Turning Rusty Canal Find into Electric Bike

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Yıl önce

This rusty Royal Mail delivery bike needed some love.

I did a thing
I did a thing Yıl önce
Ahaha so good you chucked it into the canal and then fished it out!
alejandro meneses
alejandro meneses 14 gün önce
De hecho eso puede ser.
midge218 Aylar önce
Love that frame and the colour works really well with it
Nathan Mciver
Nathan Mciver 11 aylar önce
If that happened even once, anyone would know they wouldn't be working that hard because thier would be interfearance within the work! Its good if you think of it as cleaning dirty water within an area! Its a shame idiots take other people's bikes and dump them in the river, I guess its better to have the water clean and free of metal! Nice work
Леночек Весна
Леночек Весна Yıl önce
@Guust 😁😁😁😁😁😁
andy the gardener
andy the gardener Yıl önce
@Basturd Werkz the industrial pollution going into british waterways works better than paint stripper!
Liberality Yıl önce
Just a tip, if you force a seatpost into a steel frame with a mallet it might never come out. If you remove the seatpost bolt from the frame and put a large flat-bladed screwdriver in the slot at the back of the clamp brazed on the frame, with slight sideways pressure you can open the clamp and slide the seatpost in by hand. Lubing the inside of the clamp as well as the seatpost helps. This tip is for steel frames only!
Angusmantheman 2 aylar önce
Woopty doo Basil.
Liberality 6 aylar önce
@J.C. King If the seatpost was the right size, but then it wouldn't need to be hammered in. Vernier calipers are your friend 🙂
J.C. King
J.C. King 7 aylar önce
Notice that he coated the bottom of the post with Anti-seize, which should prevent galling and make it reasonably easy to extract.
Liberality 8 aylar önce
@Wuzza47 I agree, obviously the seatpost has to be the correct size. That doesn't mean it will slide into the frame easily.
Wuzza47 8 aylar önce
@Liberality forcing a too big seatpost into a frame even if the bolt eyes are not pinched will almost inevitably make it extremely difficult to remove. The slightest corrosion will also jam it in the frame
Pootling along
Pootling along Yıl önce
Great little video and nicely shot! Thoroughly enjoyed seeing you renovate a discarded piece of junk into a viable transport option, thanks for sharing this little story with us :)
Stephen Luke
Stephen Luke Yıl önce
Great job. I personally would have fitted the battery behind the basket on the front, just think it would look better there.
Wallaby Bob
Wallaby Bob Yıl önce
Next week, Carl revives a postman that’s been lying at the bottom of a canal for twenty years.
None But Myself
None But Myself Yıl önce
I was also thinking, I hope he's not wiping off forensic evidence...
Jonathan Hall
Jonathan Hall Yıl önce
The postman was quoted as saying, "blub, blub, glug, gurgle," following his aquatic recovery.
Yehlen Gracia
Yehlen Gracia Yıl önce
Wahid Nugroho
Wahid Nugroho Yıl önce
TOMSTC Yıl önce
Amazing! I really like how you reused as much of the old parts that you could like bearings etc! Great stuff subscribed!!!
Swen Bos
Swen Bos Yıl önce
I see what you did there.. Starts a TRshow restoration channel, intending to restore a bike.. Finds one, chucks it in a canal, waits.. Still not rusty enough.. Waits some more.. Gets bored, buys a farm in France. Gets bored of wine and cheese. Still not rusty enough, buys a rusty 4x4. Bicycle stil not ready, restores the farm, and a landrover, and finally.. The bicycle is ready to be restored!
alejandro meneses
alejandro meneses 14 gün önce
Yo soy de México, pero esto que Leo me suena como a sarcasmo,,,, bien!
Daniel Valenzuela
Daniel Valenzuela 11 aylar önce
lights camera action.....a fiction restoration!
Christopher Bedford
Christopher Bedford Yıl önce
Always the long cons that work the best, innit.
You have got what it takes to be a Netflix script writer.
Pavel Sychra
Pavel Sychra Yıl önce
Nice video and I'm jealous of the find. It looks like really good workhorse for town rides. One thing I would advise, use an electric tape for covering sensitive parts, it is easier to apply, doesn't break and much better to take off. Otherwise, really well done in fixing it, it's a beauty!
I really, really, really enjoyed this video. I got to see how you took that honk of metal and made it into a beautiful and functional bicycle. Love the electric kit and the conversion. Cheers and you got yourself a new subscriber.
Ivan Kinsman
Ivan Kinsman Yıl önce
Pretty amazing restoration here and looks like you saved quite a few bucks. Saw a lot of these electric bikes in Tel Aviv and very impressed by them.
Dunstan Hawk
Dunstan Hawk Yıl önce
Brilliant project. Watched from beginning to end and fascinated throughout! Bike looks great. As a recent convert to an electric bike, totally agree about the ease of getting about a city.
Adam Walker
Adam Walker Yıl önce
Lovely video some nice touches, I love the retro saddle and the wooden base for the luggage carrier. BTW Im sure a commercially manufactured kit will have got the legalities sorted out but I thought for an electric bike to be exempt from road traffic legislation (insurance/licence etc) power could only be delivered whilst peddling.
Philip Barrett
Philip Barrett Yıl önce
I kept watching thinking "any minute now he's going to pull and service that bottom bracket!"
Martha Mryglod
Martha Mryglod 7 aylar önce
@carlrogers I like the wink and nod to all the fake restoration videos by pulling it from the canal. Keep the theme going and start every video with an odd "rescue" location for the project.
Rubbernecker 7 aylar önce
El Cid Gaming
El Cid Gaming 9 aylar önce
me too
Michael Bujaki
Michael Bujaki 9 aylar önce
5:15 This closeup of cleaned and oiled parts tells me that he simply forgot to film that part.
Rule 303
Rule 303 9 aylar önce
Same here.....it must be welded with rust😮
Grahame Roberts
Grahame Roberts Yıl önce
Great workmanship as always Carl. Clever use of subtle snippets like the Mars Bar. 👍🏻 You have inspired me to fit an electric wheel to MY bike. Many thanks. 🙏🏽🙏🏽😷😷🦘🦘
Michele Marchese
Michele Marchese Yıl önce
People throw things away too easily. You were really lucky to find this vintage bike frame, and you did a great job! A vintage e-bike !!! Very good.
I_forgot_my_name Yıl önce
All I could think was a bottom bracket is like $15 on Amazon! I'm impressed on the results!
Dirceu Corsetti
Dirceu Corsetti 8 aylar önce
Dude, I'm addicted to your vids. It's a mix of ASMR with good taste, hand work and countryside of France. Who wouldn't like it. Also, sometimes you do come up with clever ideas. Looking forward to the staircase!
Steven B
Steven B Yıl önce
Nice job. The bike definitely looks like it was made to last. All the brazed joints were cool when it was stripped down to the bare metal.
Ashley Brayson
Ashley Brayson Yıl önce
This is a great video. I've done something very similar with a 30 year old Halfords bike and Swytch kit. I enjoyed the process and beautiful end result.
LEJ Copteros
LEJ Copteros Yıl önce
Nice rebuild! Also got a "older" front powered Pedelec, which allows me in "fake" pedal assist mode to travel arround 25km/h - really enyoing this.
travis miller
travis miller 9 aylar önce
as a kid there was an old timer who advised me against servicing that type of rear hub. he warned me that somewhere he had an exploded diagram and it was 6 feet long detailing some 200 parts. good advice for a kid I suppose, but now that i'm older, it doesn't look so bad. thanks for sharing, you've inspired me!
GrnArrow092 Yıl önce
I thought it would have been a cool idea to repaint this bike its original colors since it was originally a Royal Mail delivery bike. I'm not sure if avocado green was a good color choice. At any rate, it's nice to see an old rusty bike get some new life.
Mal Tyrer
Mal Tyrer Yıl önce
Nice job. Hard lines your “pale green” paint turned out beige, but it actually goes really well with the tan coloured vintage style saddle & accessories.
Olgui Q
Olgui Q Yıl önce
Loved this vid...You had me at Swytch!!! Was not expecting that. I ordered mine 2 weeks ago can't wait. Beautiful restoration. The color of the bike along with the saddle 🤗.. The word that comes to mind is SVELT 🍾 Cheers
P A Yıl önce
Very interesting. Those old Pashley Post Office bikes are brilliant, but you've only got one (pretty unimpressive) drum brake on the rear now... It might have been good to weld some disc mounts onto the frame while you had it stripped down - or find another way to put a brake back on the front wheel.
Fe Ve
Fe Ve 7 aylar önce
or ride it fixed brakeless lol
davecc0000 8 aylar önce
Excellent entertainment, Carl! And excellent outcome, creating an eBike!. I concur wholeheartedly that electric drive transforms my local commutes. I would always take the car, but now hop on the eBike for those less-than-5 mile trips. Your front drive means the rear wheel is available for belt drive. I'm looking forward to the update! What make is that *particular* bike stand in your garage? Where did you buy it?
SYD101 6 aylar önce
Dude your video just pops in my recommendation today and now I'm addicted to it. I just started watching the rest of your videos. I think I still have few left. Good job. Just want to say that your so talented on what your doing. Keep uploading videos. Thank you!
Maik Johannes-Beißel
Maik Johannes-Beißel Yıl önce
Dear Carl, you did a great job and the surroundings are awesome. Greetings from Germany, keep on going and stay healthy 👍💪☃️🎅
ontheroadid 7 aylar önce
This is such a beautiful build. Thank you for posting it. I work on my own bikes, but there's no way I'm going to pull apart that Sturmey-Archer hub, service it, and then get it back together like you did. Props to you for being fearless.
Peter Crees
Peter Crees 7 aylar önce
That's not an SA hub, it's just a coaster brake, this bike is single speed
Paul Dunna
Paul Dunna Yıl önce
Nice project build, I didn’t buy the swytch, even with 50% promo it was still an expensive ebike kit. Love the final look and learnt something new - old style rear shoe breaks, are they any good?
LifeOnTheFlipSide Yıl önce
What an awesome save, and a lovely bike. I think the Swytch idea is an great way to recycle older kit into modern relevant transport. Re your tear down. I did not see you remove the peddle cartridge from the frame. That also ahs bearings in it. if you did not remove it at the time, you're going to want to, as the grease will be stuffed after being in the cannel. Great work, stay safe D
carlrogers Yıl önce
thanks mate, will have to tackle that soon I think! :)
Steve Tilk
Steve Tilk Yıl önce
Really cool project. That bike reminds me of the heavy duty bikes that newspaper delivery boys in Detroit used in the 60s and 70s. Those bikes were tanks. Well done breathing new life into an old bike from days gone by.
steve herring
steve herring 9 aylar önce
i just love that you put a brooks saddle on it. i have a 51 schwinn that i'm using a drum brake up front and i brooks saddle on it too. i really want to turn it into a e-bike i just can figure out how. my inspiration is the schwinn black phantom. i have a springer front suspension just like the black phantom has. the brooks saddle is just a beautiful piece of art on any bike.
Mongchong 123
Mongchong 123 Yıl önce
Pretty impressive stuff!! More content like this please 👍💯
Cargo Bike Cowboy
Cargo Bike Cowboy Yıl önce
Nicely done. Thank you for getting that bicycle out of the canal and giving it a new life. Always wondered about the switch kit, looks like a nice setup.
Philled it rides
Philled it rides 7 aylar önce
Not entirely sure: would the handlebars be better the right way round? (Looks wrong to my eye?) Regardless of that, you’ve done another nice job.
Wezly Yıl önce
That bottom bracket is going to haunt my dreams, lovely build otherwise!
Cassette Walkman
Cassette Walkman 8 aylar önce
@Wezly The dead giveaway was the clear water coming out when he drilled the stays. 5 minute dunking.
Hamez Yıl önce
@moriym nah you can always get them out with enough wd40 :) trust me I've converted a lot of rusted bikes 😂
Hamez Yıl önce
Yeh I wondered why he didn't replace it 😂
grumpus27 Yıl önce
@moriym Copper Ease.
I.maiden 4 life eddie
I.maiden 4 life eddie Yıl önce
@moriym you can still get the cartridge unit out of that bottom bracket shell
Moira Goldsmith
Moira Goldsmith Yıl önce
What a fabulous job you've made... unique too! Yes, best way to travel.... and I am so grateful this was a Swytch battery.... I had wondered how they'd function. Thanks Carl x
carlrogers Yıl önce
thanks Moira - it really is a dream to use
Julian Lewis
Julian Lewis Yıl önce
We need more people like you in this world.
gs032009 Yıl önce
Well done, Carl Rogers! I would consider building an attachment and place the battery in the big triangle (under the top tube) or behind the saddle. To make sure you bring down the centre of gravity. :-))
Stephen Hughes
Stephen Hughes 2 aylar önce
Get job Carl.... very impressive work and superb finished job..... a second note, I love Hammerite direct on rusty gates works a treat! May not on Bike Frames though!! 😅
Andre Lloyd
Andre Lloyd Yıl önce
A really enjoyable video with interesting content. Many thanks for producing and Kindly sharing the wisdom. PS... Hope theres more to come and best wishes 🙏
Jon Knight
Jon Knight Yıl önce
Great to see a junked bike being brought back to life - even more so when its a Pashley!
Олег Конышев
Олег Конышев Yıl önce
Well done! Revived the vintage bike and upgraded to modernity.
Derek Mosher
Derek Mosher Yıl önce
Wow , that is a cool bike , good for Swytch for helping making it a little better .
Simon Bertioli
Simon Bertioli Yıl önce
Excellent project. And yes the best sytem by far to get around the city or any town. Well done 👏
Ian theinventor
Ian theinventor 8 aylar önce
Thought throttle control was only allowed on older ebikes, looks very nice 👍
kai jomar Moravia
kai jomar Moravia 3 aylar önce
What a beauty and what a good job done . Love your way of doing things and the way of recording the process .....
Slavko Glamočanin
Slavko Glamočanin Yıl önce
Always nice to see something that was thrown away receive some TLC and a new lease on life. Great project!
Art of war -
Art of war - Yıl önce
Spectacular job as always mate, it turned out awesome !
Ms Brigitte
Ms Brigitte Yıl önce
Wow, I just picked up an old bike and will be so glad to run this program again, watching this really gives me the confidence. Thanks mate!
Michelle Byrom
Michelle Byrom Yıl önce
Yeah. My 30 year old mountain hybrid is in a state but salvageable. I know how to do it now. Front wheel electric conversion away from the gears seems simple too.
S Z Yıl önce
Interested to know what weight the bike was (either without parts or completed) good video 👍 Subscribed!
Delphane Yıl önce
This was awesome I not only enjoyed the transformation but learned how to load my bit faster, haven't tried it yet but Yea!😀
Paul Jansen
Paul Jansen 9 aylar önce
that recognisable sound of the three speed with disc brake is gold, done about 80k on that on one bike :)
Turbo Conquering Mega Eagle
Turbo Conquering Mega Eagle Yıl önce
Wow, imagine finding that half stripped bike 5 min after it was tossed in the drain! Nice bike, glad you used proper paint. I've got the even heavier crank top tube frame, had it powder coated.
Turbo Conquering Mega Eagle
Turbo Conquering Mega Eagle Yıl önce
@Smack-on-the-Hard oh hello mate
Smack-on-the-Hard Yıl önce
The TCME sees all!
B W Yıl önce
As always a very cool project and well done!!!!
Space Ghost
Space Ghost Yıl önce
Mad props for remembering how everything goes back together!
H.G Wheels
H.G Wheels 7 aylar önce
Bravo and beautiful work for having recovered this beautiful bike and having put it back on wheel 👍
StepCorn Grumbleteats
StepCorn Grumbleteats Yıl önce
What a GREAT project ! Cheers from across the pond..Thanks for sharing your hard work !!
Mark Shea
Mark Shea Yıl önce
Great resto. You put a lot of TLC into it.
1zanglang Yıl önce
That WD-40 "treatment" of the rear brake pads is cosmic. It has a kind of ABS effect by not letting the rear wheel stop spinning during braking... PS: I watched it more careful, until the end, and noticed it has no brake on front wheel. This makes it pure gold.
loeloe03 Yıl önce
jup and in the rear wheel is an old drum brake. Very safe lol
David W
David W Yıl önce
I also noticed it has no front brake. Anyone who really rides knows that is a non-starter.
Great job man. That bike looks amazing.
Xeokym Yıl önce
04:45 - it was like popping an infected wound 😅 Wow what a neat transformation, and the motorized kit is so simple!!
David Skogley
David Skogley 7 aylar önce
Great video. Really well done! I've got an old East German Cargobike I've been thinking of electrifying, and am very interested in Swytch, but need to have a bike with front and rear lights, so I'd want to have a battery connection for those, which I don't believe offers. I know they have a front light built into the battery pack, but that wouldn't be bright enough.
D. K.
D. K. Yıl önce
nice and clean job done. really enjoyed the flavour of simple and though good job. what i missed: new bottom bracket and addtional brake for the sake of pretty noticeable weight.... nice way to get over the covid in your cave. cheers!
pierre berthelot kleck
pierre berthelot kleck Yıl önce
Well done ! so inspiring. I might have go for beige/tan sidewalls tires. And is it possible to put the battery in the rack ? Thank you for you video.
G Bruce
G Bruce Yıl önce
Wow! Thanks for a great video. Super cool bike, love the color too!
carlrogers Yıl önce
it's growing on me :)
Brian Shriver
Brian Shriver Yıl önce
Great build. Where did you source all of your bike parts? Also surprised you didn't remove bottom bracket. 😳
Pixelated Mushroom
Pixelated Mushroom Yıl önce
always wonder if a front hub drive is any good, seems like an ideal placement of weight, less complicated, but you would also be slipping all the time. This one looks nice
Ryan Yıl önce
In my experience with my DIY 750w rear drive, there isn't enough low-end torque to get it to break loose unless I get off the bike and hold a little weight off the rear.
Beater Bike Channel MFGA
Beater Bike Channel MFGA Yıl önce
12-B-21 Moorland Green excellent choice! I used the facility where I worked to powdercoat one of my bikes BS4800 16-C-33 Duck Egg Blue but it was textured finish so came out like hammerite. Fantastic. I love more muted colours on my bikes.
Michelle Byrom
Michelle Byrom Yıl önce
That sounds gorgeous.
Rohan Chalmers
Rohan Chalmers Yıl önce
That was really interesting Carl....well, all your videos are and I enjoy the production of them also. Thanks You did renovate the bottom bracket though didn't you?
Tim Dart
Tim Dart Yıl önce
Amazing restoration. Love the colour.
John F. Bramfeld
John F. Bramfeld Yıl önce
I notice he at least waited until the ripples died down before he pulled it back out.
Rory Smith
Rory Smith Yıl önce
Reusing something and making it functional again is excellent work 👏. Great job no matter how ugly that battery pack is.
David Blair
David Blair 7 aylar önce
Loved the video. What kind of speed could you get from these bikes, would they be similar to mobility scooters?
Raimund Rittnauer
Raimund Rittnauer Yıl önce
Nice! What did you use at 9:30 to remove the rust / clean the ball bearings?
Chad Penoyer
Chad Penoyer Yıl önce
What was the spray/ cleaner you used to clean the barring and other hardware? Great build, love the color and brooks saddle!
S Core
S Core Yıl önce
Honestly I really find that bike frame gorgeous, compared to this modern stuff that has all those ugly wavy and angled shapes. Something so simple and solid looks way better. Structural integrity > fancy design.
WAM W Yıl önce
Of course it all depends on how long that bike's been in the cut. But if it's been a while then that bottom bracket will be fudged! Great video regardless!
VORRADELN Raum für Fahrradkultur
VORRADELN Raum für Fahrradkultur Yıl önce
Nice one, although I would have looked at a different solution for the battery position (lower centre of gravity) and less visible location maybe under the rack? Also needs some Fenders and lights from my point of view!
Joseph Twilley
Joseph Twilley Yıl önce
Pretty cool. I love trash to treasure videos. Very impressive man.
PQworks Yıl önce
Great job!!!!! That was a great restoration job!
John Fenner
John Fenner Yıl önce
Absolutely Marvellous !. What terrific skills !. Great work, and most enjoyable.
Robert Montgomery
Robert Montgomery Yıl önce
The content is wonderful and the sense of humor is what unlocks the door to the Covid Cave!
carlrogers Yıl önce
much appreciated Robert
Altis play
Altis play Yıl önce
so sweet to give another life to this bike !
Ittasuki A.
Ittasuki A. Yıl önce
Me encanta estos vídeos cuando restauran una bicicleta de la chatarrería u cualquier otro lugar que la encuentre. Así empezé! Con una bicicleta Clásica 26 1 1/4: la uso para pasear, y una Rally Tornado 24: la uso para ir al trabajo ^^
Swanie Patosa
Swanie Patosa Yıl önce
I'm very much crazy to watch a channel like this , because I love to have an assemble Ebike like what you done ,a restored bike , become an ebike, More power to you Sir
Almir Alzate Cárdenas
Almir Alzate Cárdenas Yıl önce
Un cordial saludo desde Santiago de Cali, Colombia. Fue un gran video y un resultado optimo, una gran suerte haberse encontrado el marco de la bicicleta tan fino al igual forma el marco habérselo topado a usted, ya que le dio una segunda vida y mas moderna, lo felicito.
jezztech Yıl önce
the end product looks brilliant hats off man ! but am surprised you did not service / replace the BB
King Henry
King Henry Yıl önce
Question; why didn't you remove the bottom bracket? I would think that water would had contaminated it as well since the water was in the frame.
alejandro meneses
alejandro meneses 14 gün önce
Yo me hice esa misma pregunta, pese a que sea amateur debería de haberlo cambiado.
cuztanksrule47 7 aylar önce
@VadimOnTour you’re right. I have actually fished a bike out and it has several rust holes. I rebuilt the bike and use it at events with all the rust holes it’s pretty funny
sumit singh
sumit singh 7 aylar önce
@VadimOnTour hahaha
VadimOnTour 7 aylar önce
​@Cole Kiblinger it was in the water for not more than 30 sek when he was filming.
Cole Kiblinger
Cole Kiblinger 7 aylar önce
@Raymond Johansen what’s fake ?
Kevin-Joel Coupland
Kevin-Joel Coupland Yıl önce
Smashing job! Looks great. Well done.
Timmy Alzamora
Timmy Alzamora Yıl önce
Great video! What is the product you use to clean rust off the bearings and small parts?
Rodrigo Motta
Rodrigo Motta Yıl önce
Parabéns pelo trabalho! Muito bom mesmo! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Robert Schmidt
Robert Schmidt 8 aylar önce
Cool looking bike. Quite dashing while you were riding. 👍
A BC Yıl önce
Nice job mate came out looking great. Love old bikes, proper workmanship. That even carried up until the early 80s BMXs with hand welded frames (often sourced out to Japan by Raleigh for their Top end bikes) for superior welding/craftsmanship. Unfortunately the bikes after that just weren't the same mass produced rubbish on the whole. Whereas you look at old vintage bikes and they're properly indestructible frames the care taken over the construction etc. Might be heavier but far superior in quality! Heavy bike just means bigger legs when you're younger in my book! (not good if you're using it for a commute though lol) And I'm a bit old for that mentality now.. lol 😅🤦🏻 Great job saving and modernising an old bike for another few years!
Jamie Cox
Jamie Cox Yıl önce
You know all bicycle restoration jobs are best undertaken with the headset and BB still fitted
grumpus27 Yıl önce
@Monkey But of course "just the bearing races" comprise the larger part of the complete headset. They just tap out, so why not do the job properly rather than a half-arsed workaround?
Monkey Yıl önce
headset bearings were removed, those are just the bearing races.
grumpus27 Yıl önce
@Liberality Sound like hassle compared with removing the bottom bracket and masking the threads.
Liberality Yıl önce
Yes, it keeps paint out of the frame threads. If you don't have a bottom bracket thread cutting tool this is definitely the way to go. If you score around the bottom bracket cup with a sharp blade after the paint has hardened a little, before removing the bottom bracket, you will retain a good paint finish.
mototarka Yıl önce
And brake pads cleaned by soaking with wd40... And then everything reassembled with not enough grease and handlebars fitted upsidedown...
king of the pod
king of the pod Yıl önce
Looks great! Would be concerned about rust inside the tubes. If you seal rust away in an airtight area it runs out of 02 and can't oxidize in the oxygen free environment.
Rune Dyrting
Rune Dyrting Yıl önce
Very nice project! Though I am surprised that three gears are enough.
Riddly Diddly, I'm a wanted man in Italy
Riddly Diddly, I'm a wanted man in Italy Yıl önce
hey boyo, I also do restorations but not to this extent, have picked up some tips though. An ultrasonic cleaner will do you wonders (get one big enough) especially paired with "gunk" the engine degreaser in a sealed container. Great for work inside the bearings and especially cleaning freewheels/derailleurs
Don’t look up
Don’t look up Yıl önce
very nice build , good paint choice , well done
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