BLACKPINK's unexpected charm in K-reality! [Running Man, The Real Man, Village Survival the Eight]

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Running Man is a reality-variety show that stars Yu Jae Seok, Kim Jong Kook, Haha, Jee Seok Jin, Song Ji Hyo, Lee Kwang Soo, Jeon So Min, and Yang Se Chan. In each episode, they must complete missions at various places to win the race. Each mission is action-packed and hilarious as each member tries to beat the others using their wits and skills. Each week, is filled with fun that includes trust and betrayal, knowledge and skills, physical strengths, and outrageous penalties. Sometimes, they work as a team and cooperate for one common goal. Other times, they betray each other throughout the race in order to win all the honor and glory for themselves. You will be brought to tears each week from laughing at their silly antics.
GENRE: Variety
SUBTITLE: English, Portuguese
YEAR: 2017
MAIN CAST: Yu Jae Seok, Ji Seok Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Ha Ha, Song Ji Hyo, Yang Se Chan, Jun So Min
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Lokesh Ghosh
Lokesh Ghosh 14 saatler önce
Lisaaaa....I am crying tooo😭😭😭😭
Gigi M
Gigi M 22 saatler önce
I wanna see Rose on Law of the Jungle, I feel like we’ll see so many new sides to her 💕😭😂
Renu Bhusal
Renu Bhusal 4 gün önce
I also cried when jisoo wrote letter to lisa and jennie is more preety without makeup😢😢❤❤
Anne Clomata
Anne Clomata 5 gün önce
Anne Clomata
Anne Clomata 5 gün önce
awwwww jennieeeeeeeee! saranghamnidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Cheryl Montero
Cheryl Montero 7 gün önce
Luv u bp😍😍😍
its all secret
its all secret 9 gün önce
jennie without make up looks more like a baby im dying of ger cuteness
Or nel
Or nel 11 gün önce
Lisa beautiful I love you
Bishopman 2
Bishopman 2 11 gün önce
When the guys from the one show have no idea what a capella really is.
LouLou's Channel
LouLou's Channel 12 gün önce
Of course they are charming and amazing! theses babies are the best. The way they are shining individually then putting them together is a top tier. Biggest Girlgroup in the world indeed.
Mehzabeen 13 gün önce
Don't cry jennieyya 😔❤
GISELLE Is Here 13 gün önce
I hope Rosé goes to a program solo too ❤️
a.m 14 gün önce
Im tired of ppl fighting abt the members when they are clearly happh together in their own way
Dheiynayalle 15 gün önce
I was kinda disappointed there weren't any cut from atleast amazing saturday when she participated for three episodes, that was fun too😞
Krisha Koli
Krisha Koli 17 gün önce
We need more BLACKPINK in variety shows. Periodt.
MSA KPOP 17 gün önce
right so put them in more variety shows!!!!!!
20 Starter Blue
20 Starter Blue 18 gün önce
Lisa having a bit of a rough time in the military, crying while reading the letter, and then the video immediately transition to jisoo just casually enjoying her food is like a comedy skit 🤣🤣🤣
blah blah
blah blah 20 gün önce
Did Lisa join back in army?
Esther Kim
Esther Kim 20 gün önce
fun fact: did you know that the place Jisoo filmed 'Delicious Rendezvous' was also the place where BTS filmed ' BTS in the soop' :0 like if your an army and/or a blink
Esther Kim
Esther Kim 20 gün önce
I can't waittttt til jisoo's series who's here in 2021?
Keren Bernardo
Keren Bernardo 22 gün önce
Blackpink is the best!!!
Thugger Thomas
Thugger Thomas 23 gün önce
I just realized where they were filming with jisoo is the same place they filmed bts in the soop
Ridhima Pandey
Ridhima Pandey 24 gün önce
Isn't jisso at the same place where BTS in the soop episode were shooted???😂
Izzati 24 gün önce
This video was about Blackpink but the ad was about BTS. Kings and Queens.
axxel kae managuelod
axxel kae managuelod 25 gün önce
I am really laughing so hard because of that acapella turns into solo relay 🤣🤣
Sitasma Thapa
Sitasma Thapa 25 gün önce
Is no one gonna talk about rock, paper, scissors game for deciding whose name to say first😂
J 21
J 21 27 gün önce
I can't see Lisa cry
This is Shallow
This is Shallow 27 gün önce
Amazing saturday is rose and jisoo family you should have added it
Fanfic tiontion
Fanfic tiontion 27 gün önce
Petition for 'YG make Jisoo's YT channel' 😂
Ruth Art
Ruth Art 28 gün önce
4:54 .... that's so so my Dad....he's also proud when we eat well 🥺😂
Princess Anne A. Guilas
Princess Anne A. Guilas Aylar önce
Blackpink is very talented
Princess Anne A. Guilas
Princess Anne A. Guilas Aylar önce
Jennie is crying
Princess Anne A. Guilas
Princess Anne A. Guilas Aylar önce
Oh lisa's crying
sunflower soul
sunflower soul Aylar önce
i already watched Jennie ( first win on solo debut ) and Lisa's ( Jisoo's letter ) clip so many times, yet i'm still tearing up everytime 😭😭
alex lux
alex lux Aylar önce
Blackpink is so funny..they should come more on variety shows
fiza kanwal
fiza kanwal Aylar önce
5:00 It is the place where BTS shoot *BTS in the soop*
Linda Zheng
Linda Zheng Aylar önce
I really hope that Jungkookie does Real Man one day...just me ok
deeznaz Aylar önce
jisoo and rose have soo many variety show moments that werent included in this 😭😭 but so happy to see jennie and lisa thrive 🤩
Nirmol Sarker
Nirmol Sarker Aylar önce
Jennie kim is best 🤍🤍
Katsudon yummy
Katsudon yummy Aylar önce
Nooo i teared up the moment lisa started cryingg😭🥺🥺🥺🥺😭
Azra Aydin
Azra Aydin Aylar önce
Please HELP....Am I stupid or is this the location of BTS In the Soop (where Jisoo and the other men are eating)????
Airamiralei Atencio
Airamiralei Atencio Aylar önce
Im so proud to lisa she's so strong and jennie is so beautiful without makeup what a real queen 👑
Shruti Hembram
Shruti Hembram Aylar önce
They all look beautiful without makeup 😍😍😍😍
naty vera
naty vera Aylar önce
Goddess Jisoo, she is the prettiest girl ever, with makeup or without It
Little John
Little John Aylar önce
i know it's fake but i love her "love" relationship with the guy in running man, in the haunted house episode i was laughing so freaking much that i had throat pain
swastika bantawa
swastika bantawa Aylar önce
Rosé cute!
blinkarmy Aylar önce
Blackpink ❤❤❤
Emelda Natasha
Emelda Natasha Aylar önce
Jennie why so cute😂❤️
Frence Delapena
Frence Delapena Aylar önce
Lisa soo cute without makeup, all of them actually 💕💥🍰
Liyan .l
Liyan .l Aylar önce
this is completely irrelevant to this video but I wanted to ask, is this the place bts filmed in the soop? it looked kind of familiar that's why
Aniket Sahu
Aniket Sahu Aylar önce
Jennie is Queen of Variety Shows 😍
CzarMae4 Aylar önce
Jisoo is still gorgeous even when she's eating 😍😍😘😘
sanjana santosh
sanjana santosh Aylar önce
Woah that's the same room where bts did bts in the SOOP... Aaiish.. 😱🥴.. The room is so similar and exactly same to the one where jisoo eats
Swan Swan
Swan Swan Aylar önce
ကလေးလေးကြနေတာပဲ အရမ်းချစ်
ʘ‿ʘ V should be gucci's ambassador
ʘ‿ʘ V should be gucci's ambassador Aylar önce
Jennie is so beautiful even without makeup
Shesyra Blavkdemon
Shesyra Blavkdemon Aylar önce
Rosé on running man is hilarious and amazing saturday, hope that those scenes could include in here too
Shesyra Blavkdemon
Shesyra Blavkdemon Aylar önce
I dont need blackpink on variety show all i need they make their own variety show, miss blackpink house so much🥺😭
Za Kunga
Za Kunga Aylar önce
Jennie beautiful
Fifyshi Husnaa
Fifyshi Husnaa Aylar önce
Please let them in the variety show again😩
Just a Blink
Just a Blink Aylar önce
I feel proud of Lisa Armys are so worried that BTS will leave for military so Korean law was changed for them, Where Lisa being a complete Foreigner went to military and experience the same and came back as a Queen. No shade but I think everyone should accept whatever comes to life and Korean community should stop discriminate between idol groups
Just a Blink
Just a Blink Aylar önce
Jisoo looks so pretty in variety shows.. and in Tasty square especially other casts and staff are so nice to her😭
PAPER PAL Aylar önce
Lisa at 4:02..that really made my cry..jisoo is the mom of the group..
Alicia贝壳 Aylar önce
13:15 Jennie looks so cute with the bangs😍
Aditya heaven
Aditya heaven Aylar önce
4:03 made me cry a lot, lisa and jisoo are the best
Precious Reyes
Precious Reyes Aylar önce
I just cried again when its Lisa's turn.. that scene was 😭😭😭
Ianna Choy
Ianna Choy Aylar önce
I was crying with Lisa when she read that letter from Jisoo
Michaela Cruz
Michaela Cruz Aylar önce
I want to see more of jisoo!!!!!!💜💜💜
Creative Mahi
Creative Mahi Aylar önce
I was literally crying with tears 😭😭😂
Mei Y
Mei Y Aylar önce
The title said BP's unexpected charm, I didn't come here to bawl my eyes out😭😭
Chanel07 Scotts
Chanel07 Scotts Aylar önce
Jennie is natural entertainer,she knows how to handle herself on variety show,and she got a personality for variety shows and I think her image as an Idol doesnt matter,I mean we all know their narrative to idols...I said that because she looks so pretty with or without make up...Shes really an Ace yall,she can do anything💖
Sarah Adawiyah
Sarah Adawiyah Aylar önce
Jennie new song: Kyu kya ki ka
aynalyaa _
aynalyaa _ Aylar önce
our cutest mandu 🥰
ANiMAE Aylar önce
This is why BLINKS love to see The Pinks in reality/variety shows. Its so natural and funny. 😂
Skinny FREAKING Legend
Skinny FREAKING Legend Aylar önce
Jennie’s First Win and Lisa receiving tge letter ALWAYS makes me cry. i love them so much
Riki Armin
Riki Armin Aylar önce
4:57 if its was me whos watching over there, i would be asking "what are u trying to say" hahaha.. 😅😂🤣
G H O U L Aylar önce
Jisoo has my heart
rain rain go away
rain rain go away Aylar önce
and that's why i SAID BLACKPINK COMPLETE EACH OTHER. as you can see, jennie is great at variety shows but can become awkward during interview by herself. Rose on the other hand is more to interview, I MEAN YALL SEE HER YSL? DAMN. Jisoo are friendly and easy to make friends with anyone, despite language barrier during interview, she still doing good. and lisa, u see her coming in shows and still flexing on her ability? YES GURL. and yall, when u see ppl commenting abt their bias, AS LONG AS THEY DON'T COMPARE IT TO OTHER MEMBERS, CAN YOU FREAKING LET THEM BE. WHY DO U ALWAYS HAVE TO SAY, NO I THINK BLA BLA BLA, IT'S EVERYONE PREFERENCE LET THEM BE
Hafsa Al Mohammad
Hafsa Al Mohammad Aylar önce
When Lisa started tearing up I started crying 😭
youngjae is my DADDY
youngjae is my DADDY Aylar önce
6:05 bts in the soop??
Hhsjesm Hejejejej
Hhsjesm Hejejejej Aylar önce
Jennie 👑👑👑👑
Atreyi Saxena
Atreyi Saxena Aylar önce
Jenchulichaeng are beautiful 💕😘 The way jisoo unnie send the letter for lisa unnie is so cute and emotional. This shows us how much she cares for her sisters😭💕. They are family and i think as a blink we should also give them equal respect and love. We can have our biases but it doesn't mean that you attack other member. Please don't hate anyone of them.
Amara Grey
Amara Grey Aylar önce
So Rosé is the only one who hasn’t been on a show by herself What is this YG?
Warepam Rohit
Warepam Rohit Aylar önce
Lisa is the best 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Ankita Singh
Ankita Singh Aylar önce
Lisa is so pretty with or without makeup 😍
Black Night Production
Black Night Production Aylar önce
Omg I couldn't stop my tears when Lisa cried 😭. Jisoo is a natural beauty 😍 9:19 Rosé doesn't need any auto tune💝😍
Ly Naoe
Ly Naoe Aylar önce
Jisoo Is More Beautiful Without Makeup 😍❤
Litan Panda
Litan Panda Aylar önce
I cried with Lisa
Juliana Labaya
Juliana Labaya Aylar önce
Ohhh Foodie Jisoo wohhhh
Amaan Mohamed
Amaan Mohamed Aylar önce
Jisoo's beauty is just unbelievable!!
No one knows **
No one knows ** 2 aylar önce
Omg!! I realised This is the same place where bts in the soop was filmed!!! Sorry for bringing bts in a blackpink video!! 😊
Michelle Kiera Mendez
Michelle Kiera Mendez 2 aylar önce
My Queen Jisoo 🥺❣️
strawberry chxbar
strawberry chxbar 2 aylar önce
it's sad to see only rosé don't have a variety show...
Princess Dordas
Princess Dordas 2 aylar önce
{ 2:22 } How can anybody hate this cute mandu?
Princess Dordas
Princess Dordas 2 aylar önce
*I’m amazed that they played rock,paper and scissors to determine the order of their names...* *Rosé got second...SHE WON ROCK,PAPER AND SCISSORS!!..SHE WON AGAINST LISA ON ROCK,PAPER AND SCISSORS!!*
M North
M North 2 aylar önce
Jennie and Lee Kwang Soo are hilarious together! LOL
ShahadStansBTS 2 aylar önce
this is so funny they should go on more shows like this They are good!
ShahadStansBTS 2 aylar önce
the rabbit ears thingi omg dnjdnc that is so exposing and funny
Swastik Age
Swastik Age 2 aylar önce
Lisa looks so cute like a baby without makeup and jennie she is adorable ahh these babies will be the end of me one day I swear-
Ohornish 2 aylar önce
They decided by rock pepper scissors! !😂😂
Ohornish 2 aylar önce
[Jennies part]Who is he in green jacket! !I'm fall in love with him😍😜
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