The Business Value of Customer Experience - Kerry Bodine, at USI

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USI Events

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Customer experience has become a top strategic imperative for today’s leading brands. But in order to reap the benefits of improved customer relationships, executives need to understand how effective, effortless, and enjoyable experiences drive specific business results - and how their organizations must change in order to deliver them.

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Pruthvi Fernandes
Pruthvi Fernandes Yıl önce
The full-proof formula to master CX strategy - Well explained by Rajat Chawla on Engati CX :
GeorgetheArchitect 2 yıl önce
Using stock outperformance as a measure of CX? Really? What a crock of $h%t! This is how BS is spread. And, oh her example of customer experience is Uber. How fantastic!
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