19 Secret Minecraft Hacks You Should Know

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Skip the Tutorial

Skip the Tutorial

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19 Secret Minecraft Hacks You Should Know! Minecraft has plenty of cool features to see, but some of those only exist underneath the game's surface. So, to find some of the coolest stuff in the game, we need to dive deep into the hidden tips and tricks within Minecraft. Whether that's the ability to dye wolves for rainbow colorful dogs, attach leads to fences without mobs, and much more, it's on this list. So let's see the craziest hidden features in Minecraft that you need to know in this Skip the Tutorial Minecraft 1.17 list video!
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Edited by Brennan Moore
Footage collected by Frankie Mundo, Jordan Cross, and Jaden Moore
The map used in parts of this video is a modified version of the world download in GeminiTay's survival let's play series, which you can watch from the beginning here: trshow.info/watch/cAvlj5jJlUg/video.html
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Skip the Tutorial
Skip the Tutorial Yıl önce
Subscribe, or I won't tell you my secret
The Sun Fun Plays
The Sun Fun Plays Aylar önce
Zedman1111 Aylar önce
What’s the secret 😮
Lotl_Playz 2 aylar önce
Rocks D Xebec
Rocks D Xebec 2 aylar önce
@Skip the Tutorial redsti
Rocks D Xebec
Rocks D Xebec 2 aylar önce
@Skip the Tutorial ios
Honyok Gaming
Honyok Gaming Yıl önce
I’d say the reason this railroad layout is faster is because when making diagonal tracks, the minecart has to travel over more track in the same amount of time, so mojang increased the speed when the cart is on a turn to maintain the same velocity as when you are going in a straight line. When you lay out tracks like this, you are exploiting the extra speed you get when the game thinks you are turning, even if you’re really just going straight. Not sure if this is true, just a guess.
Caleb Berman
Caleb Berman 2 aylar önce
To everyone reading this, has anyone ever told you that God loves you and has a great plan for your life? I have a real quick, but important question to ask you. If you were to die right now, do you know for a fact that you would go to Heaven? I want to tell you that the Bible says that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and that the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord, and, that if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved, and I want to tell you that you can make that decision today, to turn from sin and turn to Christ. If you would like to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, pray this prayer from your heart out loud to God. "Heavenly Father, I repent of sin. I receive forgiveness. I receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ is Lord, and my Savior. Come into my heart right now. I thank you for dying for me. By the blood of Jesus, right now, I am saved. In Jesus' name, Amen."
Donna Carroll
Donna Carroll 3 aylar önce
Smart thinking
Mohammad Malik
Mohammad Malik 10 aylar önce
This is almost definitely the case
Westy Yıl önce
I assume it's the same mechanic that does that fx speedbriding while holding down s and d is faster than just s
JoeTheBeau Yıl önce
You actually lose speed when you turn corners
BlueNerd Yıl önce
Great hacks buddy, actually didn't know a few of these so they should come in handy 👍👍👍
Iconic 3 aylar önce
Futsal tips and tricks
Futsal tips and tricks 3 aylar önce
@BedwarsYT loser thinks he will remember him because of being first 💀
Unicorn Clouds
Unicorn Clouds 3 aylar önce
I watch some of ur vids
Rachel Crass
Rachel Crass 6 aylar önce
I love your channel blue I’m subscribed and turned on notifications❤️💕
Suhu 9 aylar önce
@BedwarsYT didn't ask lol
KreeperKilla551 Yıl önce
This has been around for years: you can have the reope on fence posts, all you have to do is make the animal struggle so much it breaks the lead (or use a horse and ride it away from the fence untile the lead breaks), which means those of you who don't have access to caves and cliffs, or your system cant run that update, this is a simple fix.
joelhoon1707 8 aylar önce
@InfiniteDev the joke is that he's saying you don't need to do the overcomplicated tedious procedure of tying a horse with a saddle to each and every fence, and you can instead just use axolotls and buckets. but the joke's on him, because people who don't have caves and cliffs or can't run that update don't have axolotls HA
InfiniteDev 10 aylar önce
@Siddhant Pandey he Said that in the video genius
Siddhant Pandey
Siddhant Pandey 10 aylar önce
Better way lead an axolotl and then pick in up in a bucket
Roland4Donald Yıl önce
In bedrock edition there is something called a potion farm. Seeing how dripstone works, you can fill up a cauldron with water but if you fill up 1 layer of the cauldron with a potion first, the water dripping from the dripstone fills up the cauldron but it bugs and fills the cauldron with more potion instead of water. I used this in my villager trading center however I'm not sure if this works in the new bug fix update
stomyn 3 aylar önce
They patched that one out very quickly
San Kang
San Kang Yıl önce
5:38 You can use the piercing crossbows to use one arrow infinitely, Doesn't have to be 8 arrows per potion!
WasGeht Dichdasan
WasGeht Dichdasan Yıl önce
I think the potion effect dissappears, but I'm not sure
Antbeam 11 aylar önce
As you said, if a creeper with a potion effect explodes, he leaves a permanent lingering effect. All you have to do is do a weakness effect and have a easy villager curing room to never brew again
Matkó Csaba
Matkó Csaba 4 aylar önce
The elytra+lead thing only works on java, on bedrock it either snaps when going up, or when gliding to your destination, both of these usually end up with a mob death
bkbenken 3 aylar önce
Skip’s transitioms into telling us to subscribe are so smooth every time
Gilow Mellow
Gilow Mellow Yıl önce
0:42 You can still combine Swords + Tridents without changing your items mid flight. You can just hold the trident in your left hand and your sword in your right hand to apply the damage of the sword with the flight of the trident.
Anne Lally
Anne Lally Yıl önce
Thanks! I'll use that trick.
Spiritx Yıl önce
I’ve used the creeper and tnt trick for ages and to be honest it doesn’t take too long to set up A skeleton in a boat (named if on bedrock) a lava bucket and a 5 by 3 pit with water at the bottom and trapdoors around the edge Just lure some creepers into the pit, i usually do 4 at a time so if they despawn i don’t waste a ton of time Overall it takes only 10-20 minutes for 4 disks but only because i waited until night to do it :)
Caleb Berman
Caleb Berman 2 aylar önce
To everyone reading this, has anyone ever told you that God loves you and has a great plan for your life? I have a real quick, but important question to ask you. If you were to die right now, do you know for a fact that you would go to Heaven? I want to tell you that the Bible says that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and that the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord, and, that if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved, and I want to tell you that you can make that decision today, to turn from sin and turn to Christ. If you would like to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, pray this prayer from your heart out loud to God. "Heavenly Father, I repent of sin. I receive forgiveness. I receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ is Lord, and my Savior. Come into my heart right now. I thank you for dying for me. By the blood of Jesus, right now, I am saved. In Jesus' name, Amen."
Mac Mcleod
Mac Mcleod Yıl önce
@Spiritx wouldn't bother with "test account", it's a troll / bot ac count.
The weird wolf
The weird wolf Yıl önce
That's amazing info, thanks a lot :)
Test Account
Test Account Yıl önce
@Spiritx haha a bot copied your comment and have 100 likes
Spiritx Yıl önce
oh and if you don’t put water in the bottom or make the pit lined with obsidian then you have to rebuild it each night i forgot that water and obsidian stopped explosions until a few months into using the trick and i wasted so much time and blocks lol
Walocial Yıl önce
With the trident, you can just have the sword in your off-hand and it works perfectly. I use it along with a Smite V netherite sword to oneshot drowned with my trident. Also way easier than swapping mid-air.
Walocial 4 aylar önce
@Leo Dagher Too many grammatical errors in your comment to figure out what your intention behind it was.
Leo Dagher
Leo Dagher 4 aylar önce
so your not good to do it
Spooky Sheet
Spooky Sheet 11 aylar önce
Put the sword in your offhand as it still works, also the damage is actually higher with the riptide attack, as it has the sword damage as well as a default riptide damage
Block Cheddar
Block Cheddar Yıl önce
Lighting can and does strike the same spot more than once. Lightning takes the shortest path to the ground, so obviously if it hits a spot it means that spot is a great place to channel the energy.
RedFluxBlueDawn Yıl önce
I actually saw the boat part of glitch 19 being used by Mumbo recently (for fun so far), some others were indeed new to me, many thanks!
JoJoAlabaster Yıl önce
As long as you are holding the sword while using the riptide trident, you don't have to switch to it, as long as it's in you hand or off hand Edit: You can't actually use the sword in your offhand, thanks to some comments pointing this out, also if it is still in your hand while riptiding, it transfers all enchants and damage from your sword or weapon (axe, shovel, hoe, anything you want really, as long as it does more damage than a punch)
MeepMood Yıl önce
@Unknown and meaningless yeah it is, at least on java. The trident has to be the one in the offhand, though
A normal person
A normal person Yıl önce
@OffFungus r/itswhooooshwith4o's
A normal person
A normal person Yıl önce
@Frost r/whoooosh
Unknown and meaningless
Unknown and meaningless Yıl önce
not possible
Funda Gaming
Funda Gaming Yıl önce
Me:plays on bedrock I don't have such power
Just5moremin plz
Just5moremin plz Yıl önce
The creeper lingering potion explosion is completely new to me. I had no idea that was a thing. Great vid Skip👍
Ari Yıl önce
Can we just appreciate how much effort Skip the Tutorial puts into his uploads.
Clean Water
Clean Water Yıl önce
Very handy, loved this content as usual, Skip is the man!
william woznack
william woznack 3 aylar önce
0:51 Fun fact: You can also hold a trident in your offhand to get the same effect but easier
Shivam's GFX
Shivam's GFX Yıl önce
I'm just fan of his commentary and the whole energy he puts in every single video!
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez 3 aylar önce
Cool cheese
JoeTheBeau Yıl önce
That's actually one of the many things I don't like about his videos, and why I just go directly to the comments section instead of watching. Like I say, "if you don't like it, don't watch it. Just go leave toxic comments"
FU3X Yıl önce
@Thesizzlingbacon imagine
Thesizzlingbacon Yıl önce
@FU3X look ok
Don’t look at my desc
Don’t look at my desc Yıl önce
no u
Aaron Ferriman
Aaron Ferriman Yıl önce
Love the energy man! Never disappoints.
Cube No.2
Cube No.2 Yıl önce
#2: You can actually just have the trident in the off-hand and then the sword in the main hand and it would do the same thing.
TuftedMocha7 Yıl önce
You can "lead" villagers by placing villager workstations, letting them walk to & claim a job, then breaking it & placing it further away in the direction you want to lead them. Far easier than abusing animal hitboxes!
John Lane
John Lane Yıl önce
While you can't lead villagers like an animal using emeralds, villagers will automatically walk towards and pick up seeds and a few other items if they are thrown on the ground in front of them.
Szoenzsoen Miles
Szoenzsoen Miles Yıl önce
For that trident/sword fact you actually only need to use the riptide trident in offhand and it will use the damage and enchant of the tool in your main hand
Dante S
Dante S Yıl önce
@Guilherme Pavao tobias The only thing I'll buy you is an English textbook so that you can learn how to spell.
Guilherme Pavao tobias
Guilherme Pavao tobias Yıl önce
@Dante S ok then but me a PC
Dante S
Dante S Yıl önce
@Bullsack 9 Maybe they should try playing the real version
Szoenzsoen Miles
Szoenzsoen Miles Yıl önce
@Bullsack 9 i never played bedrock and i just explained a real mecanic so i m not wrong :)
Bullsack 9
Bullsack 9 Yıl önce
What about bedrock players
Myrious, Good Enough Entertainment
Myrious, Good Enough Entertainment Yıl önce
For number two: if you’re on Java you can hold the trident in your offhand and the sword in your main hand
TheWorkingGamer Yıl önce
Your videos are definitely informative. Definitely my pick for tips.
WeirdPringlesChip 3 aylar önce
1:08 fun fact I think if you do it in pe you don’t need the sword bc you can just use the riptide trident on its own and it will do the same
Rey Holgado
Rey Holgado 4 aylar önce
I have a tip too! you can actually make water float by just making to pistons clap while there is water in between, just make sure the water doesn't wash the redstone away.
Nobody Yıl önce
That trident when combined with the sword is so cool...
Angolaball 🇦🇴
Angolaball 🇦🇴 3 aylar önce
Emperor palpatine
Laura Gonzalez
Laura Gonzalez 5 aylar önce
Rayram AureanBlue
Rayram AureanBlue Yıl önce
@EnderBiscuit It's not about the damage, it's about the enchantment effect. If you have looting on the sword in your main hand, and a trident in the offhand, you can still get bonus drops with trident kills. Same with fire aspect and getting cooked food.
CrimBar Yıl önce
@Diamond maybe he commented before the video got published?
EnderBiscuit Yıl önce
In bedrock you wouldn't need a sword because the trident can do damage by it self
nicool350 TM
nicool350 TM 2 aylar önce
Fun fact you can just hold your trident in your off hand and the sword in the regular hand, it's easier than just switching
ZplatFr Yıl önce
For moving villagers, if it is jobless, it’ll walk towards things that can give them a job.
Angle Yıl önce
3:56 boats, leads, elytras and rockets best combination when transporting mobs
leepich khournly
leepich khournly Yıl önce
Great hacks but the villager one is easier in bedrock since you can lead a boat and put the villager in the boat and also if you use an elytra when the lead snaps the animal will be fine since somehow boats negate fall damage
KLP Gaming
KLP Gaming Yıl önce
When you have the effect “village hero / hero of the village,” villagers will give you things like seeds, apples, cookies, clay, stone, leather, etc. You can drop any of this type of item close to a villager, and they will go to it. They will leave after a second, but you can create a path of them to lure them somewhere.
Cyroah 10 aylar önce
you can also just open up the villager trading menu then it will follow you for around 3 seconds you can transport villagers to your trading hall like this, You don't need to raid a village
Gold Chip
Gold Chip Yıl önce
@mcanine dammit
mcanine Yıl önce
@stephen singh no
stephen singh
stephen singh Yıl önce
Nice, does this work on bedrock?
Lieffian 10 aylar önce
Alternatively, you can use boats, leads and fences to get that rope effect since leads can be used to tie up boat (don’t know if any of you have tried it/realized that)
Jonty Oud
Jonty Oud Yıl önce
Villager one was pretty funny, vine one was super useful, didnt know that! Gonna use it in my hc world!
DexterTheWulf Yıl önce
I actually brought villagers with me using a long minecart rail set in a certain realm (it took ages for me to make) for the purpose of turning an abandoned/dead village into a new one again. I bred the villagers afterwards
Gnoobie 5 aylar önce
The trident and sword combo is a combo that I already know, the easier way to do this is to put your riptide trident in your off hand
notgonnasaymaname Yıl önce
I love your videos Skip the tutorial they have helped a lot and also made me a better minecraft player
Shrumbo Yıl önce
6:19 a long time ago that worked with players too, but you couldnt move, or jump, or do anything. I dont know if that still works though
Michael Tanzer
Michael Tanzer Yıl önce
The lead Axolotl thing also works with other mobs
Cyberknight Gaming
Cyberknight Gaming Aylar önce
the 1.17 lapis trick my friend taught me, it was incredible.
Chocolateblocks Babobaegchi
Chocolateblocks Babobaegchi Yıl önce
"The wolves entire color changes when you dye them after that, so does the subscribe button" Whoever came up with that needs a raise.
A Moobloom
A Moobloom Yıl önce
The axolotl lead glitch also works with dolphins. Wat for them to despawn and youll get the same result
Marky Boi
Marky Boi Yıl önce
you can hold the sword in off hand and when you use the trident the fire aspect still works
Nolan Bennett
Nolan Bennett Yıl önce
Could you potentially bring the slab blocks back to where you want to live with pistons?
Valynaz Valkynaz
Valynaz Valkynaz Yıl önce
Potion of regeneration creepers are actually useful honestly for me at least
Sama Light
Sama Light Yıl önce
3:43 one thing to note is that it's not a guarantee that you'll get diamonds but using this method will TRIPLE your diamond yield should you go the regular methods you choose.
?white saiyan18
?white saiyan18 Aylar önce
Oh I thought that I didn't find diamond cuz it was something only for Java edition cuz I'm in bedrock
Lotty the Axolotl
Lotty the Axolotl Yıl önce
The axolotl one really hurt me when I saw you throw the harming potion, at least it made one immortal.
Zen-oh Sama
Zen-oh Sama Yıl önce
The Bohobemeister
The Bohobemeister Yıl önce
As always, wonderful video!
Wendy Winchester
Wendy Winchester Yıl önce
Moving villagers is actually a lot easier by boat. It makes no sense but boats can move on land.
A name. What did you expect?
A name. What did you expect? Yıl önce
You could also trigger the sword-trident attack with the trident on the offhand, if I recall correctly, you can even use the sweeping attack of the sword!
24k_letsplay Yıl önce
( Tip) With the villagers you can drop bread to move them or do what skip did
TwoApple 11 aylar önce
1:04 not on bedrock, you see, using riptide on bedrock doesnt take durability on it
Firelight18 3 aylar önce
You could put your trident in your offhand and hold the sword in your main hand, it has the same effect
Scott Williams
Scott Williams Yıl önce
2:19 is the funniest part so far. I think it's the way you used that scream combined with the fact that since villager are generally so hard to work with, it's fun to see them go bye bye.
Michael Aplicador
Michael Aplicador Yıl önce
the lapis method of finding diamonds would be very useful for 1.18
helloimaenderman minecraft
helloimaenderman minecraft 3 aylar önce
You can use fire aspect on trident an axes if you combine it with another book
fing Yıl önce
The Trident riptide technique also works with your other weapon in the offhand.
fing Yıl önce
Im found this out when messing around in survival
hunter crowe
hunter crowe Yıl önce
With the vine hack to climb painting you could make a rock climbing game / parkour, I think it would look pretty cool
David Churchich
David Churchich 11 aylar önce
I think I can simulate smoke with the creeper and lingering effect by putting slow falling on the creeper and then getting the creeper to explode. I think this can make a really cool smoke affect, but it would be small.
C G 5 aylar önce
Since undead mobs take damage from healing potions I use healing arrows shoot the creaper and get a aoe of damage
Davis Griffin
Davis Griffin 10 aylar önce
If you’re gonna have it on breaking use mending too since you can Some of the durability back with XP
Buffy E
Buffy E Yıl önce
Tried the lapis trick, but instead of diamonds, I mined straight into lava LOL
Wolfie Blue Williams
Wolfie Blue Williams Yıl önce
I actually knew the creeper one because I play with mods, and a sword I own causes slowness and freezes everytime it exploded it would leave the Slowness lingering and all the mobs near me often slowed down
steveplayz Yıl önce
#11, if you have a crossbow with piercing, then the weakness arrows can be reused.
HollowWatch Yıl önce
When you think of using the way of tnt to get discs what about the heads... The only way to get them is to go behind the block wall with water and some lighting rods after luring the mobs
Nucleon's Soul
Nucleon's Soul Yıl önce
I new almost all of these counted 5 or 6 that I didn't know. Also I actually entered the "immortal" bug glitch once myself lmao not even the void could kill me.
꓅ꂑ꓅ꋫꁹ Yıl önce
Fact 11: 5:18 You can also reuse the tipped arrows you already crafted. While yes, the infinity enchantment doesn't work on tipped arrows, you can use a crossbow with piercing on it. This makes the arrow hit multiple mobs, and if it doesn't hit the amount it's meant for it also won't disappear. Meaning you can use them infinitely.
Scout on 124- 125 health be like
Scout on 124- 125 health be like Yıl önce
Skipthetutorial, ideactivatemc, and logdotzip need to do a massive collab
Muhammad Maooz
Muhammad Maooz 3 aylar önce
you can also do it with fire aspect both enchants make it even better bcz there is no water you can hit it with your trident
Melanie Goodwin
Melanie Goodwin Yıl önce
You actually can kill the "immortal axolotl" using instant damage 2 potions.
Moldy Cheese
Moldy Cheese Yıl önce
Or just use a sword
OOF_TVYT Yıl önce
2:18 Skip: "It's hard to move them around" His mind: *"Haha he be flyin doe"*
Bowser Is Best
Bowser Is Best Yıl önce
for number 2 the same thing happens if ur sword is in ur offhand, and only uses trident durability
Abyss8564 Yıl önce
"Getting discs can be dangerous" *Tommyinit war-like flashbacks*
everything cult
everything cult Yıl önce
Tommy needs that hack
Lazar Theodor
Lazar Theodor 5 aylar önce
0:54 you can use this method to save yourself from a fall if you do not have an elytra or waterbucket...all you need is a netherite sharpness 5 sword . a trident with riptide in the other...weather rain...try it!
TheAxeKid 3 aylar önce
3:44 this trick does not work anymore with either 1.18 or 1.19, but i used to use this trick all the time.
KytenX Yıl önce
Actually in creative mode when using leads you can fly with your animals
SlySylveon Yıl önce
1:07 i knew this before the video. If you have trident in offhand, it will only take swprd durability
TheIrishMistaker 11 aylar önce
instead of using a axolotl for the fence you can use a chicken or something and kill the mob and it will leave the rope. a much more easy option.
Konstantinos Vamvoukis
Konstantinos Vamvoukis Yıl önce
5:40 you can also use a piercing crossbow for infinite :D
King Karl
King Karl Yıl önce
Fun Fact: The saying: Lightning never strikes the same place twice is a misconception, In real life, there is a higher chance of lightning striking at the same place than a random place
Chase the Master
Chase the Master 9 aylar önce
@Thegaming bro if you don’t care then why did you comment if you actually didn’t care you would have just ignored it
wateriswrong Yıl önce
@The Cookie Legend nah hes just a child nothing too bad
i Yıl önce
@Amy Lynch Yeah, it is. Most (if not all) skycrapers today have lightning rods on top of them to protect them from lightning damage.
Amy Lynch
Amy Lynch Yıl önce
@i is that true?
Amy Lynch
Amy Lynch Yıl önce
@HexyHexagonic no one asked but his only tryna be nice and tell facts
Ditrix Genesis
Ditrix Genesis 11 aylar önce
Information for #11. If you get a piercing crossbow, all you have to do is make a crawlspace behind the zombified villagers and you only EVER have to make one stack of weakness arrows.
Shrapnel Gaming
Shrapnel Gaming Yıl önce
I’m hoping they make a new red stone or electric device that you can charge with lightning that would be worth it
Mac Mcleod
Mac Mcleod Yıl önce
A boat is a much easier way to move villagers around then that crowd of mobs. But it is an interesting new idea still.
0PH3LIX Yıl önce
I wish Minecraft would make different breeds of dogs and also different sizes! It would be great 😊
Ania's C0DE
Ania's C0DE Yıl önce
4:10 so in bedrock edition it sucks but the lead snaps, which makes it a bit difficult to move mobs because if you go around a corner or up a hill it'll just snap, oof
Samuel Lambo
Samuel Lambo Yıl önce
for the weakness arrow trick you dont even need to go to the end! instead get lucky and grab yourself a fletching villager with a weakness arrow trade and now you have an infinite supply of them without having to brew a single pot :)
ifhymarina 9 aylar önce
fun fact that no one probably asked for: the wolf can't be tamed when it's "on_tame", because it's already tamed. however, you can still feed it but it won't follow you. it will also attack you if you hit it. and when the wolf is "on_tame", it's kinda sad. pretty much that the wolf used to have an owner but still friendly.
Spaced Out
Spaced Out 11 aylar önce
3:25 Sadly, This Doesn't Work On Bedrock Edition. :(
Nintadso Yıl önce
That Lapis/Diamond generation also works in 1.16 actually
lex550 Yıl önce
also a fun fact: no matter what the shape of a block is, its shadow is always a circle. Even cubes like obsidian or even a sword or a pick!
Dumptruck digger
Dumptruck digger 11 aylar önce
You can actually start the immortal axolotl with arrows of harming
Braden Cosier
Braden Cosier Yıl önce
Why would you need a lightning rod for #9? Wouldn’t the trident do the trick on its own? Or does it only activate every time/even outside of thunderstorms if you have the combo?
Absolutely Strange Fella
Absolutely Strange Fella Yıl önce
Neat, some actually useful stuff! WOAH, THIS IS ACTUALLY VERY HELPFUL.
Leart _Gaming
Leart _Gaming Yıl önce
Yeah for the villager moving trick but you can just use mine carts.
Bowla Ramen
Bowla Ramen Yıl önce
prety nice how he’s accomatadative and gives some for Java and Bedrock.
DeltaFoxtrotDX Yıl önce
@among us but not among us with the "us" word sus haha you're name's lords mobile fan. So stupid, and so plain.
Valentina Castro
Valentina Castro Yıl önce
@Jelly doge lets goooo an og
Jelly doge
Jelly doge Yıl önce
@Valentina Castro I get it
Valentina Castro
Valentina Castro Yıl önce
@Blockyverse haha only ogs will get that reference
Blockyverse Yıl önce
if you don't like either, get trapped in the aether
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Doğru Logoyu Bil - Lüks Arabalar #shorts
Zafer Algöz'ün Kuaför Anısı 🤣 #shorts
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Lynx Çerezz
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