Instant Karma in Boxing - Oleksandr Usyk

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The World of Boxing!

The World of Boxing!

2 aylar önce

Oleksandr Usyk is a great champion who is famous not only for his achievements in boxing but also for his truly honorable behavior both in and out of the ring. In today’s video, we will see just what happens when you make Olexander Usyk angry...

Ed Tauch
Ed Tauch Gün önce
This video reads like a propaganda piece for Usyk. "He, in his holy rays of God's light, shimmers gloriously to the promised land, beyond mortal man."
Random Rojas
Random Rojas 2 gün önce
He will get paid millions to lower his weight class and fight canelo to lose
Николай Дорошенко
Николай Дорошенко 8 gün önce
Roy Meadows
Roy Meadows 10 gün önce
Only fighter dealing with this man is Tyson Fury..
Brian Carey
Brian Carey 11 gün önce
I’ve always liked Usyk
Billy Birch
Billy Birch 11 gün önce
I am feel, I am very feel
Ian Foster
Ian Foster 12 gün önce
He's a class act
Virgilio Tagliaferri
Virgilio Tagliaferri 13 gün önce
Look at Bellew's reaction to Usyk's joke during the conference at the beginning, he's like "s**t my cocky speech didn't work"
David Russell
David Russell 15 gün önce
I'm not a pure boxer but an MMA fighter but have crazy respect for boxers and the sweet science when I was young I thought boxing was boring because I had no idea what I was watching "THEN" I started fighting and fell in love with combat sports anyways long road to a quick point I wanted to say have you ever noticed that with few exceptions that the quiet ones are the ones are the most dangerous? I was raised by the old addage the loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room. I'm not under any illusion that I look like a fighter but that has always worked in my advantage all the trash talk doesn't bother me because they have my response soon enough
Nitro Gaming
Nitro Gaming 15 gün önce
We all want to see Fury V Usyk. We need usyk to take down Joshua 1 more time for it to happen Would be a class fight
Nitro Gaming
Nitro Gaming 7 gün önce
I'd like to iterate, Fury would have no business losing to Usyk, the size difference is way in his favor. However Usyk would give Fury the most problems of any current competition, he's a phenomenal boxer. Better than Joshua imo
Written Mirror
Written Mirror 15 gün önce
To be fair to Tony he did repeatedly say this fight was to test himself against the best cruiserweight (at the time he still was) of all time. Tony repeatedly proclaimed he (Usyk) is a superstar and he only spoke to his equaliser being his one punch knock out ability (Bellew was on a string of consecutive KO's where he was putting people to sleep). He wasn't trying to belittle or humiliate Usyk at all.
niki duncan
niki duncan 16 gün önce
Usyk and loma’s styles are a real pleasure to watch enjoy them whilst they’re here because these types of fighters don’t appear too frequently.
Leslie Lenahan
Leslie Lenahan 16 gün önce
Usyk is a gentleman. and a great fighter
Harindranath Ghosh
Harindranath Ghosh 16 gün önce
Skill + Talent + Hard Work = Oleksander Usyk
triptoyourheart 17 gün önce
A true and incredibly rare act of class was when after the AJ match Usyk said he deliberately did not want to KO AJ in the last seconds of the 12th round and you can see he stopped punching. This was very old school sportsmanship where you don't KO the old champ when you take his belts and obviously Usyk has respect for AJ being a gentleman like himself. How refreshing after all the UFC BS.
Slavka Z
Slavka Z 17 gün önce
Усик топ! Болею из России!😃
Klaus Pohlmann
Klaus Pohlmann 19 gün önce
*Hukic= Biggest Loser*
Sup Dox
Sup Dox 19 gün önce
Love to see fury turn usyks lights out than loses against ruiz 2022
mark nevels
mark nevels 21 gün önce
mark nevels
mark nevels 21 gün önce
Usyk fury
mark nevels
mark nevels 21 gün önce
I really love tyson fury but I dont know If he can beat usyk..
mark alsop
mark alsop 21 gün önce
Olena -
Olena - 22 gün önce
Ukraine has a new boxing star who just became a world Champion in light middle weight up to 71 kg Yurii Zakharieiev. He is only 19, and in the final beat russian power punching champion age 28 who was totally declassified. Love this early Usyk's video Ukrainian Otamans are hardened by traditions. The strength is in your blood
bob heathcott
bob heathcott 22 gün önce
Fookin bellend in the voice over let him disappear like he said he was going to
1000 Subcriber
1000 Subcriber 22 gün önce
MALE CAT FEROCITY IN THE WORLD KEGANASAN KUCING JANTAN pipis di manapun dia berhenti😅trshow.infoAosJDcTN8So?feature=share
Anton Bilichenko
Anton Bilichenko 22 gün önce
Regarding Marco Huk, I saw Usyks ukrainian interview and he said that he wanted to punish Marko and cause him pain, to make him suffer, because Marco said "son of the bitch". Usyk said that it offences his mother, not him, and that's why he was angry and wanted to destroy Huk
cmuvg 23 gün önce
Усик перебьёт всех британцев, ещё и у них дома.
Ignatzius Turret
Ignatzius Turret 24 gün önce
Marco Huck is a slavic immigrant. Do not insult Germans by calling him a German. Noone wants them, noone likes them and they came just for the social welfare system to the left wing guided Germany of nowadays. It is just disgusting!
Albion 24 gün önce
The Blokes a Great Boxer but what really wins me over is his character. Seems like a Quality Respectable chap.
Vladimir Goncharenko
Vladimir Goncharenko 24 gün önce
Western school of boxing or any sport: trash talk…but then when it comes to deliver😵🥴 so much pride and entitlement
Kenneth Lobo
Kenneth Lobo 24 gün önce
Great video A true Gentleman and Champion .
GazAce 24 gün önce
I've never seen a more respectful boxer.. ever 😌👌
AYE 25 gün önce
he looks like a Cossack from 300 years ago
kiLLjoy24CALI 25 gün önce
I'm very feel this video
Alan Gordon
Alan Gordon 26 gün önce
I'm very feeling it,even the red suit
Wildchildren 8
Wildchildren 8 26 gün önce
I feel this man feels like he feels when he boxes
Milan Wolfi
Milan Wolfi 26 gün önce
Aleksander Usyk respekt from the Czech republik 🇨🇿💪
CC MOGS 27 gün önce
Totally outclassed Hukic ➕
stevo double L
stevo double L 27 gün önce
Im a fury fan but he needs to show Usyk respect if they ever fight. I honestly couldn't call it if they did fight I wouldn't know two great boxers.
stevo double L
stevo double L 27 gün önce
Bellew the 🔔🔚
5h4k35p34r3 28 gün önce
Eddie Hearn's and Bellew's arrogance at the press conference is hilarious. They have no idea what they've got themselves into and left the arena both looking like numpties.
Elshad Dannang Gym Workout
Elshad Dannang Gym Workout 29 gün önce
What if casimero vs mike tyson. Johnriel casimero is better than mike tyson mike tyson is not a good boxer since day of his career
Shug !
Shug ! 29 gün önce
Usyk is a gentleman AND an exceptional boxer! I have nothing but respect for him. ALL class.
Karol N
Karol N 29 gün önce
I can't wait for him to knock fury out
Dave Doherty
Dave Doherty 29 gün önce
Usyk is an awesome boxer.. looking forward to him handing AJ his arse for a second time.
TBE 29 gün önce
Usyk was just lucky AJ had clueless Rob McCraken as his coach. AJ by easy knockout in the rematch watch
Tim Bo
Tim Bo 29 gün önce
He and Loma are best friends and this plays a huge role in their talents in the ring as well as behavior outside the ring. Usyk is the best heavy weight, NO QUESTION
Michael Gallagher
Michael Gallagher Aylar önce
Usyk is the appropriate the king of cruise weight at boxing. He started late at heavy weight. But he won the heavy weight world titles. But he proved them wrong Andy well walk over him and win the fight against him 👏
mike art
mike art Aylar önce
Usyk is one of a kind. Love this dude style on and off the ring.
sploo gloo
sploo gloo Aylar önce
so glad to have been introduced to this guy from the AJ fight. I had no idea how much of a boxing legend he is
Ste Ven
Ste Ven Aylar önce
Usyk is such a great all rounder with an amazing infectious personality. Boxing needs more Usyks.
inked 4life
inked 4life Aylar önce
As usyk would say " I am feel , I am very feel"
carrascow THEBEST!
carrascow THEBEST! Aylar önce
jackson76724 Aylar önce
Boxing has some good champions at the moment Usyk and Fury.
Zac Sells
Zac Sells Aylar önce
I would love to see Usyk vs Fury
Srecko Konec
Srecko Konec Aylar önce
Pretty Ricky Conlan!
sean g
sean g Aylar önce
Usyk is a great and humble man respect from france
Austin Huber
Austin Huber Aylar önce
Fury v Usyk
Celestialrailroad Aylar önce
British heavyweights are illiterate yobs compared to Usyk.
Alan Gordon
Alan Gordon 26 gün önce
Meni P
Meni P Aylar önce
Zach Ghanie
Zach Ghanie Aylar önce
Great man. and great boxer. humble guy solid machine and direct and focused.
Shannon Rehwinkel
Shannon Rehwinkel Aylar önce
After this vid I just became a fan of Usyk
nilloviz Aylar önce
Don't really agree with the analysis of the video. Usyk could not knockout an opponent in one punch in the first round like Joshua, Wilder, Tyson etc. His knockouts come from wear down of the opponent and a final punch that is not that powerful...
ruffion mcfoosball
ruffion mcfoosball Aylar önce
Narration absolutely ruined this 😒
Christina x
Christina x Aylar önce
Pisses me off when they call blacks, mixed races and other non white race German and Brits... British and German are ethnic identities. They're White only. Not a fucking citizenship.
ᴠαяɪηɗєяѕɪɗʜᴜ яᴏຕαηѕ6
ᴠαяɪηɗєяѕɪɗʜᴜ яᴏຕαηѕ6 Aylar önce
Next Fury
Wilkin Wei Wang
Wilkin Wei Wang Aylar önce
Usyk can fight Tyson if he can be stronger 2.1 times than the current himself, then he can survive from the fight and have a chance to taste the top boxing grand master, with a affordable cost, which is lose only
Barry Johnson
Barry Johnson Aylar önce
teaches them a lesson . I like that. that's how some people have to learn
Farzad Jahanfard
Farzad Jahanfard Aylar önce
He is feel very feel ❤️
Viernes13punto5 Aylar önce
I don't think you know what instant means.
Bowman Aylar önce
I prepare instant coffee while my children are still young so that my grandchildren will have something to remember me by.
BTM Flower
BTM Flower Aylar önce
Yes for Usyk
Ethan Haber
Ethan Haber Aylar önce
Undisputed cruiserweight champion hasn't done it in heavyweight
Patrick Colby
Patrick Colby Aylar önce
Class act, for sure. The Punisher.
paradimov Aylar önce
всё почти хорошо в Усике, кроме тряпки ссаной, которую он поднимает.
paradimov Aylar önce
@Antimoksha Antimoksha " _финно- угорская нечисть_ " " _где вы видели на Украине нацизм?! никакого нацизма на Украине нет!_ " пиши больше, органам НКВД будет проще к стенке таких ставить.
paradimov Aylar önce
​@Antimoksha Antimoksha да я не расстраиваюсь. каждый сам выбирает флаг, под которым выходить. кому-то нравится позиционировать себя выходцем из племени вечных рабов.
Antimoksha Antimoksha
Antimoksha Antimoksha Aylar önce
Да не растраивайся так сильно,просто Усик не финно- угорская нечисть,чтоб выступать за московский улус золотой орды,да еще и под власовской тряпкой.
Stephen Barr
Stephen Barr Aylar önce
Undisputed heavyweight champ?! Try cruiserweight pal
Mike Ford
Mike Ford Aylar önce
Can't wait for him to retire AJ in there second fight.
alexandru Alin zamfir
alexandru Alin zamfir Aylar önce
Usyk great man brother's nr1111111111'allways fellas🤫 şhhh...
johnnytheprick Aylar önce
Again, great short doco.
Myles Chilton
Myles Chilton Aylar önce
Inferiate? Really?
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy Aylar önce
Anthony Joshua is really OVERRATED
MrGordonjames Aylar önce
Watched again,just to see Oleksandwer's destruction of the proud cocky.! Awesome fighter.!!
Jonpluke Hughes
Jonpluke Hughes Aylar önce
You simply cannot help but like usyk
Mow Vu
Mow Vu Aylar önce
usyk is as funny as he is a top lad in every way. he looks after his community. he can back up his humble persona with legitimate boxing skills. I'd always underestimated him at the beginning of his career but wow he has impressed me so much.
Anthony Weiner`s Nose
Anthony Weiner`s Nose Aylar önce
I am very feel.
Nikola Hirkic
Nikola Hirkic Aylar önce
He looks like Ivar the boneless lol
SaikQ Aylar önce
does someone know the music at 5:20
Yolo G
Yolo G Aylar önce
I'm feel I am very feel
Eddie Kuo
Eddie Kuo Aylar önce
it seems Usyk is the only one can beat fury b4 2023. he is quick and powerful with full strength endurance.
Martin Conneally
Martin Conneally Aylar önce
Tony "Bellooo"???
TBG Mario
TBG Mario Aylar önce
Gotta update with a win over Joshua now
DirtyD Aylar önce
the myth, the legend...tony Belooo
Kurt Krienke
Kurt Krienke Aylar önce
3:14 5:28 better not be over-competent huh :D
telephonic Aylar önce
The Boxer is systematically cleaning out the British HW division, Fury is next to be ticked off the list.
Crazed Donut
Crazed Donut Aylar önce
Haha no chance
Frau Maier
Frau Maier Aylar önce
Er hat eine herausragende Personality. Er ist ein wirklicher Fighter!
Al Amore
Al Amore Aylar önce
Usyk, fantastic boxer and a real gent.
Taher Sadeghi
Taher Sadeghi Aylar önce
Usyk is the world champion and a gentleman. A true classy human being.
Blank Name
Blank Name Aylar önce
If you drop your gloves down to trash talk in the middle of a fight you better be prime Roy jones jr
Tom Brady
Tom Brady Aylar önce
Even better seeing him beat the arrogant, racist Joshua. Lovely
Jamie Hunt
Jamie Hunt Aylar önce
Only one man came close to defeating usyk Tony bellew I wish Tony would come out of retirement but he doesn't need to financially secure both have killer instinct and death stare come on Tony plz
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