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YORUMLAR: 13 000
@FuzionDroid 9 aylar önce
Bro the last part of this video is INSANE
@Dylan08280 8 aylar önce
@justagalwhocomments 8 aylar önce
it was mad fr
@stevethea5250 8 aylar önce
​it got so outrageous from the farting onwards
@drippybanjo 8 aylar önce
what is the back ground must at 31:30?
@venuscartoon 8 aylar önce
That moment at 40:15 when josh and ethan react to seeing each others hands still on the table and realising what's just happened is so funny that's true friendship however insane it was
@akn6052 8 aylar önce
That's just bromance at this point
@tibbsdailyday2611 8 aylar önce
Respect man, respect, lmao, i cant stop laughing, that exact second is my favorite moment
@wyattherness6730 4 aylar önce
Such good colleagues!
@Emily-xd9gp 3 aylar önce
I Mo
@euan780 8 aylar önce
Ethan's dad coming back in disguise to fart with his son was so wholesome
@unknown11215 8 aylar önce
@Harryandrews22 8 aylar önce
@callmeyang 8 aylar önce
How is that wholesome? What is your definition of wholesome ?
@slippy-g2222 8 aylar önce
@@callmeyang bro
@okayy9835 8 aylar önce
@@callmeyang its a joke
@user-nq2dh6ri1v 7 aylar önce
Tobi is so sweet, he kept wiping Ethan’s face when harry kept spraying him with water
@chloewright5815 6 aylar önce
@mina-uq2do 8 aylar önce
Tobi cleaning Ethan’s face everytime he got sprayed is so wholesome 🥺
@robtnr 8 aylar önce
Nicest sidemen
@JustAGuyWithAPowerPole 8 aylar önce
Cringe emoji
@Maximum7077 6 aylar önce
Not when he got "sprayed" the last time tho
@ahkamazhar1638 6 aylar önce
The most wholesome part of the whole video is Tobi wiping Ethans face everytime he got sprayed such a kind hearter man
@vue_blessed 6 aylar önce
For real
@baxiz2992 9 aylar önce
Josh and Ethan now have a bond that can never be broken
@stevethea5250 8 aylar önce
Ethan seems disinterested in the bond tbh
@manavjain1630 8 aylar önce
Thanks to KSI😂
@suhailal-tashi9740 8 aylar önce
piss bond
@ConorW02 8 aylar önce
the only bond i saw was harry. harry bond
@LARVAenEspanol 8 aylar önce
Harry being scared of buttons is probably the cutest thing ever
@dootqueen 8 aylar önce
Cute as a button, one might say
@blackcatvibing 8 aylar önce
I'm not scared of buttons but something about them make feel disgust
@user-qw7rf7iw7g 25 gün önce
Yeah for real 😂❤
@lilyhines8294 8 aylar önce
The way Tobi gets up and uses his sleeve to wipe the water off Ethans face is so wholesome to me 🥰🥺
@cristinat.9924 8 aylar önce
@timothyfinley5006 6 aylar önce
Can we all just appreciate how nice Tobi is despite all the other sidemen being mean to him and the others much respect
@ashishjaiswal001 8 aylar önce
This was the craziest sidemen Sunday. Throughout the whole video i was laughing but the end i never would have imagined it.
@dominiquesteyn7455 6 aylar önce
😂😂😂I loved the vid its f funny af
@haleyhoward0629 5 aylar önce
Josh and Ethan’s friendship is my favorite part of the sidemen
@MetaUFalls 9 aylar önce
Josh and Ethan now have a whole new level of friendship
@cxltix1512 8 aylar önce
yeah bro they both got pissed on by KSI 🤣🤣🤣
@manavjain1630 8 aylar önce
And KSI too😂
@Ciech_mate 8 aylar önce
They should get together 🤠💗
@Barnz23 5 aylar önce
nah G that's something I would take to the grave 🤣
@lolahicks563 8 aylar önce
37:20 JJ and Tobi argueing like siblings is just hilarious
@sadgoosek7117 8 aylar önce
I love seeing Josh happy and laughing, he deserves it.
@EATV1 2 aylar önce
So why ? What happened to him ?
@leftside6825 Aylar önce
@@EATV1 He sometimes has really bad anxiety .
@LarvaTubaShow 6 aylar önce
I 100% in love with this much effort they always made me and my family happy so I decided to put it on the TV and my whole family was laughing and enjoying it
@tommorgan8172 8 aylar önce
I don’t think I’ve seen Josh seem so happy in a while, it’s nice.
@terablanket7284 6 aylar önce
I would love to see a PT2 of this. It must make JJ and Vik have a more enduring experience. Only if they want.
@Chaosyy 9 aylar önce
Josh and Ethans commitment, just to literally win NOTHING is INSANEEEEE.
@Shadow-ot4gs 9 aylar önce
No they winning the money
@xdkrazycamy7978 8 aylar önce
@@stephnuggs4793 it was 5k each round, so its like 75k split between them both
@thatmoderndaywarrior 8 aylar önce
lads they don’t win any money, it’s bait ffs 😂
@mmshack10 8 aylar önce
@@thatmoderndaywarrior fr they all on the same payroll. This is mad
@MrKardany 8 aylar önce
Harry’s “ I am taking the box “ jump and ultimate happiness in his face was hilarious.
@claytonlatone8959 8 aylar önce
JJ: Screams and jumps at grasshoppers Also JJ: Gladly holds a snake
@arghyasaha8309 Aylar önce
We want a part 2 of this >>>>>> ❤❤❤
@cheyennepatty711 8 aylar önce
When JJ scared the dog I was dead 9:01 😂😂😂😂
@Yahhkult 8 aylar önce
I was looking for this comment, that was so funny 🤣
@Jorejuh 2 aylar önce
I don't think I have laughed this hard in months - what a video!! Brothers for lifeeee
@funkiichiicka 9 aylar önce
If this was legit... that is some wild friendship right there. Josh and Ethan looking at each other in disbelief and laughing was weirdly wholesome
@IntelloGent 9 aylar önce
Wtfym "if this was legit" 💀
@mehr7ad 9 aylar önce
That was the maddest thing I ever seen on TRshow I can't believe that just happened lmao
@inferlynx737 9 aylar önce
I have absolutely no doubt that JJ would/did in fact pee on camera directly onto his friends I say this as someone who has been watching there videos for at least five years 😂
@pwrkillerzmain2787 9 aylar önce
Ye I watch it on side+ so it is real
@Black-Star 9 aylar önce
They’ve bonded past the level of best friends
@BlackEyedWolf 8 aylar önce
35:06 the instant change of face expression from josh had me dying for hours 🤣
@sirbearhere 8 aylar önce
Tobi casually pushing Harry over that edge for the suit case was amazing!
@inspirednaija7204 8 aylar önce
Dude's an evil genius
@chandler21_jr Aylar önce
Scripting team: How dirty u want this episode to be? Simon :YES!!
@seasonalvro7966 8 aylar önce
Tobi convincing harry to take the box was pure class 😂
@Bi99estMac 5 aylar önce
Respect to Ethan and Josh pushing together to the end the bond those to have now is unimaginable
@jems2081 8 aylar önce
JJ being absolutely terrified of bugs but wanting to play with a snake is such a JJ thing
@goldenduck854 8 aylar önce
im the same. Pick up any snake but cant do bugs or spiders
@gerardwayseyelash 8 aylar önce
​@@goldenduck854 Me too
@shift-3669 8 aylar önce
Of course, why would he be afraid of his own kind?
@In.8 8 aylar önce
​@@shift-3669 Knowledge snake and integrity
@KhordIsBored 8 aylar önce
Well played lol
@nazar8538 8 aylar önce
We need a sidemen try not to move challenge 2 as soon as possible, this was too funny 😂😂
@shushmannn 8 aylar önce
video was already good but got way funnier when jj went out and started helping, i couldn’t stop laughing😭😭
@krushamae 8 aylar önce
Should've guessed Josh and Ethan had this crazy amount of patience and strength omg
@MissTwilightbabe18 Aylar önce
This is definitely one of my favourite Sidemen Sunday videos 😊
@sejacobs6136 9 aylar önce
Safe to say that Josh and Ethan’s friendship has definitely changed since that moment 😂😂😂 it’s like they’ve just gone to war together or something 😂😂
@imakeathesound6909 9 aylar önce
I was thinking the same thing! When they look at each other and bust up laughing after going through that LOL the best part!
@kimiixDD 9 aylar önce
i had the same thoughts
@SoySaucing 9 aylar önce
@MS-do8ht 8 aylar önce
@drippybanjo 8 aylar önce
what is the back ground must at 31:30?
@Amy-zp2ce 8 aylar önce
The best sidemen sunday I’ve seen in ages. Literally had tears laughing watching this😂
@Piarou 8 aylar önce
Tobi proving once again that he is a genuine good guy!
@oussamatahiri9751 6 aylar önce
40:15 one of the most iconic moment in SDMN history 😂
@CHeDO949 8 aylar önce
30:30 KSI can hold a snake but cant handle bugs 🤦‍♂️ thats hilarious lmao 😂😂
@limostm 2 aylar önce
I don't usually comment on videos. But this has got to be on of the most entertaining things I've seen in a long time 🤣
@sins6501 9 aylar önce
tobi instantly accepting his fate with the lizard is beautiful
@roshansaintmayar3564 9 aylar önce
Top tobi coldest moment
@hafeezkabir7431 9 aylar önce
Cold asf
@saddestslowedspedupandlyrics 9 aylar önce
25:10-28:35 Fartman villain arc
@QuantumRicer 9 aylar önce
Good game, well played
@FarmergirlJess 9 aylar önce
Jj afraid of Bugs but can touch lizard lol 😂
@saadiaelmii 8 aylar önce
The way Tobi kept getting up to wipe Ethan’s face was so adorable🥺
@Bannana4TW 8 aylar önce
Watching this in the recovery room after surgery on my neck, it hurts so much to laugh but I really can’t hold it in, the fart scene is too funny
@vaqui_31 29 gün önce
Harry saying Hello to animals is so genuine
@astraldreamz1556 8 aylar önce
Behz looked so damn pleased with himself when he managed to get that fart out for Mr. Methane 🤣🤣
@vaqui_31 29 gün önce
Harry is the perfect one to win a water gun hahaha
@josephhidson2338 8 aylar önce
Harry so comfortable with the animals but when the plastic buttons come out he’s screaming😂
@ethancampbell215 5 aylar önce
It’s such a bizarre phobia as well but then again must be one of the most difficult and inconvenient phobias to live with too 😂😂 people scared of deep water just won’t go in deep water, people scared of spiders can just avoid them, but buttons are everywhere so going clothes shopping must be a nightmare for Bog 😂
@ThunderMaster1764 8 aylar önce
13:15 And that's how JJs fear of buttons began 😂
@lintyhook5 8 aylar önce
I love sidemen videos like this. So much preparation. Amazing 🤩
@JJPM2 2 aylar önce
Editing teaming knocking it out of the park!
@Tannn672 8 aylar önce
the ending made this whole video 10x more funnier 😂😂
@user-jj5qj5ng1z Aylar önce
I'm not gonna lie JJ's toooooo funny 😂😂😂
@basketburger 8 aylar önce
Josh and Ethan are insane one of the wildest sidemen Sundays ever 😂😂😂
@mkultra267 8 aylar önce
Duuude that was insane 😂😂
@ciaranwyllie7716 8 aylar önce
Can we all just appreciate the edits on this video, all the movie jokes were class
@rleo5247 8 aylar önce
I was in tears with laughter! Amazing content
@user-kw9jf6fu5e Aylar önce
so jj is not scarred of snakes but he’s terrified of a grasshopper😭😂
@itsastrality 8 aylar önce
This is one of the best Sidemen Sundays, ever. The ending was crazyyyy
@SwagXOnXDeez 2 aylar önce
I never laughed so hard and felt so disgusted at the same time
@galaxyriver8627 8 aylar önce
We need a part 2 for this one
@Diablo020 8 aylar önce
37:10 JJ saying get tof me had me laughing
@HarryBankaDankAa Aylar önce
Teddy is the cutest thing alive 🥰🥰
@Velmari_ 8 aylar önce
I like how in the last part they are just laughing hysterically
@theragingviking9177 5 aylar önce
Tobi screaming "i am a man of god" is the funniest thing i've seen in a while xD
@AlphaPack2 9 aylar önce
Harry’s aim with that tiny watergun was immaculate
@oatflake8849 9 aylar önce
@AlphaPack2 He is used to it
@robowski45 9 aylar önce
So was KSIs
@datardi 9 aylar önce
More proud of ksi's aim
@hiccups7267 9 aylar önce
Tiny? I would say that’s quite average right?😅
@lofy07 9 aylar önce
@obedopoku2451 8 aylar önce
Tobi stepping out of set the moment JJ had full grasp of the snake sent me 🤣🤣🤣
@harshkhatkar-oz1pu 8 aylar önce
Bro the bond SIDEMEN have is unbreakable. I wish I have friendship like them 🙄
@rohitranjan4655 6 aylar önce
8:55.. JJ scaring the dog I couldn't hold my laughter in 🤣
@mekk5640 7 aylar önce
it’s so funny how JJ will gladly hold snakes but runs away from any bug lol
@Daviddumalain 8 aylar önce
Best sidemen video in ages, loved this so much
@MG-hm9yt 4 aylar önce
this was so funny. i hope they do it again
@hanifibrahim628 9 aylar önce
JJ offering to clean something is the most unexpected part of this video.😂
@taraarthur7810 9 aylar önce
Maybe bc it was his own piss
@deadapostle 9 aylar önce
JJ as a character is a bit of a selfish douche sometimes, but the man is good.
@KezzyKes 9 aylar önce
JJ being in the video is the most unexpected part
@utop1an 9 aylar önce
thats the most outrageous thing anyone can do i dont expect to have anyone clean up for me 😂
@queeniegreengrass3513 9 aylar önce
@@taraarthur7810 What?
@Tristan187 Aylar önce
Please do more of this😂❤
@alexanderv.6347 7 aylar önce
“The young apprentice” The face on Ethan’s face like he found his dad😂😂
@markschaksen3776 4 aylar önce
the 2nd reaper was to good😂😂😂😂😂😂
@mrsumptuous9329 8 aylar önce
The Harry Potter edit when the lizard was on Josh was so top tier 😂 had me howlinggg haha.
@LucasHaggerty 4 aylar önce
I would absolutely love to challange these boys and Im confident I could win too! This is amazing.
@bandthe9078 9 aylar önce
Just because of today’s performance, Ethan and Josh deserve to be on the good team in the next holiday video!
@ollyprosser6800 9 aylar önce
Josh hosts them
@jason_killbreeder8702 9 aylar önce
@@ollyprosser6800 Tobi hosted one before but I think that was 3 years ago or so
@shlomoe9519 9 aylar önce
The next 3 Holidays
@callum5484 9 aylar önce
Definitely not 😂
@r7yt926 8 aylar önce
I gotta say that 22:15 was an absolute sigma moment for toby
@shanj6579 8 aylar önce
The puppy being scared by JJ's scream was too funny. Poor puppy!
@GreatAdmin 8 aylar önce
It's good to see what the sidemen are back together
@WaldoFoundYou 8 aylar önce
this is like an OG patience test from way back in the old sidemen days. Except with like 10000X the production quality
@felixpage4064 6 aylar önce
Tobi just telling the bug not to jump🤣🤣
@melroseplace9518 9 aylar önce
This Sidemen Sunday truly lived up to its hype. There were madness all throughout.
@ahmadrami1031 8 aylar önce
we need a part 2 ASAP
@farzad8195 8 aylar önce
Ethan learning how to fart from his dad is so wholesome.
@danielclarke3491 3 aylar önce
grim reaper had me rolling on the floor🤣🤣🤣🤣
@bibh_lmpr 6 aylar önce
I'm dying with the farts 😂😂
@yezz-_-3570 2 aylar önce
28:00 ethan is so pleased with himself
@micheller2139 9 aylar önce
Dude that was the maddest and craziest sidemen Sunday in a while, I was laughing and shocked the whole time
@aichas.6872 9 aylar önce
Bro I was stunned
@usmansiddiqui539 9 aylar önce
The glazing is crazy
@eceerrihaz2428 8 aylar önce
Naa the ending is actually sickening, well done and well deserved👏🏾
@tylerheiss2222 6 aylar önce
I'd love to do something like this, a certain amount of challenges and not move your hands I'd win for sure no problem 😂
@alyshakalyshak7458 8 aylar önce
That look on Josh’s face is pure quality
@TarreN001 8 aylar önce
The editors do such a good job lol
@ichigopro5650 6 aylar önce
This legit needs a part 2
@yessiilo4960 9 aylar önce
Josh is Wild AF!!!!!! he needs to participate in more videos vs just organizing everything. Ethan and Josh looking at each other and accepting their fate ... LMFAOOOO I can't
@latrice5830 9 aylar önce
Wholesome in the way
@celina617 9 aylar önce
10:30 was a golden moment fr
@barley2713 9 aylar önce
I mean when u sat through 15 levels u ain’t giving up because of ear wax
@yessiilo4960 9 aylar önce
@@barley2713 i was taking about JJ pissing on them 😂
@mattigrati 9 aylar önce
The Ethan Josh duo is mad 🤣
@samidharajpal3595 3 aylar önce
Y'all are happiness pills . Such good vibe 🤌✨
@Rashed1255 8 aylar önce
JJ being allowed to punish is an immediate “I’m out of here” moment
@dara_ayu_ 5 aylar önce
jj freaking out about everything when he‘s in the hot seat but when he can torture other people with the same things, he can touch them and be fine😂
@aydenjones8051 8 aylar önce
josh and ethan are pure forces of will
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