My husband asks to cook this cake 3 times a week! 😋The most delicious Napoleon cake!

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lecker mit Ann

lecker mit Ann

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My husband asks to cook this cake 3 times a week! 😋The most delicious Napoleon cake!
The family liked the dish so much that my husband asked me to cook this cake three times a week. This is an incredibly delicious cake recipe. After trying to cook this apple pie you will cook it again, your family will ask you to bake this pie three times a week because it is incredibly tasty and easy! Cook this delicious cake recipe for the whole family and everyone will thank you for the delicious dessert. Have fun cooking! Cook with love!
Why haven't I tried such a delicious recipe yet? Cake in 30 minutes. Everything is mixed and ready. The tastiest cake! You will bake this cake every day. Delicious! A royal cake that melts in your mouth.
Delicious shortcrust pastry and a very filling and tasty filling. A very filling and delicious cake for every occasion! A simple cake made from simple ingredients. Follow everything as in the video recipe and you will succeed.
🧡Welcome to my channel!
💛250 g butter, melt.
💙200 grams of flour.
💚2 eggs.
💜200 grams of sour cream / yogurt, a pinch of salt.
🧡 + -400 grams of flour.
Add 💛 little by little, because the flour is different for everyone.
💜 Roll out as far as possible.
💚 Grease the butter and flour evenly.
💙 do as I do.
Mix a little.
Divided into 12 parts.
💙I got 100 grams each.
Place in the refrigerator for 3 hours or overnight.
💛2 eggs.
💜200 grams of sugar.
💚3 tablespoons of flour, 3 tablespoons of cornstarch.
💙500gr milk.
💛 cook until thick.
🧡When it starts to boil, let it boil for 1 minute.
💚Vanillin / vanilla sugar.
Let cool down.
🧡You need to roll out each dough.
A variation like me is very easy.
💙Size 18cm.
Bake one after the other at 180 ° C for 6-8 minutes.
💛50 grams of butter at room temperature.
💙Add all of the cooled cream and mix everything well.
💛Collect the cake and leave it on the table for 6 hours or overnight.
💜Thank you for watching, liking and commenting!
🧡The result is a delicious Napoleon cake!
Recipe in cups 👇
🧡Welcome to my channel!
💙1 + 1/4 cup butter, melt.
💚10 tbsp flour.
🧡2 eggs.
💛1 cup of sour cream / yogurt, a pinch of salt.
💙 + -20 tbsp flour.
Add 💚 little by little, because the flour is different for everyone.
🧡 Roll out as far as possible.
💚 Grease the butter and flour evenly.
💛 do as I do.
Mix a little.
Divided into 12 parts.
💚I ended up with 3.5 ounces each.
Place in the refrigerator for 3 hours or overnight.
💛2 eggs.
💙10 tbsp sugar.
💚3 tbsp flour, 3 tbsp corn starch.
🧡2 cup of milk.
💜 cook until thick.
💛When it starts to boil, let it boil for 1 minute.
💚Vanillin / vanilla sugar.
Let cool down.
🧡You need to roll out each dough.
A variation like me is very easy.
💙Size 7 inches.
💛bake one at a time at 350 F for 6-8 minutes.
🧡3 tbsp butter at room temperature
💜Add all of the cooled cream and mix well.
💚Collect the cake and leave it on the table for 6 hours or overnight.
💙Thank you for watching, liking and commenting!
🧡The result is a delicious Napoleon cake!
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For an 8 '' (20 cm) cake pan, multiply all ingredients by 1.23
For a 9 '' (22 cm) cake pan, multiply all ingredients by 1.49
For a 10 '' cake pan, multiply all ingredients by 1.78
For a 26 cm (10.5``) cake pan, multiply all ingredients by 2.09
For a 28 cm (11``) cake pan, multiply all ingredients by 2.42
For a 12 '' (30 cm), cake pan, multiply all ingredients by 2.78
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Anna Szewczyk
Anna Szewczyk Yıl önce
Wygląda super i chyba tak smakuje☺☺
Marta Xavier
Marta Xavier Yıl önce
Fiz esse bolo, ficou maravilhoso‼🥳😋👍🏻
خدها ببساطة مع امل ❤
خدها ببساطة مع امل ❤ Yıl önce
Adriana Gomes
Adriana Gomes Yıl önce
Marta está massa é tipo massa de pão eu não entendi ficou bem crocante neh
Diane Ingram
Diane Ingram Yıl önce
...I have died & gone to pastry Heaven ! It is a pleasure to watch your hands preparing these luscious treats. You put a lot of love, care, & respect in your ingredients...💟
Cozinha da Nunu
Cozinha da Nunu Yıl önce
Receita deliciosa 😋😋
Suzanne Decker
Suzanne Decker Yıl önce
Wish I would have a piece of this delicious cake right now 🤤
Marta Aguiar
Marta Aguiar Yıl önce
...lo hago pero, en vez de crema pastelera uso dulce de leche ...
Eneida Moreira
Eneida Moreira Yıl önce
É marido pode se julgar um Príncipe ,pois eita bolo pra dar trabalho ,com certeza é muito delicioso e vc deve ser merecedor , parabéns ao casal 👏👏👏👏👏
Gilda Rodriguez
Gilda Rodriguez Yıl önce
La voy a preparar, las Felicito se ve muy sabrosa.graciss
حوريتي وبس
حوريتي وبس Yıl önce
اتمنى تدعموني
Nilzete Fagundes
Nilzete Fagundes Yıl önce
Verdade... Eu não teria mais essa paciência de fazer ....kkkk
Eliane Rodrigues
Eliane Rodrigues Yıl önce
E a mulher a mucama dele....
Paola Provoste San Martín
Paola Provoste San Martín 10 aylar önce
@Eliane Rodrigues lla
M C Borba
M C Borba Yıl önce
Trabalhoso, mas deve valer a pena, vou fazer!🤗🤗🤗😋😋😋🙏🏻🇧🇷Gratidão 🙏🏻
Dodo Receitas
Dodo Receitas 7 aylar önce
Bom dia tava aqui assistindo que delícia bem diferente deu vontade de comer 😋
Linda Otley
Linda Otley 7 aylar önce
It looks absolutely delicious ❤
Nathalia Brem
Nathalia Brem Yıl önce
maravilhoso ❤
Silvia Fernandes
Silvia Fernandes Yıl önce
Nossa trabalhoso mas parece muito gostoso..Faz 3 vezes na semanas....Seu marido deve merecer muito 😁😋
Thereza Barboza
Thereza Barboza Yıl önce
Eu acho que não e só para nos incentivar a fazer kkkk
Rosely Oliveira
Rosely Oliveira Yıl önce
Aí que delicia, vou fazer, obrigada querida por compartilhar essa delícia 😋 👏👏👏🥰🤗
Pollyanna Yıl önce
Looks absolutely delicious! I would bake a cake every day but I have yet to meet a man that deserved this cake 3 times a week! Way too many steps and procedures! For a special occasion would be nice.
Nasir Shaikh
Nasir Shaikh Yıl önce
Ramya Sivaramakrishnan
Ramya Sivaramakrishnan Yıl önce
Well said😂
Todaywefly Yıl önce
I’m a man. I’m worth it, but I had a stroke just watching it being made.
Nasir Shaikh
Nasir Shaikh Yıl önce
@Todaywefly lol.... U worth it damn said 😅😅😅
Magali Del Vecchio
Magali Del Vecchio Yıl önce
That's one of my favourite cakes ever. Thanks for teaching us how to do it.
Eliana Machado
Eliana Machado Yıl önce
Parece delicioso 😋 parabéns
Angela Schup
Angela Schup Yıl önce
I wish I can have a piece of this cake immediately!
Sandra Lo Schiavo
Sandra Lo Schiavo Yıl önce
Eu tenho está receita no caderno da minha mãe, só que mais simples e amo este doce é MARAVILHOSO, só que polvilho açúcar por cima e não bolachas trituradas, gostei desta idéia e no creme ponto leite condensado. É show.
meiresouza1 Yıl önce
Deus me livre quem faz isso 3 vezes na semana kkkkkkkk
Cacilda Santos
Cacilda Santos Yıl önce
O bolo tem muito bom aspecto. Vou experimentar.
Tina Steenson
Tina Steenson Yıl önce
My friend made me this cake and it was the best cake I've ever had 🎂
Andy B
Andy B Yıl önce
Esse marido deve valer muito a pena. Haja trabalho!!
Veronica Walsh
Veronica Walsh Yıl önce
Muito trabalho Pra quem pode comer E uma maravilha
Edita Hasmandova
Edita Hasmandova Yıl önce
Děkuji nádherně to vypadá hnedka to zkusím 🤩🤩✌️
Valéria Jordão
Valéria Jordão Yıl önce
Uma receita linda e parece muito saboroso. Ah tá, aí a pessoa faz 3 vezes por semana. Menos
Mariela Coutinho
Mariela Coutinho Yıl önce
Chocada que alguém faça 3x por semana esse bolo complicado
Andre' LeBlanc
Andre' LeBlanc Yıl önce
You deserve a nap! Stunning cake. It must be so delicious! What a brilliant recipe! Thank you 🙏🏻
Euza Satiko Ueno Pereira
Euza Satiko Ueno Pereira Yıl önce
Nhec…Nhec… Ameiii 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 esse bolo tem que comer ajoelhada 🎚 Parabéns Amiga ? Seu marido , esperto até eu !!!
Andrea M. Germann
Andrea M. Germann Yıl önce
AMAZING LOOKING dessert!!! I'm 54 yrs and I've been cooking dinner, breakfast, lunches, for my daughter's parochial school, for people I worked with, for friends and family, etc., and until my daughter got married no one had ever told me that they didn't like my cooking... They've been in their own home for about 2 years. They had been living with us for 7 years. My wonderful husband hasn't pressured me to "get back at the stove" but, I'm starting to enjoy being in my kitchen and enjoying cooking again. Anyway - it's videos and great recipes like this that are helping me. So, Thanks
Büşra Tank
Büşra Tank Yıl önce
Hey please dont be worried about your daughter saids, i think most delicious cook coming from mom's hand. Kitchens are change able taste is are to. Its beautiful to learn something new.
Raposa do Ártico
Raposa do Ártico Yıl önce
Nossaa muito trabalhoso, tomara que seja o melhor!
♏Cilinha Yıl önce
Maravilhoso 🥮 😋😋 👏👏👏👏
Edina Maria De Souza
Edina Maria De Souza Yıl önce
Essa receita deve ser um castigo do marido Pelo amor de Deus kkkkk QD não tiver mais nada p fazer vou arriscar kkkkk
cleide rossi
cleide rossi Yıl önce
Luigia Renna
Luigia Renna Yıl önce
Nelda Baer
Nelda Baer Yıl önce
Thank you so much for adding the recipe in cups..really helped me out..I'm going to give it a try!!💚💙
Nilza Galoni
Nilza Galoni Yıl önce
Trabalhoso..porém delicioso
leigh-anne peterson
leigh-anne peterson Yıl önce
DAMN...this cake takes far too long, looks delicious but it's a once a year job. Christmas is coming so I will definitely make it then x
Christiane Van Herpen
Christiane Van Herpen Yıl önce
100 000 calories Et trop long à préparer Mais il a l'air Délicieux!
Maha Mahmoud
Maha Mahmoud Yıl önce
شكلها حلو فعلا واعتقد طعمها كمان لكن بصراحة بتاخد وقت وجهد كبير مين عنده الوقت والصحة علشان يعمل كيكة زي دي وفي الاخر تتاكل في خمس دقايق
Marilyn Dafeta
Marilyn Dafeta Yıl önce
The process is just toooo long😅😅😅 Looks great though ✌️🤝
Nely marlene Jung dos santos
Nely marlene Jung dos santos 6 aylar önce
Saboroso delicioso, mas deu trabalho.
Ruth Oliveira
Ruth Oliveira Yıl önce
Kelly Heise
Kelly Heise Yıl önce
All those eggs and butter !!! My husband would have had a Heart Attack !!! Looks wonderful!!♥️
Francirene Gripp de Oliveira
Francirene Gripp de Oliveira Yıl önce
Deve ser muito delicioso. Fico curiosa saber a origem deste bolo tão complexo para ser feito.
Anne Campbell
Anne Campbell Yıl önce
Blouses and skirts bon marche
Anne Campbell
Anne Campbell Yıl önce
Bon marche blouses skirts
Fazer 3 x por semana. Eu ensinaria a receita para meu marido
Food Of The Day
Food Of The Day Yıl önce
Looks awesome and yummy 👍
Tilly Monteiro
Tilly Monteiro Yıl önce
Uma delícia, mas se meu marido quiser comer ele tem duas opções: a) comprar pronto; b)fazer ele próprio. É muito trabalhoso. Mas, parabéns pra você. 👏👏
خدها ببساطة مع امل ❤
خدها ببساطة مع امل ❤ Yıl önce
Arilda Rodrigues Puntel
Arilda Rodrigues Puntel Yıl önce
Nossa! Fantástico, me deu agua na boca!
Iolanda Arruda
Iolanda Arruda Yıl önce
Tinha que ser um maridaço pra eu dedicar tantas horas - 3 X por semana pra fazer este bolo .
Ranna Banna with Alisha
Ranna Banna with Alisha Yıl önce
Mouthwatering recipe 😋. Very unique cake recipe. Thanks for share this recipe.
Rosa Doris Baier Baier
Rosa Doris Baier Baier Yıl önce
Se ve rica y sabrosa y muy original🌹🌹🌾🦋
Thereza Barboza
Thereza Barboza Yıl önce
Muito gostoso delicioso .Da trabalho para fazer mais e muito gostoso.
GSDmom B
GSDmom B Yıl önce
As a Lithuanian, I grew up eating this.🥰
Beatriz Jacome Monroy
Beatriz Jacome Monroy Yıl önce
Buenas noches que espectacular sus postres, la verdad se ven lindos y muy provocativos la felicito,y gracias por compartir su sabiduría. Espero algún rato poder hacer el de la natilla me encantó, se ven rrrriiiiiiiquisimos . Te Vi desde Quitó Ecuador. Pero soy muuuy Colombiana. Todo en tus manos parece fácil. Dios Bendiga sus manos y tu tiempo para enseñarnos. Felicitaciones.
Mara Maia
Mara Maia Yıl önce
Eu já fiz essa receita é show
Luiz Augusto Cardoso
Luiz Augusto Cardoso Yıl önce
Bom demais
Lucy food
Lucy food Yıl önce
This cake looks delicious and healthy. I really want to eat it. Thank you for sharing
bronchial1 Yıl önce
Delicious yes! Healthy!? Hmmmm…..
Jorge Marçal
Jorge Marçal Yıl önce
Puuuxxxaaa!!! Fiquei impressionado. Parabéns! !! Vou tentar fazer com minha amiga Rose.
Rozana Zindagi with Zainab
Rozana Zindagi with Zainab Yıl önce
Very delicious😋
Cirlene Siqueira
Cirlene Siqueira Yıl önce
Maravilhoso!!! Mas que trabalhão pra fazer 😊🌹
Andreina Vel
Andreina Vel Yıl önce
Pensei a msm coisa rsrsr…
Ndeye Marie Rose Cissé
Ndeye Marie Rose Cissé Yıl önce
Il semble très délicieux et pas compliqué, j'aime les recettes simple parce que j'apprends , merci pour tout!
Kathleen Annen
Kathleen Annen Yıl önce
I'm actually undaunted by the complexity of this cake. My problem is I live alone so I would and WILL make this s a special occasion cake for a family gathering.
Paideia Productions Media Design
Paideia Productions Media Design Yıl önce
Look up the traditional NAPOLEON Italian Wedding Cake. The pastrie layers are complimented with fresh berries and much thicker layers of Bavarian Cream, then topped with more fresh berries and fresh decorative (edible) flowers. At Italian weddings the cake is HUGE for everyone. It's a big ordeal. I've had them for very special occasions
Maricica Taciuc
Maricica Taciuc Yıl önce
Atita munca numai pentru o persoana?
Maricica Taciuc
Maricica Taciuc Yıl önce
Va lipseste cutitu stimata doamna.
Mosa's simple recipes
Mosa's simple recipes Yıl önce
It looks 😋 & easy to make
Terezinha Moura
Terezinha Moura Yıl önce
Parece delicioso. Só que muita manteiga.
Prachi Ki Desi Rasoi😇
Prachi Ki Desi Rasoi😇 Yıl önce
Looks so delicious... 😋😋😋😋
Susan Doney
Susan Doney Yıl önce
Wow that's a lot of work put into doing one cake and you say your husband wants it three times a week !!! I think Id be teaching him how to make it haha 🤗🌹🌹🌹
Doina Gabudean
Doina Gabudean Yıl önce
Foarte delicioase si foarte rapide aceste retete ! Multumim pentru informatii si sfaturi
Marelisa Barbosa Leme de Oliveira
Marelisa Barbosa Leme de Oliveira Yıl önce
A primeira mistura da manteiga derretida e farinha, é levada ao fogo ou apenas mistura bem?
Maria Angélica Rocha Franco Garcia
Maria Angélica Rocha Franco Garcia Yıl önce
Parabéns !!! 👏👏💕👍👍
rosana xavier
rosana xavier Yıl önce
Parece muito bom Mas trabalhoso demais
Voleide Mazoni
Voleide Mazoni Yıl önce
Parabéns pelas receitas nunca vi coisa mais gostoza Deus abençoe
Ethical Joya
Ethical Joya Yıl önce
Your husband is very lucky to have such good quality chef type 👌 wife 😍
Roseli Milani
Roseli Milani Yıl önce
Parece bom...
Janet CANNON Yıl önce
Looks AWESOME and Delicious!!
Da Silva Maria
Da Silva Maria Yıl önce
Les recettes sont très bonnes 👍
Yemek Yuvası
Yemek Yuvası Yıl önce
Pastan harika görünüyor afyet olsun🌺💖👌🏽
dazuoTV Yıl önce
The most delicious Napoleon cake is very nice, I will try it too 👍
Angela Calmon
Angela Calmon Yıl önce
Hummmmmmmm......apetitoso!! Parabéns!
Sada Ljubijankic
Sada Ljubijankic Yıl önce
Prelijepo svaka čast💖
Rosi Tarditti
Rosi Tarditti Yıl önce
Que rico se ve!!!¡¡ vamos a intentar hacerlo!!!!! Gracias!!!!!
Angela Fabian
Angela Fabian Yıl önce
awesome I can't wait to try your recipe 😋
Maria Aparecida Alves
Maria Aparecida Alves Yıl önce
Parece MT bom, mas eu desisto de fazer por causa do trabalho q dá
Tania Kossatz
Tania Kossatz Yıl önce
Muito trabalho rsrsrs
Lily Jathanna
Lily Jathanna Yıl önce
I wish I could just order this because making it is outta the question for me 🙈
Julia Maria Xaveir Gançalves
Julia Maria Xaveir Gançalves Yıl önce
Deve ser uma delícia mais muito trabalhoso nossa
Sandro Muñoz
Sandro Muñoz Yıl önce
Me encantó tu receta del pastel la are gracias
Carmen Lago
Carmen Lago Yıl önce
Me encantan tus recetas ya hice alguna y gustaron mucho gracias.
Karuna Yıl önce
I forgot the starting procedure when coming to the ending.. Finally it was 😋😋
Joe Green
Joe Green 2 aylar önce
Danke schön für die Rezepte! Einfach und lecker!
Cook Room
Cook Room Yıl önce
most delicious recipe🥰take love❤️
Isabel Ortega
Isabel Ortega Yıl önce
Delicioso 😋 se ve muy bueno
Clara Ortega
Clara Ortega Yıl önce
Yo la hice con las recetas de "Sbieta cocina" la llama también torta Napoleón, riquísima, queda siempre crocante, ella dice que la crema debe ser bastante espesa para que no humedezca la masa y efectivamente con su receta de la crema, la masa no pierde su crocancia. De todas formas voy a probar está receta a ver cuál sabe mejor a mi gusto.
Nathalie Marino
Nathalie Marino 4 aylar önce
Ya logró? Cuál es mejor? ❤️
Bonito e parece gostoso mas muito trabalhoso
Bria Yıl önce
Waw!! Your husband must be the KING himself!!!
Даниела Якимова
Даниела Якимова Yıl önce
Тортата е чудесна.Наричаме я Наполеон!
Village foods cooking
Village foods cooking Yıl önce
So yummy ❤️
Sanet Olivier
Sanet Olivier Yıl önce
You are an amazing wife to make this so often! Looks tasty
Ildikó Dárdai
Ildikó Dárdai Yıl önce
Jó munkás torta. De ahogy látom jó lett. 👍
Edward Valevicius
Edward Valevicius Yıl önce
Actually I'm Debra Valevicius, This is an amazing Napoleon cake. I would add however a little lemon to the cream and when I make it I squish the layers so the cream penetrates and it's easier to cut and eat it.
lecker mit Ann
lecker mit Ann Yıl önce
Hello DEBRA! A great option with the addition of lemon juice, I really love citruses in baked goods! When ready, write to me, I will wait very much.
anna witecka
anna witecka Yıl önce
Super tort. Wspaniałe zrobiony, ale te jajka to widać, że ze sklepu i przy wbiciu do miseczki to białko rzadkie, a żółtko się odrazu zozpada, ale wykonanie torta jest świetne i apetycznie tort wygląda. Gratulacje, za pomysł.
AminaMahd Yıl önce
لذيذة جدا من منظرها أحببتُها لكنها تأخذ وقتا طويلا بالمطبخ،، تأخذ تعبا و أواني كثيرة هي جميلة المنظر و شهية لهذا تابعتُ الفديو للأخير
Ayesha life Routine
Ayesha life Routine Yıl önce
Yummy and look delicious recipe love it 😍
Lin's Cakes
Lin's Cakes Yıl önce
Looks delicious 👍
Patricia Rizzo
Patricia Rizzo Yıl önce
Que espetáculo de bolo Aí meu Deus fiquei com água na boca Que gosto será ?ummm Chic lindo de se ver Mas acredito deve ficar de derreter na boca Parabéns Caprichoso 👏👏👏👏🙏🙏 Só resta fazser logo essa delícia Bora fazser 😋😋😋
blanca bulgrin
blanca bulgrin Yıl önce
Portugués bonito comentario !
Vivian Yıl önce
My Doctor would call me 3 times a week😅😂, looks delish😛
Leticia Adamuz
Leticia Adamuz Yıl önce
Tu esposo pide cocinar el pastel tres veces por semana? Pues mira que bien, enséñale el video y así puede hacerlo él mismo 😉
Gaming Nihad
Gaming Nihad Yıl önce
Russian honey cake is prepared just like this 😍.. Make a video on Russian honey cake too.. 👌
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