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Let's check out the newest hero in Mobile Legends and it's Aamon
This Aamon gameplay was made in advance server but now he's available on official server
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Aldous Serious Punch
Aldous Serious Punch Yıl önce
He is the type of hero that is fun to play for slowhand like me.
Estes? Yıl önce
The difference between Aamon and Gusion is Aamon is for slow hand and Gusion is for fast hand
Aliping Sagigilid
Aliping Sagigilid Yıl önce
JL P Yıl önce
Aamon is the most accurate assassin to me so far. Stealth, Attack, Retreat, and Repeat. Unlike Gusion, who's always the center of attention in team fights.
Banana Yıl önce
"Is he going to be in the top banned heroes?"
TheUsualFag Yıl önce
Natalia : I am the perfect assassin
James Niño
James Niño Yıl önce
Evi Benarti
Evi Benarti Yıl önce
Tip: Have some muscle memory about how many enhanced attacks you have done. In early game, its 3 (with mage emblem), so after those 3 hits, that's when it's best to use your other skills
Burn_ Axel
Burn_ Axel Yıl önce
I think they will nerf his invisibility duration and maybe his HP regen. Your honestly pretty good at using his passive too, and the aim on first skill is also very good. I never see many players try to hit Aldous while he’s spinning toward some one 😜. I usually go for more HP items, but if you can get a good snowball all the true damage from item passives and going invisible can make Aamon very deadly
Nobita Min C.
Nobita Min C. Yıl önce
Imagine a Aamon-Gusion tandem in a match
Josiah Lee
Josiah Lee Yıl önce
i prefer to add windtalker and feather of heaven to my build since both gives him extra attack speed. i like how he can be played as a poke hero by using his second then first skills on enemies, then using his short cd and ult, get the kill, and run like hell while regaining hp without recalling
You are the straight to the point version of hororo. No going around the bush which is niceee 👍👍👍
Redisus Yıl önce
“Is Aamon better than gusion?”
Redjay Patalinghug
Redjay Patalinghug Yıl önce
I think he has just too much passive. There's a possibility that they will lower down the hp regeneration/movement speed or totally remove it. It's also possible that they will adjust the camouflage state to just a few seconds just like Lesley.
Mute Yıl önce
Moonton is definitely gonna remove the healing over time while he's invis
Oliver Stallon
Oliver Stallon Yıl önce
Aamon: Untargetable
iAm Marauder
iAm Marauder Yıl önce
Aamon is like an amalgamation of many heroes. So much for moontoon trying to balance the game.
Zenzuno.颖恩 Yıl önce
I think he is an easy hero to use,despite being an assassin.His mechanics are simple,and he can burst down enemies.For people with slow hands,this is probably the perfect ass for them to use.
Its_Ed Yıl önce
Seeing Aamon having 5 effects on his passive makes Natalia's invisibiliity feel like a weaker version of Aamon's passive, they really need to buff Natalia's invisibility by giving back the instant silence and give her invisible state immune from being cancelled and or slowed.
I don’t know what to name myself
I don’t know what to name myself Yıl önce
Using Aamon is very fun since if your low and being chased you can instantly get full hp by his passive and destroy the enemy