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Sleep Easy Relax - Keith Smith

2 yıl önce

I hope you find some instant relief from stress and anxiety with this healing music. Gentle delta waves have been added for extra calm and peace. Wishing you deep relaxation and peaceful sleep. Reduce stress and anxiety and find some instant calm with this gentle clouds video. Enjoy this Original peaceful dream relaxing music by Sleep Easy Relax.

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Sleep Easy Relax - Keith Smith
Sleep Easy Relax - Keith Smith 2 yıl önce
Hello Dear Friends, Wishing you some instant calm and relief from stress and anxiety. It sometimes seems that anxiety is everywhere around us, this original calming music is all about releasing stress, anxiety and restoring some inner peace ❤️ Our deep relaxation music is inspired by nature. Relax and take some time out for yourself with this original soothing music. I always love to see where you are watching from across our beautiful world! Please say hello and let me know where you are watching from in the comments and I will do my best to reply. If you enjoy this music and would like to download your own version, it is available Album: Blue Calm. By downloading your own copy you are helping us to bring you more peaceful original music. Healing Peace and Much Love ❤️ Keith
John O'Connor
John O'Connor 21 saatler önce
Hi from Ireland 🇮🇪 really helps me relax as iv only started getting very bad panic attacks, I had to ring an ambulance last night as it got so bad. This is helping me relax tonight as I started to feel anxious about an hour ago....laying here with my eye closed practising a breathing technique. Thank you ❤
Vannah Love
Vannah Love 2 gün önce
Ohio here 😭😭
Paul leroux
Paul leroux 3 gün önce
Hi,Iam vacationing in Orlando Florida USA.
Laurie Berry
Laurie Berry 4 gün önce
This is more relaxing than my favorite music. Thank you for whoever worked hard to give us this wonderful scenery.
Babbar Hussain
Babbar Hussain 7 gün önce
Hi from Manchester England
Sasha Away
Sasha Away 19 saatler önce
As I’m writing this I’m having a panic attack, I have them every night at the moment and I just can’t find a way to stop them, my breathing feels so heavy and like I can’t breath properly, my heart feels weird and I have butterflies in my stomach, not to mention me thinking I’m going to die constantly because of it. But I really just need support, you all have my support and I wish you all happiness and for nobody to go through this, stay strong guys, we can do it!
Angelica Ratliff
Angelica Ratliff Gün önce
I lost my maternal grandmother a week ago, I couldn't say goodbye and although she always told me I needed to be strong the day she leaves, I feel so guilty that couldn't say bye. We had such great memories but my mind is forgetting them and just focusing on the fact I couldn't see her one last time. I've been deeling with depression and anxiety for over 15 years and this is killing me now. Thanks for any advice you may share with me. Love and blessings to you all.
Rishabh Mishra
Rishabh Mishra Gün önce
Listening light music is always useful for temporary relief from anxiety and stress, thanks for giving stress instant relief music video. Planet Ayurveda Stress Support capsules are also very good options and mostly beneficial for anxiety and stress patient.
zen0524 2 gün önce
I just lost my cat two weeks ago, he was just 2 years old. grieving and felt guilty, my anxiety had getting worsen. in the last three nights, I can't sleep. intrunsive thoughts is so bad. I am scared. I can't breathe. I felt like everything bad is going to happen. I am so scared. All I wanted is to be happy. If this is punishment for what I've done in the past, please no more. I have enough. I've lost my cat, my bunny and my dad already. I don't even know what to do with my future. Everyday I am scared. So please enough. Please dont punish me anymore. Please let me be happy.
Jisoo's Lightstick
Jisoo's Lightstick 2 gün önce
i had rumours spread around about me liking my girl crush, and she found out. I was worriyng and now i dont feel nothin.
Max William Lauf
Max William Lauf 2 gün önce
I like to think that under pressure I could don a SCUBA mask and disable an underwater pipe organ without breaking a sweat, but no. This just brings me anxiety.
Alyssa Roderiguz
Alyssa Roderiguz 2 gün önce
Coming here reminds me I’m not alone ❤️
I. 2 gün önce
Whoever is reading this. I LOVE YOU
Kyky Jeffers
Kyky Jeffers 2 gün önce
Ik this sounds stupid but ima freshman and I have my first homecoming and I’m stressed so bad about peers making fun of me bc I’m over dressed or my dress isn’t pretty enough that I am sick to my stomach I hope this works
Byron Gomez
Byron Gomez 2 gün önce
This helped me release the stress in my body bc I’m having a very stressful time right now
M Smith
M Smith 2 gün önce
Agggghhhhhhh so beautiful, thanks!!!!!
M Smith
M Smith 2 gün önce
Thanks for the chill out sounds!! Really helped me decompress!!!! Thank you!!!!
Griffin Stadler
Griffin Stadler 3 gün önce
I hope everybody here has a great night/day. God loves you and he’s is always fighting for you 💙
Ervin 2 gün önce
Thanks you too💙🙏🏾
Ava Heather
Ava Heather 3 gün önce
Honestly i have suffered with anxiety so this really helps me
Tenneny T
Tenneny T 3 gün önce
I'm going to say this but I know I'm just another person so it doesn't really matter but, I'm 21, dislike my degree (final year), don't have many friends, don't get any dates. I'm going to be alone forever it feels like and I'm so scared of everything all the time. What even is life? When I do get opportunities to meet people I get so terrified of it, it's unbearable sometimes. I feel like I just need one super supportive person who truly understands to come pull me out of this, someone I can meet with and hold and we could protect eachother from the universe. Anyway, good luck everyone in finding your ways
marie 2 gün önce
things will get better! there’s nothing wrong with you, you just have to find the right ones :) you are completely loved and i wish i could be your friend. have a lovely day/night
Etienne Hebert
Etienne Hebert 4 gün önce
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
Iridescent Vampire
Iridescent Vampire 4 gün önce
I need this so much.
Anna Rosa
Anna Rosa 4 gün önce
This music, these comments & the people reading this right now are incredibly beautiful. I've fought off panic attacks for the past 7 months. I was diagnosed with anxiety after my father died 8 years ago. I thought I beat it, but it's back. I found out I'm pregnant and now terrified that I'm not strong enough to have a baby due to my disorder. Pray for me please
charlie thomas
charlie thomas 4 gün önce
Glory too The most high God .🗣️🙏 And thank you Jesus, None of this could not been possible without you ❤️
Genesis Arie
Genesis Arie 4 gün önce
You are a beautiful person inside & out ❤️
TwelveKeys 4 gün önce
I'm glad you're here, listening to this sound with me. You're not alone. We are listening to It together. I know you're here for a motivation, but now It's time to stop thinking about It, whatever It is, just close your eyes and smile. You deserve It, you have potential, you're unique.
Suzieyy Diaz
Suzieyy Diaz 5 gün önce
Ive been so stressed deppressed and my anxiety has been through the roof. Its been so unbearably heavy on me more lately due to personnal reasons and i almost passed out from lack of sleep from a way. This helping rn...
I out pizzad the hut
I out pizzad the hut 5 gün önce
A lot of y’all here are dealing with like real bad anxiety but I just have a 3 hour long science test today and I’m so anxious that I got the poops 💩
Ritika lakhera
Ritika lakhera 5 gün önce
its so hard to let yourself believe that the day will be fine and i will go through it. it hurts so much the chest feels tight and there is suffocation all around. but i will still say: I AM SAFE. I CAN DO IT. I AM STRONG. I WILL MAKE THROUGH THE DAY!
Keep Going
Keep Going 5 gün önce
Wow, this is amazing 😱 I Love Nature😊 And by the way guys i Got my TRshow Channel Created today., Hopefully you can check that One and Also Support , So i can continue make more and improve 😊 thanks and Appreciated.,
Lord O Gaming
Lord O Gaming 5 gün önce
ThatBoiiByron_ 6 gün önce
Wayne Triplett
Wayne Triplett 6 gün önce
Hello, thanks for making this i have alot of stress on me and sonething bothering me that i wont mention, but it makes me uncomfortable. All the soothing music i found has helped me. Thank you
Hayley Garris
Hayley Garris 6 gün önce
This comment section is the most positive one I’ve ever seen, I love it. Thank you for your help bc having anxiety is seriously a struggle.
Architech 7 gün önce
Watching from California. Thanks for this.
A Sarai
A Sarai 7 gün önce
Thank You Keith❤
Cecilia Ramos
Cecilia Ramos 7 gün önce
I never comment on anything. Almost ever. But I thought I should share this. I started getting some really bad anxiety (OCD. Not the cleanliness type. The gory mental images type of my worst fears replaying over and over) at around 13. I realized that I started getting these problems around the time that I contracted H Pylori, a digestive system infection that messes with everything. Eventually, many years later, I did research and finally got diagnosed after asking to be checked for it, and I was given antibiotics. All along, I knew something was wrong with my stomach but no doctor ever diagnosed me correctly. I've noticed then that my anxiety was less horrid, once my stomach got better. I gave credit to feeling better in general, but it wasn't just that. My digestive system is still kind of trash (the damage takes time to get rid of) and when I eat things that make my stomach hurt and give me bad acidity problems, my anxiety shoots through the roof. My OCD spirals out of control. Listening to this music has helped, and my gut feels less horrid. But I'm going to try my best from now on to also fix my gut problems in general, as according to some research articles, stomach problems and anxiety can be very connected. Maybe your anxiety will go away if you fix yours, too. I wish you all luck. I hope it helped at least one of you. ❤
Lord O Gaming
Lord O Gaming 5 gün önce
@Cecilia Ramos I hope you feel better soon
Cecilia Ramos
Cecilia Ramos 7 gün önce
I feel like I should add this, too. I just made this connection today. I never made the connection of me being around thirteen when I contracted both problems, nor did I think that one might cause the other so badly. Its been years since my connection to our Maker was this close, and I asked him for help. I've asked many times but felt I was talking to an empty sky because my beliefs were so miniscule. I'm gay and stuff so I stopped being so religious because I wondered if God hated me and other "sinners" (not just gay. All kinds.) It took me a while to realize that I doubt he cares about that. I don't believe in any specific religion but believe in something. Maybe it's a coincidence but maybe it's not. It's a pretty big coincidence since I've had this issue for around 11 years and now I'm full of hope. You can decide what you take from this. :)
Tdogg Gaming
Tdogg Gaming 7 gün önce
If you are reading this, you got this you are strong you have people to help you in these comments just listen to this beautiful music
Lord O Gaming
Lord O Gaming 5 gün önce
Random User
Random User 7 gün önce
Thank u
Ervin 7 gün önce
Ayla Ismayilova
Ayla Ismayilova 7 gün önce
This was actually really helpful. Thank you
STILL I STAND 8 gün önce
Hope you find peace your not alone 💪🏻 push through
Ervin 7 gün önce
Thanks same to you 🙏🏾
Jamie Almenning-Løland
Jamie Almenning-Løland 8 gün önce
... This is beautiful that's all i have to say I don't have anything else to say
joe barriga-
joe barriga- 8 gün önce
Thanks for posting, am grateful. i have had insomnia for spells, To listen to this music makes life more workable .Peace and harmony abound, Free of stresses.
Pinay in abroad
Pinay in abroad 8 gün önce
I use this music to meditation everyday it’s help me to relax my everyday day in life thank you.
Rayy 8 gün önce
Thank you for saving me from a panic attack❤🙏 hope you all have a blessed day
Ervin 7 gün önce
Roland M
Roland M 8 gün önce
I am a 19 year old 5’10 male that weighs 159 lbs. I am on flouxitine and occasionally hydroxyzine for anxiety. My only medical history is anxiety and OCD. I just started my second year at college and suffered a bad panic attack a few days in. It went away for about 3-4 weeks but it is now back and I have been feeling anxious and having a fast heart rate for about 5 days now. I do have some things going on that might be causing it. My question is, my heart rate has gone from a resting 70-75 to 83-90 and half the time u feel it beating although I am an over thinker. in the past couple days, could this be my medicine, or is it most likely the anxiety? And is this normal and safe? Anything I can do to quell it? Thank you!
Ervin 7 gün önce
I have anxiety too sometimes
Ervin 7 gün önce
I’m 19, also but I think you just have really bad anxiety man how long have you had anxiety…🙏🏾
m 9 gün önce
Anxiety is one of the hardest things I have ever dealt with and it triggers even more cause there are people who are going through worse and I do have a good life and yet I have developed anxiety, social anxiety and can’t seem to do anything right to the point my hands shake and get sweaty. This is for real hard but I know that people like us are strong cause we have to face this battles everyday and we’re still here 🙏🏻
Arthur Allain
Arthur Allain 9 gün önce
Here after taking my Pfizer vaccine
SNIPERLORD 9 gün önce
It actually worked,thanks alot! im a new subscriber :)
Sugar Pink
Sugar Pink 9 gün önce
My stress is so bad that my face is hurting from the tension, I can’t make it go away and it’s been a few hours now. However I stopped by the comments and I felt this relief come over me. Just seeing other people exist is so calming. However my social anxiety stops me from meeting with other people. I feel like it’s an endless cycle of stress for me. 😥
Xx Kyouka Jiro xX
Xx Kyouka Jiro xX 9 gün önce
I've had a lot of anxiety and stress lately. Since covid I've had really bad separation anxiety from my family and school is tough. I hope that whoever is reading this has a wonderful day/night/sleep. Your going to be okay. Just breath. In for 5 seconds and out for 6. Relax and try not to worry much. I know its hard but you'll make through. If anyone would like to talk my reply section is open 💖
Elizabeth Rivera
Elizabeth Rivera 9 gün önce
My problems are not that bad.especially when compared to others.i will be ok.I am a good person and God will help me realize life is good.
Gregoria Revilla
Gregoria Revilla 9 gün önce
Thank you the help me a lot after listening to it :D like if u agree!
Gregoria Revilla
Gregoria Revilla 9 gün önce
Me:clicking super fast after years of finding this. Also me:ah yes very very relaxing for what I need..
Deconstruct Christianity with Brandiva
Deconstruct Christianity with Brandiva 9 gün önce
Stress and anxiety means you are trying to take on something that we are not meant to handle alone. I came here for the relaxing nap music and didn’t expect to see so many encouraging comments. People love people and that is one of the reasons that I love life. I love diversity and seeing everyone’s uniqueness and differences. Remember to take care of only what you can handle. Then let God take care of the rest. Don’t believe in God? No problem. Just handle what you can and breathe through the rest. Never take on more than you can bear. Talk it out with someone because others have already experienced what you’re going through. Life is Amazing and full of ups and downs but one thing is certain…we aren’t always up and we aren’t always down. Tough times are hard but the keyword is “through.” You will get “through” this. You are here for a purpose so don’t let go of life until you learn your purpose and life will become so meaningful that even the hard times won’t stop you from moving forward. We are all human and we all go “through.” Spread love.
Azza 10 gün önce
Thank you everyone
Alexa Duenes
Alexa Duenes 10 gün önce
hey you. you are strong and so loved. your anxiety is lying to you🤍
•mocha_ milko•
•mocha_ milko• 10 gün önce
this is something i didnt know i needed so much it not be so stressed ty
Fuzzy Ewok
Fuzzy Ewok 10 gün önce
I recently started having anxiety and anxiety attacks. Thanks for everyone in the comment section. Thanks for being here with me. Don’t really have anyone else.
Hal 10 gün önce
i just moved to college and i’ve never had this much anxiety. i can’t eat or think and my stomach always hurts. my hands always shake and i can never hang out with people. i stay in my room while all my roommates hang out together. i might drop out or go online and go home. someone pls give me advice.
Lixpow 10 gün önce
No ads what a legend
Yourbitchesbae 11 gün önce
Am I supposed to put it on speaker or wearing headphones?
DarkDutchman 6 gün önce
If binaural ALWAYS with headphones.
Money on my mind
Money on my mind 11 gün önce
Im having anxiety over having to go on a zoom call. It's always the little things that trigger it. I had a panic attack over it as well. This helped thank you
Sammy DM
Sammy DM 11 gün önce
This helped calming down my nerves, the hyper ventilation I experienced an hour ago also slowly but effectively disappeared :D
Leah S
Leah S 11 gün önce
I’m grateful there is still good people in this world, I’ve been dealing with extreme anxiety this past year , I’ve had two panic attacks and I am anxious everyday wondering when the next one will happen. Thank you all for understanding ❤️because the closet people to me do not understand .
thida folta
thida folta 11 gün önce
No but like seriously this comment section has helped me so much
Alex In wonderland
Alex In wonderland 11 gün önce
My anxiety has never been as bad as it has been the past few months and I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone in the comments. It’s so scary worrying that I’m constantly dying and can’t breathe and these affirmations really help and I’m in tears reading them. Thank you guys 💛
Lina :]
Lina :] 11 gün önce
Stay strong!! It's so hard but you've made it so far already 🥺 sending you lots of love and light!!
Rhykergonzales 11 gün önce
this is so goodddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
Parinishta Mehra
Parinishta Mehra 12 gün önce
Sending strength & light to everyone. You are safe. Deep breathe. Visualise your happy place. You will get through everything in life.
Yahboiii 12 gün önce
I am so depressed right now because of college, but reading the comment section, the positive affirmations, the love, it makes me cry hard. I love you all❤️
Ervin 11 gün önce
Why do college got you depressed?
Ervin 11 gün önce
Lisa Whatley - Meditation, Sleep Stories & Reiki
Lisa Whatley - Meditation, Sleep Stories & Reiki 12 gün önce
Love this vibe, so relaxing, thanks so much! 💛 Many sweet and magical blessings for this channel and all its subscribers! 💛
Nina Chege
Nina Chege 12 gün önce
Amazing...very relaxing...
hattie alma
hattie alma 12 gün önce
I'm desperate for this panic to go away. I'm afraid it never will, but I know it will because it always does. I'm scared right now this was all I could think to do...
Lovely 12 gün önce
I pray for strength
Ervin 11 gün önce
Cecilia of sweden
Cecilia of sweden 12 gün önce
Keep it up guys, I believe in you😇 Sending lots of love xx
Priscilla Paulino
Priscilla Paulino 12 gün önce
This is amazing 💗☺️🌞
Simon Wetherill
Simon Wetherill 12 gün önce
i have never been in such a relateble comment section
Cristina V. S.
Cristina V. S. 12 gün önce
I believe in this. in this comment section. I sometimes forget the things I love, my essence. And this is it: hope. People loving and encouraging each other because we're all lost and we all have our scars that don't show to the world. Pure vulnerability. I am having a hard year, so thank you all
NOXtheGreat09 13 gün önce
I am almost 12 and I get afraid of certain things I see on TRshow. It is currently 4:09 am ON A SCHOOL NIGHT I have been awake since about 2:30 am. God bless you all and I hope that if you get like this too, that god will touch you with his mighty hand🙏
Ervin 11 gün önce
God bless you too young man 🙏🏿🙏🏿
Sakya Gaston
Sakya Gaston 13 gün önce
Tonight is hard for me, so many random thoughts running thru my head and I really am sleepy but can’t sleep, I’m watching my daughter sleep so peacefully while this is on and it kinda gives me peace as well. I had been doing good, no attacks and then 🤯. I know it’ll get easier and better and I am so appreciative for this tool. May God Bless US ALL!!!!!
JoshKreative 13 gün önce
Thank you all for your comforting messages. I am going through anxiety at this very moment and reading your comments make me feel secure and loved. I am here with all of you and I can feel your energy. It’s starting to become more peaceful as time passes by. I can definitely feel the difference as I’m typing this. I’m staying strong and positive. Breathe in and out. I’ll be fine and back to normal in no time. I appreciate everyone who sends their love. I need it in a time like this. 🖤
Dark Shadows Production
Dark Shadows Production 14 gün önce
A few weeks back I feel like I couldn't stand my hart begging to races so I went to the er I was told everything looed fine blood work was done and was clearl I had had a fall the week prior on my bike so they did a CT scan and found I had had a brain bleed small and went away on its own sins then iv had 3 events that felt like I was having a hard attack each time more x-rays and test just to be told I'm ok iv been told I'm most likely having panic attacks and I'm struggling I work in ems and it's my dream to help people I wanna be a paramedic and now I can't even drive my rig with out having trouble breathing I'm extremely upset idk if i can do my job anymore and I feel I'm putting everyone at risk with me behind a wheel I have a lot going for me right now i have a home a girl and I just don't want to lose this I'm also on the constant fear that the dr is wrong and there is somthing wrong with me there not seeing iv tryed talking with people I trues but I can never fully reach out and get everything off my chest I'm now constantly afraid of dieing witch is new for me sins iv hade constant thoughts of killing myself iv had 3 areas in the past and now I don't know how to feel I just want my life back I want to keep helping people I just want to help myself the comments on this video are amazing iv felt so alone in this for weeks and I know it's fucked up to say but I'm glad I'm not alone or the only one going through this I'm very thankful for you all much love
98Unicorns 14 gün önce
i have such a huge fear of throwing up and i have anxiety so it’s a never ending loop of feeling more and more sick and i was so scared and i panicked and searched this and thank you so much i’m actually crying right now you just saved me
Tabb_by 14 gün önce
I was someone who used to love life how did I end up like this, hating to even get up in the morning try to get through the days. There is so much of something inside me but I can't let it out, I want to cry but tears won't come.
OctoGamerGirl 14 gün önce
Some people came here for sleep, some came for stress relief, some came to cure a panic attack. We all have one thing in common and that’s we want to feel better. We are not alone, though we suffer from different things we are all getting through together. I love you all!
Rex W
Rex W 14 gün önce
Hello from Jacksonville, Fl! Whole family listens to this when we fall asleep
bflymama 15 gün önce
Im raising 3 kids alone. They are all teens now. I worry about them so much for all different reasons. Im also going through perimenopause which is leading to depression and almost constant anxiety. We dont have family around. I hate that my kids have a mom that isnt coping well with much anymore and is crying everyday. Its effecting them. Its effecting our home. So there’s a bunch of guilt tacked on. I can’t find a therapist because they either don’t take my insurance or are all booked. This is the hardest stage of my life even though I’ve been raising them alone for 10 years. Trying so hard not to pass down any damage/trauma.
Sleep Easy Relax - Keith Smith
Sleep Easy Relax - Keith Smith 15 gün önce
What an amazing mom you are to raise 3 kids alone, you have brought them all into their teens and this is an enormous achievement. Please remember to be kind to yourself everyday, it is ok not to be strong all the time. Peace and blessings to You. Keith
Stewart Linton
Stewart Linton 15 gün önce
Anxiety gets me whenever I’m going to bed I overthink and think the worst is going to happen, it’s the worst thing that’s happened to me and scares me everytime I overthink, these comments help control my mind I’m so grateful🥰
Golden Exploits V2
Golden Exploits V2 15 gün önce
Got stung by a friggin wasp this morning. And now my anxiety is telling me i have a sting allergy. I don’t. I know that. But anxiety is really taking me over. If someone can help. Please. I would rather go back to just having terrible depression
Khayaal Yousafzai Official
Khayaal Yousafzai Official 15 gün önce
I'm very depressing and disappointed I can't relax myself.
Rachel Baumgartner
Rachel Baumgartner 16 gün önce
Hi from upstate Ny I'm a new mommy with sometimes crippling anxiety, this saved me from a panic attack. I'm now able to relax and unwind from my day and stay out of my head. I am so great full, hi to all and hope everyone cab find some peace.
Follower Of God
Follower Of God 16 gün önce
Found this at the best time
Legal Alien
Legal Alien 16 gün önce
Thank you so much for this! It calmed my anxiety 😍
Golden Exploits V2
Golden Exploits V2 16 gün önce
I’m 14 and got anxiety a month ago. It’s hell. Tonight I felt like I was gonna have a heart attack. I still feel similar to that
Emilio Fragoso
Emilio Fragoso 17 gün önce
Girlfriend is away at college rn. I get to see her once a month. I can’t seem to stay in the present as I always think back to the past or the future. I have been dealing with anxiety for 4 days now and I pray and hope that it will all go away eventually. For now however, I must deal with this myself. Thank you all for the support!
Dark Dude
Dark Dude 17 gün önce
I'm going to vent here because I got no where else I wake up every morning and for 5 to 6 second I don't feel like a complete fuckup and after that i hate myself I can't do anything right I'm constantly told so I've got a brother who is a trophy child and I'm constantly compared to him he does this he does that I lost my mom when I was 12 and my dad got a new wife the next year!!!! My sister got therapy and my brothers got a different mom (me and my sister are adopted same mom tho different dads and the one we live with is are step dad) and I got nothing cuz I never reacted to her death I didn't even cry at her funeral and now I'm a fuckup I'm constantly told why can't I be better and the more I think about it the more I think I'm better of dead I'm sorry for the burden I cause around me and that I can't meet everyones expectations I think of killing myself all the time but I can't do it and the more I can't the more this voice I'm my head says it's because I'm weak and worthless i know it's wrong but I start agreeing with more and more I don't know what to do. Im sorry
Jennifer C
Jennifer C 17 gün önce
Hello from MA. Listening to this is helping me to slow down. Use all my senses, and observe the moment. Trying to learn to retrain myself, to shut down my constant thinking and rambling brain, and just BE. 🧘‍♀️💫 in peace.
•Zäzee• 17 gün önce
Thank you for this video. I felt scared and starting panicking because i didn't know what to do. This had helped me. Not only me but other people as well. I want you to all know you're amazing and that you are beautiful. No matter anything, you're perfect the way you are. I am currently going through difficult times and i wish for no one else to have to go through what i am. (It's a lot more than being scared.) I wish you all the best for you're entire life and beyond. Remember, if you need someone, i'm always here. Even though i may be a stranger, i am willing to listen. Thanks for reading this. I love you.
Sebastian Cubas
Sebastian Cubas 17 gün önce
I LOVE EACH and EVERY one of you thank you for warming my heart with these beautiful and heartfelt comments this made my day better and I hope anyone reading this know that you are not alone we were made to persist and endure , there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
BananaBoi6 18 gün önce
I am mad anxiety and this helps me at school
leetheonlysaint! 18 gün önce
this world is beautiful ong
Carrie plays Roblox!!
Carrie plays Roblox!! 18 gün önce
Hello everyone you all from 3 months ago probably remember seeing my name in the comments, Well I’m back I’m stressed out and I’m having a panic/anxiety attack because of school and how it’s stressful I feel nauseous and I can barely sleep I have school in about a hour and I haven’t had sleep. I just want everyone to know if your going through this than your not alone I promise I’m here with you I feel the same way I know you feel like shaking and I know you feel like you could throw up but you won’t I promise the way your feeling will go away soon just lay down take deep breaths and focus on something count sheep’s but please try to rest and if you can’t that’s ok I understand, Or try to talk to a family member that might help. But I promise your ok and I’m right here with you just breath you’ll be ok I promise drink some water do something because it’ll help but I promise your ok and that you won’t throw up it’s just nausea, Listen anxiety is like a storm it can’t last forever, It comes then leaves. But I promise your ok just take deep breaths or try to talk to someone take a warm bath or shower which ever one you prefer, But your not alone. Goodnight/good morning/evening, Take a nap or something but goodbye for now. Your ok I promise you’ll stop feeling sick just give it a few minutes it can’t last forever anyway, I’m gonna stop typing now. Goodbye :)
•Zäzee• 17 gün önce
Hey i apologize for writing this 19 hours later, but thank you for this comment. I wish for things to get better for you. You're amazing.
Rachel 18 gün önce
I don’t know what’s happening, I feel on edge all the time, sometimes I feel like I’m going to throw up and it constantly feels like I’m about to choke on whatever it is I’m eating or just on my own saliva. I might go see a psychiatrist or a doctor. If anyone feels like this as well let me know so I’m not alone😔
Game Player
Game Player 18 gün önce
thank you for the music
NannaMatt08 18 gün önce
I came here to fall asleep lol not because I’m depressed, but whoever is depressed, I’m sorry
ryan mclaughlin
ryan mclaughlin 18 gün önce
I am so grateful for this video it calms me during thunder storms
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