The moral roots of liberals and conservatives - Jonathan Haidt

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Psychologist Jonathan Haidt studies the five moral values that form the basis of our political choices, whether we're left, right, or center. In this eye-opening talk, he pinpoints the moral values that liberals and conservatives tend to honor most. Jonathan Haidt studies how -- and why -- we evolved to be moral. By understanding more about our moral roots, his hope is that we can learn to be civil and open-minded.
Talk by Jonathan Haidt.

brfreddy 3 yıl önce
I read his book “The Righteous Mind” and it’s a fantastic book. It covers all this and more in great depth. One of the most interesting books I’ve read. It even got me to realize how much we attempt to rationalize and justify everything in our life as a defense, and it helped me to stop doing that.
Z Y Yıl önce
is he proposing in this bookk that there's a defining genetic component to the moral roots?
Nunya Bizwacks
Nunya Bizwacks Yıl önce
@Z Y most ppl have the same base morals i believe. Everything after that is idealism and tribalism, learned behavior if you will. Genetics probably play a role in peoples' propensity to violate their own morals or what they know is right, but probably not in what they believe beyond that. We all know killing and stealing is morally wrong, even the ones who do it. If those type of things were genetic, some people truly wouldnt see the problem with it, and if that was the case, then it actually WOULDNT be wrong across the board and that would def be reflected somewhere in society. But people can be lead to and/or make themselves believe it can be right in the name of some purpose, which goes back to "learned behavior". Genetics probably does play a role in our propensity to be gullable or follow tho, at least to some extent, but a large part of that is also learned
hope floats
hope floats Yıl önce
So you prefer political propaganda over an honest view of mankind... How will you be able to get along with all of mankind if your so biased?
Daniel Carr
Daniel Carr Yıl önce
@hope floats at what point in this comment thread did anyone say they preferred political propaganda? Lol
Sumora Yıl önce
@Z Y he hasn't really read the book.
Wade Stikman
Wade Stikman 2 yıl önce
This is amazing. I felt both attacked and validated multiple times while watching this and yet I want to debate and talk more about this. I think it's inspiring me, more than most things have in a long time. I feel like I have more research to do now. Thank you.
White Nova
White Nova Yıl önce
TThat's the point: you get some things right, some things wrong.
Mark Spott
Mark Spott Yıl önce
Wow, you felt this to be fair and balanced! Well, because he pandered to your views and maybe a little jab here and there it's easy to see how you would call this production Fair and Balanced!
Michele P
Michele P Yıl önce
I hope you'll include Haidt's book, "The Righteous Mind" in your research. The subtitle is 'Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion'. It covers a LOT of ground, and he brings the receipts from studies in Anthropology, Sociology and of course his own research into Moral Psychology. I learned so much.
Wade Stikman
Wade Stikman Yıl önce
@Michele P Thank you for the book recommendation! I'll look into finding an audiobook on YT or check around next time I'm at the library :)
Patricia Taylor
Patricia Taylor Yıl önce
This is great. Just ordered two of his books. Wish I’d seen this a lot sooner. Much needed today in 2022
Ziggy Stardusk
Ziggy Stardusk Yıl önce
I think you will really like his book. Read it last year and it was so helpful in understanding our current political atmosphere.
Ron J
Ron J Yıl önce
I've seen his books around but only sat down and watched this week. Wow. When thinking about someone telling me their point of view I now try to categorize them under the 5 variables.
T Yıl önce
Sunny Yıl önce
This is brilliant! I can’t thank you enough for putting this reality out here for all to learn from and if your truly open minded, you will! ✌🏼
flash522gp Yıl önce
Excellent, Jonathan! I look forward to seeing and hearing more from you. This provides a foundation for the common understanding we need to achieve to Foster the cooperation we need, not only between "liberals" and "conservatives" (it seems to me that the "powers-that-be" use these labels or distinctions to keep us divided and conquered; I'm an interdependent myself), but between and among all individuals and groups. Let's listen to each other, and have peace and cooperation in the World - what do you think??
cdanielh128 Yıl önce
Wow. We need this more today than any day in US history. What a beautiful summation of what it is to be an American, I am looking at my Canadian Familia as well, and what we need to keep a healthy society in which our children can grow and prosper. Love one another people. We all bring strengths to the table. Keep the peace.
Notsoevil Genius
Notsoevil Genius 4 yıl önce
Cool concept. I've been trying to start learning more about the conservative point of view, and I think this finally gives me a bit of a starting point. It's hard because a lot of people who lean on the right side are SO different, that it takes a lot of work for me to try to understand their side. There are some parts where I'm simply left baffled and confused, but I still try. It also doesn't help that it feels like current political representatives are rather extreme to one side or the other, leaving me to wander in search of people who are level-headed and open to considering different points of view.
iamchillydogg 4 yıl önce
We're called libertarians. 😁
goodtalker Yıl önce
I assumed responsibility for an unplanned child when I was 22 years old. It was not easy. At the time I was much more liberal than I am today. Becoming a parent, and having to think of the interests of my daughter, forced me to live my way into a new way of thinking instead of thinking my way into a new way of living. Thanks for reading.
Nineblessednineadoredninedestined Soshi
Nineblessednineadoredninedestined Soshi Yıl önce
No, becoming a parent (of an admittedly unplanned child) forced your CHOICE of "living" over "thinking". An understandable, most "forgivable" choice, but a choice still, NOT an excuse or perhaps even proper explanation (much, MUCH less commendation) for said choice.
HiThereHemmingway Yıl önce
@Nineblessednineadoredninedestined Soshi What?
John Doe
John Doe Yıl önce
@Nineblessednineadoredninedestined Soshi As a thinker, I would expect you to not throw around logical fallacies so frivolously. You set up this false dichotomy of choosing “living” or “thinking” when you yourself chose neither.
Nineblessednineadoredninedestined Soshi
Nineblessednineadoredninedestined Soshi Yıl önce
@John Doe Wrong, I didn't set it up.
Lucas Fortes
Lucas Fortes Yıl önce
This is so informative and well explained, I sincerely hope to be half the professor he is one day.
Chris Schroeder
Chris Schroeder Yıl önce
Brilliant thing to reflect on here in 2022. I consider myself moderate with a desire for new experiences and appreciate values, morality, some traditions. I think this talk gets missed by some in that crowd but the fact that we’re not nearly as witty or as considerate as we think we are is incredible to recognize and reflect on. The fairness and purity chart literally lands the point with no additional effort. You can’t be an arbiter of fairness and prosperity and then ignore what it took to put you in a position to offer that. You have to drive balance and know where to lean to keep the ship afloat and let the vocal minority that can’t handle with it deal with it.
It’s me SB
It’s me SB Yıl önce
Take the political compass test
Chris Schroeder
Chris Schroeder Yıl önce
@It’s me SB I’ve taken two. I’m almost dead center, not joking. I have the slightest lean right and I think it’s because of liberty driven ideals with some respect to tradition which pushed me a touch to the right, but nobody would look at my results and say “yeah that dude is clearly a ring winger”.
Chris Schroeder
Chris Schroeder Yıl önce
@It’s me SB I took it again. Still nearly dead center. I am actually middle between left and right and skew slightly toward libertarian. Matrix reads 0 L/R, -1 Auth/Libertarian. Plus being left/top, minus being right/down.
Chris Schroeder
Chris Schroeder Yıl önce
@It’s me SB just now saw a more detailed breakdown. -0.13, -1.08. I guess I’m truly a centrist by definition.
Master lee
Master lee 16 gün önce
Criminal elements often have this desire to want their prey disarmed. Armed prey can mean being killed. Criminals want the only guns and weapons out of cowardice , out of fear of injury or death. The criminal wants all the power.
Governor_William_J_Lepetomane Yıl önce
If you start from a place of curiosity and possibly empathy when you are in the presence of someone who has differing views, you are much more likely to be open to exploring where they got their ideas/beliefs from. Most people in a conversation are thinking about a response when they should be listening to the person speaking. It takes skill and practice, something I am certainly working on.
Jerad Bennett
Jerad Bennett Yıl önce
I agree with the concepts of balance and the issues with the righteous mind. Our main pursuit as human beings should be the truth no matter how much it may offend our own bias and political dogma. The only problem is that we now try and manipulate truth and direct narratives. A clear sign that people do not want to face the faults in their own thinking. I consider myself quite open minded yet I'm a conservative in most political situations. I try my best to challenge my own ideas about things, but am pretty pragmatic in my approach to solving problems. Utilitarianism, logic, math, science, if it all adds sort of thinking. But I have a liberal artistic side that enjoys being fascinated by novel stimulus, especially when it comes to music. Overall great Ted Talk, and then again Ted needs to do a better job sometimes at balancing their own perspectives and presenters.
John McAndrew
John McAndrew 3 yıl önce
One of the best TED Talks I've ever seen. It's like a key that we can use, if we will, to heal the rift that we've all created between ourselves as we've doubled down into tribalism and division.
Keegan Fisher
Keegan Fisher Yıl önce
Jonathan Haidt is more relevant than ever; he has much to say and I hope to hear more from him in the future.
Bryce Yıl önce
I am not articulate enough to give a highly valued comment, except to say that I appreciate this message, especially now, more than ever. Bumping in hopes to bring more exposure to this message.
kÿhXX 8 aylar önce
. based -
IamClapham Yıl önce
Excellent talk. Beware of anyone who - knowingly or unwittingly - seeks to polarise society.
L 11 aylar önce
Crafterman Yıl önce
as someone who is morally very conservative, I appreciate the respectful analysis of conservative thinking. Nice job!
Mfanas Yıl önce
nobody asked
Eternity Unknown
Eternity Unknown Yıl önce
@Mfanas Comments aren't answers to questions...
Perry Trevithick
Perry Trevithick Yıl önce
@Mfanas What's the purpose of your comment? I find it dismissive. Is this the open-mindedness that is so often espoused by liberals?
Geile Toni
Geile Toni Yıl önce
This was very liberating, especially in these times of extreme political dualism, people are generalizing way too much these days based on certain group identity, which is scary in it's own way
StarrDust 3 yıl önce
Be the change you want to make in others. No one has “talked” me into their side. Action speaks louder than words. I have long since come to believe that people are not what they say, and that it is best to disregard their talk and judge only their actions.
Mohammed Ali Zia
Mohammed Ali Zia 3 yıl önce
I followed that ideology but what I found is that what a person says is also necessary to get an overview of where they incline. And to judge whether that person truly believes what they are saying, they have to be questioned deeply about it and not simply have small talk. Of course this is where things get messy but words sometimes can also give a good testament of the person's character or inclinations.
Wick Jezek
Wick Jezek Yıl önce
Existence before essence, we are what we do.
Ann Coleman
Ann Coleman 3 yıl önce
Intriguing, and I'm so glad this has been spoken to, but its simplistic in terms of just the beginning. As a psychotherapist I see not just an equalizer of morality, but I see where people are morally underdeveloped, or worst, their morality is twisted pathologically due to damaged empathy, inherited sadism, etc. I'm going to check out more of this guy's stuff and see what he's come up with in the past 8 years.
mike Tackabery
mike Tackabery Yıl önce
Thank you so much for this. I recognize myself very much on the scale you showed: pretty close to the extreme right, but I'm not at all the person people would expect me to be. Because of my openness and friendliness people are shocked by my political and social leanings, but I've always been entranced by different people/cultures... LOL and the one time I went to Applebee's (not knowing what I was getting into) will def be the last time LOL.
Thomas Maughan
Thomas Maughan Yıl önce
What is it about Applebees? My own experience is that they forgot we were there. A whole table of people waiting to be waited on, for an hour. We enjoyed the companionship but it eventually became clear that we were either being shunned, or ignored, or the short end of incredible incompetence. The food was pretty good once we finally got some.
Gus The Grinch
Gus The Grinch Yıl önce
I have never watched a bad Ted Talk. That being said, this was far and away the absolute best and most mind blowing of them. I for one am really going to give this my all, to try and become a better Grinch.
wcamp 2 yıl önce
This has actually helped me understand something about myself. I've always wondered why I have a more conservative view in a seemingly ever progressive world. It would be because I prize loyalty above almost all else. Loyalty to a person, people, those you care about.
tom vandyke
tom vandyke 2 yıl önce
Semper Fidelis
tom vandyke
tom vandyke 2 yıl önce
I would agree, and add -loyalty to the ideals that protect them
wcamp 2 yıl önce
@Stratosphere Yes, it is. I'm glad you finally figured that out.
Jeremiah Noar
Jeremiah Noar Yıl önce
Maybe it's because he was only allowed a short amount of time, but he only scratched the surface of the conversation. The same metric that says those with a libedral temperment are more open-mindedness also says that conservatives rank a little high in conscientious. and lower in neuroticism.
alignwithsource Yıl önce
Nazis were very loyal. Religious zealots are very loyal. Cult members are very loyal. Abuse victims are often very loyal to their abusers. Loyalty in and of itself is not a noble trait nor a malevolent trait. Being “loyal” is often used as a descriptor to prevent self inquiry. If you never allow yourself to ask, “why am I loyal to this? Is it fair? Humane? Decent?” then you never really have to consider that your loyalties may be misguided or even sadistic.
vecernicek2 2 yıl önce
Jonathan Haidt deserves the Nobel peace prize for this.
Tim Acree
Tim Acree 3 yıl önce
superb TED talk. As a liberal, I feel inspired to be more open-minded to conservatives.
Kay Mae
Kay Mae 3 yıl önce
I am a conservative. I am also more open minded. I wish more people could watch this and become more understanding. I wish everyone see this video. And we could stop the tossing the blame and work together. Like he said in the video everyone has some reason for their ideas.
Robert C. 🇺🇦
Robert C. 🇺🇦 3 yıl önce
I agree with both. Once we accept others and actually begin to acknowledge the differences, then we would be able to find the balance of our two sides and start to work with each other in a positive balance with universal progression, not against where it causes us to cement ourselves in our own beliefs and work to over power the other.
Joel Stucki
Joel Stucki 3 yıl önce
I'm a conservative, but I have long believed that progressives and conservatives need one another. Someone has to move the ball forward, but someone also has to keep us from throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Progress will probably happen whether conservatives want it to or not. But progress has to be guided and controlled, otherwise we have chaos and/or anarchy, which causes harm. Before a restraint is removed, we must ask why it is there in the first place, and what will happen if it is removed. I call myself a conservative not because I fear change or progress, but because my voice is likely the one asking those questions.
navy med
navy med 3 yıl önce
I understand myself even less now. I'm a liberal on the moral compass and I'd die before becoming an accountant. But I strongly believe that conservative policy is best in most cases.
NilesDaGOAT 3 yıl önce
Every time I try to understand conservatives I get hit with “that man deserved death, he was high” or “the radical left is DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY” so it’d been hard for me. I just want to know how many seem to think that minor crimes or inconveniences warrants death
Matthew Murdoch
Matthew Murdoch 2 yıl önce
Thank you to anyone here trying to be able to empathize and understanding the 'other' side better.
Shamyl Suri
Shamyl Suri 3 yıl önce
The moral roots ... 1. Harm/ Care 2. Fairness/ Reciprocity 3. Ingroup/ Loyalty 4. Authority/ Respect 5. Purity/ Sanctity
Joshua Bruno
Joshua Bruno Yıl önce
Liberty / Oppression has been considered as a 6th dimension.
Z Y Yıl önce
is he proposing that there's a defining genetic component to these moral roots?
Patricia1234 Yıl önce
Behavior counts. Yes, Liberty/Oppression introduces the missing measure of ethics.
heather mcdougall
heather mcdougall Yıl önce
@Z Y No, what he's saying is the human brain is wired from the very beginning, to have experiences which "make sense morally", in short, we are wired as human beings from infancy, to be a moral agent.
MEDI Yıl önce
Tribal ways of life have allowed us to make amazing things, but have also created a never ending perpetual cycle of violence towards our own. As John said you have to step out of your moral matrix in order to see what's truly right, and truly wrong without the confines of what your told.
Deepali Joshi
Deepali Joshi 2 yıl önce
This was one of those insanely inspiring ted talks
Jacob Anawalt
Jacob Anawalt Yıl önce
Good way to present the ideas in a way that would be more likely to be received well by a TED audience. I really appreciate his book Righteous Minds, but wonder if the average TED attendee might find it off-putting.
Gypsy Belle
Gypsy Belle 3 yıl önce
Really great insights. Thought provoking. Worthy of a second and third viewing and definitely to share.
Jeremy Motts
Jeremy Motts Yıl önce
I've been saying for a long time, if we want to get through to the "other side" we have to understand them. We can want to fight and think they're wrong but that only leads to destruction, overall. There are limited times when a fight is what's right for our survival, but overall there needs to be an understanding of the underlying psychology. I bet you would find that the small percentage of the rabid far left have a similar psychology to conservatives as well. We can stand on our soap box and burn it all down or we can really study the issue and figure out how to work together. But I think there are some big money behind the scenes players (Koch brothers, Russia, China, oil companies, etc) trying to do the exact opposite of that. Playing up the demonization of the "other" to sow chaos and eventual destruction of at least America. And though I think this is more just because they don't care, the world. We've got psychopaths running the circus.
saumya srivastava
saumya srivastava 2 yıl önce
The leading division in the world, this tribalism on social media, specially regarding politics, is very scary and has caused me great distress for personal reasons as well. I believe we will be able to find common ground with most people, and there are only a few who are so far off that we can't talk to them. We all do better when we make space for each other's opinions. I hope the world changes for the better.
Kowboys Yıl önce
If you want to enact change in your world, enact change in your community. Do this by hearing and understanding the challenges people in your community face. Once you understand those challenges, help to solve them. Everyone has challenges, and in my experience everyone will accept help. When you’ve helped someone, and they have accepted your help, regardless of their moral values, you will have built a bridge between yourselves and them. And you will have found someone to help you enact change in your community, and in doing so, in some small part enacted change in your world.
Ricky Smith
Ricky Smith Yıl önce
yep. the government that can most influence you is your local government. additionally, you have far more power to affect a local government than a national one.
ToyKeeper Yıl önce
Moral Foundations Theory has been amazingly helpful for understanding and interacting with people at the other end of the spectrum. It seems crazy to me that people over there have the values they do, but after learning about it, at least things make sense. It has also been really helpful reading other studies on ideologically-linked traits, and reading works by the founders of those ideologies. Gotta say though... although the studies paint a clear picture of how and why the world's problems happened, that picture isn't pretty. It's largely a tale of empiricism and empathy driving progress forward against reactionaries with a tribal mindset, and when the latter gain power, things get reeeeeal bad.
Joe Hattery
Joe Hattery Yıl önce
Josef Stalin was famously a reactionary, yes
Jack Paul
Jack Paul Yıl önce
“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” ― C. S. Lewis one million dead per year average for over a century from left wing and "benevolent" governments. slow and painful deaths by starvation. your view of history is horribly skewed.
First Last
First Last 4 aylar önce
@Jack Paul And how many die every year, up to and including this year, due to imperialist and capitalistic policies? People are still starving those same slow and painful deaths right this very second. Your view of history is the one that is skewed.
Conrad Smith
Conrad Smith Yıl önce
I have taken multiple personality tests and I always test extremely high in openness to experience, but I have always leaned quite conservative. Its probably because I was raised in a religious household and have come to accept and stick to those values. Purity is probably actually the thing I value most. Nonetheless, I believe that there is a balance between the parties that must be achieved. This is why I think our government system is incredible. The president is in office for 4 to 8 years, not 20 years or life. This allows the country to rapidly change and adapt to new circumstances. We also have 3 branches that have checks and balances and oftentimes the branches are controlled by different parties. What is fascinating is that if you look at the history of the presidents it regularly switches from republican to democrat presidents fairly regularly.
Michael Millete
Michael Millete 4 yıl önce
Crazy how this talk applies more today, than it did back in 2012.
Marco Dall'Olio
Marco Dall'Olio Yıl önce
It applies to any society with a political system in any time in history
Nunya Bizwacks
Nunya Bizwacks Yıl önce
@Marco Dall'Olio exactly
Daevyd Jae
Daevyd Jae Yıl önce
I hoped he will cover, along this topic, how to detach your beliefs of the world from your sense of self. In other words when you find undisputed facts about something that contradicts what you believed it to be, it doesn't make you less of a person or a fraud because you updated that belief. That is not easy at all.
蔡宗杭 Yıl önce
Go through the video the second time after a couple month, Prof. Jonathan Hadit is really a titan among the modern scholars.
Michael Obrecht
Michael Obrecht 8 aylar önce
I agree. I watched this three or four times back in 2018 and made copies of the graphs illustrating the consistency of Haight's findings in countries around the world. Now, in 2022, I am back watching again as a refresher. This is fundamental to understanding the world of humans.
Joshua Bruno
Joshua Bruno Yıl önce
This talk was in Feb 2008. It was, in my opinion, the peak of TED Talks. He punked them for being in danger of becoming an ideological echo chamber in such a clever way that they laughed and applauded him for it. I mean, he went in on them... "... if you understand this trait, you could understand why anybody would eat at Applebee's, but not anybody that you know." - hahahhahahha - Jon: "this trait also tells us a lot about politics." -- and then gets them to self-identify as partisans, before explaining to them why this is a problem. In early 2008. Not New Years Eve 2012.
Frederick Foyston
Frederick Foyston Yıl önce
This is interesting that we are talking about this as liberal vs. conservative when it is really about right brain dominance vs. left brain dominance. We are hard wired this way and there are also those who are both left and right brained. This is what makes the world work because god intended to have two types of people on earth who would challenge each other and a third group who would help them figure out how to get along. We need to embrace each group as essential to the healthy development of the human race using the middle group as an arbitrator to help them work things out together. We need to quit forcing a division of the groups and instead foster a means to help them work together for the best outcomes for everyone.
Paul Harms
Paul Harms 2 yıl önce
Great talk. I don't know who said it originally, but I love the saying: "A bird needs two wings to fly".
Claude Abraham
Claude Abraham Yıl önce
Bad example. The 2 wings on a bird work in harmony & are controlled by the same brain. Not so in politics.
stoltobot 4 yıl önce
Haidt’s books are excellent descriptions of how political dichotomies like the current one could emerge. I couldn’t recommend them enough to people who are interested in solutions more than being ‘right’.
The Renegade Piano Technician
The Renegade Piano Technician 2 yıl önce
A "passionate commitment to the truth" is needed. Yes indeed by all parties.
AuroraMusisAmica Yıl önce
Its a beautiful notion of harmony, cooperation, and understanding. Its also humbling that peoples trait openess is biological, and therefore an inherent quality of who they are. Which means that being liberal or conservative is not a moral failing, and to assert so is simply an anti-human notion. Doesnt mean that people or ideas on each tribe cant be malelvolent, but that proples natural inclinations and ways of understanding arent malelovent themselves. Hooray for people like Heidt who seek understanding, balance, and harmony.
Robin R.
Robin R. Yıl önce
I’ve noticed that even those that call themselves “political centrists” speak about “us vs them” as Prof Heidt does in this talk.
Vira C
Vira C Yıl önce
I would love to hear an update on this based on reactions to covid lockdowns between parties and conspiracy theorists
Andrea Palumbo
Andrea Palumbo Yıl önce
That part about "yin and yang" really resonated with me. I think about my place in the grand social-political world often and I've come to the conclusion many times that both sides almost need each other, and that either side with too much power would cause less favorable consequences for society as a whole. The thing is though, I'm a political moderate that both likes/dislikes issues on both sides, so my bias here is obvious. Also, I'll admit that moderates don't really do much for the human species on any part of the spectrum, whereas true progressives want to progress humanity into a brave new future, and conservatives want to retreat back into yesteryear, both sides are, in effect, moving, one in one direction, and one in the other. Moderates are an anomaly of the universe, always stationary, which as anyone who knows anything about physics will state, is not "natural". Thus moderates are stale, not moving in either direction, and as a moderate, I vex over this observation often. The question is, where do I go from here?
Thomas Maughan
Thomas Maughan Yıl önce
"come to the conclusion many times that both sides almost need each other," Agreed; and without the "almost". A perfectly ordered society can be huge and grand, but impersonal. A perfectly "liberal" society would collapse within days (as it did in the French Revolution). These rival forces are found in almost every household; one spouse works for the money the other spends it.
Imran Khan
Imran Khan 3 yıl önce
This may actually be one of the best TED videos I’ve ever seen. It explains the psychology of liberalism and conservatism so well.
DuMaster447 2 yıl önce
*current liberalism and conservatism. It wasn't like this always. People in small and tradicional communities value ingroup loyalty much above all.
Kiernan1230 Yıl önce
@DuMaster447 Ingroup loyalty to the detriment of a great country. I guess we can blame both sides for that.
Blake Williams
Blake Williams Yıl önce
I absolutely see truth in what he says, but why do Republicans favor small government and liberals favor large government if what he says is all true?
Jeff Del Nero
Jeff Del Nero Yıl önce
I like his ending statement about "a passionate commitment to the truth" - I wonder if he still would make that comment 10 years later when statements like "my truth" are so common.
Ja Ch
Ja Ch Yıl önce
As a conservative I .....*Gets cancelled* But for real, this was an excellent video and I think that understanding how we work is a great way to solve our problems.
Ndeye Delgado
Ndeye Delgado Yıl önce
A perpetual victim
Nick Humphrey
Nick Humphrey 2 yıl önce
Such a brilliant talk
Christian Prepper
Christian Prepper Yıl önce
3:00 *"This a bit of a problem because If our goal is under our world, to seek a deeper understanding of our world our general lack of moral diversity here is going to make it harder. Because when people all share values, when people all share morals they become a team. And once you engage in psychology of teams it shuts down open-minded thinking."*
Shifang Yıl önce
Relevant a decade later! Ultimately, humanity loses when either extreme takes over. You must have balance. You must listen and think about what is being said. You must be willing and be capable of compromise. "My way or the highway" is a great way to make people stop listening to you. If you aren't willing to understand why someone thinks the way they do and compare those reasons against your own, perhaps even evaluate if you've been wrong all along, then you've got some personal growing to do. A team is best when it's made up of people with different skills. If you haven't come to that realization after all the decades of exposure to diverse teams and crews and squads and friend groups present in all our favorite media, fictional or otherwise (Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, the A-Team, Mission Impossible, every sports team ever etc., etc.), then I can't help you.
Madkingstow 4 yıl önce
Great video. I agree with these opinions and have alot of respect for Mr Haidt. What happens when one political group believes the other needs to be extinguished though? Being understanding, conciliatory and compassionate to one-another is a noble concept, but when your moral group is endangered, how should they respond?
152manoj 2 yıl önce
One of the most important topics and observations we should be pondering about today, in my opinion. And by we I mean all humans, not just some country or group.
PyjamaMC 2 yıl önce
I used to think of myself as a liberal and now I think I'm leaning republican. The thing is, I never really changed my morals. I just thought "republican means immoral and I'm not immoral". And I think that what happens a lot of the time is that people use "liberal" as a placeholder, especially where I'm from. And it takes a while to realize that both left wing and right wing people are moral beings, and that you might not actually be liberal.
YSFmemories 8 aylar önce
that's funny, because while I'm non-political and not american, I've always equated "liberal" = immoral and conservative = moral. I'm a lot wiser and more nuanced now and realized not all liberals are "bad people who want to make excuses for their bad behavior", but yeah.
Dominic Henderson
Dominic Henderson Yıl önce
Hands down the best and most interesting Ted talk I have ever heard
Joe D
Joe D 3 yıl önce
This is a difficult concept to wrap my head around, because I immediately go to the extremes. On one end are puppies. Puppies = good. On the other end are serial killers. Serial killers = bad. I think I understand the serial killer's point of view, but I immediately reject it. My justice/fairness morality overwhelms everything else in this case. If we go to more mainstream issues, it's difficult not to view opposing opinions as simply wrong. It's something I'm trying to work on.
YSFmemories 8 aylar önce
Well, I would posit to you that if you only use a single moral axiom (most liberals use harm, but sounds like you're using fairness), you can't be internally consistent. You will necessary end up with contradicting moral beliefs.
Bill F
Bill F Yıl önce
Interesting to consider that the foundation of our morality might find its own balance. For example, if society replaces fairness/reciprocity with greed/selfishness then another moral foundation might become altered in proportion to the inequity; in-group/loyalty, our sense of tribalism, might become exaggerated. Society has experienced a large economic division and “tribalism” in recent decades, a noticeable departure from the decades that preceded it.
Tim Denbok
Tim Denbok 4 yıl önce
Love what Jonathon Haidt is doing. Keep it going!
Jiandi P
Jiandi P 11 aylar önce
Very interesting talk. When truth is ambiguous, I would say a certain level of sensitivity to perspectivism is key but the world seems to be favoring the other direction lately. Many politicians stoke flames of fear and many social commentators underhandedly nurture devisiveness. Sometimes I wonder how coordinated a supposed 'social engineering' is on social media. For example, I was just reading about the "Try Guys" scandal and I saw six seperate articles using the term "Wife Guy" in a negative context. It reminds me of that recently famous critique of dozens of local conservative news stations all repeating a certain script verbatim, suggesting the message was passed down from above. No doubt. Take the "Try Guys" example though: Correct me if I'm wrong but this seems like it may favor a liberal audience- especially the one's talking on the scandal under a social philosophical lens. In a way, I see fingerprints of a common message passed from above again and it's rather uncanny. Is this hierarchy of power distribution and narrative setting bipartisan? Why it matters? I can see how a backlash to a supposed "Wife Guy"- something I only recently found out existed- could lead to a broader stigma towards any individual who would otherwise be described as a supportive spouse. With that scandal and a stereotype being created by the talking heads, certain members of society may be more inclined to have disdain for traditional families, saying those are the type who are often cheating hypocrites; only nominally proponents for "classic values" and not a good model for happiness. No doubt; happiness is subjective but I just don't trust the intent of supposedly independent sources repeating the same phrases verbatim...within the same week! I think direct experience in 'that which is other' and perspectivism is key. I think this talk was really good but what if there's 'more in the batter' than just a misunderstanding of philosophical differences? Where do we go in this supposed hyperreality? Rant over.
Jyoti Dasgupta
Jyoti Dasgupta Yıl önce
Enjoyed thoroughly!
Mark Marsh
Mark Marsh Yıl önce
"Humans are born with 100% of our faculties on board all operative and fully functioning. We are all born geniuses." -- Buckminster Fuller
Zoe H
Zoe H 3 yıl önce
This needs to be broadcasted on all MSM 24/7 until November 3rd
JSAT Yıl önce
I enjoyed the total video - I am cross spectrum but largely conservative and I was in awe of the statue of David so I'm not so sure of the broad strokes here - but he has a good message.
mchiguita 3 yıl önce
I'm a big fan of Jonathan Haidt's work. To the conservatives watching this - I see lots of comments below where people have stopped watching after a few minutes but this isn't quite what you think it may be. I'd only recommend that you persevere through to about the 4m30s point if not further. He is not some trojan horse for either the insane left or insane right but rather someone who has provided insights into how people arrive at their political viewpoints and also why polarisation is getting so much worse whether it be in the US or other democracies. Well worth watching no matter what your view points are.
Surviving Society
Surviving Society 3 yıl önce
Spartan 506 always is a strong word. What's decaying us is social media
White Mamba
White Mamba 3 yıl önce
@Surviving Society social media is us, it's not it's own entity.
HeathInClearLake 3 yıl önce
His basic lack of the understanding of how authoritarianism and and libertarianism lays across both groups makes all his his points moot. And starting off with insults doesn't help at all.
I’m a conservative, but I was a liberal. I just see more value, more truth on our side at this point in history. But I wouldn’t want to live in a world without liberals. This video is not a Trojan Hourse. (My opinion)
Andy Snadden
Andy Snadden Yıl önce
He asked who's liberal and who's conservative, and then he added libertarian. But she specified that he was referring to social issues ( as opposed to economic issues ) So a savvy political scientist/sociologist really should have known that on social issues libertarians don't need their own category because they are socially liberal just like liberals.
little cricket
little cricket Yıl önce
I believe what is important is to have a good balance. The problem is when you don't have it.
Chad Moody BTO
Chad Moody BTO 2 yıl önce
The Founders, imperfect as they were, implicitly understood the thrust of Haidt's argument: and our republic, through all its bloody and seismic travails, has been the better for it
Willow Woolgather
Willow Woolgather 2 yıl önce
This is one of the best videos on the internet.
Ziggy Stardusk
Ziggy Stardusk Yıl önce
Read his book and it was excellent.
Timothy V
Timothy V 3 yıl önce
This is probably one of my favorite videos EVERRRR....literally can watch it over and over, can listen to this guy for hours
JoMama123451234 3 yıl önce
Why cant presidential debates have more intellectually stimulating conversations like this? We need to elevate our level of discourse
scartissuefilms 3 yıl önce
I like both : openness and novelty and new experiences, whilst also protecting tradition and having high moral values. I don't see that they can't coexist.
God's God
God's God 3 yıl önce
Except when tradition gets in the way of change for the better or possibly the worse.
J A Yıl önce
How do you define change for the better?
YSFmemories 8 aylar önce
@J A Imagine you're a swimmer. There are certain rules you have to follow; Early vertical forearm, streamline body position, correct head position, correct way to kick, and on and on. If you don't follow those rules, by saying "I want freedom, I want change", you're going to be worse off 99.9999999% of the time. change isn't inherently good. Now if through new understanding of our biology and fluid dynamics, we came up with a better way to swim faster and more efficient, then everyone would learn those new rules. Totally fine and great; we are totally open to making changes to the rules if they make things better. The problem is when people say "Bob can't do a streamline properly" or "alice can't do EVF", so let's just get rid of all of these rules so they don't feel bad. By appeasing the lowest common denominator and trying to remove rules just so people don't have to do the hard thing of restraining themselves from their instinctual desires, that results in a worse and worse world.
Universal Steele
Universal Steele Yıl önce
I'm in Canada and this hasn't aged well. Our "Liberal" government can't even answer a question or tell the truth. They will see every Canadian out on the street starving.
Thomas Maughan
Thomas Maughan Yıl önce
He touches on that topic of the TEAM, you might start out with a high degree of openness; but once you join a team; you subscribe to it and are no longer open.
CrossFit Silverback
CrossFit Silverback Yıl önce
This applies more to the base of the pyramid, not the top. The top is almost always distortions of what they claim to represent.
Karnacle Blackburn
Karnacle Blackburn Yıl önce
Anything in excess causes degradation and destruction
Michael Obrecht
Michael Obrecht 8 aylar önce
Haight is not speaking about political parties. He is talking about the relative importance of five moral values to people who have voluntarily indicated their position of what might be called the left-right spectrum. In my opinion, the Canadian Liberal party, supposedly centrist, is trying to appeal to people at all positions on the left-right spectrum. Hence its supporting oil and gas pipelines to appeal to people who are not open to radical change in sources of energy and its rhetoric on shifting to a green economy to appeal to people who are.
Fiery Lightning
Fiery Lightning 2 yıl önce
As a conservative what he said sums it up very well. “They believe that order is precious and hard to achieve, and that it is very easy for order to collapse into chaos, so it must be protected at all costs.”
The Hash Alien
The Hash Alien Yıl önce
Burn down the order
YSFmemories 8 aylar önce
In swimming, there are rules you have to follow if you want to swim fast. If you just say "let me swim however I want", you're never going to be very fast/efficient in the water. In math, there are rules you have to follow if you want to arrive at the right answer. If you just say "let me do whatever I want with the numbers", you'll never arrive at any useful answer. In music, there are rules you have to follow in order for the music to "sound good". If you just say "let me do whatever I want", well, chances are, it will just sound really bad. In literally everything imaginable, the path to optimal/perfection is far narrower than the path to chaos. Fighting for freedom almost always leads people down a less efficient/optimal path simply because there are always far more wrong ones than correct ones.
MC Yıl önce
An interesting anecdote is the Italian poet Giovanni Pascoli, who due to trauma had an extreme obsession for familiar love. This obsession lead unexpectedly to him becoming a nationalist supporting the party Mussolini would come out from
Matrinique 3 yıl önce
This was such a great talk. Thanks. Most people mean well. It's a matter of trying to understand where they're coming from and why.
dnya cull
dnya cull Yıl önce
But was Napoleon really short? Loved reading Haidt and Joshua Greene in a moral psychology class last semester.
Victoria Schultz
Victoria Schultz 2 yıl önce
SOMETIMES.... experience... a VAST array of experiences throughout life BRING us to a more learned and more defined, thus CONSERVATIVE and fiscally responsible point of view... at SOME point, everyone MUST agree that the work we do as individuals is NOT an entitlement of those who WILL NOT work for themselves... if they want to be better... let them STRIVE to be better and earn it--legitimately.
Steve Just Saying
Steve Just Saying Yıl önce
With the Yin and Yang illustration, I am reminded of parenting working together in a family. The mother is nurturing and non-judgmental, while the father tends to ask for accountability and discipline. Only when both work together to address the wide ranging needs can a family thrive through thick and thin. I agree with Haidt, the current Congress is dysfunctional, and partisanship will take us to the abyss.
Kaajal Ahuja
Kaajal Ahuja 10 aylar önce
This was very insightful
Ted Currently
Ted Currently Yıl önce
Haidt is a very smart dude. I enjoy his work.
Franz Josef
Franz Josef 4 yıl önce
This comment section proves that Jonathan did a good job. People from both ends of the political spectrum claiming he spoke on their behalf.
Sweethands4 4 yıl önce
He spoke on his own behalf, as every action by any living organism is intrinsically "selfish", that is the action is always being done for the individual performing it, regardless of how altruistic it may appear from the outside.
Elzian 4 yıl önce
Yeah, the other side totally didn't get what he was saying.
Plowjogger1776 4 yıl önce
That's now how I saw it. I thought he did a good job of identifying the two sides and why we have difficulty understanding each other and finding ways to live together peacefully, seeking the best solutions to our problems. We could make great strides if we saw the other side as having something important to contribute and invite them to discuss issues with us and work together.
Denis Thornhill
Denis Thornhill 4 yıl önce
what about now aldous? left has gone off the rails xD
Ibe Comhaire
Ibe Comhaire 3 yıl önce
@Denis Thornhill haha, you see the irony?
FRNKNSTNmusic 2 yıl önce
Crowd’s response to blue pill / red pill choice was beautiful and telling of our true human nature. Even aware of the rewards of superiority, our curiosity for the truth will overpower.
Gina 2 yıl önce
This is an amazing talk, woah!
JKhristian Yıl önce
I think the biggest problems is the media really plays up the extremes. Most people aren't like that. Most Republicans aren't that extreme, nor are Democrats. In reality people are far more complicated and nuanced.
BigBatt Yıl önce
They’re both hilarious to watch. No politician is here to save you.
Christopher Yıl önce
I was looking for this type of discussion. Wow!
Harpo 4 yıl önce
Much of the news we receive these days is presented in such a way as to encourage us to see things in a certain way. Our goal, through this understanding, must be to step out of the ring and make up our own minds on each issue.
Mandi Yıl önce
k Wow.....way to engage in the propaganda machine and undermining the message of OPs statement...... (countdown to edgelord 'sheeple' or 'hey thats just how I feel. you can believe whatever you want' laced reply in 3...2...)
Dr Boombatz
Dr Boombatz 2 yıl önce
Had to watch it twice to breathe it all in, but yes, truth IS what will set us free. By sharing that commonality, we can wipe the entire chart off the wall. However, after all that has happened since this video, it's not going to be easy. I feel an old fear has gripped the world since then. Ingroup. As global immigration continues the world will change forever, countries will change forever, and society will change forever. Purity has a lot to do with this too. But the thing is, it's all briefly temporarily if we just let it happen. The quicker we can put our differences down and be people together, the faster we can get to a more unified world. And then ingroup and purity take a massive hit for everyone.
Husky Nation
Husky Nation 5 aylar önce
A world without religion is still a world of rules of conduct. Peace isn't dependent on faith. It's dependent on cooperation... Peace to all!
Ihatefracking Yıl önce
The Key is finding out what you agree on. Facts are facts. Agreeing what is a fact and not opinion is key to moving forward. Avoid what aboutism.
priyam bhattacharya
priyam bhattacharya Yıl önce
It never gets old, showed up on my feed today 😮
;9. Yıl önce
The issue with this way of thinking is that often peace and negotiation isn't a real option for some groups. Many times throughout history the "in-group" has sought to completely exterminate the "outgroup" and the when the outgroup pleaded for assistance, they were met with "why can't everyone just get along". I'm not saying that's what Haidt is saying here, but these sorts of things can be used as justification by those comfortable with their positions in society to ignore the problems of those who were not.
jay cousland
jay cousland 4 yıl önce
A very well spoken man,that creates a unbiased solution to humanities complex and greatest difficulties,in 18 minutes.Bravo!People need to not only hear this,but also integrate this on all levels of interaction,for their own sake,as individuals,and as a part of larger collectives.
nicholas schroeder
nicholas schroeder 2 yıl önce
This explains to me why I diverged from the conservative home and community I grew up in.
Jacob Zaranyika
Jacob Zaranyika Yıl önce
This video has followed me for days. I hope I learn something new.
stephencarlsbad Yıl önce
I'm scored in the 99 percentile for "Openness to experience." I'm classical liberal, however, on some issues, I'm completely conservative because wisdom and common sense both dictate it so on certain issues regarding security, fairness, opportunity and a level playing field for all.
Dean Taylor
Dean Taylor Yıl önce
"Security" is a trigger word in the U.S. (and to some extent elsewhere), which can be used to justify all means of tyranny.
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