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Snooker Shots

Snooker Shots

4 aylar önce

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Joulu Pukki
Joulu Pukki 3 aylar önce
I was waiting him to launch that ball so it knocks that dude but that would be mean since pool ball are gonna hurt like hell😂
ho go
ho go 15 gün önce
gz 6
Zwe Htet
Zwe Htet 29 gün önce
Orange Scout
Orange Scout 3 aylar önce
Draw imparts over spin….. like gears. This is the same principle that allows you to throw a ball
Alex Hecimovich
Alex Hecimovich 6 gün önce
But the cue ball doesn’t draw when he makes it
Кирилл Телькунов
Кирилл Телькунов 4 aylar önce
Просто красава
Jeremy Nalley
Jeremy Nalley 13 saatler önce
I love these videos, these guys are killer funny but also very good.!. ;) 😉
Приколы Нукус
Приколы Нукус 4 aylar önce
Fereydoun Sadeghi
Fereydoun Sadeghi 3 aylar önce
Impressive 🤠👌👍
Гараж Я
Гараж Я 28 gün önce
mao,mao,abdul 4 aylar önce
Wow this is amazing
Paul Angel
Paul Angel 4 aylar önce
Tudo depende da distância
Wellington Sergio
Wellington Sergio Aylar önce
Sim mn kkkkkk
Хамзат Магомадов
Хамзат Магомадов 4 aylar önce
В первом случае шар дальше стоит от кия. Во втором слусае на см 10-15 ближе. Вот и весь фокус.
Илья Миронов
Илья Миронов 3 aylar önce
Фокус в том, что он подкрутил шар белый, белый подкрутил красный. Внимательно посмотри куда бьёт первый и куда второй
Al Al
Al Al 4 aylar önce
Amazing but unnecessary skills in pool game
Banqkai Qai
Banqkai Qai 3 aylar önce
Practice make it perfect...all dis trick but reyes is GOAT
Huge BW
Huge BW 4 aylar önce
The key is you should do the top spin
Hindustan Bolts
Hindustan Bolts 3 aylar önce
My entire concentration was on the guy with cigarette.😂
Abhishek Rajput
Abhishek Rajput 3 aylar önce
And mine on red tshirt girl🥰
mao,mao,abdul 4 aylar önce
Wow this is amazing
ace joker
ace joker 4 aylar önce
Paghikog uguk
David Klosterman
David Klosterman 4 aylar önce
Ye ha
Elmurod Iskandarov
Elmurod Iskandarov 3 aylar önce
Rama dhan
Rama dhan 3 aylar önce
Rajaram Pathak
Rajaram Pathak 27 gün önce
Jason 16 gün önce
Its actually just super low spin on the cueball which puts top spin on the object ball.
Adarsha Shrestha
Adarsha Shrestha 3 aylar önce
They ganged on him to humiliate him... 🤣🤣
Northwestern Caucasus
Northwestern Caucasus Aylar önce
👍 класс.
Lais Ramos
Lais Ramos 8 gün önce
Mr Kalmado Tv
Mr Kalmado Tv 3 aylar önce
EBR always laughing. 💪😁
𒈙 3 aylar önce
Best shot ever
Re Life
Re Life 4 aylar önce
Ranjith Kumar
Ranjith Kumar 3 aylar önce
Mass of snooker table 👍👍👍
erikrobin30 4 aylar önce
That's got nothing to do with Snooker. It's a Pool table and those are Pool balls.
Ayo Aylar önce
@Erik Robin bro I didn’t realize snooker is an actual thing itself. I thought it was talking about the snooker in pool where you trap the ball so your opponent doesn’t have a direct shot
Erik Robin
Erik Robin Aylar önce
@Ayo A Snooker is just a match situation in which the balls on the table are being brought and which is tricky to be played without considering a foul by the Player. That special situation is named Snooker and gave the game it's name.
Erik Robin
Erik Robin Aylar önce
@Paul Cooper Sorry Sir, but it's the other way: Pool is just one of some Billard's variants. Snooker, Pool, Carambol and other variants are just members of the Billard family.
Paul Cooper
Paul Cooper 3 aylar önce
Billiards is pool
حمودي _ Hamodi
حمودي _ Hamodi 3 aylar önce
Gr33n 4 aylar önce
nice, now do it on a snooker table
Muscat Glue
Muscat Glue 3 aylar önce
Double Tap
Double Tap 3 aylar önce
Draw gives forward momentum
lvitela24 13 gün önce
@Rob Mckennie it's the same thing you need a little bit of draw stun to stop it dead. it'll throw top spin to the object ball
Rob Mckennie
Rob Mckennie 2 aylar önce
The cueball didn't have draw, it stopped dead
مومو الزوي
مومو الزوي 3 aylar önce
Carlos 4 aylar önce
O cara deixa o taco pouco afastado e fica solto na mesa
XENDER XENDER 3 aylar önce
I love the red one
no name
no name 2 aylar önce
Ajith Leo Chandy
Ajith Leo Chandy 4 aylar önce
First guy have the ball placed much farther from the pocket and than the supposed pro
Crypto Divio$o
Crypto Divio$o 3 aylar önce
Not only is that not true for 1 they were roughly placed about the same places on the table but besides that because it's irrelevant even if they're placed slightly different. The 1st guy also had the opportunity to place them actually wherever within the general vicinity regardless. Placement has little to do with the shot. It's all about the spin on the ball. The 2nd guy who knows how to shoot that shot would make that shot regardless of any variable of placement or distance as long as it's a straight shot would be my guess and he probably even has a few trickier variations on the shot as well. It's a fly A$$ shot;
Seshan Almeda
Seshan Almeda 3 aylar önce
A-TOWN-04 lil jay
A-TOWN-04 lil jay 3 aylar önce
His ball was close to when he shot bs
Juzmurat Janabayev
Juzmurat Janabayev 3 aylar önce
Как называется эта песня?
Danilo Nascimento
Danilo Nascimento 2 aylar önce
Esse aí já dá pra vim jogar com baianinho de Mauá
Edwin Enriquez
Edwin Enriquez 3 aylar önce
I try this at home... The ball.hit my friend ball
Vishal Sai
Vishal Sai 4 aylar önce
JhonAlex el nuevo Rey
JhonAlex el nuevo Rey 4 aylar önce
Son los maximo
Абай Камалов
Абай Камалов 4 aylar önce
Красавчик мықты 💪 жарайсың
Denis Medvedev
Denis Medvedev 3 aylar önce
Что за музыка?
Yeo 5265 Weitak
Yeo 5265 Weitak 4 aylar önce
chardonneret 3 aylar önce
Jam Wick
Jam Wick 3 aylar önce
Well it doesnt count, where in the hell of billiards history that a stick was in the table while you are playing.
Anime Hentai
Anime Hentai 3 aylar önce
SON UNOS DE LOS Sun: "Hotter" Sugar: "Sweeter" Joonie: "Cooler" Yoongi: "Butter" Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente
Ahmed 4 aylar önce
المسافات تختلف
INTEL3301🖤 4 aylar önce
KABRORZE1 3 aylar önce
Sem nescessidade !
A L E X S A N D R v D O V K 1 N
A L E X S A N D R v D O V K 1 N 3 aylar önce
Вы посмотрите там как другой человек бьёт как он бьёт там шарик очень близко стоял красками белая расстояние далеко конечно он закинет
Тож это хотел написать
Hidayatday 3 aylar önce
jafna Shari
jafna Shari 3 aylar önce
bestvalet70 3 aylar önce
That's a small table for a snooker table
q Aylar önce
I don't know the rules of snooker, but it seems that it is forbidden to touch the balls with your hands
Jonas Fermino
Jonas Fermino 4 aylar önce
Kkk taco solto fica fácil.
Mohammadraza khan
Mohammadraza khan 4 aylar önce
Is that first guy Elon musk ? 🤣🤣🤣
อนุชิต สนิทา
อนุชิต สนิทา 4 aylar önce
อนุชิต สนิทา
อนุชิต สนิทา 4 aylar önce
N 3 aylar önce
Legend focus on Nike🥺
christopher sanjaya
christopher sanjaya 3 aylar önce
@Tbor Patterson pppp 🐸pop
Ginas Widodo
Ginas Widodo 3 aylar önce
Tbor Patterson
Tbor Patterson 3 aylar önce
TouseefHassan 92
TouseefHassan 92 3 aylar önce
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