Everything to Know Before Getting a Vegan Meal Subscription Box? | Purple Carrot Review + Discount

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Make It Dairy Free

6 aylar önce

We are back with a new taste test! We tried a vegan meal subscription box for the first time ever! See what we had to say about Purple Carrot meal delivery box and if it's worth it!

*This video is not sponsored*

Want to try it yourself? Click here: purple-carrot.wk5q.net/KeKq59 and use code Carrot30 for $30 off your first box (affiliate link)

Have you tried Purple Carrot or any other meal box service? Let us know your thoughts

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Make It Dairy Free
Make It Dairy Free 6 aylar önce
Have you tried Purple Carrot or a Meal Subscription Box? Let us know your thoughts! Link in description box for $30 off code for first time users!
internetultrageek 3 aylar önce
I was going to try Purple Carrot, but besides eating for one and having minimal fridge space, I'm a Super Taster and can't stand any items with a bit of bitterness. I've yet to find any Vegan meal delivery service that lets fussy eaters like myself remove such items.
Irish Rose
Irish Rose 5 aylar önce
We have tried other meal boxes. The meals were expensive and portions were small, but good. Other companies use heavy paper bags to put each meal in.
Lisa Gardner
Lisa Gardner 6 aylar önce
It’s very pricey for the amount of contents you get in it
Rocio Vita
Rocio Vita 6 aylar önce
My family gets purple carrot when I’m away...I love that they can feed themselves when I’m not there. Love purple carrot! It’s like paint by numbers for vegans who don’t know how to cook.
Jen Stafford
Jen Stafford 6 aylar önce
I order both Purple Carrot and Green Chef. Purple Carrot is hands down my favorite. The 2 serving per meal box, is almost always 3 servings for me. I began my fully vegan journey with these boxes. They taught me how to cook without meat. I honestly had zero idea how to pair foods to make filling meals. These boxes taught me some things, made me try things I wouldn’t have, how to use many different seasonings and prepare sauces. I have saved my fav recipes and keep them in a binder. I love that you can skip weeks of ordering easily without penalty. One last thing, I really like that the nutrition info for each recipe is available when choosing weekly meals and also in the cookbook.
elle lilandra
elle lilandra 10 gün önce
I just started using Purple Carrot because work is super busy right now, and I really like it! It is a bit pricey but compared to a takeout meal for the same price, it's much higher in quality. Don't think I'll use it all the time but right now it's a lifesaver. I like that the meals are tasty and balanced, and I'm eating interesting stuff that I normally wouldn't.
Dana Brown
Dana Brown Aylar önce
So glad you did this review. I've been curious. Love you guys!
Omg you guys bicker so cute. ❤️
Make It Dairy Free
Make It Dairy Free Aylar önce
Nikki Alexander Ziebell
Nikki Alexander Ziebell 2 aylar önce
I love your channel, but the background music on this video is making me have anxiety and is so distracting. No hate, I just thought you should know. ✌️💗
shmpooch 3 aylar önce
The filming of making the food was beautiful! Great job! And I have to agree, the portion sizes looked much bigger than I was expecting. And getting these for a vacation house would be perfect
Dina Laron
Dina Laron 3 aylar önce
Why is this soooo slow & halted
ForeverFree3691 3 aylar önce
I'm strongly considering to purchase PC for my guest this weekend. Definitely will order the lemon braised chick peas if available. Thanks for sharing.
Make It Dairy Free
Make It Dairy Free 3 aylar önce
Hope you enjoy
Sarah Viswambaran
Sarah Viswambaran 3 aylar önce
I’ve been researching option so this video was very helpful!
Cat 4 aylar önce
Very nice. I have been wondering about this prescription and thanks to you guys I will try it. You two are super cute. Thank you.
Make It Dairy Free
Make It Dairy Free 4 aylar önce
Thanks, enjoy!
Teresa Stunz
Teresa Stunz 4 aylar önce
Too much plastic. Just because it might be recyclable doesn’t mean it will be recycled. Far from it.
saving1catatatime 4 aylar önce
Are you joking? 24$ per meal for 2 people?
Dee Anna
Dee Anna 5 aylar önce
I had almost that exact same box. I loved the lemon braised chickpeas. I hates the Indian butter tofu. It was way too soggy. I had something else besides the General Tso tofu, but can't remember what
Rocio 5 aylar önce
The fact that she stares at him almost the entire video while she’s talking and him just looking straight at the camara is funny to me lol new sub!
Make It Dairy Free
Make It Dairy Free 5 aylar önce
jlbutters2 5 aylar önce
I had high hopes for purple carrot, but I had several produce items that arrived bad. Very disappointing when you can't make the meal because you are relying on what they are providing. I've been using hello fresh, even though they include dairy in every dish I've gotten. Wish they had a plant based, vegan option.
Make It Dairy Free
Make It Dairy Free 5 aylar önce
oh man, sorry to hear you had a bad experience
Koshka 5 aylar önce
Interesting. Still too expensive for me even with the first time promo code. Looks like I have all the ingredients at home now for the general tsos tofu though. I want to try that :)
Make It Dairy Free
Make It Dairy Free 5 aylar önce
We totally understand that
Manumit 6 aylar önce
I don't know about these meal subscriptions. Seems like a lot of trust. I would like to read the label. Is this something you can do before you buy? The history of Companies in the trust department is dismal. They can start off good but slip into not good quickly
Make It Dairy Free
Make It Dairy Free 6 aylar önce
you can see all the ingredients on the site before you buy
yvonne winchell
yvonne winchell 6 aylar önce
way too much plastic and packaging!
Geoff Myers
Geoff Myers 6 aylar önce
Great video! Before covit, I traveled for work and I used Purple Carrot. It worked well because I could have it sent to each new city on my schedule. It was so great because I was fairly new to eating vegan and it showed me how and what to cook. I did the 3 meals and it was only me, so I got 6 meals out of one box. That made it worth it for me.
Make It Dairy Free
Make It Dairy Free 6 aylar önce
Sounds great!
Camika C
Camika C 6 aylar önce
I thought the Purple Carrot was a good idea when I first saw the commercials. When I looked into it for a family it’s a little costly....The meals you did in this very looked absolutely amazing so thanks so much for sharing....The wave at the end though! 😂😂😂😂 I’m still laughing.
Make It Dairy Free
Make It Dairy Free 6 aylar önce
Moore Jessica Please
Moore Jessica Please 6 aylar önce
I was nervous about the serving sizes! I ordered my first purple carrot box last week and it comes today! I plan on doing a review as well!
Make It Dairy Free
Make It Dairy Free 6 aylar önce
Hope you like it!
Barbara Parland
Barbara Parland 6 aylar önce
I think it would be neat if meal subscription boxes had a "frequent user build a pantry" option. If you got several meals every week or so, you could get a small bottle of soy sauce to use for multiple meals rather than a packet per meal. (for example)
Debbie bridges
Debbie bridges 6 aylar önce
I think I may try this so I can eat more, I want to go vegan but some other recipes are too much so I need it to be ready to cook sometimes.
Samantha S
Samantha S 6 aylar önce
I truly found the vlog to be very informative, but the wife was slightly winded with her dialog "smile".. Thank you for sharing
Linda 6 aylar önce
I will say I love this video lol
Jordyn McGie
Jordyn McGie 6 aylar önce
I'm surprised that Purple Carrot's packaging isn't as eco-friendly as HelloFresh cause the latter uses a big cardboard box that everything is inside, all the meals are inside of paper bags (so not plastic), and they have a little ice pack to keep everything cold. However, of course HelloFresh doesn't offer a whole lot of vegan meals which is a shame. I never knew there was even an option for a meal kit like this that was vegan, but I've been wondering. Now I know!
Xena Callisto
Xena Callisto Aylar önce
@YourMajesty143 Sprinly is madddd expensive.
YourMajesty143 6 aylar önce
Sprinly is organic gluten-free vegan with compostable & recyclable packaging. Everything is pre-cooked to order, no cooking required & it's not frozen, it's fresh & sourced from local farms --- but it comes with high quality ice packs.
Fluorescent 6 aylar önce
Looks like lovely meals. I love having food boxes, but I have three teenagers and they do not give enough food for the five of us!
Tamar Braxton's edges
Tamar Braxton's edges 6 aylar önce
Love your channel! Subbed! Can’t wait for more!
Make It Dairy Free
Make It Dairy Free 6 aylar önce
But It's Vegan
But It's Vegan 6 aylar önce
You two are so adorable! Thanks for the info. 🥰
Make It Dairy Free
Make It Dairy Free 6 aylar önce
Thanks for watching!
GiGi S.
GiGi S. 6 aylar önce
We need "I Will Say..." on t-shirts.
GiGi S.
GiGi S. 6 aylar önce
@Make It Dairy Free I literally was cracking up when you called it out.
Make It Dairy Free
Make It Dairy Free 6 aylar önce
omg smh, I was just like omg I've said this over and over what is wrong with me
MOODY 6 aylar önce
The music was getting distracting from listening carefully, looping especially for over 40 min. It would be nice to concentrate intently on what you are saying with out it playing
caty therese
caty therese 6 aylar önce
I definitely want to try purple carrot! Loved your video!! 😊😊
R N 6 aylar önce
I am so bored at this point that I would buy it for fun, but not as a normal thing.
BJ Davis
BJ Davis 6 aylar önce
Yes my wife and I did try three of their different meals. We've only been vegan for a little less than a year, and were wondering how easy it would be to have their emails. The meals were good, but they were no better than we've been creating for ourselves. We were a bit surprised at how much packaging there was. It was that issue that stopped us from using them again. I would recommend Purple Carrot for busy people or people who have limited skills or abilities for cooking.
Pandora40 6 aylar önce
His mushroom hate face was exactly how I feel about mushrooms!! Lol
TheChristopherBlake1 5 aylar önce
Ditto, Dude I'm sooooo with U on that mushroom grossness . LOL 😂 LOL
wending.1 6 aylar önce
I love your videos. HOWEVER, I felt like _someone_ was in a bit of a mood during this video. I felt like I should probably leave so you all could work out whatever was going on . . ,
pandorahunter 2 aylar önce
@Emmy Beth since its your first time here maybe you don't see this is the dynamic. Its reminiscent of George and Gracie, she's the silly he's the dry, she actually downed him in this video and he wanted recognition when it was delish....noting but banter that they do all the time. Must be a hard life to not be connected to someone who you can play around with...SMH.
Emmy Beth
Emmy Beth 2 aylar önce
First time to this channel.. I was searching for purple carrot review's to determine if it was something I wanted to try. However.. I noticed this vibe as well. To the point that my attention shifted completely.. from looking for credible reviews to trying to figure out what was happening between the two of them. 😬😬 And then I had to come to the comments to see if anyone else noticed it as well.
pandorahunter 2 aylar önce
@wending.1 yes they did when they wrote the comment. Perhaps reevaluate and correct it. Male bashing is NOT acceptable.
wending.1 2 aylar önce
@pandorahunter Um, I think someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning . . .
pandorahunter 2 aylar önce
There was no negative energy, he was fine, she was fine, there was no weird thing happening F you all who want to label him in a negative light. He's always like this in comparison to her. She is optimistic and perky and he is pessimistic and snarky.
Mary Railey
Mary Railey 6 aylar önce
HelloFresh uses paper bags and does the same thing putting all your needs for that dish in that paper bag. The paper bag can then be used as a refuse bag. Or if you don’t need a refuse bag it can be recycled ♻️ .
Andria Deane
Andria Deane 6 aylar önce
I have used Green Chef. It is great and fun to make. Their boxes come with your meals in paper bags with all of the ingredients inside each bag.
Andria Deane
Andria Deane 2 aylar önce
@T Kegs some of the ingredients were marked conventional but most of the items were organic. My biggest complaint was sometimes the meals had missing ingredients. However For the most part it was fun to make and was good. But it can be pricey
T Kegs
T Kegs 2 aylar önce
I heard green chef aren’t really organic even though they say they are. Is that the case?
SenoritaConejita 6 aylar önce
I love Purple Carrot! We're going for 4 years this April! Has definitely helped us discover new recipes and ingredients. Also, I always double my ginger and spiciness on the recipes. 😎 The booklet sometimes comes with coupons and free recipes, plus they throw in goodies! Great review!
werthebest1s 6 aylar önce
You two are sooo cute in your videos!! Love your personalities...you make a gr8 team even when you disagree! Lol...thanks for sharing n giving your opinions! Hope you have a gr8 week.. stay safe n God bless you n your family!
MsSassyMT 6 aylar önce
I definitely wouldn't have picked that lemon one either but I'm glad it was good. I feel like this might be a good option for me since I'm the only vegan in the house and could get several meals out of each meal.
Bite-sized Beet
Bite-sized Beet 6 aylar önce
I like the idea of Purple Carrot, so long as you do realize you'll be putting in some time to cook everything. I also wish you could opt out of ingredients that you already have in your kitchen to help cut down on waste and plastic. It's a fun treat now and again, and they have dishes I wouldn't normally make or get at a restaurant, which I appreciate.
Tenille Stewart
Tenille Stewart 6 aylar önce
Y’all are just TOO CUTE! 😂😍 #WholesomeAF
Akhera Shepsutera
Akhera Shepsutera 6 aylar önce
Can you guys do a video on your vegan journey? How to prepare and transition into veganism. Please and thank you!!
Samantha B
Samantha B 6 aylar önce
I would be curious to see a grocery haul and what you plan to do with it. I know grocery prices vary by location and store but my husband and I end up spending closer to $170/week on groceries (we don't eat out normally and especially now)
Samantha Kelly
Samantha Kelly 6 aylar önce
Love your videos but the music playing in this one was so loud and it distracted from your talking. I couldn’t watch it.
chunkofbutter75 6 aylar önce
Hello Fresh uses paper bags. So at least I can compost it. Maybe purple carrot could do the same.
J. Perry
J. Perry 6 aylar önce
Thanks for doing this video. I was wondering what the meal boxes were like.... They use too much plastic, so I won't be buying them.
Marybeth Hourigan
Marybeth Hourigan 6 aylar önce
Living in Ireland means none of these things are available😒. I did Google the Lemon Glazed Chickpeas tho so I'll just make it myself. Looked yum. 😊
Jaime Naylor
Jaime Naylor 6 aylar önce
The booklet gives you all of the recipes offered for the week you ordered (even the ones you didn’t get).
Jaime Naylor
Jaime Naylor 6 aylar önce
Forget it haha you stated it after I commented. This is why I should wait until the end
Jaime Naylor
Jaime Naylor 6 aylar önce
Hahaha puppy dog pals all day here! I love that you sang that 🤣
susunslatky 6 aylar önce
Does anyone know if they use certified organic ingredients? If not, is there another food delivery service company that does?
susunslatky 6 aylar önce
Love your jokes, Andrew!!!! 🤓
Angela Tillman
Angela Tillman 6 aylar önce
I was getting Hello fresh. It was really pricy. I do like the idea though.
Margaret B
Margaret B 6 aylar önce
Individual wrapping is sth you appreciate...and something which makes me completely uninterested in all these meal delivery services ;P I hope at some point someone will come up with a more sustainable option, although I know it is hard - they not only have to keep the ingredients cold (which is possible without the single-use plastic) but also air-tight in many cases (to preserve them for longer). Maybe for more local versions of such meal subscription services some reusable box and Tupperware would work? Or when we have better compostable packaging technologies? We'll probably see in the future :D
Darcie Perry
Darcie Perry 6 aylar önce
Puppy dog pals!
Lexi DeLorme
Lexi DeLorme 6 aylar önce
I know poor andrew had to eat his food cold 😭 I hate cold food too haha. looks like restaurant quality meals though!
Linda S
Linda S 6 aylar önce
I think if you were a single person, you could get the 3 meals for two people, it would give you 6 meals. That might be more economical for convenience and variety. Even then I still wouldn’t do it on a regular. For my husband and I we spend around $100 a week but we haven’t eaten out since last March due to the pandemic so all meals are made at home. We used to eat out two to three times per week. Cooking three meals per day for eleven months and counting...let’s just say I use a lot of Pinterest and channels like yours for inspiration.
Selisa Grimes
Selisa Grimes 6 aylar önce
Thank you for trying Purple Carrot for us. I said it before and I'll keep saying it, "Where is Make It Dairy Free's cookbook? Take care to you both.
Akhera Shepsutera
Akhera Shepsutera 6 aylar önce
Yesss!! You two def should have your own cookbook!
DARLENE KEENE 6 aylar önce
I have seen advertisement for purple carrot so glad to see this episode. I will seriously consider ordering.
Diane Spero
Diane Spero 6 aylar önce
We get a Purple Carrot box every week. We like almost every thing we gotten. The food is delicious. We rate all of them. Won’t repeat a 7 or below. But nothing ever below 7. This great for the 2 of us. I will say they always include too much ginger. I just cut it back. I also always try to taste all hot items and only use what I think we can take. I try all their ingredients and am surprised by some of the great tastes I get.
Steph Sossa
Steph Sossa 6 aylar önce
Is signing up to a subscription financial beneficial ?
MURDA DA GB 6 aylar önce
hit the like button in secs.. 💯💯💯
AntoineErika Scott
AntoineErika Scott 6 aylar önce
Tried them... Couldn't count on products being Organic and non-GMO... Which was disappointing because I thought most of their meals were super creative and tasty
your mom
your mom 6 aylar önce
Charmy M!
Charmy M! 6 aylar önce
I did Hello Fresh. We did it for almost 6 months. We ended up taking a box to an Air BNB and it was a hit. But the box meals options are expensive for a family of 4 that consist of 2 teens. But my sister who is single she loves it and I gifted her a box when we first started and she continues to use it a year in.
Nalisa Talks
Nalisa Talks 6 aylar önce
I love purple carrot. I just unboxed mine that got delivered today :) my only complaint is that sometimes the portions are super small (not always but sometimes). They also throw a bulb of garlic in every box lol
anniek55112 5 gün önce
I always choose the meals that are above 600 calories, I've noticed they end up being bigger portions, usually feed 2 adults with a spare lunch sized leftover meal
Adrian Chanthalansy
Adrian Chanthalansy 6 aylar önce
Idk if anyone else can tell when you both don't agree with eachother but I notice it all the time & it cracks me up!!😭😭😭
Mochafondue 6 aylar önce
Akhera Shepsutera
Akhera Shepsutera 6 aylar önce
It makes me anxious... lol.
Into The Wild
Into The Wild 6 aylar önce
Yessss their silent banter is the best 😂
Beth Leon
Beth Leon 6 aylar önce
I use PC and love it. I’ve had the braised lemon chickpeas and love it. My favorite! When I was making it I felt the same, like it’s not something I would’ve ordered I was questioning myself on why did I even order it, but after tasting it it became my favorite. I also tried the butter tofu and I really like the sauce on it but like you I like my green beans cooked more so I just went ahead and cook to my green beans before throwing them into the dish and that helped a lot. I would’ve preferred a farmer tofu as well but I didn’t mind it in this dish being that it was still soft. The sauce helped pull it all together.
Tamika Michelle
Tamika Michelle 6 aylar önce
Oooooo yall got me interested!!!
Juls 6 aylar önce
Love your channel! I always learn so much about vegan food options, thanks!
Grand Paczki
Grand Paczki 6 aylar önce
I have tried purple carrot and liked it. They said they are trying to move into a non plastic packaging. That was one of my cons. Pro was I learned some new tricks including making sour cream from vegan mayo and lemon juice. Their kimchi casadillas were so good, I make them on my own... great, now I am hungry 😋
brettswartz 6 aylar önce
I've enjoyed the meals I've ordered from Purple Carrot. I like the convenience and the chance to try recipies I wouldn't normally think of. Also, I love that they send you the recipes for all of the meals they offer for that given week, so you can make them with your own ingredients (something I've done). But, as you mentioned in your video, the price is steep, which makes it more of a splurge item for me.
Shaniki Smith
Shaniki Smith 6 aylar önce
That's looks good
plantae tivoli
plantae tivoli 6 aylar önce
And it cuts down on waste food for somebody who doesn't cook every day or know what to do with leftovers.
Nickole Suggs
Nickole Suggs 6 aylar önce
You two are the reason I started my vegan journey, It’s been 2 months. Thank you and many blessings
Amanda Summers
Amanda Summers 6 aylar önce
I’ve tried Thrive Market, my first taste of nutritional yeast was from them and I don’t see myself getting it from anywhere else going forward. Subscription boxes are beneficial especially if you get to choose what you get & my baby loves puppy dog pals lmao
Angela Free
Angela Free 6 aylar önce
Totally agree with your review. The price was what stopped me from continuing the trial of their subscription. I understand that shipping can be expensive, but $12 per serving for a meal that I have to spend time cooking is just not maintainable for average families. I do order a lot of Amazon Prime grocery delivery from Wholefoods. So if they partner with Amazon Prime delivery to deliver from your local Wholefoods or local grocery delivery stores to cut the costs, that could be a win win for everyone. I like the convenience but just can't spend so much $.
Eunice Lee
Eunice Lee 6 aylar önce
This is such a great video! Great alternative especially during the lockdown where we try to stay home most of the time. As a vegan finding these decent meal subscriptions was hard to find. But this one looked delicious!! Thanks for the video!!! 🖤🖤🖤
plantae tivoli
plantae tivoli 6 aylar önce
Still worth it if that get's anyone to eat more plant-based :)
Amanda Summers
Amanda Summers 6 aylar önce
This comment 🙌🏽
plantae tivoli
plantae tivoli 6 aylar önce
too much plastic? is it compostable or recyclable?
linedezainde 6 aylar önce
I can't help but think of over-packaging and all those delivery trucks on the road, and that's why I will not try these. Recycling, depending on where you live, is unfortunately not a given, even if you put the stuff in the recycle bin.
plantae tivoli
plantae tivoli 6 aylar önce
@Make It Dairy Free true that :)
Make It Dairy Free
Make It Dairy Free 6 aylar önce
some is and some depends on your area and which # plastics they allow
plantae tivoli
plantae tivoli 6 aylar önce
what about cross contamination? I would never order from a full vegan restaurant or delivery box. :)
plantae tivoli
plantae tivoli 6 aylar önce
@Make It Dairy Free oops, my mistake purple carrots is fully vegan, my bad :(
Make It Dairy Free
Make It Dairy Free 6 aylar önce
I don't understand your question
Secilia Feliz
Secilia Feliz 6 aylar önce
Thank you for this!!!
Make It Dairy Free
Make It Dairy Free 6 aylar önce
You're so welcome!
Lilly E
Lilly E 6 aylar önce
I tried them a few months ago and loved the general tso tofu! Even better I've made it several times since then with store bought ingredients. I like the kits because they give me new ideas of what to cook.
Lilly E
Lilly E 6 aylar önce
@Steph Sossa I use a lot of meal kits. This one I felt was more for convenience and innovative recipes 😊
Steph Sossa
Steph Sossa 6 aylar önce
Did you save money ?❤️
Make It Dairy Free
Make It Dairy Free 6 aylar önce
Cat Erin Davis
Cat Erin Davis 6 aylar önce
Thank you, is purple carrot no gmo or organic ?
Make It Dairy Free
Make It Dairy Free 6 aylar önce
From their website: Most of our non-produce items are organic (Ex: beans, nut milks, tofu, tempeh, vegan cheeses and yogurts, etc.) but due to constraints with sourcing, shipping locations, and our desire to provide unique ingredients and recipes, we are sometimes limited in our options for organic (and non-GMO) products.
Dal Boop
Dal Boop 6 aylar önce
Interesting... still not sold on them
Make It Dairy Free
Make It Dairy Free 6 aylar önce
That's ok
Miledi Ramirez
Miledi Ramirez 6 aylar önce
I don't think i would like a meal subscription box
Angela Free
Angela Free 6 aylar önce
@Grand Paczki I see the facial expression too. 😂
Grand Paczki
Grand Paczki 6 aylar önce
@Angela Free totally heard his voice say it
Angela Free
Angela Free 6 aylar önce
I am guessing this reply was from Andrew lol
Make It Dairy Free
Make It Dairy Free 6 aylar önce
That's cool
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