Remaking My Favorite Flipbook 30 YEARS LATER

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Yep, three decades... Crazy. I had a ton of fun with this remake!
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Welcome to my channel! In addition to making flipbooks, I am a stop-motion animator and worked on the Oscar-nominated movies ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls, Kubo and the Two Strings, and Missing Link. I fell in love with animation as a kid and have been doing it ever since.
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Mohamed Abdulla
Mohamed Abdulla Aylar önce
It'd be cool if his son made the next video after 30 years
ArKMM Gün önce
It will be cool
Siddhartha Awasthy
Siddhartha Awasthy 3 gün önce
Ya write
Gyaan Lake
Gyaan Lake 4 gün önce
It'd be cool if your son watch the next video after 30 years
Dylan Bariso
Dylan Bariso 4 gün önce
Ankan 6 gün önce
Our son will watch it then
bakery1 2 gün önce
Imagine if this was a generation thing with his family. His son , grandson and many others continuing this trend SO cool
Unidentified !
Unidentified ! 16 saatler önce
Geez, animating looks so easy when done by others but then when you actually do it then it’s complicated- Anyways, this looks rad! You deserve 5M!
Dustin plz
Dustin plz 14 saatler önce
I’m excited to see the one in the next 30 years plus this one was amazing😮🎉
Vunsh Sharma
Vunsh Sharma 2 gün önce
I got into animation from Alan becker. I kept wondering how my animations could have been like but at that time I just drew simple drawings. I learned what a flip book was but I chose not to make one because they seemed how long it would take to make.
𝓥𝓲𝓬𝓴𝔂𝓥𝓪𝔂𝓱 Gün önce
Your flipbooks are so smooth 😳 amazing 👌
Rajiul Islam
Rajiul Islam 5 gün önce
The chilly drop and the sauce falling is so smooth damn
GamerDiva Angelina
GamerDiva Angelina 3 gün önce
It’s AMAZING I’m speechless!! I’m not even good at making an origami snowflake, what more a flipbook!?
RawminNoodles 2 gün önce
I like how it bleeds through the paper and it looks like it’s reflecting of of the other paper
Coolnoobalert 2 aylar önce
I feel like the coloring process is the scariest part… if you mess up you have to re-do the lines and EVERYTHING.
Coolnoobalert 9 gün önce
@Tracey MacLeish That’s… yeah… that’s what I said…
Tracey MacLeish
Tracey MacLeish 10 gün önce
If it's that bad they can just redo the page
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Sally Sally
Sally Sally Aylar önce
Its so cool
PrinceGamingYt Aylar önce
Fr true lol
Leo Vicious games
Leo Vicious games Gün önce
That is the best flip book I have ever seen
Rebecca 3 gün önce
Watched first five minutes then skipped to the end, it went way further than I thought 😳
Mushroom_ 7 saatler önce
I couldnt do this even if i lived forever this is insane
Victor Navarrete
Victor Navarrete 2 aylar önce
The children who made versions 1 and 2 would be so proud of you
Rebecca 3 gün önce
​@via? Didn't*
The Animation Channel
The Animation Channel Aylar önce
natuki 246
natuki 246 Aylar önce
be proud of urself for makinh this comment
Sophie k
Sophie k Aylar önce
@Y Lin dont need advice
Y Lin
Y Lin Aylar önce
@Sophie k A suggestion that most likely won't make a difference: Don't try to take every word at face value. Try to understand connotations and implications, unless you have trouble doing that.
Marielicza Moreno
Marielicza Moreno 2 gün önce
Temmie with choocy milk
Temmie with choocy milk Gün önce
Andy: *eats bun* Child: oh my god. Andy: *spits out bun of laughter*
The Mario Bros.
The Mario Bros. Gün önce
krishlene ávila
krishlene ávila Gün önce
A.m.a.z.I.n.g! Can you teach how to do it!?😀
Aravinda Perera
Aravinda Perera 2 gün önce
Bro I don't get how Andy is so good at drawing!
guyfromyoutube 2 gün önce
I am bad
Shin Kil
Shin Kil 2 aylar önce
This could be the most impressive thing a single person has done in 30days. Congratulations
Shin Kil
Shin Kil Aylar önce
@LUKO I thought I saw somewhere that it took him 30 days to make v3, 30 years after when he made v2
𝗥  𝗢  𝗟  𝗘  𝗫
𝗥 𝗢 𝗟 𝗘 𝗫 Aylar önce
*If my high school student could get even 10-15 likes from so many people to earn income from TRshow, it would give me a little bit of morale THANKS IN NOW 💚💚♥️*
@Tanty Rahayu maybe he has lack of calcium 🤔
corvus Aylar önce
operation dragoon
Alvin Jean Claridades
Alvin Jean Claridades Aylar önce
welp let me introduce you to my friend Ryan trahan
Rose Coale-Wheaton
Rose Coale-Wheaton Gün önce
I love it 🥰
Anahi Martinez
Anahi Martinez 2 gün önce
😮😮 That is so cool how did you do that
Go Game! 2
Go Game! 2 3 gün önce
Bacon Boy
Bacon Boy Gün önce
The next time you re-create this maybe you should make it so that he’s doing a super spicy hotdog video
anx1ety-cupcake 2 aylar önce
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how fluid this animation is and the attention to detail? Like I just subscribed without a second thought
Thanh Vy
Thanh Vy Aylar önce
same bro
Thanh Vy
Thanh Vy Aylar önce
@anx1ety-cupcake same!
george mcelroy
george mcelroy Aylar önce
mich logan
mich logan Aylar önce
Venom Vlogs
Venom Vlogs Aylar önce
That's what I was thinking
兴 冠
兴 冠 3 gün önce
molatable Aylar önce
The dedication you put into this flipbook 30 years later is MIND-BOGGLING!
B 8 gün önce
Yeah I agree especially when he blows out the fire that is liiiiiit 🔥
Cupcake Queen
Cupcake Queen 3 gün önce
That was so cool
fortnite rich person
fortnite rich person 3 gün önce
I agree if the sun's done in 30 years it will be much better
DM Dimitri
DM Dimitri 3 aylar önce
I really appreciate the day tracker and the "actual speed" sections. Goes to show just how much time and effort is put into making something that looks this good. Great job!
𝗥  𝗢  𝗟  𝗘  𝗫
𝗥 𝗢 𝗟 𝗘 𝗫 Aylar önce
*If my high school student could get even 10-15 likes from so many people to earn income from TRshow, it would give me a little bit of morale THANKS IN NOW 💚💚♥️*
Doomergedon 2 aylar önce
I feel I must disagree with you. The job is not good, it’s excellent ❤
Felipe Valencia
Felipe Valencia 3 aylar önce
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♧Clover_Draws♧ 3 aylar önce
Here u got a new sub!
Iris Yu
Iris Yu Aylar önce
The version with his eyes popped out is so funny with the music😂can't stop laughing
clash royale king
clash royale king 6 gün önce
@DeDrakenGamer i wish but he just died because of cancer😔😔
Bob and chillPedro
Bob and chillPedro 7 gün önce
Technoblade👑 9 gün önce
@DeDrakenGamer that’s right
DeDrakenGamer 9 gün önce
@Technoblade👑 never dies
Technoblade👑 9 gün önce
@Bastian De Coriolis yep it’s me
kat herring
kat herring 3 gün önce
can someone tell how long this took?
Hugo Babel
Hugo Babel 11 gün önce
It’s just cool how he takes so much time to do something like that, I really appreciate watching!
JC 3 aylar önce
It’s insane how much patience animators have. When I realized that you had to line and color and shade all of those frames by hand…..
Callie Dautreuil
Callie Dautreuil Aylar önce
Can you make a video on how to make your first flip book
𝗥  𝗢  𝗟  𝗘  𝗫
𝗥 𝗢 𝗟 𝗘 𝗫 Aylar önce
*If my high school student could get even 10-15 likes from so many people to earn income from TRshow, it would give me a little bit of morale THANKS IN NOW 💚💚♥️*
Curby’s World
Curby’s World Aylar önce
Patience and pure love for art. I think the patience part would be fine until you start to get tired of the process. I agree with you. It’s a massive amount of dedication that deserves respect
The Roblox Gamer
The Roblox Gamer Aylar önce
@tomas lazarte LMAO
The Roblox Gamer
The Roblox Gamer Aylar önce
@That Nerdy girl Tarini the animator has to draw the background too
Mr Tinsel’s Christmas
Mr Tinsel’s Christmas Gün önce
I am impressed
That’s crazy juggling
That’s crazy juggling 8 gün önce
All the time he puts into these is mind blowing the focus and commitment is out of this world
Charles Legg
Charles Legg Aylar önce
Amazing art career for 30 years. This was a great Peice of art work that you've created. I bet your animations get way better. And I hope your kids like your art too.
raam vibi
raam vibi Gün önce
your amazing
FinnFiasco Aylar önce
“I can’t believe this took me as long as it did.” Um, I can. I can’t believe the patience you had in doing it. Such awesome attention to detail. Really satisfying to see the honing of your craft over all these years! Great vid 😄
Tala Janoras
Tala Janoras 15 gün önce
It’s long to make a flip book move but, it’s fun! Since I haven’t made one but I will try next time,😅❤😊
Cool skeleton 95 Aka papyrus
Cool skeleton 95 Aka papyrus 22 gün önce
I don’t have the patience for anything
Boris Balazs
Boris Balazs 28 gün önce
Peter Christensen
Peter Christensen Aylar önce
​@T H o pp poo0pppppppppppp
Peter Christensen
Peter Christensen Aylar önce
​@Another Person From Norfolk
Lawanda S. Lopes
Lawanda S. Lopes Aylar önce
Muito talento, perfeito demais, admiro muito a paciência 👌🏻👌🏻♥️
Maz_gas_team 2 gün önce
how long did it take? 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Monsmii Aylar önce
That looks absolutely amazing!! Well done omg I really wasn't expecting it to come out so great !!
Lina Sanders
Lina Sanders Aylar önce
One of the best things is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something. He always respect us, the audience, and his team, and he is always polite in all of his videos. We congratulate ourselves on this achievement. More to come and everything to come >:(
Michiel 2 aylar önce
Your son laughing at your old flip book was the most wholesome thing I saw today
𝗥  𝗢  𝗟  𝗘  𝗫
𝗥 𝗢 𝗟 𝗘 𝗫 Aylar önce
*If my high school student could get even 10-15 likes from so many people to earn income from TRshow, it would give me a little bit of morale THANKS IN NOW 💚💚♥️*
EG Gamer12
EG Gamer12 Aylar önce
@•Dannie • well by ur logic he shouldnt have commented too.
•Dannie •
•Dannie • Aylar önce
@EG Gamer12 why do you need to comment on not liking kids? It’s fine, just keep the wholesome moment to yourself.
Kenny Aylar önce
@Melbird72 not the racism 💀
Melbird72 Aylar önce
@Baph0met My nigga that’s crazy but. I don’t remember asking
PrincessEH Aylar önce
I can’t believe u did this just for a video! I love how it turned out and I hope ur son loves it once u show Him!
Frozen Knight
Frozen Knight 28 gün önce
Seeing the time you put into this really puts hand drawn animation in perspective.
Drew Utter
Drew Utter Aylar önce
i loved the look and sound of the last version:)
John Carlos
John Carlos Aylar önce
the amount of dedication this man has is amazing he took so much time out on that month just drawing
Yan King Shin
Yan King Shin 3 aylar önce
This just shows how much work animators puts into a movie or a video. The amout of patience is insane, If I work on an animation i'll 100% quit on the first hour. I respect all the hard work just for a video. editing and everything would took atleast a month or two. amazing work.
Ireal 2 aylar önce
Thats not how animations are made
Anime Forever
Anime Forever 2 aylar önce
I animate 10 sec in a week so you can guess.
bloody gamer
bloody gamer 2 aylar önce
Yup it took me a whole 2 months make a flipbookvideo and i built it from scratch so you can imagine all of my patient hand work
Isaac Montecillo
Isaac Montecillo 2 aylar önce
@Harry Davey I don't like to grow up.
Harry Davey
Harry Davey 3 aylar önce
I used to be in a little known youtube animation group called "Bumming Crew" and my friends who did all the animation were insanely dedicated and it was fascinating to see how long it took just to draw single frames.
sophie ting
sophie ting 5 gün önce
The fire the sauce is great but idk why whne the hotdog drop on the bun it switched the oppiste side like facing up to down
don’t use please
don’t use please Aylar önce
Can we all just appreciate how much effort he puts into his videos
Chonghae Ward
Chonghae Ward Aylar önce
I love when you color, and I am Inspired! how you are like a artist, Keep doing what your doing… and have a great day… Oh! And when you draw It reminds me when I was in my child hood
Thiantrus Aylar önce
Looking at this it gives a greate respect for animators of years ago before digital age. Those guys that did tom and jerry, bugs bunny, etc the hours they invested for a few min of laughter. Well done to them.
Jonathan Hatcher
Jonathan Hatcher 2 aylar önce
This was a completely random TRshow recommendation to me, but I'm so glad it happened. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and expertise, your art. Truly breathtaking, and inspiring!
𝗥  𝗢  𝗟  𝗘  𝗫
𝗥 𝗢 𝗟 𝗘 𝗫 Aylar önce
*If my high school student could get even 10-15 likes from so many people to earn income from TRshow, it would give me a little bit of morale THANKS IN NOW 💚💚♥️*
shiichan32 Aylar önce
Do Whatever you want
Do Whatever you want Aylar önce
u aren't alone 😶
beaten up bacon
beaten up bacon Aylar önce
It seems like this all happened to us all
Mh Hafiz
Mh Hafiz Aylar önce
CSR Bird family
CSR Bird family Aylar önce
You’re so patient! I could never do this! You’re incredible
KitKatanimations 2 gün önce
Bro this is my uncle without a reaction he be like this without like a reaction-
Dog man
Dog man 10 gün önce
Let’s all just appreciate how much time and effort he puts into this stuff
Bella Zhu
Bella Zhu 6 gün önce
This made me love flip books and I am trying to make one right now 😊
Phaesia Reese
Phaesia Reese 3 aylar önce
I LOVE how you add "Actual speed" because it shows a bit of humanity to me, like it shows that it takes time to actually do things like this!
Dripping goku
Dripping goku 3 aylar önce
@Polish-Dutch true
skylinephysics 3 aylar önce
I love this so much
Polish-Dutch 3 aylar önce
His coloring was already fast in actual speed.
Aaryan Lokhande
Aaryan Lokhande 9 gün önce
OMG that was too cool, i love those old style flip books .
ReapersTech 14 gün önce
This was amazing to watch. The skill involved in making the art and the color blending/shading. Great work. :)
Александра Андреева
Александра Андреева Aylar önce
Вау, это очень круто! Восхищена таким большим трудом и как обычный человек и как юный аниматор =D
•lilyplaysthis• Aylar önce
@Chel Siervo it means- wow,this is very cool! I am delighted with user great work both as on ordinary person and as a young animater=D
Raspberry Z (рус)
Raspberry Z (рус) Aylar önce
О русские ура
Chel Siervo
Chel Siervo Aylar önce
i dont understand
aCakeyGod Aylar önce
I can’t imagine doing that for days you are amazing!!!
Hussein Kobeisi
Hussein Kobeisi 3 aylar önce
I really enjoy the "actual speed" segments, it really grounds you, it shows how much time this really takes even for a pro. In addition to the day counts, makes me feel better about taking my time to do my own animations.
Eridinchi 2 aylar önce
Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers 2 aylar önce
So tedious. This fella know Ronnie used to draw flipbooks in class and now I appreciate his patience and art more.
Roman Fini
Roman Fini 3 aylar önce
i wholeheartedly shree
Emily Mills
Emily Mills Aylar önce
This is so cool! I remember making these style animations in PowerPoint as a kid 😁 Colouring the same image a bazillion times must be painful 😅 Worth it for how good it looks!
Cathyall L.
Cathyall L. Aylar önce
There is so much of work to make a one small book. I really impress to see the old and new version. Great work!
Susan Doig
Susan Doig Aylar önce
Can we just appreciate the time and effort he puts into making the videos, editing,and all the drawings (which takes days) and he does it just for us ❤❤❤
PiyushDaCrafter Aylar önce
Bro stop spamming this comments pls
Zankhana Thakkar
Zankhana Thakkar 3 gün önce
I absolutely love the part where you make the hot dog fall on the bun it’s super satisfying
Connor Chan
Connor Chan 3 aylar önce
Can we take a moment to appreciate the incredible sound design he did for the animation as well? This dudes insanely talented in every way
𝗥  𝗢  𝗟  𝗘  𝗫
𝗥 𝗢 𝗟 𝗘 𝗫 Aylar önce
*If my high school student could get even 10-15 likes from so many people to earn income from TRshow, it would give me a little bit of morale THANKS IN NOW 💚💚♥️*
mega maggot MAN
mega maggot MAN 3 aylar önce
@Dave's Lets play Because I like this channel? Why are yall bullying me?
red in the vent
red in the vent 3 aylar önce
Call bro
mega maggot MAN
mega maggot MAN 3 aylar önce
@MajorEdward Dang youre way to smart ...
Lord JJ
Lord JJ 3 aylar önce
Giving some troll attention is the peak of internet
Juni Espino
Juni Espino 4 gün önce
The hotdog looked so real and the way he made the guy put hot sause it was like "OMG IM SO RELAXED"...
Amanda Thane
Amanda Thane 14 gün önce
Loved watching this together as a family! Great video!
Aurawan Nizner
Aurawan Nizner 7 gün önce
He puts so much time in this flip book for us and we should appreciate his entertainment ✍️!
Britt Nutter
Britt Nutter Aylar önce
Can we just appreciate how much time and effort he puts into his videos?
The Animation Channel
The Animation Channel 3 aylar önce
Ok, but the fact that he remembers where his flip book is which he made 30 years ago, and I can't even remember where I put my phone charger 😂
CRSO Aylar önce
Lmao true
Schuppsi 2 aylar önce
For reallllllll
Joe Rego
Joe Rego 3 aylar önce
I forgot where I left my phone.
Kike Gaybay
Kike Gaybay 3 aylar önce
i don’t even know my password for my phone and i got locked out for 7 months
Rubirosa Pabustan
Rubirosa Pabustan 3 aylar önce
༒༻乃尺oズ乇刀༺༒ 8 gün önce
Imagine how much dedication he had to made this master piece
ProfessorGorila 2 gün önce
Walter Florentin
Walter Florentin 16 gün önce
Nice! I really liked it! I would've drawn the guy with the eyes closed in pain when throwing fire, or even add a little tear dripping out and going down his face when smiling at the end.
Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat Aylar önce
You have incredibly much patience I love flipbooks You work very hard to to this. I just know it You care abt every little detail I just love it
thunder14s 3 aylar önce
This is insane, the original was already pretty good but this one is actually Incredible, every single frame looks like it took what the first one took in total. Amazing work :)
JAGisNOTthatcool1969 2 aylar önce
@Midnight and Sunny the bunnies whats so important about the chain?
Anastasia 3 aylar önce
872 likes and 22 replies? Let me fix that.
breakfast. 3 aylar önce
@Jesus loves you *laughs in atheist*
Jesus loves you
Jesus loves you 3 aylar önce
Jesus loves you u
Copyright Infringement Intended
Copyright Infringement Intended 3 aylar önce
829 likes and 19 replies? Let me fix that.
Blue leopard
Blue leopard 22 gün önce
This is so realistic Andy! 😮 btw I love your vids they’re so relaxing and funny sometimes, keep up the good work ❤😊!!!!
Sonya Williams
Sonya Williams Aylar önce
This video helps to keep me motivated to keep working on my first flip book! Been a year or so in the making, but I don't work on it full time. I love watching the process of your creative thinking, Andy!! And the flip book kit helps a ton and makes it possible to even make the flip book! 😁👍
Andymation Aylar önce
JOZ The Thunder
JOZ The Thunder 13 gün önce
Can we appreciate that he spends a lot of time and hard work to do a flip book.
Kyle Leon
Kyle Leon Aylar önce
Mesmerizing! LOVED IT! 🌭 🔥
no 8 gün önce
This is actually an insane high class TRshow Video you must have great editors or you must have great editing skills
Jacob Watkins
Jacob Watkins 10 gün önce
my favorite was the second version because of how goofy it looked
Jindra Riley
Jindra Riley Aylar önce
This is so cool! Thanks for great tip for Christmas 😁
Truetrue 700
Truetrue 700 Aylar önce
man ur so talented most best thing seen in my life ❤❤
Christopher Mullis
Christopher Mullis 3 aylar önce
My daughter (the artist in the family) pointed out how cool the bleeding of the ink in the last flip book makes it look like a reflection adding another level of coolness 😎
panda girl xoxo • 9 yrs ago
panda girl xoxo • 9 yrs ago 3 aylar önce
@Gabe Plays yes
panda girl xoxo • 9 yrs ago
panda girl xoxo • 9 yrs ago 3 aylar önce
@SneezyKitten299 yup
Soctt Cawthon (but not)
Soctt Cawthon (but not) 3 aylar önce
@♡ZEMMY♡ bro adults go on youtube aswell lmao
Gabe Plays
Gabe Plays 3 aylar önce
it’s obviously a parent/guardian that owns the channel and is letting the daughter make the videos
iixvioletrxse 3 aylar önce
@SneezyKitten299 oh
Hunter playz
Hunter playz 13 gün önce
Even tho this was made 3 months ago I just wanna say that you did a good job making this! There’s a lot of time put in to it since real time can be slow so you put a lot of time in to this! Also when I saw ink I thought of Bendy and the ink machine right away idk why but I did lol
Beau Watts
Beau Watts 16 gün önce
You put so much effort in to this flip book this is one of y’a best ones
Squeakzin / Shac
Squeakzin / Shac 6 gün önce
Man, it was AMAZING, but I thought the part on fire with sound was funny, for putting a loud blowing sound, anyway, it was amazing
MiniLopka Studios
MiniLopka Studios 19 gün önce
You really should make a printed version of this flipbook. It's awesome.
This guy is INSANE. He should be making the moving images in the Harry Potter newspapeRrr
𝗥  𝗢  𝗟  𝗘  𝗫
𝗥 𝗢 𝗟 𝗘 𝗫 Aylar önce
*If my high school student could get even 10-15 likes from so many people to earn income from TRshow, it would give me a little bit of morale THANKS IN NOW 💚💚♥️*
SithlordAiden 2 aylar önce
@Charming Charmelion Nah I was abt to say that
Aparna Pandey
Aparna Pandey 2 aylar önce
Kacyee!! Big fannn!
Tiffany Loreine Villa
Tiffany Loreine Villa 2 aylar önce
capybarawolrd 2 aylar önce
Demon days
Demon days 8 gün önce
Love the dedication on your videos for art
ITz. Jolene
ITz. Jolene Aylar önce
Since I saw this video I always wanted to make my own flip book so I’m going to make it right now and I’m so excited for my first time and I’m a little bit sick but yeah❤❤ 🎉🎉
Specter1285 Aylar önce
(4:10) the finale result was so good I loved it pls remake another flip book
CliX 3 aylar önce
While we’re all admiring his drawing skills none of us are really paying attention to how much of a beast he is at flipping the actual pages!
foxy 2 aylar önce
@Jesus loves you Forgive me father for I have sinned
soldier 2 aylar önce
Junior427_m 3 aylar önce
William Clancy-Jundt
William Clancy-Jundt 3 aylar önce
Odd how of topic this has gotten
HUTCH GAMING 3 aylar önce
Dont reply to the scam bot
Débora Bodevan
Débora Bodevan Aylar önce
Sensacional! 😀👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
I chewed 33 year old GUM for this flipbook  🤮
I hate gen 5 timer
Tsukasa Sano - Speedcuber
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Kardeşlerim 70. Bölüm @atvturkiye
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Küçük Esnafta Ödeme Sorunsalı
Halil İbrahim Göker
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Yusuf Kayaalp
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Mario Tries Life Hacks
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Impossible 0.00001% Odds!
Beast Reacts
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I tested the CHEAPEST Gadgets on the Internet.
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I Found MORE Flipbooks I Made as a Kid
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Canım Annem I 200. Bölüm | "EVLEN BENİMLE!"
Kuruluş Osman 107.Bölüm Fragmanı
Bozdağ Film
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Yalı Çapkını 12. Bölüm 2. Fragmanı
Fragman Bu
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