Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Season 2 - All Episodes (15-19)

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Alan Becker

Alan Becker

Yıl önce

This was a good season. I made some edits to a few episodes, see if you can spot them!

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Roasting Potatoes
Roasting Potatoes Yıl önce
Alan Becker’s animations = happiness to millions of people
Rendi Saputra
Rendi Saputra 22 gün önce
@Ercan cengiz aa
clenixer111 Aylar önce
epic =/
epic =/ Aylar önce
true just true
Olivier BASSEZ
Olivier BASSEZ Aylar önce
Lucky boi
Lucky boi Aylar önce
2 aylar önce
This is literally a masterpiece, can't believe it's the same guy who did these animations from 10 years ago
Chỉ huy hình vuông chửa bệnh đứa ngáo
Chỉ huy hình vuông chửa bệnh đứa ngáo 2 gün önce
Pasa link
~• 𝓚𝓾𝓻𝓸𝓶𝓲 •~
~• 𝓚𝓾𝓻𝓸𝓶𝓲 •~ Aylar önce
I literally need an 1 hour version of that song , it gives me vibes.
Héctor Figueroa
Héctor Figueroa Aylar önce
Wrightcore Aylar önce
I like how they’ve got their own specialties. Red is the beast master, Blue is the alchemist, Yellow is the engineer, Green is the builder, and Orange is the leader. They’re like Alan Becker’s Order of the Stone.
Samantha Reign Dicdican
Samantha Reign Dicdican Gün önce
I think oranges real name is MC
Samantha Reign Dicdican
Samantha Reign Dicdican Gün önce
Yellow is the redstone master
Jelly the King Puppy
Jelly the King Puppy 8 gün önce
Windows 10: story mode (the drawn stick figures)
Kazi Ekrenul Haque
Kazi Ekrenul Haque 8 gün önce
Orange name is second coming and he is like the crafter
Awesomeness with Isaac
Awesomeness with Isaac 8 gün önce
Yeah your right
스즐 19 gün önce
I love how green doesn’t even need a music potion. He already has enough music inside him
Duy Lân Nguyễn Phan
Duy Lân Nguyễn Phan 11 gün önce
GOD HACKER 15 gün önce
jelly Mafia
jelly Mafia 15 gün önce
Pitero o1
Pitero o1 16 gün önce
True my to
뽀짝 실리ShillyCATS ISFP
뽀짝 실리ShillyCATS ISFP 19 gün önce
Are you Korean?
random person on the net
random person on the net Yıl önce
this channel is a perfect example of: •forgetting that it exists but being really happy when he uploads •quality over quantity
its ya boy lollipopz
its ya boy lollipopz Aylar önce
@wan RC toys i agree
SORA KIMURA 2 aylar önce
wan RC toys
wan RC toys 2 aylar önce
wan RC toys
wan RC toys 2 aylar önce
Huge Mango
Huge Mango Yıl önce
hillosmillos 26 gün önce
one thing ive noticed is their bond was more tight in the first season, where in this on they are a bit more hostile.
Aydentolive 71
Aydentolive 71 11 gün önce
@Star Frog yea this just means their bond is tighter
Star Frog
Star Frog 12 gün önce
i do agree that they have more conflict but i don't think that means they're less tight! i think anyone who's been in a long-term friendship can confirm that you butt heads every now and then
a normal gaming cat
a normal gaming cat 2 gün önce
Man I remember this when I was a kid lol,alan can probably work at cartoon network for making people happy
철호 박
철호 박 23 gün önce
This is the most exciting video I have seen. Thank you, Alan.
Rea Marie Marquez
Rea Marie Marquez Aylar önce
Now THIS is what we call a real “Masterpiece”
Alpha Mecha Spy Mortem Tyrannosaurus Rex Omega 09
Alpha Mecha Spy Mortem Tyrannosaurus Rex Omega 09 Yıl önce
Index: 00:00 Episode 15: Redstone Academy 06:01 Episode 16: Note Block Battle 12:10 Episode 17: Build Battle 17:36 Episode 18: Texture Pack 27:02 Episode 19: Lucky Blocks
Carlo Martinez
Carlo Martinez Yıl önce
Do you know the song that green played at 6:01?
Warm ice
Warm ice Yıl önce
Thanks this was helpful
Clerk D-F28 GONZALO, PETER 2 aylar önce
The texture swap episode is absolutely hillarious, because they just throw fish,eat swords, and TNT. It's plain funny
The_XxloydxX_04 2 aylar önce
BRO THE GREEN Default Dance
Floof_Studiosre Aylar önce
These stickman know how to make music! I like the musiccc, and the fact orange woke up just to break their music with his own guitar made it funnier than fighting in a guitar battle with a chicken bro, and it’s so well animated which makes it WAY better xd continue to give me nostalgia attacks
Sen Lin
Sen Lin 7 gün önce
omg this is literally a masterpiece and the fact how he did the same animation from so much years ago-
beargreen1 24 gün önce
Oh how I remember these PG times when they had fan Captions as well
PhonicNoteStudio Yıl önce
You see... It's wacky fun animations like this that make me fall in love with TRshow all over again. I love this kind of creativity, humour and style so much and I hope Alan is able to keep on making videos like these all the time.
The Ice Werewolf
The Ice Werewolf 22 gün önce
Orange really showed the others a piece of his musical mind
will idk
will idk 8 gün önce
how did a yellow silent stick figure teach me more about redstone than a book could
Anvita Omraju
Anvita Omraju 20 gün önce
I like how Redstone Academy can really teach you about redstone.
VENENO X Highlights
VENENO X Highlights 18 gün önce
Trabalho perfeito! 💖
Element36 Yıl önce
Timestamps: 0:01 - Episode 1: Redstone Academy 6:01 - Episode 2: Note Block Battle 12:10 - Episode 3: Build Battle 2 17:37 - Episode 4: Texture Pack 27:02 - Episode 5: Lucky Blocks
Laurine Mendoza Ortega
Laurine Mendoza Ortega Aylar önce
Laurine Mendoza Ortega
Laurine Mendoza Ortega Aylar önce
Right I think it's just me or is there another one in the middle and the rest is up to it but I can get it for
Zoirdre AirDie
Zoirdre AirDie Aylar önce
ty :)
♪Michele's_channel♪ Aylar önce
BS Sevenler
BS Sevenler Aylar önce
Gamingtastic 2 aylar önce
When yellow's redstone skills are better than anybody else's
Ashley McDonald
Ashley McDonald Aylar önce
Can we take a second to apriciate Green's victory dance?
Ryle Plays
Ryle Plays 11 gün önce
These animations are so great you're the animation god
Raptor 8600
Raptor 8600 Aylar önce
I love how they all have their own personalities and they all love each other I just know that green is the artistically gifted, red likes farming and animals, blue is the potions, yellow is the kind one, and orange is like the leader/level headed one I don’t know if I got any wrong but I’m in love with these characters
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith Aylar önce
Yep. Love these charachters.
Şule CAN USLUER Aylar önce
Andrew Segura
Andrew Segura Aylar önce
I think yellow is all about red stone
DragonQueen 3 aylar önce
You know its a good animation when 1.25x speed is far too fast. Kudos to you!
Sunshine Flower
Sunshine Flower Aylar önce
A bunch of us totally didn't learn a bunch of stuff from this animation💃
Mustache for Hire
Mustache for Hire 7 gün önce
the episode where the textures get all jumbled up is my favorite one
Steven howard
Steven howard 2 aylar önce
I love the content keep it up
WandedWizard 2 aylar önce
this actually taught me how to do redstone
Warlw & Creeper
Warlw & Creeper Yıl önce
Alan Becker is a guy that can put 16 ads and still have my respect
MrZhiba 11 aylar önce
@Alferrel Dimaz.P only if the video has less than 8 minutes long. If not, then the youtuber needs to add the ads, seems like the "dum dum"' here is you, lmao.
Alferrel Dimaz.P
Alferrel Dimaz.P Yıl önce
@Warlw & Creeper youtuber didnt put ads the youtube automatic add ads : / dum dum
PhoenixlordX Yıl önce
@Altar Ah ok. The more you know. Thanks for the answer. ^^
Warlw & Creeper
Warlw & Creeper Yıl önce
@PhoenixlordX Nope, the youtuber puts ads
OriginalPacificalSun Yıl önce
116 likes, im now your 117th muahah
Eram Manzoor
Eram Manzoor 2 aylar önce
11:50 Absolute Finish. You should Respect that 👌
TheRandomDeer 2 aylar önce
your videos really inspire me i thinking of be coming a small time animator keep up great work dude!
CTSP Animations
CTSP Animations 2 aylar önce
Plot twist: all of this was Alan's imagination No wait it actually is. *OH N-*
Richard Ascough
Richard Ascough 25 gün önce
wow i wonder how much time Alan Becker worked on this and how many days.
TheYeetiest Yıl önce
There was a lot of development in this season, it may not be as long as last season but it was just as much content.
บิ๊ก ครับ
บิ๊ก ครับ 5 aylar önce
EnderGamesDevYT Aylar önce
ep 15 gave me a lesson, always be creative.
#BlockNews-BgClan Gün önce
i like the part when green kicks yellow on the music. its funny
MintShelby Aylar önce
this is what kind of minecraft smp i want to own
JanSte 18 gün önce
i like how green did his amazing note block work but with a arcade game👍
PixelBiscuit Yıl önce
Now I can feel sorry for my lack of animating ability in a whole 40 minute session!
HarriMation Yıl önce
Eman Acacio
Eman Acacio Yıl önce
Shiny woody
Shiny woody Yıl önce
империум тайм 0612
империум тайм 0612 Yıl önce
Souldestroyer Yıl önce
Flaming Mike
Flaming Mike Aylar önce
I really like your animations and I bought the pixel flames shirt. You have inspired me to be an amazing animator, Thanks.
Sebastian Perez Manucci
Sebastian Perez Manucci 17 gün önce
I don't have any words to say about this animations they are incredible
Ajorni Brydson
Ajorni Brydson 15 gün önce
The music part was beyond amazing. Orange really wanted his sleep lol🤣🤣
CDRedstone 2 aylar önce
81 million views... well deserved.
Noland Watts
Noland Watts 5 aylar önce
here's a Playlist 0:00 Redstone Academy 6:01 Note Block Battle 12:10 Build Battle 17:37 Texture Pack 27:04 Lucky Blocks
Anthony Edwards
Anthony Edwards 4 aylar önce
We all needed this thank you
Darth Vaughn
Darth Vaughn Aylar önce
Never thought I would see a chicken shredding a electric guitar
Cauã Aylar önce
2:53 Does anyone know the name of this song? SHE DOESN'T TAKE IT OUT OF MY HEAD
thatoneguy Cult of Dave
thatoneguy Cult of Dave 19 gün önce
I like the part where the timer still says 4m 13s when orange is judging
GaryGamer 8 gün önce
I came back for nostalgia. I got what I wanted
Datboiii Yıl önce
the musical chicken should be a permanent addition to the cast.
A'a Ewi Tan
A'a Ewi Tan Aylar önce
JenniferNotFound Aylar önce
*H E L L Y E S*
Sajidur Sajid
Sajidur Sajid 2 aylar önce
Liveactionme 2 aylar önce
@Keitou Creations exactly me words
wan RC toys
wan RC toys 2 aylar önce
Depen Tamang
Depen Tamang 2 aylar önce
1v4 but still only able to reach his talent green is a true music master
TrxustZ5 rowe
TrxustZ5 rowe 2 aylar önce
even though its a basic title, its an AMAZING animation.
Electrico Gamez
Electrico Gamez Aylar önce
Been watching this person for a long time. I think I first saw one of his videos in 2014.
thegalaxyboi694 Aylar önce
I love the music ones, especially when orange gets to stop them
Luke Fox
Luke Fox Yıl önce
Hey look, children's content with actual depth and plot and is fun for all ages and isn't the equivalent of mass produced shit on a plate. Seriously though this series is modern child friendly content at its best and its what all child friendly channels should strive to be, should they intend to ever put profit below people and actually have any passion for it whatsoever
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith 16 gün önce
@Demon under your bed It’s a nice balance.
Demon under your bed
Demon under your bed 16 gün önce
@Elizabeth Smith Soooo....?? Whats your point
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith Aylar önce
@Demon under your bed true. But that’s what makes it so amazing - it’s not for children and mature enough for adults, but also innocent enough for kids to enjoy.
Stefani Vaella
Stefani Vaella Aylar önce
Anyways, the fact that Blue is kinda a drugaddict, the characters fight each other when they supposed to be friends (Build Battle or Lush Caves), and, in the episode 'Showdown', there is a bit of violence (meaning the hurts, of course there is no blood) make me think that the serie is like those cartoons for kids with double sense
Stefani Vaella
Stefani Vaella Aylar önce
Well Alan could make a violent serie with his skills (cuz im pretty sure he could make an amazing violent and bloody serie), the problem is Y O U T U B E S T R I K E
Lunari Voltaris
Lunari Voltaris 17 gün önce
10:25 I love this part! This music sounds familiar, but I can't remember the name...
Siren pisces
Siren pisces Aylar önce
I love the battle of the bands one especially when it gets extreme Edit: it's when SC comes in
jelly Mafia
jelly Mafia 15 gün önce
Now cmon we need a season 3... Cmon do it
Сталина Подворная
Сталина Подворная 2 aylar önce
In which application do you make animations?
*_ᘜraceful 千eather#]
*_ᘜraceful 千eather#] Yıl önce
I’m gonna be honest, these videos make me feel satisfied about the smooth animation and the entire story plot. It just amazes me, and these videos make me smile! Pls make more :>
MWNz Yıl önce
See The Season 1
The fallen Uchiha ./
The fallen Uchiha ./ 2 aylar önce
Second coming: I'm beginning to feel like a rock god, rock god
The fallen Uchiha ./
The fallen Uchiha ./ Aylar önce
@ScxmBxg Yea, ma bad...
david pineda
david pineda 2 aylar önce
david pineda
david pineda 2 aylar önce
666 6 66
david pineda
david pineda 2 aylar önce
david pineda
david pineda 2 aylar önce
Orange 4 gün önce
It's January 2022 let's see 👀 how many legends still watches this animation.
Nova and katie  together forever # roadto100k
Nova and katie together forever # roadto100k 8 gün önce
How do you come up with this stuff you are a animation legend
Kraft Colt 🎆
Kraft Colt 🎆 23 gün önce
The music are so cool can they be on spotify
DR1FT 27 gün önce
The notes that come out the note blocks Alan had to edit or animate so much
Thunder Sun
Thunder Sun 28 gün önce
I love the thumbnail so creative!
Witheredskull Aylar önce
I laughed so hard when green did a default dance
Kaladius Wonatorey
Kaladius Wonatorey Aylar önce
9:33 i love this part
Isaac rosarito
Isaac rosarito Yıl önce
I love how they are so good at transitioning without having any practice
DOODOO anims
DOODOO anims Aylar önce
i love the music ep so much because it's not how Minecraft works at all and that's what makes it so amazing.
Jennifer bostic
Jennifer bostic Aylar önce
These videos always make my day and i understand how long it takes to make a video i appreciate that
sanduiche 17 gün önce
Alan is soo good doing that animations,and i aprecciate his work,because,for make a thing like the note block ep its not easy.
Mango Pannacotta
Mango Pannacotta 7 gün önce
teacher: define ''good'' me: *shows alan's whole carrier*
Dragon Fire
Dragon Fire Yıl önce
When you think about it in a term that makes sense, Alan Becker has a bunch of self aware AIs living in in his computer, but are learning as they go, lol
Random, Just random
Random, Just random Yıl önce
And it began with the base for all of the stick figures.... The Chosen One (And Victim)
Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez 19 gün önce
26:22 Just another perfectly normal minecraft day...
CoraCanDo Aylar önce
I love the note block episode episode Alan it’s my favorite episodes of animations 🎶
•Melanie-Chan• 2 aylar önce
Be honest, we all watch his videos evrryday
Jaime Castañeda
Jaime Castañeda 22 gün önce
The song could be one of the first songs to be realeased if he did that, that be sick
Lee Gabriel M Banasihan
Lee Gabriel M Banasihan Yıl önce
this is a suprisingly short season, expected more episodes
Coltafanan Studios
Coltafanan Studios Yıl önce
Kayla actually it’s five. It’s 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19. That’s five
Kayla Yıl önce
@Blu Rob it's a mash of old episodes.
Kayla Yıl önce
@Felicia Natalie Yes, yes I do.
Blu Rob
Blu Rob Yıl önce
plus alans working on that virus series
Bean Beans
Bean Beans Yıl önce
Give him some slack, animating is hard
israel felipe
israel felipe Aylar önce
eu amei o seu canal parabens
riffat farzana
riffat farzana 24 gün önce
I love these animations
Charina Lopez
Charina Lopez Aylar önce
Battle shot block 20:54 Change block sound 22:41 Battle ll 25:28
WigglyToesies Aylar önce
I was losing brain cells a bit ago but this.. this is awesome
IronDoorTrap Yıl önce
I love how green doesn’t even need a music potion. He already has enough music inside him
Rare Legendary
Rare Legendary 7 aylar önce
Green is a perfect musician without the potion, with it then it would be cheating he he
Galaxy 8 aylar önce
Yea same
nur Madihah
nur Madihah 8 aylar önce
@Alesword roblox Green is amazing not suck
Dipak Sarkar
Dipak Sarkar Yıl önce
If green drink potion than super
Noelle Reyes
Noelle Reyes Yıl önce
Don't Forget The Second Coming
Miangel21 Aylar önce
The boys building a drum Set: OH HELL YEAH!
Chummy Charmander
Chummy Charmander 2 aylar önce
2:18 When your Mom brings back extra Chick-Fil-A from work and says: "Whoever gets to it first eats it first!"
Los compás
Los compás 2 aylar önce
Alan you are sick to do that kind of animations they are too epic.
Quirky Content
Quirky Content Aylar önce
did anyone ever imagine themselves as one of the stickmen, and the others as siblings...?
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith Aylar önce
Yep. You are not alone there
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache Yıl önce
Rest In Peace to the amount of hours killed to create these masterpieces
BartiX 8530
BartiX 8530 Yıl önce
it was worth it. Completely worth it.
BG_Boi Yıl önce
Not u again BRUUHH
Jeff Cow
Jeff Cow Yıl önce
Hey ive seen u before, hello!
Thefirstlegend Yıl önce
bella sinaga
bella sinaga Yıl önce
Epicgamer12q 2 aylar önce
Bro the 4 of them in part 2 need to be combined to match green's power wow that is some skill right there
Power X John Plays®️
Power X John Plays®️ 23 gün önce
Your the best animation maker ever Alan
WinterMelon PvZ
WinterMelon PvZ 6 gün önce
These guys sure like redstone mechanics
Scrangifying Aylar önce
Alan Becker: “shorts” also Alan Becker: “38 mins”
Ron Suarez
Ron Suarez Aylar önce
orange was so good at music that the blocks quit their career and got hired as items
rylan johannson
rylan johannson 14 gün önce
the stick man never will know how good they are at the note block they make good music
Cynthia Wang
Cynthia Wang Aylar önce
I really love the music part!
Blue Mushroom
Blue Mushroom 2 aylar önce
8:54 POV: when a chicken is better than you in making music and dancing
SnoOBy PlayZ
SnoOBy PlayZ Yıl önce
Truth Fact: Alan Becker is the Most Amazing,incredible and talented Person I've ever seen!!!
AalanM 6 aylar önce
@le tomas oh thank you
le tomas
le tomas 6 aylar önce
Based but yes alan is very talented
AalanM 8 aylar önce
Not me?
TeddehPerson Youtube
TeddehPerson Youtube Yıl önce
@A-A-Ron truth facc: yes
A-A-Ron Yıl önce
Truth Fact: This comment is true
superspoiledsimr 2 aylar önce
I love animation i am only 9 years old and i want to learn animation. could you please suggest any software to start with, thank you
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