ITZY - 'WANNABE' Dance Cover | Ellen and Brian

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Ellen and Brian

6 aylar önce

Enjoy Ellen's full cover of ITZY's 'WANNABE' with 8 different outfits inspired by their music video~ Can you tell which outfit corresponds to which member? See the outfit details below! :)
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Edited by Brian Li - briankevli
Danced by Ellen Min - ellenmint_
Our couple account: eebeelife
Twitter: EllenxBrian
Facebook: EllenandBrian/
Bilibili: Ellen和Brian
Weibo: Ellen和Brian
Outfit details:
1st outfit - Yuna:
Black top - Dolls Kill
Pants - Zara
Shoes - YesStyle (use our code “eebee10” for $10 off any order above $49)
2nd outfit - Yeji:
Outerwear - H&M
White top - Forever21
Black skirt - YesStyle
Black shoes - YesStyle
3rd outfit - Chaeryeong:
White top - Forever21
Black shoes - YesStyle
4th outfit - Ryujin:
White jacket - YesStyle
Black shorts - Amazon
Black shoes - Dolls Kill
5th outfit - Chaeryeong:
Blazer - YesStyle
White shirt - H&M
Red skirt - YesStyle
Black shoes - YesStyle
6th outfit - Lia:
Yellow top - Forever21
Belt - YesStyle
Yellow skirt - Dolls Kill
7th outfit - Ryujin:
Blue velvet top - YesStyle
Pearl accessory - YesStyle
Black shorts - Stradivarius
8th outfit - Yeji:
White pants - Dolls Kill
Black shoes - YesStyle
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Disclaimer: We do not own any of the music or choreography.
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Ellen and Brian
Ellen and Brian 6 aylar önce
Hope you enjoyed watching this cover! ITZY - 'WANNABE' chorus tutorial coming soon with detailed explanation~ If you haven't seen our previous video yet, see how we film our covers in our latest behind the scenes BTS - 'ON' filming vlog:
DOUNIA yasmine
DOUNIA yasmine 2 gün önce
@Moonùhyy u ùhyy ju yyu UV hjk Inn vjh je kkkkkkk ni lu ttun hhhh y thé thé h Juju î hhhh tu ùhyy Juju ùhyy ju Kittyy hhhh je f de i joint kv kkkkkkk bio poilue j hhhh un hhhh i oki hjk j'hhhh n n'j ni ùhyy Inn London ok e oki i Oh ùhyy ju Inn j'hhhh oki i Inn jj
최한지나 13 gün önce
Very beautiful dance
HADJER ARMYTINY 2 aylar önce
I love you 💜💜💜
Анастасия Мазуран
Анастасия Мазуран 2 aylar önce
@jin Hit Labels _hot 100_k_popi A.R.M.Y f
Анастасия Мазуран
Анастасия Мазуран 2 aylar önce
Biff a great weekend and we are going,💖
Jannatun Nahar
Jannatun Nahar 13 saatler önce
I am still practicing the shoulder dance or than Ellen dance notification come . Me🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Tamanna Sinha
Tamanna Sinha Gün önce
She dances awesome... ❤❤❤ But apart from that I would also love to own a wardrobe like her.... 😍😍
Jowelle BTW
Jowelle BTW 4 gün önce
Keep up the good work!❤️ I hope itzy sees this cover they will be proud of you!😭😭☝️❤️❤️😍
Forever13 6 gün önce
Like it's totally upto her... But she is eligible enough for her to be an idol... No offence to anyone tho
taha vali
taha vali 6 gün önce
Amazing moves
only blackpink
only blackpink 7 gün önce
2:09 this part is so amazing
Azhar Alam
Azhar Alam 8 gün önce
OMG your dance is so great and you are so intelligent😘😘😘😘😘
Alejandra 9 gün önce
esta va por los latinos: alguien mas noto el polo de CNCO en 0:41? xd
Korh now
Korh now 9 gün önce
위대한 하나님의 이름으로 하나님이 하나라고 말하다 굳건하신 하나님 태어나지 않은 아이를 위해. 그리고 그는 충분하지 않았다.
Vidhi 9 gün önce
Her dance and her wardrobe is no joke 💜💜
Tang Marwa
Tang Marwa 9 gün önce
Gizem CAN
Gizem CAN 10 gün önce
Bence itzy çok güzel dans eder bayıldım❤
abbada alhossin
abbada alhossin 10 gün önce
💋💋💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞 الي معي لايك
rida siddiqui
rida siddiqui 11 gün önce
i am quite late but hell she did that shoulder step so flawlessly. I want her as my mentor damnnnn🤐
ملاك 11 gün önce
Your dance is perfect 😍
Paola Cárdenas
Paola Cárdenas 12 gün önce
Jyp entertaiment te espera!!!
*Wolfie Potato*
*Wolfie Potato* 13 gün önce
Nailed the shoulder dance! 👌👌
Tarannum Irfath
Tarannum Irfath 16 gün önce
I don't know where you get these clothes beacuase it likes how the dress in song
;;sweet channel mσα •
;;sweet channel mσα • 16 gün önce
Mi pregunta es: CUANTA ROPA TIENEE!!!????? :0
sophia whyel
sophia whyel 20 gün önce
If you any of you guys watched bill and ted - face the music, ellen is in the credits! She is dancing the part at 1:22! Great job ellen!
Be Yourself, Love Yourself Haters gonna hate.
Be Yourself, Love Yourself Haters gonna hate. 20 gün önce
In some angles (in every cover) Ellen always looks like on of the members...
Spookyy_Doll 20 gün önce
me watching Bill and Ted 3 and seeing you in the ending credits and knowing exactly what video the little snip-it is from
sophia whyel
sophia whyel 20 gün önce
Yesss me tooo!
Ugur Ayan
Ugur Ayan 22 gün önce
Yeji's outfit.....
G6 ODL De Guzman, Patricia Emilie Gam V.
G6 ODL De Guzman, Patricia Emilie Gam V. 24 gün önce
always on fireeeeerhsjsjxvskajsbs syou dance so well i mean very well i mean omy im oyrsnskalapaoxgakaoaisjsz
Pranavi Tirunagiri
Pranavi Tirunagiri 25 gün önce
Sorry but this style doesn't suit you.
Pranavi Tirunagiri
Pranavi Tirunagiri 11 gün önce
@Aarzoo Jangra I've danced for 12 years.... And I'm 16 I didn't say anything bad about her.... Stuff like Icecream by Blackpink is more suitable for her ability and control Try not be so sensitive
Aarzoo Jangra
Aarzoo Jangra 11 gün önce
So are you better than her ?? Don't say anthing bad to someone better than you
valentina rocha
valentina rocha 25 gün önce
I thought you were kpoper and you are wearing a cnco shirt 0:48
Belen Encina
Belen Encina 25 gün önce
Beatiful as always
Jieun Han
Jieun Han 25 gün önce
before feeling more talented than the idol, maybe natya shina should watch and learn from this channel, asksksksk
farhana asim
farhana asim 26 gün önce
She has more clothes than I have brain cells
Cristian Chim Chim
Cristian Chim Chim 27 gün önce
U should be a member of itzy
ainixe chan
ainixe chan 29 gün önce
People telling me: you like BTS BLACKPINK ITZY and TWICE? The answer : 1:41
نسمة فياض فياض
نسمة فياض فياض 29 gün önce
أيمتا تنزلي نوت شوي لأتزي
Hey Vee
Hey Vee 29 gün önce
1:22 the smoothest transition that happened literally in front of my eyes .
Roka ellethey
Roka ellethey Aylar önce
Ya queen👑 you killed it ❤you are amazing 👍I am from Egypt🇪🇬 I love you❤ so much💜💜
鈴木陽和 Aylar önce
Veda Samhita Ch
Veda Samhita Ch Aylar önce
She is just lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Pinki Rupini
Pinki Rupini Aylar önce
I.think she is just awesome girl ,I'm totally speechless
Kpoppie Aylar önce
pause it at exactly 0:41
Emircan Eroğlu
Emircan Eroğlu Aylar önce
Abla ben senin türk hayranınım
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