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Living in the heart of the Himalaya, Tenzin and Palkit have a strong friendship. But that relationship will be shattered by destiny. They both have to leave their village and family forever. Tenzin has to marry the man chosen by her parents, and Palkit wants to avoid marriage and to become a nun.
Two adolescents in the Himalayas: one kidnapped by her future husband, the other head shaved as she enters the covent forever.

Documentary: “Becoming woman in Zanskar”
Direction: Jean Michel Corillion
Production: ZED & France Télévisions

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Mohammad Musa Lone
Mohammad Musa Lone Yıl önce
I am born in Lhasa Tibet , married in LEH LADAKH, I am a doctor and live in UK last many years. I strongly recommend this documentary for an international Award.. the filming of the documentary is unimaginable…this documentary made me think of the difference between lives in the different part of world. This is real life struggle. Thank you so much Slice…and the whole team….
りんごT 25 gün önce
@Mohammad Musa Lone Is it like the Indian occupation of Sikkim and Bhutan? Or is it Israel occupying the Highlands? America Occupies New Mexico? Does Britain recognize Tibet as Chinese territory?
Ricky Permana
Ricky Permana Aylar önce
@Akshay Singhania Same with you, just wondering how u become muslim ... perhaps there are spiritual experience or any other else, maybe become a follower of your wife ...
Sun Manyi
Sun Manyi Aylar önce
@Mohammad Musa Lone Name me one Tibetan who is a Muslim. These lands were not Indian lands, and people lining there were not Indians as can be seen in the video. The British screwed it up and stole the these lands and gifted to the Indians just like all lands north of so called India (there was no India before the Mughals came) Lands like Sikkim, Northeast States, Andaman Islands and the Nicobar Islands were not Indian lands. Of course you are not Tibetan, too much curry flavour in your story. You are ''in the end'' (Indian).
Anna Adams
Anna Adams 2 aylar önce
𑹥♥🥰 sounds is top xxlovezzz.Uno good but the sounds and quality 𑹥 definitely are top notch. Haven’t had tingles like this in a whiles 👍🏽.
memento mori
memento mori 7 aylar önce
Has this doc won any awards? This is beyond words. Whoever captured this the way they did needs recognition.
Marishea Silver
Marishea Silver 7 aylar önce
As a Mother Daughter & Wife I have been bawling my eyes out during this documentary. This was so amazing I felt connect to a remote community I will most likely never have the blessing of visiting
rextro Aylar önce
You are welcome to visit. There's direct flight to Leh from Delhi. Also, the Indian authorities are building a new road to Zanskar. Should be ready by 2025.
Reshma Nazneen Nazneen
Reshma Nazneen Nazneen 6 aylar önce
@Vee of the Weald am readyyy
Vee of the Weald
Vee of the Weald 7 aylar önce
Shall we go, girls? :)
Angela Porisky
Angela Porisky 7 aylar önce
I’m right there with you. You’re right, it would be a blessing to meet them. :)
Charlene Burkett
Charlene Burkett 5 aylar önce
I was not expecting this amazing story. First watching Tenzin grieve so deeply leaving her family, the horsemen taking her away chilled me. I felt like we were glimpsing prehistory. And then Palkit's journey on foot, no less, to follow her heart. The story told itself, no over narrating. I hope both Tenzin and Palkit have found peace and harmony in their places.
Wayi Mangaccat
Wayi Mangaccat Yıl önce
This documentary deserves an AWARD!!
りんごT 25 gün önce
Liyanage Don Upananda
Liyanage Don Upananda 3 aylar önce
must give rewards to this vedio clip. She has taken good decision according to her tough life As a Srilankan me too appreciate become a non.
Km Fox
Km Fox 3 aylar önce
Absolutely does! Unbelievable beauty. I feel like I was there.
whatkaisaid 6 aylar önce
It really does. So good
Fp Pf
Fp Pf 6 aylar önce
@Audio Pervert sorry it didn't fit your needs and wants maybe you should travel there and do another person's story.
Y. M.
Y. M. Aylar önce
Watching this documentary filled me with mixed emotions, while holding back tears (cuz I am not allowed to cry as a man). I was sad, awe stricken and happy at the same time. I could feel and understand what these families and their daughters have to face and endure. Thank you for giving us such a beautiful experience thousands of miles away. An update on them will be really appreciated; especially Palkit.
Ellie Cullen
Ellie Cullen 7 aylar önce
I feel very humbled by this documentary … and embarrassed that I complain about my life .. in the west I have all freedoms , of who to love , how I earn my money , to work or not work .. and still not happy .. I watched this and I see things more clearly now … I need to start counting my blessings instead of being angry at life .. thank you x
scute m'goot ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ♡
scute m'goot ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ♡ 18 gün önce
@ahmed makcim well said! agreed.
ahmed makcim
ahmed makcim Aylar önce
You don’t need to feel embarrassed, they have a beautiful life and live their lives the true kind of way. It’s hard but they are happy, there’s no need for pity. You’re right, you need to humble yourself
DBeazRN 3
DBeazRN 3 Aylar önce
Many of us are indeed blessed beyond measure. I too sometimes wish that I could be more happy. But then I feel ashamed to seem so ungrateful to have multiple choices compared to so many people who live such a truly hard life, struggling every single day to mete out a simple existence. My happiness is up to me & my life is so filled with blessings that truly, my cup runners over. May God bless you all!!
Ellie Cullen
Ellie Cullen 3 aylar önce
@Cardium you are just young … I’m sorry you feel this this way but life is only starting out you I promise .. these feelings will go away but you must make the decision for yourself to break the cord that ties you to this miserable life .. the first step to greatness is your mind and self care x
Cardium 3 aylar önce
this makes me terribly sad too because even though I have a certain freedom, my heart is still sad and I don't see any meaning in life I want to be happy but I still feel pain
Watiwat, Justine Pearl E.
Watiwat, Justine Pearl E. 6 aylar önce
I'm still in awe knowing I've winessed this spellbinding documentary. It was so beautifully made. The moment Palkit step out of the bus, I couldn't stop crying. She already found a sanctuary for her rebirth. I am so happy for her as well as for Tenzin. Though thriving in seperate ways, I hope they continue to find hope & purpose amidst the adversities. Thank you for this, Slice!
pandooz👻 7 aylar önce
Is this India..?😲 many lives does it takes to fully understand India..many languages,cultures,rituals,traditions,religions,climate even physically people look different. I think there is no other country we can see as much diversity as we see in India.. Its truly unique..!❤
Zelda 2 gün önce
@Vee of the Weald Do you think this is in tibet? Go look at both indian and tibet map and then talk.
Zelda 2 gün önce
Lmao. To the people here in the reply section - Go look at indian map. You'll see ladakh literally in top of it. No matter where they're originally from and what they're called, they are in INDIA and that's what this comment is talking about.
Lau Lago
Lau Lago Aylar önce
I'm glad Zanskar is part of India instead of China, I hope they will have more freedom of religion
Vikram Singh Thakur
Vikram Singh Thakur Aylar önce
@STAY_MIDZY_ONCE Did you not see the girl was in Dharmashala? Everyone in Himachal speaks Hindi including Tibetan refugees. Zanskar is just north of Lahaul and Spiti of himachal.
They are Tibetan people living in Tibet ( by the border perhaps) their language, their tradition, their customs and their religion...... certainly not Indian. I'm sure they don't speak any Hindi.
Zhala Asgarli
Zhala Asgarli 6 aylar önce
Fantastic documentary, hats off to all the crew who were involved in this project
Kimberly (Kingdom Runt)
Kimberly (Kingdom Runt) 8 aylar önce
Using "phenomenal", seems to fall vastly short as the appropriate word to describe the magnitude of this documentary to another. Here I sit, across the world, yet I wept with each daughter & for each mother as if present. It'll be forever beyond me how you endured the making of this magnificent film, but I'm eternally grateful that you did.
Sun Moon
Sun Moon 9 aylar önce
Man 30:39 this scene has my heart... Their smiles and their little laughs are so pure... They know they are going to go on their separate ways so they are cherishing... Every moment they can afford together.. it's such a beautiful scene
Loren Mag
Loren Mag 7 aylar önce
My aunt had an arranged marriage at 13 years it destroyed her.She managed to run away after my cousin was born it left her emotionally distraught.My heart breaks for these young girls.
りんごT 25 gün önce
What a beautiful Tibetan culture? Need to change?
gökotta 4 aylar önce
I want to know about the boys. young boys are on the other end. Do they cry privately, unlike women who can show emotion in the open? Men are saddled with the responsibility of taking care of a woman and a family for his entire life. This was interesting but I want to hear it all.
Lynn Swansiger
Lynn Swansiger Yıl önce
my special thanks to the camera men who went on this journey to bring us this incrediable documentary
Lau Lago
Lau Lago Aylar önce
@Tina V I don't think people who appear in documentaries are ever paid, and I think it's fair. A documentary should document a reality without changing it. If one is starving there is some human duty to help. But here they're just living their life, filmers must not intrude. It could actually be detrimental if they did. That being said, I hope they paid for anything they consumed like food and shelter, if they did. A documentary is not a movie with paid actors.
Lau Lago
Lau Lago Aylar önce
@Iyabo Babatunde I don't think people who appear in documentaries are ever paid, and I think it's fair. A documentary should document a reality without changing it. If one is starving there is some human duty to help. But here they're just living their life, filmers must not intrude. It could actually be detrimental if they did. That being said, I hope they paid for anything they consumed like food and shelter, if they did. A documentary is not a movie with paid actors. People just need to consent to being filmed. I don't know where the earnings from this docu will go to, one could say "getting rich over showing this is unfair". Yes but sending them much money would either be useless (there's no banks and shops up there) or westernise them = disrupting their culture, which is universally considered as a bad side effect of westeners contacting other people.
Lau Lago
Lau Lago Aylar önce
I don't think people who appear in documentaries are ever paid, and I think it's fair. A documentary should document a reality without changing it. If one is starving there is some human duty to help. But here they're just living their life, filmers must not intrude. It could actually be detrimental. That being said, I hope they paid for anything they consumed like food and shelter, if they did. A documentary is not a movie with paid actors.
anna4lease 58
anna4lease 58 6 aylar önce
@MJ Guck strange whats it mean ?
anna4lease 58
anna4lease 58 6 aylar önce
@MJ Guck what does that mean ?
KaManoham 7 aylar önce
A brilliant & enlightening film. Beautiful photography, editing and compassionate and minimalistic commentary. It makes those of us who live in relative comfort realize the challenging living conditions of some of our fellow human beings. It illustrates that despite the external differences we all have the same human spirit within us all. The love of parents for their daughters, the concern of the daughters for their parents, the friendship between 2 young girls, the continuation of age old traditions. It is said that travel broadens ones mind ... so does well made documentaries like this . Thankyou .
Barbara Trehy
Barbara Trehy Aylar önce
Thank you - I wrote almost the same words, before I found yours, to all my friends to whom I sent this heart-warming, heart-breaking doco. How the film crew even made it physically is beyond me - my heart was in my mouth watching them trying to navigate the iced-over river, and one in bare feet! But more importantly, it is all the things you so eloquently say, and was a truly spiritual experience just watching it. I cried for those two girls.
Pynk Floyd
Pynk Floyd 4 aylar önce
It just made me sad when Palkit said she was in love until he told her that his family is marrying him somewhere and that she cried the most then. I feel subconsciously (and this is just an opinion or observation- before ya'll go berserk) she decided to become a nun (if not him than no one) as she was heart broken and couldn't see another man who can give her the happiness ,so she went to Buddha! That part made me really sad! But boy i loved her resilience and strong conviction. Many should learn!
Al AT Aylar önce
Asad Aljayashi
Asad Aljayashi 8 aylar önce
Life becomes easier when seeing the struggles and hardships of others. All this is to preserve their culture, traditions and religion. What an amazing people.
Midharma 7 aylar önce
That mother in the beginning. Hope the Universe is looking for her, she's beautiful and so mindful about her child's freedom. Thanks for this, we are need this a bit more.
Thánh Shopee
Thánh Shopee Yıl önce
choices of either being a nun or marrying an unknown person at 14 years old is heart wrenching. My depression has left the room.
LaMovieFatig Sunrise
LaMovieFatig Sunrise 17 gün önce
Well, skid row street even worst...
りんごT 25 gün önce
What a beautiful Tibetan culture? Need to change?
Eric Astier
Eric Astier Aylar önce
@A. Noriega-Gonzalez youtube makes it so unnecessarily hard to find old comments, i'm sorry I cannot find what i wrote that you are responding to. I've realized that the world has gotten worse with technology, not improved. Many things used to be simpler, more efficient are now messy and clouty. It's been a hard to believe realization for me that the world has gone worse with technology. About you staying home to take care of your mom, did that prevent you from marrying and having your own family ? If that is a consolation for you, i've done the opposite went far away from my birthplace in a foreign country, yet could not find the women to marry and i am now maybe more lonely than if i had stayed and lived near my parents. But i've had a traumatizing father , who took zero, i would say even negative interest in me from childhood.
A. Noriega-Gonzalez
A. Noriega-Gonzalez Aylar önce
@Eric Astier my own mother commented more than once that I should stay to take care of her and I was the sole breadwinner since my mid twenties
Kaying Vang
Kaying Vang 7 aylar önce
Remind me of my youth, I went through similar culture where girls were forced to married someone they don't know... I was heart broken for these 2 girls... Hope they find happiness.. thank you so much for the amazing documentary, great job!
Shehu Gar
Shehu Gar 4 aylar önce
@Chiging shah Africa and you?
Chiging shah
Chiging shah 7 aylar önce
where are you from?
Muthupandi P
Muthupandi P 9 aylar önce
Wow, That was an extraordinary documentary. Capturing the emotions and the entire culture done beautifully. The background scores also placed well.
Tsering angmo
Tsering angmo Aylar önce
I am from Ladakh.. Thank you to the whole team of this documentary film.... I feel proud that I am born in Ladakh ,a place with rich in culture, traditional,good character etc .....#ladakhpeople
Life with Drishti
Life with Drishti 7 aylar önce
This documentary deserves an's out of the world.... The crew is awsm ❤️
Nazia syed
Nazia syed Yıl önce
My bestie is from zanskar and yes they do have a hard life. I remember whenever my friend used to come back from her village her hands used to be so rough and dry because of working in the fields and stuff but she always says she loves to help her family and be there for them although she has a choice to stay in the city during her vacations and that's what really moves me. 💜💚
DBeazRN 3
DBeazRN 3 Aylar önce
@Nazia syed It’s so wonderful to know that your best friend is free to make her own choice. She loves helping her family and continues to choose to go back to her village to help even though she could choose to stay in the city. So moving & touching….what a wonderful young woman. Blessings to you both!
I'm Your Daddy
I'm Your Daddy 6 aylar önce
@Seeker Guy Only off-road vehicles? That's pretty neglected considering that over the other side of the borders, their ethnic brethren are already enjoying some of the most advance transportation mode in the world.
Shiny Meltan
Shiny Meltan 6 aylar önce
@memelager I am feeling good by hearing from you.
memelager 7 aylar önce
@Jeremiah Alawas tourism here had improved a lot now.👍
memelager 7 aylar önce
@Jane Njenga I'm From Zanskar and now things have become better now. We have electricity,roads,and just got internet in November 2020.
Swag Satan
Swag Satan 6 aylar önce
its so touching how when she is leaving for dharamshala, almost the entire community comes together to cry with her family and send her off. Its amazing to see how they are so close to eachother and share eachothers' pain.
Dil Apna Punjabi
Dil Apna Punjabi 7 aylar önce
It saddened me to see the love and pain in parents heart ❤️ to let their daughter go. As a parent we all know that after the marriage, nothing remains the same... beautiful documentary. It showed culture, love,desires, and the way of living in other parts of the 🌎 world.
Pandora Aaraseth
Pandora Aaraseth Aylar önce
This was absolutely breathtaking, heart wrenching and by far one of the most captivating documentaries I've ever beheld. While I salute the filmmakers, I believe a large part of this pieces success hinges on the fact that Palkit and Tenzin are absolutely beautiful, and honest souls. All of those included have commendable strength and a raw and admirable spirit that translated so amazingly to film. Well done.
This is an absolutely beautiful beyonds the word can express......Great salute to all the crews for the efforts.....because of Slice, the World get to see the lives of Tibetan people in Zanskar. I've never seen but heard how Tibetans were crossing the Himalaya Moutains to India on foot............ Its a life and death journey! I have great amount of respect for those who've walked such path. May Lord Buddha bless them all. 🙏🙏🙏
Айсулуу Куванычбек кызы
Айсулуу Куванычбек кызы 11 aylar önce
It is very impressive that mom donated her jewels to monastery. That means she fully accepted her daughters decision to become a nun. She doesnt hope for her daughter to give up, change her mind, return to home and get married. She supports her daughter with whole heart
ninaharwani 7 aylar önce
Hats off to the whole team for making such a beautiful documentary. You all nailed it. Award and recognition is a must. India is a world in itself with so many different faces languages cultures all combined into this land called India. Legit!!!
Karen Norris
Karen Norris 5 aylar önce
This documentary is amazing and so awe-inspiring. I feel like I know these people and just cried and cried. We all share the sadness that comes from leaving home. It's never easy to leave your loved ones, but you carry them in your heart forever. May God bless these young women and their devoted and loving families and communities.
Georgette Anderson
Georgette Anderson 8 aylar önce
I find it so beautiful how they express their feelings of love and affection towards each other. If I had half the emotional maturity they do . . . :)
AquaGal 4 aylar önce
U have it, u lost it thru programming
namastestx 7 aylar önce
You do have the emotional maturity, its vulnerability that you see and identify. I see it / feel it too. Western society are less connected and less willing to appear vulnerable to others. Its a quality we could all cultivate more .
Lai Kho
Lai Kho 7 aylar önce
This documentary was incredibly amazing and hard to film..two hands down to the Camera man and the whole crew..u all deserved an award
La Jolla
La Jolla Yıl önce
"My heart has no words, only tears." The words of a father saying goodbye to most beloved daughter. I wept many times watching this. One of the most beautiful docs I've seen in years. So pleased I stumbled across this masterpiece.
phedup Aylar önce
I had to laugh or something at the beginning when her father almost slapped her with his mala-rosary.
Cat Rescues
Cat Rescues 6 aylar önce
@Tina V pls tag me to too when you find the sequel. Thank you.
alocalmystic 6 aylar önce
@Tina V I thought palkit wasn’t allowed into dharmasala according to this doc
Tina V
Tina V 7 aylar önce
@Sarai Ruiz I recall it was on a French website. The director of the documentary was French. There were just a few details there, one being that Tenzin now has two children of her own, and that Palkit was unhappy and left the Dharamsala convent to return home to Zanskar. Once back there, she married a man that she chose for herself. I don't see it at the moment, but will keep looking. 😊
Tina V
Tina V 7 aylar önce
@Sarai Ruiz it was quite some time ago I saw it but I will look around and come back here I guess to tell you. Back when I watched this, I was intrigued by the story and sought out more info. I will tag you.
Ninja Hattori
Ninja Hattori 6 aylar önce
It’s hard for women everywhere in the world. I hope it changes someday. My heart goes to both the girls. I hope for all the happiness in the world to both of them. More power to them. ❤️
jean willis
jean willis 6 aylar önce
This is the most profound and moving documentary I’ve seen in a long time. This Documentary,definitely deserves many awards.Thank you from my heart for making available to us. ♥️🇨🇦
Suez Hassan
Suez Hassan 4 aylar önce
Married (crying), unmarried (crying), this women’s life is struggle. My hurt almost shattered when she said “ when I don’t feel well to work, my husband and his parents get upset and I feel ashamed” 😢
Dia GDT 7 aylar önce
This documentary is by far the best one I have watched in a long time. Credit to everyone involved in the making of it… and we think our lives are tough, we don’t know the meaning of tough!
Fee Line
Fee Line Yıl önce
Gosh I’m amazed. The World they live in feels like a fantasy world. Unreal. The Landscape, their architecture, their garments, their language.. It’s not like I’ve never read or heard of the Himalaya culture before..but I think this documentary just captures the unreal beauty of our humanity if that makes sense.
@Anela Blanchard Are you mad or insane?!!! This is very much in Northern India..Stop defragmenting our country further...
Lop Sided
Lop Sided 6 aylar önce
@Anela Blanchard how ignorant of you. Pls delete your comment as it spreads misinformation. By your logic then Nepal is south tibet, Bhutan and NE india East tibet. Uyghurs will be known as North tibetans. Zanskar,ladakhis are indians. Their land were ruled by indians under Sikh empire,Ashoka,under himachli kangri Rajas. They follow buddhism which originated in india. What they have similar to tibetans is their culture. Sharing same culture does not make all white people britishers,all black people nigerians,all asian people as chinese or for that matter tibetans.
Shiny Meltan
Shiny Meltan 6 aylar önce
@Anela Blanchard this is actually India .
Amal Kumar
Amal Kumar 7 aylar önce
@Anela Blanchard who told you that "Indian" is an ethnicity? There are many ethnic groups in India. It doesn't matter what our ethnicity is. We all are Indian citizens.
Anuska Roy
Anuska Roy 7 aylar önce
This is so precious. I felt so emotional while watching this . I'm so so so fortunate to have stumbled upon this treasure . May everyone be happy .
Elise Slobodin
Elise Slobodin 7 aylar önce
An extraordinary film...thank you from the bottom of my heart to the filmmakers for offering us a beautifully-filmed and moving glimpse into the difficult lives of these girls, their family, community and culture. I hope both Tenzin and Palkit find the happiness they deserve.
Tenzin bhumo
Tenzin bhumo 8 aylar önce
😭😭😭 Seeing whole village cry with you is sad but that shows you how all of them are so connected, love each other genuinely and feel others pain. So beautiful 😭♥️♥️
Bronwyn Hermanus
Bronwyn Hermanus 6 aylar önce
Learning about the culture has yet again opened my eyes to how different our lives are. Here I am, emancipated, making my own decisions, and on the other side of the world, the parents decide for their daughters. Wow. This documentary is really an eye opener for me. Well capture SLICE
BRONWYN WORKMAN 2 aylar önce
I was reading the comments about this magnificent documentary … and saw my name! I’m not sure where you are, but we are both “Bronwyns”…
Ruatdika Sailo
Ruatdika Sailo 8 aylar önce
No words to describe how incredible this documentary is ,thank you for sharing this beautiful yet heartbreaking story
Anuja Bhattarai
Anuja Bhattarai 6 aylar önce
I cried, I smiled, I was in awe....I truly donot have enough words to describe how much I really appreciate this documentary. I hope Tenzing, Palkit and their families are doing well. God bless their soul. I pray for their happiness 💙💙💛. I have humbled myself after watching this. I realised that there is more to life than just what I thought there would be. Forever grateful 🙏😢💗
Stanzin wong
Stanzin wong Aylar önce
Indeed mam there is more to life then what we thought
nishu 5 aylar önce
Never felt such charisma in an documentary..this was a masterpiece. Thank you
Michael Storto
Michael Storto 7 aylar önce
Such amazing documentary. Yes due for an International Documentary Award. This so touching story took me back when I visited Lhasa, Tibet in February 1986, before China took over Tibet completely. A most powerful moment in my life, I just again re-lived the joy, kindness, strength and beauty of the people in the Himalayan mountains, Zanskar so similar to Tibet. Thank you for this amazing witness, filming, editing, breathtaking sharing, all beyond the touch of being in Zanskar with Palkit, and her family and friends. I will never forget walking up to the high steps of the Potala in Lhasa Tibet at 4000m, arriving with High fever from Chendu China, just above sea level, I encountered extreme altitude sickness,...My friend pushed me to walk up to the entrance of the Potala. . By The VIEW OF THE MOUNTAINS from the Potala doorstep I heard the voice telling me that I would continue to live..... Announcing me that "there was still much to do.... Thank you for this documentary and also reviving such precious memory.
But this is India and not Tibbet...
buckbeak 6 aylar önce
Intresting ✨✨✨ you are so lucky.
Stephen Alex
Stephen Alex 7 aylar önce
I enjoyed reading that Michael. Would you describe it as one of the most incredible places you have seen?
Kamogelo Kgaphola
Kamogelo Kgaphola Yıl önce
I thought my life was hard until I watched this, my heart goes out to all the women who are still going through this.
AquaGal 4 aylar önce
@Kamogelo, They are happier than most people in the western society, don't worry about them...worry about urself
Dorian M
Dorian M 6 aylar önce
@Bandit Last didn’t look that way as the young girls cried for having to be married off against their will.
TheGermTheoryHoaxSlayer 7 aylar önce
@Temari TheBadass please speak english.
Temari TheBadass
Temari TheBadass 7 aylar önce
@TheGermTheoryHoaxSlayer Must be hard having someone take care of you and the kids🤡
La Loca
La Loca 8 aylar önce
This is one phenomenal documentary! It filmed the heart of this people's lifestyle, astoundingly beautiful 😍
Rubenia Malone
Rubenia Malone 7 aylar önce
This documentary is amazing incredible capturing the lives of these two young friends and families. I would like to see another documentary about them how they are doing? Is Tenzin has children and Palkit ever came to see her parents and her dear friend Tenzin. How life is without Palkit, are her parents alive etc. I watched this documentary so many times and every time I cry. Thank you well done please go back and make another one.
Marie Anderson
Marie Anderson 4 aylar önce
Son unos Xxlike.Uno de los mejores conciertos ❤️ Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente.
Ranjeet Singh
Ranjeet Singh 3 aylar önce
It's beautiful place
Stacie Godwin
Stacie Godwin 8 aylar önce
This documentary should win ever award possible ! Absolutely amazing !
Monica Mayo
Monica Mayo Yıl önce
Beautiful documentary! I don’t think I’ve ever seen fathers cry so hard about their daughters going away. It was heart wrenching, honest & beautiful, all at the same time. I hope both girls are forever happy!
Josh 6 aylar önce
@ELLA SHY that's exactly what you're doing too, hypocrite.
ELLA SHY 7 aylar önce
@Gabriel Ezechukwu nothing envious about a lack of choices ofc you are not living like them its easy for you to sit on your comfortable chair and comment and not live the way they live because they don't have a choice
Gabriel Ezechukwu
Gabriel Ezechukwu 7 aylar önce
@ELLA SHY The kind of freedom that they enjoy is beyond your understanding. You should be envious of them if only you understand,
m ee
m ee 9 aylar önce
@Purple Love you didnt watch it then did you. you didnt watch or pay attention to any of this film, same with the 3 upvotes you got. he said it right at the start and the idea comes about further as you watch. shame
ColdM 4 aylar önce
An Award for Slice. This is a masterpiece! Love from South Africa, I shed tears here and there ❤
Lori Guercio
Lori Guercio 7 aylar önce
What a beautiful friendship and very interesting documentary, thank u👏👏👏👏... God bless Tenzin and Palkit on their new journey 🙏❤️
The Slider
The Slider 7 aylar önce
This film is an absolute masterpiece - beautiful, uplifting and yet desperately sad at the same time. Huge congratulations to all involved.
Devein Bedi
Devein Bedi 7 aylar önce
Salute to the director and team for filming it, This is a masterpiece!!
Angela Rudge
Angela Rudge Yıl önce
OMG I was crying with and for those girls and parents. Tenzin's husband and new family looked lovely. I was very relieved by this. Poor lassies. I'm glad we can decide our own fate .. at least if we make bad choices we've done it to ourselves!
DBeazRN 3
DBeazRN 3 Aylar önce
@Angela Rudge @Dorian M I totally agree with you. In some cultures, young girls have no choice whatsoever in whom they marry, or to even receive a basic education. Yet, “we” are the ones being judgmental and should just accept the situation as “cultural & tradition.” I’m sorry but not all cultures are equal and yes, there are some cultures better than others. We used to stand up for human rights regardless of the traditions of a certain culture. I cried as well. I was relieved that Tenzin’s husband was a good man and that her new family was a lovely family. Tenzin’s Mother loved her so ,I h and honestly believed that their decision would make her happy. When she saw her daughter so distraught, she was heartbroken as was her father. This broke my heart for all of them, especially Tenzin. I honestly believed that her parents would have changed their minds, seeing her so distraught. 😢😢 I also felt ashamed that I wasn’t being more grateful for the blessings that God has bestowed upon me. I am free to make choices….sometimes we forget that there are others who are not free to make any choices re. their futures, who to marry, what kind of education or career to pursue. They are not even free, to share their thoughts or speak their minds - especially young girls, women. We are indeed blessed beyond measure. May God bless you all!!
Dorian M
Dorian M 6 aylar önce
@Vikas Panchal tradition doesn’t mean right. And it’s not about being married off at a certain age it was about the fact that the young girls couldn’t choose who they wanted to marry. There are traditions that young girls are assigned a husband with 5 wives or some that kill their daughters at birth because having a son is more important. Slavery has been a long tradition in the world so let’s stop acting like we are insulting someone’s culture by commenting on tradition that does nothing but emotionally harm the individual and in some cases harm physically.
Rudy Ruiz
Rudy Ruiz 6 aylar önce
If only that were true. Now people make bad choices, don't stand by thier commitments. Then end up collecting child support or alimony.
Hair 7 aylar önce
Before watching this I was aware, as stated in the documentary, that some leave the religious life and return to regular society, normally getting married is my understanding. What percentage I have no idea. Seems to me to be an extremely beneficial system for a young marriage age, (which seems to be 14-20) girl to delay, avoid, get an education and live a little. Especially getting away from home. Then as they are free, I assume, to then resume a life of marriage and family if they so choose.
tsering lhamo
tsering lhamo 7 aylar önce
SJ Sasii
SJ Sasii 7 aylar önce
There’s no words for you SLICE 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Again huge thank for bring us to some world to this platform and thank you TRshow,,, love from Paris ❤️
Teresa Cáceres Villarroya
Teresa Cáceres Villarroya 2 aylar önce
Amazing documentary! Great job! Congratulations to all the crew! I wish all these families well. This got me thinking about how I take my life for granted while it is a dream to be married to the man I love and loves me and have children, we both study and work what we like and have a beautiful, house to rejoice and I can truly sit down and don’t work if I don’t want to and nobody makes me feel ashamed. This is eyeopening. Thank you so much.
x 7 aylar önce
When they were washing her hair and hearing how sad she was.. i couldn't help but cry. I feel so bad for her! She is a grown woman who should be making grown choices ON HER OWN! I am so thankful to live in the west where i get to decide ...
唐華瑄Diana Watson
唐華瑄Diana Watson Aylar önce
This was wonderful! Hats off to the crew for getting through that tough terrain and shooting at such dark and hard angles.
Santosh Sharma
Santosh Sharma Yıl önce
"My heart has no words, only tears" These people are pure of heart. Their expressions are so honest. God bless them always. Thank you for this documentary.
Lourdes Dela peña
Lourdes Dela peña 6 aylar önce
To Palkit and Tanzin - from the Philippines 🙏🏻💎💕👍❤️🥰🙏🏻
Me 6 aylar önce
I’ve had enough. This documentary has had me crying far too much.
Debbie Meyer
Debbie Meyer Aylar önce
I’ve been crying my eyes out over Tenzin and Palkit and Tenzins parents. I pray they are all very happy as time passes. Awesome documentary!
Chewang Dolker
Chewang Dolker Aylar önce
millions of love and respect from the depth of my heart sir. I am also from Ladakh India. thank you so much. what a documentary.
syed naveedh
syed naveedh 4 aylar önce
Thanks to the whole team. For capturing such a great documentary
John Will
John Will 7 aylar önce
A beautiful excursion into an aspect of life I will never truly understand. I am well-travelled. But there is a gulf between being a tourist and someone living the experience - that can never be crossed. Thank you.
Viveka - Alaya Dullius
Viveka - Alaya Dullius 8 aylar önce
I'm from Brazil and my father is a buddhist teacher. I loved this documentary!! I want to congratulate who The photography is absolutely stunning!! My heart is filled with wonder!
Gyalu 007
Gyalu 007 5 aylar önce
This Himalaya's Ladakh region.
Jane Kelly
Jane Kelly 4 aylar önce
Son unos LIKEEX.Uno de los mejores conciertos ❤️ Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente.
Colleen Clarke
Colleen Clarke 7 aylar önce
What an amazing documentary, so emotional this should definitely be up for a reward
Karen's Pinay Kitchen
Karen's Pinay Kitchen Yıl önce
This is one of the best I’ve seen! My heart was broken into pieces for both of them. It’s so sad that as a woman you are only given 2 choices in life! To get married or to become a nun. I hope they are both happy! They deserve to be❤️
Jas Nonya
Jas Nonya 6 aylar önce
There was a third choice to stay at her parents and work in the fields
Temari TheBadass
Temari TheBadass 7 aylar önce
@Chris Schey That'd be hell for me
whizz e mart seasonal shopping
whizz e mart seasonal shopping 7 aylar önce
Having two choices is always better than only marriage. Beautiful world but always tough, sad and ephemeral...
Chris Schey
Chris Schey 7 aylar önce
I felt a bit differently. They each embarked on a heroic journey with the full support of their families. That wedding! That initiation! Both were deeply meaningful & the world opens up before them.
Sun Jewel
Sun Jewel 8 aylar önce
The saddest part of all is that one of them didn’t even have a choice.
Jen Bau
Jen Bau 6 aylar önce
Thank you so much for the chance to see this culture that is so much different from mine….kudos to the filming crew for it surely was a very difficult task… I cried so much while watching this… the choices this two friends made or the lack of choices too…. All in all a beautiful documentary.🥰🥰🥰
Da lee Da lee
Da lee Da lee 7 aylar önce
Really sometimes we take things for granted in our corners, really things to other part of the world are difficult, this document open my eyes, mind even thinking and also to be constantly thankful. Indeed being a woman here quite hard but they settle. Well done to Zanz, and to Tanz wish her good marriage :happiness, peaceful with her new family nd God bless her with children too
Biswajit Panda
Biswajit Panda 9 aylar önce
Indeed!! this deserves whatever highest award available in the world. How beautifully you guys have covered the wonderful journey of people in the most far and coldest place of the world. I can't still image how such long duration life moments are captured in such a intense winter...have those experts/crew members/camera man stayed/travelled/trekked/survived in such a inhospitable place for months. They may not be local people perhaps, but heads-up to them.
ELLA SHY 7 aylar önce
tells us very much how India treat their women you find this beautiful its laughable
Tshering Bhutia
Tshering Bhutia 7 aylar önce
What a beautiful documentary! I see a lot of cultural similarity with our ancient Sikkimese culture.
Samar Zehra
Samar Zehra Yıl önce
I am spellbound ! This must be the first time that I went ahead with TRshow’s suggestion and didn’t regret a bit. How the religious fundamentals and culture has been represented spectacularly in this documentary! I am amazed to see how these people still stay true to their roots despite of all the hardships. Kudos to the whole team who worked so hard to bring us such a beautiful documentary:-)
My name Jeff
My name Jeff 6 aylar önce
You have no idea what it's like over there, as you've never been there. You think everyone has to live exactly the same? It's part of their culture and heritage. But you can sit here and cry about it online all you want, nobody will care.
Vidya Sharma
Vidya Sharma 6 aylar önce
Beyond fantastic !! So up close to the inhabitants of Zanskar.....and the land ! Mind blowing! We cant possibly experience everything first hand in our lives, this was my experience of Zanskar! Thank you so much guys !
Stella Patterson
Stella Patterson 7 aylar önce
At one point, I thought I was watching a movie. Such a hard life in that part of the world. Beautiful documentary 👏 hats off to the cameramen and all participants.
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