If you have 3 potatoes and 3 eggs, make this delicious dish.😋 Cheap and easy.👌♥♥♥

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If you are thinking about what to cook today, I have a great idea for you! Using just a few simple ingredients, you can prepare this delicious dish in minutes. The whole family will love this new way of making potatoes!

3 potatoes.
A pinch of parsley.
3 eggs.
1 teaspoon (5 grams) of paprika.
1 teaspoon (5 grams) of black pepper.
1 teaspoon of salt (5 grams).
Cheddar cheese (100 grams).

To cook; Olive oil.

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Shawn Patton
Shawn Patton 6 aylar önce
Hello, I'm from the US, specifically I'm living in Austin Texas! I wanted to let you know I love all your recipes. They are simple, inexpensive and delicious, the ones I have made anyhow. I know they're all delicious just from my experience with your recipes in the past. Best of all- everybody loves them, all ages. I can never go wrong going through your channel and finding something to cook. Thank you for sharing your recipes and your creative ideas with simple ingredients. Best wishes to you and your family!
Sylvia Nunez
Sylvia Nunez 4 saatler önce
Ññ>979 7t. 7
littemaisy Gün önce
I’m in UK and will definitely try this. It looks delicious.
Ουρανία Χατζηλαζαρου
Ουρανία Χατζηλαζαρου 3 gün önce
Από Λάρισα θα το κάνω τώρα φενετε πολι νόστιμος
Martha Parra
Martha Parra 6 gün önce
Te veo desde Colombia
Antonietta Dell'Arciprete
Antonietta Dell'Arciprete 6 gün önce
La proverò sono sicura che sarà benissimo
Krystyna Szajna
Krystyna Szajna 7 gün önce
Pięknie wygląda i myślę że też i pięknie smakuje:)
Ewa Ćwierz
Ewa Ćwierz 3 gün önce
Wygląda bardzo apetycznie i napewno też tak smakuje . W moim dzisiejszym planie jest to danie na kolacje , mniam , mniam ...
Imrana Akhmetzhanova
Imrana Akhmetzhanova Gün önce
Очень вкусно смотрится и ингредиенты доступны! Великолепное блюдо, благодарю Вас! 😍
Diva Gualberto
Diva Gualberto 5 gün önce
Adorei sua receita, fácil de preparar uma delícia 😋 obrigada por compartilhar👍beijos do Brasil 😘
Marat Yarullin
Marat Yarullin 24 gün önce
Только уж тогда в титрах надо писать - Если у вас есть 3 картофелины и 3 яйца, 100 гр сыра и немного зелени, приготовьте это вкусное блюдо! 😀
Сергей к.
Сергей к. 3 gün önce
Точно бро!
140552 140552
140552 140552 8 gün önce
phu do
phu do 9 gün önce
Louise Breedlove
Louise Breedlove 11 gün önce
Translate in cups & tsp. I don't cook in grams.
Тамара Никоненко
Тамара Никоненко 12 gün önce
Dzevdeta Ajanovic
Dzevdeta Ajanovic 8 gün önce
Ja sam iz Bosne i Hercegovine.Recept je racionalan i vrlo ukusan.Pridrzavala sam se postupaka,samo sto sam smjesu pekla u rerni i na kraju prelila sa vrhnjem za kuhanje.Hvala vam i zelim vam puno uspjeha u profesionalnom kulinarstvu!
Kirrie Summers
Kirrie Summers 6 gün önce
I am so happy to see you baked it in the oven. It is my preferred cooking method for most foods. Vancouver Island, Canada.
Elma Bispo da Silva
Elma Bispo da Silva 10 gün önce
Receita fácil de fazer e com ingredientes que tem em casa e muito deliciosa . Obrigada por compartilhar conosco , super gratidão 😋🙏
Christiane CERVERA
Christiane CERVERA 10 gün önce
Bonjour, je suis française Cette recette a l’air délicieuse et pas trop difficile à confectionner. Merci. Je vais l’essayer prochainement. 😍
Agafia 9 gün önce
👍😀Super dziękuję za pomysł na obiad.
Rossana Guimaraes
Rossana Guimaraes 7 dakika önce
Delicia! Sou do sul do Brasil. Obrigada pela receita!
Alena Gilbert
Alena Gilbert 10 gün önce
I am a Czecho-Belge lady, living now in Prague, Czechie. The suggested cake is a very tasty idea for the working peaple, being all the time in a hurry. 🙌👍
Алек Сандрович
Алек Сандрович 8 saatler önce
Не надо никуда спешить, по меркам вселенной жизнь и так слишком коротка, но столь быстротечна! Так что не спешите, а найдите время что бы хотя бы раз в месяц попить водки и поесть шашлык в кругу друзей!
Нина Соломнишвили
Нина Соломнишвили Gün önce
Спасибо! Обязательно попробую, это должно быть очень вкусно!
Moha Med
Moha Med 7 gün önce
Je suis marocaine ,je trouve ta recette délicieuse, bravo 👏👍🇲🇦
Jacqui Davies
Jacqui Davies 2 aylar önce
I have made this for years and it's still a big favourite. You can add garlic, mushrooms and diced ham for a more sophisticated taste too. Delicious. Love it here is Britain 🇬🇧
Thomas Hanks
Thomas Hanks 6 gün önce
@Aura Main Hello Aura how are you doing😊
Oma Puhelin
Oma Puhelin 20 gün önce
🤗 Finland
eny mcminnar
eny mcminnar 29 gün önce
Hallo ich komme aus Deutschland tolles Rezept werde es. Probieren
Albinka Aylar önce
Я тоже обожаю Британию и мечтаю туда попасть.
Mr Bear
Mr Bear Aylar önce
You took the words right out of my mouth!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Madalena Domingos
Madalena Domingos 21 saatler önce
São Paulo-Brasil 🇧🇷 Simples e delicioso! Parabéns e, sucesso 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Elizabeth Barajas Carbajal
Elizabeth Barajas Carbajal 5 gün önce
Se ve muy delicioso y fácil de preparar, gracias por compartir .!!!
Joyce Bowker
Joyce Bowker 11 gün önce
I’m in South Africa, I will definitely try this recipe, watching made my mouth water!! Haven’t seen the tool you used for the potatoes here yet, but will keep my eyes open for it. Does it have a specific name?
Thomas Hanks
Thomas Hanks 6 gün önce
Hello Joyce how are you doing😊
Gulshan Mnyusiwalla
Gulshan Mnyusiwalla 3 gün önce
Looks delicious and easy to prepare, thank you
Petra Sequeira
Petra Sequeira 5 aylar önce
Loved everything about this dish ...simple ingredients, the way the potatoes were used as thin strips, the use of cheese to elevate the taste of the dish , and the way cheese was put in the centre .. I'm from India and so I am going to substitute parsley for the more easily available coriander.
Алек Сандрович
Алек Сандрович 8 saatler önce
Это Вы сейчас так пошутили на счет того, что кориандр более доступен чем петрушка???? При всем к Вам уважении, но у нас в России это слышать странновато, по причине того, что все эти и иные приправы в любом виде в изобилии и растут везде сами по себе, как раз петрушка и укроп как сорняки. Странно это слышать от человека из Индии! Сегодня только покупал петрушку и кориандр свежий, цена в пересчете на доллар 4 доллара за килограмм, это даром почти.
phu do
phu do 9 gün önce
Habibur Rahman
Habibur Rahman 23 gün önce
Marie Whiting
Marie Whiting 24 gün önce
@Patricia Wasonga , maybe sheet seaweed layers or layers of rocket or spinach
Marie Whiting
Marie Whiting 24 gün önce
That's a good idea,can use really what ever herbs that you have plenty of,corriander sounds delicious 🙋🇦🇺
Mαρίνα Kατ
Mαρίνα Kατ 12 gün önce
It looks really delicious! I will try it. I am from Greece. Thank you!🙂
Sema’dan Lezzetler
Sema’dan Lezzetler 7 gün önce
Nasıl güzel bir tarif oldukça lezzetli görünüyor 👌👌😋afiyetle yiyin inşallah 💜💐
Thomas Hanks
Thomas Hanks 6 gün önce
Hello how are you doing 😊
Pratik Lezzetlerin Durağı
Pratik Lezzetlerin Durağı 6 gün önce
Çok güzel lezzetli görünüyor ellerinize sağlık 👏🏻👏🏻
Sandra peniche
Sandra peniche 2 gün önce
Sencillo, nutritivo y sencillo de hacer. Gracias. México
Brenda Brown
Brenda Brown 14 gün önce
That dish looks soooo good , I can't wait to try the recipe , maybe add some green onions, fresh garlic, maybe mushrooms. Thanks again for such a great recipe.😍😍😍😍
Алек Сандрович
Алек Сандрович 8 saatler önce
Возьмите лучше холодной водочки к этому блюду и уверяю Вас, оно и без чеснока ,,зайдет,, хорошо!🤣🤣🤣
V M 5 saatler önce
I am going to try this while on a camp out in the Colorado Rockies ( Rocky Mountains in the western half of America). It looks like a perfect meal after a long hike! The only part that seems a bit difficult is the flip.
Juana Mansilla
Juana Mansilla 5 saatler önce
Genial tu receta por lo fácil y sabrosa. Gracias 😊. Abrazo grande desde Argentina 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
Ertuğrul SÖNMEZ Tek Osmanlı
Ertuğrul SÖNMEZ Tek Osmanlı 3 gün önce
Bu öylesine alelade bir yemek değil ki, milli yemek olarak tescillenmeli bence, benim için patates yumurta muhteşem bir birleşim her gün yesem bıkmam, ben patates yumurtayı farklı yapıyordum ama bunuda yapacam çok hoşuma gitti, sanki yanımda yapıyormuşsun gibi tabağımı bile hazırladım 😄ellerine emeğine yüreğine canına sağlık efendim saygılarımla
Лидия Позднякова
Лидия Позднякова 6 gün önce
Спасибо за рецепт , просто и очень вкусно! Украина.
Małgorzata Balicka
Małgorzata Balicka 3 aylar önce
wygląda apetycznie , prosto do przyrządzenia -wypróbuję....i napiszę jak smakowało. pozdrawiam z Polski😊
Elsa Martinez
Elsa Martinez 12 gün önce
Hola, ¿será que puedo usar queso mozzarella? Aquí no consigo cheddar. Gracias por tu receta, muy sencilla. ¡Saludos desde Nicaragua!
Ирина Демидова
Ирина Демидова 10 gün önce
Я из Украины.Спасибо за рецепт -- очень вкусно !
Art.4.Love. 3 gün önce
This looks great! I think our family would try cilantro add green peppers and add 3 more eggs plus Jalapeños and salt and pepper and hot sauce at the end
Алек Сандрович
Алек Сандрович 8 saatler önce
Это Вам в Грузию надо, они аналогично готовят и грузинская кухня это вторая Русская кухня!
Arbrianna67 Gün önce
How long does it take to cook this? It looks delicious. I've just subscribed to your channel and I would love to try this recipe
Ewa Rogulka
Ewa Rogulka 4 aylar önce
Wygląda bardzo apetycznie, na pewno go zrobię bo jest tani i nie skomplikowany.Pozdrawiam z Polski♥️😀
Dono Mukhamedova
Dono Mukhamedova 16 gün önce
Спасибо хороший рецепт.г.Ташкент
Ovidiu Podar
Ovidiu Podar 28 gün önce
Din România și este ok
Paolo Ronzulli
Paolo Ronzulli 2 aylar önce
Chandra Kumaraswamy
Chandra Kumaraswamy 3 aylar önce
From India , I love all your receipies, delicious with simple ingredients.
Susan Civiletto
Susan Civiletto 3 aylar önce
I hear the polish are strong people 👍
Angela Gilliland
Angela Gilliland 11 gün önce
I'm from Australia. Love this recipe. My grand children help make it. Yummy😋 Angela
Carlye Hooten
Carlye Hooten 11 gün önce
I'm from the US, and I LOVE your recipes 😋 Thanks so much
Whitedragoness13 Gün önce
I'm from the USA and this looks delicious. I would love to know where u got that adorable grating tool, maybe u could add the link in the description please.
Ольга чен
Ольга чен 14 saatler önce
Обязательно попробую,рецепт понравился ! Легко, быстро и недорого !
Edineia Aparecida
Edineia Aparecida 6 aylar önce
Sim, parece ser muito saboroso. E o bom é que é rápido pra preparar
Rosana Alameda
Rosana Alameda 5 gün önce
Vou fazer agora, pra janta😊
Neide Silva Visintainer
Neide Silva Visintainer 12 gün önce
Vou fazer esta delicia, é muito fácil, sou do Brasil
Елена Сорокина
Елена Сорокина 6 gün önce
Страна Латвия. Выглядит очень вкусно! Спасибо за рецепт,обязательно попробую.👍
eleonora antonova
eleonora antonova 6 gün önce
Спасибо за рецепт ! Буду готовить моим внукам !!!
Marli de Souza São Clemente
Marli de Souza São Clemente 12 gün önce
Amei! Eu colocaria mais especiarias… e frango desfiado! Cebola e alho não pode faltar aqui em casa! Mas como disse antes eu amei! Obrigada 🙏🏻
3rrlia 2 gün önce
Hello everyone !I am Turkish and I can tell our Turkish dishes are all practical ,doable , healthy (well if you are not suffering already of some chronical disease) , inexpensive and you don't have to get lost in some tropical forrest to find the ingredients. I also loved this recipe . Enjoy!
Marilyn Snyman
Marilyn Snyman 15 saatler önce
Am from South Africa, I'll definitely try it out. It's quick and looks super delicious 😋
Stella Maris
Stella Maris Gün önce
Mi madre la hacía como ud. sólo que le agregaba 1/2 zanahoria rallada, 1 cebolleta de verdeo picada con el tallo y leche. Saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷.
Katy P.
Katy P. 2 gün önce
Hello from Hampshire in England. I was just mooching through TRshow and found your channel. And well now, that does look really yummy 😋. I will definitely try that although I may only make a small one just in case it doesn't turn out right, because let's face it with me it's so easily done. I'd eat it with a green salad...I can't mess that up.
Sam Zoś
Sam Zoś 4 aylar önce
Jutro spróbujemy, wygląda pysznie! Pozdrawiam z Polski 😊
Marina Erica Georgiou
Marina Erica Georgiou 10 gün önce
Ευχαριστώ πολύ για τον κόπο και την προσπάθεια να μας δείξετε αυτή την υπέροχη συνταγή 👏👏👏Από τη γειτονική Ελλάδα 🇬🇷με πολλή αγάπη ♥️και αγκαλίτσες 🤗... Αγάπη μεταξύ μας ❣️🇹🇷🇬🇷❣️
Lourdes Ortega
Lourdes Ortega 2 gün önce
It looks delicious!
Shelley Gowen
Shelley Gowen 10 gün önce
Australia 🇦🇺 Such a quick and easy recipe, tasty too. Thank you 😋
Alyssa Mezebish
Alyssa Mezebish 6 gün önce
looks beautiful and delicious - can't wait to try! I think I will also add onion. (I'm from the US). Thank you!
Jolanta Posańska
Jolanta Posańska 3 aylar önce
Wygląda fantastycznie i aż chciało by się spróbować 👍
Tanveer Fatima
Tanveer Fatima Aylar önce
@Marek T. labore Pamistsn
Marek T.
Marek T. Aylar önce
Dokładnie tak! A miałem być na diecie.
Carmen Valdés
Carmen Valdés 7 gün önce
Gracias por compartir tan rica y sencilla receta. Saludos desde Chile 🇨🇱
Anthony Chappell
Anthony Chappell Gün önce
That looks so good! I am going to try it. I am here in the USA 😊
Татьяна губченко
Татьяна губченко 14 saatler önce
Очень хороший рецепт и очень легкий. будем готовить. Спасибо большое..Я с Украины
Looks so yummy 😋😋
learntoshootguns 22 gün önce
I grated an onion along with the potatoes and added some thinly sliced cooked hotdogs in the center with the cheese. This is making it into the rotation! Commenting from the US in Georgia. Love your videos!
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