Escaping The Dream SMP's Most Inescapable Prison (pandora's vault)

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Can I escape the Dream SMP's most inescapable prison? Let's find out...

Huge thanks to awesamdude for making this prison, huge thanks to my cousin who cosplayed awesamdude:
Huge thanks to Creavite for making the map that I used:
And of course, huge thanks to all of you watching! It makes my day, being able to entertain you all :)

0:00 - intro
1:04 - setup
3:32 - security measures
6:10 - phase one: entry
6:59 - phase two: preparation
8:05 - phase three: execution

Execution - Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
Slave To The Grid - Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
The Void Is Calling - Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
Something Wicked - Ross Bugden
The Rebel Path - Cyberpunk 2077
V - Cyberpunk 2077

(now obviously since we don't know what pandora's vault completely looks like then some of my methods here might not work on the actual prison, but its as close as we could do)

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Twitter: Mythrodak

Until next time, ladies, tootloo!

ItzGriffin 23 saatler önce
Try and escape my Griffin’s bedrock vault
Blue_reaper Screee
Blue_reaper Screee 2 gün önce
This is why they don't add him, because this man can't be contained
Blaise Kamanzi
Blaise Kamanzi 2 gün önce
ohh just wait till dream sees this video tommy and sam are done for
Launch Fantastic
Launch Fantastic 2 gün önce
You didn’t start with half a heart in the cell
Mikhail audrylle Ortilano
Mikhail audrylle Ortilano 2 gün önce
Dream watching this: This is big brain time 👁👅👁
Aubrey Gagarra
Aubrey Gagarra 2 gün önce
This guy has found dreams escape
Rojus 2 gün önce
Dream didnt escaped :(
Aubrey Gagarra
Aubrey Gagarra 2 gün önce
No Just No
No Just No 2 gün önce
The intro scared me ngl
Ghost Hunters 1001
Ghost Hunters 1001 2 gün önce
@Dream should watch this
Select Account
Select Account 2 gün önce
If he did this in real life what would “Phase 1: Entry:” be?
TornadoGamer 3 gün önce
You can break the chest and place it when you spawn and break the bed and just die
Jae Jin
Jae Jin 3 gün önce
The inquisitive attempt multivariably concentrate because creditor genomically memorise but a thankful increase. luxuriant, smelly turnover
Lemon_Bean 4 gün önce
Who watched through the whole video like I did lol
Nxthen 4 gün önce
Dream did it in quackitys stream
Dale Eastham
Dale Eastham 4 gün önce
his Hunger bars randomly change
o•Cheese Playzo•
o•Cheese Playzo• 4 gün önce
When the big lava floor thingy is with all the common cells for people, why not tower over to the top the the common cells, walk to the exit, and jump to the exit?
Дима Кварков
Дима Кварков 4 gün önce
I enjoyed the video immencely, but also am pretty sure log off trick already invalidates the whole run, since it ruins the imersion - like, you have 1 life but still can vanish from the world and back at your own convenience? That's stupid And it all hinges on full knowledge of redstone system and interior of the prison, that no regular prisoner would have access to Good video anyway, thank you very much
Stefan Jacobs
Stefan Jacobs 4 gün önce
Awsome video dude
FENG YUHAO 4 gün önce
FENG YUHAO 4 gün önce
Adam Cameron
Adam Cameron 4 gün önce
Dream can't escape but he can he must be god
Inferno°36 5 gün önce
If this dude commits a crime in real life the police not even gonna bother locking him up
Yeethan10 5 gün önce
just dream ova here takin notes
Scatix4740 wasd
Scatix4740 wasd 5 gün önce
if you get enough glowstone you can use the blocks in the room to light a nether portal
roccat kain
roccat kain 6 gün önce
Hey! I don’t thing this will work becuase mining fatigue will make the mining thing take so long. So that means he might go back online
Dimitrije Orozovic
Dimitrije Orozovic 6 gün önce
i think when you got put in the prison they dont tell you all its constructions but you escape on the dreams side i mean what dream knows and can do so good escape.
Kushagra Mehta
Kushagra Mehta 6 gün önce
Imagine awasem dude watching
{ • KOBoiii • }
{ • KOBoiii • } 6 gün önce
And techno helped dream LMAO
GD David10
GD David10 7 gün önce
Imagine if dream sees this video and realises that he spent months in that prison for nothing
Usasuke Uchiha
Usasuke Uchiha 7 gün önce
10:40 Facts: you didn't escaped the prison cuz you have only 14 shroom blocks and, your cousin give you more shroom blocks and you cant jump back again cuz its too far even if you sprint
-_CAIO G4M3RGT_- 7 gün önce
Hao Ma
Hao Ma 7 gün önce
Hopefully dream watches this video cause if he still cant escape, ill have to break him out
Maxwell Chang
Maxwell Chang 7 gün önce
One problem. This is singleplayer, not multiplayer so the invincibility frames aren't on the Dream SMP.
Sloth_Frog 9 gün önce
Dream needs to take notes
Gergo Földes
Gergo Földes 9 gün önce
dont forget the half heart
Clutch 9 gün önce
Fake the netherite blocks were below and not blocking the lava
Daeleak 9 gün önce
are we sure this isn't Yoshie Shiratori? Cuz this man is escaping every prison!
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith 10 gün önce
I hope someday we get a world download of the vault. Hopefully there's an archive to preserve it before it gets destroyed lmao Sam probably has drafts somewhere but idk if he necessarily has the exact one somewhere I'm curious about your next strategy if the shroomlights are replaced with sea lanterns?
Li Branden
Li Branden 10 gün önce
stalemate: The guard seeing you leave the prison
Jazzy Maningo
Jazzy Maningo 10 gün önce
Bro imagine awesomedude watching this
Phantom Player
Phantom Player 12 gün önce
Little B Girl
Little B Girl 12 gün önce
Someone show this to Dream and Technoblade. And probably Wilbur eventually.
Mistyswirl 12 gün önce
It's almost more impressive that people actually were able to rebuild the prison almost in its entirety just from watching streams
gamer_bro 12 gün önce
Just make sure dream dosnt see this
RetroChriz 7 gün önce
@Amaire Lachica only certain plot points are scripted, the rest is done on the spot
gamer_bro 7 gün önce
But 1 in a random vid
gamer_bro 7 gün önce
I mean 2
gamer_bro 7 gün önce
One thing your the 1st respawn in my life
Amaire Lachica
Amaire Lachica 8 gün önce
dude dream smp is scripted so he wouldn't escape prison by this way, it would be like more epic
Ren at gaming co 😎
Ren at gaming co 😎 12 gün önce
Next episode : escaping real prison
Mr. Bones
Mr. Bones 13 gün önce
Sooner or later hes gonna be escaping real life prisons for fun
ReeBee05 13 gün önce
Unarmed broadcast
Unarmed broadcast 13 gün önce
if any one has seen in the streams of the dream smp awsomedude used a key of some sort
evil sandwich
evil sandwich 13 gün önce
when ur to good of getting out of prison so no ones makes u in prison :
Samantha Gilarte
Samantha Gilarte 13 gün önce
Dream needs to watch this vid
Richard Li
Richard Li 13 gün önce
10:37 Bridge players will know how overhyped and unnecessary this scene was xD Also he could've just towered up to the pathway of the cells on the left
Arwen Perez
Arwen Perez 13 gün önce
…what did you do?
Mystical Gamer
Mystical Gamer 14 gün önce
Or just make a nether portal With the obsidian
Me 14 gün önce
Katerina Struzan
Katerina Struzan 14 gün önce
Ur a master at this but one KEY flaw in this escape is that this doesnt work in multiplayer worlds, lemme tell u why, see when being in a multiplayer world when u pause u do nt pause the game. And that being no protection from lava or anything else. U can see its a singleplayer world by just looking at the button that logs u out of the game, when ur in single it says save and quit title but in multi it says disconnect and urs said save and quit title. Sorry but this escape is kinda 50/50
Dylan Walton
Dylan Walton 14 gün önce
Play bankers vault
Eagleguydude 15 gün önce
Oh no now they are going to change all the shroom lights for sea lanterns or better yet.....torches
Kian Rameshi
Kian Rameshi 15 gün önce
Awsamdude can watch this to
bxsicqlly 15 gün önce
this can't be possible because if you swim across the first lava you'll get too low to reach the end
Topoholic Be at the top
Topoholic Be at the top 15 gün önce
After seeing all other Prisons, And rewatching, It Seems it real is escapable
scissors 15 gün önce
New idea for prison.A lava lake as far as the eye can see and to deal with if some problems with them wanting to leave all the guards are AI bots and there are a lot of them. And maybe use the create mod.
GokanGames 15 gün önce
This was build by two people Aucally.
Aangelss 16 gün önce
how jealous is awesome dude watching this now no one knows lol if he do watch. a guy that is more smarter then him wow
Dave Bux
Dave Bux 16 gün önce
Sheesh he does do good he also makes it rlly dramatic
ATOTA TV 16 gün önce
If Michael Schofield played minecraft
jamessilkdavey 16 gün önce
mythrodak if you see this comment can you please get a world download for roleplay and trying to escape?
Yi fang Yuan
Yi fang Yuan 16 gün önce
This dude collecting beds like he speedrunning
Komsan Komsan
Komsan Komsan 16 gün önce
You are insane!!!
LankyCeiling 17 gün önce
There are other guards, Antfrost and BBH, but thats no problem. However, each of the levers and buttons have a key card, pages and pages of random jumbled auto generated password text, even if you some how get the text right, it also needs to be signed by awsamdude, so useing any of that is out of the window. I also dont think youd be able to just break any of the redstone, judging on how careful he was with building pandoras box as well as everything else about the redstone, none of it would be so easy to accsess. (Besides, until the download of the prison is released, there isnt a lot to work with.) I liked the video! All in good fun. :)
JLDLgamer 17 gün önce
this man will be the most dangerous on the SMP if he joins
KONG 11 gün önce
Yeah just like technoblade
Dextrician 17 gün önce
the number of shroomlights you placed didn't line up with the amount in your inv.
carbonsignel sees
carbonsignel sees 17 gün önce
No ur never gonna swim lava in server u will die in server and with miner fatigue 3 that will take every block like forever with hand and dude awesome will come back in that time .
Anshul Sekuri
Anshul Sekuri 17 gün önce
Logging off and logging back on wont work on a server when ur in the lava
ᗪᖇI᙭TEᖇ ᖇᗩY
ᗪᖇI᙭TEᖇ ᖇᗩY 17 gün önce
U say the awesamedude is the smartest? Then how are u smarter than him? So yr the smartest guy in the world
Curtis 17 gün önce
What do I do for a living? Well.. ugh. I escape prisons?
Ocaaaasek 17 gün önce
Very nice i must say, although i have a little problem with the escape, there is no button to raise the smaller floor on the vault door side, also you'd have to get the outer portal on and then light the inside portal as well to do what you did, and as far as i know you'd need the keycard to do that. Oh yea also edit: the cell bed can be broken easily, there's no blocks protecting it, it only pushes you into the crawling animation, so yeah (bed trap was revealed in one of dreams videos, when he teleported out and got killed by an enderman and respawned in the prison)
happy 17 gün önce
Maddox Newbill
Maddox Newbill 18 gün önce
Nothing can stop this guy
Darko Vucic
Darko Vucic 18 gün önce
aimanzulhakimi kamalamran
aimanzulhakimi kamalamran 18 gün önce
Dream when see this Dream: ;)
mamta pandey
mamta pandey 18 gün önce
This dude is legend
Legend Not Pro!
Legend Not Pro! 18 gün önce
Soon this mans gonna escape a real life prison.....
LolTube 18 gün önce
In Flames
In Flames 19 gün önce
*Plays on singleplayer*
Gacha X
Gacha X 19 gün önce
There’s a problem in Dream smp the mining fatigue refreshes instantly so it would take like 3 hours to break the bed or any block
G0RF1 18 gün önce
Nah, not really. There may be 2-3 elder guardians, who refreshes mining fatigue, but, we don't know about all of them. We just don't have much info about count of them. Like guardians make that effect once per minute, and, only if you lost that effect by some how(milk, death). So if we watch entering process, we clearly see, that between searching visitors, there is 3 or 5 minute gap, so there may be only one guardian, that just refresh effect. It can't instantly put those effects on you, only if you die after spending more then one minute after getting effect. This escape plan works only in this world, i can say. This replica doesn't have the most important part in security plan. The key-card system. If it existed, there is no way in hell he would just use all the levers to open those .
Chaos Insurgency
Chaos Insurgency 19 gün önce
also that opening cinematic is awesome
Chaos Insurgency
Chaos Insurgency 19 gün önce
if this guy was put in prison, he'd escape in one second
GamerM 19 gün önce
it take like 3h to mine blackstone with ur fist with mining fatiuge 3
Jericho Sean V Gallegos
Jericho Sean V Gallegos 19 gün önce
This guy smarter than dream
Mr Dude
Mr Dude 19 gün önce
Lava gate intense musik me: wtf just build up to the cells
Meet the Sylveon
Meet the Sylveon 19 gün önce
You know wath you nickname isnt mythrodak animore your nick is now houdini!!!
Helen Williams
Helen Williams 19 gün önce
the guard is gonna be like confused and scared when he gets back online
Mr.President Orgamus cfy xurdirs8ts8ts7td8td7rc8hg
Mr.President Orgamus cfy xurdirs8ts8ts7td8td7rc8hg 20 gün önce
This man is indinite iq i had a similar idea but i didn't know how it whose build
Potato_warfare _
Potato_warfare _ 20 gün önce
7:03 *me drinking water* WHAT TF
Monica Skrzy
Monica Skrzy 20 gün önce
I'd love to see an updated escape taking into account more guards and the new rooms and hallways from Sam's stream when he showed Bad and Ant around, and the courtyard and so on.
Prolly 20 gün önce
Sam uses also key cards, so only he can use the levers and buttons, so it's actually a bit more harder to get out-
FJ Kruzer7
FJ Kruzer7 20 gün önce
Dam thats clever
UndeadTurtle Gaming
UndeadTurtle Gaming 20 gün önce
This guys ego is sooo big
Kendall klaassens
Kendall klaassens 20 gün önce
Imagine if dream Watchd this
giorgos-marina minadaki
giorgos-marina minadaki 20 gün önce
10:34 or you could just go to the top prison cells
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