CAMPING in the RAIN - freezing cold - fire pit - tent

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AB Camping

AB Camping

4 aylar önce

Camping in the rain and freezing cold in a tent with a tarp. Fire kept us warm. Answered Q&A in Cigar Time. Hope you enjoy! ❤️AB
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@ABCampingTony 4 aylar önce
Thanks for watching and we hope you enjoy! ❤️AB Second channel: Please goto to signup for notification emails when I release new videos. Camping Video List: If you'd like to contribute a drink to me or a treat for Bruno: Mailing address: AB Camping and Outdoors PO Box 424 Blenheim 7240 New Zealand Filmed on Sony a7RV Camera, dji Mic, Rode Video mic pro +, gopro Hero 11, Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max. Most products I used are on my Amazon Page:
@LesleyGlenn-vr1lz 4 aylar önce
Thanks Tony and Bruno, when I see another camp is up, I can't wait to sit and watch it. Bruno is very cute and so excited about everything new. Looking forward to seeing him on the tops.
@patriciawade3788 4 aylar önce
Tony, thank you for the email notification!
@cooperpabis4642 4 aylar önce
I was an early Sub on the main channel but when you went to such long formats I could not watch very often. So glad the AB Plus looks like it will have shorter vids/vlogs. 👍👍👍
@jeancm.14 4 aylar önce
Done subscribing in 2nd youtube channel
@judybesaw3191 4 aylar önce
Thanks Tony.
@jackiedejong5981 4 aylar önce
Loving seeing Bruno bouncing through camp set up 😂 Such a happy pup living his best life being your camping buddy 💖
@klm140 4 aylar önce
We think Bruno is taking his schooling very seriously and having a jolly great time doing it. What a lovely little soul he is.
@mags102755 4 aylar önce
Bruno is learning fast. It's always great to see these camps Tony. Thanks so much for doing them.
@MrCABURKE 4 aylar önce
Can you please say hello to Chuck and Patti we watching now
@yuvondaseal6736 4 aylar önce
Tony !!! No....I would never want you to do a shorter video.. I think they are GREAT. AND I love ever second!!!😊😊😊
@phxlightz9150 4 aylar önce
Exactly. It’s very unique content as you can make a day out of it. Like you’re on the adventure with Tony & Bruno.
@shyla6006 4 aylar önce
No, we love our long videos. We're already spoiled Tony. 😂
@jasonbradshaw3620 4 aylar önce
Absolutely do not change the length of your videos.. perfect as they are
@cordyg4306 4 aylar önce
@CherylM-lu8tj 4 aylar önce
I agree with those of you who enjoy the longer videos! I like them just the way they are!!
@raquelhernandez1733 4 aylar önce
I love Bruno. He goes a little bit ahead, he stops to look back to see if you are following. Thank you, Tony, for taking us camping to that special place full of Brucie's memories.
@deekelley891 4 aylar önce
I love spending 3 or 4 late nights with Tony and Bruno. Congratulations to Bruno for such a fun-filled first wild camp. And, Tony, I’m sorry you have to deal with a few know-it-alls. Thankfully, that’s the minority, and the rest of us are just here to enjoy.
@fridperon9593 4 aylar önce
Hi Tony if people don't like the length ( She Said ) too bad .They don't get it We are spending the day with you and Bruno ,start to finish .love the setting up to your settling in for a beer or hot drink.Getting dinner and a chat with us .Your getting ready for bed and waking up to a coffee and breakfast .All in a camping trip .Thank You Bruno for keeping company to our Dear Tony while camping. 🦴
@susanwright6785 4 aylar önce
PLEASE do not shorten your videos! I love every minute of seeing you and Bruno at camp, and I have learned so much from watching you. Thank you for sharing your lives with all of us and including us in all of your adventures. Stay well and stay safe!
@gingerevans1346 4 aylar önce
Hi Tony! I love how you can laugh at the silly things that happen. Loving Bruno as he navigates the camping scene! 💕
@TheSkeetergirl 4 aylar önce
I love when Bruno’s instincts kick in and he tries to herd you in the right direction. Thank you for the outing. 😊
@ladywillsee4540 4 aylar önce
Ah, Tony! I just watched the breakfast cooking scene. How great is it that you let us witness your successes and failures. You and Bruno are precious. Thanks for keeping us entertained!! Let us not forget... the many, many thanks to Ann for sharing both of you with us for a few hours out of the month!!! Thanks to all of you!
@lisamaynard3436 4 aylar önce
Was I the only one crying with the Bruce mentions. How special to remember him in this place he loved. This was a beautiful camp, I enjoyed it. Also to those who don't understand why you camp in those conditions, we love it. As his fan base we love the rain and the snow and the views, it's beautiful. Plus you make us feel like we are there! Loving every second ❤❤
@jacquelinehunt7794 4 aylar önce
This camp reminds me of Bruce so much made me well up.
@IamJanz 4 aylar önce
I watch your videos at night to wind down from a hectic day, I also love that your videos are lengthy ❤️ because they make it seem more real, like I'm there with you and Bruno chilling in the bush somewhere just I'm a silent the whole time 😂 I always look forward to night times and your videos ❤️
@mikaelkrook2050 Aylar önce
@mikaelkrook2050 Aylar önce
@mikaelkrook2050 Aylar önce
@renalevere6565 4 aylar önce
We know you have a life outside of these videos, but so happy you are getting back on the regular. Watching Bruno is so much like watching Bruce. He is soooo adorable just like Bruce was. Bruno watches you like he wants you to tell him what you are doing outside of his food preparation. Thanks for sharing. You are a wonderful Dog Daddy. GOD bless.
@MrBlueBally 4 aylar önce
I love your channel Tony. So happy to see Bruno on his first wild camp and many more to come! Greetings from Sweden
@alexstrodder8174 4 aylar önce
So glad to see a return to this spot Tony! And a first trip there for Bruno as well, that perfect grim weather to accompany it as well! We’re in for a good camp here!
@virginiacopeland7139 4 aylar önce
I miss Bruce but I love little Bruno too
@zigster6842 4 aylar önce
Our family loves your long videos! We’re still somewhat new and catching up on your past videos. We just finished watching your lockdown camper videos and your recent trip here to the US. Please let Ann know she’s absolutely stunning! In our family my husband, daughter and special needs son are very outgoing and know no stranger (including in front of the camera - lol), I’m the more reserved one (so I can respect her decision). You’re an amazing and cute couple! Here’s to more camps.
@patriciawade3788 4 aylar önce
What a delightful camping video, Tony and Bruno! I love the sound of rain...we get loads of it here in Seattle. Side note - For some reason I ALWAYS get hungry and have to make a meal when you start cooking, Tony! Hey, everybody, am I the only one this happens to? LOL! Bruno, you are such a darling boy, such a sweet cuddle bug! Great to hear that you donate to charity, all your camping gear that you no longer use. Tony, you are such a great person for doing that. I am sure that it is much appreciated.
@onlyyou725 4 aylar önce
Same thing, and always have a coffee with him so I can cheer with him.
@CMoore8539 4 aylar önce
I do it too. Tony always makes me get hungry!😊
@angie4552 4 aylar önce
I have to cook as well. Especially cheeseburgers. I keep burgers in the freezer now because I know I will need a cheese burger while watching AB camping.😂😂
@hereforthecomments9676 4 aylar önce
I hear you the rain... over here on rainy vancouver island
@anncarver5262 4 aylar önce
Bruno, such a lovely loving pet!! So funny!! Blessings to you and your family☮️😇💝😆
@sandrarennie2585 4 aylar önce
This video is absolutely superb!! Bruno is doing a fantastic job and love the Bruce pillow that you bring along it’s such a beautiful touch Bruce will also be remembered and never forgotten ❤️🙏
@sandrarennie2585 4 aylar önce
Also wanted to mention please do not change the length of your videos I enjoy every minute of them
@MicheleBoechemakes 3 aylar önce
I love seeing Bruno as a pup. Just finished your camp with his first snow; you two have such a special bond!! Thank you for the long walk out, that was so peaceful
@carolefried412 4 aylar önce
Hello Tony and Bruno! So nice to see you both. I have to say, Tony, this first wild camp with Bruno has such wonderful ambience! I love the position of the fire being behind you so that we can see you cooking, Bruno romping around behind, and the pure beauty of your camp set-up! Bravo! ❤❤
@kendradawn777 4 aylar önce
Mister Bruno had to push through training quite quickly, and thinking of that made me miss Brucie. Hugs for Tony and Ann and Bruno!!!!!!!! RIP Brucie, there isn't a camping pup that will be missed more than you!
@carlmarsteller8649 4 aylar önce
Hey Tony, I am new to your channel and I can't stop watching. I absolutely love it. The best part is that you are just a normal guy. You show all the setup, explain what your doing, and you show your mistakes. I'm sure other channels hide there goof ups, but you keep it real. Keep up the great work, and good luck with all you do. And lastly so sorry for the loss of Brucey , I know you loved him and miss him.
@yvetteakau2081 4 aylar önce
Aloha to you and Bruno! Please do exactly what you have been doing on your channel. I stumbled across your videos recently and have been hooked since. I actually use your videos (sounds of the streams, talking, rain, watching you cook) for relaxation. Your videos are very therapeutic for me and I am sure others. Thank you for all you do. Your videos inspire me to explore and have me time.
@vinaeden9274 4 aylar önce
So love watching you two. Relaxing and calming. Love how Bruno sticks close by you. thanks
@lindylouwilliams8331 4 aylar önce
Just one word for your contribution to this channel is amazing, with bruno by your side. I love watching the whole vlog & please don't shorten it ❤
@celestecatcurren1089 4 aylar önce
Ditto. Keep the long ones, always.❤😊
@famesaintamerica8767 4 aylar önce
@@celestecatcurren1089 "she said" lol
@user-sm3wu1kc7n 3 aylar önce
Hello Tony and Bruno! Just found your videos a few weeks ago. Thank you for taking us with you on those wonderful camping adventures! Even though you make it look easy and fun, it is obvious the hard work you put into all of it. Thank you for your time and effort! I am a retired school teacher in the US and I LOVE nature, dogs, camping and rivers, etc. The best is that you share your experience and wisdom and allow us to see the BEAUTIFUL NZ scenery! Makes me want to start camping again. Glad you are keeping the length of the videos the same on this channel. They are perfect! Nice to journey with a compassionate, polite, and decent person.
@kathyskidmore1877 4 aylar önce
Tony I really enjoy your videos. I love that they are several hours. I wouldn't mind if the videos were longer. If I'm struggling you always bring me peace. Bruno is so loyal.
@stellabonin3991 4 aylar önce
Hi Tony. I loved it when Bruno was licking your ear on the ride. I thought it was kinda weird that you were not talking. And then on the walk to the camp site. Then I thought what a nice silent walk in memory of Brucie ❤❤. I'm sure you were thinking of the last time you were there with him. 😇. Bruno is having so much fun running around. I do an awwwww when he puts his head on your lap. He just wants to show you how much he loves you ❤❤. He is so intent on watching everything you do. I laughed when he took your hat and started walking off with it. He just wants to play. 😂😂. When he was watching you set up your stovetop I think he was thinking ( WHA IS THAT CONTRAPTION HE HAS IT LOOKS INTERESTING CAN I PLAY WITH IT?) You both are the highlight of my day. Thank you Tony for all your videos. Keep them coming. A live chat would be great. Take care.❤❤
@G.Photogirl 4 aylar önce
It's amazing how Bruno knows exactly where to turn in off of the riverbed to get back to the truck! Just like Brucie did. ❤ I love the footage of the walk back.
@flowinglight1226 4 aylar önce
Bruno is so cute! Peeking around the tent while cooking your it!!💕
@GreyRose333 4 aylar önce
Hi Tony! Thank you for not making your videos shorter just for a few complainers. I love the long version. It keeps me company. Thank you!
@jennifera777 4 aylar önce
Please DO NOT shorten your videos. they are delightful just the way they are, the longer the better. 💗💗💗💗
@TheDen2022 4 aylar önce
What a wonderful camp. This place has been on of my favorite places that you go to. Don't ever change the way that you do your videos. We always look forward to your adventures. We spend you, Bruno, Anne and Brandon lot's of love from Oregon ❤
@sannawald824 4 aylar önce
I enjoy the car camping videos, but I missed seeing more nature in your videos, so great to see you back at this spot! It is easy to say that for me - I don`t have to carry a heavy backpack and sit in the cold. 😉 Bruno is very well behaved for a young dog, very cute. Would have been great to see you out with two dogs having fun togehter.
@ZEKEDAWG23 4 aylar önce
I think Bruno is hoping your stove is a treat making machine😂 Also getting our pups to go light somewhere isn't mean its neccesary sometimes!
@leokline1ify 4 aylar önce
You can see how good you are to Bruno and how much you love him by how happy he is. You're doing so amazing with him. I absolutely loved your attitude in the morning, too. Everything was just going wrong, and you just laughed it off. People, myself included, should emulate that more. You're a great man, Tony. Thank you for all you do. ❤🤘
@debbieb1482 4 aylar önce
Hi Tony & Bruno! If you're camping in grim weather, you can build a fire. That's a huge part of the fun. Used to do this in cold weather with my friends when we were kids and the fire, cooking a meal, staying warm - that was the fun of all of it. A fire is always so relaxing to watch. If you love camping you just love it. Having coffee (decaf) with you and enjoying Bruno on a Sunday evening, US East coast (NC). Thanks for taking us along!
@lawrencelee2599 4 aylar önce
I love it when you use a tent and tarp combination. My favorite wild camping.
@dionnebreton3577 4 aylar önce
Hello Tony and Bruno, I like the tent and tarp set up. I was laughing watching how curious Bruno was, when you unpacked the bag. He was patiently waiting, and hoping that you would unpack the food right away. Such a sweetheart, and so loving!❤
@donparkinson9561 4 aylar önce
Camping with a dog is always interesting to watch. My wife and I enjoy watching your videos, especially the longer ones. We are housebound and appreciate the nature sounds. It is almost as good as being there. Thank you.
@aellorac 4 aylar önce
Hi Tony! Love Bruno's first wild camp! Bruno is so fun to watch, he has so much energy and has such a cute face. I'm sorry your breakfast burritos didn't turn out the way you wanted, but they still looked delicious. Love the hat and I would absolutely buy one if you decide to offer them on your website. Looking forward to the next video🥰
@lesterpetters7131 4 aylar önce
I enjoy watching your camping shows. I am 75 year old female, not something I would feel safe doing as a female even if I was younger. Don,t take away cigar time. I like you addressing news events and the relaxed way you are.
@soniayoung7531 4 aylar önce
Hello Tony and Bruno. Bruno is learning fast as he enjoys himself while doing so ,he reminds me so much of Bruce as though he is there telling him what to do, nice camp site ,the sound of the wood burning,the tranquil waters great video thanks for sharing stay safe
@xelzakut5109 4 aylar önce
You and bruno are looking great! Glad to see the camping is still back to back, I love it
@kira07 4 aylar önce
Please never make your video shorter ! We enjoy them the way they are ! its so great : )
@famesaintamerica8767 4 aylar önce
Another wild, Wild Camp with Tony and Bruno! Put a smile on my face throughout. Sorry to see it end, even after three hours! Thank you Ann for sharing your boys. See you at the Tops!❤
@deborahledane120 4 aylar önce
Hello Tony and Bruno Another great camping video thank you so much Love the long videos don't shorten them also love cigar time Please keep cigar time
@ABCampingTony 4 aylar önce
Cigar time here to stay forever.
@marleythepuggle8059 4 aylar önce
What a great camp 🏕️ Bruno is such a natural & can’t wait to see him in a snow camp. Love the walk out Bruno running ahead then coming back to check on you then off again 🐶💙❤️🏕️
@illadelphlife6002 4 aylar önce
Your videos are great. Being alone camping truly tests one's self love and tolerance. Having your bud Bruno with you is mentally comforting for solo campers as yourself.
@TomJrBR549 4 aylar önce
Tony you need to warm the tortilla first. It makes them pliable so they don't rip as easily. Sausage gravy -brown Sausage and some chopped onion with some sage and a bit of butter if the sausage is lean. When that is brown, add just enough flower to absorb the Greece. Once that is mixed in add enough heavy cream to cover the mixture, Stir in and simmer to thicken add salt and pepper to taste. Sprinkler with chopped green onion. I sometimes add crushed rosemary. If it gets to thick add more heavy cream. Please don't tell my recipe.
@patriciaann3379 4 aylar önce
I love your videos, love seeing Bruno having the best time (he's got such a puppy mentality still). Love the sound of rain/rivers and the crunch of your feet walking. I'd watch shorter videos too, but what would be even better is if you went for two nights sometimes and posted 6hr videos. 😅 seriously! That'd put the plus in the plus!!! I personally enjoy watching for a bit and then being able to come back later to finish watching. You cant do that much with a short. Also, I think you're more of a foodie than you let on. Do you like Gordon Ramsay??
@ladywillsee4540 4 aylar önce
Bruno seems to be so curious, and I love the head tilt. Thank you, Tony, for sharing him with us!
@libbycapriotti6348 4 aylar önce
Tony!! Don’t shorten your videos. They’re perfect just the way they are. ❤️
@jacquieenger6126 4 aylar önce
I love that you brought Brucie along too! No doubt he was there in spirit. Bruno has a great personality,he's funny & cute. He already loves your adventures! Breakfast was good humor😂
@jacquieenger6126 4 aylar önce
That gift from Tony was so nice!!(fire kit box) really thoughtful!
@dianneroberts3204 4 aylar önce
Tony, Bruno is an absolute delight.❤ He is so 😁 fun to watch. Love the camp site and just adore those little hanging lights you use. I wish it was safer for a woman to do more camping like this but, unfortunately I can't see the world getting any safer. I live in Kentucky and have some awesome woods on my property. So you have inspired me to just do my camping here. I can't wait to get all my gear in and start, straight away. I have even thought about maybe putting a tent on a platform in the trees. Kinda like a tree tent, since we do have predators on our property. Coyotes, Bobcats, Black Bears and Racoons and maybe a Bigfoot or two 🤔. A tree tent sounds like the best way to go. Thanks for another inspiring video. 😊
@cks57youto53 4 aylar önce
Oh goodness Bruno has proven he is quiet the young adventurer -- He has his own personality An owns his journey - His curiosity is so fun to watch - Again Tony thanks for taking us all along with you both.. how lucky we are - God bless
@pamelabriegel6438 2 aylar önce
Nice wild camp with Bruno. He is really taking to these new adventures. So sweet. Happy you had a couple of fires which is the ultimate camp in MHO, Thanks for taking us along.
@Marinah007 4 aylar önce
Hi Tony and Bruno, thank you for not shortening the videos. I love them this long. The trailer for Napoleon is awesome. Bruno is really learning well, he’s so sweet. Can’t wait for the tops!
@ivandoneshefsky4762 4 aylar önce
Great camp! Bruno is definitely learning the ropes of camping etiquette. Good to see AB out and about. I’m sure the “camp on the tops” will be fantastic and heartwarming as the 2 of you will be present and the third in spirit. A fine way to say our goodbyes to our friend Brucie. Cheers.
@allancompton6912 4 aylar önce
Hello from Ontario Canada. Always enjoy your camping Adventures. With Tony & Bruno Is so much fun. 😊❤
@ivarhovman9344 4 aylar önce
Tony, I truly enjoy every video you work so hard to make. Thank you for keeping it real. My Swiss White Shepard and I go camping twice a month, making mistakes and having fun together.
@patpurkey8783 4 aylar önce
Surprised you dont fall walking on those rocks in & out of the camping site. I, like others, enjoy your long videos-it's relaxing to sit back & watch. Bruno is so much like Brucie. He does things we were used to seeing Brucie do. He's still a pup & can really move. But you can tell how much he loves you & loves camping. He definitely can run fast & loves the water & the woods. Cant wait for the next camping trip. And hopefully you wont burn or break the sandwiches the next time you make the meat & egg breakfast.😊😊
@lorraineocallaghan9787 4 aylar önce
Tony I never want you to do a shorter video either, as it needs to be long, as camping is a chilled experience and it needs to be. I know you can’t please everyone so please yourself and continue doing what you do best.
@kath6252 4 aylar önce
This is my favorite place that you go to. So happy to see you and Bruno excited and running in the water.
@RogerEich-bz8ew 4 aylar önce
Tony, I just love your videos and have been a fan for some time. You guys are my "mellow time" on Sunday nights. Wow...Bruno is maturing fast! It was like he was leading the way today, but, like Brucie before, would only go so far ahead and then sweet. I hope all is OK with you. For some odd reason I got the feeling that you were down when you were heading out and setting up camp. Anyway, still sending out positive vibes. I am certain that it will take a bit of time for you and Bruno to carve out your places in the history that AB Camping creates. For what it's worth, I hope I am wrong and all is fine! Time to watch you guys looking for dead/standing wood. Take care. Roger
@annmariesmith817 4 aylar önce
Watching from Texas (where it's WAY too hot for us to camp right now) - it's fun to watch someone enjoying the cold weather camping in the Southern Hemisphere! We just found your videos last night, but really looking forward to getting caught up :)
@bettevance1934 4 aylar önce
I would never want you to shorten your videos! I suffer with insomnia and your videos have helped me sleep. My husband and I live in Fountain Hills, AZ and even our mountains are too hot to enjoy right now! So I live vicariously through you. As you said, camping is an escape, a respite from everything. Peace. It is far better than staying at a 5 star resort in my book! So at bedtime, I always start your video and the great thing is they run for hours! I fall asleep listening to the rain. Thank you for all that you are doing! God bless you! (And Bruno -- he's ADORABLE)
@Harolyn-gn6kc 4 aylar önce
Bruno is shaping up to be a great camping dog, you have chosen a beautiful spot to camp I love all your videos but I really like the bad weather camping videos and I have chosen to use your videos as a teaching tool, Bruno is amazing and eager to learn.
@DonP_is_lostagain 4 aylar önce
Tony, this was one entertaining camp! Thoroughly enjoyed each small disaster. 😆 Glad to know that Bruno is like my pug. Starts out under the blanket, gets out from under later on. Honestly, I'm not sure they're ever as cold as we think they are. Heading to the other channel, looking forward to the snow camp, hoping all works out for your ankle. BTW, I'd love one of those hats.
@kathyboldrey3404 4 aylar önce
The fire box for Brucie was wonderful!! 🔥😸
@yahyaoui-sz5ee 4 aylar önce
Great camp again and Bruno,s definitely learning so much so quickly with you and he,s very much chilled and loving ❤
@lauraolsen3410 4 aylar önce
Hi Tony! Thanks for another camping trip. I’m wondering if maybe Bruno can smell Brucie there? I’m sure Brucie’s sent is all over the place at home.
@pamelabriegel6438 3 aylar önce
Hi Tony. So glad to see you do enjoy campfires. I need a kit too! Bruno is the sweetest doggy. Always learning from you. Appreciate your videos.
@AidaJof 4 aylar önce
A very enjoyable video Tony and Bruno's time wild camping was awesome! I love your walk out with Bruno running back and forth🥰🥰🥰
@bhumane8642 4 aylar önce
WOW!! That fire starter box is incredible! How nice, and seeing the inscription on the inside almost made me cry. How incredibly thoughtful❤❤❤
@danenorris1523 4 aylar önce
Hey Tony, LOVE the videos. For future reference on the burritos: before filling, lightly brown each side for like 10-15 seconds per side with a bit of oil or butter. Also, cut the filling you put in there by like 1/3 lol. I love Bruno and his “groans of contentment.” That was so sweet. He is going to be a great dog. And on the biscuits and gravy, so sad to hear you had a negative experience. They were probably sitting in the gravy to long before being served. If you want to take the time, just look up “Southern style biscuits and gravy.” Cheers, from Texas.
@carjoyfish4918 2 aylar önce
Bruno is so bouncy, so pretty, so smart. You are so lucky to have both. Love watching you put up a tent and cook and have cigar time. Way cool !!!
@dastrnad 3 aylar önce
“Just talk amongst yourselves.” Haha. Love it! I’m new to the channel and enjoy the longer length video. It’s very relaxing and soothing to watch. Please don’t ever change!
@dt8ustotten285 4 aylar önce
Re: what is Bruce thinking... he is in a strange place which he is not comfortable to go off and do what I have seen him do on your other trips. He is calming himself focusing in on you at the moment. He is sooo adorable! Thank you for sharing these trips with all of us!
@margaretbyrd2857 4 aylar önce
Hello Tony and Bruno was awesome to see Bruno have a great time your camp's are great the way they are ❤
@glockperfection19 4 aylar önce
I really enjoy your long videos! I dont get out to backpack or carcamp more than a few times each year. So i live vicariously thru these videos in-between. Everything from the drive in, hike in, and camp set-up. Silent or talking. Nature will speak for itself 👍. Tony, I share your motto of "you do you, I'll do me." So just do what you feel like doing. Long, short, shorts, whatever. Keep posting, I'll keep watching!
@connieclayton9150 4 aylar önce
Great camping trip, Tony ! You walk off all that wonderful food and drinks coming in and out of camp. I enjoy seeing what new gear you bring with each trip ! I think Bruno loved camping with you and was trying to figure out what everything was and if anything was edible !! He is such a sweetheart ! I was laughing so hard with you when you burned your burritos and then when you knocked over your camping rocks ! That is all part of camping in the wild ! When you were walking out, it was amazing the way Bruno would get way out in front of you and then come running back to check on you ! Thanks for the relaxing entertainment !
@melaniepagel5521 4 aylar önce
No short video's please I love the length of all of them❤
@ShoshanaHaIvri 4 aylar önce
Thanks for the superb video Tony! If you want great biscuits and gravy, cook your favourite breakfast sausage as you did in this video, then add at least 2 tbsp of salted butter. After that melts, sprinkle an equal amount of flour over the sausage and work it quickly until the oils are absorbed. You want to cook the flour some, so keep it moving, but don't let it burn. Immediately add enough double cream to just cover the sausage and work that until it's thick and bubbly. Remove the sausage gravy from the heat and crack some pepper into it (I go heavy here, do it to your taste). Check it for taste and add salt as needed. The gravy's done. You can make a southern style biscuit from scratch, but it looks like NZ grocers offer savoury cheese scones that would suit well. I'd heat them next to the fire, or slice them and toast in the pan before cooking the gravy, and enjoy! Best wishes, ~Shoshana
@BaileySantaMonica 4 aylar önce
Baby Bruno is growing so fast! I love this camping tranquil!
@sandi43able 4 aylar önce
I have noticed that you enjoy the rain, so do I, I find it relaxing as long as it's not windy
@michellecurwen6011 4 aylar önce
Hi Tony and Bruno. Loved the video, absolutely love Bruno and what a beautiful fire starter box off Tony, such a lovely tribute to Brucie, watching from England 💕🐾
@ksholar1 4 aylar önce
Bruno is thinking he has the best puppy papa in the world. Thank you for sharing this camp it will be a classic. Keep the training for a healthy, unspoiled happy dog.
@Emma_N 4 aylar önce
I haven’t watched your videos for a few weeks and Bruno’s transformation is incredible.
@NechonaWong 4 aylar önce
Familiarity makes a great camping site. The glorious nature, the great outdoors has no imperfections. Forest and stream make an idyllic overnight stay. The tarp looked aerodynamically awesome and the tent cozy. Rugged terrain needs rugged handling and it is all good. The picture of Brucie makes me somewhat sad even though I am just acquainted with him by you.. Perhaps Bruno's thinking, "Whatever it is, give me some?" I believe that good campers weather all conditions! Breathers are times of refreshing for journeys still ahead. The water- and dust-proof kit box is as fantastic as the words are sweet! The pan gripper is such a practical gift. The bonfire with its sparks looked dreamily enchanting... I believe that your hearty dinner of penne with sausage meat curry and cream sauce was delicious. Beautiful angled footages of the morning stream...and the fresh forest air must be invigorating! Burrito with scrambled eggs and sausage meat is a sure savory start for a brand new day, burnt or not! This is as excellent a wild camping video as you are personable! Take care and enjoy your outdoor journeys with Bruno...and memories of Brucie... Cheers!😊 “The outside is the only place we can truly be inside the world.” - Daniel J. Rice
@vickiwomack4780 4 aylar önce
Hi Tony & Bruno! I love watching your videos. Bruno taking your hat in this one was the cutest!
@jodieabbott7219 4 aylar önce
So pleased you got another dog, it just replaces the missing feeling and forms a new part of your heart called Bruno ❤
@chadia8873 4 aylar önce
Hi Tony and Bruno, ive been watching every upload of yours for the last 2 yrs and I enjoy every second of them. The content; food u prepare, camp sites, and mostly the cigar sessions under the rain. Your loyal follower from Barcelona. Salut!🍻
@ScottCassellis 4 aylar önce
Bruno grabbing that branch was hilarious. Such a joyful pup. Thanks as always, Tony
@jeanniebender1266 4 aylar önce
I enjoy your long videos. After I watch them in full, I rewatch and listen to them to help me sleep.
@cherylmeunier7461 4 aylar önce
Bruno is catching on fast. He runs ahead of you and checks to make sure your following and runs back to you. He's so excited. 😅
@rollingedges9469 4 aylar önce
He has got Brucie's charm for sure! Glad to see you push through the grieving process. I lost my dog Keller in March and it sucks just waking up to an empty space.
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