American Foods From Other Countries (Taste Test)

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Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning

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Today, we're tasting a look at what American food looks like in other countries! GMM # 2200

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SteakBaked99 Aylar önce
Episode idea: actually go to Finland and Rhett stays in denial the whole time
Tyler 17 gün önce
Roope Rontu
Roope Rontu Aylar önce
I'd so welcome them if they'd come here! :D
Stereo Babe
Stereo Babe Aylar önce
it’s just a manic episode since finland isn’t real
ミエコ Aylar önce
how can they go somewhere that doesnt exist
Tomas Aylar önce
love it how the educated Finnish people making "AMERICAN SIZE!" actually American size.
R J 2 gün önce
@Anthony Martin i was thinking that or popular restaurants
Anthony Martin
Anthony Martin Aylar önce
was just American standard size though, then you get American Large and American Bucket size :P To be fair though, The Bucket mostly would just be bought by caterers though. Except for maybe the handful of people that do eat that much.
K G Aylar önce
I knew the fried rice one bc when my grandma was in Japan she was living with a host family and they served salad with every single meal bc they thought that’s what Americans did and they wanted to make her feel at home 🥺
Muresan Ana-Maria
Muresan Ana-Maria Aylar önce
That'd so cute 🥺
aewtx Aylar önce
My aunt in Taiwan, when she came over to America for her niece's wedding, didn't know what was salad. She'd never seen it before.
Stupid American Boy
Stupid American Boy Aylar önce
Link making fun of Rhett with the “can I have half a point??” Was so funny
Gavin 29 gün önce
Especially since that’s more of a Link behavior lol
Haggard4Life Aylar önce
I was dying laughing at seeing that tub of mayonnaise being slowly pushed on screen.
WickedFae Aylar önce
Today we answer the question: Is mayonnaise an instrument? Obviously yes.
Mr. Jish
Mr. Jish Aylar önce
Wumbology: The Study of Wumbo
Randy Aylar önce
Is horseradish an instrument?
Ivanimations Aylar önce
its the age old question tho-
RamenRamRod Aylar önce
@Zex “Horseradish isn’t an instrument either”
RamenRamRod Aylar önce
Yeeees! 👌🏽
Anoek Anoek
Anoek Anoek Aylar önce
As a Dutch person I was very confused and upset to learn that in an American McDonalds they do not serve their fries with American sauce.
peachygirl_07 4 saatler önce
@Anoek Anoek the" horsey" one at Arby's. The one labelled as "Arby's sauce" is basically a ketchup. I just said arbys sauce to denote the location
Anoek Anoek
Anoek Anoek 9 saatler önce
@peachygirl_07 isn't that like a kind of ketchup though?
Margootje x
Margootje x 2 gün önce
peachygirl_07 Aylar önce
the sauce seems similar to Arby's sauce which is used on fries
Nark 360
Nark 360 Aylar önce
Patrick: “Is mayonnaise an instrument?” Rhett and Link: “Indubitably”
ScruffiestOfNerfHerders Aylar önce
Love watching these with CC on..says Link, "speaks foreign language horribly" during the American sauce bit..Yeap..about right
Kolby Thurlow
Kolby Thurlow Aylar önce
I love it when Stevie does her impression of Link's dad
matieking Aylar önce
Since we don't have ranch in holland, ranch doritos are called "Cool American" flavour
Iceboundwolf Aylar önce
im pretty sure they are called "sour cream flavor" here in denmark
Vader Wilcox
Vader Wilcox Aylar önce
@greyeaglem I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesnt like ranch
*IAC* Aylar önce
Interesting !
samantha Thompson
samantha Thompson Aylar önce
So why doesn’t holland have ranch?
Clara Gry
Clara Gry Aylar önce
Yeah, it’s the same in Denmark
MrGhettokid1994 Aylar önce
I've always LOVED Root Beer and it wasn't until I started watching these foreign countries trying American foods that it really hit me. If I were to go back and try root beer for the very first time again, I 100% could understand the people saying it tastes like medicine. It's so weird but I'm just so used to it.
TOM C. Aylar önce
Yeah, I knew that had to be it as I was already aware that a lot of folk don't like it! Ever had Horehound candy? It' kinda like that, an acquired taste. I can't imagine not having a Root-Beer float now and again! 😁✌
vincedlong Aylar önce
The Frito pie is called a walking taco in the Midwest or at least in Wisconsin. I learned something today. That’s why I love being a mythical beast!
*IAC* Aylar önce
In Ohio, I've only seen/ate it with Doritos.
Crazypixiness Aylar önce
My family calls it Fiesta Salad but its always in a bowl with rice and chili with beans.
FrawgDawg Aylar önce
South Carolinian here and I’ve never heard of a frito pie. I’ve only ever heard of a walking taco. Typically we use Doritos though, not Fritos.
Christine C.
Christine C. Aylar önce
@JustMamba No, a frito pie always uses chili. That and the Frito chips are what makes it a frito pie. Anyone calling a Walking Taco a "frito pie" is incorrect.
Christine C.
Christine C. Aylar önce
@Rae Morefield A frito pie only uses Fritos and chili. They are not the same as a Walking Taco.
SirNutcase Aylar önce
Ahhh yes, the Dutch American sauce. Love that with fries, never tried it with a hamburger or with chicken. It actually started as McDonalds sauce, because they had that as an option to get with your fries :) The sauce is made from mustard, unionpowder, dille or parsley
Iain Ronald
Iain Ronald Aylar önce
I remember those big 10L tubs of Hellman's from my time in the restaurant industry. We used to use them for banquets and, when you're constantly restocking a potato salad that feeds 35 people, that tub of mayo goes pretty fast. Also, I'm Canadian :)
DeathOnTwoLegs Aylar önce
Watching Rhett run around with a giant bag of Mayo is exactly how I expected this video to conclude.
moriah93ohio Aylar önce
Joe Aylar önce
@DeathOnTwoLegs not your fault, it's the apps fault for auto-displaying comments
DeathOnTwoLegs Aylar önce
@Joe My bad. Not my intention man
joe dirtbag666
joe dirtbag666 Aylar önce
that was great😁
Aurora Animates
Aurora Animates Aylar önce
@Joe after watching this show for years I can tell you Rhett always wins Spoilers aren’t relevant to the entertainment of the episode
gabriella berman
gabriella berman Aylar önce
I love these kinds of games. Would love to see more Australian stuff included!
alaska washington
alaska washington Aylar önce
I’m so curious to know if this is genuinely how people think we eat in the US lol.
Keys 28 gün önce
I think originated as a meme and now people actually believe it
Incognito Mode
Incognito Mode Aylar önce
I KNEW The mystery item had to be marshmallow fluff!!! I was yelling it at my screen over and over. Lol. It’s with baking items, it was next to peanut butter and jelly sandwich ingredients, it was the only logical answer. I’ve seen sandwiches where they put peanut butter and marshmallow fluff together, isn’t that called fluffernutter? And there are fudge recipes with marshmallow fluff and chocolate chips in them. It’s the only thing that made sense.
BR MakesStuff
BR MakesStuff Aylar önce
The census never asked if we prefer more episodes like "The Human Chocolate Fountain" because that was pure gold. All time favorite.
GoodLookinGhost Aylar önce
Kinda feel like this should’ve been an International Taste Test. 😂
Roberjan Prestes Filho
Roberjan Prestes Filho Aylar önce
joe dirtbag666
joe dirtbag666 Aylar önce
thats what i thought it was at first
Psymaj Aylar önce
Those are my favorite episodes.
Nick Aylar önce
The international themed food content on GMM is my favorite. It always makes my day (and lunch break) when these episodes are posted.
Reming Morton
Reming Morton Aylar önce
I’m legit DYING laughing at the Mayo bit at the end. From them sliding Rhett a bucket of Mayo to him running around with a bag of it slung over his shoulder 😂
Anna Craft
Anna Craft Aylar önce
I thought the cloche item was going to be that Goober stuff from Smuckers where the pb and jelly are swirled together in one jar. 😂
Silvershineee 2 gün önce
The so called 'American sauce' I always found weird. I knew it really wasn't an American thing bc Ketchup is very common in the USA and Americans usually do not like mayonnaise 😂 (it's very similar to mayonnaise) They serve it in the Mc Donald's over here and it's actually quite common. It's just a weird thing imo😂
CookieMastah Aylar önce
Rhett saying the American size mayo is just a normal jar of mayo is exactly why everyone in Europe thinks Americans make everything big. In Poland jars of mayo are half that size.
Ashley Juhasz
Ashley Juhasz Aylar önce
@Namira Larassati Pulungan [Co-Asst] we have big jars but it’s typically not used super fast from what I see. A jar that big lasted me more than 8 months in my last apartment before I threw it away with more than half left bc it was expired lol.
Bleachman555 Aylar önce
@Nikolas Söderholm um no, scandanavian mayo also has preservative chemicals in it like potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate. maybe next time you can do the tiniest bit of research before parroting generalizations
Anthony Robertson
Anthony Robertson Aylar önce
Grocery stores in the US will often have a small section of very large containers. Like the second container of mayo from the right. Plus huge bottles of ketchup or large cans of fruit like pears or apricots all about that size. However this is actually more for restaurants though I'm sure sometimes people buy them for home use. Maybe family reunions with a bunch of people. I certainly couldn't use that much myself of anything. Like I always get the smallest container of mayo and it often goes bad on me at about half full. They didn't have the smallest size you can get here.
Camvin Aylar önce
@Filipe Saramago We get big Jars of mayonnaise here in the UK as well in glass jars but the biggest jar isn't made by hellmanns. Heinz mayonnaise does a big plastic bottle of mayonnaise as well.
Jen Klen
Jen Klen Aylar önce
Rhett: “Is where the wiener is, is where the American is?” This needs to be a new GMM merch idea 😂
Sana Lulu
Sana Lulu Aylar önce
This is perfect utilization of the mythical kitchen!! More series like this
Ann WReyna
Ann WReyna Aylar önce
I agree with the museum! I've always hated pop-tarts, twinkies & root beer.
Alix McKnight
Alix McKnight Aylar önce
I really enjoyed this game! I love seeing American culture through other countries eyes. I miss traveling so much. You’re always hilarious Rhett and Link. :)
ArinInQuotes Aylar önce
The last round was so fun! I was sure it was almond butter. I'd love a full episode of that! The loser would then have to eat all the ingredients combined in a smoothie or something.
YourLocalChoccyMilkDealer Aylar önce
J.J McCullough made vids about what other countries perceive as “American Foods” and they are definitely worth a watch
J.J. Shank
J.J. Shank Aylar önce
Not just videos, but award-winning videos!
CandyCaneKnight Aylar önce
I always love GMM, and not cuz i wanna see them go through unpleasant things but cuz i love em and the crew for who they are and i enjoy the creative fun and funny things they come up with (and cuz family friendly xD)
Tarots By Tasha
Tarots By Tasha Aylar önce
Happy 2200 episodes! Love you guys. Lol Rhett reminds me of a camp counselor from a horror movie in the 80s
Samuel Hasell
Samuel Hasell Aylar önce
When Patrick asked if mayonnaise is an instrument, he should’ve waited to wait this episode
kOZMIK kARMA Aylar önce
He should have waited... to wait. Beautifully said.
Samuel Hasell
Samuel Hasell Aylar önce
Hahaha appreciate all y’all replies
Jack Davidek
Jack Davidek Aylar önce
That’s all I thought about the whole time they were playing them lmao
Spooky Da Scary
Spooky Da Scary Aylar önce
was thinking the exact same thing lol
tiff0795 Aylar önce
Today we asked the age old question: Is mayonnaise an instrument? Let's talk about that.
Tall empress K
Tall empress K Aylar önce
I Love you guys so much to see you grow over the years has been beautiful congratulations and thank you❤️
Julia Cora
Julia Cora Aylar önce
Since we don't have ranch in holland, ranch doritos are called "Cool American" flavour
Stan Lekarev
Stan Lekarev Aylar önce
That is insane 2200 episodes! Never a dull moment. I can't wait till yall hit the 3000th episode!
Terione Patrick
Terione Patrick Aylar önce
I heard "Top Secret American Prize" and my first thought was: Dang, how'd the Mythical Crew manage to steal the Declaration of Independence?? 🤣🤣
J.J. McCullough
J.J. McCullough Aylar önce
Hey I recognize the video in the tweet! It’s cool to have played a part in this madness!
alittlemoresonic42 Aylar önce
i didnt recognize the thumbnail but i remembered watching your video and was wondering if that was you.
Daniela Quiros
Daniela Quiros Aylar önce
My boyfriend saw the thumbnail and said: that’s JJ! We love your videos. Keep up the amazing work that you do.
callywally Aylar önce
when I saw this video in my recommended I immediately thought of your video lol, love your videos J.J. !
TheHoundDogger Aylar önce
JJ Comment boost!
Marcos Lopez
Marcos Lopez 15 gün önce
Patrick: "Is Mayonaise an instrument?" Rhett & Link: "Yes."
Z Aylar önce
The Mythical kitchen crew are amazing. If there was a mythical restaurant I'd go.
Daphne Loose
Daphne Loose Aylar önce
that was hilarious watching Rhett run with that bag of mayo saying "see you at the park!!" LOL.
Michael Bullard
Michael Bullard Aylar önce
I would like to take a moment to say *the Mythical Kitchen created new dishes just as red herrings for this game and their amazing talent deserves recognition*
shadowtheimpure Aylar önce
That 'chicken fried steak with biscuits' pizza is an idea that I feel compelled to try making at home.
Bobby Bobstar
Bobby Bobstar Aylar önce
But they didn't so stop begging
BigSirZebras Aylar önce
Been in Thailand 3 months. Every time I see corn (at least daily) I think of Link and laugh.
Gemma *Crybaby*
Gemma *Crybaby* Aylar önce
When I was in Japan, an "American" breakfast was a cheeseburger, fries and a side of yogurt. I was like "this is about right." 😂😂
Hal9000 Aylar önce
Episode Idea: Americanized Foreign Food. Make the authentic dish and then the Americanized version determine which is better. Are these Americanized dishes against Foreign Affair wishes!
Mutotoru 28 gün önce
@Nat G and chicken parm, spaghetti meatballs and alfredo pasta please and thank you
Nat G
Nat G Aylar önce
And please include tacos
Vaamika Sharma
Vaamika Sharma Aylar önce
Congrats on 2200 episodes!!! So many of us have truly grown up with this show :'))
Travis Hostetter
Travis Hostetter Aylar önce
This could’ve been a where in the world do these American food recreations come from
joakuz Aylar önce
@Travis Hostetter yes! I miss basic nasty stuff too :(
Joe M
Joe M Aylar önce
honestly. it feels like a gmmore.
Mark Fritze
Mark Fritze Aylar önce
I’m surprised it wasn’t
Travis Hostetter
Travis Hostetter Aylar önce
@Jordan Liebman honestly it’s my favorite episode they do at this point followed by Will It and I miss the old Will It when they had basic nasty stuff.
Dave Pan
Dave Pan Aylar önce
Yo came here to say the same! Why they not throwing darts
Daniel Wanne
Daniel Wanne Aylar önce
Damn I knew it was Fluff! One day I want to challenge Rhett and Link in a food quiz
EvelynRobinson Aylar önce
As an Australian I’ve never understood how Americans love root beer, it tastes almost savoury to me
Reggie Shelton
Reggie Shelton 3 gün önce
Patrick Star: IS Mayonnaise an Instrument? GMM: Yes.
Grace Calloway
Grace Calloway Aylar önce
I've watched you guys since I was about 15, I'm now 25. I missed the chance to get one of your 2200th episode T-shirts! Absolutely gutted. But I look forward to watching more fun and interesting videos to come!! Honestly GMM is the only reason outside of music that I come onto youtube. My partner always knows that watching one of your videos cheers me up. Thanks for continuing to make wholesome and funny content, you guys and the whole crew are awesome 😁❤️
Sam Lowther
Sam Lowther Aylar önce
I had a feeling the last one was Marshmallow fluff. Over here in the UK, every "American aisle" has a jar of the stuff.
Scott Vermiliion
Scott Vermiliion Aylar önce
I've only seen it a few times and I'm 32 lol
jonginini kim
jonginini kim Aylar önce
marshmallow fluff was my immediate guess and i can't believe my gut feeling was right because i've never actually seen an american food isle where i live lol
Anthony Martin
Anthony Martin Aylar önce
I was also thinking Syrup or Jelly
Kathryn Aylar önce
i'm from massachusetts & every school i went to we had peanut butter fluff alongside peanut butter jelly sandwiches as a permanent option for lunch. it's funny to me that people don't know what they are or never tried them bc they're equally as common as pb&j over here.
Jayna Williams
Jayna Williams Aylar önce
@Sam Lowther Mix it with whipped cream or marscapone. We use it in frosting, fruit dip, rice krispie treats, etc.
Jessica Å
Jessica Å Aylar önce
Lmao I instantly knew the picture question because marshmallow fluff is ALWAYS on American food shelves in Swedish stores, I even thought about it before seeing the pictures. Then seeing it next to the peanut butter just sealed the deal. Honestly though, this ep was fun because it just shows Americans what it's like being misinterpreted just like every other country on earth is in the US lol.
Olivia Friend
Olivia Friend Aylar önce
There should be a “will it smoothie”!! been WAITIN for this one
no 24 gün önce
"It's just a bag of mayonnaise" is a perfect representation of this show lol
Darren James
Darren James Aylar önce
As a Westerner who has lived in Thailand for full-time for 6 years, and regularly visited for 20 years. I've never, ever, once seen fried rice with raisins in it. And I *like* raisins - I'd go and try and hunt that down, if it was even possible to find it...
The Duck Lord
The Duck Lord Aylar önce
I'm proud to say that I genuinely had marshmallow fluff in mind
Ewwy Aylar önce
I love watching ur vids as my everyday routine💕
Timothy Brown
Timothy Brown Aylar önce
Congrats on 2200 episodes guys! You hit my funny bone on this one!
Nicholas Guido
Nicholas Guido Aylar önce
I used to watch you guys every single morning back in like 2015, i haven't watched you guys in years until this came up on my recommended I'm glad to see you guys are still at it. Maybe I will start watching you guys more often again
Allison Stephens
Allison Stephens Aylar önce
Today we ask the age old question: “Is Mayonnaise an Instrument?”
Edward McLaughlin
Edward McLaughlin Aylar önce
@gabriella berman no
gabriella berman
gabriella berman Aylar önce
Let’s talk about that!
Emily Hoffman
Emily Hoffman Aylar önce
Patrick Star would be proud of Rhett and Link for making mayonnaise an instrument
Spookiest_ Aylar önce
You guys have been in my life for years. Now every morning at work, me and some coworkers watch you guys together.
Lyümee Aylar önce
I love how they look so confused about fries and chicken with mayo, in Europe we use mayo for absolutely everything! I'm italian and sometimes I dip my pizza too in it loool
Desi Paz
Desi Paz Aylar önce
Rhett eating with the back end of the fork 😂💀 makes a spoon, he's a genius
Felicia Fridley
Felicia Fridley Aylar önce
I've been to the disgusting food museum! It was well... disgusting. But they even put Dr. Pepper in there, which I took personal offense to 😂
Tricky Star
Tricky Star 14 gün önce
I took personal offense to root beer being there.
Kuro-Chan! Aylar önce
I was shocked that poptarts were there, but Twinkies and root beer... Yeah they belong there 😂 Dr. Pepper ain't good
M1E1R Aylar önce
@aesthetics mom They do.
Gemma *Crybaby*
Gemma *Crybaby* Aylar önce
I don't get it, Dr. pepper is so good 😂
VoidPerfect Aylar önce
@Just Jenn Canadian here, I don't like Dr pepper too, 🤝
Robin Kelly
Robin Kelly Aylar önce
2200 !! Congrats!! You bring a smile to my face and make me laugh every day. Thank you.
Sara Calderas
Sara Calderas Aylar önce
This episode was great! Loved it.
Panthror Aylar önce
16:09 Amazingly Link nearly pronounces those Dutch words correctly.
delacruise666 Aylar önce
Funnily enough the ‘hotdog and mash potatoes’ thing I think is an English food dish called ‘Bangers and Mash’, if I’m remembering correctly.
Go To Seoul
Go To Seoul Aylar önce
I live in South Korea at the moment and as soon as those pizzas were on the table I knew exactly which one was the correct one, even though I wasn't even aware of such a thing. Koreans love to put potatoes in places that look weird to westerners, like pizzas or cakes. They do the same with corn but I'd rather not start on that one because it gets too crazy.
Y K 5 gün önce
You're thinking of sweet potatoes, not potatoes. There aren't any potato cakes in Korea, but sweet potato cakes are popular and they are good.
Melody Hagaman
Melody Hagaman Aylar önce
Just watched the Korean Englishman episode with sweet potato pizza delivered to the park :)
jack smith
jack smith Aylar önce
I dunno man america gets a little crazy with corn too.
RaVenSpawn Aylar önce
In Okinawa I ate tuna & corn pizza at a Sbarro... was really good
Derek Stein
Derek Stein Aylar önce
​@Samantha Scott The Irish would like to have a word.
Inraviratious Aylar önce
Dang... 2200 episodes. I have watched you guys for eight years now, ever since season 3 or 4. You guys were literally a part of my childhood
Effy Widdifield
Effy Widdifield Aylar önce
Would have been cool to give JJ some credit for his video inspiring the suggestion 😭
Middle Aged Masterpiece
Middle Aged Masterpiece Aylar önce
2200 ! Conrgatulations fellas, and of course all the crew as well behind the scenes that makes it happen. keep it up and lets do 2200 more.
AquariumGeek915 Aylar önce
This is hilarious!!! I remember being in Japan and going to the American section at the grocery store to see what new things they had!!
Minnesota and whatnot
Minnesota and whatnot Aylar önce
I would like to say that I guessed the marshmallow fluff correctly. That is a staple of American food sections in Manila too.
jonginini kim
jonginini kim Aylar önce
marshmallow fluff was my immediate guess and i can't believe my gut feeling was right because i've never actually seen an american food isle where i live lol
Captain Splatter
Captain Splatter Aylar önce
@Savannah Tries was gonna guess manwich at first till it was being put by frosting. So i chose second answer which was Marshmallo fluff
Only Me
Only Me Aylar önce
As an American that occasionally enjoys a good toasted fluffernutter (marshmallow fluff and peanut butter), I thought it was marshmallow fluff. HOWEVER I was absolutely astonished by the informational section on Rootbeer. They said other countries say it tastes like toothpaste?! I’m just shocked. I’ve always thought it was normal. I enjoy it, and mixing it with ice cream
Kobie Young
Kobie Young Aylar önce
I guessed marshmallow fluff as well!
Matt Ortiz
Matt Ortiz Aylar önce
Tbh as an American I often see it and think to myself "who the heck buys these?" 😂
Emily C
Emily C Aylar önce
I instantly knew that the secret grocery store item was gonna be marshmallow fluff. Especially when Stevie didn't mention that the mystery item was between marshmallows and pumpkin pie filling.
Stephanie MacDonald
Stephanie MacDonald Aylar önce
I started watching you guys almost three years ago! I wish I would have found this show sooner!!
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International Fried Foods Taste Test
Good Mythical Morning
görünümler 5 Mn
Will It Chips & Salsa? Taste Test
Good Mythical Morning
görünümler 893 B
International Sandwich Taste Test
Good Mythical Morning
görünümler 5 Mn
Stove vs. Microwave Taste Test
Good Mythical Morning
görünümler 1 Mn
Will It Brownie? Taste Test
Good Mythical Morning
görünümler 1 Mn
We Try Starbucks Secret Menu Hacks
Good Mythical Morning
görünümler 1 Mn
International Iconic Dishes Taste Test
Good Mythical Morning
görünümler 4 Mn
Street Food From Other Countries Taste Test ft. Jackson Wang
Extreme Midsummer Food Challenge
Good Mythical Morning
görünümler 1 Mn
Duy Beni 7. Bölüm Fragman
Duy Beni
görünümler 4,3 Mn
Daha Önemlisi Varmı..
görünümler 1,3 Mn
Dila Kent
görünümler 716 B