Hermitcraft 8: Episode 12 - BIG BOATEM MEETING

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Hermitcraft 8: Episode 12 - BIG BOATEM MEETING Grian is back on hermitcraft to discuss the mega base and the boatem corporation with one of his famous and very serious meeting rooms.

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Freak Show and Friends
Freak Show and Friends 2 gün önce
When is "he" coming back. Cluck
Ostemad 2 gün önce
9:47 LOL
Chef 2 gün önce
Takes a boatem pole to meet a boatem goal though it may extract a boatem tole the boatem role you need to fill will be complete
Neha Yadav
Neha Yadav 4 gün önce
why do you keep pitching mumbo for high positions like Mumbo for mayor.
Amethyst_R04 6 gün önce
is it just me or does wide mumbo head kinda look like a strider
STB4G Animations
STB4G Animations 6 gün önce
Grian couldve thrown the ender pearl through the door to get the tegg, block glitch and take it
JACnetic 8 gün önce
Hailey Pecanas
Hailey Pecanas 8 gün önce
9:47 impulse 😂😂
Voxelcat 8 gün önce
The Chocolate Labs
The Chocolate Labs 9 gün önce
The next tag should be called Shag and there is a shed and someone has to take something from a chest in the middle of the shed and then they have to rebuild it and then set the same object in the chest aswell as set traps to kill people trying to get the item in the chest.
teddy watts
teddy watts 10 gün önce
azazazz099 11 gün önce
i wonder what the other hermits were thinking seeing all of boatem blowing up constantly
Kasaen 11 gün önce
Do Teg, turtle egg tag
Nahrikkon 11 gün önce
It may be 2:37 am but..
Clifferinnit 12 gün önce
20:15 *hallelujah instrumental starts playing at chorus* Oh poultry man, Ohh poultry man, Ohh poultry man, OHhHhh poUoUltRyYyyY man
Clifferinnit 12 gün önce
19:00 Cub’s message in the corner shows how confused everyone is 19:11 they doin rituals 19:35 the fact Impulse was the only safe one there 19:45 oof
Clifferinnit 12 gün önce
18:33 i think farming is agriculture, not industry holdon agriculture 👩‍🌾 yeah this appears for agriculture
Ebraw Ebraw
Ebraw Ebraw 13 gün önce
SEF379 13 gün önce
Grian: anyone who has a bad idea blows up! Me: I feel like Scar is gonna go
* Футбольчик *
* Футбольчик * 13 gün önce
Rc Angel and Demon
Rc Angel and Demon 14 gün önce
Got to say them killing Grian while he’s trying to pitch mumbo as ceo and just all of them are killing eachother
Benjamin S.
Benjamin S. 14 gün önce
cool vi
joharo 14 gün önce
The new tag tag 3 fiery bee
andrew the person
andrew the person 16 gün önce
i realize im a bit late to the party but what if season 9 yall invite bigbst4tz as one of the new hermits and the tag is call *who tookie my cookie* and is tegg with a cookie in an item frame called "the tookie cookie"
Fiddle. Sticks
Fiddle. Sticks 16 gün önce
Lima bean incorporated
Zoe Nichols
Zoe Nichols 16 gün önce
This weeks Hermitcraft episode featuring “Hello There”. 😆
Smaugasborred 16 gün önce
Peace love and no pants" had me
Jay walker your honor
Jay walker your honor 18 gün önce
Grian:*making mumbo CEO without him knowing* **Election flashbacks**
crizp_ 18 gün önce
9:55 10:23
Kikiloveskittens 19 gün önce
Did anyone else notice Cub fly in grians timelap at 9:48
Amber gachablox
Amber gachablox 19 gün önce
Mumbles being ceo just “BLOWS” me up!
Emerald Emperor
Emerald Emperor 19 gün önce
One minecraft day is about 20 minutes, I think it's a minute per hour.
Rashin Estino
Rashin Estino 19 gün önce
3:25 general stone-obi 10:04 general scar-obi 10:06 general pearl-obi
pie fighter
pie fighter 20 gün önce
Last season the mansion was kinda repeditive. Not really this time.
4 Dolls and a Movie
4 Dolls and a Movie 21 gün önce
*Grian:* "We're building the Gigabase; Pearl is here, I'm there, Mumbo is there, Impulse is there" *Scar:* I'm nowhere...
king friend
king friend 22 gün önce
Rip Mambo the chicken man idea oh wait no that's green cuz he's poultry man he's retired
Lewis McGlothlan
Lewis McGlothlan 22 gün önce
It should be bag where the tag is a beetroot soup
Socks 22 gün önce
I love seeing people in the chat going “is Boatem alright?” and “Nah they’re a bunch of weirdos”
Zigster Devy
Zigster Devy 23 gün önce
Mumbo Jumbo Evil Incorporated
Glenn Wilson
Glenn Wilson 24 gün önce
Hilmar sighvatsson
Hilmar sighvatsson 24 gün önce
bilt a herry potter volt
Jora 24 gün önce
I love how the other hermits don't even wonder anymore why everyone's constantly dieing at Boatem
SGD 25 gün önce
10:26 good
miako-choco gacha
miako-choco gacha 26 gün önce
why does grian always try to make mumbo like the leader with out mumbo even wanting to be? like season 7 mayor and now the CEO clearly theres a pattern i want to see what he tries to make mumbo next season
Skitty Dragon
Skitty Dragon 26 gün önce
9:47 lol looks like a fight happened? Sus person
Alessia 26 gün önce
Its mumbo for mayor all over again!
ne 27 gün önce
The tegg was too short
Joep Buren
Joep Buren 28 gün önce
11:20 what is wrong with your voice here
Ryan Mak
Ryan Mak 28 gün önce
just me or does mumbo now look like Stalin....especially with the ceo title...
Nguyễn Thái Sơn
Nguyễn Thái Sơn 28 gün önce
every meeting of the boatem is a serious killing
CosineX 28 gün önce
When they threw an egg at Grian for suggesting Mumbo gets CEO, that was the perfect time to explode him lmao 🤣. But honestly, Mumbo should be CEO
Phoenix Long
Phoenix Long 28 gün önce
Brian if you think about it mumbo became mayor just the mayor of boatem
Late Night Thinker
Late Night Thinker 29 gün önce
wide mumbo = Wumbo
Natalie 29 gün önce
this is the mayor thing all over again.
X4R80 CoDM
X4R80 CoDM 29 gün önce
That was the best meeting ever😂😂😂
Indu Bhushan
Indu Bhushan 29 gün önce
great veiw of cubfan
sasha oune
sasha oune 29 gün önce
I heavily disagree with mumbo being the ceo
Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson Aylar önce
I think cub cheated in tegg cause he siding hide it he made an obstacle course
Thomas Thorso
Thomas Thorso 26 gün önce
I mean he didn't if he did grian would have said something about it but he didn't
iCarma Aylar önce
18:45 I DIED 😂😂😂
Larry Buller
Larry Buller Aylar önce
Did anyone else notice somebody getting damaged at the end of him making the other 2 buildings?
Mahdiya Hasrul Aizan
Mahdiya Hasrul Aizan Aylar önce
make deepslate building haunted hotel
Kevin Tarini
Kevin Tarini Aylar önce
Grian I was rewatching hermitcraft episodes and saw this 9:47
Kevin Tarini
Kevin Tarini Aylar önce
Up Up
Up Up Aylar önce
I wish someone would have said general kenobi When grian said Hello there.
VisitJoan Aylar önce
I came for the BOTEM meeting, stayed for the egg scavenger hunt.
SpaceMage 101
SpaceMage 101 Aylar önce
When any hermits need a leader: Grian: Well, I know a guy...
{•Aura•Fandom} Aylar önce
The trap doors look like Mumbo's legs
Aioanei Radu
Aioanei Radu Aylar önce
Mumbo should've been chair of ethics
Lucy Fincher
Lucy Fincher Aylar önce
Mumbo:Peace love and plants! Grian: Peace love and no pants!
ForestFlame Aylar önce
am i the only one who thinks mumbo looks like stalin? im the meeting.
ieatveggies Aylar önce
9:47 look someones hurt
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II Aylar önce
My brain the hole time: Why is there a giant Stalin head in Minecraft
0123葉毓哲 Aylar önce
9:47 what was that ??!
Jhonas Kit Alico Rosales
Jhonas Kit Alico Rosales Aylar önce
Impulse: Can i be head of happine- Grian: *Intensely threw an egg*
_BaxTepp Aylar önce
that cubfan on 9:46
MadTitan Aylar önce
Rewatching this i thought if grian built the sky in the alley earlier he couldve hid the tegg there
Focke wulf 190 d9
Focke wulf 190 d9 Aylar önce
Poison tegg, where you have to hide it in another hermit’s base and the longer it stays in, the more point they get, if you get to a certain amount of points, you are out
Sean Coady
Sean Coady Aylar önce
Hey guys, I've got one question...Is boatem a company or a cult?
BiddlyBob Aylar önce
WHAT is cub fan doing?
Hewwo Aylar önce
"Peace Love and No Pants" QwQ
John Joshua Salayo
John Joshua Salayo Aylar önce
Grian should make Tegg but with a rare blue axolotl to keep around your base. might be kinda boring without more changes.
Ryan Barnes
Ryan Barnes Aylar önce
I didn't see or hear you mention the obvious pun.. Mumbotem
Azula Phoenix
Azula Phoenix Aylar önce
“So tell me what Mumbo’s going to be if not the CEO?” “Eye Candy.”
IrregularDoughnut Aylar önce
9:48 I love how Cubs just chilling there taking damage
IrregularDoughnut Aylar önce
Grian needed less than an hour to win tegg, I’m kind of disappointed but cub deserved that win
MRI Aylar önce
9:47 i wonder what cub was doing
Shomeek_Chatterjee Aylar önce
Edgar Contreras
Edgar Contreras Aylar önce
Mumbo no pants jumbo
Fish_Studios Aylar önce
What hapened at 9:46? In the bottom left corner
Thunderbolt Aylar önce
The next tag should be Tog, where you have to steal a dog and walk them to your base
duke fu
duke fu Aylar önce
ummm grian in the timelaps what si going on with impulse in the corner taking damage???????
20quid Aylar önce
They grey building made of deepslate looks like an old fashioned English pub.
Hivo_ll Aylar önce
9:47 Why is there Cubfan?
Allysa Nelle Miao
Allysa Nelle Miao Aylar önce
S7 grian made mumbo the mayor S8 grian made mumbto the ceo S9.?
Jonah Hart
Jonah Hart Aylar önce
Tag 3: Race to the egg! Edit: Make Tag 4's name : Tag: Race FOUR the win!
Mohd Noorul Arfin
Mohd Noorul Arfin Aylar önce
Me wondering how is he breaking obsidian soo fast realized it's black concrete
king pro
king pro Aylar önce
AlexAnders Aylar önce
Boatem: has a meeting Rest of the server: what the f are they doin over there
Alastair Moodie
Alastair Moodie Aylar önce
“Mumbo is ceo dont tell him” season seven all over again
Basmusg Aylar önce
What if the buildings in your base would be shops people could pay for having there?
SmolSoul17 Aylar önce
Season nine Tag: Tegg 2, Egglectric Boogaloo
Grian out of context
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