Kevin Hart Disappears!

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ls chhangte
ls chhangte 4 aylar önce
Kevin Hart always find a way to make every situation funny. He's so quick.
Moises Lopez
Moises Lopez 3 aylar önce
That’s why he’s a comedian!
Unknown 3 aylar önce
Simon Jones
Simon Jones 4 aylar önce
Kevin's brain works so quickly in any situation
walkingghost 2020
walkingghost 2020 4 aylar önce
Kevin Hart can spend a whole day at an elementary school and they would never notice him. 😭
Precious Payno💙💛
Precious Payno💙💛 3 aylar önce
Ayooo brooo🤣
Afigaiskan Salim
Afigaiskan Salim 4 aylar önce
Man why you gotta do him like that 🤣
Connie Boozer
Connie Boozer 4 aylar önce
As long as we can hear him he'll never disappear
Queue 4 aylar önce
He’s basically his scary movie character, but with more money.
Chamz Chhangte
Chamz Chhangte 4 aylar önce
Jeannette Keller
Jeannette Keller 3 aylar önce
Kevin always makes me laugh 🤣😂🤣
Kathleen Avant
Kathleen Avant 3 aylar önce
No way to miss all that heart!
chris cunningham
chris cunningham 4 aylar önce
At 4' 10", I know how he's feeling!!!!!🤣🤣🤣
R L 3 aylar önce
If two ladies hugged in front of him, he would also disappear.
Aesthetic butterfly
Aesthetic butterfly 3 aylar önce
The dude just roast himself.😂
Anita Gardner
Anita Gardner 4 aylar önce
Kiven I love how you're always laughing...I said that's how I want to be for the new year 💕💕💕
LightOn Stillwaters
LightOn Stillwaters 4 aylar önce
Turning a negative into an asset and a laugh 💯💥
princexxi 28
princexxi 28 4 aylar önce
I love that😍.
Dalyssa Serra
Dalyssa Serra 3 aylar önce
I loveeee keving hart one of the best comedians ive ever seen
fine effects
fine effects 4 aylar önce
The way they turn around at the same time /he said that 😂
nandan shetty
nandan shetty 4 aylar önce
Kevin hart when felt triggered for his height probably will see his bank balance and laugh all day.
NiceSmile15 4 aylar önce
Love him 😂
Love 4 aylar önce
People say self-deprecating jokes are a problem but it takes deep self-confidence and assurance to pull it off without looking like a sad mess.
Du weißt bescheid
Du weißt bescheid 3 aylar önce
Kevin hart really is a awsome guy xD
Dooobid Shnupidse
Dooobid Shnupidse 3 aylar önce
For being someone who says he's 6'5 Dwayne is alot shorter than 6"6 Anthony joshua
     k cee
k cee 2 aylar önce
He always find aways of making us 😃 😀
Mrinalini Chavan
Mrinalini Chavan 4 aylar önce its best !!
Sweet Brazy N
Sweet Brazy N 4 aylar önce
Kevin’s whole humour is based on his height 😂
[UNITE] - 3 aylar önce
Stop lying
I AM ASH 4 aylar önce
Remember, he is not the 6 foot 2 dude.
yousuf dubai
yousuf dubai 4 aylar önce
Cuz he is Insecure
Aditya Tripathi
Aditya Tripathi 4 aylar önce
But still he makes you laugh every time with same joke
Raji Bisht
Raji Bisht 2 aylar önce
He's really funny but only I found "thank you for having fun" funny?
HC videos
HC videos 3 aylar önce
It’s so true like at one point you couldn’t see any part of his body
George Fielder The 2nd Accountant
George Fielder The 2nd Accountant 4 aylar önce
The Rock must've wrote Kevin's line, cause he's actually funny here.
Robert Lafrance
Robert Lafrance 3 aylar önce
The shit Kevin hart says funniest guy on tv
tennaj 4 aylar önce
Not too often you see a guy that makes the Rlook like an average size person.. 🤣
Giovanni 4 aylar önce
It went from 😎 to 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭
L C Yeiser
L C Yeiser 3 aylar önce
Love him!
Romeo Mendez
Romeo Mendez 2 aylar önce
That laugh tho💀💀
Artsiom Mikhalap
Artsiom Mikhalap 4 aylar önce
Smallest man in the room has the biggest presence
Terry Bryk
Terry Bryk 4 aylar önce
Keeping It_real!
Keeping It_real! 3 aylar önce
As soon as their hands went up he disappeared
D Regg
D Regg 3 aylar önce
Your so funny Mr Heart, your a mountain dude
Real*Eyez#Realize*Real#Liez #2004#
Real*Eyez#Realize*Real#Liez #2004# 4 aylar önce
Here u can see that there's no way Dwayne is 6'6 or something 😁
Morpher 4 aylar önce
@neosapiens I've heard people say that but hes quite a bit taller than Michael jordan so idk. Where did you hear that fact.
neosapiens 4 aylar önce
@Morpher Chuck is 6'4 1/4"
APBT06 4 aylar önce
@Morpher isn’t that dumb how people exaggerate things in there life that are already above average? Like the house,cars,salary etc.. I’ll never understand that.
The Hatchet Harrison
The Hatchet Harrison 4 aylar önce
@Real*Eyez#Realize*Real#Liez #2004# Every governing boxing board in the entire world puts Anthony Joshua at 6'6 so I'll believe them lol
jennifer curtis
jennifer curtis 3 aylar önce
Hilarious 🤣
Annie Leonhart
Annie Leonhart 2 aylar önce
That's how i feel
Evrin Escarsega
Evrin Escarsega 4 aylar önce
throwback to the scene from scary movie 3. Kevin Hart being left out ha
Marilu Bermudez
Marilu Bermudez 4 aylar önce
Que emosion...verlo ahi con el q hizo la pelicula d yumanyi en la selva..q buena. La he visto 3 veces..
TC38Cole 4 aylar önce
If only he really would disappear....
Vato Loko
Vato Loko 4 aylar önce
Aj looks so intense.
Charlie Anderson
Charlie Anderson 3 aylar önce
Hey was Kevin Hart in that I heard his voice but I couldn't see him.
Sneat 4 aylar önce
AJ is a giant, he completely dwarfs the Rock.
Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Sanchez 3 aylar önce
Very funny 😄
jessxxy 4 aylar önce
Proper like this dude.. 🙂 👍
ghost_man %100
ghost_man %100 3 aylar önce
Marshall Lee
Marshall Lee 4 aylar önce
Yeah Kevin Hart’s always trying to run somebody’s moment because he’s so jealous he wants to always be the center of attention
Sneat 4 aylar önce
There is a longer video with context, they are all part of this event.
h i
h i 2 aylar önce
Funny 😂😂😂😂
Daniel Iglesias
Daniel Iglesias 4 aylar önce
Linda Wilkins
Linda Wilkins 3 aylar önce
Deron Dixon
Deron Dixon 4 aylar önce
Damn Anthony Joshua big as hell. He look bigger than the rock
Chris Alexander
Chris Alexander 3 aylar önce
Isn't the rock 6'5
Amara Jelai
Amara Jelai 3 aylar önce
😂😂😂 wow i just disappeared 😂😂😂😂
Lord Christopher Kaymak
Lord Christopher Kaymak 3 aylar önce
darron spencer
darron spencer 4 aylar önce
He did though
Rocky-IV 3 aylar önce
Lol Kevin!! 🤣👈
Ian Noble
Ian Noble 3 aylar önce
Know what I mean Harry no problem lol
Gerardo Lopez
Gerardo Lopez 4 aylar önce
Lol hilarious
Lawrence A. Rust
Lawrence A. Rust 4 aylar önce
You weren't gone for long. 😆
Ronnel Narciso
Ronnel Narciso 3 aylar önce
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