neighbors jealous! ASMR
1 cabbage.
100 grams of rice / 3.5 oz.
2 cans of canned tuna.
2 onions.
1 carrot.
2 tomatoes.
3 cloves of garlic.
salt, black pepper.
29:36 - Recipe №4.
If you have 2 potatoes and 1 egg. Crunchy Potato. Quick and easy recipe. ASMR prescription
2 potatoes.
1 egg.
1 glass of milk (250 ml / 8.5 oz).
200-250 grams flour / 7-8.8 oz.
1 sausage (optional).
Sunflower Oil 300ml (10oz).
1 tablespoon of sugar.
1 tablespoon yeast.
1 tablespoon of peppers.
1 teaspoon dried garlic.
A bunch of dill.
piping bag (or a plastic bottle)
2 tablespoons sour cream.
1 tablespoon mayonnaise.
2 small pickles.
38:41 - Recipe №5.
When you have 3 potatoes, prepare this easy and delicious potato dish. ASMR
Potato Filling:
3 potatoes.
2 onions.
A bunch of dill.
salt, black pepper.
600 grams flour / 21.2 oz.
1 tablespoon of sugar.
1 tablespoon yeast.
Half a teaspoon of salt.
150 ml milk /5 oz.
150 ml water / 5 oz.
40 ml vegetable oil / 1.35 oz.
sunflower oil.
Bon appetit 😋!
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I love all your recipes. They seem easy to do and not have to buy a lot of the ingredients.
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I don’t mind at all If your videos are noise or too slow or whatever ! I enjoy them😋 I’ve learned so much from you 🥰 I think that good food requires time and that’s your type of cooking 👍 Keep up the good work! 🥕 🥦Can you tell the size of your glass so I can measure things right? Do you used warm water for the fried patties dough “last recipe”
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I absolutely love red onions on just about anything. They add such a unique flavor! Giving this a try (#1) at some point!
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Me encantan tus videos, hay algo de arte en ellos ,la música, la cámara ,hay un ritmo ....
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It's 12.27pm on a grey afternoon in Surrey, England. Rain is expected, if not today then for the next 3 days in a row and its cold! Watching your videos cheers me up a lot but it also makes me very, very, very hungry! 😊 I think different onions should go into different dishes. Red onions are so good but the Spanish onions are so sweet and when raw are wonderful in salads. Not easy to find here though. The pink onions from France, again not always easy to find here, make a wonderful French onion soup whilst the brown onions we have mainly here are the best for hearty cold weather stews and I love them in toasted sandwiches as they are hot and peppery but raw are too much for me. At the moment the wild garlic is coming up in our garden. So beautiful and gorgeous in soups, stews, salads and in omelettes they have no equal. You can eat the leaves and the flowers are so good in salads. Nature's bounty! I have just seen your question. No they are not too slow. They are amazing and just at the right pace. Cutting onions is painful for me as my eyes hurt and stream badly. I have tried many different things but nothing works. If my husband is around he peels and cuts them. They don't seem to affect him at all! What type of sausage did you use as English sausages are not like German ones?
@HausgemachteRezepte 8 aylar önce
Hello🤗👋. Thank you very much for such a nice comment❤️. I am very pleased to read. Sausages are suitable for any taste. I use the one sold at our local store (boiled). I've tried different ones, delicious anyway🙂❤️
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Yo estoy en Santiago de Chile, en América del sur , me gustan sus recetas , se ven muy buenas , todavía no he podido hacerlas.!
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@HausgemachteRezepte 8 aylar önce
thanks ❤️ 🙂 😊
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Your video is not too slow IMHO, you are an absolute 10! Thank you for sharing such delicious food❤
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thanks ❤️ 🙂
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I actually enjoy all your video and all your healthy meals I gave you 10 ❤
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Все очень классно!!!❤
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I love watching your videos they are very relaxing and your videos are not to slow
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@user-rh1pm4md2t 8 aylar önce
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Felicidades! Me encantan tus recetas, mil gracias.
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Amei sua receitas..... já gosto de. Tudo isso...parabéns!!!!
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Très bonne cuisine chargée de vitamines excellent pour la santé !
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@silviagonzalez5458 8 aylar önce
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Debe de estar esquísito,!!! 😘😘😘😘❤️🌷
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I soooo love the zucchini pancakes...must make them!
@paolinakapileo9287 8 aylar önce
Your cooking is awesome❤
@janjones4772 8 gün önce
I wood give you a 100% on each dish you have made ,I’m definitely gonna try a few, I’m all alone Now so I won’t cook as mush but I can try some of them on a few of my friends, I think you are a great person, you’ve cooked more than I ever have. Everything looks delicious,I can just smell it While it’s cooking, I love your plants are so pretty. When I went to get all my veggies wish I could send you a picture,they so small wilted,limp. Maybe all the nice fresh had been bought already. But your broccoli, cauliflower ,cabbage, parsley carrots,sad shape, do you buy from a market other than store? Your food looks s fresh sounds great. Can hardly wait to make my meal tomorrow. I’m Gonna go to bed now, hope I can make out my writing, on my recipes. Have a Wonderful day tomorrow, I really enjoy watching you, your brain is so full of recipes,👍👍♥️♥️😀😀🎄☃️🥰🥰
@pjf1957 8 aylar önce
Ahh very nice too I've not seen that pink top before Einfach fantastisches essen, zubereitet und gecocht von einer wunderschonen Dame xx 10 out of 10. for all your recipes
19 de junho de 2023
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اتعرفوا على خطيبي 😱
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