Nikola Jokić And His Brothers Were Partying In Miami 🔥

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Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report

Aylar önce

Joker went out with his bros after beating the Heat last night 😂

(via mr.andrija_/IG)

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Darryl Wallace
Darryl Wallace Aylar önce
So he busted their asses on the court, and partied in our city afterwards? Lol that’s some savage shit.
TheTryHards 3 gün önce
@Jim Kap and wehar have the heat done since LeBron left went to the finals in that Mickey mouse bubble because giannis was hurt and then what
Soniq Aylar önce
While listening to chief keef
Darryl Wallace
Darryl Wallace Aylar önce
@Jim Kap The point you just made about the Finals is a cop out and doesn’t change the fact that he had their number in both matchups.
Jim Kap
Jim Kap Aylar önce
Yet his franchise has never even been to one finals in their entire history. Not sure Heat care much about Jokic and a team they see twice a year and never on the way to a title.
Wong Joman
Wong Joman Aylar önce
Dan Man
Dan Man Aylar önce
Bruh he actually threw Markieff to the ground then came back and destroyed the Heat and then posted up in their city lmao
Dan Man
Dan Man Aylar önce
@Jim Kap bro I could care less about Heat or Nuggets Im just stating facts on what occurred.
T Love
T Love Aylar önce
@Jordie Jordan thats wish
Jim Kap
Jim Kap Aylar önce
So? Nuggets have never even been to the finals in their entire history. Heat have 3 titles. Guess Nugs fans have to take their tiny wins when they can get them.
T Love
T Love Aylar önce
@World Eater you sound like a coward too...betting on somebody on a basketball court...all of them will knock you out so there
T Love
T Love Aylar önce
@World Eater oooweeeee so scared....please shut up....its people like you keeping the bs going...its basketball and its over but bet your last that Jokics or his brothers are not feared
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin Aylar önce
Jimmy took the night off like Francis off John Wick lol 😂.
Lol facts!
nate Aylar önce
jokic nodding his head to chief keef is something i wasn’t aware i needed
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin Aylar önce
Jokic bros in the cut that’s a scary sight!!!!
MediCali951 Aylar önce
As if they need a lighted sign that says his name and MVP! He’s freakin 7 foot tall you can’t miss him 😆
Draagon Boy
Draagon Boy Aylar önce
They want all the smoke! Where Jimmy and the heat at? 🤨😹😹
Max jackson
Max jackson Aylar önce
@T Love would love to see you pull up on them
T Love
T Love Aylar önce
Stop...aint no brothers nowhere scared of these dudes...keep hying it up though
Tide Football
Tide Football Aylar önce
Damn folks ass pulled up to the city and boys nowhere to be found💀😭
Jim Kap
Jim Kap Aylar önce
Why would Heat care? Nuggets never made a single final in their history. Heat have 3 chips. Pretty sure Heat don't slum to worrying about the lowly Nugs.
Dre Aylar önce
Didn't Haslam say that this is his city and for them not to come
ChoppedByT Podcast
ChoppedByT Podcast Aylar önce
I believe what what Mike Malone said about the brothers just wantng to party in Miami.. but he didn't have to drag Memphis into it lol
Marilyn Cornelis
Marilyn Cornelis Aylar önce
no one in that bar thinking about covid! I LOVE IT!!!
LilGloryBoyZay Aylar önce
They was listening to the GOAT🗣
T WILL Aylar önce
Said “who not valid in Miami”😭😭
Get it Big Dog Jokers !!!
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Aylar önce
How is standing around with your phone partying i guess that’s what it’s call now
AnonYmous J
AnonYmous J Aylar önce
why they standing like bouncers tho 💀
Dats Tuff
Dats Tuff Aylar önce
Jokic brothers don't check need to check in anywhere 😭
M M Aylar önce
So they tag self we are in your city 🤣🤣🤣
Marvin Serrano
Marvin Serrano Aylar önce
😮‍💨 Nah i feel like Jokic’s brothers requested the song
JB Aylar önce
That’s my MVP
Meho Meho
Meho Meho Aylar önce
BayHarbor Butcher
BayHarbor Butcher Aylar önce
And he's out for covid protocol
Ivan Aylar önce
Jokic to chicago confirmed
Yonis M
Yonis M Aylar önce
eska 12
eska 12 Aylar önce
joker just shit on miami so hard lmfao
TheRealTalkWithC-Los Aylar önce
This hole beef thing wasn’t even that serious lol
TinnieTa21 Aylar önce
So do immediate family members of star pro athletes even need to work?
Max jackson
Max jackson Aylar önce
They filthy rich so no
Jim Kap
Jim Kap Aylar önce
Yawn, Nuggets never have even been to a single finals, ever. Wow, they won regular season games and then went drinking in a tacky club. Geez, what a massive victory.
TheDemonnat Aylar önce
Where butler at?
Brandon M
Brandon M Aylar önce
Teyae T
Teyae T Aylar önce
🙏🙏Blessings forever GOD loves y'all too forever tell everyone you know and don'tl know. Jesus loves y'all too forever. Teach everyone how to see and enjoy their blessings too forever
Gemstones83 Aylar önce
Miami got punked out 😂😂😂😂
Steven Starkey
Steven Starkey Aylar önce
Maaaaaan, if this was…… Nvrmnd. Glad he doesn’t have to answer for Covid questions like every other player does
Max jackson
Max jackson Aylar önce
Isn’t he mvp? He must get a pass
T Love
T Love Aylar önce
Party up Jokic, love your game but trust aint no damn body scared of you or your brothers because youre from Serbia....including the Morris Click. I think youre right its OVER and the churpers can stop churping👊🏿
Blue Aylar önce
Congrats to everyone who is early and found this comment!👑
Jacob Blue
Jacob Blue Aylar önce
Beat a team with no butler or herro congrats
thong daddy
thong daddy Aylar önce
@The3rd Splashbrother yes you're absolutely correct jimmys game five was a 35 12 11 triple double my memory failed me there but my point still remains. jimmy had a pathetic performance yet they ''only'' got swept by the eventual champions rather than losing to any scrub team. them getting swept leads me to only believe they were not winning that series even if jimmy had been more efficient.
The3rd Splashbrother
The3rd Splashbrother Aylar önce
@thong daddy it was one 40 pt. Triple-double. Yes, he was impressive that year, but we also saw jimmys pathetic perfomance in last seasons playoffs. You also have to admit hes quite the talker, but backs down as soon as things get physical...
thong daddy
thong daddy Aylar önce
@Fantomas646 well yes because im a fan of jimmy that makes my points invalid absolutely correct
thong daddy
thong daddy Aylar önce
@Artisan Windchimes you do realise hes the only man to outperform lebron in the finals with two 40 point triple doubles in the finals?
Fantomas646 Aylar önce
@Artisan Windchimes The clown's name is literally "butler". Imagine how pathetic a grown man making a profile as another man has to be... unless he's 10 years old LOL
Marcus Smith
Marcus Smith Aylar önce
They family sad you can tell they never accomplished anything in life
Rimuru Tempest
Rimuru Tempest Aylar önce
Says the guy commenting about other people's lives on TRshow lol
George Kouts
George Kouts Aylar önce
Says the guy searching for change in his momma's couch, so he can buy a bag of chips to eat while scratching his ass! lmao
Fantomas646 Aylar önce
Except becoming the greatest basketball player on Earth.
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