Impossible Megaprojects that will Fail

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Extreme & Impossible Construction Mega Projects that will Fail. In this video, we'll give you an update about the Dubai Creek Tower, Istanbul Canal, The LINE, and Dubai's Islands and why these megaprojects will most likely fail. For more skyscraper & megaproject content be sure to subscribe to Top Luxury. Thanks for watching this video: Impossible Megaprojects that will Fail
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0:00 Impossible Megaprojects that will Fail
0:25 The LINE
3:42 Dubai Creek Tower
5:56 Istanbul Canal
9:02 Dubai's Artificial Islands
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Romi Arkan
Romi Arkan Yıl önce
"The Line" sounds like a fantastic setting for a science fiction story. It might be too insane to actually build, but a fictional version of it is certainly possible to pull off.. Meanwhile, the Dubai Creek Tower looks like the headquarter of an intergalactic government administration
Marco von Atzigen
Marco von Atzigen Yıl önce
I refer again to "the line": have you thought about maintenance costs or operating or everyday costs? Cars are no longer necessary in the line. No elevators are necessary or costly facade cleaning. there is no time delay when you are stuck in a traffic jam, because there is no traffic jam. so i think it's crazy to want to build even higher to present your status. In my opinion, it is not crazy, but brave to have an idea that is not just about showing off, but an attempt to find a smart solution to problems of current events and the future. namasté नमस्ते
Skirby Yıl önce
@Marco von Atzigen first they should start terraforming a few deserts.
Toby Yıl önce
Watching these dumb billionaires build these things is just watching a dystopian scifi movie irl
Arjun Sharma
Arjun Sharma Yıl önce
They should first make a 2 or 3 km model of a line to see whether it works or not.
Jason Baxter
Jason Baxter Yıl önce
Yeap hehe, I think a loop would be better though!
TimeFreak Yıl önce
I once saw a Sim City Let's Play where someone made an entire city using just one road, it did not end well. Turns out making your city completely dependent on one method of transportation with very little to no redundancy is a very bad idea. One disaster could completely cut off the supply chain and severely cripple the city's ability to recover. Looks like the inspiration for "The Line" came from that, and I expect the end results to be the same.
Corrupted Player
Corrupted Player Yıl önce
TimeFreak Yıl önce
@Corrupted Player yep
The Cheesy Nachos
The Cheesy Nachos Yıl önce
@TimeFreak sorry for being pedantic but it was Cities Skylines, not Simcity
Marco von Atzigen
Marco von Atzigen Yıl önce
i guess that those games are not used for solutions in real world? (i ask as an interested and critical gamer)
Marco von Atzigen
Marco von Atzigen Yıl önce
and i ask all game developers to create a game to handle the whole world: -> Spatially based on the flight simulator, with the implementation of a completely networked system that allows business, trading, etc., although you can set your own rules such as: unconditional basic income, or basic care through minimal work to which every citizen is committed (all unemployed (no matter which status you belong to) could do a lot of useful things).... etc. etc. also a dictator mode where the dictator can decide for the good of all people (e.g. true equality of all people) etc. etc. The simulation should be shaped by the users (with "mods" or whatever you want to call it, which should be able to be created in a very simple programming environment), you should be able to register as an individual in every changed world. all other individuals (who would not be "played" by a full-fledged human) would have statistical process values ​​in the background. Since probably 97% of people would play along, the 3% ( could also be interested in what would come out of it without destroying the current state of the art.
LightninGunner Yıl önce
There's a reason why cities are shaped similar to a circle, because a circle makes it equidistant from anywhere about a point, where businesses, goods and services can be accessible to many. "The Line" probably will not work because it is counterintuitive to this very reason
Marius Stan
Marius Stan Yıl önce
it will only work if it is a resort with a looo... ooong beach and millions of foreign tourists will come
Wolfgang van Hagar
Wolfgang van Hagar Yıl önce
Line cities are better. Only need one bus or train
Sualtam Yıl önce
@Wolfgang van Hagar One train track fails, whole city in the toilet.
euskoferre Yıl önce
That's not an universal principle. Coastal cities, for example, are more linear for obvious reasons. Dubai is like that, for example.
Maddinhpws Yıl önce
I could see the Line working as a multiple city center city. Essentially you have the centers based around the train stations along the line and suburbs created around it.
Shako_Lamb Yıl önce
The canal reminds me of an 1800s Victorian-era canal project near me that would be possible today if it made sense, but turned out to be impossible at the time and half of the plans were abandoned. The Chesapeake & Ohio Canal was intended to connect the Chesapeake Bay near Washington, D.C. to the Ohio River in Pittsburgh, making a viable water transportation route from the Atlantic coast to the Ohio. However, it ended up starting in downtown Washington D.C. instead and only made it as far as Cumberland, Maryland. This is because scaling the Allegheny Plateau up to Pittsburgh would have required an 8-mile-long tunnel. The half-mile-long Paw Paw Tunnel had already nearly bankrupted the canal company. And what's worse, rail travel was beginning to take over as the dominant transportation means in the United States and the unfinished canal was already becoming obsolete. Though for most of the next century, the section of canal that was built was used to take logs and coal from Appalachia down to the D.C. area, so it ended up not being entirely useless.
Demons Rexis
Demons Rexis Yıl önce
It's like when you start a new Minecraft world you have ambitious plans to build but stopped halfway because it's too tedious.
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch Yıl önce
I would only stop in survival mode 💀
tyler soto
tyler soto 9 aylar önce
I actually end up finishing my megaprojects in Minecraft even it's tedious , margaritas help out alot lol
Lawrence Biteranta
Lawrence Biteranta 9 aylar önce
@tyler soto Adderall too
tyler soto
tyler soto 8 aylar önce
@Lawrence Biteranta yep lol
Dylan Buck
Dylan Buck 7 aylar önce
This is whole mood
Ballin4Vengeance 11 aylar önce
The Line sounds exactly like what the architect did before coming up with it
Siona Pink
Siona Pink 6 aylar önce
😂😂😂 funny
Kyle 2 aylar önce
The original version for Arizona was literally a parody project. The Saudis didn't get it.
Guilherme Nunes Barbosa
Guilherme Nunes Barbosa Yıl önce
wouldn't it be more clever to do "the circle" instead of "the line"? it could occupy fewer inhabitated areas and allow shorter travels even with "slower" trains
Carlos Leon
Carlos Leon Yıl önce
everyone is saying that
Carlos Leon
Carlos Leon Yıl önce
more likely points along the line are gonna debelop into circular cities naturally anyway
adithya shankar
adithya shankar Yıl önce
May be to cover larger population cluster
Varangian Yıl önce
So a normal city?
Andre Penderis
Andre Penderis Yıl önce
I recommend a ball design ;)
Sopota Yıl önce
1km long steel cables hanging from a 1km skyscraper, what could go possibly wrong?
Elle Chim
Elle Chim Yıl önce
When I saw that tiny foundation I was like NOPE
vegan activities r besexual
vegan activities r besexual Yıl önce
@Elle Chim same fam, the foundation is even weaker than a foundation of a wind turbine 😂
Gathering No Moss
Gathering No Moss Yıl önce
Can you image the weight of that cable net? All pulling down on the relatively skinny top structure.
Ash Yıl önce
Final fantasy X
Brian O'Connell
Brian O'Connell Yıl önce
On the Dubai Creek Tower, I see one basic flaw in the design: The cables. To make sure they hold up to the stresses of stabilizing a twig thin tower (by comparison), the tower would have to sustain both massive weight pulling it on all sides, as well as its own weight. One stiff breeze would cause it to fall. Instead of using internal steel frames, with the cables you are effectively tripling or quadrupling the weight of the tower, as you would, rather than using traditional means and just building it up from there. Also, it's a horrible waste of space.
Brian O'Connell
Brian O'Connell Yıl önce
And imagine if some event caused one of those cables to fail. Domino effect.
DeadTurret Yıl önce
@Brian O'Connell reminds of a certain cold war era telescope that recently collapsed. When the first cable snapped, that brief moment where the weight transferred to the backup cables caused enough strain to take down the whole structure.
Norm L. Hugh-Mann
Norm L. Hugh-Mann 10 aylar önce
@DeadTurret well it worked just fine umtil.funding got.cut off to maintain it
howard baxter
howard baxter 8 aylar önce
@DeadTurret I assume you are talking about the Arecibo Telescope, and to be fair, funding had been massively cut over the decades and was no longer being used. There were talks about completely decommissioning it prior to the collapse.
De Waard
De Waard Yıl önce
To validate a concept like The Line, you don't need to build an entire city. If people hardly need to move around, or if transportation in exactly one (bi)direction is (for all intents and purposes) free, would a city naturally grow along that one direction?
Ali Genderuwo
Ali Genderuwo Yıl önce
Norm L. Hugh-Mann
Norm L. Hugh-Mann 10 aylar önce
Only if there was a coaatline or mountainrange along the side
Matt Mathematics
Matt Mathematics 6 aylar önce
It would indeed and we would call it a slum
GeorgeMonet Yıl önce
The Line is the project dreamed up by someone with more money than sense. Actually ALL the projects fall into this category.
Cooldownboi Yıl önce
We have a bigass line Make it into a city
Christopher Aaron
Christopher Aaron Yıl önce
The train could work if it's maglev.
Attila TITI
Attila TITI Yıl önce
@Christopher Aaron cities are built as circles Why circles? Because it has the highest area with the lowest perimeter, meaning that the average distance from any single point to another is the shortest The train line serving the city could be much shorter if the city was *not a line*, like for example Tokyo
Shourya Sanjeev
Shourya Sanjeev Yıl önce
@Christopher Aaron no they won't. You still have to stop the train and re accelerate from 0 multiple times between the two end points.
Brian Roys
Brian Roys Yıl önce
New York City, which is mostly linear, you can walk from most subway stations to your East/West destination. If it were more constrained it would be completely walkable. But now that I think about it, The Line would not remain linear for very long and construction would spread out in prime locations.
Chuck Steak
Chuck Steak 9 aylar önce
I love the sales pitch for the line. "Cities suck right? Well what if we made one that sucked even harder?"
Oğuzhan Özvardar
Oğuzhan Özvardar Yıl önce
ISTANBUL is not a capital city of TURKEY. The capital city is ANKARA bro.
Top Luxury
Top Luxury Yıl önce
Sorry our mistake.. :S
taylan nurlu
taylan nurlu Yıl önce
Also you have mistakes for ships passing through straits. Although number of ships are decreasing, weight of payload is constantly increasing. That means, companies are prefering bigger ships
BartekSuper YT
BartekSuper YT Yıl önce
Istambul is the most popular city in turkey
Sarcastic Mind
Sarcastic Mind Yıl önce
@BartekSuper YT yes and it deserved to be The Capital just like -: New York- USA, Mumbai- India, Sydney- Australia, Shanghai/Shenzen -China, Toronto- Canada, Rio- Brazil New Zealand - 1. Queenstown or 2. Auckland
Panthir 67
Panthir 67 Yıl önce
Considering that there's no such thing as a city called istanbul
Sugizai Yıl önce
One of the big issues with the Istanbul canal project is that it would require multiple crossings. Road, highway, rail. Otherwise if there are just 1 or 2 main crossings it would create absolutely horrific congestion, especially if long distance trucking is mixed with local commuting. And these bridges wouldn't be cheap. They would need to be built high enough over the seaway so that large ships can pass below them.
Osman Emree
Osman Emree Yıl önce
1. According to the project, approximately 5 bridges will be built and the bridges will be free of charge. 2. They plan to carry commercial shipments to the European continent with the Çanakkale Bridge.
҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉ Yıl önce
they will build also tunels for cars and rails.
Draco Amator
Draco Amator Yıl önce
The solution is obvious. Just drain the canal whenever a car wants to cross! Don't think too much about it.
Eduard Qualls
Eduard Qualls Yıl önce
All these costs of construction pale in the face of the costs of maintenance. This is always something that initial builders, investors and government forget: the costs of maintenance increase almost geometrically with the increase in size because of the increase in complexity.
Happy molecule
Happy molecule 10 aylar önce
Which is why we pay a lot in service charges. My condo in burj Khalifa has a $30k fee every year, and that's considered little when compared to bigger condos.
TheBalhatus 10 aylar önce
Investors that went rich via simple method aka "dig oil - sell oil" are not familiar with future planning
Happy molecule
Happy molecule 9 aylar önce
@froggymusicman The city has a sewage system. The tower does not. It's just too tall, it's a pressure issue
Marek 9 aylar önce
@Happy molecule I’m sure if they figured out how to build that high they definitely could figure out how to reduce the poop pressure
Marek 9 aylar önce
@Happy molecule wait but not connected to sewer because of the pressure. So that doesn’t even solve the problem. And now all that pressure is directed to the closed of septic tanks. I think you’d be better off with a connected sewer system then…
Songs of Grace
Songs of Grace 10 aylar önce
In order to serve all inhabitants along the line, the train needs to have stations every 2 or 3 kilometers. But, this prevents it from going full speed, because trains take a long time to accelerate, and before it even reaches its full speed it has to start slowing down as it reaches the next station. When aiming to travel at speeds of 500 km/h, you can't stop every 3 kilometers because that means you don't have enough time to accelerate to your full speed, rendering it impossible to travel the whole thing in 67 minutes. You can only have a station in the beginning and one in the end, but then it loses its purpose because it doesn't serve the people in the middle. There need to be multiple trains, each traveling at different speeds and each having more/less stations, like train systems in Italy. But this already impacts the cost; Japan's magnetic system(the only way a train can reach speeds of 500 km/h) already has a price of 65 billion USD dollars. Add more rails and the price of only the train part of the project will easily surpass 100 billion dollars.
Alexander Lobov
Alexander Lobov 9 aylar önce
at last someone understands it! Thank you...
Indra Pratama
Indra Pratama 9 aylar önce
That's THE irony, apparently unseen by the engineers and project owners, yet obvious to those who actually commute every day. If the train only has 2 stations at both ends, then it's virtually equal to connecting 2 separate circle-shaped cities. LOL.😅 As many people have pointed out, this project is 100% gimmick.
Songs of Grace
Songs of Grace 9 aylar önce
@Alexander Lobov Thank-you! I noticed that nobody was talking about this problem, the biggest in my eyes; therefore I decided to write about it myself 😉
Songs of Grace
Songs of Grace 9 aylar önce
@Indra Pratama Exactly!!!
howard baxter
howard baxter 8 aylar önce
@Indra Pratama also unseen by a lot of commenters trying to justify this bullshit.
EL Yıl önce
Hi, can you make a video about canals? Previously planned or controversial canals would be amazing, such as the one that would separate Thailand into two to skip the trip around Singapore and Malaysia.
rustclub 8 aylar önce
Imagine what mirrored walls would do the temperature of the surroundings in this hot climate - Melt sand
Master Mojo
Master Mojo Yıl önce
My house is actually taller, than the Dubai Creek Tower at the moment! 😲😲😲
adolescent TV
adolescent TV Yıl önce
Aisa Hoi Nahi ho sakta
RENU Sharma
RENU Sharma Yıl önce
@adolescent TV Bhai Joke samajh nhi aata kya ?
Alternated_122 Yıl önce
I didnt understand earlier but nowi get what you mean
RENU Sharma
RENU Sharma Yıl önce
@Alternated_122 You have big brain Bro .. Hats off .
Wrong Dimension
Wrong Dimension Yıl önce
Oliver Kurzweg
Oliver Kurzweg Yıl önce
We reached a level of engineering and material science allowing us to say: the only thing stopping a project that got greenlit and already started to be built is almost ever money and politics.
izan efe
izan efe 11 aylar önce
or it being an absolutely awful idea even from its conception but dictators push the project along until physics kicks in
howard baxter
howard baxter 8 aylar önce
And for good reason. Some projects are just wastes of money. The ones listed in this video are prime examples of that.
DoubleMrE Yıl önce
The Bosporus is NOT a canal. It’s a natural straight, just like The Dardanelles.
concerned liberal
concerned liberal Yıl önce
I was about to post the same thing. That would have been one massive dig!
Kisuke323 Yıl önce
The producers of the video have no clue about many of these projects. They understand youtube metrics tho.
KasymSokol Yıl önce
"a length of water wider than a strait, joining two larger areas of water, especially two seas."
҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉ Yıl önce
its a sea to be honest
1337 7 aylar önce
6:27 animation says strait though...
Sabersz 5 aylar önce
I got a short laugh at the start of the video, as the line is actually going into construction now... Very interested to see how far they get with the project.
TrangDB9 Yıl önce
2:15 wouldn't be a Railways but rather a maglev or pressure tube. 500+ km/h is possible. But with the stops in between it would become a bit difficult.
HopeSeeker Yıl önce
Exactly! I was like "What this guy is talking about?!"
HopeSeeker Yıl önce
Exactly! I was like "What this guy is talking about?!"
Ziim Yıl önce
It would have to be maglev in a vacuum tube. Otherwise, air friction would make such speeds impossible underground. And at this point, it's just not technically and financially feasable to build hundreds of kilometers of near-perfect vaccuum tube with multiple "pressured" stops in between.
Abhishek Verma
Abhishek Verma Yıl önce
people will jump off on there stops
ivanlagrossemoule Yıl önce
"Don't worry guys, we'll just get all these new unproven technologies working flawlessly to build this, nothing can go wrong" The railway alone would be an absurd megaproject, and on top of that they want to bury it? Sure thing.
Luis Fernandez
Luis Fernandez Yıl önce
Assuming you have a 170 km stretch where you don’t have to replace anyone, the line still doesn’t sound that bad, of course, crossing it in 20 minutes is imposible but a high speed train could realistically cross it in 1 hour or 1 hour and a half, which it’s just fine for commute times, and having everything at reach from a single transport line makes it easier for everyone to use it
Osama. x1
Osama. x1 Yıl önce
Viktor Kotrle
Viktor Kotrle 10 aylar önce
But the train has to stop every few kilometers, so it couldn't be much high speed. Otherwise without stops along the city it will only connect two ends, but what about the majority of people between these two ends? So it would be more like any other metro system, which is not bad, but 170 km would take hours.
Stephen Banks
Stephen Banks 9 aylar önce
They do have to replace people. Plus I agree that the 20 minutes claim is laughable.
soskx sijsisx
soskx sijsisx 8 aylar önce
even if its not that fast everything will be fine as it is not a big deal but maybe it can cross the line in 20 minutes who knows we can't underestimate the prince
NKF _Nanon
NKF _Nanon Yıl önce
imagine him making a list of the world's shortest buildings lol
sans can draw
sans can draw Yıl önce
Time to check all the houses in the world
dummyspittinglamma 10 aylar önce
Tom scott made a video about the littlest skyscraper
私を食べてください 7 aylar önce
@dummyspittinglamma Roof scraper
M T Yıl önce
Line can be a reality if built in phases. It might take decades to achieve that feat.
dzello Yıl önce
Nah, it can't by concept. Cities expand circularly (grow in all directions) because that's the best way to increase value while reducing the distance from any point to any other point (and especially to the center). The line concept is a fun idea, but you throw away immense amounts of value for it which makes it not worth it. Also kinda why other cities aren't built in a line already.
George Dang
George Dang Yıl önce
@Calvin Wong In any amount of time: China won't - too impractical. Canada can't - too many administrations in and out of office.
Alex Yıl önce
It biggest problem is the financing it's investors will not invest, due to planning consultants. The concept of building a place along a central route (on a smaller scale and with at least more than one line) was bascially completed in Brasilia, it was an utter failure of urban living, it caused disconnection and made travel exceptionally tedious.
Joaquim Barbosa
Joaquim Barbosa Yıl önce
It won't. It has far to much engeneering problems
pawpaw zheng
pawpaw zheng Yıl önce
The bullet trains traveling between Beijing and Shanghai only reaching 350km per hour at its peak, and the average speed is around 300km per hour.
Eng Mohamed Yousef
Eng Mohamed Yousef Yıl önce
Dubai will never fail 💙
Grass Yıl önce
Dubai Islands already failed 20 years ago.
John Lansing
John Lansing Yıl önce
Even if these projects are built , the maintenance costs would break any budget .
Gathering No Moss
Gathering No Moss Yıl önce
China's high speed rail system loses 24 million dollars a day
phoeniX 7 aylar önce
@Gathering No Moss Most passanger trains suffer heavy loss, it is compensated by Cargo trains.
K Choo
K Choo Yıl önce
at the end of the lifespan of the building materials, what do you do with the tallest and biggest structures?
TheSeppentoni Yıl önce
Like so many others, the Designer of Neom has played "Cities:Skylines" a little bit too much
Just Mike
Just Mike Yıl önce
I was thinking about that game throughout this entire video😂
Random Cat
Random Cat Yıl önce
He played with Unlimited money mod
Faisal Abdullah
Faisal Abdullah Yıl önce
Actually, designed by a bunch of urbanists, city planners, city economists and a bunch of other specialists from all over the world, say what you want but you cant deny the ambition behind the project and the support of its leaders.
Ice Breaker
Ice Breaker 9 aylar önce
if he actually played it hed know its wrong to do it lol
TheSeppentoni 9 aylar önce
@Faisal Abdullah Ambition and stupidity are often indistinguishable.
MoeffG Yıl önce
5:20 That the cables have to be over a kilometer long is not a problem. In Japan there's the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, with a 2km long suspended span segment in the middle.
Elle Chim
Elle Chim Yıl önce
Horisontal - Vertical = Not the same
Romi Arkan
Romi Arkan Yıl önce
Cable bridges are largely horizontal. The highest points don't, and might never, get even closer to 500 m in the air.
MoeffG Yıl önce
@Romi Arkan And because the cables are horizontal, they have handle way more stress than if they were vertical. Here's a simple experiment you can do yourself: Take a weight of some sort and connect a 2 strings to it. Now hold the weight up on the with 1 hand and one string. Then hold one string in each hand and try to hold the weight up by pushing your hands away from each other (to the left and right instead of up) and tell me what was harder. The cables in this tower don't hold up their tower, they only support it from swaying. The cables in suspension bridges hold up the entire weight of the bridge besides the towers/anchor points..
Dave TV
Dave TV Yıl önce
It is sad how some countries waste a lot of money to carryout projects that never see the light of the day.
Mark Bole
Mark Bole Yıl önce
keeps lots of foreign consultants employed though
Magpie 5 aylar önce
it's not wasted. Lots of people are getting rich from these ideas not being built.
Yousof’s world editz
Yousof’s world editz Yıl önce
I think the canal will be a success but you never know . It’s also so useful too and I think the canal is better than all of these mega projects . I wish they can do it .
Julian mrtns
Julian mrtns Yıl önce
Never call something impossible. There’s always one person who does the thing nobody could
playedit0ut Yıl önce
It could be done maybe a few centuries into the future. But right now, nope.
howard baxter
howard baxter 8 aylar önce
Nope, some things are straight up impossible. These are such cases. They serve no real purpose and are nothing short of total wastes of money.
liul 7 aylar önce
The line is a superexpensive stupid idea.
liul 7 aylar önce
Your thinking comes from not knowing all the times humans failed
everyone Yıl önce
Dubai should invest in modern plumbing before chasing useless skyscrapers.
Ultla 321
Ultla 321 Yıl önce
As a resident of dubai I can confirm we have modern plumbing for a long while actually.
Lylly_Bett 10 aylar önce
@Ultla 321 Tell this to the poop lorries out from Burj Khalifa
Mustang Gt 313
Mustang Gt 313 8 aylar önce
@Lylly_Bett poop lorries are actually not a problem to anyone,Right?
Venom707 8 aylar önce
How does it help me.I never got to go for Hajj.Its been four years.
Venom707 8 aylar önce
@Mustang Gt 313 Egypt is better off.
Stanislas Kowalski
Stanislas Kowalski Yıl önce
The argument of jobs and economic boost due to the construction itself is an excellent example of the broken window fallacy.
Joxar 9 aylar önce
What's that?
Stanislas Kowalski
Stanislas Kowalski 9 aylar önce
@Joxar The broken window is a metaphor imagined by the French economist Frédéric Bastia to explain some of the most common fallacies in economics. Imagine that a window has been broken. You can pretend that it is good for the economy, since it gives some income to the guy who repairs it. That guy will spend his money to buy food from a merchant who will spend his money to buy something else. The broken window has started a long chain of economic activities and spending. But that reasoning is obviously false, since the owner of the window would probably have spent his money on something else, if given the choice, maybe a book. And the librarian would have spent his money on something else etc. The chain of activities that starts with the broken window is obtained at the expenses of another chain. The only way to distinguish the two chains with any certainty is to look at their beginning. The broken window chain starts with a net loss. There is no way any convoluted reasoning can erase that fact. Bastia noticed that a lot of our economic reflections are expressed to present an indisputable waste as if it was "good for the economy". He gives many examples: buying artworks nobody cares about, building roads where nobody is traveling, posting soldiers in garrison just to support the local economy etc. All those things, artwork, roads, garrisons, should be considered for their own merits and not for hypothetical economic fallouts. Of course, it is even worse if you pay people for nothing. You lose the useful work that they would have done otherwise.
Joxar 9 aylar önce
@Stanislas Kowalski that's really interesting, I understand it now. thanks for explaing it to me mate
eamylord 8 aylar önce
@Stanislas Kowalski that was clever, thanks !
pmw84 Yıl önce
love your video! great job mate, keep it coming!
Cellistrae Yıl önce
Dubai artificial islands are constructed on coral reefs as well. And they can't use see sands for it, since see sand is too big.
Skullmaister Yıl önce
"Nothing is to wonderful to be true, if it be consistent with the laws of nature", Michael Faraday.
Doc Lewis
Doc Lewis 2 aylar önce
The damage that "creating" an island must have on the oceans...I just can't wrap my head around that much damage.
Sharif Ahmed
Sharif Ahmed Yıl önce
5:59 Turkey's capital city is not Istanbul, it is Ankara. Please Google if there's any doubt ☺️
Joby John
Joby John Yıl önce
I hope all the projects finishes and give inspiration for far-sighted view for developing nations. Growth of Dubai in a span of 50 years is remarkable. All the wonders of world would not have been possible if none took the initiative.
PokeMANIA Yıl önce
Same for china right I mean they did it with 70-80 years to become a superpower right?
A.J Herbert
A.J Herbert 6 aylar önce
"Growth of Dubai". Please. Painting a turd gold and throwing confetti on it doesn't make it any less of a turd.
Christopher Aaron
Christopher Aaron Yıl önce
The proposed train underneath "The line" city could work if it uses maglev technology. But you are right that they won't meet their goal with standard steel rails. I suspect they're going with maglev.
howard baxter
howard baxter 8 aylar önce
It wouldn’t and couldn’t work. Acceleration and deceleration are a thing, and stops cannot be astronomically far a part or else the entire concept is useless. This is just a ridiculous idea. We are needlessly creating our own issues to try and solve in the future.
Big Pink Furry Box
Big Pink Furry Box Yıl önce
The Line is basically a reedition of Disney's Epcot city dream.
Tom Dolan
Tom Dolan Yıl önce
The 'train' in the Line project couldn't be a bullet train but would need to be a hyperloop
Rude Yıl önce
If only Hyperloops weren't a screaming metal death trap.
Rafaël Comeliau
Rafaël Comeliau Yıl önce
Such an interesting video. As a frensh person, I love what you do cause it’s easily understable ^^
eamylord 8 aylar önce
Yeah, France !
Denish Denial
Denish Denial Yıl önce
hi top your channel... accurate and solid from malaysia🇲🇾
Top Luxury
Top Luxury Yıl önce
Thank you! 🥰
Muhamad Faizal
Muhamad Faizal Yıl önce
Malaysia jugak 🇲🇾😀
Keng Weng Loke
Keng Weng Loke Yıl önce
@Muhamad Faizal me too
ChocoLatté Yıl önce
@Top Luxury mee too 🇲🇾❤️🥰 keep it up🔥👍🏻
Alvin JY
Alvin JY Yıl önce
Sama ✋
Dronzrock Yıl önce
Every ambitious project begins from the word IMPOSSIBLE. And yet some of it turns out to be wonders. Only time can tell...
Tanmim Ahmed
Tanmim Ahmed Yıl önce
Venom707 8 aylar önce
Time for Asr or Magribh now in Khi.What year.Am or pm.Time ki bat karta he..
Arp Sri
Arp Sri Yıl önce
About Dubai, If they dig underground (at sea level ) to make water tunnel ( this tunnel should go through their land from one side of the ocean to another side of the ocean. They can not stop the water tunnel , it might flood. The area that they need to get water, they can do T intersection at water tunnel by using motor to pull up the water. Not sure if we have the technology that change salt water to regular water or not. If not, they can build two dam. One is connected directly to the sea water, another one will be located in the same area. The rain from the clouds that caused by evaporated sea water will be stored in the second dam. Possible or fiction? If Japan make sea level water tunnel from one side of the ocean go through the land to another side of the ocean, can this help when there is Tsunami? When the tide go up, the tunnel with some motor pulling the tide in and release it at the other side of the ocean. This should make the wave smaller?
MONSANTO inc Yıl önce
“Destroy tense of thousands of trees” I don’t think theres a way around cutting down trees when creating a canal.
Zema Yıl önce
Thats the point lol
Sigurd Torvaldsson
Sigurd Torvaldsson 10 aylar önce
There is a way around it by not building the canal
Paul Ian Del Rosario
Paul Ian Del Rosario Yıl önce
I love this channel legit information about infrastructure and idealistic 🥰 support from the Philippines
Top Luxury
Top Luxury Yıl önce
Thank you :D
Nonya Damnbusiness
Nonya Damnbusiness Yıl önce
The idea that the act of building a canal would create jobs and boost the economy falls under what is know as "The Broken Window Fallacy"
Marco von Atzigen
Marco von Atzigen Yıl önce
"the line" as a concept is the way to the goal "one world one future"
Kidd Wong
Kidd Wong Yıl önce
Ah the Dubai islands. I remember when these were first announced, my friends and I could see the massive dredging ships out at sea when we went surfing. Those islands blocked most of the fetch and by the time I left there weren't any good beaches left in Dubai.
K Choo
K Choo Yıl önce
how long does it take to walk down the emergency staircase of a tallest building? do you have time to escape any disaster?
Mustang Gt 313
Mustang Gt 313 8 aylar önce
Burj khalifa Lift goes 22mph 10meter per seconds.
麒麟葉 Yıl önce
I’m surprised that the California High speed rail project was not on the list
K Choo
K Choo Yıl önce
the high speed rail only works between 2 end points with no stops in between, not for the Line project if it wants to serve anyone else along the line
jdng86 Yıl önce
But when I want to build my company inside an active volcano I'm called "insane".
Matt Mathematics
Matt Mathematics 6 aylar önce
powerslave69 Yıl önce
Meanwhile Malaysia 🇲🇾 had successfully completed construction of Exchange 106. Its tallest building in Kuala Lumpur.
Kaushik Ghosh
Kaushik Ghosh Yıl önce
I always love your vedios! Keep up the amazing work!
PRIME Yıl önce
Dubai Creek Tower is not on hold anymore. The construction is starting early next year with and it will be finished by the end of 2025. It will be around 1350m tall.
畏高的雄火龙then00brathalos Yıl önce
Dubai : (unveils creek tower design) Ace combat players : (HEAVY BREATHING)
Top Impressive Line
Top Impressive Line Yıl önce
All of the mega projects are awesome I’ll check back next week to see what your next video is
Sead Kolasinac
Sead Kolasinac Yıl önce
they're really not
mark brown
mark brown Yıl önce
I wish to see the fruition of these projects come to reality but doesn't look like that will be due to financial problems
pvuccino Yıl önce
The problem with the Istanbul Canal is that most ships will keep going through the Bosporus Strait anyway, cause it's free!
Fatih Sahin
Fatih Sahin Yıl önce
I guess there will be fair amount of ships that prefer to pay and pass straight instead of waiting for couple of weeks sometimes.
Flash Red
Flash Red Yıl önce
@Ahsan Hafeez That sounds like a good way to piss off russia and things get tense when russia is pissed off.
Ahsan Hafeez
Ahsan Hafeez Yıl önce
@Flash Red as of now the turks are chill with the ruskies (kind of) given the love they have begun to share with turkstream or the s-400 or russian tourist in turkey. plus from what i've known of the shipping industry there is huge mix of nationalities involved in the companies and crews so it's not confined to 1 guy only. also there's ukraine, romania, bulgaria and any other country with coastline in the black sea. best thing to do right now, wait and see.
Umut Yalçın
Umut Yalçın Yıl önce
actually not free :)
moade333 Yıl önce
For the line project, they assumes the route would be perfectly straight 👌. For me there's no challenge for reaching 510 km/h speed....!!!
joshua lalloo
joshua lalloo Yıl önce
You never how ambitious a person is, I’d rather not doubt
April Smith
April Smith Yıl önce
I am fascinated by another's possible vision of magnificence... 🇿🇦
Matt Mathematics
Matt Mathematics 6 aylar önce
That wont work out…
Pershing Yıl önce
Some of these (which I have heard about for years now) just go to show how governments and figure heads mismanage money and don’t put resources into the right areas of focus. It is crazy to me. Not trying to be negative but I would much rather see smaller successful projects than mega stuff.
@Binary 9 aylar önce
For neon Saudi Arabia project it could be for horizontal expansion in the future at the right and the left sides in the desert as they are thinking about Hyperloops and train like schenkansen the Japanese one
Harshit Singh
Harshit Singh Yıl önce
Actually is not train, it's hyperloop that they are implementing, only hyperloop has the ability to do so as intended in the "The Line" Project
Carlos Leon
Carlos Leon Yıl önce
it doesn't because it can't get built
rushy scoper
rushy scoper Yıl önce
Hyperloop are yet a thing it stupid to gamble ur whole country future in shitty way over the edge of what currently possible special when u don't have enough time.
ChangedNames Yıl önce
Hyperloop hasnt even been properly created yet. Its still sketches and cgi designs. The real life embodiment of a gofundme page.
reihanboo Yıl önce
Hyperloop? More like getting crushed under the pressure of a vacuum, am I rite?
Joaquim Barbosa
Joaquim Barbosa Yıl önce
Hyperloop is even worse
M Yıl önce
The reason why they didn’t finish “ Dubai creek tower” cuz they were focusing on Expo 2020 😇
ASASN Apparel
ASASN Apparel 9 aylar önce
Fantastic- imagine how fast a virus can spread if you make everyone huddle together in a singular line
Trystane the Black
Trystane the Black 10 aylar önce
"Turkey's capital city ISTANBUL" nah bro that shows how much effort you've put into the script 🤣🤣
Jens Boettiger
Jens Boettiger Yıl önce
The Bosphorus Strait is NOT a canal. You’ve got to be kidding me. Canals are man made transportation infrastructure like roads or pipelines
Ronie Oroceo
Ronie Oroceo Yıl önce
Big projects endure a lot of challenges it fails in one generation but success is in the next generation..
Matt Mathematics
Matt Mathematics 6 aylar önce
If there is a next generation…
Oregon Basketball
Oregon Basketball Yıl önce
I love the idea of the line! I think we need to start building city’s in that same mold even if they’re not that massive. It would make public transportation make way more sense! And would be way more sustainable! You could have cul-de-sacs going off the main strip that would have public transportation and businesses!
taylor garrett
taylor garrett Yıl önce
expect it would take way more then 20 mins, cause the train would have to make multiple stops along the way
ᱬo𝖗𝙥𝔥𝑒υs 𓆃
ᱬo𝖗𝙥𝔥𝑒υs 𓆃 11 aylar önce
@taylor garrett you know it's not just one train, right?
tyler soto
tyler soto 9 aylar önce
They would have to have multiple layers of train lines running 24/7 moving supplies and people in bulk to sustain itself, I think it can be a good idea like neom city cuz Saudi Arabia oil sooner or later run out and investing in something like this could help
Wang Zy
Wang Zy Yıl önce
Those barren islands could host solarfarms for now I guess. I don't know if the developers would consider that
tyler soto
tyler soto 9 aylar önce
If Dubai actually encourage good housing and investment on those island it can pan out
Game Theories
Game Theories Yıl önce
I personally feel The Turkish Canal project has a very bright future a few decades down the line. Very futuristic.
Afonso Alves
Afonso Alves Yıl önce
Yep, definitely the most realistic and plausible project on the video.
Almedina 9 aylar önce
The Line: It's almost like no one in the past thought about this... for a reason
Bonafide Monafide
Bonafide Monafide 10 aylar önce
Woah! Its so awesome to call projects "failures" two weeks after theyre announced.
euskoferre Yıl önce
In regards to Neom, that is why project phasing was invented. You don't need to design and built the whole thing in one go.
SteelBlue8 Yıl önce
Construction of the Line might be possible, but it is a wildly impractical way to make a city. No alternative transport routes? And designed in a way that still necessitates travelling between suburbs? Yeah I'll pass
Alberto Hervello
Alberto Hervello 8 aylar önce
What hasn't been explained in the video, is that the buildings that construct The Line are 500m high and both sides are glazed mirror facades. The problem is the scale, how to ventilate the interior of such a high rise, the effect in the sorroundings, plus the fact that people will be mostly confined in their habitat, etc.... I could also agree that a line is not the ideal configuration for a city, as same people have already commented.
g0blinboi 10 aylar önce
The line feels like a concept that was pitched at a videogame company that will take years just to enter early access
Tim Thompson
Tim Thompson 6 aylar önce
I just read about the line yesterday, the price tag I seen was 1.2 trillion US-Dollars. It also doesn’t make any sense, a square would make more sense. Then they could use the shade for water supplies, irrigation, desalinization plants and farming. 60 km by 60 km, you could actually feed the population of 9 million intended to live there. The whole point is to be self sustaining. Instead of mirrors, the outer walls should be solar panels
Yaven Yıl önce
Love how two of these megaprojects are in Dubai
Kadir Yarçın
Kadir Yarçın Yıl önce
The canal Istanbul project is not a perpetrator, it is necessary because the Bosphorus can no longer handle ship traffic and large ships are a danger to the Bosphorus. Also, with the Lausanne treaty disaster, the dominance of the straits was taken from the Turks, it is an extremely necessary project for an independent Turkey.
Italix Gaming
Italix Gaming Yıl önce
The Line has a chance to be built but in numerous phases.
howard baxter
howard baxter 8 aylar önce
It has NO chance. The entire concept will never work as it is entirely inefficient.
Lady Morwen Daebrethil - Feanissil
Lady Morwen Daebrethil - Feanissil Yıl önce
0:51 It looks like a realistic view of the world in 2050.
Michael Michael
Michael Michael Yıl önce
I wonder what Dubai is like when the oil is Spend
Dr. Ali WD
Dr. Ali WD Yıl önce
@Michael Michael Dubai will stay the same, they are only 5% dependent on oil. btw Dubai isn't as rich in oil as most think, Abu Dhabi has more than double the oil reserves of Dubai.
Dr. Ali WD
Dr. Ali WD Yıl önce
0:51 is the new administrative capital of Egypt. They are already doing great with this project.
Mujahid Mauthoor
Mujahid Mauthoor Yıl önce
The Istanbul canal is feasible, but may takes years to complete. And then Turkey can force ships to pass through that canal by closing the existing Bosphorus one.
Soner Koca
Soner Koca Yıl önce
They cannot close the Bosphorus to foreign ships due to a treaty signed in 1936. However, Canal Istanbul, if it's ever built, will be like a "Toll Road" for commercial ships. Instead of waiting to pass the Bosphorus, they will be able to pay 10s of thousands of dollars and pass through the Canal Istanbul to save time.
Thom Babu
Thom Babu Yıl önce
Imaginative constructions are worthy even if is failed after 50 years. Out of that unimaginable information, invention , creation would come out which is more than the lose of imaginative constructions failure after 50 years.
Emmanuel Eriksson
Emmanuel Eriksson Yıl önce
At, the Dubai Creek Tower doesn't "miss this target by 20%". It misses it by "20 percentage points" or "by 67%".
Formakiwi 11 aylar önce
Dubai's island projects are the literal realisation of the proverbial castles built on sand.
Void X
Void X Yıl önce
If Dubai Plans to do something they will always succeed. "turned impossible to possible"
Nagy Richard
Nagy Richard Yıl önce
Well yeah but while the other train has curves and stuff the other one would just need to go straight
nolimits cpm
nolimits cpm Yıl önce
Keep it up sir. So many learnings to your videos thank you
Damn! The palm island is jacked either way from flooding or by sinking!
UItraVice 9 aylar önce
Imagine being claustrophobic in the line... I mean you'd feel trapped 24/7.
tyler soto
tyler soto 9 aylar önce
It's going to have open spaces, parks and next to the ocean
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