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The best and physically hardest project ive ever done, sit back and enjoy the whole process in one go.
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@colinfurze 11 aylar önce
With Xmas coming up and it getting cold, get settled in and sit back and watch it all, 10 videos cut into 1 with intros, outs and all but one sponsor section cut so its all free flowing. Thanks to the #furzarmy for loving this project as it was a LOT of work but one of my most enjoyable builds.
@NoExpert 11 aylar önce
Love your work bro ❤
@guycha0s380 11 aylar önce
Hi, a big fan of you
@aaroncole4475 11 aylar önce
Love the videos as always colin! You should collab with Mark rober and stuff made here! I can't begin to imagine what you three could come up with! Have a great holiday!
@pacificcoastpiper3949 11 aylar önce
Are you going to show any more tunneling videos? Or is the whole system completed
@Silverhornet81 11 aylar önce
Bloody brilliant mate. Loved the whole process!
@Demolitios 20 gün önce
Colin is the only person who can make a 2.5 hour long video about digging and still make it entertaining.
@nicholas-dv1mg 8 gün önce
well, it's just a mix of 20-30 min videos, so he just had to make those entertaing, props to him still, but it's not like he did a super long video normally.
@Revelatus 2 aylar önce
Can we just acknowledge how damn impressively durable those plastic bins are
@OmegaInReal Aylar önce
They seem like a more % of a rubber ;}
@ST-vt4nu Aylar önce
They look like a more durable version of my laundry basket. My laundry basket has a broken handle I ductaped back up 😅
@eefvreeland9472 Aylar önce
Yep, I use them for...anything, fluids, concrete, soil, garbage, mixing, weighing and so on. And they are still as if I bought them yesterday. Tip: buy different colours, you then can keep track of what to put where and you don't have to talk to co-workers. They are idiots anyway ;-)
@peterchamberlain4448 Aylar önce
Just where and how did Colin take all the rubble out of the neighbourhood??
@icehole84 Aylar önce
I just want to say I'm a union Ironworker in Los Angeles and I have built many high rise and low rise buildings in my life as well as welded on a lot of steel ! always dreamed of doing something like this and thought of many different ways to complete a project like this . I'm very impressed ! What you have done, this is completely amazing and should be highly recognized ! Your energy was great to watch ! Bet this cost a fortune . I enjoyed watching this thank you for sharing .
@namasteforgetmenot8710 Aylar önce
First, I can't believe I just watched a 2.5 hour TRshow video. This production was captivating start to finish, well done. This is proof that creative visons and big dreams can be realized with the support, commitment, and dedication of a team who work hard to accomplish a common goal. Inspiring video indeed!
@secretswordfish 16 gün önce
Birde benim gibi bira alıp izleyen acaba kaç kişiyiz 😂
@Finchyboi14470 2 aylar önce
You’ve probably already got a plan for the car thing, but here’s what I think: in the game No Man’s Sky, the starship landing pads basically have a circular bit that your ship lands on in the center, and that rotates your ship to the middle. Smack that circular part right on top of a scissor lift and put a doorway on top of it, and you’ve got yourself a Wallace and Grommet type secret car driveway.
@DementiaSurvivor Aylar önce
@AtlasNL Aylar önce
Ah hell yeah, a turntable car lift!
@Budehgong 23 gün önce
I'm thinking Giant Screw
@VincentWisdom-cs4bw 11 aylar önce
I never thought that I would watch a 2.5 hour video about a madman tunneling from his shed to his house for no apparent reason but after watching the entire thing I am convinced that this is exactly what I need to be doing in my own house.
@White_Night_Demon 11 aylar önce
Addd a larva moat and a drawbridge over it for access over the moat.
@chtechindustries4174 11 aylar önce
Ditto Other than I already knew I would do this to my house. He needs a secret passage in his house connecting each room directly to the tunnel!
@White_Night_Demon 11 aylar önce
@@chtechindustries4174 His next project after this is building a completely brand new house, one that is unique and doesn't look like the same house (or style) like everyone else.
@jonaswouters8778 11 aylar önce
I've never related to a comment in my life
@chtechindustries4174 11 aylar önce
@@White_Night_Demon theory or known?
@maguseleven2192 8 gün önce
Unbelievably incredible, mate. The knowledge required to undertake this project is staggering. How do you know how to do ALL of this stuff, Colin? Absolutely amazing!
@noelsingletary Aylar önce
I watched the entire video. This is incredibly amazing! Never before has an extended length video held my attention like this one. Very good engineering and construction. A lot of very hard work and dedication made this happen. I wish I had that kind of energy. Congratulations on a job well done!
@littleox6757 Aylar önce
That was epic Colin , thanks for making a full length video of it . Been clued in for many years , watching on and off and you never fail at anything you put your mind to .. absolute legend . 💯
@tonymcdevitt3114 Aylar önce
Wow, an amazing project not quite completed but incredible progress albeit through some difficult times. What this and many of your videos show is a repetoire of skills that would impress many and astound some...personally I find that inspiring. How have you gained all these skills, as a tradesman or something else? Some might say this was a half baked plan driven by your infectious enthusiasm and positivity always finding a way to make things work, I was gripped and loved it from the outset several years ago. I dipped in and out as you completed sections, so the compilation is the best. I have just sat through most all of it - its really really good. Long may you continue to inspire and spread your own brand of inventive madness, music, projects and really funny friends that help you, the sweary neighbour was hilarious. Brilliant!!!!
@ArkadiBolschek 11 aylar önce
This guy won't stop until he's turned his house into a Wallace & Gromit film and I'm here for it 🥰
@Boric78 11 aylar önce
Indeed - imagine the estate agent trying to value his house should he ever want to sell it. LOL.
@seswan9254 11 aylar önce
@@Boric78 apparently he has to sell it as a bunker with a house
@kenl6769 11 aylar önce
Is he Wallace or Gromit?
@ArkadiBolschek 11 aylar önce
@@kenl6769 Yes :D
@TheJepega 11 aylar önce
@@Boric78 After so many modifications I doubt he'd ever be willing to sell it tbh.
@thzzzt 2 aylar önce
One thing I learned when digging out a particularly intransigent part of my basement: Score the rock every 3" (7cm) or so with a concrete diamond circular saw about 3" deep. Then just insert your pry bar in the scores and pry out piece by piece. Of course, in your confined space, you would have to be careful about the CO emitted by the gas-powered saw. A nice thing about this (if your saw squirts water to cool the blade and your work is horizontal): You can use the resulting water puddles as a natural water level and get your "floor" perfectly flat.
@misterbeard2881 Aylar önce
First time watcher, and I'm in! You are hilarious and clearly passionate about what you do. This build is insane, can't wait for more.
@rylanbowman7238 16 gün önce
My brother in law sent me this. What an absolutely incredibly project. Funny, educational and an inspiration for a childhood dream.... Now to get the wife to go along with it!
@321ozzy 2 aylar önce
It is just amazing how intriguing this project is. I mean, we are talking about a man who enjoys not getting wet to get to his shed when it rains, only after 3 years of hard work, using top notch and high-end tools... at the cost of a beautiful mansion. I need to watch your videos more often to find that joy when working on projects here myself.
@stephenmorse342 Gün önce
Colin, great project and stunning amount of enthusiasm and effort!! From a geologist - your fossil is a fossil. Your Quartz is Calcite. Your leaf is stained Calcite and your "dissolved salts" are dissolved limestone from acidic water percolating through the formation. It is not unusual to find barren rocks with just a few preserved fossils (its down to the depositional environment).
@nlingrel 3 aylar önce
The hardware store owner must cry tears of joy when he sees Colin coming.
@laughingatgoofymfrs Aylar önce
He alone put that guys kids through college with this project alone
@frankiewhitmore4528 Aylar önce
Lol I Was Getting Ready to Ask" How Expensive Was This Project Sheeeeesh
@jimwates8047 Aylar önce
@jimwates8047 Aylar önce
@@laughingatgoofymfrs HAHAHAH
@joseescalante9009 Aylar önce
Right 😂
@Mad__Jax 2 aylar önce
This has now become my all time favourite build video on TRshow. Out of all things built. This is my favourite video. This was so awesome to see come to life, and I can’t believe I just sat through a video over 2 hours, and it’s felt like half an hour. That should be a testament to your editing skills and charisma! Love the passion you put into this.
@mhansen111 Aylar önce
OK so I never thought someone could make watching someone build a tunnel fun but you have nailed it! Genius way to portray the effort and very impressed with the production quality of the video. But more impressed with the construction skills.
@JimmyHernandez2187 Aylar önce
I could watch 8 hours a day of this guy building anything. You, sir, need a television series and some bigger sponsors.
@RedSampler 19 gün önce
so we can have annoying narrators talking about the very things we see with our own eyes combined with commercials every 8-10 minutes followed by the narrator talking for minutes about what happened before the commercial and all made extra very special with added reality tv drama ''will colin hit the gas/watermain?'', ''will his neighbours call city council'' ''is tom sick of colins jokes?'' all this is exactly the reason i can,t watch discovery channel,natgeo etc anymore.. im glad youtube exists so we can watch this all without all of that.😊
@geoffas 7 gün önce
I watched all 2h30m in one sitting and i was enthralled. You sir, are a polymath of mining and DIY. Hat's off. Cheers, Well done. And all that! 🙂 Subscribed.
@RS3helper 2 aylar önce
this is really nice work, and i honestly don't think i could have done better. That being said, i think the legs at 34:52 will have significant ramifications in the next 10 - 15 years. I would have suggested to use a flat base so the legs don't dig into the ground as easily. The top concrete will probably have some cracking in the future as well, for that I would recommend digging up the concrete and placing stone. Incredible build, i would not have been brave enough to do this. 👍👍 thumbs up in my book Out of curiosity how much did this project cost you? not including labor costs of course
@ChristonGolding-go1no Aylar önce
Your enthusiasm is contagious. Just subscribed and liked. I'm starting an engineering degree i never paid much attention to civil engineering when i chose what I was interested in but you've definitely got me interested even though I'll be doing mechanical.
@Zarkonem 11 aylar önce
Colin: We're going to build this tunnel quietly and sneakily without disturbing the neighbors. Also Colin during the first step: Revs up a massive saw that he and the crew needs ear protection for and screams at the top of his lungs "WE'RE BUILDING A TUNNEL! WHOOOOOOOO!"
@CooroSnowFox 11 aylar önce
*several trucks worth of cement arrive*
@holzkopp6195 11 aylar önce
@@CooroSnowFox you forget he didn't have planning permission when he started
@handyandy6050 11 aylar önce
Look, Colin's still getting the hang of this "Covert" lark, OK? ;-)
@Julie-ll8kp 11 aylar önce
so true thats what im saying
@handyandy6050 11 aylar önce
You can just imagine Colin on the "Great Escape"! BRRRRRRRRRRR DING DANG KERRRASHHH BOOOOM! "D'You think they noticed"?
@myfmstory5917 14 gün önce
Stumbled across this channel today. When you're watching someone who is enjoying themselves as much as this guy, you can't help but enjoy!
@philip0908 2 aylar önce
I like how he is completely crazy but still has a huge sense for safety. I have nothing to do with building things whatsoever, but it is so interesting when he explains stuff!
@BradyT918 2 aylar önce
Safety? No eye protection, rarely wore the helmet, or ear muffs. When he tripped he got very lucky that he didn't smash his head on something like the rock wall or the thin metal that would slice him open. So I'm not sure what safety you see. Well, besides the ventilation that is.
@user-st1su5fp3z 2 aylar önce
I think that was me when I watch this video
@ifoundz Aylar önce
​@BradyT918 completely agree. No clue what the guy you replied to is on. I cringed seeing the concrete saw going with no eyepro.
@winstoncampbell9547 Aylar önce
HI Colin what can i say a job well done i only came across this project of yours by accident a big thumbs up Rick, Tom and your neighbour for giving a hand your local DIY must say i'm quite intrigued by how you executed the whole tunnel project now to catch up with the Bunker.
@DavidJackson-vh4dw 16 gün önce
The kids must love it, wish I had something like this when I were younger. It seems like Colin is young at heart
@py2178 Aylar önce
I stumbled on this absolutely amazing video and watched it all through, and of course subscribed, as predicted. Right at the end you talked about editing all videos into one long, which is obviously the one I'm watching and I just wanted to leave a comment saying that I really appreciate that. What a blast to see this project, thank you so much for sharing the journey through this entertaining and very well edited video!
@beccawyattarnold982 6 aylar önce
My Man deserves a TV show He was able to keep us entertained for 2 1/2 hours while he was digging a tunnel he’s also probably living every kids dream including mine
@macawleykroegler2446 5 aylar önce
@slavaslavia4085 5 aylar önce
Already has one - 12.5 million subscribers and 14 million views. This are most excellent numbers =)
@TF2Scout10 5 aylar önce
Well technically hes already been on the TV show called outrageous acts of science.
@Redtail11 4 aylar önce
Had one, and has been on quite a few
@argentino67 2 aylar önce
love how at like 2:14:00 when the neighbor comes over colin just cant stop laughing
@onradioactivewaves Aylar önce
This man is living his best life, and I'm here for it.
@xXxKAMIKAZExXx Aylar önce
The editing is so good. In fact, everything here is amazing and I've only watched a few minutes so far. Amazing work!
@GoostavaRS 2 aylar önce
I thought I was going to skip around the video just to see the results but I ended up watching every minute and subscribed! The progress was incredibly entertaining. Thanks for sharing this project. Very impressive!
@davidgeorge7443 15 gün önce
I’ve never watched a 2.5hr video before in my whole 50+ year life! Holy Moses, I couldn't stop. Now I’m happily late for work. Well done mate.
@blackcatgames1177 4 aylar önce
This man's dedication and persistance is off the charts. If everyone on earth was like this guy, we'd probably die in a fiery explosion but we would look damn cool doing it.
@HalValla01 4 aylar önce
Now we just all die in a fiery explosion, only some of us lookin' damn cool
@RetroKnifes 4 aylar önce
bro spent 2 years on this just to play copyright music and make no money
@HalValla01 4 aylar önce
@@RetroKnifes He got permission for the music. See the original video descriptions :D
@theconfounded5269 Aylar önce
When I saw the video was 2.5 hours long I thought, FOOK THAT! But once I started watching I just couldn't tear myself away (even though I was meant to go to work 🤣🤣) It all looks so satisfying! You have Inspired me to dig a tunnel from my place to the garage! I'm not sure what my downstairs neighbours on the 1st and 2nd floors with think though...
@theconfounded5269 Aylar önce
I forgot to say. Already mega impressive doing the project itself, but filming and editing the whole thing too! 🤯🤯👏👏
@iSaintSantiago 10 gün önce
I seriously need to know where he disposed of all of the rock and dirt he moved. That had to be one of the most challenging parts of the project.
@JamesHill-vs4kn 21 gün önce
I loved watching this! You are so smart. I'm very jealous of your abilities and talent. Thank you for allowing me to watch you achieve this. Thank you!
@shaneb1313 Aylar önce
This is a perfect example of doing something the hardest way possible!!!
@joanndolberg4371 28 gün önce
I have never EVER watched a video of anyone digging a tunnel before, but I must say, this was an entertaining 2 or 3 hours.
@jdawg2003 11 aylar önce
I know that this won't get seen, but a suggestion for the car lift. You could use parts from a hydraulic elevator to lift the car. Many of them can support 4,000 lbs, and a DeLorean only weighs 2,800 lbs (according to google). Then, instead of a rectangular parking area, make it a circle. That way you could build a turntable with a ring gear, pinion, and electric motor. No big tolerances necessary. The mechanical advantage of the ring gear would make it "easy" to turn the car. On top of the turntable, add some beefy posts that attach to a second platform which levels with the garage floor when the elevator is down, and flushes with the ceiling when the elevator is up. As a bonus, the car can just be set spinning on a slow rotation for display!
@Deimos001 11 aylar önce
Imagine the lift with an lazy Susan,it would be cool when the car would be underground.
@jdawg2003 11 aylar önce
@@Deimos001 Exactly!
@_PJW_ 11 aylar önce
Add some Xmas lighting to the display setup for added atmosphere. There could be beer too, for grabs! 🤔🤪
@Deimos001 11 aylar önce
@@_PJW_ that's how I like it,man cave/garage. If he do it boy it's gonna be massive.
@CertifiedRedneckEngineer 11 aylar önce
just modify a car lift. like the ones at a mechanic shop. Bendpack or something.
@davidromero8702 2 gün önce
Just amazing. Keep up the fantastic work Colin.
@sergo5123 Aylar önce
This is an example of admirable muscularity in the realization of this work. I too had energy to give away at your age. This project already has several important problems. I believe that this project was properly approved by the relevant state authority from the beginning and has the proper permission. I believe that this project was the work of a professional designer and there is a complete set of documentation for it, including electrical power distribution, drainage, ventilation and a valid professional static report. The main shortcoming of this project in the future will be the movement on these steep stairs. When you're young, it's not difficult. When you are over 50 - then going up and down these stairs will be a problem. You will probably live in this house until you die. Good luck.
@GamingFrazix Aylar önce
yea and i think that also explains on why he waited for the neighbours to go away and do it all in silence, as the authorities might have told him to do it all without disturbing the neighbourhood and he gave us a simple excuse of keeping it a secret not bad, i approve a lie done for the betterment of people i mean he is a good guy and didnt want their afternoons to be disturbed so yea i hope you understand what i mean...
@jbrobertson6052 Aylar önce
With this being the first time watching one of your videos I can honestly say that no engineer is going to fault you on your design and if I didn't know any better I would think that you were my competition in the 80s building all these underground secret squirrel grow rooms lol oh and by the way beautiful joband ya gotta luv overkill Cheers my new found friend
@mesacomplains3404 2 aylar önce
I will attribute the coffee shortage in my town to this man. I don't care that we're in different countries. He's shown that obstacles mean nothing to him.
@Fuzzy6262 Aylar önce
Just got to the forgiveness/permission part over two hours in and that blew me away. I've been wondering the whole time and that was some RISKY BUSINESS, glad you didn't have to fill in all your hard work. Very excellent.
@onkouth 9 aylar önce
As a Civil Engineer who once specialised in Geotechnical Engineering, I found this absolutely incredible, equal parts fascinating and terrifying. I would not have been down there doing what you did but the skill, workmanship and innovation was top class. This is my new favourite TRshow Video 😀👍
@JenSavage 8 aylar önce
Is this... safe to do?
@onkouth 8 aylar önce
@@JenSavage being inside of any kind of excavation that is above knee height and is not properly secured has it's risks, it's not for me to say if this was risky from what I've seen because editing can make things look worse than they are. He is a very talented engineer himself so I am guessing he had a good idea of what was safe and what wasn't. In parts it just looks a little sketchy to me!
@Leon-jx8wc 8 aylar önce
@@JenSavage Not a chance, but who really cares`?
@robertc.9806 8 aylar önce
@@onkouth Which parts are the sketchiest?
@ryugujiken6936 25 gün önce
imagine playing a game of hide-and-seek tag, spotlight or manhunt with your friends with this. It'd be insane.
@Envy701 Aylar önce
I have never ever sat through a video on TRshow for more than 30mins until now. Watched the entire video without skipping as this was by far the most interesting and entertaining watch ever. Colin. You have a new subscriber. Many thanks and well done!
@FIRE_in_the_NHS Aylar önce
I used to have a fantasy that I'd build myself a Batcave under the front garden so essentially from a hatch inside the house, I'd be tunneling down under the house then sideways under the garden, then hollowing out to create the Batcave... That was before I watched this... 😂 I possess none of the skills, tools nor know-how so it's dead in the water...
@transhuman9153 Aylar önce
For all that say that this is too much work, you are right. Shortcuts are strongly suggested to what's coming.
@sfl6307 Aylar önce
I worry about the walls rusting, maybe a Vapor barrier should have been used for moisture purposes?????not sure but amazing work👍🏻
@trazos_d 10 aylar önce
lemme just say how much I do appreciate the fact this video is 2 and a half hours long instead of being split into a thousand parts coming every week or month until completion. Literally on tears right now because someone in YT actually took the patience and consideration to put all of this together from start to finish so I can bang your whole adventure in a single pass and prolly repeat in the future as with any other good movie I've seen before. Thank you very much, I love you.
@zipinha 10 aylar önce
@levskitron 10 aylar önce
he has released this in segments.. This is just a complete version.
@audible_ 10 aylar önce
I know right
@DNozz777 10 aylar önce
See Im the complete opposite.. A 50 year old man acting like a teen with annoying skateboard themed music for 10 minutes but the project is cool I can handle.. This guy is so.. yeah.. I watched 4 minutes before finding a diff video..
@REALfish1552 5 aylar önce
@@DNozz777 And yet you still took the time to respond deep into the comments.... I'm 52 and have loved his videos for years.
@829smith 17 gün önce
Mesmerizing. Just fabulous. I'm surprised a big TV network did not pick this up for a full 2 hour special. Is there a concern for radon gas collecting in the lower level, or are the vent fans installed to mitigate that issue?
@steelpanther9568 Aylar önce
I bet the hardest part of this tunnel build was planning where to position the cameras as to not show the tunnel to the nearest bank vault, 🇬🇧😉👍🏼
@enforcerlucario932 Aylar önce
Man this guy worked on the biggest project even my dad would be envy his work or be very impressed 🤔 but looks and sounds a lot like a Ton of work even for me.
@eugenelapointe3129 Aylar önce
Colin, how do you sleep at night? I know your mind is traveling at a million miles per hour every minute of every day! You are a very very special person. You are brilliant with a brilliant mind! Thank you for making and doing everything you do for us out here in our worlds! And Thank You for allowing us to be part of your world. Cheers mate!
@svengijengi8804 11 aylar önce
I’m pretty amazed at how positive Colin is through this whole 3 YEAR process. That’s some planning skills, super admirable
@Kenneth_James 11 aylar önce
Do you think he didn't have bad days off cam?
@dmounts9999 11 aylar önce
@@Kenneth_James Does it really matter? Its just another brick in the wall!
@connorwhite2745 11 aylar önce
“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” He loves it, literally gets payed to invent and build stuff
@potnoodleplayz5226 11 aylar önce
I didnt even take 3 years! It took *almost* 2 years
@duckpwnd 11 aylar önce
I remember thinking it would take a man 600 years to tunnel from his house to his shed. Old Colin did it in less than three.
@edisoncolorado4285 Aylar önce
Uma maravilha de projeto. Meus parabéns. Ficou perfeito. Eu preferia pintar de branco esse bunker.
@kurtdittrich9060 Aylar önce
Love this. You are truly brilliant. I thought of a product to sell on your website: autographed copies of the drawings/blueprints you had to submit for zoning approval.
@Gio.Spotter 6 gün önce
This was hella fun to watch, can’t wait for the next project!
@AlexG-uv2le Aylar önce
This is gnarly, and insane. I should have known from the second this man picks up that concrete saw, no glasses, no hearing protection, no face mask. i was laughing so hard this man is awesome!! major props +subscribed today
@charles-ih7zp Aylar önce
Awesome video and project. I'm surprised with all the tools and equipment you have that you didn't just make a belt drive and elevator system to just take the dirt all out into a truck.
@jt2861 9 aylar önce
As an engineer, I am blown away at how incredibly smart and resourceful this guy is. Incredible what he builds on the fly. Immediately subscribed!
@tomrotelli1355 9 aylar önce
why isn't he using a jackhammer?
@levihallock5549 9 aylar önce
@@tomrotelli1355 he explains in the video it’s because of noise and portability
@dmorrellhonda1 9 aylar önce
Someone didn’t see the part where he didn’t want anyone to know what he was doing lol
@chouettehermafrodita 9 aylar önce
I was more impressed with the video shots and editing really.
@David79560 9 aylar önce
Does anyone guess at cost?
@nikkixolee23 2 aylar önce
This is downright AMAZING! As many ofhers have said, this has been my childhood dream!! Ive always wanted an underground room by my parents pond which is no longer and were moving across country soon now too. But im so happy to see someone accomplishing my dream!! Really wished i could actually be in one like this in the very least. But this video will suffice and i really enjoyed it!! I might have missed but did you put ventilation in it?! The neighbor's prolly wonder where the heck your pouring all of that cement in such a small building lol. Better hope that is gonna be your forever home with all of this work and specially money, put into the ground!! Stay awesome and enjoy living the dream! Your doing great!!
@jogrant3851 Aylar önce
Well, that was one of the best things I have ever seen. Love it and love Colin's energy. What about a water column for the cars to sit on. Hmmm, maybe an arm or scissors with a water pool on top, then you can float the cars around. You could program the scissors to drive to the positions needed. Might only need a foot of water then. Thanks for the video, it is simply brilliant.
@kgraham6835 Aylar önce
Colin is amazing….a Jack of all trades! I Can’t believe I’ve watched this whole video - it it’s fascinating and entertaining! Fab project!
@KimmersR-og3ex 29 gün önce
Absolutely fantastic. Watched from start to finish. I was soooo amazed at what you and your pals did. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Great job Kim From Texas.
@ArthurManning Aylar önce
Most digging projects will have major water drainage problems once it gets below your water table. A sump pump would be needed and would be running all the time if I tried that where I live! I still want to know where he took all that dirt and how it was transported!
@smartgem4284 10 aylar önce
This man seriously accomplished the childhood dream we all had.
@mqrcxs 9 aylar önce
@@allthingsfunnels imagine how sick that would be
@jeffhampton2767 9 aylar önce
@Hordil 9 aylar önce
my dream was a Zelda like tower with multiple floors, secret floors inbetween .. 😅
@jasonmartin489 9 aylar önce
Childhood I’d do it now at almost 40 if I had tons of money I’d be ok with just the main bunker
@cesargiron4813 9 aylar önce
@Andy-le8xy 2 aylar önce
It is easy to understand why Colin's neighbors have a "Wanted Dead Not Alive" poster on him. Seriously he looks as if he has endless fun!! Colin we enjoy your many videos great job and Thank you.
@jedclampett6466 13 gün önce
Great job! Now the whole world knows what you got. While putting all that effort and tole in your excavating, you might have had more than enough time to think about what you wanted to reveal. Bravo!....
@RandyStalding Aylar önce
The car lift needs to be circular. Driving a car off the lift could be done in any direction you want. The disk would have to be raised and lowered by a single hydraulic tube in the center of the lift. The disk could be rotated easily by hand. This used to be a very common way to lift vehicles for service. I have seen this method use in a new car dealership. The display floor was loaded by bringing vehicles up from the basement garage and parking them about the showroom floor.
@LoneRanger-kk4mi 2 aylar önce
You sure know a lot about tools and building things. You know a lot of things. You are a one man construction crew. Very impressive.
@jatoca4628 Aylar önce
RE: The turn-table for the underground garage 1 of 2 options to make it easier, have it turn 180° BEFORE it goes underground. Or, make it a dual system, where you’d have it go up/down on the primary hydraulic floor, but a secondary circular section comes up in center of square and rotates vehicle 180° without the whole square having to turn (just center circle of square lifts/turns).
@dummyload7803 Aylar önce
That 180° thing sounds fun but why not drive backwards or if you still wanna have it do it in front of the garage. If done right you may be able to turn the car by hand
@oldgymsock 8 aylar önce
The fact that he tried not to disturb the neighbours as much as he could was such a nice thing to do
@SadiyaGamez 8 aylar önce
Truly it is a thoughtful thing since I live in an apartment and the person living on top is always using tools at weird hours I know how it feels 😪
@cannack 6 aylar önce
got to dodge the bloody council
@letsdiscussitoversometea8479 6 aylar önce
It's not a "nice thing to do". It's an *appropriate* thing to do. And he shouldn't be using ANYTHING that can generate *any* noise within any sort of audible range - manual tools covered with white noise, and *_eventually_* increasing the amount of shielding, before proportionately resorting to the use of anything which might lead to an increase in volume. Not a "nice thing".
@brazilgaming 5 aylar önce
@@letsdiscussitoversometea8479 🤓
@ReubenLovesDemonSlayer 5 aylar önce
@@letsdiscussitoversometea8479 🤓☝️
@nhansen197 2 aylar önce
If you want to turn the car, a turntable is the way to go. If it's going to be as big as depicted in the model, there'd be room for three cars. Something that could be done just for giggles is to set up a blind tunnel with wide-screen TVs at the end of it. Imagine looking down the corridor and seeing that impossibly huge cavern you dream about.
@thomaspleis1290 Aylar önce
2 questions. 1) What was the costs and time frame for the permitting? 2) What is your home insurance increase for adding this? I am really intrigued by it all. Longest video I ever watched on TRshow
@user-jk7qk7rx6f Aylar önce
This video is fantastic you have a great sense of humor I enjoyed it thoroughly. I live in the United States. It's October, October 2003 and I thoroughly enjoyed your tunnel project. God bless you and your family.
@Brian-ss1qp 2 aylar önce
This is without a doubt the coolest video I have ever seen on TRshow. I enjoyed this so much. I can't wait to see what you do next.
@stevesmith8693 Aylar önce
Very impressive!! An idea for the car park. Hydraulic doors layer flat and coverd with sod. With an electric remote to open like a normal garage door opener. So when lowered you still have a crass yard. Ofcourse the lift will sink with the doors so there no drop off. Lol!!
@Sonic-BOM 9 aylar önce
Turning 50 and I felt like I was actually part of this top secret operation, full of laughs excitement and sheer awesomeness. This is like reliving childhood secret strictly by invitation and initiation club nostalgia super sized in adult planning proportions - you gotta be barking mad if you don’t feel the vibe & have a good laugh along the way. Loved this! Let’s do it again!!
@Sonic-BOM 9 aylar önce
smarr janka This is like reliving childhood secret strictly by invitation and initiation club nostalgia super
@Sonic-BOM 9 aylar önce
smarr janka I'm always amazed by the quality of Japanese toys. If something like this was made in the USA it would either be $80 or just not work at all or both.
@homebuddha 7 aylar önce
Why have you copied & reposted my comment? Could you not come up with something original yourself? Unbelievable
@SebastianFlorin. Aylar önce
They should have used the Multiplaz 3500 welding device. This unique welding and cutting tool uses a water-alcohol mixture as its working gas. Unlike many traditional welding devices that emit hazardous gases, the Multiplaz 3500 offers a safer alternative by producing oxygen during its operation. The device is portable and is capable of welding a variety of metals, including steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. It's energy-efficient and does not pose risks of toxic gas emissions or gas-related explosions. I would appreciate the opportunity to test the Multiplaz 3500 firsthand. Relying on your feedback, I want to be certain of its capabilities before considering a purchase, ensuring I'm not falling for any fake news.
@resykle 16 gün önce
Use a product like xypex in the concrete as an additive reacts to water and forms crystals. Any concrete over 25mpa is already got a level of waterproofing. By putting in an additive and concrete over 25mpa you should be fine to not need any plastic. The metal exposed to the opening part of garage lift will need protection, that is more of a concern. As well at the edge of steel which will be level to the ground. You will need to think about a water lip with rubber seal to prevent moisture and water coming in when lift is shut...
@A_Sense_Of_Purpos3 Aylar önce
This is awesome bro. Its a bit unfathomable the amount of dedication and ingenuity this took.
@TheSharkkyy 2 aylar önce
For your car ideas, make a giant corkscrew so as you lift it up it will slowly rotate into position like in the Batman: Forever movies bat cave! Excellent video as always Furze
@RuthOakenshield Aylar önce
In the USA, we have something called a 'Round house' for the railroad engines. they pull into the 'Round House' and it turns them around to go back out on the rails. Same concept as what you are wanting to do with your cars. Check into how the mechanism works and see if you can replicate it with your ingenuity. 😉😉
@jmesha 3 aylar önce
This whole project is beyond my comprehension, the labor, the vast array of tools and equipment, the skill required, the incredible cost of material and the dedication to continue for 3 years without just giving up on the whole idea! Congratulations on the completion? of this amazing project!
@coffeesorcerer6980 2 aylar önce
I mean, like after working on it for a year, you kinda get to the point of no return. You either put in as much effort to give up on it, or you just keep on chuggin.
@ramachandra7729 Aylar önce
what's also beyond comprehension is the why
@user-McGiver Aylar önce
@@ramachandra7729 good question... it's not a bunker not deep enough], it's not even ''secret'' anymore... I guess crazy doesn't need a reason...
@dbrr558 Aylar önce
@@user-McGiverits a youtube series that was bringing his highest views yet. Why not continue.
@ericc.3956 2 aylar önce
At what point did this start seem to be a good idea? Incredible determination 👏
@CoroaEntertainment 2 aylar önce
Rung ladders are soooo medieval. What you need is a tube slide or a fireman's pole into the tunnel (via a secret door). As for what else you might want to add on the way to the bunker.... how about a room with a couple beds, an emergency food pantry, and a bathroom, because I wouldn't want to go all the way back to the house if I was already chillin' in the bunk.
@mjb12141963 Aylar önce
When you dig up a plot of ground and then refill it, you won't have topsoil for grass to grow in. It needs fertilizer and limestone to help the grass seed root.
@babushkababushka7643 2 aylar önce
this man has the dedication to create what he planned for 3 YEARS
@James-pi3ry 2 aylar önce
I know right!!
@warwickaldermanchannel2340 Aylar önce
What is most interesting is that which most of us can aspire to. This man is a professional builder, or engineer: He has access to every type of tool and machine. He even receives delivery of sheet steel, cuts and shapes it! I'd be interested to see how he would have tackled this project in order to do it cheaper, quicker and less gold-plated. That's the phrase? This is a gold plated tunnel!
@PAKfromFYCB Aylar önce
excavate the entire site, put shipping containers down, put rebar cage around them, pour concrete around them then backfill. way less glamorous for sure but after watching the video my brain was like how can I do this haha. and thats what came to my mind
@mtltrader4998 11 aylar önce
I have never seen anything like this which is saying a lot considering the variety of content that is available to us in this day and age. I was left jaw dropped almost every 5 minutes at the level of skill that this guy has to master to get this kind of a project done. One of the best things I have seen all year!
@rajaaayoubi5570 11 aylar önce
Completely agree!! I love it! The amount of skill and strength! Just WOW.
@rdowdall1 11 aylar önce
He must have learned from El Chapo
@megawega6370 22 gün önce
I stumbled upon your channel and 2nd channel building your underground garage and then decided to watch this. Couple things I've noticed in your videos-you are very funny, you are quite smart, and you are definitely a nutter (I say that as a compliment). Great channel with great vids.
@victorfranzella8620 2 aylar önce
Awesome job, brother👍, excellent work at keeping the foundation of your house strong and intact. Can't wait to see the rest of the video going into your bunker.
@majore22 2 aylar önce
I just found this video, never heard of you before… holy I’m Absolutely beside myself… looks amazing and can’t wait to see what’s next! 3 years is a long time to wait though haha
@jonash5320 2 aylar önce
'British man digs tunnel for 3 years to waste 16 seconds every time he traverses from his shed to his house' lovely
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