We don't buy bread anymore! Bread without an oven! Incredibly delicious!

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Przepisy od Olgi

5 aylar önce

We don't buy bread anymore! Bread without an oven! Incredibly delicious, easy and affordable! Fragrant bread with garlic and herbs! A quick bread recipe without an oven. Bread in the pan. Excellent and tasty yeast dough with your own hands. See my step-by-step recipe for baking bread in my video. How to bake bread without an oven in one pan. A very simple bread recipe. I got delicious homemade bread. I recommend baking bread yourself at home, bread without an oven, bread with dried yeast, bread in a pan. Delicious crusty bread. Bread is made from the simplest foods. Bread from cheap products. Homemade bread is delicious!
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Let's make soft homemade bread!
No eggs, no milk!
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Cooking recipe and ingredients:
250 ml of warm water.
1 tablespoon of sugar.
7 g of dry yeast.
Mix well.
Cover with a towel for 10 minutes to dissolve the yeast.
1 teaspoon of salt.
450 g of flour.
Mix well.
Add 30 ml of vegetable oil.
Knead the dough.
Lubricate the cup with oil.
Cover and set aside in a warm place for 40 minutes.
The dough has risen well.
Knead the dough again.
Divide into 8 parts.
Roll them into a ball.
Put on a dry frying pan.
Cover and set aside for 20 minutes.
Slice the dill a little.
Grate 2-3 cloves of garlic on a fine grater.
Fry, covered, on low heat for 15 minutes.
Cover with parchment paper and a suitable plate.
Turn over and fry under the lid over low heat for 8-10 minutes.
Melt 60 g of butter.
Add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil.
Mix well.
The bread turned out to be very fluffy and beautiful.
When the bread cools down, brush with garlic sauce.
Homemade bread without an oven is ready!
Simple and delicious!
I highly recommend this recipe to everyone!
Bon Appetit!
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Przepisy od Olgi
Przepisy od Olgi 5 aylar önce
Cześć wszystkim! 🙋‍♀ Włącz napisy w swoim języku! ✅ Dziękuję za oglądanie i komentowanie! 🙏😘💕💖
Thennu Doungel
Thennu Doungel 5 gün önce
​@Lovani Motta ki😢89k..
marga Jarque
marga Jarque 10 gün önce
Nuray Sekban
Nuray Sekban 11 gün önce
@Maria Cinta Sans Bort metin yildirim
Nuray Sekban
Nuray Sekban 11 gün önce
@Kim Lian moo nji
Kowshal Madduri
Kowshal Madduri 13 gün önce
Vic VV😅
kpappin 5 aylar önce
I made this today! I spend months out of the year camping but my van doesn't have an oven. This turned out perfectly using my cast iron skillet and lid! Thanks you for the recipe and baking technique 👍👍 Now I can enjoy freshly baked bread in the wilderness 🤗
Phil Dodd (HistoriaAntiqua.ORG)
Phil Dodd (HistoriaAntiqua.ORG) 4 gün önce
I also got this by going across the street and buying a bun for 25 cents. Should have instead spent 4 hrs making it.
Vuyelwa Mqitsana
Vuyelwa Mqitsana 5 gün önce
At what degree do I put it on if I'm using Oven please i don't have this iron pan.
SAMEEKSHA V 6 gün önce
Which flour you used ? All purpose flour?
onewingangel1117 17 gün önce
@Maria Cinta Sans Bort Receta de cocina e ingredientes: 250 ml de agua tibia. 1 cucharada de azúcar. 7 g de levadura seca. Mezclar bien. Cubra con una toalla durante 10 minutos para disolver la levadura. 1 cucharadita de sal. 450 g de harina. Mezclar bien. Agregue 30 ml de aceite vegetal. Amasar la masa. Lubrique la copa con aceite. Cubra y deje reposar en un lugar cálido durante 40 minutos. La masa ha subido bien. Amasar la masa de nuevo. Dividir en 8 partes. Enróllalos en una bola. Poner en una sartén seca. Cubra y deje reposar durante 20 minutos. Cortar un poco el eneldo. Ralla 2-3 dientes de ajo en un rallador fino. Freír, tapado, a fuego lento durante 15 minutos. Cubra con papel pergamino y un plato adecuado. Dar la vuelta y freír debajo de la tapa a fuego lento durante 8-10 minutos. Derretir 60 g de mantequilla. Agregar 2 cucharadas de aceite vegetal. Mezclar bien. El pan resultó ser muy esponjoso y hermoso. Cuando el pan se enfríe, cepille con salsa de ajo. Dime si esto te sirve- es la traducción de la receta del video ❤
筑芊心 Aylar önce
Nicole C
Nicole C 4 aylar önce
I've made so many rolls and this one is now my very favorite! It's SO soft inside and there's a crispy outside crunch that's to die for! I love the buttery herb glaze too. I added chives to it too and loved that. The power often goes out here in India, so this was perfect timing for me today as I was making rolls for Thanksgiving! I love so many of your recipes, but especially thank you for this one!!
LuckyMe 5 aylar önce
This must be the easiest way to bake bread! And only took 15 mins one side baking and 10 mins baking after flipping it over. Non fussy, fast and efficient. Also eggless! 😃
Ana Motta
Ana Motta 4 aylar önce
@Victory Anthony yes brother, just put the dough there brother
LuckyMe 5 aylar önce
@Victory Anthony it seems they've used a non-stick pan.
Victory Anthony
Victory Anthony 5 aylar önce
Please is nothing adding to the frying pan?? Are we to just place the made dough on it then up it goes? 1
Hildreth Truter
Hildreth Truter 5 aylar önce
Did you use breadflour or cakeflour?
Светлана Менщикова
Светлана Менщикова 5 aylar önce
С чесночком свежий хлебушек,да ещё испечённый самой-это приятно,вкусно и полезно!👍👍👍
E L 5 aylar önce
Przepis jest rewelacyjny, aż muszę spróbować zrobić taki chleb, super 👏👏👏
Champagne Bubbles
Champagne Bubbles 5 gün önce
Beautiful! I am definitely going to try this ❤
Paprika Merah
Paprika Merah 5 aylar önce
looks so delicious 🤤
Nina Shkaeva
Nina Shkaeva 3 aylar önce
Chleb malpki,tak u nas Syberji mowi wnuczka, smacznego
Jorge Luigi
Jorge Luigi 4 aylar önce
Can you prepare this for me ?
Safwan Alam
Safwan Alam 4 aylar önce
@Vale Cow el and why do u wanna talk?
Safwan Alam
Safwan Alam 4 aylar önce
@Vale Cow el about??
Vale Cow el
Vale Cow el 4 aylar önce
@Safwan Alam can we talk
Catherine Jenkins
Catherine Jenkins 5 aylar önce
Absolutely delicious and turned out exactly the same as the video. It's now my 'go to' recipe
Wildlife Warrior
Wildlife Warrior 9 gün önce
@Nothingfail og ot
Deb R
Deb R 3 aylar önce
@Rene Van Wyk k settle down lol I'm say milliliters is a fluid measurement and wouldnt be very accurate. Granted measuring cups and spoons leave room for variation as well
Rene Van Wyk
Rene Van Wyk 3 aylar önce
@Deb R the people who are ESL teachers in Korea and don't bother to buy kitchen scales because you have to get rid of all your stuff when you leave. Or all the other people posting videos and recipes online with cup measurements. You choose which one works best for you. There are conversion tables and flour doesn't only have weight but also volume. ***Edit because I forgot to mention people also weigh liquids these days. Weird, because...Not. Liquids have weight too. Go figure...
Deb R
Deb R 3 aylar önce
@Rene Van Wyk who measures flour in ml? thats a liquid measurement
Rene Van Wyk
Rene Van Wyk 3 aylar önce
@Noreen Kombo the recipe should say 450 ml flour. 450g is about 4 cups. If you add 450g to 250 ml water it will be too dry to mix
Lilia Omerova
Lilia Omerova 5 aylar önce
У меня нет на даче духовки, а испечь такой хлеб на сковороде- это такой чудесный выход!!
Luv2Garden 2 aylar önce
Omg it looks delicious 😋. I'm definitely going to do this. Thank you. I really enjoy your videos.
Angelique Sourtzis
Angelique Sourtzis Aylar önce
I finished making this fabulous recipe and wish to give my feedback. I cooked the rolls on a gas hotplate on low heat the entire time. 20 minutes before the flip, and 15 minutes on the other side and they have cooked to perfection! Light, fluffy and delicious! Thank you for sharing this marvelous recipe. 💜
onewingangel1117 17 gün önce
Thank you 😊
Jale Gunda
Jale Gunda 24 gün önce
Will this only work with cast iron?
Lindani Fusire
Lindani Fusire Aylar önce
Thank you will try too
wirfahrendannmallos 2 aylar önce
It looks very tasty 😋 We will try it in our camper 😊 Make our own bread would make life much easier 🤗
miki miki
miki miki 5 aylar önce
Zrobiłam modyfikacje i wyszedl w innej wersji dodałam sobie ziarna wyrastało i upiekłam pierwszy raz zgodnie ze wskazówkami na patelni i wyszło ekstra....wprawdzie u mnie bardziej bułki,ale to nawet lepiej 😊
assassin 2 aylar önce
Randhawa 12 gün önce
Thanks for uploading thus video. I wanted to bake bread at home without oven and this one really worked for me. Thanks once again and keep uploading more videos like this.
Evgenij Waleriewich
Evgenij Waleriewich 4 aylar önce
Большое спасибо! Первый раз в жизни сделал хлеб по Вашему рецепту, всей семье очень понравилось. Здоровья Вам и вашей семье!
Ayu Nurh
Ayu Nurh Aylar önce
Looks so easy huh? 😃...Thank you for your recipe, I will try it at home.
bruno biondo
bruno biondo Gün önce
Let me suggest not to use sealing plastic films, at least during the leavening phases. Storing them in a warm place with a damp cloth on top is ideal. A side note: the leavening times mentioned in the video are the 'minimum wage' to obtain a good leavening, the bread is still good; if you had a little more time available, I suggest 2 leavening phases between kneadings of at least 1 hour and a half each if using brewer's yeast, and at least a couple of hours each if using dry sourdough (nowadays also easily available in supermarkets).
Recetas de Estephani
Recetas de Estephani 2 aylar önce
Wow, the truth is that I finally found the right one to continue learning about the art of cooking, everything here is delicious but the best thing is how they present the content, it's great, everything is well explained, really excellent work
Alex Adamenko
Alex Adamenko 5 aylar önce
Отличный ролик: без лишней болтовни! И рецепт простой, обязательно воспользуюсь! Спасибо🙏💕
Сейбаб Гусымов
Сейбаб Гусымов 5 aylar önce
С идиотской музыкой зато. Каждый раз надо убирать звук, просматривая подобные шедевры.
Инна Лозицкая
Инна Лозицкая 5 aylar önce
И всё таки, в духовке было бы значительно лучше. Когда она разломила булку, тесто выглядело непропеченным.
Валя Щербакова
Валя Щербакова 5 aylar önce
Это очень вкусненько, я так давно готовлю.
жизнь 5 aylar önce
жизни увеличьте скорость,так удобнее смотреть
Dasha Munch
Dasha Munch 11 gün önce
thank you for this recipe. it really is life changing.
Coco 2203
Coco 2203 4 aylar önce
Grâce à votre recette, je réussi mes pains à tout les coups. Un grand merci 🤩🥰
raspberryanz86 7 gün önce
Simple, neat and healthy!
Josefa Cauxeiro
Josefa Cauxeiro 2 aylar önce
Dawnmarie Rizzo
Dawnmarie Rizzo 5 aylar önce
I cannot wait to try this!!! Especially with the dill/garlic topping!! 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋
Sally Moon
Sally Moon 4 aylar önce
Wow nice to hear, I so much love to have a taste of it because it looks yummy 😋 and different from other recipes❣️❣️
Trycho Master
Trycho Master 2 aylar önce
Wykonałam według przepisu...🤗... Ale bez glutenowe... wyszły super choć musiałam dodać więcej mąki 🤗
Si Jagur Ngebolang
Si Jagur Ngebolang Aylar önce
thank you for sharing this great video, making bread without an oven and the results are perfect, soft and delicious
Serap Güzelyıl
Serap Güzelyıl 3 aylar önce
Teşekkürler,ellerinize sağlık.Gayet anlaşılabilir tarif ve video olmuş.Pişirme kağıdı püf noktası için ayrıca teşekkürler.Sağlıcakla kalın.♥️
KeLci Mc-Kogane
KeLci Mc-Kogane 2 aylar önce
This lookes so good!😋
Emi Bennett
Emi Bennett Aylar önce
I will will give it try looks delicious,thanks for the recipe 🥖🍞
Bonnie Diaz
Bonnie Diaz 4 aylar önce
I’m a caregiver. My client wants me to make bread. I’m sure when I make this she will want me to make it every week! Looks delicious! 🤤
David Smith
David Smith 2 aylar önce
Hello Bonnie, how are you doing?
Nice! 4 aylar önce
Bless you!
zenlife 5 aylar önce
Looks delicious, I want to make this for my family. Sending my support here.
Людмила Алексеева
Людмила Алексеева 5 aylar önce
Libra 5 aylar önce
Dziekuje za przepis 😊
Cleia Lurdes Da Costa
Cleia Lurdes Da Costa 4 aylar önce
Obrigada pela receita ♥️
Pixie HM
Pixie HM 5 aylar önce
Looks very nice and practical to make without an oven. Now that we have to save energy it is brilliant ! Thanks a lot from France 🤗🌈💐
Przepisy od Olgi
Przepisy od Olgi 5 aylar önce
Thank you 💖💖💖
Галина Пинчук
Галина Пинчук 5 aylar önce
Прекрасный рецепт, но если эту сковородку поставить в духовку, хлеб поднимется ещё лучше, будет более легким, воздушным и вкусным! Спасибо за рецепт, обязательно воспользуюсь рецептом приготовления теста и соуса, но испеку всё же в духовке!
Татьяна Соколова
Татьяна Соколова 5 aylar önce
Да, хлеб при таком способе и тяжелый и сырой...
Heike Schröder
Heike Schröder Aylar önce
Super tolles Rezept! - werde ich auf jeden Fall ausprobieren!! 👍😋
Halley Vlog 🌠
Halley Vlog 🌠 5 aylar önce
I love your recipes 😊
Данил Фисенко
Данил Фисенко 5 aylar önce
Да вкусно
Kuttys succulents and Travel vlog
Kuttys succulents and Travel vlog Aylar önce
Nice and fluffy bread, made without oven 😮👏🏽👍🏽
Ольга Делисова
Ольга Делисова 5 aylar önce
oke souleymane
oke souleymane 5 aylar önce
texte français
Clockwork Key
Clockwork Key 9 gün önce
Making this right now, will let you know how it turned out!
Clockwork Key
Clockwork Key 9 gün önce
Turned out perfect! Crunchy outside, soft inside. Yum! Added extra herbs and seasoning. Thanks for the video!!! Will had spinach to the mix.
Людмила 5 aylar önce
Спасибо вам ,за этот потрясающий рецепт это очень удобно и особенно если на даче !!!Постараюсь повторить ведь такой хлеб великолепен тем ,что нет никаких специальных добавок ,а только можно добавлять свои по предпочтению !Семена ,зерна ,травки пряные ,тмин !Реально ваш рецепт это находка !Благодарю !🙏❤️
Валентина Валюшка
Валентина Валюшка 2 aylar önce
Купите себе чудо-сковороду. Там нагреватель сверху, а нижняя часть прогревается за счёт хорошей теплопроводности металла. И будет вам счастье! Я там пеку хлеб типа нашей ромашки, и с начинкой тоже. И печется около 25-28 минут. А вообще в ней можно многое готовить. Агрегат к супер!
Ирина 5 aylar önce
Постарайтесь) и напишите, вышло, нет.. я не верю! Пеку хлеб в духовке, просто буханка, печется час! Пропорции чуть больше чем в ролике, а тут.. 15 мин с одной стороны и сколько там с другой?..да ну.. дрожжевое тесто.. оно видно какое оно внутри((
kukua sam
kukua sam 4 aylar önce
I'm going to definitely try this, thanks for the recipe
BALADA MIX 5 aylar önce
Que receita maravilhosa deu água na boca
Ann Marie Gibbs
Ann Marie Gibbs 5 aylar önce
I love it! Great idea, thank you chef👍🏾
David Smith
David Smith 2 aylar önce
Hello Ann Marie, how are you doing ?
Cristina Vazquez
Cristina Vazquez 3 aylar önce
Will definitely try it stove top. I make my pizza dough with similar recipe. I'll use olive oil instead of vegetable. Topping with butter and olive oil combined, rosemary and garlic. Dip or tapanade of black olives, sundried tomatoes in oil and grilled red peppers.
Basu Tapas
Basu Tapas 4 aylar önce
Wow... wonderful and delicious... already tried this method and turned out superbly ☑️ Thank you so much for your wonderful video 🙏
Shininglori 5 aylar önce
Wow, you have made and demonstrated well how to make bread w/o oven... very impressive !!!
Cocina y manualidades con Pindy
Cocina y manualidades con Pindy 20 gün önce
Me encantó la receta , gracias 😋
Ольга Богданчук
Ольга Богданчук 5 aylar önce
Прекрасный рецепт. Спасибо!!!! 💐
Nikolinka Ivanova
Nikolinka Ivanova 5 aylar önce
Хубав хляб Браво Да ви е сладко
Maja Kola
Maja Kola 5 aylar önce
Witam, czy można zastąpić drożdże suche drożdżami świeżymi? Jeśli tak to jaka ilość? Chlebek wyszedł przepiękny. Pozdrawiam, Marika.
Donnadean Dean
Donnadean Dean 28 gün önce
Ongoing, looks so delicious 😋
belinda smith
belinda smith 5 aylar önce
oh my lord that looks so good i think i could spend a wonderful day eating the whole lot ! i cant wait to try it , Belinda from England
Jan Kopiš
Jan Kopiš 5 aylar önce
❤Krásna práca a senzačny výsledok.👍 Tie chlebíky už voňajú až u mňa doma. Neviem, či by som to zvládol takto pripraviť. Vďaka za podnet!👏👌👍🕊🥖🥐🥪
Любовь Бобылева
Любовь Бобылева 5 aylar önce
Не пробовала,но завтра испеку,какое красивое тесто, молодец,у меня уже хлебом пахнет,всегда буду печь, вам здоровья и мирного неба над головой.
Violas Backwelt
Violas Backwelt Aylar önce
well made looks really tasty great 👍👍
Ольга Исаева
Ольга Исаева 5 aylar önce
Отличный и Интересный рецепт!!! Спасибо!!!👍👍👍🌷
Przepisy od Olgi
Przepisy od Olgi 5 aylar önce
Melly Vinewood YT Channel
Melly Vinewood YT Channel 5 aylar önce
I made this today, thank you for the recipe 😊
Dyron W. Brodbeck
Dyron W. Brodbeck 5 aylar önce
@Melly Vinewood YT Channel - I will give it a try and THANK You!
Melly Vinewood YT Channel
Melly Vinewood YT Channel 5 aylar önce
@Dyron W. Brodbeck Hai, I am from Indonesia, according to your question I have no idea but please try to use coconut or buckwheat flour and see the result. I love your recipe and thank you for sharing ❤️
Dyron W. Brodbeck
Dyron W. Brodbeck 5 aylar önce
Melly Vinewood YT Channel, do You think that I could use Coconut or Buckwheat Flour, rather than regular flour? THANKS, in advance!!!
Петр Хмелевский
Петр Хмелевский 5 aylar önce
Красота.Спасибо за рецепт.
Senne Chatsa
Senne Chatsa 3 aylar önce
It works well❣, however cook on medium on my stove i put 6 which is medium heat. At 13 minutes into cooking it was starting to burn a little black, so i immediately turned & cooked the other side. I reduced to 5, cooked 10min but then it burned but don't panic, i removed what was burned, the bread was still excellent and well cooked & fluffy. So, cooking over medium heat i find it strong!, next time i would set the fire to 4.5! and cook a little more long because i will lower the fire, need to check during cooking & ajust the fire. I follow the recipies but in mesure canada but the dough was way to dry not still a dough pephap i put to much flour, so i add 2 time the 1\2 cup water! its work & i will keep my mesruement! I let its rise 1 hour each, the bread & then the small ball. Its delicious & crispy because its was burn under one side i revome the burn so its was a little crispy, so if its burn a little its ok but if its burn alots need to revome its but i am sure next time i will not burn to much! I kepp this recipie!
Angelique Sourtzis
Angelique Sourtzis Aylar önce
And thank you for the 'heads up' in relation to the temperature. xx
Faith Kryenhoff
Faith Kryenhoff Aylar önce
@ASIX 😂😂😂
Момош Жээнбеков
Момош Жээнбеков 2 aylar önce
@hamid afshar ВВ СПК ее не
ASIX 2 aylar önce
So I should do this every time I wanna make a turkey sandwich?
hamid afshar
hamid afshar 2 aylar önce
@Татьяна Ядовина نه
Recetas de Estephani
Recetas de Estephani 2 aylar önce
Wow la verdad que por fin encontré el justo para seguir aprendiendo del arte de la cocina ,aquí todo es delicioso pero lo mejor es como presentan el contenido es genial todo bien explicado de verdad excelente trabajo
Janred 2 aylar önce
Worked out pretty well, tastes decent! I need a deeper frying pan and an actual lid for that... :P Made mine on heat level 3 of 9, as I didnt want to burn it. Had to give it a bit more time and turned it around twice.
Светлана Симонова
Светлана Симонова 5 aylar önce
Здравствуйте! Ну рецепт обычный, а вот способ выпечки очень даже вовремя. Духовка не работает,а вот на скороде- это Вы молодец. Спасибо огромное за подсказку!!! Успеха каналу!
VLV_11 5 aylar önce
@Mila Let правильно им скоро пригодится
Светлана Симонова
Светлана Симонова 5 aylar önce
@MonteSlider на открытом огне,но в сковороде. Вы вроде бы дарите,но на вкус получатся печёные.
MonteSlider 5 aylar önce
@Екатерина Еременко Skazhite! Zharit' or ispekat'? Vot chego ne znaju. Spasibo!
MonteSlider 5 aylar önce
Skazhite! Zharit' or ispekat'? Vot chego ne znaju. Spasibo!
Mila Let
Mila Let 5 aylar önce
Тут одна немка учила печь хлеб в кастрюле на 7 семи чайных свечах ,3 часа крышку не открывать ..
semitik semit
semitik semit Aylar önce
We make such "pampushky" to eat then with borsch. Delicious! Now I know pampushky may be prepared without the oven. Thank you!
Annaliza Encio
Annaliza Encio 2 aylar önce
I try it later look so delicious Thanks for sharing your recipes ☺️🙏
Holmes#31 3 aylar önce
Amazing and very helpful, thanks! 👍
Lily Lim
Lily Lim 4 aylar önce
Looks delicious ! sedap
Mary Food
Mary Food 5 aylar önce
Homemade bread never compares to store bought bread. I enjoy the process. This is art and warm hands.
LuckyMe 5 aylar önce
@Karen Paties yeah even I thought so! 😄
Karen Paties
Karen Paties 5 aylar önce
Shouldn't that read 'store bought bread never compares to home-made bread'?
Ajmia Sassi
Ajmia Sassi 5 aylar önce
Luvjoypeace49 2 aylar önce
Looks easy will try this❤❤
Kristine Engelmann
Kristine Engelmann 5 aylar önce
Ein sehr Tolles Rezept. 💖lichen Dank 🍞👌🏻👏🏻👍🏻💖😊
Rosinah Lehutso
Rosinah Lehutso Gün önce
I like it it's yummy 😋
Kelly Souter
Kelly Souter 5 aylar önce
That looks amazing, I bet it smells good too.
Róbert Kopera
Róbert Kopera 4 aylar önce
Vyzerá to veľmi chutne 👍 Ďakujem 👍🇸🇰
Cooking with Sara
Cooking with Sara 5 aylar önce
I love your recipe and thanks for sharing ❤
Mentari 1981
Mentari 1981 5 aylar önce
q wes ora usah kok wei....wehono pisan ae wehno wong kui....q tk golek dewe duwit
Stormy Weather
Stormy Weather 5 aylar önce
Love the technique, this recipe I can make my own. Thanks 🙂
Ines Pimenta
Ines Pimenta 5 aylar önce
Parece ótimo
musa giyane
musa giyane Aylar önce
Okay soooo i have been making this bread since discovering it last week. Made 4 times so far. We had a get together with my friends on sabbath and they couldn't believe it was made on a stove top and easily
Tahera Moramally
Tahera Moramally 5 aylar önce
C'est vraiment délicieux merci bcp pour la recette 👍❤👏
Zonk_85 Aylar önce
Jestem w szoku, że chleb wyszedł mi dokładnie jak na filmiku. Byłem pewien że się niedopiecze
Isaac Tanner
Isaac Tanner 2 aylar önce
Eu adoro pão de alho e essa receita simples é fantástica !! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Przepisy od Olgi
Przepisy od Olgi 2 aylar önce
Лисс Гераева
Лисс Гераева 5 aylar önce
Испекла хлеб по Вашему рецепту, очень вкусный мягкий получился хлеб. Дети и муж остались сыты и довольны. Даже не дождались пока остынет. Спасибо за рецепт!
Przepisy od Olgi
Przepisy od Olgi 5 aylar önce
April Leak
April Leak 4 aylar önce
Can’t eat white flour but this looks perfect 👍🏽
downtime86 stars
downtime86 stars 4 aylar önce
With a few adjustments, you should be able to use whole wheat flour, oat, spelt, buckwheat, or many other substitutes.
Super ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😊👍
macforme 5 aylar önce
I am not a cook but this video might change that. Watching this process was very ASMR ( relaxing) and enjoyable. Thanks❤ for the video and the recipe...someday I will get off my chair and DO IT!!!😂 ❤ I thank Poland for helping Ukraine ❤
Vale Cow el
Vale Cow el 5 aylar önce
Hi baby how are you doing now i hope you are really doing good you are awesome looking at you baby makes happy when I look at your picture it is beyond my imagination that a creature like you really exist like a rose you make the garden so beautiful You are a diamond to any man that have eyes to see goodness of a womanhood Baby am Ben easy going person very understandable Am a civil engineer and a contractor I work at so many places like Asia Europe and Africa I love art craft and I write music I like ideal people when I see your picture am impress I want a good woman that understand what real love is all about who will understand me and perfectly be for me So we can build our world strong enough to care for each other I want you to be mine and I hope to hear from you soonest thanks
James Strength
James Strength 2 aylar önce
Its called Dampfnudle. It's a German noodle. Can be served with sweet or savory.
Isis F.C.
Isis F.C. 5 aylar önce
Você é fantástica , suas mãos são abençoadas.
Ms Melo Hamid
Ms Melo Hamid 2 aylar önce
Looking forward to try this soon.. Thank you for sharing! 😘
Carla Nascimento
Carla Nascimento 5 aylar önce
Fantástica ❤
Skyra Aylar önce
Thanks for the nice video…very informative n easy to learn❤ +sub
Life's Bests with Jernie
Life's Bests with Jernie 5 aylar önce
Looks very delicious! Nice video. Will try to make this. Love watching your videos.
Receitas da Herlange Sampaio
Receitas da Herlange Sampaio 4 aylar önce
Excelente receita de pão 🍞😋👏👏👏👏
Лидия 5 aylar önce
Очень аппетитно, спасибо
Francis Queiroz
Francis Queiroz 5 aylar önce
Gente que maravilha de pão...É delicioso mesmo. Amei!🤜🤛
Andreia Nascimento
Andreia Nascimento 5 aylar önce
Você fez?
MedicLine Supplies
MedicLine Supplies 6 gün önce
I make this all the time after seeing this video. Thank you
el Phantom
el Phantom 2 aylar önce
Gracias por la amabilidad de compartir otra forma de hacer pan! Se ve delicioso. 🤔👍💖💖💖
Pedro Felix
Pedro Felix 5 aylar önce
Olá Sou a Selma e sou nova aqui no canal mais tô amando🥰 todas suas receita que maravilha ver como você faz tudo com muito amor❤💋
Richard C
Richard C 2 aylar önce
Wow!! Awesome, will definitely do this.
Sônia Bahia Alves
Sônia Bahia Alves 5 aylar önce
Hummm que delícia😘😘 Parabéns 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Rosemari Maria da conceiçao rodrigues
Rosemari Maria da conceiçao rodrigues 5 aylar önce
Ótima receita parabéns💕💕💕
Dulcilia Gonçalves Dias
Dulcilia Gonçalves Dias 4 aylar önce
Parece delicioso. Vou fazer !!!
Rutiger 2 aylar önce
Labor intensive but likely so good that I would be eager to start another batch. Bread is like candy to some of us.
Наталья Гуминская
Наталья Гуминская 5 aylar önce
Спасибо за рецепт! 👏🍁☺️
These are pancakes that melt in your mouth.
여니쿡 Yeoni cook
görünümler 4,6 Mn
2.Dünya Savaşında Türkiye
Yusuf Kayaalp
görünümler 459 B
Yalı Çapkını 26. Bölüm Fragman
görünümler 3,6 Mn
Vampire SUCKS Human Energy 🧛🏻‍♂️🪫
Alan Chikin Chow
görünümler 49 Mn
Bread in 5 minutes! You will bake this bread every day.
A new way to bake bread! Nobody will believe you did it!
2.Dünya Savaşında Türkiye
Yusuf Kayaalp
görünümler 459 B