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Heavy Spoilers

Heavy Spoilers

2 aylar önce

SQUID GAME Every Clue That [SPOILER] | Things You Missed & Hidden Details. 오징어게임 . We breakdown the ending of Squid Game on Netflix and talk about all the clues in the season that tell us it was Il-Nam The Old Man who was behind it all. This includes a recap of the series and the games that he played in such as Red Light, Green Light, Tug Of War, Glass Hop and The Marbles One. Full Spoilers ahead.

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0:00 The Hidden Wall Clues In Squid Game
0:40 Heavy Spoilers!
0:59 Squid Game Ending Explained
1:40 Old Man Number Clues
3:04 The Clues In The Games
3:24 Red Light, Green Light Breakdown
4:20 The Vote
4:40 The Star
5:10 The Fight
5:35 Tug Of War
5:58 The Marbles And His 'Death'
6:57 Why He Left The Game
7:40 Competition

Ok so at the end of Squid Game we learn that it was Il-Nam all along.

The final episode reveals that he invented the games as a form of entertainment for him and his rich buddies who had become bored with life. We learn that he had actually got involved in the one that we see in the show because he was dying and wanted a final bit of fun in his life before it was too late.

The ending was absolutely incredible and the scene had Gi-Hun saying goodbye to the character as he lay on his death bed. This last meeting actually reflected their first one in which he too encountered the character as he sat in a bed.

It was a pretty big twist that really pulled the rug out from under your feet but eagle eyed viewers might have spotted early on that there were several clues pointing towards his true identity.

Now the first one is that he is Number 1, the very first player. If we look at the subtext of the series, Gi-Hun is the final number and throughout we watch as he very much works his way to first place, aka Il-Nam.

In the final episode he is left as number one, he inherits a large portion of the character's fortune and comes face to face with him in one of the final scenes. 1 is symbolic on a number of levels and because it's the first place, it also hints to us that Il-Nam is number one and the one that's controlling everything.

In episode 5 Hwang Jun-Ho sneaks through the compound and he eventually finds a storage room with files on all of the games that have happened over the decades. Upon opening up the 2020 one the first player there is actually number 2 and Il-Nam's profile is completely missing.

There is no file for Number 1 because he doesn't need or want a record kept for himself.

The other players in the game also hint towards us that something is off with Il-Nam and though it's not too obvious, when you really think about it, he wouldn't be someone that would be selected for the process.

Everyone else in the Squid Game is roughly the same age whereas he is extremly elderly.

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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Aylar önce
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Jim Goldslawger
Jim Goldslawger 28 gün önce
I knew the old man was in on it but I didn't know exactly what capacity.
Nιɠԋƚ'ʂ Eԃɠҽ
Nιɠԋƚ'ʂ Eԃɠҽ 29 gün önce
Gabrielle Thornton
Gabrielle Thornton 2 saatler önce
I personally think that 001 knew that before the marble game. Since there was an odd number that he could sit this one out and survive. Just like 212. That is why he was sitting in the corner, but then 456 chose him. I also think he would have chosen the last number for glass bridge.
Danica Templeton
Danica Templeton 3 saatler önce
The biggest standout to me was the off-screen death. I remember thinking it was so odd when I watched it, given how graphicly all the other deaths were shown
Joe Oldskool Beef
Joe Oldskool Beef 6 saatler önce
Brilliant show! I was hooked
valent1n0 GD ,
valent1n0 GD , 7 saatler önce
I didnt have a rug inder my feet😐.
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 7 saatler önce
Another hint was that you see the hand of the super VIP being very old, that's what gave it away for me.
CookieThug 8 saatler önce
001 would’ve hella lost the bridge game lmao
Jason Jay
Jason Jay 10 saatler önce
Saw 2021. Who will be the next front man
Joe John
Joe John 12 saatler önce
Even though number 001 was the bad guy he was still me favorite character in the show
hellterminator 12 saatler önce
Figured it out when they shot him off-camera. That was quite off-brand for the show.
PhoXine 15 saatler önce
This video title and thumbnail spoiled the show for me before I watched it :)
Broke Nerfing
Broke Nerfing 18 saatler önce
I thought the circle was the easiest shape in honeycomb
Broke Nerfing
Broke Nerfing 18 saatler önce
I didn't think he died because he was killed off screen but I didn't think it was because he was the one who started the game. I assumed they just felt bad for him. I noticed they stopped the night raid for him too and when he was kiled off screen i was like "oh he's still alive. They just don't want to kill him because he's a sweet old man who is going to doe anyways"
silverss onyoutube
silverss onyoutube 20 saatler önce
I always suspected the old man from the start as being in control of them all .
BloodyCarrotKey Gün önce
0:29 pretty sure that one is the marble game.
Tech Diesel
Tech Diesel Gün önce
Another reason I think he let the main guy win is because he liked him.
Mishu Gün önce
I had a weird guess that he was the reigning champion of the game for many years and that’s why he was very confident.
Laurynas Zubavičius
Laurynas Zubavičius Gün önce
Wall clues were actually in the order of play too
Haris Saputra
Haris Saputra Gün önce
I just finished the entire S1 series and as you said, it blew our mind ! But one thing i don't agree with you in the dalgona game. Il-Nam was actually given up his choice to all his teamates and he got the star one eventually. It's kinda a gambling for him. It would be a messed up if he got the umbrella one bcs he even struggling with the star shape (you remember when he eventually used Gi-Hun method to finish the game ? Means that he actually runs out of time and method) Overall, it's a great series. Leaving almost no plot hole except one .. Do you guys remember when Gi-Hun got his birthday gift for his daughter, which is a fluffy doll ? How could he ended up with a fire lighter ??
Misty Tucker
Misty Tucker 22 saatler önce
I'm glad I wasn't the only one confused by that gun lighter
Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes Gün önce
If SQUID GAME was made in NORTH KOREA 🇰🇵, the executions would be for real.
Nori Shimogawa
Nori Shimogawa Gün önce
personally i wasn't a huge fan of the il-nam twist. i just felt it kinda cheapened the series a little. it wasn't enough to ruin anything for me but still.
JOJO Gün önce
I realised he was way more involved then he let on especially since he was so frail
Slim Pickins
Slim Pickins Gün önce
Squid games is just a bunch of communist propaganda.
Edgar Cervantes
Edgar Cervantes Gün önce
you have some good points, but you are stretching it a lot on some others.
Tyrannosaurus Gaming
Tyrannosaurus Gaming Gün önce
On the wall clues, it couldn’t have been there before squid games happened because it would have meant that they somehow predicted the number of players in the later games.
Dr Satan
Dr Satan 2 gün önce
How this show became so popular is beyond me. It’s boring and stupid not to mention the subtitles and bad dubbing! I just canceled my Netflix also since they suck now!
Balleon Random Videos
Balleon Random Videos 2 gün önce
That is the best squid game and I'll do it like that amazing
Balleon Random Videos
Balleon Random Videos 2 gün önce
The moment of that is a very nice so I'll make my own Squid game
Mavis429 2 gün önce
You forgot during tug of war, he wasn’t locked to the rope
Paranira 2 gün önce
me being sus about him because he was nice from episode 2 on: is he the boss? is he the frontman? never realising there was a post higher than the frontman
Matt 2 gün önce
The old man kinda sounds like splinter from teenage mutant ninja turtles
fredk 2 gün önce
Il Nam is also not locked onto the rope like the other players on his team
CP4Z 2 gün önce
ALways wondered what happened if IL Nam lost the tug of war game
Almas Aasia
Almas Aasia 2 gün önce
Ummm when I saw Il-Nam in that last episode i STILL thought he was the good guy and somehow got away with it -- I literally thought Seong Gi-Hun was gonna be like "HOW DID YOU MAKE IT ALIVE BUD WOOHOO YAY" but when he accused him of being behind it I thought "O"
Juan Cena
Juan Cena 3 gün önce
OnlineLion 3 gün önce
Why do you spoiler stuff before the spoiler alert? makes no sense.
Relixa 3 gün önce
I also liked the connection with the marbles and the old mans apparent mental decline. (Losing his marbles, i.e his mind) but he didn't lose his marbles, he gave them away willingly.
ThatCompilation 3 gün önce
The “Squid Gainz” NFT might actually be a buy now with all the Social Media Coverage on the show 🚀🎉🎉
Peter Brunswick
Peter Brunswick 3 gün önce
+++Police-man(Jun-ho) didnt die,his brother(Front man) shot him on shoulder on purpose. in ho (front man) shot his victims from head in general also in-ho donated his kidney to jun-ho so i guess that in-ho still have strong sibling relation with his brother. +++Ali didnt die,Ali cheated by his buddy of the marble game and the main idea of the game is equality.Ali will be in the games as a helper of FrontMan. +++The man(Gi-hyun) who changed his hair as red will be the new Vip and he will not be a good man anymore,red hair is a sign of his new cruel personality. +++IL-nam was the father of the Gi-hyun. +++Front man will be the new Master-mind of the following games.
RB slammed
RB slammed 3 gün önce
This entire thing is your theory with half of it being wrong.
Verbal Vertigo
Verbal Vertigo 3 gün önce
but he still did have a green glow tho..
Fused Toast
Fused Toast 3 gün önce
I don't think he was protected. The whole reason he was playing was for the thrill, and that he had nothing to live for anymore.
James McClaren
James McClaren 3 gün önce
Great video, but you missed one! The marble game ended up saving the crazy lady, due to one excess player... That was supposed to be the old man's spot, as he assumes the worst in people, and thought no one would pick him.
Tyler Holland
Tyler Holland 4 gün önce
I never watch television shows, especially trendy Netflix originals, but damn this was really entertaining and there was a lot more to it than I thought there would be
Tyler Holland
Tyler Holland 4 gün önce
I think the only pieces of evidence that are for sure correct is obviously the one where his profile is not in the book and the green light that is not around him, and maybe also the fact that the set in the marbles game is his neighborhood. But that’s about it. The rest are huge stretches.
London_Nomad 4 gün önce
The thing with modern shows is that since they all have some type of twist, as an audience we're used to twists. We may not know what the twist is but when revealed they don't land like they used to. Its still a twist but its not as mind blowing as it should be. That's how it was with Il Nam. I think the brother twist was slightly more hard hitting.
Roberto Blake
Roberto Blake 4 gün önce
Actually I did end up catching it up early on and said to myself “I bet he’s jigsaw…” the tumor thing was too on the nose as the same plot as Saw..:
Roberto Blake
Roberto Blake 2 gün önce
@Heavy Spoilers thanks, you did a great job!
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 3 gün önce
Ey thank you for checking out the video, love your channel
Tommy Goncalves
Tommy Goncalves 4 gün önce
Another easter egg was that the winner of the squid game won 45.6 billion won, 456 was also the main characters number.
DrBernon 4 gün önce
The dementia during the marble games was made up, to see what the other would do. He was acting. I suppose he valued his friendship, and also to see if even the best person he had known in his life was willing to trick him for personal gain. Tying up with the final episode and the homeless challenge.
scott 4 gün önce
This makes so much sense. I just thought front man stopped all the fighting because the old man was going to make them all reconcile with each other as he said we are all going to die if you do this, please stop.
unknowndeoxys00 4 gün önce
I interpreted that first game as yes, someone who played it before, bc I thought the very last players were doomed to repeat the game for the rest of their lives and they don't actually get the money 🤦🏻‍♀️
Clarence Phan
Clarence Phan 4 gün önce
1 thing thats not explained..... In the Tug o War........ Il Nam would have died if not for the "bad intellegent guy" quick thinking.... Nothing would have saved him if he falls down.... So I believe he played this game knowing he could die.... He only decided not to die after giving away the marble game. Because he took a liking to the main character Gi Hun. They became Brothers.
Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen 4 gün önce
5:45 easily win? Did you even watch the episode?
N.B. 4 gün önce
A golden rule of films and series is if don't see them dead they for sure aren't that gave it away for me
Morris DuBose
Morris DuBose 4 gün önce
I love a good spoiler
GamerSVR6 4 gün önce
Il-Nam still could've died during Tug-of-War even though he had a pretty good strategy, they started losing again, Sang-Woo was the one who came up with the amazing idea of taking 3 steps forward and winning the game, if it wasn't for Sang-Woo Il-Nam would have died.
BaldZippy 6 saatler önce
I don’t think he was attached to the ropes, he had handcuffs on but I don’t think they were connected
ThatNewBull Mays
ThatNewBull Mays 5 gün önce
Never watched it, so I'm not missing anything
Rebecca Pelky
Rebecca Pelky 5 gün önce
Fun fact: none of us has finished this video yet
Bobby Bench
Bobby Bench 5 gün önce
Other than the bedtime massacre, these theories are all a stretch and only make sense in hindsight.
Thholyghst 5 gün önce
The one that gave it away for me was when he was “shot” off camera you never heard a body hit the floor. Everyone else that got shot in that scene you can hear their body hit the floor. I knew there something was up.
Comedy Videos
Comedy Videos 5 gün önce
Missed most clues
M.Jaseena U.K.G
M.Jaseena U.K.G 5 gün önce
Even atlast il nam died bcz he loose the game which was the last bet with hero..police nd men came to help that poor man,,so looser should die..so that il nam died..
Kyle Storey
Kyle Storey 5 gün önce
The only thing that didn't make sense to me was that it was a very real possibility he would die during tug of war even with the tips he gave everyone. It still took a ballsy call to stop them from going over the edge as their team was definitely the weakest competing. I tried to look on the show if he was possibly not handcuffed to the rope in the same way that everyone else was (after the losing team drops to the floor the camera does a zoomed in pan down the line focusing on the fact that every player is handcuffed to the rope) but it's pretty inconclusive. It would have been interesting to see what would happen if their team lost. Would he miraculously break free form the rope? Would the game officials try to catch his fall to the ground (same as if he had to compete in the glass bridge game). The tug of war game definitely is the biggest head scratcher for me with the plot as even all of his tips still could have resulted in them losing and him dying. Maybe he didn't mind if he died in the games and he instructed them to let him compete fairly like everyone else but then I do not know why he wasn't killed during the marble game for "losing".
G-Mads 5 gün önce
The drawing isn't of the 3 people at the table, it's of people playing marbles.
Its All Good Games
Its All Good Games 6 gün önce
The reason the frontman stopped the bloodshed when the old man was yelling on the bed “if you don’t stop everyone will die!”, it’s literally cause the old man is concerned there won’t be anyone alive to keep playing more games, not out of concern for their lives.
Nicholas Weiss
Nicholas Weiss 6 gün önce
I dont think the Players could have read the next game on the Walls, because me and my girlfriend both are pretty sure every game appeared on the walls only after it was played.
Drouw 6 gün önce
i knew something was wrong the point where they made the fake execution on il Nam. No way a man can say "ahh" in pain while dying from a headshot.
Garry Williams
Garry Williams 6 gün önce
This is one of the rare times I guessed pretty much everything in the first couple of episodes. It didn't make it any less fun though.
Isidro Daniel Feliciano
Isidro Daniel Feliciano 6 gün önce
...so was he faking it when he pissed himself in the bed?
Isidro Daniel Feliciano
Isidro Daniel Feliciano 6 gün önce
His smile made me think he'd been playing the game for decades and just never won.
deki631 6 gün önce
Il-Nam's strategy for the Tug-of-War didn't work it was Sang-Woo's last second decision. Now i wonder if they had fallen with IL-Nam what would've happened
nujevad40 6 gün önce
The paintings on the wall weren't there in the beginning. When they were making barricades out of the beds, you could see the walls were clean. Also, the tug of war wasn't a sure win, they could've ignored the old man's advice, and had it not been for sang Woo's plan, they would've all died. Also, what would've happened if the main character decided to stick around and watch the old man get shot during the marble game?
kmoney 6 gün önce
Its too bad most of them were wrong. Red light green light "lyrics" are known by pretty much all koreans. It isnt that people didnt know the words, its out of shock and fear. Honeycomb, he let everyone else choose first. For tug of war, im surprised; most guys above 30 know that tug of war strategy in korea. Also gi hun, is pronounced with a hard g
Terri 7 gün önce
when they get back into the vans to return to the games the second time they show every single person getting gassed except Il-Nam
Mizaki Momo♡
Mizaki Momo♡ 7 gün önce
I never payed attention when my mom said in the first episode, "Why is he smiling?" yes i watched this with my mom
Gary Lovell
Gary Lovell 7 gün önce
0.30 into this video, "The 3 at the table" What game is that?
Nicholas Weiss
Nicholas Weiss 6 gün önce
When they ate the steak and were allowed to keep the knives for the night.
Nathan Kinman
Nathan Kinman 7 gün önce
Does anyone remember if TUG OF WAR had an "odd number" of teams of 10? Some how, I remember there being an odd number of teams, but I don't know if they got "eliminated" or not, or what became of the three extra players before the Tug Of War games began.
Dwayne Ciantar
Dwayne Ciantar 7 gün önce
That was no secret. If remember during tug of war. before the game someone asked the host to throw a hint in when they wher choosing shirts and the host didn't have problem with it. Because I think he has been doing it threw out the hole game. But to actually no the answer like the doctor did and have an unfair advantage my guess is you pay the price and Lose.
Blood0cean 7 gün önce
Frankieonpc is that u?
Dhanush N
Dhanush N 7 gün önce
Pretty cool 😎
shammishafi09 7 gün önce
It's not 3 at the table, Its marble game between 2 players and a guard waiting to eliminate 1 player. How did you miss that? both 3 at the table and night violence are transition part of the following game to eliminate some players. All together 6 full games and 2 transition games.
Daniel Boughal
Daniel Boughal 7 gün önce
I feel like Gi-Hun messed with Il-Nam's plan for the marble game. He left hints about the dementia, and became feverish beforehand. With the odd number of players, I bet they were counting on Il-Nam to be the odd one out so they could just take him as a spectator instead. But, Gi-Hun became his partner instead. So, he really had to play up the dementia in the game, expecting Gi-Hun to win. But, when Gi-Hun was losing, he gave him one more chance. "what did I just say?" That was intentional, letting Gi-Hun trick him, revealing he has one more marble, then luring him into a specific house which likely has a secret entrance away from the game site for 001 to be "shot."
David Louis
David Louis 8 gün önce
I did notice some of the things talked about in the video. They did a good job at throwing other things in front of your to not be able to put things together.
Jessica Chau
Jessica Chau 8 gün önce
I feel like a few things should be pointed out: 1. Gi-hun is pronounced with a hard G rather than a J sound . 2. 'Red Light, Green Light' is a well known game to children in Korea and it's likely most if not ALL the players would know what the lyrics are. The reason why they don't move is because they didn't expect death to be the penalty when failing and are so shocked that they can't move because their fear has paralyzed them.
Big Brain Stonks
Big Brain Stonks 8 gün önce
Beware an old man in a place where men die young.
gmshadowtraders 8 gün önce
Let's get this to 20m views family!
Ernst 511
Ernst 511 8 gün önce
I found out his name was like his safe word or something like so, I mean when he said it the guard spared his life and he never told his name before
CaffeineOverload 8 gün önce
I hope you all have an amazing life!
MNX Architects
MNX Architects 8 gün önce
Instead of giving clues, this video made me think the series has many basic contradictions regards to this character.
Mark 8 gün önce
This show died off already, wrap it up folks
extremlyblakobeseman 8 gün önce
You pulling at some straws with this one pal
John 8 gün önce
What I dont understand is in the cop arc. The frontman shoots his brother the cop, after the cop found out his brother was a former player on the shows. Did past winners become the new headman, or just for the cops brother?
Jon Itoh Madden
Jon Itoh Madden 8 gün önce
I thought he was a live but didn't think he'd be behind it all.
Esai Yazhini
Esai Yazhini 8 gün önce
Can anyone tell me any other series like squid game, alice in boderland ?
Amanda M
Amanda M 9 gün önce
Three at da table is the marble game... u said it wrong
Wrench of Power
Wrench of Power 9 gün önce
Lol you spoiled it
Kim Williams
Kim Williams 9 gün önce
He was sus for sure.
Vtg 9 gün önce
Hi. I. M. Here um. I. Wos. Be. For
FFS 9 gün önce
Just saying but that spoiler warning is pretty dumb considering you've put the whole reveal in the thumbnail, not to mention the title 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Tom Hanstrum
Tom Hanstrum 9 gün önce
I think another clue is the story he chose to tell Gi-hun about his old home: He used to watch his son and his friends play from a distance, and they wouldn't realise he was there. People are looking over this fact, and it seriously affects the 456
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