Freshly Review 2021: How Consistently Good Are They Really? Let's Find Out!

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4 aylar önce

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Check out our Freshly review for a look at one of the most popular prepared meal delivery services. Is it worth the hype? And how consistent is their food over the long term? They've made a lot of improvements since we reviewed them last, so we're doing a taste test to compare what they offer now, and the results are in.


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0:00 Intro to Freshly Review
0:24 Unboxing Freshly
2:14 Taste Test Freshly Meals
3:41 Freshly Review Conclusion


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📦 What's in Our Freshly Box:

▪️ Red Pepper Chicken Bowl
▪️ Crave-No-More Shepherd's Pie
▪️ Green Goddess Turkey Bowl
▪️ Kung Pao Steak
▪️ Tangy Turmeric Turkey Bowl
▪️ Steak Peppercorn


🍽 What We Tasted in Our Review:

- Red Pepper Chicken Bowl


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EriNorelax 15 gün önce
this review about freshly is one of the best i have found so far, I will try freshly and see how it goes
Jhoan25 2 aylar önce
I really like your food, thank you for always teaching us, I learn a lot from you
Luiza Ol
Luiza Ol 2 aylar önce
Great review and great meals! I really like reviews about meals, thanks for sharing this video!
eriss 1234
eriss 1234 3 aylar önce
I am so happy they have upgraded their service. Thank you for keeping us informed! Always looking forward to your videos!
Mealkite 3 aylar önce
So glad to hear it. We love making them. Appreciate the support.
DeepFryingGravity 4 aylar önce
You guys are all liars. Freshly is nothing more than crappy microwave dinners
Mealkite 3 aylar önce
Technically they are microwave dinners, but they’re a lot higher quality than something you’d buy in the freezer section of the grocery store. Definitely not perfect, but also a better option than fast food 😊
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith 4 aylar önce
Your so awesome to watch. Seems like your really pushing freshly ? Do you work for them? Did you review the fresh fit Shepard pie?
Mealkite 4 aylar önce
Thank you! We don't work for Freshly, it's just one of our favorite food delivery services and with them being so popular, we did a few different reviews just to cover everything. We did try the Shepherd's Pie actually! We have a separate Freshly Fit review and that was the taste test. Definitely one of my favorite Freshly meals.
April Clayborne
April Clayborne 4 aylar önce
Looks like freshly has stepped it up a bit since I last tried it
Mealkite 4 aylar önce
Yea I think they must have changed some things around the same time they updated their logo, packaging, and added the Fit meals - it's better than when we tried it previously.
G PLAYA 4 aylar önce
I have 5 freshly meals in my fridge!!!😉
Mealkite 4 aylar önce
Love it!! We're getting a delivery today actually.
Michelle Fonger
Michelle Fonger 4 aylar önce
I'm so excited about Freshly since they changed things up! Especially with now allowing us to mix & match between their regular meals & the Freshly Fit meals - that's a game-changer :) Especially if, like us, you look for the dairy-free meals, it's easier to get a good variety.
Mealkite 4 aylar önce
We've tried Freshly several times to check for consistency - they must have made some updates to their service since last year because literally, every meal was delicious! It's so frustrating when you have a couple of meals you don't like, but that hasn't the case for us since they made changes. Huge double thumbs up :)
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